It’s not a job interview, This is hell — and other stuff the ABC left out of our news.

One of the fieriest and most apt speeches in Washington was surely from Senator Graham. Since ABC viewers have missed this, I thought I would help out.

If the Democrats get away with this (so they can do it again) only a kevlar-coated-narcissist would want to run for public office.

Question for the #Metoo movement. When the mob rules and evidence is irrelevant, which gender will be less likely to want to play the game?

Weapons grade bullying is a good way to keep good men out of politics but it’s even better at keeping good women out. Good one gals.

Americans may wonder why other nations don’t understand them:

Exhibit A:   ABC National News, IView 14:08  (sorry if people overseas can’t see this)

Today tens of thousands of Australians will feel certain that they saw the key moments of the hearing and they will know that Kavanaugh is an abuser because the ABC told them so, right in the first line. Ford was there to warn Senators, Kavanaugh was an abuser. (The ABC actually said that).  Her claims were portrayed in graphic detail, and she was painted as a victim from the second line. In contrast, Kavanaugh’s words were only “what he sees”. He is a guy who said she was mistaken, but then (by implication) was proved totally wrong, the doofus, because she was “100% sure” and the ABC  played that twice. Case closed.

Sure enough they showed Kavanaugh emphatically denying the claims. But if Ford was asked any hard questions about her 36 year old uncorroborated allegations, the ABC left them on the cutting room floor.

Those same Australians who get their news from the ABC will be baffled by US Republicans or convinced they must be spawn of the devil to vote for this terrible man.

Such is how a national propaganda outlet creates polarization and misunderstanding.

Selected transcripts from the Australian ABC correspondent Phillip Williams:

Dr Blasey Ford came to Washington to warn senators Brett Kavenaugh was an abuser.

She was terrified but determined to tell a story that’s already taken its toll. “My family and I have already been the target of constant harassment and death threats. I have been called the most vile and hateful names imaginable…”

“I believed he was going to rape me, … he put his hand over my mouth… I thought he was accidentally going to kill me…”

Before this hearing President Trump and Brett Kavanaugh had suggested Dr Ford might have been confused about the identity of the attacker. Question to Ford: With what degree of certainty do you believe Brett K assaulted you? Ford: “One hundred percent.”

Brett Kavanaugh arrived seething with what he sees as a Democrat character assassination…

Despite the accusation it appears the Rep senators are determined to push ahead… blah blah.

It’s symbolic of a nation divided.

Or a symbol of a politicized media determined to divide people.

The ABC just had to pick a few smart Republicans and ask them…

UPDATE: The Australian ABC version. Thanks to Peter R

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    Left wing socialist Marxism at it’s absolute worst. No lie or despicable action is beneath them. In their eyes the end always justifies the means if it serves their marxist-socialist aim.

    It is a sickness that is anti-democratic and which despises the beliefs, thoughts and aspirations of what this self-styled “progressive” liberal elite see as the common man or woman – the ‘little’people who they consider to be too stupid and ignorant to ‘know what is best for them.

    It is the same sickness and intent that spawned the climate change scam to destroy western economies and impose an unelected, anti-democratic world government.

    Democrats are anything but democratic, the name itself is a deception.


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      “Democrats are anything but democratic, the name itself is a deception.”

      This is true of countries also; any country with the word “democratic” in its name is very unlikely to be a democracy.


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        Lionell Griffith

        Voting by the people is no problem if the counting is done by unsupervised tyrants. It is easy to “discover” an uncounted already stuffed ballot box sufficient to determine the outcome.


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      It’s not the traditional Democrats who are the miscreants, but it’s the Progressives who think they know better than everyone else. Making this so much worse is that that this wing of the political left is being subverted by Socialists.

      As insane as the Progressive agenda is, the Socialist agenda is even more ludicrous. Neither can stand on their own merits and their proponents have no choice but to go to the gutter for support.

      The fact that these same political elements have subverted climate science is abundantly clear, as the same tactics they use to support the rest of their agenda have been applied to support the irreconcilably broken climate science they depend on for implementing their flawed ideology.


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        “It’s not the traditional Democrats who are the miscreants, but it’s the Progressives who think they know better than everyone else.”

        I agree with this. The problem is there are very few traditional Democrats left in the ranks of the Democrat politicians.


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          The problem is there are very few traditional Democrats left in the ranks of the Democrat politicians.

          The same is true of the Labor Party in Australia. Once the Labor Party represented the workers, the ordinary people, now it has been taken over ‘progressives’ and socialists.

          Donald Trump is a godsend for the rank and file ordinary workers in the US, as well as free-thinking conservatives. He thrust himself on the political stage just in the nick of time to thwart a fait accompli by the Democrats with Hillary Clinton to install another eight-year reign of globalist socialists.

          It would be wonderful if we had such a leader in Australia. However, we should be grateful for small mercies. We got rid of globalist Turnbull and now have a middle of the road and hopefully teachable leader in Scott Morrison.

          Small mercies indeed.


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            And on the other side of politics in Australia the Liberal Party has too many not traditional Menzies Australian Liberal Party MPs and executives, the self named Black Hand faction.

            The globalists who place UN above the sovereignty of our nation.


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            The last of the true Labor politicians, in my opinion, was Martin Ferguson. Although by upbringing a ‘conservative’ voter, if it was the choice between this person, and the various globalists masquerading as representatives of the Australian people, I know who I would give my vote.

            Unfortunately, people of Martin’s ilk, who demonstrably believe in Australia, and have regard for their constituents, are few and far between on either side of the so-called political divide that does not really exist in any meaningful way.

