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    Another Ian

    “The New York City Climate Museum… Really?”


    Check out David Middleton on F Moller in comments


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    11 Sept: Washington Examiner: Report: Obama climate change aides in shadow ‘cabinet’ to thwart Trump
    by Paul Bedard
    A shadow government made up of former Obama climate change aides and funded by wealthy environmental advocates is supplementing liberal governors in an “off-the-books” operation to help them win approval of sweeping global warming changes and defy President Trump, according to a new investigative report.

    In it’s “Government for Rent” report, the Competitive Enterprise Institute published dozens of emails detailing the scheme and the efforts by governments to have the activists draw up official state climate change agenda paid for by private donations.

    The report, written by Christopher C. Horner, a senior fellow CEI, focuses on this week’s Global Climate Action Summit hosted by California Gov. Jerry Brown and co-chaired by former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, United Nations representatives, and others, that is being produced by outside interests…
    Emails in the report reveal that the national effort has a potential $50 million pricetag to be paid by wealthy environmentalists such as Bloomberg and Tom Steyer…

    “The documents, obtained through open records requests, show non-profit groups acting as well-compensated pass-through entities for donors to fund climate change work, directly hiring staff and providing other assets, in governors’ offices in California, New York, and Washington,” said CEI.
    In some cases, the shadow cabinet is run in offices directly next to state offices in Washington’s Hall of States complex three blocks from the Capitol…
    See his full report here (LINK)….


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      Bought to you by the born to rule mob, who think they should have their hands on the levers no matter what.


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      Is there not a law against funding individuals, groups, or activities , that are specificly intended to undermine Official Guvernment policies ?
      They may need to be very careful !


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        Dave in the States

        What used to be considered bribery and thievery are standard operating procedure for lefties and greenies all over the world today.


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          I was thinking something more along the lines of “Treason.”….plotting to overthrow a democratically elected Government. !


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    Another Ian

    Help required with translation

    “Anti-Free Speech Arguments Don’t Get Any Weaker Than This”

    Jordan Peterson has drawn attention to a recent blog post that chastises the Ontario provincial government for insisting on free speech on university campuses.

    Would SDA readers please try to translate the author’s gibberish into some semblance of a logical argument? I’ve read the her post twice but truly don’t understand what her actual objection is.”


    Don’t miss the comments


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    Kinky Keith

    Amongst all the current gloom there is some light for the future.

    At least we now have a small but growing number of people recognizing that there are many types of Yoke that the Elites can apply to the plebs and they are getting active.

    Even the usually lethargic Australia has arisen and achieved its own versions of Brexit and Trumpit.

    A small start but we have begun freeing ourselves with Turnit and Bishit.

    The only question is, can we get our money back from the U.N., EEU and Great Big Barrier Reef Foundation.



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      Graeme No.3


      What we are seeing is the disintegration of the Liberal party. It would be patched over if they could win the next Federal election, but a loss will split them forever. The ‘right’ will move mainly to the Conservatives and the ‘waffling wets’ will slowly sink into oblivion.
      A Labor victory would be disastrous, not just for Austalia as for the Labor party itself, as it would force all their traditional supporters to realise that they have nothing in common with the inner city Greens who just want money for their fantasies. They too will find the Conservatives more to their liking.
      We will end up like Greece but will be saved by having ‘our own’ currency, which will plummet in value until it has reversed the cost of renewables and other fantasies. In the meantime life in the depression will be grim, but far more so for the inner city greens as State (and Federal) governments are forced to cut expenditures (and as 56% of the SA budget is cost of public ‘servant’ wages guess where the cuts will be). The political situation will be divided into the Conservatives and the (increasingly desperate and ignored Greens) until the former win and sets about ‘draining the swamp’.


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        Kinky Keith

        Sounds like a miserable outline of the future that I wouldn’t want to face.

        Whatever, we are currently in a mess and we’ve been digging this grave for a long time.

        Getting rid of Malcolm and Jewellery was a great boost and that’s something.

        The next stage of dismantling the enormously burdensome government jobs _ for _ the _ boys public service and especially Climate Commissions and the like will be interesting.

        Will it happen?



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    Another Ian

    An extra for the “It seemed a good idea at the time” list ?

    “Oh My – Canadian Foreign Minister Left NAFTA Negotiations To Attend “President Trump is a Tyrant” Conference…”



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    I have found a more accurate term for the energy produced by wind and solar generators – DUMB ENERGY. The commonly used term for such sources is a misnomer and gives the impression this form of generation is something it is not.

    There is a web site promoting the name and a book using that name:

    “dumb energy” currently gets 43K hits on Google:

    With regular use of the term maybe we can get it to be the more acceptable and precise term for referring to wind and solar energy.


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      Kinky Keith


      In moving away from the current targets of a gender free, environmentally neutral, fair and equitable, carbon sequestered primary agenda.



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      Michael in Brisbane

      I reckon I heard recently that the energy required to construct a solar panel will not be generated in the life of that panel. In other words you can’t use solar power to construct your replacement set of panels.
      Is there any truth in this?


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        I think you answer is it depends who you want to believe, who funded the study, and of course where the panel operates.

        There was another one out of Sweden that said the complete life cycle of an EV produces more of the dreaded co2 than a similar sized ICE car. Yet tou will find other studies showing they “save the planet” Pick a study, any study


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        Industrial processes to make the materials that are used in solar panels require steady power. To get that from solar power you need to factor in energy storage. The lowest cost power supply option is a 50% cost split between storage and generation. In southern Australia that is achieved with a solar capacity factor of 4%. The unconstrained capacity factor in the same location is 16%.

        Those who want to paint a rosy picture will base energy output on the 16% capacity factor or even higher in places with good sunshine. They do not factor in any storage requirement.

