UK chaos: It’s almost like Fracking was the biggest threat?

By Jo Nova
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Just as Joe Biden cancelled Keystone on his first day, the new UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak canned Fracking on Day one. He was appointed on Tuesday and the fracking ban was reinstated Wednesday. It tells us exactly what his top priorities are, and perhaps also tells us what the real unforgivable sin was that Liz Truss committed. There are a lot of vested interests that would hate to see fracking start in the UK. The horror, after all, would be if that cheap gas started to flow and people in the UK got used to it, and realized micro earthquakes were, well, nothing. How would anyone cork up those wells after the war? If a few old coal plants restart it’s no big deal, they can be shut down again. But if shale gas “was trialled” there’d be no going back.

Fracking shale gas turned the US back into an energy giant. For the last month or so, there was the stark danger that the UK might get energy independence too, but then Rishi Sunak arrived to save the day, or rather to save a few houses from theoretical seismic events so small that people would need a Richter scale in the kitchen to detect most of them. The UK fracking limit is set at a tiny 0.5 magnitude.

For perspective, there were 45,000 shale gas wells operating in the US in 2014, but the UK has two which are not operating, and they want to shut them down in the middle of an energy crisis. Things are so bad in the UK, that 1 in 10 hotels, pubs and restaurants may go out of business this winter.

The situation is so bizarre, so over-the-top, that there are calls for a general election from every angle. Even the greener end of the Tory Party are mad, because killing off shale is not enough —  Sunak is committing blasphemy by not singing hymns at COP27 in Egypt too. Speaking of which, Boris is heading off to COP27 because grandstanding is what it is designed for, and the rumors are running that he will make a comeback.

The  UK government is using the Regulatory Death Curse to stifle Shale Gas

The anti-frackers frightened the people with stories of “known carcinogens called ‘silicon dioxide’” and seismic shocks that registered 1.5 on the Richter scale. So the people of the UK gave up an industry worth £6 billion a year, and a reliable energy supply because a government department was afraid of pure sand and a class of earthquake so small it’s “rarely felt” and so common the world has “several million” of them each year.

It’s a case of selective enforcement. No other industry has to keep seismic events to nothing; not truckers, or miners, or pop singers. Even primary school children are allowed to generate seismic shocks ten times bigger than Cuadrilla is. In 2001, one million of children jumped off chairs to create a shake of about a 3.0.

The Russians have been feeding fracking fear for years:

Russians spent $95 million to NGOs to feed “shale fear” and anti-fracking campaigns. Most of the West fell for it…

Russia makes about $300 billion in gas and oil exports each year. For a tiny tenth of a billion dollars it fed western activists in NGOs* and successfully stopped fracking development in the UK (and some parts of Australia apparently). It’s what you call a stupendous investment.

But China also benefits from UK energy poverty; The EU doesn’t want a strong independent UK, and the WEF, the UN, the renewables industries, and the religious greens are all happy about it too.

No wonder British people want an election:

The flag, with apologies: Rian (Ree) Saunders

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    A very useful indicator. people have difficulty perceiving evil. this is a transparent assault on a nation by a long-groomed puppet.


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      Dave in the States

      Which nation and which puppet? It’s now a tested and effective methodology. Lets see NZ, and Kanada, the USSA…..


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    I see no deep mystery here. The green back benchers kicked Truss out for lifting the ban so of course he had to reinstate it to survive. But I can hardly wait for his solutions to the intractable energy crisis., which I doubt he will survive. I am all for elections so Labour can fail even worse, the sooner the better.


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      His solution will be to buy fracked gas from the USA…


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      Rusty of Qld

      I see no deep mystery here either, it’s not just the UK but the whole western world is being pushed into a one world government as per planned. More proof will be with the next stage of the plan when the UK rejoins the EU, which wont be long, and still people wont wake up.