            Australia’s politics has descended into a Holdens vs Falcons discussion, with little regard to the issues that really matter to the Australian people.


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              Sceptical Sam

              While there are only five green ticks at the time of this post (one of which is mine) I think there are many hundreds of thousands of Australians who would agree with you, Asp.

              Martin Ferguson was a great parliamentarian and is a great Australian.

              As a conservative voter it gives me no grief to support your endorsement of him.


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        CO2isnotEvil wrote:
        It’s not the traditional Democrats
        who are the miscreants,
        but it’s the Progressives
        who think they know better than everyone else.
        Making this so much worse is that that this wing
        of the political left is being subverted by Socialists.

        As insane as the Progressive agenda is, the Socialist agenda
        is even more ludicrous. Neither can stand on their own merits
        and their proponents have no choice
        but to go to the gutter for support.

        My COMMENT:
        The above statements are wrong — you must be
        living in the past. There is no important difference
        now between liberals, Democrats, progressives and
        socialists in the US.

        There are only a moderate percentage of old-school liberals
        remaining, who do not prefer socialism over free markets,
        but they are getting older and dying off.

        Dumbocrats are horrible “know it alls” who consider the
        highest (only) form of debate to be ridicule and
        character attacks.

        Trump has brought out their bad character
        for all to see as well as any other US president,
        other than Republican Abe Lincoln — he REALLY
        got the Dumbocrats riled up,
        and as a result 700,000 died,
        including civilians —
        (about 4% of the entire US male population).

        This know it all attitude
        was first clear to me in the 1990s
        concerning climate change,
        but has spread to everything
        they believe in (government good,
        corporations evil).

        I suppose not debating us on any subject
        feels better than debating and losing every time.

        Saul Alinsky wrote that you must ridicule
        and character attack the opposition,
        so you can claim they are not worthy of a debate,
        and then you don’t have to debate them !
        (science denier , climate denier, denier denier)


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          The socialists haven’t taken over yet, but the progressive wing has and they’re almost as bad.

          But to be sure, if the Democrats put up someone like Sanders who in the unlikely event wins, America will drive the developed world to collapse as India and China join Russia as the new world order’s economic and military super powers. I don’t think that the majority of American voters are gullible enough to let this happen.


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          The class war is coming, but not the one they advocated for. Good decent hard working people know exactly the lie of the land, who is gouging their wallets. They also have deep suspicions about who is deceiving them. If it were possible to deceive everyone indefinitely the Soviet Union would have survived. This drives the left nuts to the point where a left wing academic would go way out of her comfort zone to deliver a B grade acting performance in the pursuit of the status quo. We all need to do something about our media. Our media are ghastly defenders of our democracies.


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        Dave in the States

        There are not many traditional Democrats left, but many are still voting. Anybody who thinks that today’s Democrat Party is the same one as JFK has been asleep for a few decades.


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      In the end the vote has gone to the full Senate. Grassley agreed to send down the vote on the basis of extending the FBI background check with a one week limit to get Flake’s vote.

      Grassley does not control the Senate and Flake needs funding and a compliant media to run in the Republican primary in 2020 against Trump. He will have a running mate in on this.
      McConnell now controls any Senate investigation but does not have the numbers to get Kavanaugh appointed.
      The media will focus on bribing Flake.
      The Democrats will pressure Flake with large numbers of “vagina” hatted women.
      The FBI 302 statements can only include sworn statements already done. The FBI does not offer any conclusions in such an inquiry. It just gathers sworn statements. The Senate committee typically uses ex-FBI agents to run their investigations.

      The Democrats will now try to open the FBI inquiry to include all three allegations and find more women to make other allegations. These will include many serious crimes. None have had and will have any basis of truth as none will be supported by witnesses or any irrefutable fact. Whatever Kavanaugh provides has no relevance. He is being used by the Democrats for fund raising and motivation to vote in the mid-terms.

      The Democrats have not yet directly attacked Kavanaugh’s family. This may change. Just what they can allege Kavanaugh’s wife is guilty of that can break her husband’s resolve is a mystery. The children are more vulnerable.

      The next allegation may even involve deviant behaviour with their children. This is becoming more prevalent in divorce proceedings. At this point the men normally fold and agree to pay whatever the other side wants to protect their children from the court. In the case of the Kavanaugh’s they will both need to be accused.

      There is much to lose if the Democrats are successful. No conservative male with a family will want to put themselves up for high public office. The Democrats need to divide the US community to get elected. Dog whistling replaces policies, especially as Trump’s policy settings become more popular. This works so long as they have a compliant media owned by just a few billionaire Democrat donors and willing but failing, print news services such as the Washington Post and NYTimes.

      In the end journalism is destroying itself by no longer reporting the news. As in Rome, Tri-Via, the notices put up at crossroads, was run by Roman street gangs but financed by powerful, populist senators.

      Trump has short circuited all this by talking plainly and directly to the Plebs. He can prevail if the Republicans retain both houses in the mid-term elections in November.


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        There is now over US$700,000 in two GoFundMe sites for the accuser.

        This now raises the issues of “buying” an accuser, Blasey Ford, and some votes are worth more than others.

        The democrats are now claiming that Brett Kavanaugh does not have the temperament to be a Supreme Court judge.

        Meanwhile very large numbers of “vagina” hats are being mobilized by several George Soros backed pressure group organisations

        No doubt we will see a TV program or film announcement from a “deeply” affected person.

        Lastly, I see the production of a music album from a leading singer aimed at informing victims that they are “deserving” victims.

        No Russians yet, don’t expect any. The Russian story has been abandoned. It has been shown that many democrats committed sedition.


