It’s an information war — time the Right shored up new lines of communication

First things First. A Psy Ops War is underway — aimed to demoralize half the US population

The Coup has control of the television and most of the newspapers. They also have Twitter and Facebook. The control is so brazen and complete even the President can’t tell his side of the story to the 70 million people who voted for him. On Twitter Trump’s comments are being sabotaged, deleted and used against him with labels warning he is “misleading”.

Twitter has evolved into the Ministry of Information

Who needs police or a court to investigate fraud? Just ask Twitter, it already knows the outcome of those cases. Same for NBC, CNN, MSNBC.

In the last month, the media’s selective blind-eye became a weaponized filter.  Criminal acts and potential treason in the highest offices of the land were not just ignored, any mentions of them were hunted down the perpetrators punished. People were exiled. When  Judge Jeanine Pirro tried to discuss voter fraud, she was cancelled, and by Fox.

It’s almost impossible for a groundswell of resistance to gather if there is no gathering place, no way to get out a message and nowhere to hammer out priorities. The Left understand this. So do Dictators.

The right still have talk back radio, and they still have the internet. In the early days of blogging and social media, and  in the early days of Fox, conservative and non-left views competed in an open market and were wildly popular. They drew crowds and accelerated to the point where Google algorithms and Alexa rankings had to be rejigged. Then, when that wasn’t enough, shadow banning began. Now it’s overt. Youtube demonetized stars. GoFundMe will raise funds for terrorists, but blocked people raising funds to investigate Voter Fraud. (He’s now raising funds from something called Give-Send-Go). Fox viewers meanwhile are abandoning Fox.

In the end, the left marches through nearly every institution. The right will be inventive and funnier and fan out ahead.

The rush is on to shift to sites like Gab, Parler, Bitchute

Parler Tops App Store Charts As Conservatives Flock to Site

Social media platform Parler is topping Apple and Google download charts this week…

In the U.S. as of today, Parler is top of Apple’s free download chart and the Google Play Store, according to data from analytics firm SensorTower, which indicated the app had attracted around 200,000 downloads last month, collectively on both stores.

The exact size of the app’s userbase is not fully clear, however Parler CEO John Matze indicated in a post yesterday that it had received up to two million new accounts. “We expected a million or so people today… but 2? You guys are crazy,” he wrote.

 The app currently sits above TikTok, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in recent downloads.

But this is much more than just about Gab and Parler, it’s an information war. It’s about getting information out to radio stations, to newspaper editors, to elected representatives and even family and friends.

Time to get cracking.

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    David Wojick

    Part of our improved lines of communication is communicating real science. To that end here is my latest article, on how to find and access free science:

    Free science is here and growing fast

    By David Wojick

    Most of my readers are interested in science. Many of my blog articles are scientific and these are often followed by lengthy technical discussions in the comments. Some of my scientific articles have had thousands of comments; one article was over 5,000 when comments were closed. And there are many other blogs like this.

    Thanks to the miracle of online commenting the discussion of science, especially related to policy, is now a major popular pastime.

    The good news is that the scientific community is responding big time to this extensive popular interest. We are in the midst of a huge wave of activities designed to make the latest science available to everyone who is interested in it, free of charge.

    Here are just a few great examples:

    Open access (OA). This term refers to various ways to make journal articles freely available. This is a serious challenge because journals have mostly been paid for via expensive subscriptions, usually by rich university libraries. Total cost is estimated at over ten billion dollars a year. People with no connection to a major school have no access to the journals, which publish well over two million technical articles a year.

    The most common form of open access is the author pays model, called Gold OA. The author, actually typically the research grant, pays the cost of publication so the article is free to all. There are now many OA journals, as they are called, funded entirely by author pays. Some are huge, called mega journals, publishing tens of thousands of free articles a year. In addition, many subscription journals offer their authors an OA option, for a price.

    Repositories for articles. Many universities host what is called a repository, where their faculty deposits their published journal articles, which are then freely available to all. If the article is in a subscription journal there is typically a waiting period before it becomes open, usually 12 months from the date of publication. This is called Green OA.

