Sunday was 0.01 degree hotter than last year, and 1 or 2 degrees cooler than what cavemen lived through. So What?

By Jo Nova

It’s another outbreak of the Hottest-ever-Day Fever , where buses catch fire, and the worlds top journalists forget to ask anyone anything useful about the last 500 million years.

The Copernicus data might be fine and dandy but it only goes back as far as 1979. The warm weather we are having now is just a welcome break in a cooling trend that started 7,000 years ago. It not only isn’t a record that means anything, it’s almost certainly a net benefit to warm blooded mammals.

The collective amnesia about the Holocene and most of the history of human civilization is complete. Apparently the world is in uncharted territory, except for thousands of rocks, stones, spears, shells, bits of wood, pollen, diatoms, fossilized plant leaves, and all the ice cores we’ve ever dug up. 4,000 stone-age spears and whatnot that melted out of the Norwegian glaciers in the last few years, must have frozen into them sometime in the last 5,000 years. And all the bones of dogs, rabbits, geese and frogs found inside the Arctic circle suggest our world is too brutally cold now. Likewise the giant oyster shell found on a building site in Taiwan reminds us of a time the oceans were 1 to 2 meters higher than today, and the cavemen survived just fine.


The planet saw its hottest day on record

CNN By Angela Fritz

Sunday was the hottest day in recorded history, according to preliminary data from a climate tracking agency monitoring temperatures since the mid-1900s.

It’s the second consecutive year average global temperatures have crashed through shocking climate records and will not be the last, as planet-warming fossil fuel pollution drives temperatures to shocking new highs.

July 21 clocked in at 17.09 degrees Celsius, or 62.76 Fahrenheit, and was the hottest day on Earth since at least 1940, according to the preliminary data from the European Union’s Copernicus Climate Change Service.

It’s 100,000 years of journalistic negligence:

Despite being based on data from the mid-20th century, the temperature records represent the warmest period the planet has seen in at least 100,000 years, scientists have found from many millennia of climate data extracted from ice cores and coral reefs.

Someone should send Angela Fritz (and most of the world’s journalists) the graphs of the ice cores which she has clearly never seen:

GISP, Greenland, Ice Core, Temperature, Holocene.

7,000 years of cooling in Greenland. This graph shows the ice-core data up until 1855. The last 150 years (1705 to 1855) are highlighted in red to show the warming as the Earth began coming out of the LIA.

Send them the Vostok Ice Cores too. Send them Brazilian sea levels, and tell them the the Sahara was lush green and wet, and the water near Indonesia was 2 degrees hotter. And 6,000 boreholes drilled around the world agree, along with 700 Pacific Islands that aren’t shrinking. The real science deniers are the ones ignoring half a billion years of evidence.

It’s been hotter for thousands of years during human civilization and it wasn’t caused by our cars.

Shell arrowhead, archeology, ice, Glacier, Norway. Early Bronze Age.


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The solar boom has busted: In the last six months Europe’s solar manufacturing has collapsed by half…

Solar panel damage

By Jo Nova

Europe’s solar manufacturers are in a crisis

Forty year old German solar panel producers are closing factories they only opened three years ago.

The world now has the capacity to make 1,600 GW of solar panels annually, but demand has unexpectedly flat-lined — staying at barely 500GW. In a world awash with solar panels that no one needs, prices have fallen dramatically, but that hasn’t solved the glut which is so bad, people are using solar panels for fencing in Europe.

The CCP has bet big that the exponential growth curve in solar customers was going to keep being exponential. Instead, demand flattened off suddenly. Currently, 80% of the world’s solar panels are pouring out of China.

With impeccable timing, just weeks ago the Australian Government threw a billion dollars at a program to help Australia become a solar panel superfactory just at the moment when China is practically giving them away.

Can the solar industry keep the lights on?

Rachel Millard and Amanda Chu, Financial Times

“There is overcapacity in every segment, starting with polysilicon and finishing with the module,” said Yana Hryshko, head of global solar supply chain research at the consultancy Wood Mackenzie.

