Earliest recorded snow event in Western Australian history

Remember when climate modelers told us fossil fuels cause longer snow seasons?

No neither do I.

Albany, snowboarding, earliest snow, WA, 2019.

Albany, snowboarding, earliest snow, WA, 2019. | ABC Facebook

It is the earliest recorded snow event in a calendar year in the state’s history. Statistically, we can tell how anomalous this is by the behaviour of the local wildlife – seen snowboarding in shorts on the driveway in Albany. (Even going across the road). It’s possible this is the longest snowboard ride in the state’s history too. Though technically it is hail-boarding.

See snowboarding in Albany Western Australia

For foreign readers, WA (Western Aust) doesn’t have a snow season. Last regular snow was probably circa 20,000BC.

The ABC reports:

BOM forecaster Matt Boterhoven said snow was an extremely rare occurrence in April.

“It’s exceptional. We’ve only recorded once, in the last 100 years, snow as early as this on top of the Stirling Ranges,” he said.

“It’s related to a very strong cold air mass moving over the south-west of the state, so when conditions get below freezing and there’s precipitation, snow can form on top of Stirling Ranges.”

Mr Boterhoven predicted further snow flurries were possible into Saturday morning — something which came to pass overnight.

ABC on facebook

We all know this is weather not climate. We also know that if this was the earliest heatwave of the season it would be “proof of climate change” on the ABC.

Bluff Knoll, where the snow is, is a five hour drive from Perth. In WA snow is so rare we have “snow chasers”. Reportedly “dozens” of people are headed there to see the snow. Dozens!

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    robert rosicka

    more evidence of globull warming .


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    Is Al Gore visiting there?


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    This is just a “climate denier” snow job. ( Sara)


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    In the Stirling Ranges men are still wearing shorts, less than six weeks from the start of winter.

    “It’s worse than we thought. Soon children will not know what long pants are for,” commented Mads Beethoven of the Campaign against Wrongthink.

    Fixed it for you, ABC!


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      Greg in NZ

      Not only, mo-mo: “Western Australia’s south-west received an unexpected surprise on Good Friday, with snowfall on Bluff Knoll in the Stirling Ranges”, wrote some abc dingbat [bold mine]. Funny how some of us head-in-the-sand unbeliever deeeniers could see this coming a week ago, while only media / experts (?) were ™caught by surprise™, ie. standard issue excuse for the too hot to snow anymore crowd. Huzzah! Snow time in W.A. – for the fun of repeating it again – the earliest recorded snow event in a calendar year in the state’s history! Hehe…


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        Greg in NZ

        Poor little Greta Action Girl may really have something to cry about soon:


        “EASTER WEEKEND SNOW UPDATE!… At this stage it looks like up to a total of 35cm of snow may fall… Drakensberg and parts of Lesotho between Sunday night and Tuesday afternoon… AfriSki in Lesotho shows a projected total of up to 25cm”.

        That’s rrrrright, bru’, South Africa – possibly its earliest snowfall EVAH!!! Extinction Rebellion nongs will be hex-ploding (hope they clean up after themselves). Hehe…


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          Greg in NZ

          Update on South Africa’s calamitous, catastrophic, crisis-inducing heat wave snow storm this weekend (click on original link in previous post above to refresh) –

          “The snow quantity has increased somewhat since we posted our previous map, and looks to continue now through until Tuesday night. It appears that a total of between 28cm and 58cm of snow will fall on the highest peaks in the northern, central and southern Drakensberg and parts of Lesotho between Sunday night and Tuesday night”.

          Let’s round that out to half-a-metre of freezing fluffy freshies for S. Africa in April (over one-and-a-half feet in ye olde imperial measurement). Who will think of the springbok! And the springboks’ springboks!!! Will David Attenbollocks’ team be there to film them as they leap off cliffs only to fall and bang their heads on the icy slopes below… oh nose… que horror!

          P.S. Andrew McRae – as an ancient Goofy with a penchant for back-country chutes (who avoids, at all costs, man-made structures such as half-pipes, rails, gnarly dude sweet jumps – and the knuckle-dragging baggy-pants doof-doof lingering thereabouts) I heartily agree with your most well-written and hugely hilarious sentiment below… Naturals suck. 🙂 Keep writing, that was a hoot!


