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The end of a week un-threaded

ED here, one of the moderators. I’m stepping in here for a brief moment to start off an unthreaded post while Jo has a short respite. Certainly there must be something happening in the world that is happy, joyful and worthy of a weekend of conversation?





Ha ha. ED I can see you and I were thinking the same thing. Thanks for looking out for me. It was an unthreaded week.  -Jo

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    the Griss

    “while Jo has a short respite.”

    Its all that chocolate. :-)


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    Nope, I’m still unemployed and looking for work, the climate nazis are still pushing up my costs, and the stockmarket took a one percent dive yesterday and looks like diving another 1% Monday. One bright point though is my energy stocks are all holding, it’s good to own “big oil”. Uranium on the other hand …

    But it’s a beautiful day and I’m still here to enjoy it…. bonus


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    Here is a few links …

    This is not a frame from a science fiction movie
    It seems like a spaceship arriving to another planet, but it just happened right here on Earth.
    It’s an actual image from the successful Morpheus vehicle test completed today at the Kennedy Space Center’s Shuttle Landing Facility.
    There’s great video too.

    Navy Submarine Drones Will Predict the Weather Months In Advance
    In the next decade, Navy scientists will be able to predict the weather as far as 90 days into the future with the help of mathematical models, satellites, and submarine drones.

    Acoustic cloaking device hides objects from sound
    The acoustic cloaking device works in all three dimensions, no matter which direction the sound is coming from or where the observer is located, and holds potential for future applications such as sonar avoidance and architectural acoustics.

    The study appears online in Nature Materials.


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    Hopefully, there will be joy later tonight in the Tasmanian and South Australian election results.

    Try not to hate but the filthy scumbags, the Greens should be scrubbed from the political scene. The anti human socialists are the enemy of society and one day hope to dance on their political graves!

    The first against the wall when the revolution comes?


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      Kevin Lohse

      How ever difficult it may be, try to hate the sin and not the sinners – even HJ. That way you maintain a sense of proportion. Here in the wilds of east Kent, Spring has arrived after a long, wet Winter. All that rain has done wonders for my mini-orchard and shrubbery and the daffodils are a sight to behold. The early plums are covered in white, fragrant blossom and busy bees and the song birds are giving it some welly. It’s so long since rain I’ve had to do some watering. The soil has finally dried enough to work, so it’s a busy planting weekend – weeding too. Good feelings this weekend.


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        How ever difficult it may be, try to hate the sin and not the sinners.

        This is hugely important. The vast majority of people who support CAGW and the policy prescriptions are not evil people, nor do they share the extremist philosophy of submission of the human race to Mother Gaia. What is more, if you say that people’s fundamental beliefs are not just wrong, but evil, then they will find every excuse to hold onto them. The fact is, once people realise that there is no scientific basis for believing in the “worst case scenarios”, or that mitigation policies by a few countries will make no difference anyway, then they will look to other priorities. Traditional socialists will realise that “saving the planet” increases inequality and poverty. In Britain, it was the Labour Party who introduced the Freedom of Information Act, to enabling the questioning of the executive and authority. This runs counter to the elitist claim of “climate science” that a few in authority are always right, and the masses should accept their every pronouncement.


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        Don’t make me homesick! I’ve already missed my beautiful snowdrops. Annie


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      The Greens have lost 40% of their vote in Tasmania according to the pundits.

      Toe tapping stuff!


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    All the good news that I need for this weekend is that Jo made Jaymez’s target and claimed the Bonus. Well done, all hands.


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    Reinder van Til

    OK, we are at about 400 ppm. Take about 5% of the increased temperature. That is “our” role. It’s totally insane to make a big fuss about that.


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    So, you’ve often read how the unit cost of Renewables (cost per KWH) is now getting down as low as they are for traditional power generation sources. (and here read coal fired power generation) Forget for a minute how that costing process (LCOE) is an extremely lopsided playing field and they do everything they can to make it bad for coal fired power and good for the Renewables.

    Let me show you how they can make the unit cost of renewables seem as cheap or cheaper?

    Much as I hate to link to anything at The Conversation, the article at this link is indicative.

    Now, note in the article where it says this: (my bolding)

    This is why it was necessary for the Commonwealth and NSW governments to step in to share some of the risk. The Australian Renewable Energy Agency is contributing A$166.7 million, the state government is contributing A$64.9 million in grants and a further A$40.7 million will be contributed by the federal Education Investment Fund.

    These are not loans, but just flat out grants, and the total comes in at $AUD272.3 Million. Up front, all going towards the construction of this plant.

    Now comes the artful part where suddenly electricity from this Solar PV plant (where the panels generate the power) is made to appear cheaper than it really is.

    Now, also very artfully, the plants claims a Capacity Factor (CF) up around 23 to 26% (WTF).

    Not one Solar PV plant on Planet Earth can achieve that on a year round basis. Maybe 17% at the absolute best, but the current Worldwide average for Solar PV is 13% CF.

    The plant will have a lifetime of 25 years and with each passing year, the ability to generate electrical power shrinks a little bit, so that after the full 25 years, (if it makes it that far) then that CF could be as low as 6 or 7%. Hence that lifetime CF will in fact be closer to 13%. (and right there that is Tony being pretty generous)

    So now, we can calculate the lifetime total power generation for the plant, and I’ve included that Industry calculation equation a number of times, so here I’ll just give the total.