According to BloombergNEF, panel prices have plunged more than 60 percent since July 2022. The scale of the damage inflicted has sparked calls for Brussels to protect European companies from what the industry says are state-subsidized Chinese products.

Europe’s solar panel manufacturing capacity has collapsed by about half to 3 gigawatts since November as companies have failed, mothballed facilities, or shifted production abroad, the European Solar Manufacturing Council estimates.

The Salad Days of Solar Power are behind us

The sudden death of the solar boom is due to rising interest rates which take the fun out of getting a loan, but it’s also due to rising electricity costs, which increase the prices of everything, including solar panels themselves and the batteries they need to back them up.

But there’s an argument to be made that the grid itself has reached the limit. The Duck Curve has been quacking on grids in California and Australia for years. Ponder that in towns like Alice Springs the microgrid is in danger of falling over when a cloud rolls in, and only 1 in 4 homes there have solar panels. Indeed, in the sunny centre of Australia, the limit for solar power appears to be just 13% — meaning it’s hard to stabilize the grid when more than 13% of the annual supply is made from solar power.

When storms knocked over a high voltage line in South Australia the first thing the government did was to ask people to switch off their solar panels so they wouldn’t crash the grid.

Even on the big grids, there’s already such a glut of solar panels on homes, that the midday surge of “green” electrons is causing voltage surges which can damage other equipment. Solar “feed in” tariffs to homeowners are shrinking to nothing, or even going negative themselves. In Adelaide and Perth the government now insists people installing solar panels get smart meters so the grid managers can remotely switch off their panels. Worse, in Sydney solar home owners now have to pay to dump unwanted solar power on the grid at lunchtime.

Then there’s the mayhem of negative prices on national markets which is driving baseload providers off the grid and out of business. Large industrial generators are restructuring their businesses to accommodate the crazy pricing.

Last word: China already controls 80% of the market, would it really want to dump so many solar panels it drove the last 20% out of business, or was this  just one huge Big-Government mistake?

Photo: Tadeáš Bednarz


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Perth Event — “Vandals on the Grid” — Sunday afternoon

Vandals on the GridIf you are in Perth this weekend, I’ll be speaking about vandals and witchcraft in the National Energy Market for the Council for the National Interest (CNI)

Sunday 21st July 2024, 2.30pm to 4.30pm (Socialising from 1.30pm to 6.00pm) at the APIWA Clubroom, Rear No.10 Mallard Way Cannington 6107.

Readers here are welcome tomorrow. There is no charge but please RSVP to  apimail AT

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Inflation be damned: Brown coal power is just 1c per kilowatt hour in 2024

By Jo Nova

Brown coal is the best kept secret in Australia

Imagine, in this cost-of-living crisis, if the nation discovered a 430 billion ton deposit  that could produce electricity at a tenth the cost of gas and hydroelectricity? What a bonanza — the people could live like kings with heated pools, large homes, indoor spas and businesses would flock to the state to set up production lines. The state would become a trade giant and a mecca for tech.

Then imagine they let themselves be spooked into not using it for fear it would cause bad storms in a hundred years? Like the country is run by teenage girls…

AER Price bid setting, wholesale electricity, Victoria. Q1, 2024

Source: AER

Despite the costs of everything rising in 2024, the brown coal plants in Victoria are still offering to supply wholesale electricity at $8 per megawatt hour (which is 0.8c per kilowatt hour). That’s the average winning bid from brown coal plants across Quarter 1, 2024.

In the chart below of the last five years of quarterly prices, we can see that every single quarter brown coal power is the cheapest source of electricity there is bar none. (Wind and solar power, with their crazy negative prices, don’t count because they’re subsidized up-the-kazoo. Their real cost is paid through other hidden means. It’s either that, or the negative prices tell us wind and solar power are so awful you have pay people to take those toxic electrons away…).


Q1 2024 Victoria winning bids. Wholesale NEM Electricity market. AEMO. AER data.

In the last quarter brown coal set the winning bid price about 15% of the time. These were the times  when there was enough brown coal power in Victoria that the grid managers didn’t have to buy any black coal, gas or hydro power at all.