        Those who understand industrial process and the need for process stability will factor in storage and base calculations on a realistic capacity factor of 4 to 5%. In this case the panels will not produce enough energy over their life to enable their replication as well as the energy to keep the society renewed such as feeding and educating the next generation.


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        There was a very good study “Energy Return on Energy Invested (ERoEI) for photovoltaic solar systems in regions of moderate insolation” by Ferruccio Ferroni and Robert J. Hopkirk in 2016. Although aimed at their location (Switzerland), it provides useful data for calculations in Australia which has higher insolation.
        This study was refuted by a large group in 2017: same title name, followed by “A comprehensive response”. To me it seemed that this refutation contained far too many errors, and while the original study also had errors, it seemed like the original study made lots of interesting points.
        I believe that it’s worthwhile reading both these papers.


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          Kinky Keith

          Hi Graeme,

          For all the studies, at the moment there is little doubt that Solar Electricity generation is a really good idea but totally impractical at the current level of development.

          Having said that: it is great in non commercial situations like jaywalking and sailing where the only way to recharge communications devices in an emergency, would be solar.

          To extrapolate that to household, commercial and industrial use is not possible.



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            Couldn’t agree more KK. All our school speed limit warning signs are run from solar, and we have isolated communities with mobile phone towers that are totally solar powered. So there are some very good uses of solar out there. But I still don’t believe that batteries will reduce in price sufficiently to function as reasonable-cost backup for home use.


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            Kinky Keith

            Jaywalking arrrr.



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    Amongst all the current gloom there is some light for the future.

    At least we now have a small but growing number of people recognizing that there are many types of Yoke that the Elites can apply to the plebs and they are getting active.

    Even the usually lethargic Australia has arisen and achieved its own versions of Brexit and Trumpit.

    A small start but we have begun freeing ourselves with Turnit and Bishopit.

    The only question is, can we get our money back from the U.N., EEU and Great Big Barrier Reef Foundation.


    Ex mod


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      Forget the idea of getting the money back. If anything we will be paying lots more before the game is up. The globalists have been working very hard for a long time now to make sure we do, and there is no sign of them giving up on their agenda. The vast majority of the people are simply clueless, asleep or don’t give a damn.


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      Kiss the GBR money goodbye. Can you imagine the “dont you want to save the reef ??! response. As if that money is going to do SFA in terms of changing the reefs future.


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        I see where the reef user communities are saying that many parts of the reef are rapidly recovering from any mild bleaching.


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    Mark M

    Runaway global warming hits South Africa particularly hard …

    Spot the snow giraffe



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    Another Ian – comment #5 – has posted a piece with an extraordinary video. it’s a must-watch, at least in part.

    video is a panel discussion at Women in the World Canada summit held on 10 Sept during the latest round of NAFTA talks between US & Canada. the Canadian Foreign Minister mentions the audience heard from Trudeau earlier in the day:

    10 Sept: Global News: Canadian Press: Justin Trudeau to speak at women’s summit in Toronto
    Trudeau and some members of his cabinet are set to take part in the Women in the World Canada summit, a one-day event bringing together politicians, artists, journalists and other high-profile individuals…

    The prime minister, who will be appearing at the summit for a second year in a row, is slated to join the manager of the International Monetary Fund, Christine Lagarde, in a conversation with broadcaster Katie Couric on how the global economy could benefit from tapping into the talents of women.

    Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland, meanwhile, is set to participate in a panel titled “taking on the tyrant” about the global rise of populism and “authoritarian strong men leaders.”…

    Govt of Canada: Update – Foreign Affairs Minister to Participate in Women in the World in Toronto
    Media advisory
    September 10, 2018 – The Honourable Chrystia Freeland, Minister of Foreign Affairs, will participate in a panel for Women in the World in Toronto. She will be joined by Heather Reisman and Masha Gessen.

    Gessen is notoriously anti-Putin.

    Wikipedia: Heather Reisman
    Heather Reisman is a Canadian businesswoman and philanthropist. Reisman is the founder and chief executive of the Canadian retail chain Indigo Books and Music. She is the co-founder and past Chair of Kobo…
    She is the niece of Simon Reisman, who headed the Canadian delegation that negotiated the 1988 Canada-United States Free Trade Agreement…
    Advocacy and politics
    In August 2006, due to differing reactions by the two main Canadian political parties to the 2006 Lebanon War, Reisman withdrew her longtime support for the Liberal Party of Canada and chose to support the Conservative Party of Canada under Stephen Harper…
    Bilderberg Group
    Reisman is a member of the Steering Committee of the Bilderberg Group, and has participated in all its conferences since 2002…
    In 2009, the Financial Times listed Reisman as one of the top 50 businesswomen in the world.

    at around 19mins30secs in the video, Freeland, then Reisman, do their anti-capitalism bits (lol) – it has failed, etc.

    10 Sept: Facebook: Women in the World
    **UPDATE: We’re having technical difficulties with our Facebook livestream. The good news is you can watch the rest of the Canada Summit here: Tune in here: bit.ly/2oXwOg5 **
    Joining us onstage will be Canada’s 23rd Prime Minister the Right Honourable Justin Trudeau, IMF managing director Christine Lagarde, actress, activist Mira Sorvino and director and screenwriter Steve McQueen, author, actress and director Amber Tamblyn, actress Rosamund Pike, actor Jamie Dornan director Matthew Heineman, award-winning journalist and bestselling author Katie Couric, comedian, actor, author Michael Ian Black, physician and ICNA Relief volunteer Dr. Fozia Alvi, journalist Masha Gessen, Academy Award-winning filmmaker Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, the Honourable Chrystia Freeland, Minister of Foreign Affairs, the honourable Maryam Monsef Canada’s Minister on Status of Women.


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    comment in moderation.