    2.934 TWH (TeraWattHours)

    Now, that comes out the same as 2,934,418,500 KWH (KiloWattHours)

    Okay then, now they have received that up front grants total, then that means they do not have to recover that amount from the sale of the electricity generated by the plant, so that’s immediately $272.3 Million off the total to be recovered.

    That equates to 9.28 cents per KWH off the cost of the electricity being generated.

    The plant is estimated to cost $450 Million all up which equates to 15.33 cents per KWH, so now the cost per unit of electricity comes down to 6.05 cents per KWH (around $61/MWH) which in fact does make it seemingly cheaper than Coal fired power, and note here that’s the cost for NEW coal fired power with all the extras to make that cost appear so high, so in fact this solar plant would seem to be an attractive option, keeping in mind that existing coal fired power is managing to deliver at around $37/MWH, which INCLUDES the current Tax on CO2 emissions.

    That’s how renewable power is made to seem cheaper than traditional sources.

    Incidentally, this plant will deliver 2.934TW over the full 25 YEARS.

    Bayswater currently delivers that same amount of power in, umm ….. 61 DAYS.

    Makes you think, doesn’t it?


    Post Script. I could actually login and post this at that article at The Conversation, but the ensuing flaming I would get makes not worth doing.


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      John F. Hultquist

      Hi Tony,
      A place that might post this is “ no tricks zone com ” [remove the spaces and put in the dot (as in .com) ] that is the realm of Pierre L. Gosselin. He has reported on the German wind and solar issues, often translating from German to English. Maybe you and he could work on something similar that included some of the statements made in Europe.
      Best, John


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      I wonder what this button does

      How to have a profitable business without trying..first) have the govt/taxpayers set you up..second) have the govt/taxpayers guarantee your income…third) have the govt/taxpayers guarantee that they will buy your produce even if it isn’t needed(see Wonthaggi de-sal plant)..forth)If you can’t provide enough produce ie the sun won’t shine or the wind won’t blow, the govt/taxpayers will buy cheaper coal produce and still sell it for the same green eco price.
      And here’s me thinking that Capitalism was being governed by market forces,oops silly me,that’s “free market”not capitalism that is driven by market forces.


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        Kevin Lohse

        The correct term for this scam is,” Debt Socialisation”. The tax payer assumes most or all of the risk, and the project initiators enrich themselves, leaving the tax payer to pick up the bill when the project folds. Tax payers have little or no say in such schemes and are effectively reduced to medieval peasantry in influence over the use of their money. Any mooted grandiose scheme floated by governments of any colour should be viewed with full sceptical powers engaged.


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      Graeme No.3

      The Solar flagships program.

      The Solartitanic
      The Solarlusitania
      The Solarmarieceleste


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      Here’s another point about how these plants, umm, inflate their figures.

      The plant project information is shown at this link.

      Note how they claim a (highly theoretical) CF of 26%, giving this plant a hoped for output of 233.4GWH of power delivered to the NSW grid.


      Note here in Key Statistics the often quoted factoid at all these renewable power project sites, that of the number of homes supplied by clean green electricity. Note how it’s separated from the Plant Output, and here it actually says:

      Equivalent NSW homes powered at 7 MWh/yr – 33,000

      That translates to 19.2KWH per day for an average home, and this standard is used for all those, umm, factoids of homes supplied.

      So now, multiply those 33,000 homes by that 7MWH and the total comes to, hey, what do you know, the yearly output power total, 233GWH per year. Now from that, and knowing the Nameplate Total and using the Industry standard calculation, we can work out the absolute power which could be delivered, dividing the actual claimed power by this absolute, and you can get the actual CF, and here, that calculation is done for you, only worded so it’s not easy for the layman to understand.

      Now, keep in mind the CF here, and I’ll even use their theoretical total 26%, meaning that the plant, while delivering its power in dribs and drabs across the day, and more in Summer than in Winter, that 26% equates to 6 hours a day on a yearly average of the plant’s maximum rated power. Now, equate that back to the homes supplied. Those homes require their power 24 hours a day, so this plant would never deliver that anyway, and on top of that, the plant only supplies its power to the grid, so using this analogy is a bogus thing to do anyway. Using the same bogus figure, then Bayswater supplies more than 2 MILLION homes a year.


      Now, scroll down further to the paragraph titled Environmental, and note where it says this. (my bolds)

      The project will reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by over 203,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalent per annum, assuming a rate of 0.87 tonnes per MWh of electricity. This is roughly equivalent to removing 53,000 cars from the road.

      So now, the plant has a lifespan of 25 years, so the total CO2 reduction (using the figures they quote there) of 5.075 MILLION tons of CO2.

      Let’s actually use their own figures then. As I have mentioned this plant will deliver X GWH over the life of the plant, and using their data, that comes in at 5.825TWH of power.

      Bayswater delivers 17TWH of power each year, which is three times as much power. So then, using that same power delivery then, if Bayswater delivers the same power in a third of the year, then this solar plant has the equivalent CO2 saving of one third of what Bayswater emits, which is in fact 7.5 Million tons of CO2 per year.

      The data for this solar plant says it would save 5.075 Million tons of equivalent emitted CO2 if this power came from a coal fired source.

