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Can you spare a few dollars to help with site maintenance?

UPDATED: Good news. Today’s comments issue has been resolved. Apologies for those who tried and couldn’t. Thanks especially to Andrew B for his brilliant IT help!  The site needs more work to be future-proofed so we can avoid these glitches. Any dollar support you can help out with will go toward that.  Thank you to those who have already chipped in today. : -) Much appreciated. — Jo


There’s an issue with comments this morning. Apologies! Thanks to everyone emailing in to let me know. I’m working on it. I will keep posting and hope to restore new comments as soon as possible.

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In paypal, due to strange Australian rules, people are only permitted to “Buy” me as many $1 units of emergency chocolate support as they would like. All help big or small, gratefully received.

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Apologies, the GBP button seems to only do AUD. :- (  Sigh.

A big thank you to all the people who make this site possible.

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23 comments to Can you spare a few dollars to help with site maintenance?

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    Wish it could be more, but circumstances.


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    Frederick Davies

    The UK PayPal link now shows something, but it is in Australian Dollars rather than GBP.



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    Can do . . . .



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    Thanks for everything you do Jo. Your site helps keep me sane. Done.


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    Thanks, Jo. Happy to give you all the help I can. You are at the top of my list! Sorry it is not more.


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    Paid $25.

    Keep up the good work!


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    Grateful for your existence.


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    A single pensioner here, thus not a lot of spare money to go around.

    Still the question is not, can I afford a little, but how much can I do?. Thinking about my grand kids future it is not can I help, but can I afford not to help.

    I don’t know how you manage to keep it up, but you have my little help, & my very large gratitude for the work you do.


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    For christ sake rectify your method of payment receival system – it still doesn’t bloody work.

    [Maurie, did you mean the UK button? Thanks for your comment. I have – I think – repaired that.- Jo]


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    Small donation.

    I appreciate your work. I’m a lurker, don’t post much, or may be never before.


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    For some reason the GBP button has always been persnickety. It hangs lower, but if I try to change that position, it breaks. The mystery…

    It should be working again.

    Thanks to everyone who is helping out.


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    Don A

    Glad to help Jo, even if only a little. Keep pushing the “CO2 is NOT the problem”
    Surely that would cut the head off the snake.


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    Dear Jo…
    jest so you know,
    I am broke as
    a whistle, tax
    gatherer’s stuff,
    but ASAP, I’ll respond,
    chocolate,ooh, such
    essentia … food fer
    the brain, needed ter
    withstand the propaganda

    All the best!

    Beth! Great contribution. Thank you! :- ) — Jo


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    e-ssent-ial ! Serfs … yu know. (


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    Done! 🙂


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    Thank you to everyone who is helping out. I do appreciate it.

    Here’s another try for the persnickety UK GBP button.


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    A few months shy of my 25th wedding anniversary and I bought chocolates for another woman. The shame, the guilt, the remorse! How do I live with that????

    All kidding aside, websites like this speak truth to power. From where I sit in southeast Connecticut, of the good ole USA, this page is in the top 5 globally. You outsnark my daughter, and that’s saying something!