“It’s just the flu”: China is locking down 100 million people after 34 new cases with Covid-19

We know everything about Chinese Communist official figures can be adjusted. So we watch what they do, not what they say.

In February, 80% of the entire economy of China was shut down and non-productive. Electricity use was down, coal use was low, container ships sat in ports, and satellite tracking of aerosols showed the air over China was cleaner than it has been, probably for a century. Locking down the nation must have been wildly expensive, and yet the Chinese still behave as if this is a plague and it’s worth doing everything humanly possible to avoid.

They said it was preventable and treatable, only infected the old, and was like the flu. What do they know that they are not saying?

CCP autocrats are known for organ harvesting not for compassion, so we could assume that culling off a few old folk would be deemed “useful” in a nation with older demographics.

They are incompetent, communist management, but they are not stupid. This reaction speaks volumes about how seriously the CCP views Covid-19:

They’ve found 34 new cases and they’re locking down 100 million people

Over 100 Million in China’s Northeast Face Renewed Lockdown

Some 108 million people in China’s northeast region are being plunged back under lockdown conditions as a new and growing cluster of infections causes a backslide in the nation’s return to normal.

In an abrupt reversal of the re-opening taking place across the nation, cities in Jilin province have cut off trains and buses, shut schools and quarantined tens of thousands of people. The strict measures have dismayed many residents who had thought the worst of the nation’s epidemic was over.

People cannot even buy panadol (tylenol) at chemists so they can hide their fever:

… delivery services have been mostly halted and anti-fever medication is banned at drugstores to prevent people from hiding their symptoms. The tension has spread to nearby areas, even if no cases have been reported officially in those places yet.

“Everyone is jittery,” said Wang Yuemei, a pharmaceutical factory worker in neighboring Tonghua

In total since the beginning to the pandemic Jilin province has had only 127 cases. (Officially, anyhow.) This new outbreak may have been seeded from people returning across the border from Russia.

In other news this week China found 11 new cases in Wuhan and decided to test 11 million people.

The Chinese city of Wuhan will test all 11 million residents for coronavirus after a small cluster of cases emerged over the weekend, according to state media.

Six new cases of coronavirus have now been confirmed in the city and a report from a state run media outlet The Paper has claimed authorities will now test all of the city’s 11 million residents within 10 days.

The report refers to the plan as a “10 day battle”, with each district responsible for testing its local residents.

It’s just the flu.

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    They’ve found 34 new cases and they’re locking down 100 million people …

    Yes, this is a problem, only one great power is taking it seriously — the one which released it. So as I pointed out two days back, who is it that by default runs barter-town, after Jan 2021 inauguration, if the USA has over 5 million active cases, but China has almost but not quite none?


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    At 28 million, Australia size, Jilin’s longest international border is with North Korea, the place with no cases of Wuhan Flu. And Russia. This is 1800km from Wuhan and maybe 2500km around the Bohai Sea, as far North of Beijing as Wuhan is South.

    Either there is a major outbreak, itself puzzling or North Korea is in real trouble. If you want to pick Vitamin D deficiency, pick North Korea coming out of winter. Below 43 latitude, below Tasmania.


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      The smaller southern border is with Shenyang province. The Chinese government is isolating a pandemic in North Korea. But with only 5 million to Jilin’s 28 million. Something very serious is happening in North Korea.


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        Just as no one believes the figures out of China. The idea that the virus has not even entered North Korea is absurd. We will see all the borders locked and Shenyang and Jinlin are the only borders China has with North Korea. The death toll could be horrendous. And there is more to the Kim Jong Un story. There must be millions of doubles available to cut ribbons.


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          Or Kim Jong Un is alive and he fled as far as he could go without entering China or Russia and he will not fly if he can avoid it. I stayed in a Vladivostok hotel one year and the room opposite had a plaque, Kim Jong Il. It was a terrible hotel.


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    Peter Fitzroy

    ‘It’s just the flu’, attributable to Boris Johnson, Donald Trump, Jair Bolsonaro, and the CCP.