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      Andrew McRae

      This is all part of the predicted Global Weirding of climate.
      Instead of snowboarders becoming extinct in their current ranges, it means snowboarders are migrating away from warm areas to escape climate change. Species usually seen in Thredbo may now appear as far west as Albany. But their instinct for self-preservation does not absolve our climate sins. Man-made objects like roads, cars, and fences can interfere with the migration paths used by snowboarders. We can help these creatures in their journey by locating raised or rough surfaces and building a “sweet jump” in front of it. Migrating snowboarders can also behave erratically, and if one approaches closely the experts say it is best to stand upright and shout “watch where you’re goin’ ya maniac”.

      There is also the possibility of different species of snowboarders that used to remain apart, such as Naturals and Goofies, to be brought into contact with each other as a result of climate-induced migration. This causes increased competition for resources such as half-pipes, chutes, skier chicks, and “that really handy spot in the board rack right in front of the cafe, bro”. Indeed such contact is likely to become violent as, by definition, Naturals and Goofies rarely see eye-to-eye.

      Scientists have long lobbied for increased funding for projects to track the movements and behaviour of migrating snowboarders. Grants committees have so far denied these applications on the basis that the snowboarders seem to be uploading GoPro recordings 10 times a day plus every one of them has an RFID tag on their arm already.

      While it is of course settled science that man-made CO2 has caused recent snowboarder migration, there are different theories as to which concentrations of CO2 are the most optimal for this species. Studies show each snowboarder has a unique preferred type of environmental carbon dioxide, ranging from Red Bull and Mother through to “V” and beer. When given a free choice between 280, 320, or 360ppm of CO2, most snowboarders will respond with “Three sixty, nah mate I can do a 720”, which has prevented reaching firm conclusions.

      Only with concerted global effort can we save these magnificent creatures from our short-sighted actions.


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      Roy Hogue

      I would never have the nerve to call myself or my organization, “…the Campaign against Wrongthink.” How do people get that big an ego?

      Not that Ms. Beethoven is anything new, we have our share of them too but they come much higher up the food chain, U.S. Representatives and well known news anchors and so-on.

      Sorry for mentioning it but if you thought the release of the Mueller report ended anything you should fasten your seat belt again. Fortunately Campaign against Wrongthink is small potatoes.


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    Brian the engineer

    How about!

    A Anthropogeni
    B Bullshite
    C Company


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    el gordo

    The subtropical ridge has lost its intensity.



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      Bill in Oz

      For the less edificated amongst us EG,
      Would you please offer a little more explanation ?

      PS : Lovely pretty drawing !


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        el gordo

        Throughout the hiatus the high pressure ridge in the southern hemisphere was intense, but in July 2017 it lost its intensity and has remained in that mode ever since.

        When it was intense BoM trumpeted that it was a sign of global warming, now that it has lost its intensity I’m saying global cooling has begun.


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      I’m surprised that warm patch of water off Perth has suddenly disappeared and there is now a lot of cold water around the SW of WA, extending all the way into the Bight.


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    good. I just came here to post this:

    18 Apr: ScienceAlert: A Genius First-of-Its-Kind Device Has Created Electricity From Snowfall
    Based upon the principles of the triboelectric effect, in which electrical charge is generated after two materials come into contact with one another, the researchers’ new technology exploits the fact that snow particles carry a positive electrical charge…
    “Snow is already charged, so we thought, why not bring another material with the opposite charge and extract the charge to create electricity?” explains chemist Maher El-Kady from UCLA, and also CTO of a research company called Nanotech Energy…

    ***While the amounts of electricity created in the testing experiments weren’t huge, the researchers say it would be easy to build the snow TENG into solar panels in the future – helping them generate electricity during snowy weather, when their solar efficiency is otherwise diminished or negated.