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      John Michelmore

      How many of us will lodge a complaint re ABC bias and take it as far as we can as individuals? I will!


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      Senator Flake being shrieked at in a lift. What is the right word … Oh yes, Bullying.


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    Yes. It certainly wasn’t a “Job Interview”…. It was a search and destroy mission by the Democrats set up months in advance to derail the process and smear an innocent and decent man.

    As for the allegations… There is no location for the incident in question. There is no date, very little time line. She cannot remember who drove her there or back. Her story today differs from the notes her therapist took back in 2012. She never named anyone back then and had four males interfering with her and not just two that she recounts and names in this recent version. Not only that, those she puts at the party deny being there, including her witnesses and friend at the time.

    Senator Graham was right on the mark. The whole thing was a sham and a political hit job on Brett Kavanaugh’s character.


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      Therapy is much like hypnosis as it can increase the susceptibility to suggestion and is known to implant false memories. The most specific thing Ford seemed to remember was the names of the participants, all of whom dispute her version of events, yet she could recall nothing else specific to the event. This seems like the indication of an implanted memory that wasn’t even close enough to the truth for the rest of the details to be recalled.

      It would be interesting to know when she remembered both the incident and the names of those who she says were involved and how she recalled who they were.


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      No one has seen the actual therapist notes
      — there are only allegations of what they say.

      If they helped Ms. Ford’s claims,
      then they would be public!

      My latest article, written today, has a list of facts
      that describe the bad behavior by Ford
      and other Dumbocrats — showing this
      was (obviously) a well planned fictional
      character assassination:


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      Curious George

      She is a professor of psychology at the Palo Alto University, formerly Pacific Graduate School of Psychology. Psychology and no substance. Again and again.


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    Richard Ilfeld

    I’d imagine most readers of this blog share the Anglo-American tradition of jurisprudence.
    One side is calling for an investigation by the FBI.
    Lets go an imaginary step farther.

    Let’s not have a “hearing” where anyone can say anything.

    Let’s have a trial.

    In a trial:

    The Democrats have already violated the rules of discovery, by witholding evidence.
    Since the Judge is on trial, there has also been likely witness tampering.

    But never mind.

    A Jury would understand that the time and place of the alleged offense were not remembered.

    A Jury would understand that the defendants named witnesses contradicted her.

    Dr. Ford’s therapist would take the stand. The role of recovered memories would be explored. The therapist and statements would be admitted.

    Dr. Ford’s youthful conduct would be explored. She was a fifteen year old prep school kid going to unchaperoned drinking parties.
    A Jury would hear this. And her yearbook would be as admissible as the Judges.
    Her ‘fear of flying” discrepancies would be explored.

    That she scrubbed her social media accounts before talking to the press is suspect, and the information would likely be recoverable, as her emails could be subpoenaed from her friends.

    Her political history and views, if any, would be explored.

    Dr. Ford would be cross examined. Her named friends would be called and be cross examined.
    Classmate of both would be called, and cross examined.

    Ignoring for the moment that, had a trial happened at the time of the event, both were minors and the event would likely be expunged….

    Any previous instances of confusion would be examined.

    Her parents, if living, might be deposed.
    etc. etc.

    There is no wonder that one side wants a (time-consuming) “investigation”, but not a trial.
    A trial is designed to reveal, if possible, the truth as pointed to by evidence.

    For four generations, most of the great goals of the left have implemented by the Supreme Court, or by the Democrats
    expansion of the executive permitted by the court.

    Thus, this represents, electorally, an existential threat to the left. Poor Dr. Ford is simply a broken egg in the omelette they imagine they are constructing. Dr. Kavenaugh and his family are collateral damage.
    It is clearly important enough that Sen Feinstein has put her career reputation at risk for it.

    I submit to the readership here the most important lesson to be learned here:

    The progressive left believes you can achieve “good” by doing evil, ends justifying means.


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      Richard I.

      I hate to add anything, or disagree with,
      anything in your otherwise excellent comment,
      but no prosecutor would take
      this Ford case, nor would any police detectives
      investigate it.

      Also you wrote:
      “Poor Dr. Ford is simply a broken egg in the omelette”

      I’m not quite sure what that means
      but here’s my take on Ford:

      She lied.

      She cried.

      Now she’s rich
      — $700,000+ so far
      and lawyers who said to the Senate,
      under penalty of perjury,
      they were providing their services for free,
      so the $700,000+ isn’t needed for that !

      Would I lie for a $700,000+ bribe ?
      Would you?
      Well, Ford just did !


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    Maybe the #Metoo movement need a broader opinion base, perhaps I’ll join them.


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      No Tom not you too!

      Whats your terrible memories 30 odd years ago going to be……..just out of interest…….if you need help I’m here……


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    Completely Off-topic but …

    as the sun fades in intensity slightly some people observe and measure its effects on our atmosphere (so climate modelers pick the bones out of that.)
    The obvious consequence is the world IS getting colder!


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      Mark M

      Yep. That’ll work …

      UN chief says climate change is “the absolute priority” of the UN

      “It means closing coal plants and replacing those jobs with healthier, better alternatives.
      And it needs carbon pricing that reflects the true cost of carbon emissions, he said.”


    • #

      A slightly different perspective was laid out by astrophysicist Dr Willie Soon in a recent presentation. The focus of his presentation is historical evidence of “blue sun” events, but he then goes on to analyse the sun’s behaviour, and provides new evidence of a pattern that he then uses to predict the future behaviour of the sun. Be warned. It is a an hour long presentation!

      For those who want to jump to the relevant bits, his discussion about solar sunspot minima starts at the 24 minute mark. The new astrophysics information that he presents commences around the 40 minute mark, with a key slide at the 42 minute mark. The explanation of his prediction about the impending solar minimum comes at the 50 minute mark. Enjoy.