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      Sounds like a list of who’s WHO.


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        … or WHO’s who?


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          Or WHO’s Wu flu?


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            Sceptical Sam

            You need to add Sleepy Joe to that lot:

            On January 31st, when President Donald Trump suspended the entry of all non-US citizens coming from China, Sleepy Joe Biden attacked Trump as racist:

            “This is no time for Donald Trump’s record of hysteria and xenophobia – hysterical xenophobia – and fearmongering to lead the way instead of science,”


            In late January, when the US State Department advised Americans against traveling to China’s Hubei province, Sleepy Joe attacked the announcement saying:

            “the steps (Donald Trump) has taken as president have only weakened our capacity to respond.”


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              Bill In Oz

              That’s exactly why I prophesy that sleep Joe Biden
              When he wins the presidency in November
              Will be so surprised.
              He hasn’t earned the job..
              He’s not worthy of the job.
              But the American people will,
              Having become completely tired of the chaotic response to the virus & disease,
              Vote for “Anything but TrumP’ Please God !


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                Can’t agree. The people who voted for Trump will vote for him again. According to the media, Trump stole the election. They will not be kinder this time. And Hollywood is just hysterical. However it is the Democratic governors who are locking the people up, not Trump. And socialist Pelosi’s $3Trillion cash give away is a warning of what is to come if the Democrats are elected.

                The election of a Republican Mike Garcia in California last week should worry the Democrats. The Democrats blame everyone but themselves. By elections though are a better indicator than polls of only 1,000 people.

                And Donald Trump has been smeared since the first day. Pelosi and Schumer and Hollywood and the EU and UN said Trump was Xenophobic for closing the border with China. Trump was right. They were wrong. He was right to close the borders with Europe. They were wrong. And he is painting them as the villains in the lock down of all businesses and the stalling of Federal support and even the failed impeachments.

                So if you believe the press, a dead donkey would beat Trump. So they are trying one, hoping the shine from St. Obama rubs off and an octagenarian is President.

                That takes away their only weapons, that Trump is too old, too sexist, too incompetent. And they know it.

                And when they spring a surprise candidate in August who is younger, black if possible and popular, they might sail through the election. Or look like idi*ts to have pushed Biden in the first place.

                The Democrats have backed themselves into an impossible position to avoid having extreme and popular Socialist Bernie Sanders as nominee. As last time, he should have won the nomination. Or they can try Hillary again. Ha!


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                Biden was even totally against the successful attempt on Osama Bin Ladin as too risky and has managed to be on the wrong side of most issues. Trump will have a field day when he is nominated. And on matters of harassment, he has said if you believe Tara Read, you shouldn’t vote for him. Trump will agree.

                The press hypocrisy is breathtaking after the Kavanagh show trial, no matter how the press ignore it. Again, how on earth can he attack Trump as old, sexist and incompetent?

                I cannot see how any who voted Trump will be disappointed but the Democrats do not have a viable candidate and I can see how many will not vote or even vote for a really solidly performing President. It’s Congress which might flip, not Trump. And Garcia is an early warning sign. And Republican Tiffany’s byelection win in critical swing state Wisconsin.


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                And the endless vile attacks on his family and his young son and wife please no one. The first couple are usually fairy tale Camelot Royalty if they are Democrats and the wife of a Democrat President is an icon, Jackie Onassis, Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama. One was nearly made President, despite endless incredibly serious scandals.

                Melania Trump and Barron and his spectacular children have stood up to the Press and are huge assets, despite the endless press attacks. Family people do not like that. Never has a Presidential family been so attacked.

                And we are yet to see how the virus response plays out but Trump has wrong footed them every time with his concern and honesty. And politically the Democrats are still praising China and calling Trump a Xenophobe. That’s a pompous trigger word for racist. It’s not what the people think. Pauline Hanson was right to say, “Please explain”.


