“The Little Green Book” antidote to propaganda for kids, teens and adults by Ian Plimer

By Jo Nova

The man is a soldier — Ian Plimer has put out three new books at once, written in three different styles at three different levels.

Ian Plimer, Little Green Book, School, High school, Teenagers, Adults. Climate change.

Volume 1 is written for primary school children and uses body functions such as food and farts to show the carbon cycle and demonstrates that net zero and carbon neutral are impossible. Volume 2 is for secondary school children and deals with the basics of climate change, renewable energy and EVs in a humourous, irreverent, slightly seditious and entertaining style whereas Volume 3 for post-secondary school children deals with the history of the planet’s climate changes and how climate policy will have a profound negative effect on their generation.

The book is aimed at parents and grandparents all over the world who might want to deprogram children from the barrage of propaganda that children are exposed to at school, in the mainstream media and on social media.

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22 comments to “The Little Green Book” antidote to propaganda for kids, teens and adults by Ian Plimer

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    Excellent effort!
    Now all it needs is exposure, let’s get behind it and spruik it around.


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      There’s some things that WE can do NOW.Start with the TEACHERS and PUBLIC SERPENTS who spruik this global warming BS.


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    Honk R Smith

    In the early stage, I suppose the question of ‘sequestered’ carbon release was a legitimate ‘science’ question.
    Just as in the first weeks, ‘lockdowns’ may have had some logic to them.

    Both pretty quickly morphed into cultural and political cold warfare.
    And some of us came to realize these were purpose built weapons.
    ‘Gender Identity’ looks very much like Gen 3, or is it 4, cultural warfare.
    (‘Aliens’ is in development, but the initial deployment appears to have been a failure.)

    Maybe these books are a good claw back.
    There is a lot to claw.

    I’m not seeing where ‘facts’ have much effect as a counter measure.


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    william x

    Love it!
    Now if he can just release a 4th little green book for our climate change/energy ministers….

    For those who read this blog from afar and don’t know who Ian Plimer is…

    Professor Ian Plimer is Australia’s best-known geologist.
    He is Emeritus Professor of Earth Sciences at the University of Melbourne, where he was Professor and Head of Earth Sciences.
    He was Professor at the University of Newcastle, Professor at The University of Adelaide and Professor in Munich (Germany). He was also on the staff at the University of New England, the University of New South Wales, Macquarie University and North Broken Hill Ltd.

    He has published more than 130 scientific papers on geology and was an editor of the Encyclopedia of Geology. This is his thirteenth book written for the general public. Professor Plimer has received numerous national and international awards for his scientific work.


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      I have his books, Heaven and Earth and Green Murder. They both totally demolish the global warming/climate change scam with relentless scientific evidence. If only politicians would read them.


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        I bought several copies of Green Murder and sent some to reasonable relatives and I put one in my grandson’s school library. I gave one to a teacher who was taking time off before giving birth as well. I know my cousins read their copy but don’t know if the library lent or the teacher read it.


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      Graham Richards

      Sorry to burst your bubble willie X.

      The moron that identifies as an energy minister will only do what his masters at the UN & WEF TELL HIM TO DO. besides his reading skills and attention span being dodgy!


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    Send Volume 1 to parliament.


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    Ian Plimer is excellent. These books remind me of another book — by James Delingpole.

    The Little Green Book of ECO-FASCISM.

    The Synopsis is excellent.

    Written in A to Z format and printed on guaranteed un-recycled paper made from the pulp of a thousand rare hardwood trees using nothing but the purest cruel-harvested baby squid ink, ,The Little Green Book of Eco-Fascism is your pocket guide to everything that’s wrong, funny, and downright crazy about the green movement.


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    Ed Zuiderwijk

    Not yet to be found on Amazon.


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    red edwards

    I have to quibble about his using the term “ankle biter”. The proper term would be “rug rat”, or possibly “house ape” (although “house ape” might apply to the second level book). Ankle biters haven’t learned to read yet. . .


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    I’m not holding my breath but these books should be part of the curriculum in schools to educate children that there is another side to the climate story that needs discussing.


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    Plimer is filling Bob Carters shoes nicely.


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    Gee Aye

    Rule 1 for propaganda: get em young.


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    Send the Ankle Biters book to Chris Bowen- that’s about his level of intelligence.


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    I thought I would buy all three of the Little Green Books but Connor Court charge $15 postage PER book on top of the $19.95 for each book. Unfortunately, my purchase will not proceed unless Connor Court come up with a reasonable shipping cost ie $15 for the three books in a combined pack would be realistic and acceptable.