      So, using their own figures and comparing the emissions to Bayswater, then the ACTUAL saving is only 2.5 Million tons, so again, note how the figures are inflated.

      However, using the current equivalent 13% CF for actual power which will be delivered over the 25 year life of this plant, then yearly power is considerably diminished, as I showed in the earlier Comment, coming in at a CF factor of only 13%, half the theoretical 26% used by the plant’s proposers, so in the actual case the savings on CO2 emissions come in now at only 1.25 Million tons of CO2, less than one quarter of what this plant’s data suggests.

      Then they go on to use the also bogus cars removed from the road factoid. When was the last time you heard of a new renewable power plant opening and a Government official actually removed those cars from the road.

      Now, see how Renewable power plants use information that is specifically designed to look great, but is entirely bogus in its nature, and difficult for a layman to interpret.

      Those green urgers read this information, and not having the slightest idea what it means, or how to translate it, see it, and loudly squawk how this is great. Bring it on.

      People will believe ….. whatever they want to believe, without ever attempting to find out what it really means.

      It’s called hiding the truth in plain sight.



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        Tony, it gets even worse.
        The figure of 0.87 tonnes of carbon saved per megawatt is also bogus, assuming a straightforward replacement of the most inefficient coal-fired power station. The actual CO2 saving is much smaller.
        More importantly, is the costs and benefits. If the subsidies of $272.3m represent the additional costs of saving that CO2, then it is $109 per tonne of CO2 saved (Vassilios Agelidis’s) or $218 per tonne of CO2 saved (your generous estimate). A realistic estimate (including proper investment discount rates and real CO2 savings would generate a cost of $1000 to save a tonne of CO2.
        Relate this to the measure “cost” of the global warming measured by the social cost of carbon. The UNIPCC AR4 Summary for Policymakers in 2007 stated on page 22.

        Peer-reviewed estimates of the social cost of carbon in 2005 average US$12 per tonne of CO2, but the range from 100 estimates is large (-$3 to $95/tCO2).

        Even by the most outlandish estimates of climate catastrophe, the money would be far better spent elsewhere. Or more appropriately, left with the taxpayers for them to decide.


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      Rod Stuart

      Goa ahead, Tony. It’s fun.


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    I wonder what this button does

    It’s reached the Ides of March or should that read Idiots of March,it would appear that WE have a “marching season”.
    Tomorrow we will see the greatest collection of ratbags that a nation could possibly have,unfortunately a large proportion of those marching will have a University education.

    This will be further proof that making it easy to get an education does the nation a dis-service,in days past those who wanted a Degree/s had to work hard, had to struggle and the result was people who wanted to move ahead with their lives, people who didn’t take it for granted or that the world owed them a living.

    And what will they be marching against
    - Poverty and at the same time against Christianity and the churches, who of course have or started most of the worlds charities.
    - Against climate change or global warming, which will bring them a dilemma, to spend money on climate change or the poor, we know the answer to that, climate change.
    - Tony Abbott,yes they will be marching against Tony Abbott,in their imaginations he has done all manner of terrible things,if they can think of it Tony has done it.
    - They will march for “gay rights”, whatever that is, I think it has something to do with getting married and having kids, maybe someone can point out the bleeding obvious, they will march for “womens rights”, I’m not certain what that is but I think that it is women wanting to be men which sort of defeats the point of being female in the first place. They will march for “peace”and demand the govt do something about it, but if you point out to them that a lasting “peace” can only come from and through Jesus Christ they will get very angry and attack you verbally and in some cases physically….

    That’ll do for now I’m starting to sound just like a protester(What do we want.. everything.. when do we want it NOW.)
    One thing that we can be sure of is that the one thing that there will be plenty of is hyperbole, the other will be noise,which will be funny because the first thing that they will say is that it will be a “peaceful” protest. That’ll do for now I’m starting to sound just like a protester

    (What do we want..EVERYTHING..when do we want it… NOW…..Who is to pay for it..SOMEONE ELSE).


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      I wonder what this button does

      OOPS,I didn’t do a very good job of editing.


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        Graeme No.3

        No, but you successfully conveyed their disconnected waffles.

        There was a phrase once “confused wool” but it never lasted.


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    John F. Hultquist

    Thanks Ed.
    “ . . . something happening in the world . . .”

    Well, first Jo got some chocolate (nice) and in the spirit of the occasion I intend to eat a fruit filled and chocolate covered doughnut.
    Second, I have many relatives and friends in the north-central part of North America and, having just checked, it appears the global warming winter deep freeze is about over.
    Third, and on a less personal note, Mother Nature put on a show over Lake Tahoe
    There is a short video, explanation, and link to more information.


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    Rereke Whakaaro

    I dunno ED, I am not sure you are up to this blog hosting job thingie.

    Not one comment from a boring old fart, so far on this thread, and here we are at comment number 12. You are going to have to lift your game mate!

    Oh, I guess I am the first ….


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    Gunga Din

    (I hope this paste correctly!)

    I don’t know if this is what you had in mind but here’s a bit of humor from this site.

