Unvaccinated Australians now permitted to leave the country (but the Government won’t tell them)

Great news! We win. The Pandemic Emergency declaration is officially over and unvaccinated Australians are free to leave the nation. 

Since Senator Rennick exposed it, and I mocked the Department of Health about how Unvaccinated Australians can’t leave Australia unless they escapeand how it was due to a WHO treaty so we could “protect the world” — things have changed. The mocking was on April 8th and 9th. Presumably the government recognized how stupid it all looked to restrict unvaccinated Australians when at least 72 nations around the world are happy to let them in, and everyone knows now, that vaccination doesn’t slow transmission. After all, the whole world caught Omicron thanks to vaccinated travellers.

In the last two weeks the plans to write special laws to stop the unvaccinated from leaving the country silently vanished. But most Australians will not be aware the unvaccinated were still banned from leaving the nation until a few days ago, and are now free to go.

Australian departure, travellers, border rules.

The Australian official website still tells Australians they have to have a vaccine.  Click to enlarge. | Source: Dept of Health

Two weeks ago the Chief Medical Officer even said they were dropping the emergency protocol, but still planning to make special rules to stop unvaccinated travelers leaving. It was pure mendacious petty nastiness. Luckily an election is coming and that idea has been vaporized.

What do governments do when they realize they’ve been caught with an indefensible rule, easy to ridicule — they quietly drop it. How quietly? The only Australians that might know are the ones reading Senator Rennick’s Facebook page, this site here, or the  GreekCityTimes and maybe the Herald Sun.

The Australian government is apparently still hoping to dupe Australian travellers into getting a vaccine. The illusion of mandatory requirements is everywhere.

A visit to many official Department of Health pages still tells Australians they must be vaccinated to leave. Often there are only hints they might not:

“Changes to the requirements for travel into and out of Australia came into effect on 18 April 2022.”   —  Dept of Health “Proof of Vaccination”

There’s no link there to explain what those changes are. Good luck trying to figure out what the rules are. I went hunting for a straight answer. It took hours. On another page it vaguely says:

“If you are an Australian citizen or permanent resident seeking to leave Australia prior to 18 April 2022, your vaccination status impacts your eligibility to leave. From 18 April 2022, travel restrictions for Australian citizens and permanent residents are being eased.

Buried on the Travel Exemption page finally comes confirmation:

From 18 April 2022, unvaccinated Australian citizens and permanent residents will be able to leave Australia without an individual travel exemption, but you may still be asked about your vaccination status.

And since non-Australians were always able to leave, the simple answer is that no one needs to be vaccinated to leave and 99.9% of most of the government information pages are now irrelevant to every person on Earth.  But you may still be asked by a stranger whether you took an injection. Why?

Scott Morrison and Minister Greg Hunt Lie through Omission

Travellers need to read the fine print, but the government seemingly wants them to mistakenly think they still must be vaccinated.

On the Outbound International Travel, updated conveniently on April 17th, the day before the rules changed, the PDF tells travellers, the government recommends passengers departing Australia be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and travel with proof of vaccination status documentation. Unvaccinated Australians are strongly discouraged from international travel due to the health risks.” 

Officially the site says: “People who want to travel overseas must provide proof of their vaccination status if requested by a relevant official when exiting Australia.” So apparently, any border bureaucrat can still demand to know whether you are vaccinated or not, and your medical details, even though it’s not a requirement to be vaccinated. And you need “proof” of your unvaccinated status? Is there any reason at all to leave that requirement there, apart from fooling travellers that they need a vax passport? What do you do — get a certificate from your doctor to say you haven’t had the vax? How would your doctor know?

Is there any other way to describe this than deceptive, over-bearing, invasive, and misleading? For all the world, it looks like it’s designed to trick Australians.

