40 years of expert failure: New NOAA STAR satellite temperatures only show half the warming that climate models do

By Jo Nova h/t Cohenite

New NOAA STAR Satellite system gets a major correction and suddenly agrees with UAH satellites, not RSS

An all new reanalysis of the STAR satellite data finds markedly lower temperature trends for the last 40 years. The big deal about this is that this third dataset suddenly supports the original UAH satellite data, not the other RSS system, and not the “surface thermometers” sitting near hot tarmacs and absolutely not the climate models.

The warming trend in the troposphere was only half of what the expert models predicted. From the paper:

Santer et al. (2021) reported that the multi-model averages for the TTT trends from CMIP5 and CMIP6 were 0.28–0.29 K/decade during 1979–2019. The total TTT trend found in this study was only one-half of the climate model simulations during the same period.

The authors admit that this has strong implications for the models, and supports a paper by skeptics Ross McKitrick and John Christy: Ross McKitrick replied in the Financial Post:

An important new study on climate change came out recently…

Zou’s team notes that their findings “have strong implications for trends in climate model simulations and other […]