    Newspaper Bloopers and Funnies
    1 man, 7 woman hot tub — $850/offer
    Amana washer $100. Owned by clean bachelor who seldom washed.
    Snow blower for sale…only used on snowy days.
    Free puppies…part German shepherd part dog
    2 wire mesh butchering gloves, 1 5-finger, 1 3-finger, pair: $15
    Tickle me elmo, still in box, comes with it’s own 1988 mustang, 5l, auto, excellent condition $6800
    Cows, calves never bred… also 1 gay bull for sale.
    ’83 Toyota hunchback — $2000
    Star Wars job of the hut — $15
    Free puppies: 1/2 cocker spaniel1/2 sneaky neighbor’s dog
    Free Yorkshire terrier. 8 years old. unpleasant little dog.
    Soft & genital bath tissues or facial tissue89 cents
    German shepherd. 85 lbs. neutered. speaks German. free.
    Full sized mattress. 20 yr warranty. like new. slight urine smell.
    Free 1 can of pork & beans with purchase of 3 br 2 bth home.
    For sale: lee majors (6 million dollar man)$50
    Nordic track $300hardly used call chubbie
    Bill’s septic cleaning”we haul American made products”
    Shakespeare’s pizza free chopsticks
    Found: dirty white dog…looks like a rat…been out awhile…better be reward.
    Hummels largest selection ever”if it’s in stock, we have it!”
    Get a little john: the traveling urinal holds 2 1/2 bottles of beer.
    Nice parachute never opened used once slightly stained
    Free: farm kittens. ready to eat.
    American flag60 stars pole included$100
    Tired of working for only $9.75 per hour? we offer profit sharing and
    flexible hours. starting pay: $7$9 per hour.
    Notice: to person or persons who took the large pumpkin on highway 87
    near southridge storage. please return the pumpkin and be checked. pumpkin
    may be radioactive. all other plants in vicinity are dead.
    Exercise equipment: queen size mattress & box spring -$175.
    Our sofa seats the whole mob and it’s made of 100% Italian leather.
    Joining nudist colony, must sell washer & dryer$300.
    Actual ad in the NY Times (fact or fiction :o )
    FOR SALE BY OWNER Complete set of Encyclopedia Britannica. 45 volumes. Excellent condition.$1,000.00 or best offer. No longer needed. Got married last weekend.Wife knows everything.

    Here are the top 24 headlines of 1998!!
    1. Include Your Children When Baking Cookies
    2. Something Went Wrong in Jet Crash, Experts Say
    3. Police Begin Campaign to Run Down Jaywalkers
    4. Drunks Get Nine Months in Violin Case
    5. Iraqi Head Seeks Arms
    6. Prostitutes Appeal to Pope
    7. Panda Mating Fails; Veterinarian Takes Over
    8. British Left Waffles on Falkland Islands
    9. Teacher Strikes Idle Kids
    10. Clinton Wins Budget; More Lies Ahead
    11. Plane Too Close to Ground, Crash Probe Told
    12. Miners Refuse to Work After Death
    13. Juvenile Court to Try Shooting Defendant
    14. Stolen Painting Found by Tree
    15. Two Sisters Reunited after 18 Years in Checkout Counter
    16. War Dims Hope for Peace
    17. If Strike Isn’t Settled Quickly, It May Last a While
    18. Couple Slain; Police Suspect Homicide
    19. Man Struck by Lightning Faces Battery Charge
    20. New Study of Obesity Looks for Larger Test Group
    21. Astronaut Takes Blame for Gas in Space
    22. Kids Make Nutritious Snacks
    23. Local High School Dropouts Cut in Half
    24. Typhoon Rips through Cemetery; Hundreds Dead

    [SNIP... Gunga, be wary of copyright (Though I can't see any ownership claimed there). Best stick to excerpts. - Jo]


    • #

      Astronaut Takes Blame for Gas in Space

      What a coincidence Gunga Din,see video at 3.1


    • #
      Gunga Din

      I didn’t think of the copy-write angle. Sorry about that.
      Here’s one I saw with my own eyes. It was the headline for a story on a tax issue that failed. I saw it in my Dad’s hometown paper 15+ years ago.

      “Montgomery County Jail May Have To Close It’s Doors”

      (Not as good as chocolate but I hope it brought a smile.)


      • #
        Graeme No.3

        Add another headline from Fiji;

        3 days without rain: Suva faces drought.

        And no, Tim Flannery wasn’t in town. The series continued as top headline story every day until

        7 days without rain: record drought in sight.

        Next day – RAIN.

        After that someone thought of putting in a pipeline to the Nausori river 15 km. away, so no more headlines of this type.
        (fellow australians, the Nausori carries more water than the Murray (possibly due to the 6 metres of rainfall in the highlands).


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    Rod Stuart

    Some folks might have seen the Pointman’s advice to get out there an shoot a few hoops with the nitwits of the warmist persuasion. This reply I got is good for a laugh.

    “Once again you refuse to state your sources. Let me state mine which refute your blowing in the wind.

    Naomi Oreskes found no rejections of the consensus in a survey of 928 abstracts performed in 2004. Doran & Zimmerman (2009) found a 97% consensus among scientists actively publishing climate research. Anderegg et al. (2010) reviewed publicly signed declarations supporting or rejecting human-caused global warming, and again found over 97% consensus among climate experts. Cook et al. (2013) found the same 97% result through a survey of over 12,000 climate abstracts from peer-reviewed journals, as well as from over 2,000 scientist author self-ratings, among abstracts and papers taking a position on the causes of global warming.