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                Bill In Oz

                A prophet says what he sees..Even when it is unappealing.
                In his grave Lincoln cries for his country.


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                Donald Trump is going for a walk next to the lake one day, when he sees Joe Biden floundering about 50 yards from shore – it looks like he’s about to go under for the third time. Quick as a flash, Trump jumps into the lake and runs – yes, RUNS, over to Sleepy Joe, pulls him out of the water and brings him back to shore, walking, yes, WALKING, all the way. Then he wraps Joe up in the jacket off his own back, and sees him safely home.

                As luck would have it, the whole event was recorded by the press, and the headlines said: “TRUMP CAN’T SWIM”.




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                Bill In Oz

                It’s a miracle !


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      Bill In Oz

      Boris knows from his own near death experience that it is NOT the flu.


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        So does every doctor on the planet.


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        Why – a proportion of all cold/flu infections end up with pleurisy/pneumonia, years ago a fit rugby playing friend in his 30s died from flu that way, my mother has life-limiting permanent lung damage from pneumonia. It’s the main way people die of flu. The WHO estimates up to 650,000 respiratory deaths globally each year are associated with seasonal influenza.


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          Yes, the tolerated flu is another corona virus but Wu Flu will beat these figures even with the world in total lockdown, the streets empty and the world’s airfleet grounded. Despite this 330,00 dead already. Hospitals could not cope. People are being buried in mass graves in first world countries.

          You cannot argue that Wu Flu is relatively harmless surely? Without lockdown the number dead would already be in the tens of millions, in a few weeks not a whole year.

          And if you have been following this blog, the way in which it kills people directly is endless, not opportunistic pneumonia. It’s terrifying and it will mutate.

          When we learn how to stop this pandemic, we need to look hard at all the other viruses we tolerate and the death and suffering they bring and whether unchecked mass tourism is worth it with a million Australians a month going overseas and bringing these things home.


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        Yet the statistics seem to be in conflict. (https://wmbriggs.com/post/30862/) It’s all just curiouser and curiouser. God knows where truth lies, but the lies seem to abound. The data is either all crap or there’s something out there in the weeds nobody is talking about.


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      Sceptical Sam

      Now, who was it who said:

      The only people who need masks are those who are already infected to keep from exposing others. The masks sold at drugstores aren’t even good enough to truly protect anyone, XXXXX said.

      “If you look at the masks that you buy in a drug store, the leakage around that doesn’t really do much to protect you,” he said. “People start saying, ‘Should I start wearing a mask?’ Now, in the United States, there is absolutely no reason whatsoever to wear a mask”?


      It was not the President of the USA.


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      Peter, you missed that the CDC in the US started the “just the flu” and “nothing to worry about” meme in January!

      I’m an American, and I didn’t believe the CDC then, And thus, I’m in Auckland, NZ now. I’m a refugee from denial. As Jo writes, believe what China does, not what they say


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    Bill In Oz

    This helps us answer an important question : Is the CCP Wuhan Virus disease seasonal ?
    North Korea & Shenyang & Ji Lin are all well into Spring.
    Yet the virus rages on unabated…
    And despite the no public knowledge that sunlight & Vitamin D3 helps prevent the disease
    The CCP has put the two provinces under lockdown and no one is out in the sun.
    Something does not not make sense here.
    We are missing some pieces of this Chinese puzzle


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    Richard Ilfeld

    Australia in North America:
    We need to be much more granular in how we manage this.
    Nation states, or states, aren’t work very well.
    As of this writing, 40 per cent of US counties haven’t experienced a single death from the virus.
    That’s well over 50% of the land area, but (a guess) 20% of the population.
    Yet many of these counties are shut down.
    In Minnesota, the twin Cities are a disaster relative to the rest of the sate.
    In Michigan, Detroit was a cesspool, the upper peninsula as remote as New Zealand.
    Wisconsin’s south edge is Chicago’s border, and no haven nor are it’s industrial cities, but
    the north woods remain pristine.
    But one size fits all: in this case the clown suit the governors are wearing.
    You’d think, with 90,000 dead nationally, we’d be united against the folks that did this to us, and working
    hard together to save an many folks as possible while maintaining our economy.
    You would be wrong.