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      Another Ian


      Reminds me that way back when Dean Martin was having some problems with the demon alcohol an interviewer supposedly made a comment about him drinking moderately now. Again supposedly the answer was

      “Yes, I keep several cases on hand at all times”


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    I hope the hurricane blows over


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    a huge story the FakeNewsMSM is mostly ignoring or, at best, distorting.
    ABC’s Matt Bevan has done a ton on Trump/Russia, but I doubt if you would learn a thing about the facts if you listened to his entire output:

    12 Sept: ABC: Did George Papadopoulos just go on a Twitter rant about Alexander Downer?
    Russia, If You’re Listening By Matt Bevan
    The owner of a Twitter account that ***appears to belong to former Trump aide George Papadopoulos has gone on a tirade about former Australian foreign minister Alexander Downer.
    The tweets ***appear to be an attempt to undermine Mr Downer and portray him as an opponent of the Trump campaign…

    The tweets make unsubstantiated claims about Mr Downer’s connection to then-British prime minister David Cameron, and says the two discussed Papadopoulos’ connection to energy projects in Israel…
    The tweets also say Mr Downer needs to be “as exposed as Christoper (sic) Steele”.
    The ABC has contacted Mr Downer for comment…

    Christopher Steele? Who’s that?
    Mr Steele is the former British spy who was commissioned (BY WHOM, MATT?) to write the infamous (HOW ABOUT UNVERIFIED, UNCORROBORATED, MATT?) Steele dossier, which made salacious claims about an alleged wild weekend US President Donald Trump had in Russia…

    As to the veracity of the tweets, American cable news network MSNBC, Fairfax and Ten have reported the Twitter account belongs to Papadopoulos…

    What’s the point of going after Mr Downer?
    The May 2016 meeting between Papadopoulos and Mr Downer is one of the most important moments in the entire Trump/Russia investigation.
    Casting doubt on Mr Downer and the reasons for the meeting has become the holy grail for Mr Trump’s legal defence team.
    If they can prove there was something dodgy about Mr Downer, they can potentially invalidate the entire investigation…

    Mr Mueller’s office said Papadopoulos had undermined the investigation and slowed them down.
    They also said Papadopoulos and his wife had given multiple misleading interviews in the media.
    Instead of asking for a lenient sentence, the special counsel recommended jail time.

    Russia, If You’re Listening is an ABC podcast about the investigation into Russia’s interference in the US election.

    what coverage there is is mostly Australian:

    11 Sept: SMH: Matthew Knott: Downer dismisses Twitter rant from ex-Trump adviser, sentenced for lying
    New York: Alexander Downer has distanced himself from a bizarre Twitter tirade launched against him by Donald Trump’s former foreign policy adviser, George Papadopoulos, saying “I’ll leave others to make judgments about the veracity of those tweets”…

    Mr Downer, who is still based in London, but collected an honorary doctorate at the University of Adelaide on Tuesday, made it clear he believed the contents of the tweets to be baseless, and indicated he had not been following the Papadopoulos trial…

    Papadopoulos wrote that Downer had wanted to meet him in London under “incredibly suspicious circumstances”.
    “I found it so odd that Downer, who gained notoriety in Australia for wearing women’s fish nets, invited me to ‘order’ me to stop ‘bothering’ his good friend David Cameron,” Papadopoulos said in a subsequent tweet.
    “And told me my views were hostile to British interests.”…

    In subsequent tweets Papadopoulos suggested Downer was close to the Clintons.
    “So basically, for those paying attention, we have a Clinton friend, connected to the MI6, and private intelligence organisations in London, probing me about my ties to the energy business offshore Israel,” he wrote. “Nothing about the US-Australia relationship…
    “Yet I supposedly told THAT individual about emails. Something I have no recollection ever discussing.”
    A few hours later he tweeted: “The notion that Downer randomly reached out to me just to have a gin and tonic is laughable.
    “Some organisation or entity sent him to meet me.
    “For the sake of our republic and the integrity of this investigation, I think it’s time Downer is as exposed as Christoper [sic] Steele.
    “Would be a very very big problem if British intelligence was weopanized [sic] against an American citizen.”…

    behind paywall:

    Papadopoulos slams Downer in twitter spree
    The Australian – 16h ago

    I didn’t blab to Alexander Downer, says George Papadopoulos
    The Australian – 6h ago

    Papadopoulos slams Downer in twitter spree
    Daily Telegraph – 18h ago
    Papadopoulos slams Downer in twitter spree | Daily Telegraph


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    comment in moderation re: 12 Sept: ABC: Did George Papadopoulos just go on a Twitter rant about Alexander Downer?

    more Australian coverage:

    11 Sept: (Channel) Ten Daily: Ex-Trump Advisor Claims Alexander Downer Is A Spy In Twitter Rant
    by Josh Butler, ten daily Senior News Reporter
    Downer’s bizarre involvement in the case led to widespread amusement in both Australia and overseas…
    Christopher Steele was the former British spy who compiled the so-called ‘Steele dossier’ on Trump for Fusion GPS and their client the ***Democratic National Committee…
    Ten daily has contacted Papadopoulos for clarification on the allegations against Downer…

    12 Sept: SBS: AAP: Downer, Papadopoulos, gin and the file
    George Papadopoulos has taken to Twitter to question Alexander Downer’s motives for setting up their London drinks meeting.
    The Australian newspaper, after interviewing Downer, told a different version.
    It reported “within 48 hours Downer had sent an official cable about what he had heard to Canberra” and “after a period of time, Australia’s ambassador to the US, Joe Hockey, passed the information on to Washington”.

