How to Sell the same day’s footage to FOX *AND* CNN

A satirical take on the media.


How to Sell Protest Footage to FOX AND CNN, by Ryan Long.

So there’s still a bias, but if he’d used a sledgehammer CNN fans wouldn’t be laughing too, and they need to see this more than Fox fans do.

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    So true.

    The BBC just ended a short segment on some snow in OZ (that they made sound like a product of ‘climate chaos’ without actually saying it) by signing off with “it’s 34C in Darwin”.


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      They missed a real opportunity there. It was 38 in Broome.


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      And the BoM had “proof” of the validity of their homogenisation techniques – 38 max in Broome, 11 in Canberra and – voila: 24 in Alice Springs, a nice simple average, if suitably rounded.


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    The mainstream media has the low ratings like the US Congress.
    Nobody likes them or trust them especially since President Trump has been showing the tricks that they impose on society worldwide.


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    Reed Coray

    This is no surprise to me. Almost as important as “how you present the news” is “what news you decide to present.” I’ll let the liberals (in the US sense, not the Australian sense) judge Fox’s bias deciding “what news to present”; but in my mind CNN’s (and to a large degree the majority of the main-stream news outlets) bias in deciding what new to present overwhelmingly is anti-Trump.


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    another Jim

    Satire works when it contains the truth.


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    another Jim



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    Satire that’s re-watchable! “I tell them to play it backwards and it looks like they’re littering….” what – wait! Did I just hear that???


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    So there’s still a bias …

    I’m not sure the guy is aware of it though, his argument appears to be that both Fox and CNN doctor or falsify the news to suit their respective agendas i.e. one is as bad as the other.
    False equivalence.
    Burning Looting and Murder on the streets of any major city is big news that any reputable news organisation would report in full.
    People peacefully protesting on the streets may or may not be considered newsworthy e.g. anti-abortion demos.
    In these incidents the fact that some protestors are not Burning Looting and Murdering is irrelevant.


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      You are on the point there, 1943. With any demonstration or protest, no matter how violent, most if not all of the participants spend 90% of their time just milling around, chatting amongst themselves or casually walking along a street perhaps shouting out mindless slogans such as “BLACK LIVES MATTER” or equally banal comments without being violent, specifically threatening or vandalising property. But when the moment or opportunity arises (because they have been planning to do this anyway) they can become violent, abusive and assault people they don’t like. Vandalising property (other people’s not theirs), looting, severe assault and even murder can soon follow. With crowd support giving them courage these otherwise cowardly individuals would never have, the “peaceful protestors” commit violent and destructive crimes.

      The action is all over in a few minutes but the participants and MSM will report that most people were there for “peaceful protest” and they have the video footage to prove it. A good analogy is that of a criminal gang doing a violent robbery of a bank or business. They would spend 90% of their time quietly planning the crime, meeting over drinks in a bar, having coffee in a café or even a meal in a Chinese restaurant. All very peaceful and respectable. The actual crime could be all over in minutes but guns could be fired and people could end up dead.

      Beware of crowds.


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        That was my point about the soft bias still built in. We want those CNN Fans to stay tuned.

        Softly softly catchee monkey…


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        Yep: “Hey, most of the time piranha fish just swim quietly around, attacking nothing, OK? Piranhas are mostly peaceful!”


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    Here’s an 8 minute day tour of the riot zone for the summer months in Portland at night, every night.

    It’s a filmed drive into Portland by a man, apparently a local, from back some 20 years ago. And towards the final two minutes, he ponders the increasingly uncertain future of the city he’s adored, after seeing dumpsters on every street, graffiti on commercial streets of boarded up businesses, and the only at night, with a riot-time focus on the Hatfield Federal Courts building.

    Now, over a year ago in the northern spring, I was at Union Station in Denver. Situated in the rebuilt lower downtown of former warehouses, today it has become a hub for light rail, bus, and commuter trains to Denver International Airport. DIA is America’s newest airport, built in the 1990s, and one of the busiest crossroads for air travel in North America. Or it was before the virus.

    Anyway, I was in Union Station, having a drink last year chatting and Peter, a social baby boomer friend in his 60s, had dropped by at the expansive sociable sitting area, a glorious old train station hall restored to former glory.