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    John of Cloverdale, WA, Australia

    The Democrats should not be so righteous.
    Sexual assault allegations against Bill Clinton


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    Excellent piece, Jo!

    Or a symbol of a politicized media determined to divide people.

    This is what I have come to believe. The media are at the forefront of the destabilization of whole societies across the globe. I believe that their aim is to bring this destabilization to such a pitch that civil war will be the inevitable result. Every one can read lies, exaggerations,lies by omission and downright propaganda seemingly designed to exacerbate any tensions that may exist in any part of society. There is never any moderating, or calming input, just a winding up of the flow of hot air to fan the flames of discontent.

    I watched the 45-minute clip of Mr Kavanaugh’s statement to the hearing and the clip above and am sickened by the stench of the corruption and sheer nastiness of the ‘Democrats’ (they sure have no notion of democratic values).

    I wish Mr Kavanaugh and his family a successful outcome to this and I believe that his integrity is intact. I believe him – I don’t believe the vile manipulative apparatus of the CTRL-Left.


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      Latus Dextro

      ‘Judge not lest you be judged’

      The trinity and hallmark of the Regressive Left, of ‘division, inequity and exclusion’ appears to be peddled uniformly by the most, but not all of the MSM throughout the World. So, I titrate the MSM with great care. Life is richer and more peaceful, my blood pressure less labile.

      Instead, thanks to the internet I watch the horses mouth. I listen to cabinet meetings, speeches and hearings, and most recently the travesty of the Supreme Court Senate Confirmation circus that was riveting. Why was it so? Because it held a crystalline mirror up to Western society, one that revealed a stark reflection of humanity. In etched historical clarity, the good, the bad and the uncertain were stripped bare for all to see.

      ‘What goes around, comes around.’
      Are the DEMS fervently praying that they are never held to their measure of justice, tortured by a twisted ideology manifesting the insanity and the inversion of political correctness? Unlikely.

      Yet, it is hard to conceive that anyone capable of rational thought would adhere to identity politics, a destructive, self-devouring, unsustainable ideology, unless they held another objective in mind. They do. Senator Graham called them out on it in his forceful address of righteous anger. Their age old objectives of power and control, in this case enabled and fuelled by their adoption of a malevolent ideology, is the very same one upon which globalism rests. It was on display for all to see.

      The perversion of science, twisted by precautionary subjectivism, policy-based funding, pal review and collectivism is no different from the intentional perversion of rational discourse in the civil and political arena. This is the image of chaos and sometimes, evil. It is the home of uncertainty. It rejects evidence. It celebrates feeling. It divides, it is unfair, it excludes. Such discourse always had a tenuous claim on rationality at best, but a large portion of it has now descended into rank insanity from which I suspect there may be no emergence.

      Marcus Aurelius had it nailed: “The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority but to escape joining the ranks of the insane.”

      The coming Midterm Election, as many may now conclude, will not only be a referendum on the stunningly successful POTUS DJT administration, it appears likely to be the single most important election in US history and by extension, the history of the World.

      It is become quite simply a decision between good and evil, between order and chaos, between rationality and insanity.

      The thing is, the MSM get it.
      But this time, so do the people.


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      Spot on. Civil war in the US and perhaps even in Australia is inevitable unless the evil left can be put back inside their box. Of course not all on the left side of politics are evil but it is now clearly evident the left have been taken over by extremism and evilness the likes we’ve not seen since the evil regimes of the past century who ended up murdering in total hundreds of millions of people. We can see the same pattern as before such regimes took hold. First they follow agendas that might appear innocuous but slowly and gradually they introduce more and more changes to take away from us our freedoms. Today one of them is the global warming agenda. We cannot allow it to happen again yet we run the real risk it will because most people are brain dead, clueless or don’t give a damn about politics especially when it counts the most – at the ballot box.


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        destroyer D69

        All the palaver about Royal Commissions etc is no more than a diversionary circus to move our attention away from the oncoming disaster that is just around the corner. ALL POLITICAL PARTIES ARE NOW CUT FROM THE SAME CLOTH. Australia comes a poor second in the desired benefits consideration of all parties at this time.I am starting to subscribe to the notion that the only solution is to totally reject All parties and candidates, place Government into a caretaker mode, having access to Supply only for essential services untill a completely new government can be appointed, with a true respect for the country.We also seriously need the Right of Recall to be available in Australia.


        • #

          And put a stop to politicians using UN Treaties to get around the Australian Constitution to impose agendas without reference to their constituents, and using deceptive advertising to hide the real purposes.

          For example National Parks, “preserved for future generations”.

          No, locked up to ensure that no new dams are constructed, no sustainable logging, no access to minerals and energy, and even limited access for people with restrictions on camping and even Horse riding. And in the Snowy Mountains Region no more access to graze cattle in warmer months on indigenous people maintained native grassland that the cattlemen continued to maintain using traditional seasonal burning.

          Marine Parks, much more.


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      el gordo

      In Australia the media is a mixed bag, but I disagree that the ABC and SBS are in the centre.


      • #
        el gordo

        Also, the Age and SMH are clearly of the green/left.


      • #

        The media lists are hopelessly biased left. Since 50% of Australian voters voted in Tony Abbott the real centre is where The Australian is — since it puts forward both left and right views. The ABC is far left since they refuse to interview respectable people from the centre or right. The Nine-Seven-Ten TV line is on the soft left. They also are too cowardly to challenge lefty-political-correctness. The rare exceptions being 60 minutes which sometimes is brave enough to interview skeptics.

