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“Huge Shock” Swiss voters reject climate tax and CO2 targets

Swiss referendum on Climate Change.

Most Cantons in Switzerland voted “No”.

The Swiss just voted down their governments plan to change the weather with increased car and airline taxes, albeit by only 51.6 to 48.4.  That nearly half the population voted yes is testament to thirty years of non-stop propaganda, and the near complete suppression of skeptics.

Imagine what the vote would have have been if they allowed skeptics equal air time and funded skeptical scientists even at 10% the rate the believer-modelers get?

BBC reporters were shocked:

Swiss voters reject key climate change measures

Switzerland’s policy on fighting climate change has been thrown into doubt after voters rejected key measures in a popular vote.

A referendum saw voters narrowly reject the government’s plans for a car fuel levy and a tax on air tickets.

The measures were designed to help Switzerland meet targets under the Paris Agreement on climate change.

But no one mentioned this on the ABC or SBS news tonight. Instead they told us “Australia is increasingly isolated” for the 440th time.

By Imogen Foulkes, BBC News, Bern

The no-vote to limiting emissions is a huge shock. The Swiss government drafted this law carefully. The plan: to cut greenhouse gases to half their 1990 levels by 2030, using a combination of more renewables and taxes on fossil fuels.

Voter rejection undermines Switzerland’s entire strategy to comply with the Paris Agreement. Today’s results are a devastating blow for environmentalists.

Some analysts suggest the Swiss – who traditionally pride themselves on their green policies – are nervous about taking any economic risks while the country recovers from the pandemic.

Now the government must go back to the drawing board, as Switzerland falls behind its European neighbours in efforts to tackle climate change.

It was an urban versus rural divide again, and supported by all the political parties but not the right wing “People’s Party”. How telling. The politicians wanted it, but the people didn’t.

During the referendum campaign, 160 Swiss parliamentarians stood together for a “Yes” vote, saying the CO2 law was “feasible, reasonable, and necessary.”  More than 90 civil society organisations and 200 companies also campaigned in favour of the law. For the supporters, the bill was a “good compromise” after a tough parliamentary debate.

Switzerland’s major parties expressed disappointment at the outcome.

As my Swiss friend reports:

This Swiss referendum was since long time prepared with an avalanche of climate horror propaganda in all mainstream media, specially in the Swiss state controlled TV and Radio. At the same time German part of Switzerland had the coolest spring since 100 years.

The Swiss also voted down a plan to give farming subsidies only to organic farmers by 61 to 39. Clean green drinking water was also rejected:

[ABC News] Another initiative to improve the quality of drinking water in Switzerland was rejected — it would have made it harder for farmers to get state subsidies if they use some types of pesticides and antibiotics. A ban on the use of pesticides was also rejected.

A majority of Swiss voters supported an initiative to grant police enhanced surveillance powers and take preventative actions to help fight terrorism.

Other isolated nations as well as Australia and Switzerland include India, China, Brazil, Russia, Indonesia, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and Africa.

All the major nations are failing to meet their Paris targets.h/t to a friend in Switzerland, and GWPF

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43 comments to “Huge Shock” Swiss voters reject climate tax and CO2 targets

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    Curious George

    “The no-vote to limiting emissions is a huge shock.”
    I saw a no-vote to new taxes.


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      I think it is also another case of disconnected ( to the Environment) Urban types to the working Rural types: Now don’t, DON’T! entertain an argument about urban types who are connected, or Rural types ( INO). We have plenty escapees from Urbania , known colloquially as the ‘Good-Lifers’. Find gullible /desperate “farmers” & “crofters” willing to sell Real estate to them. All day long the countryside is empty but there are morning & evening rush-hours. Weekends once again abandoned to the hills: Sailing boats in the Marinas seem to be seldom used -I mean our nice Inland Waterways / Firths are hardly “moving” with pleasurecraft. ….Wotzit all about ?


      • #

        We have plenty escapees from Urbania , known colloquially as the ‘Good-Lifers’. Find gullible /desperate “farmers” & “crofters” willing to sell Real estate to them.

        Watching Jeremy Clarkson’s Farmer Series on Amazon Prime – There is no money in Farming and it is an entertaining show.

        Wholesome and quaint – it’s fair to say these aren’t words often associated with British broadcaster, Jeremy Clarkson, but his new Amazon Prime Video series sounds like just that.

