Skeptics iPhone App Endorsed de facto by Critic

Endorsed? Even the supposed blog experts on Climate Change can’t find an error.

The Guardian Blog has posted John Cook’s thoughts on the new skeptical iPhone App – Our Climate.

Has he found errors, lies, or critical omissions? Read it yourself. No, hardly, and “as if”. Instead he’s found “cherry-picking”, confusion (his), and strawmen.

Really, this is a great endorsement — after all, Cook runs the ambush site If Cook can’t find an error, or name the peer reviewed paper with evidence for catastrophic positive feedback, who can? is a parody of skepticism. It is “skeptical of the skeptics”, which is all very well, but it accepts everything offered up by Authorities as if it is the Word of God. “NOAA can do no wrong” (and was that NOAA or Noah?)

All of the points held up by Cook are weak “whatever” issues: things that are hardly a flaw. He’s noticed that the disorganized mass of real skeptics sometimes disagree with each other, golly gee, which proves we think for ourselves and don’t answer to a higher bureaucracy. John Cook — who so wants to be seen as skeptical — instead is anything but, and conforms strictly to […]

Our Climate! THE iPhone App for climate realists

UPDATED! It’s rocketing up the rankings 🙂

NEWS: Can you believe there are 570 Apps in the Canadian weather apps list! No neither can I.

But Our Climate has made it to number one 🙂

“The Our Climate App will prove to be an enduring tool for all open-minded individuals who yearn for the uncensored truth about the Earth’s weather-climate system.


Dr Willie Soon Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics

Our Climate

Behind the scenes a veritable who’s-who of the skeptical world has been working away on yet another way to reach people, especially young people.

For those of you with iphones, if you want the latest graphs, blog information, or answers to questions at the pub debate, there is an option from the iphone store with dozens of excellent articles of the right size, lots of pictures, graphs, quizes, world-wide polls, and more.

The skeptics community grows stronger through projects like this. Kudos to Lubos, and Willie Soon especially, as well as Richard Lindzen, Roy Spencer, Fred Singer, Henrik Svensmark, Will […]