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      German official offers controversial solution to gas crisis – media

      Finance Minister Christian Lindner calls for natural gas to be sourced in Germany using fracking

      Germany should study the issue of producing domestic shale gas using fracking, which is currently prohibited in the country, Finance Minister Christian Lindner has said in an interview with the Funke media group, as quoted by TASS.

      The technology allows oil and gas to be extracted from shale rock by breaking it up with pressurized liquid, including water and chemicals. The technique has been used in Germany since the 1960s to extract natural gas from conventional reserves, including sandstone and carbonate stones. About one third of the natural gas produced in the country comes from reserves tapped by fracking.

      However, “unconventional fracking” in shale and coal seams, which uses horizontal drilling techniques, was placed under moratorium in 2011, and then largely banned in Germany due to environmental risks such as water pollution, or even earthquakes.

      We have significant gas deposits in Germany that can be extracted without endangering drinking water,” Lindner said. “It would be rather irresponsible to refrain from fracking because of ideological commitments.”

      According to the official, production is possible “at several” fields, with Germany able to meet relatively large needs from its own sources, which would be useful in light of the situation across the world.


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    Never believe a ‘Pollie’ when his/her/whatever lips move……………………………….


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      Or when they are writing
      – – or typing
      – – – – or nodding or shaking their heads

      – – – – – – or breathing.


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    Here we see Sunak showing us one of the reasons Bob Dylan warned us, “Don’t follow leaders”.

    In our style of democracy, a politician is a creature who seeks a position of leadership by saying whatever suits the moment. and can in the next moment glibly solemnly swear the opposite is true. A politician will do whatever it takes, legal or not, to attain and retain power without guilt shame or scruples. A politician in power feathers his own nest abundantly by looting and betraying those he’s sworn to represent. In the real world it’s called lying, cheating, and stealing. They have no shame.


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    Never trust a politician. The most successful it seems are liars. Joe was going to unite the US for example. Albo was going to reduce our power bills. Andrews kept us safe by killing 800 odd older Australians. Rishi will keep Britons warm this winter without gas, oil or electricity. He a magic man.


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      I forgot to add that the the vaccines will prevent us getting Covid. No scratch that; prevent us passing it on to our loved ones. No scratch that; it will if we take four shots. No scratch that; we will only get a mild dose. No scratch that; give it to the toddlers because in 70 years time when they are really old they might need it then. No scratch that; look if you are really healthy and you had a dose of Covid that made you a little unwell for a few days but you recovered and now you feel guilty and you want to see if you can survive a few feet of blood clot take the shot because we have millions of doses that are going off and we have already paid for them and the poor countries won’t take them because they have a cheap drug called Ivermectin instead. So there.


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    Sunak’s campaign was significantly funded by fossil fuel interests, which is now being used to attack him/question his loyalty to green.
    Hard to resolve all the conflicting indications.
    Like most politicians these days, he probably believes whatever will worm him the most of whatever it is his ego is hungry for.


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      How significant was that money, and which fossil fuel interests? Some players pay pollies on both sides “don’t hit me” money. And oil, coal and other forms of LNG might not want cheap shale to compete with either.


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    Geoffrey Williams

    Rishi lied it’s as simple as that. But why? The answer, pressure of course both from both the greens and from the the renewable energy lobby who now have so much to loose. Remember the greens are very influential in the uk where they have all been brainwashed by the education system and the media on a daily basis. Of course they will just accept it and muddle in the cold which is what the Brits have always done anyway.
    There will be no election and anyway a labour government would be even greener.


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    It’s parts of the media who want an election I have heard no private individual at all express any eagness

    Who knows what is going to happen over the winter but two cafes we wanted to visit today were bursting at the seams. The roads are busy, shops busy. No doubt some are feeling the pressure but many will economise a bit on fuel and receive a good sum of money from the various govt schemes. So all is not doom and gloom.

    If we have a hard winter of course, things will change


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      Geoffrey Williams

      I agree it’s not all gloom and doom as I have painted. But I am a pessimist of course.
      However it would be so good for the economy if they developed that shale gas . .