The more coal power Victoria has, the more often the wholesale price will be insanely low…

Because of the way the auction works, the highest successful bidder sets the price for everyone. In theory, generators are supposed to bid the lowest price they’d accept and then the AEMO takes the cheapest offers first until it meets the full demand.

And it’s the same all across the Eastern Coast of Australia — in New South Wales was getting bids from brown coal generators at $12 per megawatt hour. In South Australia, $11. In Queensland $13, and in Tasmania $7.


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The Hydrogen Titanic just sank in Australia because renewable electricity costs too much

By Jo Nova

The irony! The only generator that can make affordable hydrogen is brown coal

The Great Green Hydrogen dream was killed by the dual impossibility paradox, it has no customers prepared to pay the Gucci level rates, and it can’t be made cheaper without using brown coal to which would mean it isn’t “green”.

The irony is practically radioactive — analysts admit Green Hydrogen is only economic if a company can get electricity at $30 to $40 per megawatt hour, which Australia had for decades, but blew away by adding “renewables”. Like every other nation on Earth, the more unreliable wind and solar we added, the more expensive our electricity got. These days the only generator that still make electricity at that price now is old brown coal.

AER Quarterly weighted average wholesale spot prices.

For years Australian average wholesale electricity prices were $30/MWh

Sure, for five minute bids, and with generous subsidies stolen from taxpayers, wind and solar can pretend to be cheaper, but it turns out that the hydrogen factories, like every other factory, aren’t efficient if they stop and start every time a cloud rolls over, or the wind ebbs. All the infrastructure and staff, and the insurance and loans are still sitting around clocking up the bills, while nothing gets done. And all the inflows and outflows need to be adjusted, and the temperatures held steady. It would have been obvious to any precocious ten year old that hydrogen plants needed reliable electricity, which means they needed galactic size batteries to fill in the gaps, and therefore an interstellar budget.

The truth is, no one really wants “Green” hydrogen, or green steel, except as a fashion accessory to brag about at Davos. But people might buy it if it was cheap, which it isn’t. The only way to make it cheaper is with brown coal, which means it’s isn’t green hydrogen, and so we find the nation has accidentally stepped into a Escher Puzzle where all staircases lead upwards and left and end right where they started except the bank balance goes phht with every cycle.

Let’s not underestimate the scale of this debacle

Andrew “Twiggy” Forrest burned off $2 billion dollars (AU) on setting up his Green Dream Hydrogen energy plan which has just collapsed with the loss of 700 jobs. But bigger than that, the Australia Labor Government made it the centerpiece of its $2 billion Hydrogen Headstart program.

Andrew Forrest’s credibility gone along with Fortescue’s green hydrogen collapse

For more than two years, Fortescue has been full throttle trying to turn Forrest’s promise of converting green hydrogen into a commercial reality within years. 
Instead, as the economics around surging electricity costs needed to produce green hydrogen sunk in, deadlines were pushed back and back. The mission changed, then there was a revolving door of executives.
Twiggy blames fossil fuels and the Russians:

“I am not giving up on hydrogen at all,” Forrest tells The Australian.

The green electricity price just kept keeps heading north, and It’s been dragged up by the fossil fuel price. We’re not pivoting away. We’re going upstream to get the green electrons at the right price”.

On the 7:30 Report he kept dodging the question of what this meant for Labors big Renewable Nation plan, which means it obvious isn’t good.

At one point he mentioned “the war”. As if somehow a war which limited gas supplies and drove up the price of coal “dragged up the price” of renewables. The truth was that the Ukrainian-Russian War and the death of the Nordstream Gas pipeline should have been the best thing that could happen to renewables. It was their golden market opportunity to fill the gap, but it only exposed how useless they are. When push came to shove, everyone wanted coal and gas, including the companies that make wind turbines and solar panels. The reason wind and solar went up in price was because wind power can’t make wind turbines, and solar power can’t make solar panels, and no one can afford to make batteries.