    By far the biggest system of repositories is hosted by the US Government, under the Public Access Program. Every journal article that flows from federal funding, in whole or just in part, must be deposited by the author. If it is OA then it becomes freely available immediately; if subscription then after 12 months. This includes well over 100,000 articles a year. I helped develop this program. There are also subject matter repositories.

    Given the huge number of published articles it can be challenging to find the right stuff. By far the best free service for doing this is Google Scholar. It provides full text search for millions of articles in tens of thousands of journals, often going back 60 years or more. There is a powerful advanced search window that supports all sorts of specialized searches. Click on the three horizontal bars in the upper right to get the window. Repository copies are often listed and unlike Google the number of hits listed is real information about how much research has been done,

    Preprint servers. Here authors post their draft articles before submitting them to a journal. Given that it can take years to get published this is a good place to find the latest science. I recently did an article based on a preprint. Most journals allow preprints and some even use these servers for article submission. In some cases the preprints are never submitted, making them another form of communication. A great many new preprint servers have recently been created. To my knowledge there is as yet no combined search service for these proliferating servers.

    Speaking of other forms than the journal article, some federal agencies publish the final report from their funded research projects. These reports tend to be much longer than journal articles, often ten times longer, so they contain a wealth of information. Many of these reports can be found using the portal, which I also worked on.

    In turn, is part of a global science search system that includes many national systems, called This global system features a unique translation algorithm that searches repositories in other languages. I helped develop the system and the translation feature was my idea. It searches hundreds of millions of pages of science and engineering.

    In short there are a huge number of science and engineering research results that are freely available to the world with more coming on. Finding just what you need can be time consuming but a lot of people are working on that as well.

    A grand revolution in scientific communication is upon us. Go for it.

    Adapted from:

    Please share this.



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    President Trump needs get arrest warrants out to these CEOs and others as enemies to the State for crimes in colluding to wide ranging voter fraud that can be proven.


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      So, this then shows how deep the corruption is if he can’t get the FBI, Homeland Security and other agencies in this government to investigate and arrest this Democrats lead coup for voter frauds. They certainly went all in.


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      Richard Jenkins

      If the cheat votes are only 2,000,000 stolen from Trump and allocated to Biden that changes the quoted figures dramatically. 71 + 2 = 73.
      74 -2 = 72. I think there is more than 2 million. The cheating seems to have focused on swing states so Trump probably has both the College and the popular vote. As the evidence is showing the cheating in various forms was rampant. Just like Russia, impeachment and other illegal behavior. Hillary’s e mails and Russian Dossier, Hunter’s laptop. China and Quid pro Joe.
      Judges will have to declare many states informal.
      The Republicans must hold the Senate for the Free world to survive.
      I think it is heading to Trump win in the house because of the invalid states but that could cost them the senate next year.
      Most people don’t worry about the facts. As Joe Biden said in a speech, “He wants the truth not the facts!” Only Fox noticed, Most of the population are not interested in truth or facts and avoid news.
      I find Trump’s alleged lies fascinating. If you believe Fake News Trump is lying but usually time proves he was telling the truth.

      From the above suggestion Trump probably got at least 74 million votes.
      The MSM never apologize or even admit they were caught. For example, was his campaign wiretapped?


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    Kalm Keith

    Free science.
    Science promotion.

    Thanks Jo for the great post: having alternatives to the current communication outlets is vital in making sure that we don’t drown in the existing media sludge.

    Often we can see things better from a distance, present example might be the U.S. election where Australians can get a clearer picture than those at the coal face in the U.S.

    I’m still trying to make sense of the insane mix of money, politics, environmentalism, power, virtue signalling and money that IS the Renewables Industry. Humanity heading down a dead end street.

    Without alternatives to YouTwitFace we will never overcome the increasing enslavement being imposed by the EEU, go Brussels, the United Bloody Nations, the Global Warming and death by incineration due to CO2 levels meme and more recently the Reactions to COVID19 and the Californian and Australian Bush fires.

    The Truth is out there somewhere, but in the meantime we will continue to suffer more bushfires and deaths, more CV19 “Testing” and I can’t wait for the next wave of Elitist Subjugation;

    The VACCINATIONS. Coming to a facility near you.
    All for your own good, of course.

