Freighter with nearly 3,000 cars burns out of control near Dutch World Heritage area

By Jo Nova

Will EV’s cause more damage to the environment?

A freighter with nearly 3,000 cars on board is burning off the Netherlands. The Coastguard is working hard to try to stop the freighter sinking in a delicate environmental area. Only 25 cars are EV’s on a burning ship of 2,857 cars. No one is sure what started the fire, but a coastguard spokesperson told Reuters “it began near an electric car”. Firefighters estimate it may burn for days. Even if it didn’t start in an EV, the EV’s on board change the nature of the battle.

The fire spread so fast sadly one crew member was killed. Seven others leapt overboard and were rescued from the ocean. The ship carried a crew of 23.

UPDATE: As commenter James Murphy suggests — maybe they need to be transported like explosives can be – on the main deck, in a container that can be dumped overboard under its own weight. Just pull a pin or 2… more or less.

I’m thinking “ejection seats” for EV’s?

Just 25 EV’s among 3,000 cars

A freighter carrying nearly 3,000 cars catches fire in the North Sea and […]