    Wall Street Journal columnist Kimberley Strassel tells a different story.
    Strassel, quoting a “diplomatic source”, wrote “Mr Hockey neither transmitted any information to the FBI nor was approached by the US about the tip”.
    “Rather, it was Mr Downer who at some point decided to convey his information – to the US Embassy in London,” Strassel wrote.
    If that is correct, Downer’s actions could be a breach of diplomatic protocol and adds fuel to theories about Papadopoulos being targeted by intelligence agencies…

    Conspiracy theorists have questioned why Downer reached out to the little-known Papadopoulos in the first place.
    “We didn’t know anything about Trump and Russia and we had no particular focus on that,” Downer, describing his meeting to The Australian, said.
    “For us we were more interested in what Trump would do in Asia.”
    Papadopoulos says he was mystified why Downer set up the meeting.
    “So for the Australian high commissioner to reach out to me out of the blue, considering I had no background whatsoever in the US-Australian relationship, I found it odd I have to say,” Papadopoulos told CNN.

    Papadopoulos added fuel to the theories by taking to Twitter the past 24 hours to question Downer’s motives.
    Papdopoulos’ wife Simona on Tuesday posted a blurry photo of Downer sitting with Stefan Halper, the American foreign policy scholar and FBI source who also reached out to Papadopoulos in 2016.
    “The notion that Downer randomly reached out to me just to have a gin and tonic is laughable,” Papadopoulos wrote.
    “Some organization or entity sent him to meet me.”

    Australian Buzzfeed reporter – rubbish report:

    12 Sept: Buzzfeed: George Papadopoulos Unleashed On The Australian Ambassador Who Snitched On Him
    The former Trump adviser was sentenced to 14 days in prison for lying to the FBI.
    by Josh Taylor
    Downer declined to comment when contacted by BuzzFeed News…
    (FINAL PARA) Downer’s last foray into public life was in support of his daughter’s failed attempt to win back the South Australian seat of Mayo in July. Here he is being caught double dipping a chip at the election night party.


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    foreign media coverage almost non-existent. finally came across the following:

    at least 5 Daily Beast results with different, totally unrelated headings, suggested Daily Beast had something, e.g.

    Remains of Two Servicemen Lost in Korean War Identified
    Daily Beast-14 hours ago
    Former Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos embarked on a bizarre … having “political dirt” on Hillary Clinton, a claim Downer reported back to U.S

    but when I searched it out differently & found it, it was just a linke to SMH:

    11 Sept: Daily Beast: Papadopoulos Suggests British Conspiracy Targeted Trump Campaign
    LINK Read it at The Sydney Morning Herald

    Vice writes something of their own but. after a couple of meaningless paras, you need to click “Read More” to read it and it doesn’t work, so don’t know what they wrote!

    11 Sept: Vice: Greg Walters: George Papadopoulos totally had a meltdown on Twitter last night before heading to prison
    George Papadopoulos totally had a meltdown on Twitter last night before heading to prison

    11 Sept: Daily Caller: Chuck Ross: Papadopoulos Goes After Aussie Diplomat Who Sparked Collusion Probe
    The meeting took place on May 10, 2016 at Kensington Wine Room in London. Days before, an associate of Downer’s named Erika Thompson contacted Papadopoulos requesting the sit-down. Papadopoulos had met Thompson a month earlier through an Israeli diplomat named Christian Cantor…
    Downer’s claims about his interactions with Papadopoulos also ended up in the hands of State Department officials, sources have told The Daily Caller News Foundation…
    A former University of Cambridge professor named Stefan Halper reached out to Papadopoulos in September 2016 with an offer of a trip to London and a $3,000 honorarium to write an academic paper about energy issues in the Mediterranean Sea…

    11 Sept: GatewayPundit: Christina Laila: George Papadopoulos Hammers Clinton-Tied Aussie Diplomat in Tweetstorm: ‘I Hope Alexander Downer is Exposed’
    Papadopoulos told the liberal (CNN) anchors about how he was set up by Obama spy Stephan Halper in London after he was brought on by the Trump campaign.
    He went after Clinton friend Alexander Downer who also set him up and spread lies about their brief meeting in a tweetstorm early Monday.
    Papadopoulos tweeted out on Monday that Downer sought him out and they NEVER ONCE spoke about Russian emails.
    Aussie diplomat, Alexander Downer and deep state spy Stephan Halper are longtime acquaintances…
    Papadopoulos continued his tweetstorm into late Monday evening, slamming the Deep State who set him up and called for Alexander Downer to be exposed…

    TWEET: George Papadopolous: I love the USA and the brave men and women of the FBI that risk their lives to protect us. I made the mistake to lie to them for wish I am ashamed. On the other hand, I did notify them that I thought Downer was recording me with his phone. I hope that was investigated.

    ABC claimed MSNBC verified Papadolopous tweets, but can’t find any MSNBC link on the topic.


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    ***it still needs to be clarified why the withdrawal from Paris wouldn’t go through if Trump ran in and lost the 2020 election, given he would still be in office until January 2021. as we know, Obama was still making decisions during the transition period:

    VIDEO: 2min51secs: 11 Sept: KTVU: Al Gore in San Francisco addressing climate change
    by Tom Vacar
    SAN FRANCISCO – This is the Week of California’s Global Climate Summit in San Francisco. Attendees have come from the four corners of the planet. On Tuesday, Al Gore sounded as much a a candidate as an climate advocate.

    Former Vice-President Al Gore, now an investor in green technologies and an avid environmentalist, appeared at the World Coal and Ice Forum, part of this week’s Climate Summit in San Francisco a forum hosted by UC Berkeley Economist Laura Tyson, the former Chair of the U.S. President’s Council of Economic Advisers under President Clinton. “Any of us who get involved occasionally have a struggle between hope and despair. I will admit that openly but I always do come down on the side of hope,” said Mr. Gore.

    In the early 2000’s, initial projections about how quickly wind and solar would become mainstream, have been realized almost 100 times faster. That’s largely because the costs of wind and solar have plummeted. “Already, here in the United States, there are 5 times as many jobs in solar as in coal.