    Australia: 25 million vaccine doses @ $100 each is 2.5 Billion dollars. Then repeat in six months.

    Perhaps I’m hallucinating but I saw Trump as our only chance of throwing off the yoke.

    Maybe next year.



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      Often we can see things better from a distance, present example might be the U.S. election where Australians can get a clearer picture than those at the coal face in the U.S.

      Australian media is just as deep in the leftist sludge. All the FTA TV stations are leftist, the ABC is radically leftist. 2GB was once a stand-out, but since they got rid of Alan Jones are now centrist and moving at a rate of knots to the left.

      Only Sky News is somewhat conservative, although that is teetering on the edge.

      The Australian has almost completely turned left, although they were never more than token conservatives.


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      Hi KK, have that drink you mention down further while that option is still allowed, though according to Winston that will be one of the few things that will be allowed, just the quality will be bootleg.

      Here is a couple of you tube vids of pretty much the only fellow yet to be banned, though he is more about the coming food shortage.

      Watch from the top down, they are only short at 10mins or so.
      The first couple are on the Kungflu Minks. We are killing all the animals because of all the new strains of kungflu that could be passed on to humans making the Vaxx pointless, so we must execute the animals. No uproar from Peta and the likes.
      Swine flu, bird flu, kill everything.

      Ive been doing a refresher on the future. here is a link to the audio book on 1984 its 11 hours long, but I just listen to a bit every other day.

      Sorry about the red thumb.
      Revenge is a dish best served cold.


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    Richard Ilfeld

    One party fought like hell to keep registration rolls from being cleaned up.
    One party fought like hell for mail in voting.
    One party fought like hell for same day registration.
    One party fought like hell to allow mail-in votes to be received and counted after the live vote was complete.
    And now one party is having a party.

    When half the people profit from this sort of thing it’s worth doing for them.
    When they have enough thugs in their midst its too costly for honest folks to challenge – you simply gear up for the next time.
    Before, there has always been a next time.

    To make sure there is, we need to be in the face of the perps, gently but firmly.

    To use an oft-abused phrase, there are some fine people in The Party of Imaginary Voters.
    The are generally not the ones who inhabit a few large, sometime dystopian economic basket case cities.
    The Party of Phantom Tallies has run these places for a long time.
    That they escape accountability of the paucity of jobs, education, economic development, or even shopping in these villes.
    is a triumph of modern PR. A triumph of modern politics is that there is a huge money flow into numeruus of local non-profit organizations, “community service” or “community organizing” or “anti-poverty” or “lavender lives matter” programs,
    that de-facto function as tax-deductable to the donor wholly owned subsidiaries of Democratic Party.
    Many kicked-back tax and civil-servant union dollars also find their way to the treasuries of these organizations, as does corporate blackmail. But there
    are many fine people running them.
    There are many fine people in silicone valley.
    There are many fine poeple in the civil rights movement.
    They are fighting poverty,but never raise a single person out of poverty; they are improving education, but the test scores get worse; they are doing job training; but the only jobs are in the organizations themselves, and in the drug culture of the community. Their real function is assurance that 90% plus of the vote (or more if necessary) in these areas comes in for the Democrats. They are good at this.
    These few cesspools of corruption have reversed the votes of the balance of their states, and indeed, the balance of the country, for a century or more.
    Yes, 5% pollution can make the whole lake unswimmable.
    These impoverished dens of inequity are poor and declining precisely because they are controlled by self-serving self-perpetuating political machines that misdirect taxpayer anti-poverty funds into the preservation of their own power,
    while trapping the poor in a lifetime of poverty and pretending to “care” more about them than the evil right wing erecting the edifice of structural racism in the countryside.
    Perhaps its time to start keeping the “some nice people” in the Party of Existential Climate Threat accountable for the company they keep….they’ll never know, though, unless you tell them to their face. You may have to.
    You’ve already been cancelled online.


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      Kalm Keith


      That is so incisive and on target that I now need a Drink.