        The poor list-author might read every Australian media RSS feed, but they don’t realize there are almost no mainstream right wing or libertarian outlets. They only way they could know that would be if they also “followed the RSS” for blogs, and foreign, especially US commentators online.

        How many Australian media outlets predicted Brexit or Trump = 0.

        How many of them can explain the anger in the US base or report the largest social injustice scandal in the UK in the last fifty years. (I think only Quadrant and the Spectator, maybe Sky? are centrist enough to mention “Rotherham”).

        ie, the entire media spectrum in Oz are almost all left, but a few qualify as “Centre”.

        There is a big mismatch between the newsprint and TV media and voting Australia.


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          Same in NZ Jo, maybe even worse. You guys kick up more of a fuss than the sheeple over here.


        • #
          Richard Ilfeld

          And coordinated. Media — worldwide — seem to have a daily source for identical talking points.
          If one does a montage of the major outlets with global exposure, one often hears the same catch phrase from every outlet.

          You may also wish to file this away. Because of the contention of this hearing, the Judge, if confirmed, will be called upon to
          recuse himself in the future on any issue raised during his confirmation, as he may retain bias. Or put up for impeachment,
          should the left achieve sufficient majorities.

          Having previous experience in the mainstream media, as you did, I see the pressure there precisely the same as those that inhabit the faculty lounge. The management and ownership is part of the elite community; in the US a fascinating study s the intermarriage of media types and political types. We could start a new branch of science: Political Anthropology.

          But of course the implied question remains. How doe we create and retain an outlet for diverse, or opposing opinion? A Blog is an effective, but small community, which may vault to prominence once in a while with a link on Drudge.

          A “show” can be influential and punch way beyond its weight (I’m thinking Rush Limbaugh), if it can be advertiser supported, but many don’t recall how difficult it was for him to get airtime early on. If we did not have a plethora (in the thousands) of poverty stricken local radio outlets RIch might have had a hard time finding his voice. He assuredly would not have found a home had we had an ABC like media monopoly.

          I sure you have, from time to time, mulled over the question of how to create and maintain a public voice for even handed treatment of the news and human affairs. The problem became quite different, at least to my mind, when the internet supplemented over-the-air broadcasting, but we now see technology providing a way to censor the internet, as early free radio stations were “jammed”.

          Perhaps you would share your thoughts on how a fair platform might evolve, and prosper. Does it require a Rupert Murdoch?

          Governments feel a need to control information the same way we feel a need to breathe. Free media are intrinsically anti-government, but need not be revolutionary. Or do they?


  • #

    Tony Lee, Breitbart News

    The Senate Judiciary Committee on Friday morning:

    10:06 AM: Harris: “This hearing is a sham…” Dems who walked out are holding a press conference while the hearing is going on…

    11:34 AM: Dems more about grandstanding than attending committee hearing:

    1:07 PM: Blumenthal talks about how Kavanaugh was “filled with anger” and walks out after his speech. (He walked out with Harris/Hirono at the start only to come back to get some camera time.)

    I’ve seen this movie before; after the Democrats successfully blocked the removal of Bill Clinton during his Senate Impeachment Trial, they walked out of the Senate to hold a press conference. Grandstanding is a way of life for these people.


  • #

    I’ve written six articles on
    the attempted “Borking”
    of Brett Kavanaugh,
    which I now feel will fail.

    I want you to note that this
    was a “he said – she said” claim,
    with no witnesses or evidence found,
    and the methodology to determine
    who to believe should be
    “innocent until proven guilty”,
    but it wasn’t,
    because Dumbocrats
    don’t believe in that … unless
    a Dumbocrat is charged,
    then he (such as Bill Clinton)
    is perfectly innocent
    unless there is DNA evidence !

    At the least there should have been
    lots of tough questions about
    Christine Ford’s character,
    but there were not — so we hardly
    know anything about her character.

    Apparently, you people in Australia
    have the same leftist media bias
    — censorship, as in the US —
    maybe worse —
    at least we have Fox News,
    and conservative talk radio
    for a Republican bias,
    to offset the usual leftist bias.

    Let me leave you with a few paragraphs
    from today’s article (I love to refute lying
    — that’s why I have a climate change
    blog too!):

    ” … and do you believe this:
    Ford left an alleged party
    without telling her best friend,
    who then became the only girl
    alone in an unsupervised house
    with two ‘rapists’
    — what kind of character is that ?

    A bad character, or a false story,
    you chose one !

    Ford claims she remembers
    having one beer at a party
    36 years ago — only a liar
    has a “memory” that good.

    Ford, invoking doctor-patient
    privilege, did not allow anyone to
    see the actual 2012 notes
    from her therapist,
    made thirty years after
    the alleged attack,
    when she finally talked
    about it, although without
    mentioning names
    — that did not happen for
    another six years.

    We just have to believe
    Ford’s own “summary”
    of the alleged notes,
    and I don’t believe anything
    she says …
    so now her charge
    against Kavanaugh
    is even weaker
    than I originally thought.

    Honest people don’t hide evidence !

    What is Ford hiding
    that’s in those therapist notes?

    Was (is) she mentally ill ?”

    my politics blog:

    my economics blog:

    my climate science blog:

    my photography blog
    with nude pictures of Jo Nova:


    • #

      I’ve been on three jury’s in Australia from Jury Duty and each time the the term “Reasonable Doubt” is explained as a very important aspect of our legal system, in the real world Brett Kavanaugh’s case wouldn’t make it past the first application unless corruption was its strength.


