On The Aussie Wire — Jo Nova explains how banks and insurance giants force their policies on nations

By Jo Nova It’s great to see new media platforms blossoming Australia. I spoke to Topher Field at The Aussie Wire to explain how BlackRock, bankers and the Insurance giants use your insurance, pension and super funds against you and why the 23 states of the USA are pushing back and even winning some battles. UN NetZero cartel wants to make Insurance Firms into “Climate Police”. But the insurance fund cartel is unravelling.

The Big Money Cabal waving the socially responsible flag is The Dark Bubble that drives the Global Crazy Train we all ride at the moment.

Topher introduces me at 13 minutes and generously lets me talk…

Hopefully we can reach a whole new group of people who might not read blogs.

In this episode of the AussieWire Topher also discusses the Housing Affordability Crisis in Australia, the South Australian Penalties for disruptive protests, and questions about “hate speech” legislation with David Limbrick MP.

Check out The Aussie Wire — other guests this week include Ed Dowd (Don’t miss him with Dr Malhotra in Perth this Saturday if you can!)

9.9 out of 10 based on 65 ratings […]