      The only problem is that it’s only 6:34 a.m. here, daylight saving time. And before that drink; daylight saving, the stupidest solution to a non problem that could be imposed on us.



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      Rupert Ashford

      Same here in Aus. The “good people” running eg Industry Superfunds with no commissions and higher yields in the end channel your money to fund the political machine that works against your best interests. The world is a sick place. Not that the funds being run by financial institutions are nowadays working in our best interests either to be honest.


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      Geoff Sherrington

      Too add to your theme, very few of us realise the extent to which we have become influenced by mass advertising. It is easy to see the effect with product advertising. There are products that would cease to exist without it. To name just a few easy examples, seaweed-based garden products allegedly acting as fertilisers, acupuncture alleged helping human health, many vitamin and mineral supplements sold as helpful for good health, gambling houses (now advertising the impossible “gamble responsibly”), anti-oxidant foods when oxidants are ubiquitous and necessary, crude face masks to inhibit virus spread, astrology, various diets that compete with each other, windmills for large scale electricity production, etc. etc.
      But, the greater influence comes from thought advertising. Movements such as political correctness, racial discrimination, female rights, LBTQ rights, abortion,income equalisation, global warming — these are all concepts that would fail without the influence of advertising using techniques like the blame game and the cancel culture.
      Now, we are learning more and more of insidious developments in AI that are very efficient in mining personal details in preparation for altering them, some overtly, some with subliminal methodes via TV and social media.
      Advertising influence has become so common that many TV commercials involving people now show obligatory blacks, gays and cripples, in proportions far greater than the need. TV news readers seem to be chosen because they have a speech impediment, to show that ordained justice can be beautiful (unless, like me, the listener loses interest in what is being said, because of the distorting impediment).
      Geoff S


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      Richard: you have half the story.

      If you read Henry George’s books, you will find out exactly how it was done and how it is so easily maintained — the other half of the story. (‘Social Problems,’ ‘Progress and Poverty,’ et al.)

      They were written in the 19th Century and they are still in print. See


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    Need to also ditch Skynews Australia. They’ve sold out. No one is more disappointing than Andrew Bolt. I have long admired him for his principles but what a coward he has become now. BTW has anyone else had trouble creating a parler account? I tried a few months ago and it refused to accept my telephone number so I just gave up,


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      Yes, I’ve stopped watching Bolt some time ago. I’ve switched to Paul Murray. He throws much bigger punches than Bolt.


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        Both Bolt and Paul Murray have said ‘get over it, nothing to see here, all hail President Biden’.

        Tim Blair at the Telegraph seems to be holding the conservative line.


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          I wonder if Bolt will now do a 360 on climate change. Nothing surprises me in these strange times. Oh well there is still the Epoch Times.


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      el gordo

      Rupert Murdoch knew months ago that the gig was up, but he didn’t send a memo to Sky or any other editorial staff around the world to notify this fact. He only told them to be fair and balanced, which is entirely appropriate.


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      BTW has anyone else had trouble creating a parler account?


      I tried a few months ago to no avail. Then after reading your comment, I went back to Parler, and same thing, no success. Either it’s the email is wrong, or the code thingy is wrong.

      I gave up.

      Well done, Parler!

      I’m on Gab, but not many Aussies on Gab yet that I can see.


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      Sky and Fox, showed their true purpose on November the 4th, propaganda is playing both the truth and the lie. These are Murdoch media groups and Murdoch is CFR, all the Media are CFR.
      This is the deep state.

      starts at 6 mins


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    I’m all for that; shore up news lines of communication. We can start by the government funding a parallel broadcaster to oppose the ABC, but with twice the funding.


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      el gordo

      Years ago SBS began to shave off technical aspects of the operation, there were savings to be made, but now they have hit a snag. The Administrators have taken over the patching arm and are looking for a buyer, mooted to be Telstra.

      Of course if they fail to get a buyer then SBS will have to reabsorb it, presumably at government expense. This wouldn’t’t be a good look.


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      So now Biden wants peace given all the fraudulent voting procedures? He has to be kidding. That’s not how it works in real life. There are millions of Americans who believe the election was stolen from Trump. Whether that is true or not is not the point. There is too much evidence to show there was fraud but whether it was widespread enough to tip the election to Biden’s favour is not 100% certain.