  • #
    Clyde Spencer

    Ford has stated that she attended the ‘party’ after swim practice, and she was still wearing her (wet?) bathing suit under her clothes. Is it not probable that she went with other swimmers, and it was they who were holding the ‘party?’ That is to say, her claims don’t really hold water. It is also possible that she attended a party for which she knew the reputation, and wore a one-piece bathing suit underneath her clothes as a sort of pseudo-chastity belt. There are so many loose ends that we will probably never know. But, the procedure of giving credence to unsupported accusations that have the potential for ruining a persons reputation clearly need to be changed to formally protect from what is little more than slander, and without time to adequately vet the accusations, or prepare a defense. This applies equally to those who want to force their view of climate ‘reality’ onto others without being willing to publicly debate counter evidence or answer embarrassing questions. A little sunshine goes a long ways in preventing mold from growing.


    • #

      In all honesty, given the amount of knickers I tried to broach as a horny teenager it wouldn’t matter now if I found a cure for cancer because under the mandated left wing standards I’d have to walk on water to be considered beyond reproach. And THAT standard wouldn’t be applied to my left wing peers. That said I do not believe that Mr Kavanaugh did what he is accused of. I now believe the #whatnow rabble have overreached and overplayed. They are starting to make real victims of sexual assault look trivial. The beauty of all of this is that it puts into sharp focus the rights and wrongs, good and bad and the world runs on good nature, not shitty left wing academics.


  • #
    Roy Hogue

    I watched Graham go through his reiteration of the faults of his fellow senators in real time as it was happening. I had a smile on my face the whole time. But I doubt that’s what the senators on the Judiciary Committee really needed to hear. Some of the comments of one or two of the Democrats that I heard this morning are closer to what’s needed, “I disagree with you and here’s why. Now can we discuss this like gentlemen and see if we can reach common ground or at least understand each other.”

    Ted Cruz always comes out swinging and he reminds me of Sean Hannity, two right arms and two right legs, an attitude that I think does as much harm as good.

    And in the meantime the full senate vote is put off for one more FBI investigation. Kavanauge must be livid.


    • #
      Roy Hogue

      Later on those same senators were more like their old selves and made it clear that they still want to toss out Kavanaugh along with every other nominee Trump puts up and Trump himself too.

      My wife will watch hours of this stuff but I finally have to get up and go do something else.

      If I want a circus I can find a funnier one than a senate confirmation hearing or the media circus surrounding it.


  • #
    Kinky Keith

    Having last night watched both Ms Ford and Mr Kavanaugh make their introductory speeches I was emotionally wrung out.

    So many good points made above but CO2 is not evil got one very relevant one nailed: she strangely remembered the names.

    Also as TdeF said, The Delay, The Delay and The Delay.

    Last, the brilliant manipulation of all this has been overseen from above.

    She is a vehicle sent to crash the process.

    America is in deep trouble.



  • #
    D. J. Hawkins

    I have young sons, 8 and 12. They are going to inherit a terrifying world, where any misstep can leave them branded as sexual predators. As bad as it is for them, the Social Justice Weenies are creating a whole generation of cat-ladies, as men will prefer to be alone than be accused, and/or seek comfort and companionship where they can buy it. All those on the distaff side diligently guarding their personal space from micro-aggressors will soon find that no male will risk their liberty and reputation in order to become more intimate, even on the level of fellowship or friendship. As Kavanaugh has said, “You have sown the wind, and will reap the whirlwind.”


    • #

      Hard times create hard men and never underestimate the natural attraction of strong men that women innately seek out for protection and security.

      A glitch in nature is just that, it will pass.


      • #

        A lot of truth there except it too often needs a near catastrophe to bring out such strong people to fight and defeat evil (until the next time). Things will most likely need to get much worse before they get better once again. Part of the problem is too many people are brain dead, clueless or just don’t give a damn about politics. Trump is the right person at the right time for the US but when he leaves the scene things will rapidly deteriorate unless he can manage to bring forth someone like him to fight the evil left. As for us here in Australia who are the strong people to fight the evil left? Morrison has his white-anting left in his own party to deal with as well as the ALP and Greens. What chance has he to stop the spread of the evil left?


        • #

          What chance?

          Thankfully he is not alone, there are probably 40 trustworthy allies within the Liberal Party MPs and then National Party MPs.

          That’s why the ABC/MSM do not stop relentless negativity against Abbott, Joyce and Dutton. And take swipes at former Captain Hastie ADF SASR.

          I hope for a coalition of the willing to form consisting of Australian patriots who understand the situation far better than us.


          • #

            It’s all up to the Australia voters to have their final say at the next federal election. It will be a major litmus test of the public. Will they fail the LNP so badly they would be willing to let Shorten become PM or will they allow Morrison one term of office to see if the can deliver the goods? I vote we give him a chance. The alternative is too frightening even to think about.


      • #
        Latus Dextro

        Yes, it will doubtless pass. The trick will be for it to do so without notching up millions more corpses on the Leftist bedpost that currently runs to a unfathomable 100M or more.
        I wonder, hope and pray that the 1848 ideology of Marx and Engels, with its various neo-interpretations of identity politics, cultural Marxism, political correctness and intersectionality will eventually be outlawed from civilised society and political discourse, much as their bedfellow, the Nazis.


      • #

        In todays world there will be very few strong men to go around , and if they choose to engage at all they will be highly selective. I lean to the cat lady outcome for many.

        I observe my adult sons behaviour and he overtly focuses on work and his interests and securing his financial future. His shields seem to have gone up big time.


        • #
          D. J. Hawkins

          On reflection, this is the sort of thing that could drive young men back to the more conservative churches, where one is more likely to find the sort of woman who doesn’t buy into the whole SJW zeitgeist. Females of the more conservative persuasion are likely to find themselves with an embarrassing surfeit of suitors.