Those killer costings on Hydrogen:

Fortescue’s pivot shakes faith in Labor’s Hydrogen Headstart strategy

Angela Macdonald-Smith, AFR

Matthew Rennie, a former EY partner who is now an independent adviser, said his firm’s analysis indicated that prices for power and electrolysers – which use renewable power to split water into hydrogen and oxygen – would need to be much cheaper to produce green hydrogen in Australia even at under $3 a kilogram.

He said power prices would need to be less than $40 a megawatt-hour and electrolyser costs would need to more than halve to produce hydrogen at that level – still 50 per cent more expensive than the government’s $2 target for the gas to be competitive.

Or worse, $30 a megawatt hour:

Keep hydrogen dream alive, Andrew Forrest tells Labor

By Joe Kelly, Nick Evans and Rhiannoin Down, The Australian

Dr Finkel, said green hydrogen could replace coal as a chemical-­reducing agent in the production of iron, but acknowledged its viability was “highly dependent” on the costs of renewable electricity.

He said the goal should be to start producing green hydrogen at about $2 a kilogram, “which would require the electricity that is used to make the hydrogen to be less than about $30 per megawatt hour – which is very cheap.”

The current average price on the wholesale national electricity market in the top two renewable states this month is $199 per megawatt hour (SA) and $214 in Tasmania. Even in Qld and NSW the prices are still $100 a megawatt hour more than they used to be.

Twiggy Forrest and Anthony Albanese believed their own fantasy propaganda.  Twiggy was still talking tonight of “infinite” energy in Australia from the sun and the wind, showing how little he cares about numbers that matter.

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

Graph: AER data


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Wobbly apocalypse — Humans to blame for making days longer, throwing planet off balance

Neolithic Shamen controlling Earths spin. Climate Change.

By Jo Nova

Is there nothing fossil fuels can’t do?

Climate change makes the Earth wobble on its axis. Now, if you shower too long, and enjoy that beefsteak too much, you could affect the tilt Earths axis. Are you feeling guilty yet, or just fed up that modern science is indistinguishable from the prophesies of Neolithic shamen?

Earth is wobbling and days are getting longer — and humans are to blame


We’re talking of fractions of a millisecond:

Initially, these changes will be imperceptible to us, but they could have serious knock-on effects, including forcing us to introduce negative leap seconds, interfering with space travel and altering our planet’s inner core, researchers warn.

So it’s probably your air-conditioner in Power Mode, but it could be due to crustal plates shifting:

A day on Earth lasts about 86,400 seconds. But the exact time it takes our planet to complete a single rotation can shift by tiny fractions of milliseconds every year due to a number of factors, such as tectonic plate movements, changes to the inner core’s rotation and gravitational tugging from the moon.

Earth space spinsAnd it might have something to do with the moon, or the inner molten core of Earth, which might be affected by the sun’s magnetic field. I mean, we really have no idea, but let’s remake our electricity grid just in case we lose a millisecond?

When we melt the ice at the poles and the seas rise higher over the equator, the Earth spins slower just like the iceskater who spreads out their arms:

Over the past few decades, the rate of ice loss from Earth’s polar regions, particularly Greenland and Antarctica, has been increasing rapidly due to global warming, leading to rising sea levels.

Which is all very well, except Antarctica hasn’t warmed in a thousand years, the coastline hasn’t changed since we first took photos of it, and 600 Pacific Islands are not sinking or shrinking.

Plus only 4 years ago, scientists were telling us the days were speeding up

All those emissions sped the world up, and now all those emissions are slowing us down?

In 2020 scientists made a startling discovery. They found that, instead of slowing down, the Earth has started to spin faster. It is now spinning faster than at any time in the last 50 years. In fact, the shortest 28 days on record all occurred during 2020. — ScienceFocus

At the Guardian they’re afraid the extra millisecond will disrupt internet traffic, or screw up financial transactions and GPS. It’s be like Y2K all over again, and we all know how catastrophic that was.

Look at the language here, these people so want to believe we are Gods:

Climate crisis is making days longer, study finds

Damien Carrington, The Guardian

The phenomenon is a striking demonstration of how humanity’s actions are transforming the Earth, scientists said, rivalling natural processes that have existed for billions of years.