    “The famous Coal Museum on Kentucky just installed solar panels on it’s roof,” said Gore. But, Gore warns that environmentalists should not cry wolf. “We have to make the de-carbonization of the global economy, the central organizing principle of human civilization in order to stave off the climate crisis in time to avoid the truly catastrophic consequences. It is a global emergency. People hear a phrase like that and it sounds a little “hair on fire” hype. But this is an existential threat to the future of human civilization,” said Gore.

    The former Vice President says the U.S. is not out the the Paris Climate Agreement just yet. “Under the law, the first day the United States of America could actually leave the Paris Agreement ***the next day after the next Presidential election.”

    ***Upon 30 days notice by a new President, the U.S. would be right back in it.

    When Gore ended, to huge applause, he sounded like the Presidential candidate he once was, “We did not close our eyes. We did not turn away. We are awake. We are alive. We’re paying attention. We’re gonna do the right thing.” (WHOOPS)

    No doubt, he is a man preaching to the choir, but a choir that appears to be growing.


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      “The famous Coal Museum on Kentucky just installed solar panels on it’s roof,”

      Take your word for it Al, and nearly every climate panicer/warmist/alarmist on the planet uses fossil fuel power every single day.


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    2mins32secs auto-play CAGW propaganda video when u open the link:

    11 Sept: Bloomberg: Jerry Brown Is the Face of America’s Climate-Change Resistance
    By Emily Chasan and Mark Chediak; With assistance by Justin Sink
    California governor calls president ‘enemy of the people’
    Trump climate policy risks ‘ultimate extinction,’ Brown says
    “Trump is not just AWOL on climate change, he has designated himself saboteur-in-charge,” Brown said in a telephone interview…
    “He has designated himself basically enemy of the people. I’m calling him out because climate change is a real threat of death, destruction and ultimate extinction.”…

    Among dozens of scheduled speakers are local and national government officials from around the world — though none representing the Trump administration. Another of the co-chairs is Michael Bloomberg, owner of Bloomberg News parent Bloomberg LP…

    For Brown, the summit will be a high-profile opportunity to pound his bully pulpit as he prepares to leave his post as governor of the most populous U.S. state in January. Under his leadership, California has become a hotbed of resistance to Trump policies on everything from immigration to public lands. On climate change, which Brown has said poses an “apocalyptic threat,” the governor said: “We’ve got to move forward.”…

    For California, it will be part of a journey toward ambitious emission reductions, Brown said, saying that once the state reaches zero emissions in 2045, it will have to aim for “negative emissions” and “widespread carbon sequestration.”
    “The fact that it may take 100 or 150 years doesn’t detract from the fact that carbon is building up,” Brown said. “Over 90 percent of scientists are telling us that.”…
    A White House spokesman declined to comment on Brown’s remarks Monday…

    “This is a place where he (BROWN) could be on the absolute cutting edge in the next climate fight,” said Bill McKibben, an author and co-founder of the anti-carbon group 350.org. “He has been completely unwilling.”…

    Brown said he doesn’t think gasoline can be cut out immediately but requires an “ambitious” phase-out plan the state already has in place…
    “If we try to just move the bus without worrying about the consequences or the sticker shock, there will be a backlash and we will lose ground instead making up the ground that we have to to get to the goal,” Brown said…

    Given that it puts out less than 1 percent of the world’s carbon emissions, even radical change in a $2.7 trillion economy — the state is the world’s fifth largest, behind Germany — won’t “fundamentally move the needle,” said Severin Borenstein, a professor at the Haas School of Business at the University of California at Berkeley.
    Still, he said, California and Brown serve as crucial role models for the possible…
    In a survey conducted by the Public Policy Institute of California in July, 57 percent of likely voters said global warming poses a very serious threat.
    Many in the state have already experienced it…


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    11 Sept: ABC America: A different kind of climate summit comes to San Francisco
    by Seth Borenstein, AP
    The international effort to fight climate change is about to get injected with a bit of Hollywood flash, a lot of Wall Street green and a considerable dose of cheerleading rather than dry treaty negotiations…

    It will involve trillions of dollars of pledges for spending on cleaner energy and getting out of investments in heat-trapping fossil fuels, according to officials involved. And it will include a newer way of fighting climate change by emphasizing more climate-friendly land use, food production and diets, along with massive increases in forests — something one expert called “the forgotten climate solution.” Cities, states, businesses and charitable foundations are all going to get in (on) the act.
    “It’s a bit like a game show,” said summit communications director Nick Nuttall. “It’s going to be loads of Hollywood style announcements.”

    And when you are talking about shifting trillions of dollars to finance initiatives, the private sector needs to get involved and that’s happening, said Nigel Purvis, chief executive officer of the non-profit Climate Advisers and a former climate negotiator in the Bill Clinton and George W. Bush administrations.
    “This is the climate action summit, emphasis on the action,” Purvis said. “Despite the lack of leadership from Washington, it’s really about action.”…

    But so far such pledges have produced more talk than action, said Angel Hsu, an environment professor at Yale University and the National University of Singapore…
    Hsu also looked at pledges made in 2002 in a South Africa conference and found that 65 percent of the pledges had no records showing they were acted upon…

    “This is sort of the real economy speaking for itself,” Figueres said. She hopes the summit creates a “virtuous cycle” where businesses and states spur national governments to do better, which in turn spurs businesses again…
    Pete Ogden, a former Obama climate and national security official and now a vice president at the United Nations Foundation, said “if Paris is going to work it needs to have that positive feedback loop.”
    Showing what people closer to the action can do and are doing to fight global warming will help global leaders pledge to do more when they gather in 2020, Ogden and Figueres said.

