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Our Climate! THE iPhone App for climate realists

UPDATED! It’s rocketing up the rankings 🙂

NEWS: Can you believe there are 570 Apps in the Canadian weather apps list! No neither can I.

But Our Climate has made it to number one 🙂

Iphone Our Climate

“The Our Climate App will prove to be an enduring tool for all open-minded individuals who yearn for the uncensored truth about the Earth’s weather-climate system.


Dr Willie Soon
Center for Astrophysics

Our Climate

Behind the scenes a veritable who’s-who of the skeptical world has been working away on yet another way to reach people, especially young people.

For those of you with iphones, if you want the latest graphs, blog information, or answers to questions at the pub debate, there is an option from the iphone store with dozens of excellent articles of the right size, lots of pictures, graphs, quizes, world-wide polls, and more.

The skeptics community grows stronger through projects like this. Kudos to Lubos, and Willie Soon especially, as well as Richard Lindzen, Roy Spencer, Fred Singer, Henrik Svensmark, Will Happer, Bob Carter, Craig Idso, Paul Reiter but also folks such as yours truly, Lord Christopher Monckton, and Anthony Watts.

The big credit goes to Paul at Aeris Systems in Perth — it’s been his baby and untold hours of work over more than 6 months.

One of the main screens so you can zero in on the information you need.

Information at a click


Quiz’s just for fun

All your favourite graphs

It’s a work in progress

Just look at the professional graphics finish! Though this is draft 1.0, and it is being edited, sharpened and updated continuously, it’s already available ready-to-use.

To get a copy

To get a copy for your iphone (assuming you have one), click on the icon at the top, or go to ourclimate.info URL. AppShopper has a page, too. To buy the app, you’ll need an Apple ID. When you have it, run your iTunes, search for Our Climate in the right upper corner, filter by apps, and you will see the tree logo once again.  Link itunes.com/apps/ourclimate

All sold for an extraordinary USD 0.99 (or EUR 0.79) .

Thanks to Baa Humbug here for helping me help Paul…

PS: If you’re thinking “What’s an iphone…” click here.

UPDATES from Paul on how well the App is doing

40 hours into release and we are already in 3rd place on the US iTunes Store’s top 25 category for paid weather apps, and already in 2nd place for the same top 25 category on the UK iTunes store!  See attached screen shots.
This is critically important, because it means the App is in “the zone” to have self-sustaining customer awareness going forward.  People evidently use these lists to make their iPhone App purchasing decisions.
It further appears from anecdotal statements that people are downloading the App and are then taking it down to the Pub to persuade their friends!  This is precisely the sort of activist capability what I wanted to “catalyse” with this portable format.
The term “this is a truth weapon” has appeared already a couple of times on some of the blogs.  It is encouraging (so far) to see that kind of language being applied…


We have also cracked number 1 position in the New and Noteworthy category on the Canadian App store.

My understanding is that this positioning an editorial decision on the part of whoever is inside Apple managing that App store and/or category.
I see it, but don’t quite believe it….
I am delighted to advise that we made it to the Number 1 paid weather App position in the Canadian iTunes store (out of 570 paid weather apps)!  Took us 40 hours to get there….  See attached screen shot for evidence.
We are also number 2 in both Norway and the UK,  and number 3 sales rank in the US for ITunes Weather Apps.  We have broken into the top 10 list for iPhone Weather Apps in 7 countries already.
Apple (bless them!) has also put Our Climate in the number 1 position in their “New and Noteworthy” featured panel (in the weather app category – see screen shot) in a number of iTunes jurisdictions, including the US, the UK, Australia, the Netherlands and Canada.  This is very encouraging news!
In the countries where the App is gaining user reviews, we are generally (read: invariably) gaining 3.5 to 5 stars average ratings.  This is reflective of very good customer satisfaction metrics.  In addition the software is proving highly stable with no reported crash logs.
The list below is a sampling of how we are doing in various countries so far.
Brackets denote current sales rank in ITunes “top paid weather apps”


Featured in New and Noteworthy (generally number one spot – top left):
Australia  (5)
Canada   (1)

Netherlands  (12)
New Zealand (9)


UK (2)
US  (3)
Not featured in New and NoteWorthy, but good sales rank
Norway (2)
Sweden  (6)


7 out of 10 based on 3 ratings