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    Geoffrey Williams

    I believe vaccinations work for me. Others should be free to choose without persecution. If they choose not to vaccinate then that’s ok …


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      Honk R Smith

      Mr. Williams,
      “I believe vaccinations work for me.”
      Obviously Sir, your view of vaccines is outdated. Vaccine efficacy depends a scientific medical principle known as ‘compliance’.
      After 100% ‘compliance’ is achieved, vaccines become ineffective due to another sciency principle known as a ‘sub-variant’.
      These ‘sub-variants’ are a result of the overriding science principal known as ‘change’.
      For example, here in America, we are instructed to vote for ‘change’ so that we can stop change.
      Once ‘change’ is achieved by compliance, variation ceases, therefore stopping change.
      Your live and let live attitude, it is due to your exposure to ‘disinformation’.
      For which a vaccine will soon be required …
      based on the operational medical mechanism … compliance.


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      Kalm Keith

      I appreciated genuine vaccines too but more recently after a serious brush with the Flu Vax and listening to the horror stories of the after effects of the COVID19 VaXXine I have aligned myself with the antivaxers who inhabit Nimbin on the North Coast.

      I detest being used by government and big Pharma and big WHO.


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        I appreciate genuine vaccines too that have been thoroughly tested but the problem is big Pharma and our so called health experts are refusing to tell us the full facts known about COVID-19 vaccines. As a result people are suffering and even dying from the vaccines. It’s not uncommon for professional people who have suffered to be warning others. Unfortunately, those who have died can’t talk.
        BREAKING American Airlines Captain Bob Snow That Cardiac Arrested


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          Peter C

          I appreciated genuine vaccines too

          Note that KK uses the past tense.

          I feel much the same. Back in the day, ie two years ago, I would have argued strongly in favour of vaccines in general but not the experimental RNA/DNA types.

          I am reading a book called Virus Mania, coauthored by Dr Samantha Bailey. First up was a chapter on Poliomyelitis. The conventional wisdom is that polio is caused by a virus and is prevented by vaccines (Salk and Sabin), which are still in use and have been associated with harmful effects. Bailey and her coauthors argue that polio is caused by agricultural chemicals, not by a virus. This book is making me reconsider what I thought I knew about vaccines.


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      Wet Mountains

      Just read where, fully vaccinated and boosted, Stephen Colbert tested positive for Covid. Still need to be tested to see if you have it.


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    My inclination is to be kind and just put it down to incompetence and stupidity. However you are probably correct. The “you still may be asked….” line is bizarre. Not sure what universe this makes sense in , unless people are being flagged between countries. We are all heavily filtered and profiled before we ever land.


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      In reality it shows that the Government is not in control. The health bureaucrats are.


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        And not just the health bureaucrats inside our shores. This smacks of a government hamstrung by pressure from its global overlords to bury the details of its health policies so the average Joe has no way of comprehending them.


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    Kalm Keith

    It’s government at its ugliest.

    Thanks for this extra insight Jo.


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    Sorry my dear friends at Australia Government Inc. Too late. I have been made a prisoner by you, though I have committed no crime and am perfectly healthy. You have been my jailer through arbitrary rules. Woud I really vote for my jailer, or anyone who did not trenchantly disavow wanting to be my jailer?
    Some candidates actively state they are against such rules. Story ends there.


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    “Would I really vote for my jailer?”

    Yep, that pretty much sums it up.


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    ‘you may still be asked about your vaccination status’
    Serious question: am I required to answer?


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    We now live in a world of growing restrictions from politicians of both sides who truly believe they know best and we the people who vote for them don’t. So we are treated like fools by our respective governments. There is an opportunity coming soon to stop the growing trend to a complete Orwellian society. It’s up to the people of Australia either to ignore the signs and let them continue with the draconian policies, or we say collectively enough is enough. It’s up to the people of Australia.


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    I am trying to get to NZ for a business visit, which has been delayed beyond my vaxx exemption (I have had covid). The NZ govt has obliged, surprisingly and in May they drop the requirement to vaxx to enter.

    But the problem here is that we are claimed to be OK to leave, but both Qantas and Air New Zealand require people to be vaxxed or have a vaxx exemption. For unvaxxed with no exemption, tough.

    The govt should have made it a requirement long ago that any airline coming to and leaving Australia would have their landing rights revoked unless they removed all vaxx restrictions on passengers.