    The key for Canada is phasing out coal — the dirtiest fossil fuel — by 2030, said Canadian environment minister Catherine McKenna…
    As the market gets on board on with climate friendly actions, she said, that makes “the billions flow into trillions.”


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    dinn, rob

    9-12-18 People in Xinjiang with relatives living abroad in one of 26 “sensitive countries”, including Kazakhstan, Turkey and Indonesia, have been targeted by the authorities and are often held for several months, without any formal procedure, the group said. http://m.thedailynewnation.com/news/188436/muslim-minority-in-chinas-xinjiang-face-political-indoctrination-hrw


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    still trying to figure out why the FakeNewsMSM has Trump Derangement Syndrome?

    They Defied Trump on Climate Change. Now, It’s Their Moment of Truth.
    New York Times-11 hours ago

    11 Sept: San Francisco Chronicle: Kurtis Alexander: Gov. Brown blasts Trump’s latest retreat from global warming as bordering ‘on criminality’

    Los Angeles, Paris mayors talk climate, homeless, Olympics
    Washington Post-6 hours ago
    Both mayors will join scientists, activists, celebrities and other politicians Wednesday at a global summit on climate change in San Francisco

    Charities pledge nearly $500M against deforestation
    Washington Post-7 hours ago
    The Washington Post … SAN FRANCISCO — A coalition of charitable groups and the government of … the announcement ahead of an international climate change summit in San Francisco

    Trump rollback would ease rules on climate-changing methane
    Washington Post-7 hours ago

    Los Angeles, Paris mayors talk climate, homeless, Olympics
    Washington Post-6 hours ago

    Jerry Brown’s next role as elder statesman on climate
    Washington Post-11 Sep. 2018

    11 Sept: Guardian: Jerry Brown: Trump’s ‘gross ignorance’ main obstacle in climate change fight
    by Oliver Milman
    Brown told the Guardian that California was taking the lead globally in confronting an issue that’s an “existential challenge” to the planet and claimed that Trump was the main obstacle to further progress.
    “I don’t believe Trump represents the present but he has the power, he has the Republicans hook, line and sinker,” he said. “His unabashed acolytes will follow him over the cliff. Gross ignorance is dangerous. The battle is with Trump – that’s the number one fight. But once he’s out of there, dealing with climate change will still be a fight.”…

    Brown has set a target of 5m electric cars on California’s roads but said “at the rate we’re going they will be made by Chinese companies and that will principally be the fault of Donald Trump. The American auto industry is on the chopping block at at the moment he is chopping it into oblivion.”…
    “Transformation is not for wimps,” he said. “Yes it’s difficult but we are moving at a pace greater than any country. Is it too slow? Yes, but we’re doing everything we can.

    “My legacy is restoring my great-grandfather’s ranch. In 10 years there will be a whole new grid, a whole new political class. The whole idea of a legacy is a canard.”


    • #

      100% renewable intermittents and 5 million EVs on the road, yes, yes I see a plan coming together (in my best Mr Smithers voice) come early evening on still summer night.


  • #
  • #

    just when you think things can’t get more bizarre!

    11 Sept: Las Vegas Review Journal: Report: Las Vegas professor shot himself in arm to protest Trump
    by Rio Lacanlale
    A longtime College of Southern Nevada sociology professor is facing felony gun charges in connection with an on-campus shooting on the second day of classes.
    Mark J. Bird was charged last month with discharging a gun within a prohibited structure, carrying a concealed weapon without a permit and possessing a dangerous weapon on school property, court records show. He was found bleeding from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to his arm about 8:15 a.m. on Aug. 28 outside a bathroom in the Charleston campus K building…

    Inside the bathroom, campus police found a $100 bill taped to a mirror along with a note that said, “For the janitor,” according to Bird’s arrest report. On the floor of the restroom was a black-and-white, .22-caliber pistol and one spent shell casing.
    The sociology professor was hired Aug. 26, 1993, and was an emeritus faculty member at the time of the shooting, college spokesman Richard Lake said. Bird was not scheduled to teach any courses during the fall 2018 semester.
    Bird was employed with the college as of Tuesday, although Lake said it was not clear what disciplinary actions, if any, would be taken against him…

    One college employee told police that he held Bird’s hand to calm him down as others tried to stop the bleeding. While waiting for authorities to arrive, Bird said he had shot himself in protest of President Donald Trump, police noted in their report. The report did not elaborate…

    Except for a short mention in the lengthy September edition of “The Chronicle,” the college president’s monthly newsletter emailed to staff, the college did not disclose any more details about the shooting.

    The brief update was at the bottom of the newsletter and did not name Bird as the suspect. Federico Zaragoza, who in August was named the college’s ninth president, wrote at the end of his newsletter, “I appreciate all of the expressions of concern and interest, and I pledge to keep everyone updated should the situation change.”…
    Bird’s preliminary hearing is set for Sept. 17 in Las Vegas Justice Court.

    FROM THE COLLEGE WEBSITE: Mark Bird, Professor Emeritus, Department of Human Behavior

    apparently this is Prof Bird.

    22 Feb 2017: Las Vegas Sun: Letter: Human contribution to climate change is clear
    By Mark Bird, Las Vegas
    (The writer, a professor at College of Southern Nevada, has written numerous articles about global warming)
    Relative to global warming, for each of the following, research is more than 99.99 percent certain that:
    • More than 7 billion humans eat and drink on a daily basis.
    • It takes energy to produce tractors, shovels and all other farm equipment.
    • It takes energy to daily produce tin cans, cereal boxes, water bottles, etc.
    • Millions of refrigerated and nonrefrigerated trucks daily drive products to stores.
    • Billions of humans regularly travel to and from grocery stores.
    • Millions of global warming-contributing garbage trucks daily pick up food waste.
    • Humans use more than a billion vehicles that produce global warming gases.
    • Humans manage more than a billion animals that produce global warming gases.
    • Humans use more than a billion appliances that produce global warming gases.
    • Humans use more than 40,000 airports and thousands of coal-based power plants.
    • The U.S. has thousands of miles of shoreline.
    Slightly less data were well established over a decade ago. The belief that humans are not contributing to global warming is analogous to not believing in the multiplication table. Global warming skepticism is a sign of blatant illiteracy.

    more to come.