    To repeat, over 40 percent of the counties in the United States; over half the land mass, have not seen a single Covid-19
    death and are functioning OK, mostly keep the food supply chain together. I’ll bet there hasn’t been a single international report of that.
    Might not be that long before county sheriffs go to setting up roadblocks; there are already rural towns that won’t let you rent or
    reserve a hotel room if your are from New York. Shhhh!.

    What worked in Tasmania can work in Yeehaw Junction, except it’s politically incorrect to admit to the fact.

    t let yo


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      Bill In Oz

      In Australia the constitutional power & authority are set up in a way that allows the states to act as they have done.
      WA has regions within it’s territory with distinct borders which outsiders are not allowed to cross.
      Other states in Australia have not chosen to go that route perhaps out of a desire to keep things simple.
      But there is a theoretical case for for doing so as many shires in Qld, Vic & even NSW have not had any deaths of infections.
      But in the more remote rural areas & towns the lock downs have not been policed much anyway.
      The police are busy at the state borders and in the big cities.

      What is feasible or constitutionally possible in the USA is beyond my ken or right to comment on.
      But I did read that interstate fights & traffic could not be stopped at states borders for some constitutional reason.


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        It’s exactly the same in the US. Federated states join forces for the major common areas of international trade, customs, defence and taxation which are ceded to a central government. The States look after domestic issues like police, education, health and their own taxation. In the US city mayors often have the power of Premiers and their own police and health. Like Australia, three levels.

        That is why Morrison had no legal authority over the bushfire response but to send in the Australian Army. Nor does he have any direct power over schools or universities or hospitals or police or roads. The Federal power over taxation is a result of the invention of a Federal income tax in the early 20th century. And the State Sales taxes were collected into a single Federal GST only this century.

        And it is why Trump is always attacked and even impeached on international matters where he has exclusive authority. So he is effectively accused of Treason by Congress. The area where the President has real control is in the appointment of Supreme Court judges and the Democrats really hate that, so the absurd televised show trial of respected Judge Kavanagh against zero evidence.

        We had the same thing in Australia with the horrendous show trial and now blatantly illegal jailing of Catholic Cardinal Pell against the word of one man who did not even turn up in court to tell his now incredible story, so incredible it could not have happened. There was a presumption of guilt. Fully supported by the bulk of the Press. So we have the same system.


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    Funny. People still seem to believe the Chinese government is a humanitarian organization. They will do whatever it takes to further their world domination agenda. Including doing what ever it needs to do to continue the hysteria in the West in an attempt to continue the destruction of the West’s economy and social systems. Advertisers call it “pulsing” the market. And it’s obviously working.

    It’s all political now. For example, see this:


    Read it carefully.

    By this time, even the less advanced nations of the EU know who’s at risk, the outlines of how the virus works – all have sufficient facilities to handle any “surge” which even included the initial first wave long before any unproven measures were suggested by the wildly inaccurate and incompetent experts.

    Healthy people simply will not die. This is not The Plague. This is not Ebola. This is not a bullet to the head. For the vast majority it’s a non-event. Those in the labor force without the risk factors will generally not even be aware of exposure or even if they did contract the virus.

    As increasingly reported in a large number of articles written by every perspective from doctors, virologists, epidemiologists, climate skeptics and even The Babylon Bee (mocking the lock downers), the experiment must simply stop. At least before it turns away from simple grumbling, demonstrations and the occasional riot toward by-any-means-necessary.

    For the Paul Reveres of the world, we got it. Made sure the only reason for the dictatorial shuttering of the economy to avoid “excess deaths” due to overwhelmed treatment facilities has been won. Not one nation has been overwhelmed. None will be overwhelmed with a “surge”, or “spike” or “return in the fall”.