    In addition to these studies, we have the National Academies of Science from 33 different countries all endorsing the consensus. Dozens of scientific organizations have endorsed the consensus on human-caused global warming. Only one has ever rejected the consensus – the American Association of Petroleum Geologists – and even they shifted to a neutral position when members threatened to not renew their memberships due to its position of climate denial.

    In short, the 97% consensus on human-caused global warming is a robust result, found using several different methods in various studies over the past decade. It really shouldn’t be a surprise at this point, and denying it is, well, denial.”


    • #
      Rereke Whakaaro

      It seems there is a consensus of consensuses.

      When I was a young man, I was told that sort of thing made you go blind.

      Or perhaps the inbreeding of the consensurati* is worse than we thought?

      * consensurati n. Pl. A loose fluid grouping of consensuato.

      consensuato n. a person who adopts the prevailing body of thought within their social group, because it is easier than thinking for oneself.


    • #

      Good for a laugh, true, but it’s not nice to laugh at the village idiot or at the unfortunates incarcerated in Bedlam. That’s the sort or medieval cruelty that was supposed to have been eliminated during the 18th and 19th centuries.

      We’re much kinder these days. We don’t advocate locking people up because they don’t agree with us. We don’t advocate branding them on their foreheads for not believing in our religion. Ah … Well … some of us don’t.

      The very scarey thing is that these people vote. And they probably teach your children.


      • #

        Hey, as soon as I saw the word Bedlam there, I immediately thought of this song.

        I See His Blood Upon The Rose

        The album is titled Bedlam Born, and it’s by that eclectic band Steeleye Span, and while the first part sounds a little like a mournful dirge, wait till that voice comes in.

        Just a beautiful song.



        • #
          Joe V.

          Thankyou for sharing that Tony.
          I can see how it might have had some extra edge on the radio.
          We have to be grateful for You Tube making everything so readily available to listen to, but sometimes you should just hear a good tune several times, before seeing it within the limitations of a video. Amazing as that video is , music can be better at unlocking ones own mind.


    • #
      Roy Hogue


      With logic like that it would make more sense to shoot the, “…nitwits of the warmist persuasion,” and leave out the hoops, don’t you think? Of course in this crazy world who can tell what makes sense?

      I’m not sure what the term for their logic is but it amounts to saying, this is true because it’s true. Terminally dumb — and I keep waiting for it to terminate but… …not so far. :-(


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    Graeme No.3

    I have just become a criminal.

    I have a collection of old films on DVD’s, many of the films dating from the 30′s and 40′s. A lot of british comedies which have never been re-released outside the UK, so I have a region control problem. This was easy to work around as I am sure many readers have also done as well, but recently I noticed that one DVD had a large scratch. Fortunately, despite being a film from the 40′s, I could buy a new copy, but many others have only been available briefly, and then surface intermittently on e-bay etc. Since some movies have taken me 5-7 years to find, I have decided to make a backup copy of each DVD, but of course I run foul of the copyright provisions and the regulations more recently designed to ‘protect’ the copyright owners property.

    Ripping the DVD’s to a fresh copy is easy and it only takes an hour or two on the internet. For Mac owners I recommend Mac DVDRipper Pro (NOTE NOT MacX DVDRipper Pro) . You have to pay for it (they do allow 5 free trials) but it is simple to use. You do run into region control problems as Apple only allow your DVD player to change regions 5 times, (For simple viewing download the free player VLC and in System Preferences set your OPEN DVD ACTION to open VLC ), but there is a simple way around that.

    However I can’t help wondering how it is that books are copyright to the author/ copyright holder for 50 years (with extensions if you are influential enough), but when it expires other publishers are free to issue them. Further copies of the original (or other editions) are available if you go secondhand. But films are made for ‘release’ and then tend to disappear. The copyright is traded at discounted prices again and again, until it is in the hands of some company with no connection to the original release, but the original version is always tightly controlled. It may or may not then be released on VHS, then on DVD, with Blue Ray to follow before High Definition et al, hence all the provisions to control copying.

    I have no objection to paying for a copy, but I am wondering how the film industry justifies everlasting copyright regardless of the availability of the product. Take 2 ‘recent’ films The Wrong Box from 1966, which released on VHS but ‘disappeared’. It was then years later released as a DVD in Spain! before later release in the UK and then as region 1, but not (as far as I know) ever Region 4 (Oz). Or the Rise and Rise of Michael Rimmer (1970) never released for 30 odd years on VHS nor ever Region 4.

    How are we supposed to get these if we “obey the rules” ? Surely it should be obligatory for a copy to be available if the copyright is to be maintained. Further, I wonder why such copyright should be extended for eternity, not the more suitable 50 years time scale. It seems that the film industry is more intent of trying to maintain the status quo of about 1965 rather than making the product available on demand to legitimate customers.


    • #
      Graeme No.3

      And Rereke,

      don’t mention BOF or they’ll appear.


    • #
      Rereke Whakaaro

      “The Rise and Rise of Michael Rimmer”, was a classic movie, staring Peter Cooke, as Michael Rimmer, a politician who used propaganda and other PR techniques to gain absolute political power in Britain.

      I suspect that it was never released on DVD as it forms a sort of blueprint for a lot of the manipulation techniques used as climate scare tactics.

      Us BOF’s remember it fondly.


      • #
        Kevin Lohse

        Ask an you shall receive

        If you can’t get it in your neck of the woods, ask Jo for my email address and send me your details and I’ll get it to you. BOF’s Rule.