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      AC Osborn

      For “a good sum of money from the various govt schemes.” read TAX PAYERS money.
      A GE has no point as Labour are just as bad if not worse than the Tories.
      They are all tarred with the same “Green” brush.


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    I think Truss went overboard on tax cuts, but her support for fracking was probably the big mover that brought her down.
    Sunak was happy about fracking before Truss’s demise but quickly changed to cover his backside after he won the leadership.
    All a BIG SURPRISE NOT. But Labour is even a disaster in the good times, but they would be a major risk to the UK economy if they were installed in the near future.


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      But Labour is even a disaster in the good times, but they would be a major risk to the UK economy if they were installed in the near future.

      So it’s just like here.
      The progressives will bankrupt us, and the conservatives will kill us.

      And you think that’s some kind of choice?


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        MV I think that over a period of time the Labor idiots will kill more of us, and bankrupt more of us as well.
        And the left of the Labor party and the idiot Greens are the same bedfellows and will always cause more pain for ZERO gain. ALWAYs.


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          So it all boils down to this again…
          Do I vote for stepping in dog poo or cat poo?
          They are both terrible choices and both have a terrible stench.
          Personally I now discard the majors and vote for one of the smaller parties.
          Neither Liebor nor Lieberal deserve the $3 that is paid to them for every 1st preference vote.


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          I think that over a period of time the Labor idiots will kill more of us

          It will take some doing to beat Liberal Scott Morrison’s ever growing number of corpses.
          Ably assisted by the Nationals Barnaby Joyce.

          And no, I’m disputing that a Labor government wouldn’t have done the same thing.
          Only that you perceive some sort of difference.


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      “But Labour is even a disaster in the good times, but they would be a major risk to the UK economy if they were installed in the near future.”
      “But Labour is even a disaster in the good times, but they would be a major risk to the UK economy if they were installed before the Sun goes nova” may be closer.
      And the Tories are a pretty fair shower, too.

      One part of the problem is the selection of candidates for the to main parties in ‘winnable’ seats.
      So many thrusting twenty-somethings with an Oxbridge degree in PPE, time as a SPAD [Special Adviser to a minor pollie] – and no practical experience at all.
      Yet constituency selection panels/committees/chairpersons select often one of these – especially if they tick one or more ESG boxes . . . .
      And a lot of them get elected. There are probably 350-400 ‘safe’ seats in the 650 or so in the House of Commons, and many of the rest are Labour/Tory marginals.
      Maybe require ten years in the private sector [and three in the public sector, too!] before standing for election.
      But how would kids barely out of school get elected then?



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    If this winter is record breaking cold and many fatalities in UK, EU, revolution will follow because who can they vote for, all the politicians left and right are a shade of green.


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    The World Economic Forum said: “NO”.


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    Dave in the States

    “..It’s almost like Fracking was the biggest threat?”

    No almost to it. It was certainly why she was forced out. And why Sunak was installed in her stead.

    They are saving democracy with all these appointments and installations, uninstallations, in all these western democracies, don’t ya know.


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      Sorry but, The fracking release from Truss was never a major topic in the media, nor in the Parliament debates just before she resigned.
      It was only really mentioned at the time of its passing , and crickets thereafter.
      ALL the debate , parliament and media, was about the Tax reforms proposed.


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        And no doubt that’s true Chad, but we know the media don’t discuss the topics that matter. Judge these politicians by their actions not their words. The Shale Gas issue was so important — despite all the common sense it made — that it was Sunak’s first priority to kill it off.

        The Tax reform issue was such a nothing — I hear it was just a return to something like 2020 policy? The question to ask is why did the media over-respond to that? And the answer is that the media serve someone else, not their readers, but we already knew that…


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    James Murphy

    People who spend a lot of time at the beach are more likely to get skin cancer. Silicon Dioxide is a carcinogen: confirmed!
    Logic brought to you by the same people who think renewable energy is “free”


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    Biden’s Diesel Fuel Crisis Worsens: Major Fuel Company Issues New Warning

    But most Americans know that this situation, like the other crises created on Biden’s watch, is a result of the administration’s dangerous and reckless decision-making — in this case, the Biden administration’s unwillingness to tap America’s vast and great energy supplies and the banning of pipelines, fossil fuels, and refineries.