    Face two facts:
    1. Nursing homes are places elder humans go to die in the manner of the mythical elephants graveyard. 18 months, on avg (US) from entry to dead. And that doesn’t even include all elders who drop like flies before deteriorating to the point of needing end-of-life care at nursing homes. Just remember, these are not spas but the places where the sickest check in to check out.
    2. If you’re not following a proper lifestyle (low carb-higher fat-moderate protein diet, exercise, avoiding all forms of STDS, not smoking, etc.) you’re going to be in the high risk category which will only increase as you reach elder status.

    Two actions:
    1. Put better entry controls in nursing homes, even install the UVC lights with the intent to not willfully introduce more pathogens than already exist in the human body. Temperature taking of visitors might be useful. Having them wear N95 masks during visits might be useful. But at least do high quality clinical trials and have good evidence based facts for the actions taken.
    2. If you’re not living a healthy lifestyle (ref. low carb, etc) then you’re just going to suffer a premature death. If you don’t like that, then change but society should and will not take extraordinary measures (such as killing economies) to try to avoid what you have done to yourself.

    Just stop attempting to translate anything from China onto the West.


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      Bill In Oz

      Cederhill, I am renaming you.
      Arise “Sir Grim Reaper “.


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      Healthy people simply will not die.

      Yeah, except for when they do.

      21-year-old with no known health concerns dies from COVID-19

      For the vast majority it’s a non-event.

      Deaths = 321,026

      Yup, that’s probably nothing, only 20% of US closed-cases end in death, and only 38% of Belgium closed-cases die.

      Nothing to worry about there.

      And if they weren’t young, hey, then it doesn’t even matter!

      OK … got it.


      • #
        Kalm Keith


        Got that.
        Don’t forget to adjust the “data”, it’s now U 65 1/321,632.
        True data™.


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    The CCP will do whatever is necessary for reputation/propaganda internally and globally no matter how expensive/unnecessary/damaging to its people. The finger is pointing at China, if the numbers stay low, they can just accuse the USA etc. of incompetence. To claim that they can test 11m people in 10 days – which isn’t fast enough and would have to be repeated numerous times anyway, just shows it’s PR nonsense.


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      Bill In Oz

      The CCP has the capacity to demand that all in Wuhan get tested
      And it has the capacity to enforce that demand
      Even if it means everyone lining up in queues at any time of the day or night for days.
      It is that bad.
      Many of us have believed in the myth of the goodness of the CCP since the the 1990’s.
      But it is contaminated by it’s bloody history even since it’s very birth in Shanghai in 1927.
      It’s ideology justifies mass violence and death.
      And it’s cadres are trained in the ‘truth’ of CCP ideology.


      • #

        The Communist Party museum in Shanghai says the first meeting of the CCP was in 1917 – a bit before the Russian Revolution.


      • #

        Tianemen Square. A single young man in street clothes stood in front of a single tank, daring the People’s Liberation Army men inside to run him over. I saw this as it happened. University students during the 1990s posted a poster of this because of the great courage of this symbol. The protesters disappeared, re-educated, imprisoned, or killed.

        Never forget. This is what Xi’s CCP is all about.

        I hear that Douglas Murray wrote at The Spectator about a top level Chinese foreign minister, and what he recently wrote on Chinese social media: Australia is like gum on China’s shoe – time to scrape it off.

        Welcome to China’s New Cold War. They rushed a new US-China trade deal to completion only days or a week or so before Wuhan lockdown. They knew it was coming because the Chinese insisted on an Act of God clause, letting them out of its obligations to buy US goods.


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    Gabriel Pentelie

    From the Bloomberg article:
    “The new cluster is also a reminder that much of China still remains vulnerable to the virus because its first wave of infection was largely confined to Hubei province, where Wuhan is located, thanks to a lockdown that sealed the region off from the rest of the country in January.

    “The majority of Chinese at the moment are still susceptible to the Covid-19 infection” because of a lack of herd immunity, top Chinese epidemiologist Zhong Nanshan told CNN over the weekend.”