    The current legislation change is a mirage, and typical of the slight of hand now endemic. A rule is changed which ostensibly looks like they have done something , but in reality this tinkering did not fix anything much as other stumbling blocks are still firmly in place.

    We need a total commitment to removal of every single mandate and restriction, and laws to ban them ever being allowed again.


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      This is a very important point you raise Prophet of Boom.

      How very unAustralian of Qantas to refuse to allow people on board based on their medical preferences.

      Qantas only operates in Australia thanks to government approval. Scott Morrison could demand all airlines here fly any Australian without discrimination.


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        As far as I know Emirates do not require one to be vaccinated. Bye, bye Qantas, I still get my Qantas points flying Emirates.


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    “Scott Morrison and Minister Greg Hunt Lie through Omission”

    But the intro to this post also lies through Omission so why the angst?

    The Author(s) claim only a days notice, from April 17 to April 18. of the changes was provided to the travelling public. However they omitted to state that the initial notification of the changes was on March 25 not April 17. A difference of about three weeks in advising the public


    Australia’s biosecurity emergency pandemic measures to end

    The Hon Greg Hunt MP
    Minister for Health and Aged Care
    Date published:
    25 March 2022
    Media type:
    Media release
    General public
    Following medical advice, the Biosecurity Emergency Determination relating to COVID-19 for Australia will not be renewed when it lapses on April 17.


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      No lie from me.

      Read my blog April 9th. Senator Rennick asked the Chief Medical Officer, Prof Kelly, and he said the unvaccinated were not allowed to leave, and they were going to end the emergency but create special legislation to stop the unvaccinated from leaving after April 18th. And they were doing it to keep the WHO Treaty rules, “to protect the world” which was obviously ridiculous.

      And given how many examples of links I provided showing page after page where the Australian government still fails to put the simple words “There are NO vaccination requirements for leaving Australia for anyone anymore”.

      Why won’t they say it?
      Why won’t they issue a press release?

      PS: A lie by omission in a headline? Hello! Since when did headlines have to include every relevant conditional clause? Getting a tad off the rails there Ian.


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    I suppose they’re doing this because though they annouce what they want us to hear they also hide what they don’t want us to hear but know very well to be true. Every state health department knows EXACTLY how many people are dying from heart attacks, suffering neurological conditions, suffering clots, etc, etc AND when those conditions started AND when those people got which jab.

    They KNOW the vaccines are killing and will continue to kill people, so they’re back-peddling on anything vaccine related while trying to maintain the image that they’re still pro vaccine…

    I bet some politicians/ health bureaucrats will leave the country soon. To hide.


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      John Hultquist

      While I appreciate your concerns, it seems one thing that has been learned over the last 3 years is that people are different. Consider that in 2019 in Australia a government website claims 17,731 people died from “Coronary heart disease.” That’s almost 50 per day, on average.**
      Perhaps data should be collected about what “actions” were inflicted on these 17K people in the year before they died. Maybe some got influenza shots, or a pneumococcal vaccination, or a shingles vaccine, or other types of injections. Is it possible to tell which, if any, of these things triggered the death? Or was it none of the above?
      With the great interest in the covid “vaccines”, studies do, apparently, indicate that some deaths are triggered by the injection. That does not imply that all deaths following an injection should be attributed to it.
      The silver lining of covid, if there is one, is that medical researchers are more focused on trying to understand the issues. Bureaucrats should be more open, but they can’t tell us what they don’t know – and that is a lot.
      ^ V ^ V ^ V ^ V ^ V ^
      **One person dies every 36 seconds in the United States from cardiovascular disease; about 659,000 each year.


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        Kalm Keith

        Interesting, the three Vaxxines you mentioned John.

        The main point that is allied to your comment is that there’s No reliable “data” related to the CV19 VaXXines.

        Whether by sheer sloppiness or malicious design the adverse effects data for the CV19 VaXXines is “misconstrued”: people with Adverse effects are being counted as suffering from the dreaded Covid19.

        The massive numbers of anecdotal reports of VaXXines adverse effects for this “disease” is highly unusual.

        I have no trust in the VaXXines, our health officials, our Governments, the United Bloody Nations and the WHO.