    • #

      a couple of bits and pieces mentioning Prof Bird:

      14 March: MeetUp: Climate Change Solutions
      From: Sierra Club Southern Nevada Group
      We are having a Town Hall to discuss the important matter of climate change solutions and how you can be part of that. We have experts on our panel explaining solutions for climate change. Our panel of experts includes ***Mark Bird, CSN Emeritus Professor, Sociology; Melissa Giovanni, CSN Instructor, Environmental Science; John Pollack, Writer on slowing sea level rise; and Elspeth DiMarzio, Sierra Club Campaign Representative.
      For more information, please reach out to Sierra Club Beyond Coal organizer Eymhy Corpus at…

      2017: Author: 800 Laws in Sociology
      Author: Mark Bird
      Mark Bird is a professor at the College of Southern Nevada where he has been a full-time instructor since 2002. Previously, he was a sociologist with the U.S. Department of the Interior. He has major academic interests in the areas of theory, poverty, and water.
      He has authored over 30 water-related articles. He has a patent which purports to reduce the cost of seawater desalination by over 80 percent. His has been favorably and publicly recognized by two former Nevada governors. He was once invited to testify on water before a U.S. Senate committee.
      67. Laws of $6 .00 gas benefits
      68. Global warming laws
      69. Water shortage laws
      70. Resource tipping point laws

      March 2008: Las Vegas Sun: Desalination gets a serious look
      It isn’t cheap and it requires lots of energy, but fresh water from the ocean might be part of Southern Nevada’s future as other sources dry up
      By Phoebe Sweet
      Advocates agree with Gibbons that it’s time Nevada reconsidered desalination.
      “The governor is pursuing 21st-century technology as opposed to the 19th-century pipeline technique,” said ***Mark Bird, a professor at the College of Southern Nevada and a desalting proponent. He believes a desalination plant in Mexico would be a less expensive option than a pipeline from eastern Nevada…

      Desalting is expensive and energy-intensive, according to Peter Gleick, president of the Pacific Institute, an environmental research group based in Oakland, Calif. The institute released a study on desalting in June 2006 that detailed its potential but also the hurdles to widespread use of the technology.
      “Conservation and efficiency are cheaper at the moment,” Gleick said. To build a desalination plant and use the water locally costs about $1,000 per acre-foot, he said, or $3.06 for 1,000 gallons…

      Take, for example, the desalting plant recently built in Perth, Australia. It cost $357 million. It will desalt more than 26 million gallons of water a day, enough, on average, to serve about 58,300 homes. It also will use 23 megawatts of electricity produced from wind, as much as used by 17,250 average single-family homes.
      But the Perth plant — like Yuma’s and the many others like it across the United States and around the rest of the world — also proves that desalination is a feasible option, proponents say.
      “This is a country that put a man on the moon, a country with enormous intelligence and financial resources,” said Launce Rake, a pipeline opponent and spokesman for the Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada. “We can do this if we have the political will.”


    • #

      Prof should have gone with 357 , would have made a bigger statement


      • #

        The Sydney Desal plant , and wind farm to power it (theoretically ?) …..cost $1.8 billion..
        8 years ond and Only ever run for test trials..
        250 ML per day and needs 30 MW continuous to power it.
        Once described a an “Electricity Bottling Plant”.


    • #

      All the items listed are just use of energy and result in CO2 and other emissions

      Rather than illiteracy scepticism is just a refusal to make the leap of logic that any of the listed items controls or significantly impacts climate


  • #

    can’t copy PDF addresses lately, but this report can be found by doing search of Ceres Report Water Scarcity & climate change: Growing Risks for Businesses & Investors

    it’s the only document I’ve found (no more time to waste on it) where Gleick and Bird (presumably our Prof) are both named. Bird is in the Foreword, signed off by Lubbers & Gleick:

    PDF: 60 pages: Feb 2009: A Ceres Report: Water Scarcity & climate change: Growing Risks for Businesses & Investors
    Authored by the Pacific Institute
    Ceres commissioned this report from the Pacific Institute
    P6: Foreword from Ceres & the Pacific Institute
    P8: signed by Mindy S. Lubbers, Ceres and Peter Gleick, Pacific Institute
    P18: Box 1. Potential bond risk in Northern Nevada pipeline Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) officials are proposing to import 11 billion gallons of water a year from rural northeastern Nevada, nearly 300 miles away, to Las Vegas Valley. To accomplish this, SNWA plans to build a 285-mile water pipeline. Recent estimates peg the cost at $3.5 billion, but former federal water planner ***Mark Bird and others think the true costs could be as much as four times higher…

    ***postscript: there is no real evidence, as yet, that Prof Bird really did shoot himself because of President Trump.

    finally, during searches on Prof Bird, I came across this truly insane AFP article published in Dec 2016, before Trump’s inauguration. nothing to do with Prof Bird, but absolutely worth a full read (Daily Mail also carried it, & probably others).

    15 Dec 2016: Gulf News: AFP: ‘Fear is palpable’ among US climate scientists over Trump moves
    Admit they have no evidence that Trump is planning any moves to erase scientific data
    Miami: Climate scientists tend to be a hardy bunch, accustomed to hate mail, vicious online attacks, lawmakers who deny that global warming is real, and for some, even death threats.
    But their mood darkened in recent days as President-elect Donald Trump tapped a series of climate change deniers and fossil fuel supporters for key posts in his administration.
    That gloom turned to panic when Trump’s transition team sought the names of Department of Energy scientists who have worked on climate programmes, raising concerns of a political witch hunt.