    Given some 46 million square kilometres (about 17.8 million square miles) of Earth’s surface receive snowfall each year, there’s a huge opportunity to scale up the technology, which could also one day be used to do things like power wearable technology, or be incorporated into biomechanical tracking sensors…
    The findings are reported in Nano Energy (LINK)…

    19 Apr: Accuweather: In case you missed it: Deadly tornadoes wreak havoc across southern US; 5 inches of snow coats Chicago
    A blast of winter hit Chicago over the weekend, dropping more than 5 inches of snow in the city.
    Winterlike weather spread across Illinois, Missouri, Indiana and Michigan. The 5.3 inches in Chicago made April 14, 2019, one of the top-two snowiest days this late in the season.
    It was certainly enough to disrupt travel, canceling more than 400 flights at Chicago O’Hare alone…

    19 Apr: Chandler Caller: Snow forecast for Scotland this week in chilly start to April
    by Staff Contributor
    Scotland has been told to prepare for April snowfall this week by the Met Office…
    According to Met Office forecaster Craig Snell, the rest of the week will be distinctly chilly, with remote areas of Scotland and Wales seeing temperatures fall to as low as -5C at night and the mercury in other areas hovering around freezing…

    19 Apr: KTUU: More snow predicted for Easter than Anchorage saw on Christmas Day last year
    Roads are in bad shape after overnight snow that continues into Friday morning and afternoon, and it’s not over yet…

    19 Apr: KTUU: From Anchorage to Fairbanks, April snow is causing havoc on roads

    19 Apr: Accuweather: Iran to Afghanistan, Pakistan to face new round of dangerous thunderstorms next week
    By Kristina Pydynowski
    Before sparking severe thunderstorms, the storm is expected to bring late-season snow to the mountains from eastern Turkey to northern Iran this weekend.
    “The cold, late-season storm will dump up to 30 cm (a foot) of snow in some of the higher mountains of eastern Turkey and across Armenia, Azerbaijan and northern Iran,” according to Houk.
    Houk stated that accumulating snow is expected at levels generally above 1,600 meters (5,500 feet) in the north and at or above 2,000 m (7,000 feet) in the south…


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    We all know this is weather not climate

    Unless it’s hot weather, then it’s climate


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    Greg in NZ

    For some reason this is in moderation at 4.1.1 so just a brief post as I’m out soon: 25 to 35 cm snow for Lesotho and the Drakensberg this Easter weekend… that’s right, South Africa. Could it be the earliest snowfall EVAH! there as well?



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    Travis T. Jones

    “A few years ago, talking about weather and climate change in the same breath was a cardinal sin for scientists.

    Now it has become impossible to have a conversation about the weather without discussing wider climate trends, according to researchers who prepared the Australian Climate Commission’s latest report.

    The tumbling of records had prompted conversations in the scientific community to turn a corner, he said.

    Previously, ”weather is not climate” was the mantra, but now the additional boost from greenhouse gases was influencing every event.

    It might even be the case that the mantra chanted after every catastrophic weather event – that it can’t be said to be caused by climate change global warming, but it shows what climate change global warming will do – has become a thing of the past.”

    – Will Steffen, the report’s lead author and director of the Australian National University’s Climate Change Institute.


    Yes, weather is now climate.


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      However, as we found a couple of days ago, weather forecasts are not accurate for more than 7 days into the future whereas climate change can be predicted with 100% certainty for 2030 and 2050.

      On the other hand, weather events that become climate change are not called climate change until some record is broken, even if the previous record was based on adjusted data or a change of site or both, for example, the earlier record was achieved using old equipment so the data is adjusted to what the temperature would have been using the up to date equipment.


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    From the ABC:
    ‘A strong cold front hit the region on Friday, bringing a cold pool of air generated from Antarctica behind it’

    It’s a good thing Antarctica is warming, otherwise it would have been a lot colder! 🙂


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    It often snows up on Bluff Knoll in winter, and it has snowed up in the Perth hills in my lifetime. Back in 2002/2003 a large part of the lower SW was covered in snow for a few days. Interesting to see Clive and Kate’s pictures of Friday’s snowfall up on Bluff Knoll.


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    people should send pics of snow!

