Can you help?

Painting Banner at the UNFCCC in Bali

With Copenhagen coming up, we are close to a crunch point. To reach a wider audience I need things like copyright free photos for example. It would help people put this in perspective and understand what we mean when we ask for empirical evidence. I’m putting together another skeptics handbook right now as well as some articles. Things are urgent. Once legislation is in place it will be very very hard to unwind.

As well as photographs, we need translators, and Adobe photoshoppers. Thanks!

[Photo 1 (right): No I’m  not asking for banners, but in the spirit of grassroots action this is Greg Balle and I painting our 8 metre banner in Bali 2007.]

My wish-list of photos:

Some of these are probably not in your backyard, unless you live on the space station or inside a Boeing Lab. For  these * I think we need to contact researchers. Naturally be mindful of copyright laws.

  • stone age sites and tools, ruins, tombs, hearths etc.
  • Aristotle (statues eh)
  • Galileo (likewise Newton, Edison, Faraday… any of the greats!)
  • historic primitive medical equipment
  • ice cores *
  • tree rings *
  • caves (stalagmites)
  • glaciers
  • corals, reefs
  • test tubes
  • tropical forest
  • Yamal, northern russia
  • larch trees and bristlecone pines
  • dinosaur models, bones, fossils
  • WMO Building Geneva, Switzerland (IPCC HQ)
  • East Anglia CRU
  • Satelites *
  • Weather Balloons, drop-sondes *
  • XBT (ocean temperatures)
  • assorted nature shots – animals, mountain escarpments
  • Nice clean simple shots please, so if you have been to a museum and were allowed to photograph things, or you have visited ancient sites, maybe you have a shot already or can get one. Please let me know if you are going to take the trouble to photograph something so I can tell you what kind of shot I need, and whether it is urgent.

Skeptics Protested with a Banner at Bali Dec 07.

[Photo 2: The scandalous banner that was banned by the decent, upright and tolerant organisers of the UNFCCC. We snuck it in anyway.]

* If you have the time to contact researchers, to ask for shots of their work, it would be useful to get photos of actual evidence, for example, of the little ice age. It would help to make real, some of the evidence that is ignored. I can send out a list of some papers with references and authors institutions, but others will require some googling. I’ve no doubt many of these researchers would love to see their work being recognized.

If you have small versions of images, please send those. I’ll ask for the big ones when I find the right moment to use them.


Every country we can save from insidious legislation is a win. A carbon market has to be worldwide, so even small nations who stand up to the bullies and refuse to permit a fake free market in carbon credits can make a big difference. If you are happy to do translations please let me know. We are amassing a team of international collaborators who can advise us on local politics, most influential blogs in their languages and best way to reach free citizens everywhere.

Photoshop and graphic design skill

Images reach a wide crowd, and the thing holding us back from reaching people in other languages is often just the ability to translate pictures. If you can use photoshop and work with layers, we can find translators. We could really use someone who can drop in the translated text and save the file in the right format. I can explain the basics and help if need be.

To express interest

If you have anything or can help, please either write a message in the comments, perhaps with a link, or if you want to email me direct on joanneAT joannenova dot com dot au, that would be good too.

Please be assured I read all the emails, but I may not have time to reply. I appreciate your understanding. We take on the most powerful coalitions on the planet. They have billions of dollars; but we have nature on our side. It’s a hell of a contest to win the public spectacle that is our decision making process.

Thanks again to all the people working behind the scenes.

All contributions will be credited 🙂

UPDATE: See comments 6 and 7 below for more requests from me and thanks for the impressive tally so far!

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    Last time I visited the downtown general hospital they had a Civil War surgeons kit on display in a glass case. Is that the sort of thing you are looking for?


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    I have a lot of nature and scenery shots on my flikr account. I’ll post the account title and blanket usage permission in a private e-mail.


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    My friend has thousands of Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait pics of sites and artefacts. Any use?


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    I have some from rainforest & coral from Lord Howe Island.

    Hopefully the existing CC/GFDL license is OK for your purposes. I’m willing to do photo layer pasting as long as you don’t insist on photoshop (I only have gimp to work with, good enough for layer pasting I have found).


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    Tomas E Rivas Salcedo

    Hi Joanne

    I’m happy to help you with Spanish translation, well Mexican Spanish, that is some well recognized spanish.

    and for PSD (Photoshop) files, I use GIMP (like Tel) and Inkscape. Not an artist or with Graphic design studies but some skills on layers and design (


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    Thanks to all who sent me photos offline so far. I’ve had offers of shots of aboriginal and indigenous sites, stone age american locations, reefs, corals, fossils from Europe (from a researcher -Thanks) and shots of forest, a couple of bristlecone pines, hydro dams, mines, cave stalagmites, potential offers to translate into Thai and Lao maybe, as well as Danish and Spanish help.

    It’s all great. Thanks. I’m trying to put these excellent shots into a library.

    Please, if you email some to me can you use keywords in the subject line? I keep almost all my emails and to search through hundreds I use keywords to find your message when I need it.I want to be able to find your ideas and comments!

    As far as corel draw or gimp go, I don’t know if they will import a .psd file and keep the layers? Does anyone know? Can they export to .jpg and .tif?


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    Does anyone have time to google and write an email to these researchers?
    Please let us know, I don’t want these researchers inundated, though I expect most of them would be happy to see their work recognised.