    • #
      Roy Hogue

      D. J.,

      I have that same nightmare fear for my 3 1/2 year old grandson. What kind of world will he have to live in? The prospects are frightening.


  • #

    The left today can be aptly described with just one word; evil. The evidence abounds. It is clear they have one agenda on their minds and that’s to implant a dictatorial regime change in the West not much unlike Hitler’s regime. They hate Israel. They hate freedom of speech and thought. They hate the truth. They love to re-write history to suit their ideology of hate for anything that stands against them. What’s even more fearful is it’s as much of part of our society here in Australia thanks to the ABC, Greens, many in the ALP and even some in the LNP as it it in the Democrats of the US. In fact the ABC has become the god of the left. I do hope the voters here are not as brain dead as I think they are and never vote in an ALP+Greens government until their evil nature is curtailed if not eradicated, which can be done if they ever have even a half decent leader, which they once did have many times.


  • #

    Why has NO-ONE interviewed the poor bloody husband of the Ford person?


    • #
      Peter C

      What husband?


      • #

        The one she was in counselling with over a front door (!?). The 2012 counselling that triggered all these memories, except some basic sluething has apparently revealed that the building permits were issued in 2008. So that may be as real as her fear of flying, who knows.


    • #
      Latus Dextro

      “Russell Ford and Christine Blasey Ford have two teenage sons together, according to the San Jose Mercury News, which reports that the family members are all avid surfers. A friend described the couple as “modest,” and said they eat organic food and “drive hybrids that they plug into a charging station in their driveway.”

      “According to The New York Times, the family lives in Palo Alto, and Ford has “volunteered for her sons’ schools and junior lifeguard training” and restored the family’s “midcentury modern home.” The family sometimes attends local sporting events.”

      “Russ Ford earned his doctorate in mechanical engineering from Stanford University, according to his LinkedIn page. He also received his master’s degree in mechanical engineering from Stanford and graduated from the University of Rochester with a degree in mechanical engineering as well.”

      Truncated from, Is Christine Blasey Ford Married? Does She Have Children?


  • #
    robert rosicka

    A wise man once told me to believe none of what you hear and half of what you see , never a more apt instruction when dealing with the left and MSM .


  • #
    Binny Pegler

    Sooo the Dems have A. Made no difference their hardcore base
    B. Totally enraged the hardcore Republican base
    C. Hardened the resolve of fair minded Republicans
    D. Weaken the resolved of fair minded Democrats


    • #

      A totally corrupted and poisoned the SCOTUS nomination process for the future.


      • #
        Binny Pegler

        Possible reason Ford can’t or won’t say where the abuse happen, or how she got there and back. Is because what ever happened to her, happened at home.


  • #
    C. Paul Barreira

    There is no distinctly native American criminal class except Congress.

    Thus Mark Twain in 1897.

    On a copy of Following the Equator, in which that quotation appeared, the author added “Be good & you will be lonesome” (see here).

    Just wondering but who would display the greater integrity: Feinstein or Incitatus?


  • #

    Good analysis of the situation.

    Approximately 24-hours after Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh gave his Senate Judiciary Committee testimony against the unsubstantiated accusations made by Northern California psychology professor Christine Blasey Ford – Stefan Molyneux has his final thoughts on the proceedings.

    Brett Kavanaugh Testimony: Final Thoughts


  • #
    Geoffrey Williams

    The ABC is a bloody disgrace to all free minded thinking Australians.


    • #

      Indeed it is especially given it’s taxpayer funded. It needs to be brought back into line to follow its charter. Not sure how it can be done but one possible way is to hold a Royal Commission. Of course the left will scream but hey when they forced one for the banks the LNP screamed until they caved in due to public pressure. I suspect the same can happen again.


      • #

        “Indeed it is especially given it’s taxpayer funded. It needs to be brought back into line to follow its charter.”

        I sure hope Australia can figure out how do this as it would provide us in the USA an example of how to straighten out PBS (Public Broadcast System) and NPR (National Public Radio).


    • #
      Geoff Sherrington

      Wondering if current ABC tricks at the top are related to these US events, or separate. My guess would be that there have been high level conversations among Aust news people and US manipulators.
      Reminds me, with other players, of Gore/Palmer meeting when carbon tax was developing. Also, the apparent oddity of Trump accusing China of election manipulations. Thinking we will hear more about all sorts of interferences in due and customry processes.
      The other Geoff.


  • #
    Tom Anderson

    In climate alarm and leftwing politics there are no rational beings in an objective reality.
    They are the leaders and the led, a fundamentalist cult, mobsters and the mob boss. The nearest analogy may be Jim Jones and his kool-aid kids of Jonestown, Guyana.

    Too bad they have captured the media, but I suppose the journalistic job description made that inevitable. So rather than framing arguments in opposition, it may be better stock up on arms and ammunition, and set up good defenses before the hit squads take to the streets.

    I used to think that Friedrich Hayek had conclusive insight into them as just socialists, but no, it goes back further. They are the peasants with the torches and pitchforks. And Dr. Frankenstein never gets a chance to write his side of it.


  • #

    Andrew Bolt – Daily Telegraph, Friday

    The Washington Post invites us to believe the third and most bizarre accuser yet of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh:

    Now we have the most shocking allegation yet, …[from] Julie Swetnick, who says she attended parties with Brett Kavanaugh as a high school student. The behaviour Swetnick describes Kavanaugh, his friend Mark Judge, and other boys engaging in ranges from the distasteful to the horrific…

    Perhaps we will learn that she is unreliable and there are reasons to disbelieve everything she says. Or perhaps we will learn that her account is persuasive and compelling, and there are strong reasons to believe it, even apart from the fact that it is consistent with so much else we have heard about Kavanaugh’s high school social scene. We should be open to either possibility and take the accusations seriously.