    VIDEO: 1min14sec: 20 Apr: Bloomberg: NASA Scientist (Dr Lesley Ott, NASA meteorologist) On Climate Change
    NASA wants to predict climate change by piecing together “complex, interconnected pieces” of data from special satellites and your #PictureEarth submissions…

    XR are stupid wherever they appear:

    20 Apr: Maori TV: Blocked roads and angry drivers at climate change protest
    By Jessica Tyson
    Drivers were furious after being blocked by activists from the Extinction Rebellion movement protesting at an intersection in Mission Bay, Auckland, today…
    It was one of seven protests happening around Aotearoa today, in a bid to raise awareness about climate collapse.
    Vegan Chris Huriwai told Te Ao, “We’re here today to raise awareness for the crisis that is climate change and we’re willing to do what it takes until people start listening to us.”

    At the intersection in Mission Bay, up to 40 people walked out on the road at a time holding signs to voice their messages. In response, drivers beeped their horns and shouted in anger…

    Environmentalist Hirini Reedy of Ngāti Porou was also there…
    “I came to Mission Bay for coffee and to support this event. I’m all about protecting our seas, forests and, more importantly, the birds.”…


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      Roy Hogue

      NASA wants to predict climate change by piecing together “complex, interconnected pieces” of data from special satellites and your #PictureEarth submission…

      They might as well try it. What have they to lose from trying another method of guesswork?


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        Alarmists live in a computer model generated climate. The models continually diverge from observations and always showing more warming than occurs, but they still believe them and get up on their hind legs and howl their of warning and despair that we are on the verge of climate doom. GIGO has no meaning for them.


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      Greg in NZ

      Pat, more lunacy from the streets of Wellington: “There’s going to have to be a drastic restructuring of the economy and the way society works… We want government to admit that there is a crisis and that something urgent needs to happen”. Crisis? What crisis! [apologies to Supertramp]


      May I suggest placing these * * * * on a raft made of recycled plastic bags and pushing them off out to sea (with a gift of vegetables to keep them company). Gaia will look after Her own, won’t She/He/It/They/whatever? If they miss Pitcairn Island then Rapanui / Easter Island’s a bit further out… there’s always Isla Róbinson Crusoe in the Juan Fernández islands off Chile – could be a lovely place for their 97% nightmare dystopia.


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    from govt-owned Aljazeera in Qatar – the biggest exporter of liquid gas in the world:

    20 Apr: Aljazeera: Climate change: Is an economic overhaul needed?
    We debate the solutions with the founder of the Sunrise Movement, CEO of Christian Aid and a leading climate scientist.

    And what role does the world economic structure play in perpetuating the crisis?
    In this week’s Arena, we debate these issues with ***renowned climate scientist James Hansen, climate activist and cofounder of the Sunrise movement, Varshini Prakash and Amanda Mukwashi, CEO of the global NGO Christian Aid


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    from Qatar – the biggest exporter of liquid gas in the world – more PR for CAGW protests:

    20 Apr: Aljazeera: Climate change protests call for action across Europe
    The protests that began in London on Monday are spreading, aiming their actions at multinational companies with government links.


    Al Jazeera’s Jonah Hull reports from London.


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    don’t laugh.

    19 Apr: CBS: Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber and Snoop Dogg join Lil Dicky for “Earth” video
    By Sophie Lewis
    Comedian and rapper Lil Dicky just dropped an epic animated music video to highlight the issue of climate change, featuring more than 30 A-list stars, including Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Snoop Dogg, Kevin Hart and Halsey. The song and video were created to raise awareness and money for environmental causes…

    The video ends with a cameo from actor and environmental activist Leonardo DiCaprio, recreating the iconic “I’m flying” moment from Titanic — but rather than holding Rose, he’s holding the Earth. Lil Dicky, whose real name is David Burd, partnered with the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation to choose which nonprofits to donate to…

    According to DiCaprio, a portion of the proceeds from the song and video will go towards a variety of climate change nonprofits including Solutions Project, the Shark Conservation Fund, the Global Greengrants Fund, the Quick Response Fund for Nature and the Carbon Cycle Institute. “It’s all about saving the Earth,” Burd told Ellen Degeneres. “There’s an environmental crisis going on right now.”


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    behind paywall:

    Universities need scientists of Peter Ridd’s calibre
    The Australian-22 hours ago


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    don’t laugh #2.

