Rafe Champion guest post. Germany’s triple failure in energy policy

The failure of European energy policy has become easy to see lately although the usual suspects want to replace imported coal and gas with more green energy. They double down on the green energy policies that have failed. You couldn’t make this up, but here it is!

None of this is surprising in the light of the failure of the German energiewende – the green energy transition that has been driven by the resurgent Greens since the 1990s.

This video from the Five Dock Climate Realists describes the German Trifecta of Failure – failure on the three sides of the energy policy triangle – price, security and emission reduction.


Hitler learns there is no climate crisis.

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    It is time to VOTE FOR REAL CHANGE – break Green Power by ranking all parties and candidates and putting the greenest last.

    Check out Topher Field on how Preferential Voting works to get the best candidate elected:

    With thoughtful and disciplined behaviour at the ballot box (for BOTH Senate and House of Reps) we can get rid of the duds and stop the green rot.

    First job – identify the worst candidates and parties. Preference them last on both House of Reps and Senate ballot papers when you vote.

    The most dangerous candidates in this election are The Sneaky Greens – they pose as independents but are being supported by rich climate crazies and, if elected, will soon appear in their deep green uniforms. Unless you know better, put all “independents”, Climate 200 and Get-Up supported candidates last.

    Just above them put the declared Greens and their allies in the ALP. Then select all Liberals above all of the Green/ALP alliance.

    Then focus on who should get your top votes. Choose your numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 etc candidates from the Freedom-Friendly-Minor-Parties.

    For the House of Reps, number every square, in order, giving preference to the parties below:

    · Campbell Newman, Topher Field and the Liberal Democrats

    · Pauline Hanson, George Christensen and the PHON Candidates

    · Clive Palmer, Craig Kelly and United Australia Candidates

    · Bob Katter and Katter Australia Party

    · Shooters, Fishers and Farmers

    · Citizen Party and some Christian parties

    · Lastly Nationals, then Liberals, then Labor, then Greens

    Number every square all the way down to Unknowns and the climate crazy “independents”.

    For the Senate (which may have a large complicated white ballot paper) it is safer and easier to number every square above the line, using the same party ranking rules as above.


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    John Hultquist

    With each failure of the AGW issue, the green groups have become more cult-like. ‘Tis to be hoped that one by one they self-recover and go silent.


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    “Tripple failure” above is a spelling failure, just to pick an idle nit.


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    Mark Allinson

    “The failure of European energy policy …”

    It can only be seen as a failure if their intention was to preserve and protect Western society rather than break it down in order to Build Back Better, which was always their true intention I believe.

    The idea that the whole Green thing is simply a mistake, based on ignorance or idyllic fantasies is wrong – culture-killing Globalism/Communism is the Green thing.


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      Rafe Champion

      Yes I am planning to collect a series of statements by people like Morris Strong and recent leaders of the UN and cognate groups where they state clearly that it is all about redistribution, or just destruction of democratic capitalism (not that there is a lot of it about these days).
      The point is to demonstrate that there is no conspiracy behind closed doors, it was always a clearly articulated plan, if we only take their threats or promises seriously.


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      Leo G

      … Build Back Better, which was always their true intention …

      The bettor’s buildback may be paved with good intentions, but it beggars belief that so few see where it leads.


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    Very good. Rafe is a better writer than presenter, but the information in the video is a good concise case against wind and solar. It’s what I’d say given 10 seconds to speak, that it’s been done in Germany and is an outright failure and very expensive to the consumer, but very profitable for the potential energy owner like Simon Holmes-a-Court perhaps (is that how you spell his name?), crap product but you have to buy it.


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      Rafe Champion

      It would have been marginally better if we could have got the teleprompter to go a bit faster:)

      I would like to lift my presenting game, after all the way to make good videos is to start off making bad ones, but I would rather recruit some young people to do it, using social media to get to their own age group.

      And nothing longer than 4 minutes!


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    Some EU members say will veto any collective ban on Russian oil — official

    The European Union currently has no plans of introducing a collective ban on Russian oil supplies, because several EU members threatened to veto this initiative, EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell told the LENA news alliance in an interview.

    “It will be very hard [to reach consent on embargoing Russian oil deliveries or raising tariffs], because some member states have already announced they would veto any collective decision,” Le Figaro quoted him as saying in its Friday edition.

    According to the paper, in the wake of a ban on Russian coal supplies, some European countries, including Poland and France, press for a full embargo on fuel from Russia. At the same time, Germany, Austria and Hungary are against it.


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    Contemptible B

    I was driving through Virtue Signal Town aka Burwood, a suburb of Melbourne, this morning and the Climate Change Brigade were at a major intersection with signs:Toot for Climate. Guess what: Silence. I called out ‘I love CO2’ and the funny looks I got made me laugh. One of them was also about to laugh but restrained herself with a smirk instead. I returned half an hour later and again was met with silence so what did I say:same again but this time the guy was stone faced. The drivers were probably all looking at their mobile phones but they did not give a hoot, let alone a toot.


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    Yes and a great Policy decision from the German authorities. If this is allowed to continue then the German Economy will Crash and Burn. Then, the good Phoenix can rise from the ashes……………….


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