The change in the length of the day is on the scale of milliseconds but this is enough to potentially disrupt internet traffic, financial transactions and GPS navigation, all of which rely on precise timekeeping.

The other thing that’s persisted for billions of years is radical sweeping climate change. Like this (below). Nature has been screwing up our GPS, our financial transactions and our space travel for millions of years and we just didn’t know it.

Five Million years of Climate Change and sediment Cores. Paleoclimate, ice ages, Graph. Pleistocene.

Wait til you see how solid this research is — like climate modeling but with less data:

I mean, how accurate were the clocks at recording milliseconds in 1901? We didn’t even define what a second was until 1968. and it’s not like we’ve got many measurements of changes in Earths’ core since then either. Ask Jules Verne?

In the new study, published July 15 in the journal PNAS, researchers used an advanced artificial intelligence program that combines real-world data with the laws of physics to predict how the planet’s spin will change over time.

Length of day modeling.

And this is a Nature paper.  Yet the whole thing could have been an AI school project from start to finish. An AI awarded an AI a grant, which produced a “paper” which an AI editor thought was worth publishing, and AI journalists turned into nonsense headlines, which an AI audience clapped. And no one anywhere thought to ask whether the researchers knew Antarctica is not melting, and seas are barely rising, and length of day was shrinking only a few years ago.

Big Government is strangling real science.


Kiani Shahvandi, M., Adhikari, S., Dumberry, M. et al. Contributions of core, mantle and climatological processes to Earth’s polar motion. Nat. Geosci. 17, 705–710 (2024).



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Go Vegan to stop blackouts: Climate Change causes Electricity Grid failure now

Electricity Grid, wizard, magic, fantasy. Wind and solar power. High voltage lines.

By Jo Nova

Shh: The great Power Grid Necromancers are at work

And you thought Blackouts were caused by bad management, but really, it’s “Climate Change”. The poor grid managers now have to cope with floods, fires, heatwaves and a tenth-of-a-degree of warming every decade, you know. It’s not their fault. It’s not the Ministers fault. It’s not the fault of the solar power glut, or the wind drought, or the lack of spinning inertia, the dearth of despatchable power, or the byzantine complexity of managing a grid full of unreliable generators being randomly unreliable. The grid is not more fragile because we built 100,000 kilometers of long delicate high-voltage-interconnectors, swaying in the wind, and made of cheap imported steel because we can’t afford to make proper steel ourselves. No!

It’s your fault the blackouts are coming. You didn’t ride your bike, you didn’t eat tofu and crickets, you didn’t buy enough solar panels and you drove your car to work, you planet-monster. What did you expect?

Climate Change is coming for your electricity grid.

It took four writers, five advisors, several editors and probably buckets of money to write an obsequious article radiating nonsense. It’s like a form of mass hypnosis — training the serfs to blame Exxon, and forgive their inept, traitorous Grid Managers, for their incompetent blackouts.

The answer to every problem on Earth apparently, is to buy more solar panels, install more wind farms and use child slaves in the Congo so the weather will be perfect.

The excuse for every bureaucrat failure is “climate change”:

The World’s Power Grids are Failing as the Planet Warms

By Eamon Farhat, Misha Savic, Fiona MacDonald, and Mark Chediak, Bloomberg

The bad news for Martinovic and hundreds of millions of people around the world is that the risk of outages is getting worse. Hotter summers mean spikes in demand for cooling, as high temperatures cause wires to sag and risk sparking forest fires. Upgrades to power infrastructure haven’t kept pace, even as efforts to reduce use of fossil fuels make electricity distribution more crucial.

Millions of households in Houston suffered blackouts in the aftermath of Hurricane Beryl last week, losing air conditioning as sweltering heat followed the storm. Hitting emerging and developed economies, outages from Ecuador to India in recent weeks offer a foretaste of coming disruption.

Unstable networks create instability for businesses, roil politics and threaten lives….

All those unreliable generators are making the grid more unreliable, so hurry, we need even more of them.

