Denmark suspends Covid vaccination campaign

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What a contrast. Victoria Australia and the Northern Territory are sacking thousands of teachers for not getting their third injection. And in Western Australia, from tomorrow, the unvaccinated will be allowed to dance in packed nightclubs, but they still can’t go to work and earn money to support their families, for “health reasons” (the health of Pfizer?).

Meanwhile, Denmark is going to pause vaccinations entirely:

Denmark has said it is suspending its widespread Covid-19 vaccination campaign. All remaining Covid restrictions were lifted in the country in February. Noting that the epidemic was under control and that vaccination levels were high, the Danish Health Authority said the country was in a “good position”. “Therefore we are winding down the mass vaccination programme against Covid-19,” said Bolette Soborg, director of the authority’s department of infectious diseases.

Around 81% of Denmark’s 5.8 million inhabitants have received two doses of the vaccine and 61.6% have also received a booster. Denmark noted a drop in the number of new infections and stable hospitalisation rates.

They say they may bring it back some vaccinations in autumn.

Denmark April 2022

Current infections are running at about 1,000 new cases a day. … Worldometer


In Victoria, the shortage of teachers is already serious enough that some classes have had to be combined in “larger spaces”.

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    Kalm Keith

    Well done Denmark;

    as they say, “the CV19 situation is more stable now”, but perhaps it’s more a case of

    “When in doubt, Don’t”.


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      Graeme No.3

      Or are all the reports & claims of side effects starting to worry the authorities?


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        Kalm Keith

        In a perfect world it would be just and reasonable to detail the evidence of “vaccine damage” and then to proceed to prosecute all those in the chain of production and enforcement.

        Sadly our legal system is not only expensive to use but absolutely riddled with disturbing influences.

        Last night, at a meeting, I heard three people speak of their work experiences; all three had requested a vaccine evaluation report when told to “get vaccinated”.

        All three had declined to be vaccinated and as a result had been fired, lost their jobs and accumulated benefits and been deemed to have essentially acted in a criminal manner.

        This is ugly stuff for a nation that’s supposed to be an enlightened democracy.


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      Mantaray Yunupingu

      I know Denmark very well. Here’s a word that describes their temperament……

      Hyggelig,which superficially means “nice”, but which expands into enjoying soothing things: enjoying peaceful and contented surrounds; feeling comfortable and cozy…etc.

      You can probably see how the mass-murder of multiple millions….maybe billions….of innocent people, by blood-crazed pro-vax-maddened nutters in thrall to the WHO/WEF/Commie/Pharma death-cult goes against this temperament,eh?

      OK. Not all of you (jabbers gotta jab), but probably most of you I expect!


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    Binny Pegler

    Media/political cycle has moved on.


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    Mantaray Yunupingu

    Kalm K. The Commonwealth govt has had it’s dedicated payment for deaths, injuries, financial harm etc etc caused by the gene-jabs since about August 2021. If you missed this….….

    OK, so they readily admit the gene-jabs are related to increased death rates. Regardless of what “amnesty” they give to the manufacturers of the jabs, it shouldn’t be too difficult to (eventually) bring the politicians, bureaucrats, pharma-fiends etc to Judgement…..after a quick and fair trial, of course.

    While you are correct that mass executions (Nuremberg, Tokyo etc) can be “ugly stuff”, it might be necessary to encourage others not to do such things….”Pour encourager les autres ne pas essayer de telles choses”, I tell’s ya!

    [wee edit-LVA]


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      Kalm Keith

      “While you are correct that mass executions (Nuremberg, Tokyo etc) can be “ugly stuff””.

      ?? Did I say that ??


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    Honk R Smith

    Bret Weinstein
    Important statement on Nuremburg and coerced vax.


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    Old Moss

    They were already worried before injection campaign started:

    Excerpts: “The MHRA urgently seeks an Artificial Intelligence (AI) software tool to process the expected high volume of Covid-19 vaccine Adverse Drug Reaction (ADRs) and ensure that no details from the ADRs’ reaction text are missed”

    And:”For reasons of extreme urgency under Regulation 32(2)(c) related to the release of a Covid-19 vaccine MHRA have accelerated the sourcing and implementation of a vaccine specific AI tool.
    Strictly necessary — it is not possible to retrofit the MHRA’s legacy systems to handle the volume of ADRs that will be generated by a Covid-19 vaccine. Therefore, if the MHRA does not implement the AI tool, it will be unable to process these ADRs effectively. This will hinder its ability to rapidly identify any potential safety issues with the Covid-19 vaccine and represents a direct threat to patient life and public health.
    Reasons of extreme urgency — the MHRA recognises that its planned procurement process for the SafetyConnect programme, including the AI tool, would not have concluded by vaccine launch. Leading to a inability to effectively monitor adverse reactions to a Covid-19 vaccine.
    Events unforeseeable — the Covid-19 crisis is novel and developments in the search of a Covid-19 vaccine have not followed any predictable pattern so far.”


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      Another Delcon

      Date of contract : 14/09/2020
      So they knew back then , that they were expecting a “ large volume “ of adverse events from vaccine injuries . So large in fact that the numbers couldn’t be handled manually but AI software was needed !
      At the same time they would have known ( or should have known ) that there was an effective treatment for Covid 19 that had an excellent safety record over an extended period , which they not only did not use but actually banned .
      Note : In 2005 HCQ was known to be effective against SARS , noted by Fauci at the time .
      Yet they still not only went ahead and used the faulty experimental injections , but worse : they mandated them and utilized severe methods of coercion to force the injections upon the unwilling !
      This was in the UK but the same knowledge would have existed throughout the rest of the western world .