    BINGO! Until a therapeutic solution or a vaccine is found, they’ll just be stuck on a “lather, rinse, repeat” type trajectory, opening then locking down, then re-opening then re-locking down, etc.. Sadly that’s the route that Australia and NZ has chosen.


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      Bill In Oz

      China’s border are long – especially with Russia.
      And Russia has encourage Chinese workers to come & work in the Far East region’s cities.
      But those places are now locked down and there is no work.
      They are no longer wanted or welcome in Vladivostok.
      So they are returning any way they can to China.
      A little bit of bribing goes a long way to ease the passage
      And so avoiding quarantine, they carry the disease with them back into China


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        Bill In Oz

        Yet another example of how vulnerable a globalised world makes us.


        • #
          Environment Skeptic

          Corona is the new communism.

          Communism – Wikipedia
          en.wikipedia.org › wiki › Communism
          Communism (from Latin communis, “common, universal”)


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        Gabriel Pentelie

        None of that has anything to do with the fact that, in the absence of a therapeutic or vaccine solution, regional/national lockdowns and such only achieve a temporary delay of the inevitable. At enormous cost. Not just economic, mind you, but medical as well. To wit, in the U.S.:

        “In the U.S. alone, 150,000 new cancer cases arise every month among patients, and most have not been seen; of the 650,000 U.S. cancer patients receiving chemotherapy, an estimated half are missing their treatments. Half of urgent-care patients are not seeking medical attention; two-thirds of physical therapy is not being administered. Transplants from living donors are down almost 85 percent. Emergency stroke evaluations are down 40 percent. And that doesn’t include the two-thirds to three-fourths of people who are skipping cancer screenings, and the more than half of children who are failing to receive vaccinations, all pointing to a massive future health disaster.”
        Link: https://thehill.com/opinion/healthcare/498180-were-risking-national-suicide-if-we-dont-adjust-our-pandemic-response


        • #


          The “it’s inevitable” line — is almost like propaganda it gets repeated so often. Clearly it’s not inevitable in Australia, NZ and likely many other countries.

          Clearly some lucky nations (20 or 30 so far) have the choice to stop it — the question is whether the price is worth it.

          The Chinese CCP seem to think so, and they surely aren’t doing it out of compassion.


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            Gabriel Pentelie

            Declaring that Australia and NZ “stopped it” is like declaring that a castle siege is over because the drawbridges are up.

            There’s only one thing that can “stop” this virus: a vaccine or treatment. Let’s hope that Australia and NZ are lucky enough to be able to continue their “drawbridge” strategy until one or the other arrives and saves the day.


            • #
              Bill In Oz

              The alternative to use your analogy
              Is surrender.
              That’s really unhelpful
              Pas merci.
              Here in Oz we will; take our local advice as it serves us well.


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          Kalm Keith

          It’s often necessary, as you have done Gabriel, to pull back and see the whole picture.

          The “losses” you’ve outlined are real but its weird that people don’t want to go there.

          We are passing through unusual times.



          • #
            Gabriel Pentelie

            “… its weird that people don’t want to go there.

            We are passing through unusual times.”

            Yes, it sure is. And yes, we sure are.


      • #

        Eastern Russia is so far from Moscow that getting anything is so much easier from China and Japan. In Siberia, all the cars are second hand Japanese models built for the other side of the road, which is terrifying when passing as the driver has to ask the passenger if he can pass.

        And supplies from drinks to toilet paper come from China, the other side of the Amur river. They are a lot closer and cheaper and besides, they have toilet paper and food. So the border towns are very busy. I have no idea how it works now, but the trade itself would not stop. It could not. Too many people depend on it.

        It’s never said but fear of sudden horrible death is a good motivator in most countries. In an internet world pictures of dead people in the streets is enough to scare most people. We do not see that graphic reporting in Australia. There is more likely to be a cute dog on page 3.