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          John Hultquist

          I agree — it is a mess.
          Yet, in one hour my factual statement got 2 red checks.

          I wonder how many have gotten 1, 2, or 3 shots?
          This has been a big experiment!


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      I’m told that Greg Hunt is one of those”Public Serpents”who is NOT going to stand for re-election in May.I wonder why not????????Might be going back to his old job with Klaus Schwab at the WEF???????I wouldn’t mind betting that ScoMo and some of his maates won’t be far behind either.Good riddance to bad rubbish.


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    Leo G

    ‘you may still be asked about your vaccination status’

    Status still more about jab than job?


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    Margaret H Smith

    Here in the UK, the Government statistics show that you are safest being unvaccinated. The more jabs you have the worse it gets for infections, illness and even death from this virus. This applies to all age groups.
    We’ve been sold a pup! This is a massive scandal and it’s no wonder Pfizer wanted protection from litigation.


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    If anyone asks me about my vaccination status I will just tell that it is none of their business as that information is private and confidential between my Doctor and myself……………………….


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    Cardiologist Says 30 Percent of Vaccinated Pilots Would Fail Health Screenings Due to Vaccine Injuries

    Joshua Yoder, an airline pilot and co-founder of the U.S. Freedom Flyers said during an interview Wednesday that a cardiologist told him that if the airlines were conducting certain health screenings, 30 percent of the pilots currently flying would probably be disqualified due to vaccine-induced heart conditions.

    Yoder told tech millionaire and Vaccine Safety Research Foundation founder Steve Kirsch that his group has received hundreds of reports about pilots flying planes while suffering from adverse side effects from the COVID vaccines.

    The most prominent health issues being reported, the pilot noted, include chest pains, myocarditis, and pericarditis. Yoder said that three vaccinated pilot called him yesterday and said that they’re “currently flying with chest pains,” and another one said he is being treated by a cardiologist. He noted that the pilots want to remain anonymous because they don’t want to lose their jobs.

    Yoder said the U.S. Freedom Flyers would like to find a solution for these pilots, and work with doctors, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), airlines, and unions to come up with a protocol so they have “some kind of immunity” that would allow the pilots to talk openly about what is happening to them.

    The USFF formed last fall to help employees in the transportation industry oppose the federal laws surrounding vaccinations.

    “I’m afraid if we keep going down this path, at some point it’s going to end in catastrophe,” he said.

    “If passengers actually knew what was going on at the airlines and the FAA, they would be livid, and everyone would be jumping on a class action suit against all of them,” he said.

    Yoder said that world renowned cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough told him that if the pilots were regularly tested, a significant number of them would probably have to be grounded.

    “He [McCullough] said that if every vaccinated pilot were to be screened, there would be somewhere around a 30 percent loss in manpower,” Yoder told Kirsch.

    McCullough, along with Idaho pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole, Robert Kennedy Jr, Lt. Col Teresa Long M.D., Lt. Col. Peter Chambers D.O. and other experts signed letter to the Federal Aviation Administration and the major airlines on Dec. 15, 2021, urging them to flag all vaccinated pilots, and administer EKGs, D-dimer tests, troponin tests, and cardiac MRIs to assess their health.

    The doctors warned that adverse events from vaccination could cause “a pilot (to lose) control of his aircraft” and lead to “untold devastation.”

    As American Greatness reported on Wednesday, an American Airlines pilot recently suffered a cardiac arrest six minutes after landing his airbus at the Dallas-Fort Worth airport.

    Captain Robert Snow nearly died when his heart stopped on April 9, according to Yoder. “They had to shock him three times with the AED [automated external defibrillator] to bring him back,” he said.

    Yoder noted that Snow was taken to Baylor, Scott and White Health Center, which is only ten minutes from both American Airlines, and the union (the Allied Pilots Association), yet no one from the airline or union called Snow while he was in the hospital, or stopped by to visit him. The only thing the airline did was fly his family to the hospital to meet with him.

    Snow called the U.S. Freedom Fliers for help, and the group assembled a “world-class” team of doctors and lawyers to assist him. Snow is now recuperating at home, Yoder said.