    Khim, B-K., Yoon, H.I., Kang, C.Y. and Bahk, J.J. 2002. Unstable climate oscillations during the Late Holocene in the Eastern Bransfield Basin, Antarctic Peninsula. Quaternary Research 58: 234-245.

    Araneda, A., F. Torrejón, M. Aguayo, L. Torres, F. Cruces, M. Cisternas, and R. Urrutia. 2007. Historical records of San Rafael glacier advances (North Patagonian Icefield): another clue to ‘Little Ice Age’ timing in southern Chile? The Holocene, 17, 987-998

    Li, Y., Cole-Dai, J. and Zhou, L. 2009. Glaciochemical evidence in an East Antarctica ice core of a recent (AD 1450-1850) neoglacial episode. Journal of Geophysical Research 114: 10.1029/2008JD011091

    The Little Ice Age as Recorded in the Stratigraphy of the Tropical Quelccaya, Ice Cap, L. G. Thompson, E. Mosley-Thompson, W. Dansgaard, And P. M. Grootes

    Johnson, T.C., Barry, S., Chan, Y. and Wilkinson, P. 2001. Decadal record of climate variability spanning the past 700 yr in the Southern Tropics of East Africa. Geology 29: 83-86.

    Huffman, T.N. 1996. Archaeological evidence for climatic change during the last 2000 years in southern Africa. Quaternary International 33: 55-60

    Holmgren, K., Tyson, P.D., Moberg, A. and Svanered, O. 2001. A preliminary 3000-year regional temperature reconstruction for South Africa. South African Journal of Science 97: 49-51

    Tyson, P.D., Karlen, W., Holmgren, K. and Heiss, G.A. 2000. The Little Ice Age and medieval warming in South Africa. South African Journal of Science 96: 121-126

    Also if people know of other papers that show the medieval warming period or little ice age around the globe that would be good. We can build up a good list. I’m imagining a world map overlaid with pictures of ice cores, sediments, stalagmites, with an arrow to their locations to show how widespread the warming and cooling were.

    Photos of these eras – OK photos of paintings or artefacts from these era’s would be good. Photos from these era’s would be well… extra remarkable.


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    Jo, I have a small list of MWP papers, focussing on areas outside the North Atlantic, at


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    Hi Joanne, I am very proficient in Photoshop and graphic design. I would be happy to help. Based in the UK.


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    allen mcmahon

    happy to google and email any of the researchers just tell me which ones.


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    chris arndt

    This old paper put me on the right path

    I have photos of glaciers and mountain scenery in northern Pakistan


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    I live in Northumberland, England not far from Hadrians Wall, happy to help taking photographs, there are plenty of Roman antiquities and castles in my neck of the woods, just tell me what you want and I can say if it is possible.


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    John Nicklin

    CO2Science has a fair bit of information, papers included, on the MWP.


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    A good source is the UNESCO world heritage sites list.
    You would be surprised how many famous landmarks around the world were built during the MWP.
    Easter Island monoliths, Great Wall of China, Ankor Wat, Macho Pichu…
    One of my favorites is the Itsukushima Shinto Shrine.
    It’s a gate and assorted temples built on the ocean in such a way as to give the perspective that it is a building containing the Island of Itsukshima. Sort of a twofer. On the one side it shows the prosperity afforded by extended warm weather, on the other hand it shows that sea level rise due to warming is a crock of you know what.

    Also don’t miss Monk’s Mound. It’s an earthen pyramid complex built by my American Native ancesters, circa 1150. Proof of the thriving civilization in North America due exclusively to the warm. Nothing like it before, died out after the MWP.


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    Brian G Valentine

    Should the title of your article read: “Can you help?”

    [Thanks Brian, you and one other got that right. I’ve fixed it. Working til 2am has it’s price. — JN]

    I have nothing in the way of photos or artifacts to offer, but I volunteer to help with translations – especially translations that might involve the Arabic world

    (Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Libya, Algeria (French and Arabic), Sudan, Saudi, Kuwait, Morocco, UAE, Qatar)

    [ Phew. Extraordinary! — JN]


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    Unfortunately, it appears that the GIMP can’t deal with layered .psd files:

    If it could, I’d be able to help on that.

    As it is, I have a lot of great aerial pictures of the Front Range of the USA’s Rocky Mountains.


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    Hey the surprise of the day… does anyone speak Portuguese? I’ve been contacted by a team who are not just offering to do the translation, they’ve already done it.

    It looks impressive and authentic to me, and a very professional job too, but then, if someone slipped a cake recipe in the text I’m not sure I’d pick it up, my portuguese ability being what it is.

    So, if there is anyone out there who reads Portuguese and doesn’t mind running their eye over this, I’d be interested to know what they think. Please email me joanne At joannenova dot

    This – this could be ‘it’, Brian… the first translation that you are not able to read?

    They appear to have done a great job with the artwork.


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    What’s the timetable on this? I have some good photos and many very old books (>100 years) with etchings of famous philosophers and scientists in them, which given their age, I assume aren’t covered by copywrite. It will take a little while to get it all together though, as they are in storage.


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    Brian G Valentine

    Alguém em Brasil tem seus melhores interesses na mente, Johana

    [Someone in Brazil has your best interests in mind, Joanne]


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    Mark Stevens

    Hi Jo, heard about your efforts via Brian Wilshire on syd radio.
    I want to help. I`m reasonably proficient with photoshop and have the time to spare
    Let me know what I can do help coz these climate jihadists and nihilist men of money have to be put back in their box as this global CO2N is a clear and present threat to our way of life.
    Mark Stevens