Newsflash: The fightback campaign against skeptics

George Monbiot

The advocates of man-made global warming are getting “sick of reading” all the comments by the masses of skeptical public citizens.

They’re desperate enough to try to rally the troops in Blog Comment Land. They must be hurting.

Are you fed up with sceptics and pseudo-scientists dominating blogs and news articles with their denialist propaganda? Well, fight back! We are trying to create an online army of online volunteers to try and tip the balance back in the favour of scientific fact, not scientific fiction.

To sign up, just enter your e-mail address on their site.

Lucky you, you’ll get a message every day pointing you to climate change news articles where teams of coordinated unskeptical people might congregate to repeat the same messages you’ve heard every day for the last 20 years. Somehow AGW advocates hope these same messages will still work after their leading heroes were caught saying “pretty awful things” in e-mails. Somehow they feel sure people will be motivated to help scientists who hide parts of graphs, lose records, and leave out caveats and uncertainties in the megadocuments our tax dollars pay for.

10 out of 10 based on […]