        Ditching the automobiles, Jeremy Clarkson is about to take a crack at some honest work and take on the inner workings of running a farm. Keep reading to find out all you need to know about how to watch Clarkson’s Farm online. You’ll even be able to watch without spending a penny if you make the most of Amazon’s 30-day free Prime Video trial.

        aking his foot off the pedal, Jeremy Clarkson returns with a new TV series in a light we’ve never seen him before.

        Turning his hand to agriculture – with a few friends in tow – Clarkson attempts to run a farm in the English countryside. Faced with raucous farmyard animals, and a lacklustre crop, throw in a pandemic and it’s sure to be an entertaining show, if only to see Clarkson get himself knee deep in manure.


        • #

          So he’s finally doing the farm series – I remember it being discussed when the BBC first fired him for lack of political correctness.
          The “How hard can it be?” segments for farm work could be even more dangerous and hilarious than the car ones.


          • #

            Melbourne Lockdown Family alerted me to Farm Series as grandsons are Clarkson Fans

            Up to Episode 6 and it is a Hoot – would hate to be Farmer – definitely a loss maker.

            From The Guardian

            I hate to admit it, but Jeremy Clarkson’s farming show is really good TV

            The polarising car fetishist takes to agriculture in a series that is surprisingly fun to watch. Is it OK to say that?


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      So the battle is not yet lost! This should be a whole lot bigger than the numbers suggest.


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    Swiss abandon years of EU talks and reject treaty

    After years of talks, Switzerland has scrapped efforts aimed at agreeing an over-arching treaty with the EU.

    Switzerland is not in the European Union but has signed up to many of its policies, such as freedom of movement.

    The relationship is currently governed by more than 120 bilateral deals, and a failure to replace them with one framework deal could harm ties.

    “We regret this decision, given the progress that has been made over the last years,” the EU Commission said.

    That was the first shok, a good one 😀


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    Cutting Greenhouse gases? CO2 is in rapid flux with the oceans. It’s called equilibrium. There is no evidence at all to contradict that simple observation. So whatever gases are in the air is decided by forces over which we have no control at all. As if that has not been obvious. Perhaps someone could point out the effect of 300,000 giant windmills, billions of solar panels, the pandemic, bushfires, volcanoes or anything else on the growth of CO2. After 33 years, there is no evidence anything we do has any effect at all. It is a fantasy at best and a refusal by real scientists to tell the truth, but people can see for themselves. Where is this Global Warming? Where are these rapid sea rises and drowned cities and Climate refugees? Non existent.

    All driven by the observation that temperature goes up and CO2 goes up. Really? That is exactly what you would expect from simple physical chemistry. Warm beer goes flat and 98% of highly soluble CO2 (50x the solubility of oxygen) is dissolved in the ocean. It’s a no brainer for anyone.

    So no carbon taxes, more windmills, more solar panels or electric cars are going to change chemistry and physics.

    Switzerland also finally slammed the door shut on negotiations for joining the EU.

    Now if only Britain could exit Climate Change nonsense, but that would be CLIMEX. A fitting end to BREXIT.

    Surely being lectured and chastised about Northern Ireland by Irish Green Biden and Green Macron and Merkel should be the last straw for Johnson, but he has to go home to Green Princess Carrie. At least our Australian PM is there to suggest there might be a bigger problem with China than just windmill supply.


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    I hope this is not strictly O/T but in Scotland: Many of us “Borne & Bred” in the rural Hinterland are getting the raw end of the stick every time. For those interested, we have livestreaming this week of our HighlandShow, which since it found its current base is no more Highland than many of our Politicians speak for us. Can watch here:
    and since despite the Weather forecasts, we have had cool very windy conditions for past 5 days, I have been keeping an eye on events there: Wish I hadn’t : When you see the adverts from Sponsors: shows the way “farming” has gone. I thought I’d grabbed a you-tube link but it is for much more than intended: you may see the Belted Galloway that got away! but at around -2:05:33, there begins an advert from one of our BIG Animal Feed firms ….. well rooted in farming – in Animal Country, even. Is it another case of Wokeness? I certainly won’t be dealing with them with that attitude. Baad enough to see similar adverts on Telly / Radio about Agri Emissions. aand then the NFU and Inst of Agri Engineers jump in with their Bits o’ granules, too!
    Enjoy the show weather could have been worse here. – it’s forecast to get colder again -single figure night temps.