Pay us more money, pay everyone lots of money.

Global Power Grids Require Trillions of Investment

Expanding the grid will cost about $24.1 trillion to meet net-zero goals by 2050, outpacing the investment needed in renewable-power capacity, according to BloombergNEF.

“The whole power system was built and designed in one climatic era and now is being asked to work in a different climatic era,” said Michael Webber, a professor of energy at the University of Texas at Austin. “It just means more things can go wrong.”

The Earth is warming at 0.13°C every decade.  Plant “hardiness” zones are shifting by, hold your breath, 13 miles per decade. The permafrost line has shifted 80 miles north in Canada. Plants can move, you know, but high-voltage lines can’t. It’s so unfair.

If only expert climate models could have predicted this thirty years ago, so we could build power lines 50 miles north…

Most blackouts occur when big chunks of supply or demand come on or off suddenly. Damage from storms, a burst of renewable generation or spikes in usage can all cause outages where the network isn’t resilient enough.


Climate change affects power distribution in lots of ways. Extreme heat increases demand for cooling, while reducing the efficiency of solar panels, crimping supply. High temperatures can cause lines to sag and transformers to overheat, leading to equipment failing and increasing risks of fires.

So solar panels don’t work as well in hot weather when everyone needs their airconditioners on. I mean, who could have seen that coming, apart from a million material engineers?

It’s so unfair.



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The contradictions in the narrative break

By Jo Nova

It’s a lever point in history. Millions of people want answers. Such is the demand for news on one of the last free platforms, Elon Musk reports that X usage hit another all time high yesterday. In the US, traffic was  23% higher than it had ever been on any single day ever.

Meanwhile all the people who know that Donald Trump is the Single Biggest Threat to Democracy, must be wondering why Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi are so pleased that the Threat survived.

As  Douglas Wilson says:

If Trump really is a “threat to democracy,” if he really is Hitler redivivus (as the New Republic cover currently has it), if he is going to usher in a Mordor-like totalitarian regime, then what could possibly be wrong with an assassination to save democracy? We lionize Bonhoeffer because of his willingness to be part of a plot to assassinate Hitler. Ehud did the Israelites a great service when he took out Eglon (Judg. 3:15).

What kind of sense does it make for Biden to call Trump up to congratulate him on his survival if Trump really is a threat to democracy? The call reveals the hypocrisy and hollowness of the prior rhetoric. This reality puts them on the horns of a dilemma. If their rhetoric is to be believed, then Thomas Crooks is a hero and a martyr. If it is not to be believed, then why were they talking that way?

The Democrats were, of course, doing character assassination with galactic hyperbole

They were winding up the crowd and feeding the hate, then people got killed.

Ad hominem attacks are all very well until the crowd realizes they are on the same side as the bad guys. According to Joe Biden, the extreme MAGA Republicans want to stop you using contraception, you will have no right to marry who you love... MAGA Republicans look at the darkness and see carnage and despair…  yet somehow it’s the good guys who are shooting at the families in the crowd. It’s not supposed to be this way.

Take him out … You have released the whirlwind and you will pay the price:

As Vivek Ramaswamy points out, the Democrat media have been demonizing the opposition for 150 years. In 1865 they said Abraham Lincoln was a tyrant, a dictator, they said it would be the end of the United States as we know it. That he would make the US a laughing stock…

Paul Joseph Watson has spliced together the sequence of events at the attempted assassination, showing just how long the would-be-assassin had to prepare while in full view of a very agitated crowd who could see him on the roof and were trying to warn people. There goes that idea that the Secret Service are dedicated patriots, and experts, and the best on Earth.

Just in: Donald Trump has chosen JD Vance to run for Vice President (skipping the whole DEI theme, and deciding to treat female voters like adults with brains instead of like teenage girls wanting a cheer squad.) On X, MAGA fans seem happy about this, which means the Deep State definitely won’t be. Vance has been endorsed by Elon Musk and Vivek Ramaswamy already.

