Eco-worriers new strategy: use Greta as a human shield against debate

The only reason Climate Scare Machine played the Child card was because they’ve given up the adult contest of persuasion.

As a marketing tactic it has a lot going for it. Playing the “girl under seige” card brings out protectors. Holding the “girlie hype” card whips the gullible and emotional into a frenzy. The people who don’t do numbers but rather assess the world via indignation-hope-and-fear can be galvanized into action. They may not be able to add up the megawatts to keep the lights on, but they can leverage emotional barbs to control whole dinner parties. In a gregarious species, that matters.

Strategically, best of all, the kiddie card means most adults will pull their punches, and anyone who tries to reply can be framed as an instant bully. As Laurie Atlas (on 4RO radio) said today, “she’s like a human shield” — the UN put her up there to stop people firing shots back. Just like terrorists hide behind civilians, Eco-terrorists hide behind children.

The UN can fire shots from behind her, and then hold up the Greta-shield to deflect returning missives. “How dare you!”

So the girl too-young-to-own-her-own-home can tell whole nations how to run their economies. […]