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    John R Smith

    They are losing the debate.
    Have been for a while.
    That’s why they must silence the debate.
    Zuck and Jack rode in to save the day.
    They aren’t gonna take losing lying down.
    How far will they go?
    How far have they gone?


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    And apart from the whole one-sided media presentation, any time they attempt climate control through pricing, instead of rationing, the burden is born by low income people. The commute to work becomes more expensive, but people still play on their gasoline powered boats and ATVs.


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    Kalm Keith

    I object!

    ” the near complete suppression of skeptics. ”

    We who see clearly and from the vantage point of real science are Not Sceptics.

    We must insist that the world should be run on the basis of known truths, not unscientific EcoPhantasy.

    Perhaps those who understand the reality of the atmospheric science surrounding Catastrophic Man Made Climate should be free from derogatory labels.

    If any labels are necessary it should be to those who push the unscientific CAGW concept.

    Maybe, how about, Ecophants.


  • #
    Kalm Keith

    Is this how it works.

    In Australia we vote to send a representative for our Local, State or federal forum. They are supposed to represent us but in truth do what they want.

    In Switzerland it seems that elected representatives discuss issues, make a decision and then refer it back to the population for a vote to confirm the action.

    In this case the people have been heard.


    • #

      That’s why the politicians knocked off those nasty referendums.
      It is far easier to impose the laws than break some stupid populous want.
      No need to give hope when they have no choice.


    • #

      Rule by 50% +1 is OK until that majority realise they can vote to legally pick your pocket and throw you in jail if you resist.


      • #

        Still am reminded how the EU circulated their currency in Germany as they knew a referendum would be defeated.
        No one questioned that it was illegal as it was issued out in German society.
        Surprise, your part of the European Union weather you liked it or not.


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    Ed Zuiderwijk

    The colour map is revealing as it shows that the yes votes were in the two urbanised areas: Geneva-Lausanne and Zurich. It just is a reflection of the fact that urbanites have little direct experience of the great outdoors and are therefore relatively ignorant of how it functions. This ignorance is exploited by manipulators and charlatans who sell the city dwellers their climate change coolaid. Does work less well with rural types.


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    Yet we have a so called Liberal leader who keeps on harping about how we must reduce our emissions and beats his chest about it. Makes me sick to see the Liberal Party lose its way. We need a referendum to decide if the people really do want to continue with this self-inflicted harm as our coal fired power station are left to close down one by one, which if left to continue long enough will utterly destroy this nation.


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      All part of Klaus Schwab’s plan.


    • #

      We had a referendum, actually two, the last two elections where climate change elections, the media, all parties and all activists called them that and climate change lost bigly. Yet we stay on course for our own demise.
      Slomo has not committed to 2030 targets, yet he has stated the 2050 goals. The 2050 goal incorporates 2030 anyway?

      What they say and do are two different things.


  • #

    In Victoriastan, Chairman Dan and his henchmen have discovered the way forward – declare a State of Emergency so that rules can be written overnight by “authorised officers”. No need for parliamentary debate, let alone a referendum. Current rules operating for Melbourne include a 25km travel limit, no visitors to your home, and many businesses still closed. Simple to switch from Covid emergency to climate emergency.


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      The other problem our governments could do is make fuel no longer reliable with enforcement of additives like alcohol…and possibly more engine unfriendly products.


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    Serge Wright

    I like the concept of the direct democracy in Switzerland, where legislature requires a public vote. There is no better way to silence the left-leaning MSM, such as our own ABC, than a people’s vote that shows how far off the mark they are when it comes to understanding and even acknowledging mainstream views. This direct democracy would also allow us to give the middle finger to the teaching of CRT in schools and a host of other destructive and radical left wing ideologies.


  • #
    Richard Owen No.3

    The referendum result must have come as a shock to the WOKE as they expected it to pass after a barrage of propaganda yet it was lost. And the Swiss have reduced the ability of the EU bureaucrats to dictate to them.
    It is a small sign that the AGW/Climate Change/Climate Extinction/Climate Confusion etc. campaign has lost momentum.
    Even our P.M. stopped being Wishy Washy (briefly) and told the G7 that electricity stability was important. I am thinking that he knows the AGW cause is nonsense but doesn’t dare say so for fear of the reaction from the ABC and the Canberra centric media. One solution might be to reform the ABC and send a shockwave through the little tin gods in the media as they realise they aren’t invulnerable. Another may be to strip Jame Cook Uni of all future grants (on the basis that their never-ending dirge about the Great Barrier Reef becoming extinct hasn’t come true and is hurting the tourist trade.
    He might even go so far as to ask for reports from the $400 million Lucy Turnbull Retirement Fund.