    At the end of October, here’s where America stands — on President Biden’s watch — heading into winter:

    1. Nationwide and regional diesel fuel shortages threaten every industry
    2. Home heating oil shortages and rationing in the Northeast
    3. Gas prices continue to climb
    4. Inflation remains at record highs with no sign of stopping
    5. Home sales hit record lows, priming a new housing crisis
    6. Record-high crime could exponentially worsen as Americans fight over available supplies of fuel, food, etc.
    7. Possible railroad strike, which would also cripple the U.S. economy overnight

    But everything is fine. Come on, JACK! No joke!

    Folks, this is DEFCON 1 level bad. These are not conspiracies. These are facts and plausible situations that on an individual level are bad enough, but combined will be nothing less than catastrophic for everyone.


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    An Energy Education for Democrats

    Biden’s climate policies have raised prices, and he’s mad as hell about it.

    By The Editorial Board

    If Democrats lose next week’s election, one reason will be soaring energy prices. The lesson that an electoral defeat should drive home is that this is the result of their own policies.

    Consider President Biden’s outrage Friday over last week’s robust earnings reports for oil and gas companies. Six of the largest “made $70 billion in profit in one quarter,” he said at a fundraiser. These “excess profits are going back to their shareholders and their executives instead of going to lower prices at the pump.” The President who has done everything in his power to limit U.S. oil investment is now furious that he succeeded.

    Mr. Biden doesn’t seem to believe oil companies should be allowed to make a profit or even cover marginal costs. “We need to keep making progress by having energy companies bring down the cost of a gallon of gas to reflect what they pay for a barrel of oil,” he said. Anything more is “excess” profit.

    Keep in mind that oil majors’ current profits follow steep losses in the pandemic. As oil prices plunged amid lockdowns, companies and OPEC nations pared investment and shut in wells. Demand for oil then bounced back much quicker than supply, which has driven up prices—and profits. That’s Econ 101.

    Mr. Biden is miffed in particular that companies are returning cash to shareholders rather than increasing supply. “You should be using these record-breaking profits to increase production and refining,” he said this month. But the progressive climate lobby and his own Administration’s climate policies have been urging the opposite.

    The International Energy Agency warned only last week that “no one should imagine that Russia’s invasion can justify a wave of new oil and gas infrastructure in a world that wants to reach net zero [greenhouse-gas] emissions by 2050.” It added that “any new projects would face major commercial risks” that may result in failing “to recover their upfront cost.”

    No wonder oil companies are returning cash to shareholders rather than make investments in production that take decades to pay off.

    U.S. shale drilling can produce returns more quickly. But rather than drill more wells, many producers are shrinking their inventory of “drilled but uncompleted” wells.

    The Energy Information Administration reported last week that the number of these wells fell to the lowest since December 2013, which means production will eventually taper off even in the prolific Permian Basin. Permitting challenges impede new drilling, as does limited pipeline capacity to move natural gas produced alongside oil.

    Large asset managers are also pressuring oil giants to maintain “capital discipline”—i.e., spend less on production. Private U.S. oil companies added 47 drilling rigs in the third quarter while public firms added only one. Climate lobbyists want companies to return profits to shareholders or invest in green energy.

    Continental Resources founder Harold Hamm said this month he is taking his company private to have the “freedom to explore.” “We have all felt the limits of being publicly held over the last few years, and in such a time as this, when the world desperately needs what we produce, I have never been more optimistic,” Mr. Hamm wrote to employees.

    Mr. Biden and fellow Democrats simply refuse to understand the economic consequences of their assault on American fossil fuels.