    Peter explains that he built a house in Portland; he was moving his things in Denver back there. Oh really? Why would you do that? I asked.

    Now step back a moment here. These are temporary dramatic personae. I sat next to this tall, winsome, 50 year old obviously ex-model.

    She grew up in Northeast Arizona on a ranch. Hands on fearless. Hardworking. Apparently, her looks got her a modelling career in New York City. She met a man, had a marriage to a man and had a daughter.

    She was in Denver to visit her daughter now at University. Apparently, the ex-model mom had divorced and now was established as the baker at a swanky restaurant in Aspen.
    (We swapped stereotypes and stories about that Eastern-most outpost of Hollywood. She confirmed all of the ones I knew.)

    The only other new friend was a gig-economy worker doing web design, pushing thirty. He was struggling with high rents in my old neighbourhood neat the State Capitol complex which is cheek to cheek with the City of Denver’s buildings.

    Few people know, but it has become a place much like riot torn Portland, only less often, but with the same crazy far Left government that’s entrenched to oversee its decline.

    Anyway, I put it to Peter now in Portland that I planned to exit Denver and left the Capitol area when my neighbourhood became indistinguishable from the TV comedy “Portlandia.”

    “Time to go,” I said. “Denver had become Portland.” My two other companions joined me in knowing chuckles. We smiled nervously.

    Peter now in Portland shot back with counter humour: “I don’t know. Doesn’t every neighbourhood deserve to have a Lesbian Separatist feminist bookstore?” He said, jousting me with one of the comedy’s most cloying and iconically ridiculous PC conceits of Portlandia.

    The rest of us met eyes in knowing giggles. Poor Peter now in Portland doesn’t get it.

    Weird and eccentric is one thing. Demanding attention while hating nonconformists is simply destructive. Just as Portland’s become. Even the young web designer living in my old neighbourhood got it, nodding in agreement with me.

    Peter went on to defend his move to Portland. “Well, I just fell in love with the place, and had to build this new house there.”

    But Portland is home to Antifa, the Democrat Party’s militant Brownshirt enforcers for BLM in a city, like Denver, with only 3% black population. They are training Shock Troops to spread riots around the country. And the far Left wants to defund the police and replace it with something far worse.

    No, I didn’t raise these points with Peter Now in Portland, then. They weren’t part of the discussion, but ought to have been.

    Like in Denver, the City Council went from dissenting Left to radical Marxist-nihilist Left. The black mayor indulged them and then followed the far Left’s path.

    The City at the foot of the Rocky Mountains looks like Portland does today. A searing online documentary “Denver In Decline” is coming out in a couple weeks to indict this dysfunctional new establishment got its utter failure to protect and serve the people.

    If the people vote for crazy people with crazy policies, don’t be surprised when crazy s#@t happens!

    Peter, I acted on the warning that Denver was becoming like a TV comedy that’s tiresome and worn out, and pushed too far into real life, is disgusting and annoying and eventually outrageous and revolting!

    Peter now in Portland just did not want to see the coming future. A lot of good turning 60 years old did him — not.

    Elsewhere, a petition for the governor of California to face a recall and removal election is building steam. The once Golden State has experienced net outmigration of people for 9 years straight. People are voting with their feet, slowly at first.

    Now, the streaky flight is almost a stampede out of California. Today, there must be over a dozen YouTube videos on fleeing states, and California tops the list.

    Democrat run states have the most Covid-19 deaths, the highest unemployment, the highest crime rates — and even before the virus times, half the people of the one party Democrat run state of California said they were thinking of leaving.

    Obviously, a great nation like the US has no need for an obnoxious political outsider like Trump to tell old pols what to do! Or where they can shove it! [ir, where sun don’t shine!] /sarc

    Things need to get worse before the far Left Chavistas get the boot. But are matters even worse in the Capitol, Washington, DC?

    Are politics in the US now like Middle-East authoritarian regimes? Where media backs the Security State to succour the establishment Rulers? Reporter Lee Smith shares his grim findings, chatting about his new book, “The Permanent Coup” against outsider Trump

    …Worse, until it gets better…