    • #

      Scott Morrison gave $1 billion to some renewable energy tripe the day after he won the election. Paying the piper?
      Mal was 444 million of other peoples money.


  • #
    Simon B

    Bloody hard to keep bleating about representing the people with government ‘reasonable increases’ and corporate virtue signalling when the public actually say no! The propaganda machine had to go into overdrive then to smudge the actual will of the people!


  • #
    Furiously Curious

    I’ll stick it in here, it’s sort of close geographically! 8 min vid saying Finland may have solved their nuclear waste storage problem! Amazing what can be achieved without a degree in gender studies.


  • #
    Andre Thomas Lewis

    Should we and other democratic countries use a Swiss style referendum for major policies like ‘net zero emissions’ a similar result would ensue. The political class, mainstream media and a host of self styled climate academics and scientists may push the AGW scam constantly but still a majority of citizens can see through it. This will change for the worse when the current crop of school students are old enough to vote because the education system has indoctrinated them.


  • #
    Geoffrey Williams

    This referendum/vote reminds of Brexit, 2016 I think.
    And anyway,just look what happened there . . .


  • #

    I worked for a Swiss company once and have always admired their form of governance. Their continual referendum process on many subjects is something we could do here in Australia in some part. But rather than drag the whole voting population in, maybe choose a representative sample of votes on a random basis. Perhaps 100 k per referendum. Each potential voter is issued a one page A4 document on both the for and against arguments. Have restrictions on MSM media coverage from 2 weeks before a referendum date. Mail in your vote or do it online. Result of the referendum is made public before the pollies vote and the referendum forms 1 vote in the process. Its a process which would then go on continuously for MAJOR legislation only. Would give people a real say in governance which is being taken away with the Lib/Lab look alike parties we have in Australia.


    • #

      That’s a comprehensively wrong approach; it’s straightout wishful thinking to write “choose a representative sample of votes on a random basis” without providing any hint as to the mechanism which will reliably produce these samples.


  • #

    Add together the populations of nations refusing to take much action on AGW, and you come up with close to 40% of the world’s population.

    Present this figure in an accurate form when those demanding action to reduce [CO2]atm by economic destruction of primarily Western economies present their demands, and it would present a much more strident counter argument as to why the rest of the world should take notice. The scheme is impractical and devious.

    Look at the nature of those nations with huge populations, some with generally low incomes. How absurd to pretend the rest of the world, already deeply CO2 restrained, can control the [CO2]atm without totally closing their economies down. It’s obvious the already CO2 ‘efficient’ nations – the prime targets of the climate clique – can never attain CO2 outputs low enough to placate these demands when the rest of the nations of the world have their high CO2 outputs to continue and increase without limitation.

    The crazy politicians of the West refuse to even look at the impossibility of the task they allow the UN, the UE and their own profit seeking investors to dictate to them. They/we accept the destruction of their economies and the great fall off in standard of living which comes with it. That’s before the wealth transfers those demands make are considered! It’s patently obvious it’s not climate concerns – the basis of the fear campaigns – that lie behind all this madness!


  • #

    Great result. But the radical nature of the proposals voted down is alarming, especially the organic farming one, my goodness, what an insane idea. Sounds like something a first year environmental studies student would come up with.

    Makes me feel good about Australia. Nothing so insane would ever get off the ground here…yet.


  • #

    Our political parties have no idea what the hoi-palloi think about AGW. Because of the political smokescreen, few voters know about the real facts. This is mainly due to our education system. Students are NOT taught about the actual “Scientific Method”, and as a result, the Zombie Left have gained control.


  • #
    Leo Morgan

    This is not a cause for complacency.
    So the Swiss dodged that bullet- (whew!) but the alarmists have plenty more in their magazine. It only takes one kill-shot to make recovery almost impossible.
    Tasmania had a referendum on building a hydro-electric dam. The referendum voted in favour of the Government’s preferred dam option, so the Greens just pressured the Federal Government to override the referendum.