    They have come to believe that climate is a crisis and that banishing oil and gas is urgent. But that means higher prices, which they now blame on the very companies they want to go out of business. Economic logic won’t persuade them, but maybe a rout at the ballot box will.


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    The Washington Post: Ruining childhoods one holiday at a time.

    If you thought your social betters would give their incessant moral lecturing a momentary rest for a treasured childhood holiday, you thought wrong.

    Case in point, Washington Post writer Allyson Chiu answering the question no one asked:

    Post Food

    How can you make more socially conscious Halloween candy choices?

    Imagine all the families out there, staying awake at night wondering how they will ever be able to make more socially conscious Halloween candy choices.

    And pay the heating bill.

    Hey, put on a sweater, we’ve got a planet to save.

    You see, chocolate, possibly the most popular candy choice of all, is, well, problematic.

    Chocolate, a fixture of Halloween, can have serious environmental, climate and social impacts.

    Environmental, climate, and social impacts?

    That’s the coveted trifecta of virtue signaling!

    While chocolate is a crowd-pleaser,…

    Do you feel like you’re about to be scolded? Because you’re about to be scolded.

    …the ubiquitous candy “has some pretty close associations with two of the biggest environmental crises that we face right now, and that’s the climate crisis and the biodiversity crisis,” says John Buchanan, vice president of sustainable production for Conservation International.

    It gets worse.

    As it turns out, chocolate along with most other candy usually comes wrapped!



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    H B

    Claims by kim dot com on twitter (Have image but can not post ) that truss texted blinken its done just after explosion any one know any more


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    John Connor II

    Why Truss really left.

    While Russia has identified Britain as acting on behalf of the United States to blow up the Nord Stream Pipeline as Britain publicly denies it, Liz Truss’ phone was hacked. One minute after the pipeline was destroyed she sent a text to Secretary Anthony Blinken “It’s done.” The Independent has acknowledged that Russia has hacked Liz Truss’ phone. This is an act of war.

    – Martin Armstrong.

    It’s not the enemies outside the gates we have to worry about, but those within…


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      The enemy within would be classified as “the trusted insider” this is more like a straight forward phone hack not a “rat within the ranks”


    • #

      As i said in 17.1 above ..
      Utter BS !


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        No.. we’re dealing with the IQ of politicians here. I’m sure their security chiefs are horrified after every election and every cabinet reshuffle as this happens all the time.

        I wouldn’t put that action past Truss any more than Biden Jr putting his laptop into a computer shop for repairs.


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    Melbourne Cup Day is set to be the coldest since 2017, when the temperature was a miserable 14.4°C at 3 pm as the race jumped. There’s every chance it will be even colder at 3 pm in Melbourne tomorrow.

    With so much cold air around, heavy snow is likely on the mountains of Tasmania, Victoria and New South Wales, with lighter snowfalls extending up to Central Tablelands of New South Wales above 1000m on Tuesday and 800m on Wednesday.


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    A politician changes his position as soon as he gets into power? Unheard of!


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    John Culhane

    Prime-minister Sunak used to work for Sir Chris Hohn, who founded The Children’s Investment Fund, a London-based hedge fund, in 2003.

    No point annoying Tory party sponsors.


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    So,the genius population switch their vote to Labour- who will also ban fracking.


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    It’s all about depopulation!


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    ” BASF has announced they are partially shuttering operations in Germany and moving capacity to China, where the “greenies” don’t have control over insane anti-energy policies (and where electricity prices aren’t 1000% above the norm). …. Europe dies from here forward, and it doesn’t recover for generations. It’s done. Almost nobody realizes this yet, but the dominoes are already falling. Europe is rapidly plunging into a continent on a collision course with total collapse: no industry, no supply chains, no energy, no metals, no fertilizer and no food.”

    Energy costs too high and no gas to turn into ammonia then fertilizer. Shame about the fracking ban…


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    Rishi Sunak “survives” 1st 7 days as premier of UK.

    The verdict is still out on whether or not the UK will make it.