      If Trump can prove through the courts that the election was stolen from him then those responsible must go to prison. The only question is can Trump prove it so? Only time will tell. If even if he fails in the courts, millions of Americans will not be happy for good reason.


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      That link goes to a John Spooner cartoon. It’s an excellent cartoon. Scroll down the page to see his other recent cartoons. He is right on the money about Biden.


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      Subscription only. Here’s the cartoon:
      dl=0 to view, dl=1 to download


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    Any stats geeks out there? My basic understanding says this analysis makes sense but I would appreciate a comment from someone who knows “their stuff”

    NB. From one of the comments on the thread.

    “Donald Trump may win the state of Georgia after 132,000 ballots may be ineligible… Over 600,000 mail-in -Nevada with NO voter roll signature or envelope signature… Michigan counted 149,772 votes in 5 seconds, and less than 6,000 of them were for Trump.”


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    Another Ian

    More information

    “Developing: Nancy Pelosi’s Chief of Staff Is Chief Executive and Feinstein’s Husband a Major Shareholder at Dominion Ballot Counting Systems”

    And the comments to the thread, including

    Burgess Shale
    November 9, 2020 at 9:37 am

    The unit of measurement for Brain Farts is now known as “BIDENS”.


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    Another Ian

    “Trump’s lawsuits are good for American democracy”

    “This past weekend I’ve asked two questions to my friends who are afflicted with Trump Derangement Syndrome:

    You do realize that Biden has not yet become the President-elect, right?
    In the Year 2000, Al Gore rightfully pursued his legal options and things weren’t decided until mid-December. How come Donald Trump doesn’t have the same right to do so?

    In many cases I received stunned silence to both of these questions. In a few cases I was met with absolute hostility. But the smarter ones answered ‘Yes’ to the first question and conceded the second.”

    More at


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    William Astley

    It is way past the point of getting the info out. This has been going on for decades. Trillions of dollars have been spent on the evil plan.

    At some point in time we need to at least state the obvious.

    What has just happened? We are fighting an evil paradigm change. In the US, there is evidence of a massive election fraud, coinciding with a strange step change in almost of the internet companies and media companies in the world. Independent companies look as if they are now all puppets.

    Ten years ago. No one would have believed what just happened, could happen or could be allowed to happen

    And it is a fact that there is strong evidence that supports the assertion that the hateful covid virus, is man made. And the hateful manmade covid just happens to be released when all this other stuff just happens.

    I do not believe that a massive number of weird, evil things happening, naturally. I believe in scientific explanations.

    We are at the end of take-over. We need better strategies and some sneaking, thoughtful, ‘weapons’, if we are going to have a chance.

    …getting the info out might have worked 20 years ago, if the all of conservatives in the world had worked together to solve the world’s problems. But that did not happen.

    Companies who have the economic clout of small countries now have control of the internet. And those companies, have been taken over by the US ‘Dems’ and all the special interest groups that pull the strings of the ‘Dems’.

    Also, something has taken over our Governments, our newspapers, and almost all of the media outlets.

    This is China vs the last informed, Free People left in our countries before our countries shutdown all ‘anti’ political correct protected, ideological discussions.

    Part of the plan, was the $6.5 billion dollars sent to US universities by China.


    This weird country killing, Left-wing ideology is not random madness. This stuff was created to destroy our countries. The Left now have weaponized fake caring like ideas, created to make chaos, not to solve problems.

    What does open borders create? Massive shanty towns. Does it help failing countries? No, it helps our country fail. What do the Green scams create? Expensive and unreliable electricity


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    “In the end, the left marches through nearly every institution.” – They start by infesting those departments originally known as ‘The Personnel Department’ and now call themselves ‘People and Culture’. They advise management that they must start enforcing sensitivity training programs and reconciliation action plans etc or their public image will suffer. Management agrees, and soon all staff are regularly policed for anything they might say or write at work or after hours.

    They specialise in creating an atmosphere of fear where everyone is scared to discuss anything more than the weather.