    20 Apr: ThomsonReutersFoundation: Fighters for women, LGBT+ rights, climate make most-influential lists
    by Ellen Wulfhorst
    Feminists, fighters for LGBT+ rights and foes of climate change took the public spotlight on Thursday, named to annual lists honoring leadership and influence compiled by U.S. publications Time and Fortune.

    Named to both lists were Sweden’s Greta Thunberg, a climate change student activist who inspired global protests, and U.S. venture capitalist Aileen Lee who helped launch the All Raise nonprofit to champion women in the tech industry.
    Each year, Fortune publishes a list of the world’s 50 greatest leaders, while Time puts out a list of the 100 most influential people…

    “These leaders take action before others do, leading from out front, where the risk is often dire and their own future least certain,” Fortune wrote…

    Time also celebrated Hoesung Lee, chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, an international scientific agency, for work against global warming…


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    20 Apr: BusinessInsider: We’re altering the climate so severely that we’ll soon face apocalyptic consequences. Here are ***9 last-ditch ways we could hack the planet to reverse that trend.
    by Aylin Woodward
    Here are ***11 strategies researchers have put forth to hack the planet and combat climate change…

    what would Aylin know about climate? nothing?

    Twitter: Aylin Woodward, Science and environment reporter at @businessinsider. UCSC SciSlug & Dartmouth ’15. Skates with @gothamderby as Yeti or Not, Here I Come #221. Tweets my own!


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    waiting for IPL cricket to start tonite, I accidentally caught some of a docu on SBS called “Mediterranean from Above”.
    full of CAGW, nihilistic rubbish, made by this guy:

    Aug 2018: SBS bags Arthus-Bertrand docs
    Yann Arthus-Bertrand’s Bangladesh: Climate Change
    Asia-Pacific pubcasters including SBS in Australia have acquired a series of blue-chip documentaries directed by French photographer, journalist, reporter and environmentalist Yann Arthus-Bertrand.

    The From Above series includes Morocco From Above, Algeria From Above, Mediterranean: A Sea for All and Bangladesh: Climate Change, all of which are produced by Arthus-Bertrand’s indie Hope Productions.

    The programmes have also been picked up by CCTV 9 in China, PTS (Taiwan), TVB (Hong Kong), VTV (Vietnam), True Visions and TPBS (both Thailand), and RTB (Brunei)…

    Wikipedia: Yann Arthus-Bertrand
    Yann Arthus-Bertrand FRSGS is an environmentalist, activist, journalist and photographer. He has also directed films about the impact of humans on the planet. He is especially well known for his book Earth from Above (1999) and his films Home (2009) and Human (2015). It is because of this commitment that ***Yann Arthus-Bertrand was designated Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Environment Programme on Earth Day (April 22, 2009)…

    On 1 July 2005, he founded the international environmental organisation GoodPlanet, and set up the programme Action Carbone to offset his own greenhouse gas emissions generated by his helicopter transports. Since then this program has evolved to help people and companies to reduce and offset their climate impact by funding projects on renewable energies, energy efficiency and reforestation…

    Since then, the organisation has been involved in several projects:
    School posters: posters are distributed for free in every French school on a different environmental theme each year (sustainable development in 2006, biodiversity in 2007 and energy in 2008)…
    In 2006, he launched a series of documentaries called Vu du ciel (Seen from Above) for the French public channels…


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    20 Apr: BrisbaneTimes: Peter Hartcher: A climate reckoning is coming to our political hothouse
    All indications are that Australia is heartily sick of the “climate war”. In the decade that the “war” has raged between the political parties, the country has been harmed and opportunity lost. Australia, an energy superpower, now has the most expensive electricity in the world.

    The power grid has become so unstable that the energy market operator says it is intervening in the market every day “to keep the lights on”. If it handn’t, we would have celebrated Australia Day with mass blackouts across Victoria and South Australia.