        • #

          Many drivers in Siberia also have a mirror on the passenger side for looking around trucks. Russian drivers are something else. And the dash cams are needed because of people who wait to throw themselves in front of the cars to get injured. It’s a different world in Russia.


    • #
      el gordo

      ‘Sadly that’s the route that Australia and NZ has chosen.’

      That is incorrect, the south sea bubble won’t see a second wave because we’ll be truly free. Hey look, no saw tooth bro.

      There are calls by the property market to bring back immigration quickly or witness a collapse of the sector, but that is highly unlikely to happen in the foreseeable future.


      • #

        I don’t mind how RE people feel about a price level decline — I hope it sends the majority of them broke (they encourage that all the time for others). And the people who bought into a house which was way too highly priced have ignored the same bitter lessons from 2008 so it’s hard to feel sorry for them 12 years later.

        I’m also OK with banks going broke just like any other business, though I know they never will, not in Australia, we have millions of taxpayers who love the banks so much they’d happily give up their superannuation and family home to make sure the banks get safely to the other side of the apocalypse and make a profit in the process of bankrupting everyone else instead. And at least three major political parties would rush to ensure that no bank could ever suffer a financial loss. It’s probably in the Constitution somewhere.

        And who doesn’t like paying 60% less for a house, and having a mortgage which is that much smaller, and shorter in duration?

        Oh, yeah, the real estate ‘industry’ and the Finance and Insurance sector.

        Low prices bad!


        • #
          Bill In Oz

          Curious ..
          With lower house prices all those Millennials & Gen X folk would be able to afford to buy a house
          Instead of a flat in a high rise.

          Instead of competing with rich Chinese arranging a bolt hole for themselves in Australia from the CCP
          I guess the Re agents have to work out what is the better option.
          But there is more money in selling to rich Chinese.


  • #
    Environment Skeptic

    The content in Jo’s posts is diminishing. An extra paragraph or two would be good.

    Some more detail.


  • #

    Scaring the gullible with big numbers:-

    There’s 400k or more people in care homes in the UK. The BBC feverishly reports 11.600 have died from CV19, it’s a scandal blah blah.
    According to the LSE the average time from entry to a care home to death is under 2.5 years – on average all 400k would be dead within that time, 40% die within a year. With normal flu (e.g. in 2014/15) there was a very similar issue in care homes – flu in care homes used to be called the ‘death hastener’, and as one relative of someone with advanced dementia who had died with CV19 told the BBC, it was a blessed relief.

    Yes again, just like flu.


  • #

    World Health Assembly formally adopts independent review into handling of coronavirus pandemic



    • #
      Bill In Oz

      If it is leading the charge,
      It’s a kay down mezaire
      For the CCP and that silly CCP stooge Adnan from Ethiopia


  • #

    You can’t apply logic to communists.

    It may be “just the flu” AND they still want to probe every anus.


  • #

    More virus, more fentanyl, more corruption, more debt traps.
    China, the friend you wish you’d never met.


  • #

    Whichever strategy is used, the trend of the graphs appears the same (bar South Africa).
    See https://www.covid19data.com.au/overseas-comparisons
    The only differences are the proportions of population affected. And surely at some point or other the whole of the population will be exposed to the virus, so why not get it over with up front, so long as health facilities are not overwhelmed.
    The only arguments against this method are:
    – the possibility of finding a reliable cure or prophylactic;
    – weakening of the virus as it mutates.
    Should we blast the economy for these possibilities? Makes as much sense as Pascal’s wager in relation to climate change.


  • #

    Darkness at noon.
    Mandate of heaven, lost.


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    I can’t believe how many bedwetters there are about this covid thing on a climate skeptic blog. The CDC just admitted the lock down in the US was a mistake and in all their scenarios this is comparable or less dangerous than seasonal flu. Which means it’s a big nothing because we know in the US the mortality numbers are total bs. It was probably in NY and the west coast for a couple of months and no one even noticed. So disappointed. smh