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    UPDATE. I rewrote the first paragraph so this reflects what it is. Winning.

    Good news! A win. Since Senator Rennick exposed it, and I mocked the Department of Health about how Unvaccinated Australians can’t leave Australia unless they escape, and how it was due to a WHO treaty so we could “protect the world” — things have changed. The mocking was on April 8th and 9th. Presumably the government recognized how stupid it all looked to restrict unvaccinated Australians when at least 72 nations around the world are happy to let them in, and everyone knows now, that vaccination doesn’t slow transmission. After all, the whole world caught Omicron thanks to vaccinated travellers.


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    This raises even more questions:

    If asked about your vax status, can you refuse to answer and still be allowed to leave? Or, if the question is asked, what answer gets a pass?

    Is there any airline serving Australia that will let you fly out with no vax certificate?

    and again for return to Australia, will the government allow you back in without being up-to-date on vax?
    Or can you refuse to provide an answer to questions asking about vax status, and will any airline let you board to fly in?

    Or, is this latest move a dishonest ploy by the Morrison government to claim that the unvaxed are not trapped when they are?


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    At the time of writing this comment, there were 37 people who gave the article a mark, or star rating. However the approval rating was 9.7.
    What sort of person would not give it a rating of 10? This is evidence that there are some people out there who really are either insane or simply wish to see any dissent punished ruthlessly.
    And the very great majority of our elected politicians – from all parties – are those people. That’s why it is an absolute imperative that Liberal, Labor and Greens must be put last on every ballot paper in the coming election.


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    Mark Allinson

    “Luckily an election is coming and that idea has been vaporized”

    The reverse also holds true – just wait till all this “ain’t we sweet” election pose is over.

    Watch out!


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      Steve of Cornubia

      Exactly. Even if the party that wins (or negotiates itself into) government does so by the tiniest of margins they will, upon starting the new term, revert to following their real agenda – as prescribed by the Elites.

      We only matter for a few weeks every three years, and only in order to give the government a veneer of legitimacy.


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    Dave of Gold Coast, Aust.

    Next question is when are ‘mandates’ on workers ending? Sick and tired of people being blackmailed into taking a deadly vaxx that maims and kills all over the world.

    [Caught in the spam filter. Sorry. – Jo]


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    From the Qantas website: “If you’re booked to travel to or from Australia on a Qantas aircraft, you’ll need to be fully vaccinated at the time of travel.” Updated April 19.
    Some exceptions apply, including: “If you’re travelling on a ticket sold by Qantas for a flight operated by another airline, unless vaccination is a requirement of the operating airline or destination country.”
    Let Qantas know that they are out of line.


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    robert rosicka

    Well I’ve outlasted the feds and can now have a meal at a pub in my state , still can’t travel to Western Australia though .


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    Fuel Filter

    Good God, you guys just hosted a Formula 1 race. With packed stands to boot.

    Need I say more?


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    So according to the Federal government I can now leave here unvaxxed. I can even return unvaxxed, apparently, and not have to quarantine if flying into QLD or VIC. But I still can’t leave Western Australia without a G2G pass and must be vaxxed and boosted to return.
    Wonder what they will do with all those big quarantine facilities now that you don’t need to quarantine……maybe use them for the fire and flood victims or the homeless? Naw, that would make too much sense.
    BTW, McGowan has tested positive for covid and one of his children is supposedly hospitalized with it. I can only see one response to this and it won’t be good for us here in WA.

    The FB group Travel Exemption Australia is a great place to get info on policy changes and stories of what people are going thru.


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    Leon L

    I am not sure I would want to test the hypothesis of leaving unvaccinated with my own cash.

    The accompanying press release by the health minister states:
    “International travellers into and out of Australia will still be required to provide proof of double vaccination against COVID-19.” Accordingly, it would be a brave soul who fronted up for travel internationally while not having proof of at least double vaccination.

    This nonsense needs to stop and people involved at all levels held accountable.


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    I’ve just checked Botswana, Chile and the USA. I might be able to leave here, but I can’t go anywhere that I currently want to – NZ isn’t on my bucket list.