The sudden axing of the 2026 Commonwealth Games probably suits the CCP and the EU

By Jo Nova

Is the Commonwealth Games just another target of the Culture Wars?

The Commonwealth is the largest cultural union of nations across the globe. It includes one third of the world’s population in a group of 56 nations with 2.4 billion people. It could also be the largest trading block in the world, if only member nations wanted it to be that way. And who wouldn’t — well, obviously the EU and the Chinese Communist Party wouldn’t. For them, The Commonwealth is a threat, a club they can’t control, a sleeping giant. It’s kind of an inverse “Belt and Road” — but one that spread democracy and human rights.

Maybe its nothing, but Dan Andrews (premier of Victoria) who signed up to host the 2026 Commonwealth Games, then abruptly sank it, also once signed the state up for the Belt and Road program, which the Federal government blocked.

So we have to ask — who benefits from the shock announcement to cancel the Commonwealth Games?

Why suddenly was an athletic carnival not worth doing for anything less than $7 billion dollars? As The Australian points out, The Gold Coast hosted the Games in 2018 for $1.8 […]

The death of the Queen, the end of an era, and the arrival of King Charles III, the climate activist

A thread for discussing the death of the Queen:

Tonyb: With the death of the queen I feel as if I have lost a family member. A huge part of the west’s structure that has existed for 70 years, has been demolished

David Maddison: She led as Queen way after typical retirement age because she knew Charles and her grandsons were not up to the job. Even though the Queen had little political power, she was an anchor figure of our Civilisation and offered a sense of stability and constancy.

Serge Wright: Yep, she didn’t want Charles to be king for a day longer than humanly possible and she didn’t want to see Charles as king with her own eyes – or Camilla as queen. I think the reason for this is obvious when you look at how Charles influences the government and public opinion on important issues and views himself as a pseudo ruling head of state. To her credit, the queen was always focused on allowing the government to rule without influence or intrusion as this would erode democracy. Now that Charles has become king we can expect a vastly different approach and it won’t be helpful. […]