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        Another Delcon

        This wasn’t too hard to find :
        2005 paper
        Chloroquine is a potent inhibitor of SARS coronavirus infection and spread
        Is far as I know anything that Chloroquine can do , HCQ can also do but safer .
        How much more has been learned since 2005 .
        How much useful information has been kept from us recently ?


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    Lets get this straight. The vaxxes have nothing to do with where Denmark finds itself. Its all to do with immunity acquired as a result of getting covid. We have the much milder Omicron also to thank here, but of course the vaxx proponents will use anything to justify their useless concoctions.

    The vaxxes provide little if any protection past a few weeks, and promote massive surges in infection, whilst doing nothing, yes nothing on hospitalisation and deaths. Any quoted impacted on these latter are due to the fraudulent delay of 14-21 days from when people are jabbed to being categorised as such.

    And we have no clear idea of long term safety, and with data on immunity destruction, adverse reactions, deaths and other negative impacts all going one way, its time to stop any vaxxing here, and ban any further roll out of these treatments until we have a very clear idea of what the long term impacts will be.


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    Madrid’s Deputy Minister for Public Health Claims Cases of Hepatitis on Young Kids Might be “Related to Covid-19 Vaccine”

    As of April 23, more than 169 cases of hepatitis have been detected in 11 countries, according to the latest data from World Health Organization.

    Japan’s Health Ministry said Tuesday that a child had been hospitalized with an unidentified type of severe acute hepatitis — or liver inflammation — in what is thought to be the first reported case in Asia, CNBC reported.

    Antonio Zapatero, Madrid’s Deputy Minister for Healthcare and Covid-19 Plan, claimed these reported cases of hepatitis might be related to the Covid vaccine.

    Zapatero also warned that the fourth dose “could have an anomalous effect” on the immune system.


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    as vaccine failure becomes more and more proven, it’s time to pivot to “nothing to see here”

    fauci claims we are now “out of the pandemic phase”

    in his 12,343rd interview of the pandemic, flip flop fauci comes to spin yet another yarn. this time, just for variety’s sake, he actually begins with something that might be true, at least in part.

    the evidence is overwhelming that natural immunity is stronger, more sterilizing, and longer lasting than covid vaccination. brownstone has collected over 150 studies on this topic HERE.

    it is manifestly clear that not only are the vaxxed and boosted getting more covid than the unvaccinated:

    but that this trend is getting worse over time as variants undergo evolution driven by leaky vaccines that have antigenically fixated the purportedly inoculated.

    this is likely driving the opposite of herd immunity. it’s driving herd antigenic fixation and perpetual vulnerability.


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    In WA because of the jab mandates and the start of the “booster” jab, the last two months have been worse than for the whole of the previous two years. The data for WA from the Federal Department of Health shows that from the start of the recording, 05 April 2020, until 28 February 2022, a period of 695 days, WA had only 10 deaths from Covid-19, 339 ICU patient days and 1145 hospital admissions. For the 56 days, 01 March to 25 April 2022, there were 107 deaths, 307 ICU patient days and 9540 hospital admissions. That amounts to a death rate per day that has been 133 time greater over the past 56 days than for the previous 695 days. Not something for our Premier to be boasting about.
    It looks suspiciously as though the so-called vaccine is the cause of the Covid disease. There has been a similar response in NSW, see:

    This should come as no surprise as the mRNA gene therapy, so-called vaccination, causes a body to produce the spike protein that is the disease caused by inhaling the Covid virus. Heaven help us if the fourth jab is mandated.


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      Kalm Keith

      Interesting data: and they gave the game away when they brazenly “deemed” that people were UN-VaXXinated for two to three weeks after being jabbed.

      I’m sure, almost, that this was not an attempt to count VaXXine Adverse events as pure COVID19.

      Although it might have been. Sarchasm


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        Bevan — Western Australia had virtually no covid deaths before February 2022, because it had virtually no covid.

        Let’s we not forget the single most important factor. There was a time and a place for Zero Covid (I know that’s like poison to say so) but it did work, was cheap, and gave us freedom. It was a real thing, and it was a major success. Thank goodness Omicron seems so much better behaved.

        The vaccines were rolled out en masse in WA for the last six months — so the State would make a good case experiment for comparing pure vaccine side effects as exist without co-circulation of Covid which complicates the situation in most other places in the world. That’s data I would find very interesting and I hope we get to see. It may be that some of the worst reactions to the vaccines were concurrent with infections. Kind of a “double spike” load. If that’s true, the WA side effects register might be lower until January when cases started to appear.

        Be careful how you phrase things. The vaccine does not cause “covid”, the virus does. Though it is quite possible a vaccine could increase the risk of catching Covid at times — and that’s very important, and appears to happen in the first two weeks after vaccination then possibly again after 5 or 6 months.

        It’s important to get these details right. Medically trained people will only feel more sure they are right if the criticisms they read of the vaccines are carelessly inaccurate. If we want to reach medico’s we need to show we understand the topic.


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    William Astley

    The first release RNA covid vaccination program world-wide should be stopped immediately.

    The RNA first release covid vaccines… deliver the covid spike to the organs and brain. The first release covid spike was designed to cause long term damage.

    Omicron has 32 mutations on the deadly covid spike and it is roughly as deadly as a severe cold.

    danish study shows no benefit to overall mortality from mRNA vaccines

    Steve Kirsch – PROOF: COVID vaccines cause prion diseases


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    John Connor II

    Meanwhile Kamala, with 3 shots+booster AND 2 masks gets Covid 😅😅

    Safe and effective if your IQ is under 80.


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    To those in WA a message from NSW. This authoritarian stuff passes. Ride it out if you can. Over here, it’s like covid never existed. People get bored of the topic once they actually experience it. And we’re just a short time ahead of you. Like a message from the future.


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