        • #
          Rereke Whakaaro


          What is the stated Region on that DVD? When I searched before, the only ones I could find were for Region 1


      • #
        Graeme No.3

        I have felt for many years that its release was suppressed lest some people got the idea that it referred to Tony Blair.

        You would need Region 4. There is a Region 0, Universal for cartoons, OLDER FILMS and educational titles, but apparently older films must refer to before 1935.

        DVD players on computers are limited in the number of times they can cross zones and will actually lock you out from your own legally bought machine if that number is exceeded. It’s 5 times on a iMac. If you install VLC then you can get around this, and play any region on your computer. There are versions for Mac, Linux and Windows.
        If you can get hold of a multi-region DVD player you can feed that to your TV or computer.
        If you want something else then Jo has my contact details.


    • #

      Something similar applies to music.

      Very early on in my time in the Air Force, I learned NEVER to take LP’s to a party, and when I was at Billsville with 76 and 77 Squadron, there were many parties.

      I have quite a large collection of vinyl LP’s from the late 60′s through to the late 70′s, more than 300 Plus.

      After seeing first hand what happened to LP’s at those parties, I learned a salutary lesson.

      I spent a (large) part of my re-engagement bonus (which was only $1,000 when first introduced) on a good sound system, a (very good) turntable, an amplifier, a double cassette recording deck, a Receiver, quality headphones, and a good set of speaker boxes, (considering the ones I really wanted, the Bose 901 Series 3 would have eaten up virtually all that bonus on their own). Over the next couple of Months, I then purchased eight individual diamond styli for the turntable, a large investment just on their own, hoping that would eventually see out the life span of that turntable.

      LP’s were $5.00 each in those days, so every Friday following pay Thursday, I would purchase one, sometimes more LP’s, hence that collection became progressively larger and larger.

      In the privacy of my room, I would listen to the LP, and if I liked it, I would then tape it to Cassette, usually Hitachi UD C90′s which I would purchase by the box of a dozen every couple of Months or so. The advantage of those 90′s was that you could get a full album onto one side, hence 2 albums to a tape. From that point onwards, whenever I wanted music, I would play the tape, hence the albums stayed pristine in their sleeves with further plastic sleeves as well, to protect the album cover.

      Then they changed to CD’s. My son, (who, like all of that generation, think that it was they who invented music) thought that his father’s music was dull and boring, ended up realising that good music is good music, no matter from whose generation, so, over a period of three years, all my Cassettes started disappearing, and there were 7 box loads of them, leaving me with the ones he wasn’t all that enamoured with, barely 24 tapes.

      Now I was worried that I had a huge collection of music, with the last diamond stylus now on its last legs, and no tapes left.

      For a couple of years I actually debated myself over getting rid of them, and thankfully, the right guy won that debate.

      In 2005, I was now pretty worried that they would all be useless.

      My sister, a computer tech was in the same dilemma, and she had around 100 or so albums, now all gone, and I wish I had have known she was just getting rid of them, because I would have taken them as well. Anyway, she purchased a program to digitise the music from the LP’s.

      Try as she might, she could not work out how to do it from the program, so she gave it to me to fiddle with. It took me a Month or so to finally work it out. The program was the German Magix Audio Cleaning Lab version 3.0 copyright 2000-2003, and now Magix is up to version umpteen of that program.

      That early version I had was really difficult to master.

      I needed a new turntable, one with a pre-amp, and a plug to plug into the computer sound card, and oddly, I finally found one at Dick Smith’s of all places.

      I would play the record, and in real time, it downloaded it to the program in wave format. You could then work on the album in wave, virtually remastering all the music there, in fact, almost down to the millisecond or better.

      Then you could save the remastered version, either as a whole continuous album, or selected tracks separated from the album. So, effectively I could cut out just the songs from the album that I wanted to keep in digital format.

      One thing which bugged me was that I could only save them as Wave format, which was quite a large filesize. The Magix CD had the capability to save individual tracks (or the album as a whole) to the relative tiny filesize (in comparison to wave format) of MP3 at a medium sample rate, which lowered the overall filesize by up to 95%. However, the drawback with that MP3 add on was that it was a teaser because for an added extra in dollars, they would send you their updated MP3 converter, and as much as I tried to email them in Germany, I never did get a response, so here I was stuck with an ever decreasing total of MP3 conversions, in an age prior to MP3 conversion kits available on the Web.

      As I approached the end of those 20 MP3′s I had what I thought was a glitch with the program, which angered me no end. However, I just crashed the program from the Hard Drive, and reloaded it from the CD again.

      Lo and behold, the new figure of 20MP3′s appeared there. Oh! Lucky day. So, after 20 conversions, I just crashed and reloaded the program.

      I just fiddled with the one album for around a Month until I got it down pat. Then I started on my record collection.

      I got it down to around 2 hours in all, and 45 minutes of that was real time downloading the whole album into wave format.

      It took me ten Months to do my whole collection, remastering every album, and selecting just the tracks I wanted, at around 2 albums a day.

      Now, all that music resides on its own dedicated hard drive in a caddy, connected whenever I want music, and there would be around 13 Gig I suppose, more tracks than I will ever listen to in my life, but at least now somewhere if I do want it.