    And no, despite the public impression of such things, it wouldn’t have been because of renewable energy. “The contribution from coal generation was significantly less than expected and renewables was slightly more than expected” thanks partly to breakdowns in Australia’s ageing coal-fired generator fleet, in the words of the Australian Energy Market Operator…

    And the eminent economist Ross Garnaut points out that there is mind-boggling potential for Australia’s post-carbon economy. Australia, says Garnaut, could be the world’s “renewable energy superpower” because of the abundance of its resource…
    This potential is almost entirely unmentioned in the Australian debate. Garnaut is delivering a series of lectures to develop the idea in the coming weeks…

    “Some have warned of the risk of a sudden shift to a new ‘hothouse’ version of the earth,” writes the FT’s Matthew Green. “In this alien home, it is unclear how organised human life would survive.”…


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      In the decade that the “war” has raged between the political parties, the country has been harmed

      err, may I ask how?


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    Meanwhile here in the States low soil temperatures and lots of rain are preventing farmers from prepping fields and planting in most of the corn belt. This year like last, planting will be late for most. https://agfax.com/2019/04/18/corn-here-we-go-again-how-long-to-plant-the-u-s-crop/


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    graham dunton

    It should make all the snowdrops happy


  • #

    This is the first time I have been on this site. Quite a few comments and posts suggest something other than CO2 is the driver behind the recent warm period but no one has come up with alternatives. However, its really quite simple, deplete the ozone layer (CFC’s = chlorofluorocarbons did this starting in small way after WWII but accelerated greatly in the 1965-1970 period coincident with the most recent warming). When this happens high energetic UVB radiation penetrates the earth’ atmosphere and warms the earth’s surface including the oceans as it penetrates to a depth of 60 metres or so of the oceans and is completely absorbed. CFC’s deplete ozone most at the poles because of the reacton of CFC’s on the surface of stratopheric ice crystals when hit with UVB radiation releases free chlorine. Since one chlorine atom catalyzes the destruction of 100,000 ozone molecules, the ozone layer is progressively destroyed. Since stratopheric ice crystal clouds form predominantly in the polar regions, the polar regions show the highest degree of ozone depletion and consequently show the most warming – about 3xto 4x that in the equitorial regions. “Since CO2 from any source is rapidly distributed, the CO2 concentration of the atmosphere is nearly equal over the entire planet, CO2 does not explain this phenomena. However, the climatic effects volcanic volcanic eruptions can explain this fact. Volcanic eruptions inject large amounts of volcanic ash and aerosols (CO2 > SO2 > HCl > HF > HBr > HI)” into the atmosphere. Volcanic eruptions with an explosive index (VEI) of <5 (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Volcanic_Explosivity_Index) don’t inject any material into the stratosphere and the released CO2 represents only a small addition relative to the atmosphere’s global CO2 budget. However, significant amounts of the released halogen gases can ultimately migrate into stratophere where they can significantly deplete the ozone layer. Rift-related or oceanic hot spots are characterized by basaltic eruptions that even when large in volume almost always are VEI <5 (Iceland and Hawaii or rift-related or failed-rift related Large Igneous Province eruptions like the Siberian Traps, Deccan Traps, or North Atlantic Large Igneous Province (Paleocene Thermal Maximum) for example) don't inject ash or SO2 directly into the stratophere. Arc-related and back-arc volcanic ignimbrite eruptions, however, do. So the atmospheric and climatic effect of the two different eruption styles are different. In basaltic eruptions, the ash settles out quickly and the SO2 released into the troposphere is quickly scrubbed out via rainfall. However, the halogen gases are not scrubbed out as efficiently and enough migrates into the stratophere over the next several years to cause ozone depletion, increasing UVB and warming the earth. On the other hand, arc-related explosive eruptions with VEI 5 or greater inject large quantities of ash and the same gases directly into the stratisphere. In even these eruptions the ash settles out quickly and has no long term effect on climate. However, the SO2 and halogen gases remain in the stratophere. The halogen gases cause immediate ozone depletion which dominates the early climatic effects for 1-6 months after the eruption and causes initial warming. Over the next year the SO2 reacts with H2O to form sulfuric acid which gradually coalesces into droplets that in about a year form sulfuric acid droplets large enough to scatter and reflect enough sunlight to cool the earth, overcoming the ozone depletion warming effect for several years as was the combined effect from the Mt Pinatubo (1991 – Philippines, Mt Hudson – 1991, S Chile) eruptions. Wikipedia describes the combined Mt Pinatubo and Mt Hudson eruptions as having the following effects (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mount_Hudson):

    "In addition to the ash, a large amount of sulfur dioxide gas and aerosols were ejected in the (Mt Hudson) eruptions. These contributed to those already in the atmosphere from the even larger Mount Pinatubo eruption earlier in the year and helped cause a worldwide cooling effect over the following years. Ozone was also depleted, with the Antarctic ozone hole growing to its largest levels ever recorded in 1992 and 1993."

