The Climate religion is so fragile they had to train hairdressers to keep the fantasy levitating

By Jo Nova

Man-made weather control is such unscientific witchcraft it needs professional teams of coaches to maintain the mythology. It’s not enough to pump the doctrine in the nightly news, they have to nudge them while they get a cut n’ color.

We’ve now descended to the Pravda School of Hairdressing Science in order to keep the climate bubble floating above cold weather and shocking power bills. According to The Guardian customers are “embarrassed” that they don’t understand climate science, and can’t wait to have their hairdresser to explain radiative physics to them. Sorry, I mean, to sell them a solar panel or teach them how to lose money with an environmental pension fund. Sounds like a fun haircut, eh?

But who has the time (or money) to train 400 hairdressers in Sydney? The Climate Council of course. Tony Thomas does a deep dive into the media machine that they are. They have an $8.3 million budget from donations, and a staff of 50, including 20 full time media professionals.

As well as hairdressers the Climate Council trains firefighters, farmers, vets, surfers, football players, Aboriginal indentifiers, and of course “the media” itself. The team who are supposed to […]

Climate Council pleads “censorship” and calls billions of dollars “a lack of action”

The Climate Council (the rebadged Climate Commission) has launched a 60 page cherry picked list of one-eyed, self serving conspiracies and half-truths subtly called CLIMATE CUTS, COVER-UPS AND CENSORSHIP.

The headlines:

“Federal government accused of ‘false’ climate claims” [Newscorp]

It doesn’t matter how much money Australian’s pour into the climate vat, it’s never enough

When is $5 billion a year a lack of anything?

The council released a new report this morning saying the government’s lack of action on climate change was a defining feature of its 10 years in power as it fights to extend its tenure at the May 18 election.

The Coalition Government hasn’t lacked action, it’s done far too much

Australians are adding more renewables per watt per person than any other nation. We now have targets that are possibly the severest in the world given that we are a small distant population in sparsely populated country with one of the largest per capita immigration intakes in the west. Making it worse, we are one of the only countries on Earth that looks like reaching our target. Our major export earner is coal, our major source of power is coal, and […]

2013 heatwave “virtually impossible” without logical errors and broken climate models

The Climate Council calculate the “odds” that one warm year could be as hot as it was. But those “odds” depend on a logical fallacy, major, inexplicable adjustments and models we know are broken. There are invisible assumptions underlying that claim which are documentably untrue. The “odds” might as well be lotto results.

The fallacy is argument from ignorance, a failure of logic and reasoning like saying “X is true, because we can’t think of anything else“.

To estimate meaningful odds, scientists would have to understand the major driving factors of our climate, well enough to be able to assign probabilities to outcomes. But their models are hopelessly broken, they can’t predict a decadal average on a global or continental scale. They can’t hindcast the past “bumps” without using major adjustments to make the raw observations fit the models. They don’t know why the medieval warm period was warm, they don’t know why the Little Ice Age was cool. They don’t know why the world started warming 200 years before we poured out industrial levels of CO2. They don’t know if the mystery factors driving our climate for the last 4.5 billion years are still operating. If we can’t predict […]