      Out of interest sake and for comparison with today’s CD music, my good lady wife is a huge fan of Jim Reeves, and oddly, now, so am I. I remastered her sixteen Jim Reeves albums, saved them, and also burnt them onto a couple of discs for her to play whenever she wishes.

      Now, these Jim Reeves albums are ones where you, umm, got your money’s worth.

      After doing one particular album, I was surprised by the time marker. The album had ten songs, five on each side of the LP. The total time came in at 17 minutes and 45 seconds, for the whole album.

      So, these days, CD’s are indeed value for money ….. I, umm, guess.



      • #

        G’day Tony,my daughter gave me her old computer and bought a turntable that played into it.The reason was to record all my old LP’s to disc for her while I was off work.The idea was good but learning to do this whilst recovering from two heart attacks was not the smartest thing to do.


      • #
        Roy Hogue

        …Bose 901 Series 3…

        Oh Tony! You have excellent taste in speakers. I’ve had Bose 901s since 1983 and I’m on my second pair after the first ones finally started rattling from foam surround deterioration (lasted until 2011). Nothing at anywhere near their price can equal them, not even at 1983′s price, $3,000 plus systems. I’ve never heard anything that could handle as much power — I like a symphony orchestra at realistic concert hall level or a pipe organ — or the frequency range at any price. I’ve compared them to a pair of nearly $10,000 electrostatic speakers with material I brought with me for the test and the 901 still wins out.

        If you haven’t gone out and gotten a pair by now you really owe it to yourself to do it.

        Music is God’s gift to those who can appreciate it. And speakers are the weak link in the chain for most decent systems.


      • #
        Roy Hogue

        And speaking of old vinyl to preserve — I’ve been in the process of transcribing my old vinyl records to CD. But a lot of them have been played far too many times on a system that was better at eating them than playing them. Today some decent software is available for cleaning up the digital recording once it’s on the computer. So right now I have the problem of cleaning up one of the worst of them and because it’s one of my all time favorites it was played the most and literally noisy from start to finish. It’s taking going through each side in minute detail looking visually for all the clicks and pops that the automatic feature didn’t find. I think I’ll die before I get this one cleaned up and put on a CD. But once a click is “fixed” you can never tell it was done.

        Once on CD it’ll never suffer another injury to the music.

        ION makes a good player that hooks to the computer via USB cable and a program called Audacity comes with it. More than worth the price. You can go directly from the cleaned up digital recording of each side directly to CD in standard CD music format. Sampling rate is the standard CD 44.1 kHz, all CD quality right from the stylus.


        • #
          Graeme No.3

          I am surprised that no-one made the connection to my little piece.
          Here were these people ensconced in profitable positions arbitrarily deciding what could or could not be made available and to whom. When they tried to increase their public reach and access to funds, but found that technically astute outsiders threatened their monopoly, they reacted by trying to hide their data and restrict its use. And when it turned out that any outsider willing to spend a few hours on the internet could see what they had tried to hide, they resorted to sanctions and legislative controls and calling those who failed to kowtow to them by opprobrious names.

          Now who would think of behaving like that.


          • #
            Roy Hogue

            The Internet has music and movie producers, not to mention the whole industry, running scared about losing their gravy train. And a lot of what they’ve done has made me really angry. Sony even got caught installing what amounts to malware, a rootkit if you know what that is, on computers when you play their CDs in a misguided attempt to enforce their copyright. When this was discovered and made public the backlash convinced them to stop that practice.

            On the other hand, no one should ignore the copyright and simply pass around copyrighted material illegally either. If I copy copyrighted material to CD I’m not going to give the vinyl copy to anyone nor am I going to make copies of the CD for anyone else. That’s fair use to me. It preserves the content I paid good money for years ago and still want to listen to. But putting it on the Internet to be downloaded by anyone who wants it is plain old theft.

            And I can give you a list of people who, “…would think of behaving like that,” if you really want it. Let’s start with the music and movie/TV industries and go on to government agencies then…


      • #
        Geoff Sherrington

        As an addicted early adopter, we bought our first CD player, a Sony broadcast quality job, overseas in 1984 for some $1,100. It still plays fine. Therefore, no need for vinyl, thank huey.
        My favourite vinyl was a Beethoven 9th 33 1/3, but a small jealous son filled the grooves with fluoride toothpaste and it was never the same again.
        In her latter years, a lady relative asked us to do a garage sale at her home in Woy Woy NSW. One buyer saw a Sinatra vinyl top of stack & bought it for a dollar. I noted that the next one down was a Mantovani & Orchestra. “Oh no, I’m not into the heavy stuff”, said the cautious dollar buyer.
        Random snatches of BOF stuff for you.


        • #
          Roy Hogue


          When CD players first appeared in the U.S. in 1983 I got serious about setting up a good music system and bought one of the first two models available, the Hitachi DA1000. 1000 stood for the price — ouch! But I got it from a discounter for only about $800, still a pretty steep price. The other was a Philips model that I could have gotten for a similar price. They were worth an arm and a leg in 1983.

          Now you can get a combo player for under $100 that will handle everything, CD, DVD, Blue Ray and has sound quality as good as my Sony ES33 that I paid about $800 for in 1990 (also from a discounter). Digital technology has gone so far so fast it’s hard to keep up.