But such is the moment we are living through, people are seeing it as divine providence that Trump turned his head at the moment the bullet went past. Such is the mood, that a video of of an eerie prophesy of Pastor Brandon Biggs is going viral. Three months ago he said that the Lord told him a bullet would pass just by President Trumps ear, so close it would break his eardrum… It’s quite spooky.

Gears are shifting. People report seeing MAGA hats in San Francisco, and others tell the story of conversion from a Trump hater to being a silent supporter too afraid to speak up over the years, but now finally coming out, unashamedly.

The narrative has always painted the picture that Trump is just a narcissist seeking power and fame. But how much fun is it to be shot at? Who, exactly, wants to be indicted and face jail and fines of hundreds of millions of dollars? The latest event shows how wrong the narrative is.

Donald Trump is a billionaire, he doesn’t have to do this. He could retire and play golf and fly from resort to resort.

Instead of getting rich being President, like the rest of the political class,  it’s costing him a fortune — and possibly everything he has.

h/t Stephen Neil




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Trump survives assassination attempt by an inch, is defiant. CNN says “he fell on stage”.

By Jo Nova

We knew this was coming

Donald Trump barely survived an assassination attempt while on stage in Pennsylvania. The bullet hit his ear. Other bullets killed someone behind him, and critically injured two others. The assassin was on a rooftop just 130 yards away, and was shot dead. (How convenient). He has been identified as Thomas Matthew Crooks, aged just 20. He probably had no idea how expendable he was.

Someone on twitter — “This will be the most iconic photo in the history of this country”.

Trump survives assassination attempt.

ZeroHedge reports that the BBC interviewed a witness who says he saw the assassin on the roof before the shots were fired and warned the secret service, but they didn’t prevent this. He wonders why they didn’t have their own guys on every roof.

Joe Biden a week ago:

“I have one job, and that’s to beat Donald Trump. I’m absolutely certain I’m the best person to be able to do that. So, we’re done talking about the debate, it’s time to put Trump in a bullseye,” Biden said.

The Democrats and the Media hounds have been making Trump out to be Hitler and a threat to Democracy for the last year. They feed the hate, and wind up the crowd.

CNN rush to bury the story:

As Tucker Carlson says “You don’t hate the media enough”.

CNN MEdia lies about Trump assassination attempt.

This can only be a huge boost to Donald Trump’s chances of winning the election

As ZeroHedge points out, searches for “donate to Trump” are surging, and so are his odds of winning in November.

If there is any way to suggest that he faked this to boost his popularity and play the victim card, the misinformation industry will find it. But the death of the person behind him might be harder to explain.

Afterwards Trump was not cowed but stood up defiantly and declared “Fight! Fight!” tot he crowd as the Secret Service tried to bundle him away:

Trump has been released from hospital and released this statement:

Donald Trump's statement

NY Post has this map showing how close (and obvious) the shooter must have been:

Shooter assassin location.

Elon Musk has made a major donation to the Trump campaign, and “fully endorsed President Trump”.

Elon Musk goes all in for Trump after Pa. rally shooting: ‘I fully endorse President Trump’

NY Post: President Trump has a new super fan in billionaire Elon Musk, who officially endorsed him for president after Saturday’s assassination attempt, saying “the last time we had a candidate this tough was Theodore Roosevelt.”

“I fully endorse President Trump and hope for his rapid recovery,” Musk wrote on X, which he owns, 30 minutes after Trump was shot at his campaign rally in Butler, Pennsylvania.

The system is crooked to the core. They won’t give Robert F Kennedy Jnr secret service protection, even though his father and uncle died by assassination and he is third most popular candidate for the Presidency. Tell that to friends who think the US Intelligence agencies are patriots concerned about democracy.

Trump’s VP pick is crucial. If he chooses anyone compromised, weak, or with any sympathy for the Uniparty he would be a dead man walking. They could solve the Trump problem with one bullet. Neutralize those inconvenient voters!

h/t To Scott of the Pacific, Pierce, Steve of Cornubia

UPDATE: Robert Philpot in Butler noticed that security was not on the rooftops this time, but four years ago he saw them on every roof when Trump arrived at the airport.



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