And the workers shall not own cars: WEF plan to get rid of 75%

By Jo Nova

Electric cars are not enough, they want no cars (for you)

Will taking a billion cars off the road change the climate or just make parking easier for WEF billionaires?

The conference-and-ski club for the uber rich has issued another white paper no one asked for. In it, the World Economic Forum that no one elected, says the world should redesign cities and reduce the number of cars to 500 million by 2050. Given that there are 1.5 billion cars around today and we’re headed for 2 billion cars by then, this means thwarting the desires of 1.5 billion people. It won’t be rich people who miss out.

It’s not clear why anyone should anyone care about the pronouncements of the Ski Club for the Stars of Money — but their strange catch-phrases have a spooky way of being parroted by our elected politician-minions. The galaxy of money that orbits the Planet WEF presumably waves their $100 Trillion dollar weight around and tells politicians “nice career you have there”. Who could argue with that?

The WEF world always looks disturbingly like a preschool cartoon.

WEF, World Economic Forum,

The WEF White paper is titled: “The […]

The new world order – Black, Brown, and Soviet-red all over.

Scoff scoff scoff. There is no global conspiracy to get One World Government. If there was, the leaders would have sent a memo to Bob Brown to be quiet, to Scientific American to rephrase the agenda, and to Richard Black to stay out of group photos at socialist events. So there is no central command, no invisible patriarch who pulls all the strings. But clearly there is a whole class of people who “know” what you need better than you do, and they know you need more governing. The regulating class. Shhhh.

First, the red shade of Black

Blacks Whitewash* has caught Richard Black (paid by the British taxpayer to be an impartial science reporter) taking an active part in a meeting of people who want to influence government policies. Quoting BlacksWhitewash:

“So the Outreach Group advises UNEP and it looks at how unelected NGO’s can better use the information within the GEO reports to pressure Governments. In the Network 2015 document there is a photo of the Outreach Group at the San Sebastian meeting:

There, behind a Felix Dodds and an Esther Larranaga, is Richard Black, BBC journalist, a publicly funded broadcaster with a duty to remain impartial, […]