          And speaking of garage sales, I used to spend Saturday mornings prowling around looking for them and I picked up a few priceless 45s and lps for as little a dime each. As they say, one man’s trash is another man’s gold. And now they’re all in the queue to be converted to digital and put on CD. And at the rate I’m getting through the current one I’ll need to live to about 100 years old to finish the project.

          BOF to some maybe. But the stuff of life to those of us who can appreciate it. ;-)


  • #
    Gee Aye

    Maybe make fun of me if you need cheering up. Certainly I am old and farty. Maybe boring to you too but not to me


  • #
    Rod Stuart

    I got this email from Senator Simon Birmingham. I had never heard of the man, but apparently Greg Hunt had asked him to straighten me out. I had forgotten my query to Hunt. I send him quite a few. Does anyone have a suggestion for a reply?

    “Dear Mr Stuart

    I refer to your email of 13 February 2014 to the Minister for the Environment, the Hon Greg Hunt MP concerning the Bureau of Meteorology. The Minister has referred your letter to me as the matters you raise fall within my portfolio responsibilities.

    Under the Meteorology Act 1955, the Bureau has responsibility to monitor, analyse and report on Australia’s weather and climate. Climate information helps explain trends in environmental data, and is used by governments and a variety of industry sectors in short and long-term planning. The Bureau has responsibility for the collection and management of climate data and the maintenance of the climate record.

    The Bureau develops its systems and services to a high standard by following international standards and guidelines. The science is undertaken through collaborations with numerous organisations including although not limited to the CSIRO, Australian Academy of Science, World Meteorological Organisation, the Royal Society in the UK, and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration which is underpinned by a peer review process to ensure its quality and rigour.

    Please be assured the Bureau takes a great deal of care with the climate record, and understands the importance of scientific integrity in the provision of data, products and services.

    Thank you for taking the time to write on this matter.

    Yours sincerely

    Simon Birmingham”

    Date: 13 February 2014 6:04:58 am AEDT
    To: , , Malcolm Turnbull , “Hunt, Greg (MP)”
    Subject: Who runs the BOM, the CSIRO, and the ABC?

    These once fine institutions have been overrun by the Left. Time to change that!


    • #

      I’ll suggest the link to a few other sceptical bloggers.


    • #

      I would suggest you provide failed predictions by these organisations. Ask Birmingham to enquire into why the organisations got it so wrong and why, with such a track record these organisations are relied on for policy direction.

      A hint, “It is my will.” works for me.


    • #
      Eliza Doodle

      That was a bureaucrat’s answer – I couldnt keep awake till the end – but did he answer your question? The stated one rather than implied ones: ie. who runs BOM, CISRO and ABC ?

      It may be a good general point for starting a discussion, but who did you expect to engage with it ?

      You may now pick up on what he didn’t answer.

      To encourage action it may help to stick to particular points of practicality that may be addressed specifically.

      Like eg,
      What is the Government doing to address the failure of BOM to predict the Climate of the last 17 years ?

      What is the Government doing to address unbalanced reporting and commentary from the nation’s broadcaster ?

      But you decide.


  • #

    I thought that an old definition of acidic might be helpful for some people who get in to an argument with a warmy who thinks that we are making the oceans acidic.

    Acidic: 2. Description of a solution that has an excess of hydrogen (hydronium) ions.

    While the pH remains above 7, which it always will, there is an excess of hydroxide ions compared to hydrogen ions.


  • #

    I have had a big demand for my hard earned lately, including the bank wanting its money back. One is from a favourite crossword compiler, Stickler. He was the cryptic crossword compiler for the Advertiser and the AFP until recently. I was hoping that there would be a few more interested in keeping his blog going.

    If you’re interested in how they work, my introduction to cryptic crosswords is;

    The clue is usually a sentence or phrase that wouldn’t look out of place in a book, with the better ones giving you a bit of a giggle. Just reading it as a proper sentence, though, will not get you anywhere. These clues consist of two or more hints suggesting the meaning, letters required, synonym or maybe even a homonym.

    For example, Peer in fearless eyes gives you the meaning of the word and the four-letter word (it is in there).

    The letters needed for the word could also be an anagram, with a suggestion to mix up the letters, as in Lord Lear in another work.

    Some common words have abbreviations that may be used to give you an extra letter or two, as in A label for a nobleman’s left ear. The abbreviation does not necessarily need to be common, but you might need a hint, as in Count initial entries and redacted logs.


  • #
    the Griss

    Off topic…but….


    And totally the far left agenda.

    They DO NOT accept democracy !!!!

    Totalitarian cretins. !!!


  • #

    Now, just imagine the humungous outcry if a poster like this had the word ‘Tony’, replaced with the word ‘Julia’.

    I guess that the holders of this poster and those following it hunger for, umm, the dictatorship of a Labor/Green government.

    I wonder if we” hear anything from Shorten and his party, or Christine and her party.

    This is absolutely disgusting, just like those Tee Shirts which say the same wording for Tony Abbott.

    Cue the fury from the media when this gets out, umm “Look over there. Isn’t that Britney Spears?”



    • #
      the Griss

      There are a lot of things being said by these cretins that could easily be construed as threats.

      The latest from a union thug in Newcastle says that Alan Joyce should be shot in the head.



    • #
      Eliza Doodle

      I often wondered why it was called democracy anyway.
      I mean who wants to be rulled by a bunch of demonstrators ?