    This Mother Nature experiment, as has the inadvertant human CFC experiment, provided one of the answers to what causes climate change – both warming and cooling, but since most climatologists are ignorant about the different character of different styles of volcanic eruptions they just repeat the polically acceptable mantra "CO2 causes global warming" because otherwise their research proposals won't get funded and their careers will be trashed (Everybody has families to feed and educate).

    Now, this is Dr. Peter Langdon Ward's thesis, not mine. To me it makes the most sense and has the most ducks in a row. Dr. Ward is a retired USGS geologist and geophycist with a PhD from Columbia University who has managed large USGS research programs evaluating seismic and volcanic hazards and was at Clark Air Force Base when Mt. Pinitubo erupted. For those interested, you can get more details regarding this proposed explanation at Dr. Ward's website: https://WhyClimateChanges.com where you can find a downloadable 8 page pamphlet describing the evidence supporting his hypothesis as well as his more detailed book published in early 2016, His 2016 lecture at the Geologic Society of America Sept, 2016 Annual Mtg in Denver, CO is available on YouTube. I've met him and have his book. He is a serious scientist. As mentioned elsewhere on this website, it only retired, reputable scientists that are freely able to espouse new ideas rather than just repeat the IPCC CO2 mantra. Repeat the mantra and the holy priest of the IPCC and EPA shall see that your research projects get funded.

    Now, are volcanic eruptions the only way to deplete the ozone layer. No, way! There are other possibilities:

    1) A direct hit from a large solar proton event (SPE), larger than the 1859 Carrington event, can also deplete and even destroy the ozonelayer. Astronomical observations indicate that when a star moves through an interstellar dust cloud, it becomes much more active and solar flares become much more common. This likely happened during the Younger Dryas, See: LaViolette, P. A. Earth Under Fire: Humanity's Survival of the Ice Age. Rochester, VT: Bear and Co., 2005; first edition published 1997. (Also in Italian and Russian). And: If you google Solar Proton Events, it will return a long list of references

    2) A large meteorite impact would also deplete the stratospheric ozone layer. See: https://www.sciencealert.com/13000-years-ago-gigantic-fires-consumed-the-world-causing-ice-age. This has been proposed from a Younger Dryas warming then cooling event at 12,800 BC. The Chicxulub impact at 65Ma would have had even more dramatic effects

    3) This is unlikely to be the final list of possibilities.

    Hope this gets you all downunderers on the right track. To defeat the global warmologists and their globalist socialist agenda, the real answer has to be publicized and become a focus for climate change research.

    PS: Of course the are also longer term and cyclical climate changes related to orbital cycles and perturbations, not to mention changes in solar output.


    • #

      MagmaHombre, thanks. Nice description and I’ll check out the site. I’ve passed it on to David E. I like your description of two different volcano types.Ozone does seem to be an important molecule. See Stephen Wildes hypothesis. We think the answer lies more in solar effects than volcanoes but obviously volcanoes make a big difference. I’ll follow up.


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    JoNova readers, the Teenage Super Sleuths have started a video series on Global Warming. It is part entertainment, action, drama, comedy, education, and science. Please visit their site and show them support for their efforts, and share their videos with any grade school age child that you know. Here are some links to their newest videos. Please pass them on and leave supporting comments so the kids keep up the good work.


    Main Site:


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    Please don’ stop emissions reduction now, the warming is slowing.



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    Rod McLaughlin

    “For foreign readers, WA (Western Aust) doesn’t have a snow season.”

    Thanks for the tip. I won’t go there for my Christmas ski break.