    “The thing that is palpable among scientists is fear,” said John Abraham, a professor at the University of St. Thomas in Minnesota who works on thermal science, ocean warming and renewable energy.
    “Fear that there will be either funding cuts to really critical climate science work, or retribution for their work on climate change,” he told AFP…

    On Saturday, meteorologist Eric Holthaus issued an appeal on Twitter, asking if any scientists had a US government database that “you don’t want to see disappear.”
    He linked to a Google spreadsheet where scientists could add links to data sets on sea level rise, snow and ice, carbon emissions, and more.
    Soon, it turned into a massive effort to archive key data sets on non-government servers. By midweek, the endeavour was taken over by staff at the University of Pennsylvania…

    Climate scientists admit they have no evidence that Trump is planning any moves to erase scientific data.
    But scientists — even in western democracies — have encountered hostile actions by government leaders before, including in Canada under former prime minister Stephen Harper, who cut thousands of government science positions, set strict rules for scientists engaging with the media, burnt books and eliminated certain research programs.

    The Soviet Union’s Joseph Stalin and Nazi Germany’s Adolf Hitler led purges of scientists, and in the United States in the 1940s and 50s, scientists were often targeted or suspended as part of Senator Joseph McCarthy’s anti-Communist crusade.
    When Trump takes office, he will be the only world leader to believe that climate change isn’t real, the Sierra Club has pointed out.
    “Assaults on science are characteristic of non-democratic, authoritarian, fascist governments,” said Peter Gleick, a hydroclimatologist and co-founder of the Pacific Institute, a non-partisan think tank.
    “We worry it is going to get worse.”…

    Meanwhile, the rising vitriol online has made plenty of scientists jittery.
    For Gleick, one such moment came this week when he saw a tweet from the far-right Breitbart News site, adapting a Nazi-era expression and referencing a firearm.
    “When you hear a scientist talk about peer-review, you should reach for your Browning,” it said.
    Gleick tweeted about it, and soon a Twitter user sent him a picture of a Browning pistol.
    Gleick retweeted the picture, and commented, “#climate scientists start getting pictures of guns in their Twitter feed.”
    Then, the man who sent the picture claimed he meant “no hostility,” and said he was merely trying to show Gleick the kind of gun mentioned.
    “I don’t know what their intent was. I don’t know how seriously to take any of it,” said Gleick, recalling that an armed man recently showed up at a Washington pizza parlour to “self-investigate” fake news reports that a child porn ring was run there by a top aide of Hillary Clinton.

    For Michael Mann, a well-known author on climate change who has received plenty of death threats for his work in recent years, including suspicious powder sent in the mail, “the current political climate in Washington is the worst we have seen in more than a decade, arguably the worst in history,” he told AFP.
    “To say that scientists are worried about what the next four years might hold in store would be an understatement.”

    note: As for whether the questionnaire violates any laws, however, (Jason Zuckerman, a former legal adviser to the U.S. Office of Special Counsel, who worked on the Obama administration’s Whistleblower Protection Advisory Committee) does not think it has crossed that threshold – NPR 10 Dec 2016.


  • #
    Another Ian

    “BREAKING: Supreme Court Sides With Trump–This Changes Everything!”

    “In a 5-3 decision that wasn’t a difficult interpretation of the constitution, the high court ruled that public schools in this country will NOT teach the tenets of Islam or Sharia law.”

    Link at



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  • #
    Graeme No.3

    I am feeling elevated. I’ve become a Climate Denier.

    I was commenting on a Graham Lloyd article in The Australian when I attracted the ire of Peter (the Fabricator)** and Wuddles (the Duck brain?)*** both gullible AGW believers.
    They tried the old strawman tactics of misquoting me and got shot down.There was a battle of wits but since I had them out numbered I took them on, and kept throwing facts up (and shooting some of theirs down). To paraphrase Corporal Jones “They don’t like that up them”. Wuddles gave in claiming “he wan’t going to debate a DENIER”.
    My question is “Am I now just a common or garden Climate Denier or a second Class Denier?” Can I climb the ladder to Grand Exalted Climate Change Denier PooBah? Can one be knighted as a Climate Denier?

    **I may have done Peter a disservice suggesting he made his facts up. It appears he just cuts and pastes from Reneweconomy and other unreliable sources.
    *** In the immortal words of Harry Truman “If it wuddles like a duck, argues like a duck, it is a duck brain”.


    • #
      Graeme No.3

      it is Woddles. For what that is worth.


      • #

        Haven’t seen Woddles in The Oz comments section. Normally it’s Guy, Stan and Patricia making outrageous claims that are shot down time and again. They never get involved with any scientific debate though, just specialise in making baseless assertions.


        • #

          ok, so now I’ve seen the comments from Wodfles. Good grief. The idiot believes that electrons travel hundreds of kms…


  • #

    Speaking of Reneweconomy,….
    Has anyone else experienced the inability to access the comments after the articles recently ?
    I ws banned long time ago.


  • #

    Just thinking abot Jo’s Google article (asking here as comments arent open on that thread)

    Has anyone found a good mapping app? I tried Here We Go for a while but found it lacking in Oz.

    I de Googled after Damore, as it was pretty clear what kind of organisation they are, this latest video is just icing on the cake.

    Internal company videos would be a rich hunting ground I think. I once saw a video of a cigarette company executive in Asia gloating in a presentation about how effective their marketing was. He was proud that he could convince a poor Filipino to part with 20-30% of his income for a pack of US brand cigs. Avarice much?


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    For some random reason, comments were closed on the Google article. That was unintended and has been fixed. Sorry!