    Swetnick alleges that she attended “well over 10 house parties . . . where Mark Judge and Brett Kavanaugh were present,” and that she witnessed Kavanaugh both “‘grinding’ against girls, and attempting to remove or shift girls’ clothing to expose private body parts” and being verbally abusive toward them. She describes him as a “mean drunk.”…

    Then comes the most explosive part of Swetnick’s affidavit. She says it was known that Judge, Kavanaugh, and others would spike the punch at these parties with grain alcohol or drugs in order to make girls inebriated, and that the boys, including Kavanaugh, would “‘target’ particular girls so they could be taken advantage of; it was usually a girl that was especially vulnerable because she was alone at the party or shy.”…

    Swetnick goes on:

    “I also witnessed efforts by Mark Judge, Brett Kavanaugh and others to cause girls to become inebriated and disoriented so they could then be ‘gang raped’ in a side room or bedroom by a ‘train’ of numerous boys. I have a firm recollection of seeing boys lined up outside rooms and many of these parties waiting for their ‘turn’ with a girl inside the room. These boys included Mark Judge and Brett Kavanaugh.

    “In approximately 1982, I became the victim of one of these ‘gang’ or ‘train’ rapes where Mark Judge and Brett Kavanaugh were present. Shortly after the incident, I shared what had transpired with at least two other people. During the incident, I was incapacitated without my consent and unable to fight off the boys raping me. I believe I was drugged using Quaaludes or something similar placed in what I was drinking.”…

    It’s important to note that Swetnick does not say specifically that Kavanaugh was one of those who raped her, only that he was present when she was raped. But one thing that has become more than clear is that Kavanaugh’s descriptions of both the social scene in which he participated (“the drinking age was 18, and yes, the seniors were legal and had beer there”) and his own behaviour as a teenager (“I was focused on academics and athletics, going to church every Sunday at Little Flower, working on my service projects, and friendship”) are almost impossible to believe. That doesn’t mean he’s lying about the incidents alleging sexual misconduct, but it damages his credibility.

    Actually, it’s the Post’s credibility that is damaged by pushing this character assassination without noting or underlining the details that make the accusations very, very hard to believe.

    Swetnick goes to “well over 1o” of these parties where she sees gang rapes, women assaulted and drinks spiked? And keeps going until she is allegedly drugged and raped herself?
    Swetnick sees rapes and is raped and never contacts the police?
    Swetnick goes to these parties with students from a private school when she used to study at a public school 13km away.
    Swetnick graduated from high school in 1980, Kavanaugh in 1983. So in 1982 she’s a university student in her second or third year still going to parties thrown by high school students?
    Swetnick never speaks up until the very final days of Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings, and then speaks only through a statement given to the lawyer for porn star Stormy Daniels?
    All these gang-rapes of women occur and there’s not a single report of women or their parents complaining to police? Instead, there’s 60 women and men who were students with Kavanaugh who deny such stuff occurred at their parties.
    Kavanaugh strongly denies these allegations and says he does not know the woman, who does not accuse him of being one of the students who allegedly raped her.

    I don’t know if Kavanaugh assaulted women or not when he was a student.

    But I do know that allegations like this do not deserve to be believed without a lot, lot more corroborative evidence, and that in the meantime Kavanaugh must be resumed innocent.


    • #

      If Swetnick went to such orgies 10 times it could only mean she was a player, and being older than the rest I would assume a ring leader. if so the descriptive words for her would not pass moderation so I leave it to you to fill in the blanks.


  • #
    Reed Coray

    I have a question that I wish people would ask a democrat who vocally supports the travesty of the Brett Kavanaugh senate confirmation hearings: “I’ve always wanted to know, what’s it feel like to roll in the gutter?”


  • #

    The article at the link below is one I have posted before but it explains a lot about the aims and objectives, and history, of the Soros and Comrades globalism.

    America and Australia too.


  • #

    if there are to be inquiries into the ABC Board etc., how about investigating ABC bias at the same time?
    there would be no better place to start than the following page of vitriol and venom –

    Exhibit A:

    ABC: Trump’s America

    27 Sept: ABC: Gaven Morris: ABC’s independence is our most precious asset
    By Director of News, Analysis and Investigations Gaven Morris
    Australia’s public broadcaster acts only in the interests of the Australian public and our independence is our most precious asset…

    Nothing is more important than ensuring that stories are accurate and editorial decisions are independent and impartial. We are here to serve the public interest and absolutely no other interests…

    Our role is to ensure journalists are protected from those political and sectional interests, while simultaneously ensuring that stories ***are not influenced by journalists’ own personal or political interests.

    The ABC has the highest editorial standards of any Australian media organisation…

    What’s expected of content makers is clearly set out in the editorial policies and there is a rigorous and independent complaints process to review content when the inevitable complaints roll in.

    While journalists do, and should, refer difficult decisions to management, we expect them to take responsibility for their editorial decisions.

    We also expect them to be bold and courageous in their journalism. In return they expect us to defend them from interference and undue influence.
    Nothing matters more than the public’s trust in the integrity of our journalism…


  • #

    It seems to me that Kavanaugh is a problem for the left because there is no real dirt with which he can be manipulated when in office.

    The projection of their own morality upon others finds targets only in fictions created from the fantasies of the irrational and disturbed.


  • #

    Anyone going through this process needs a tough hide. It surely forges strength of character if you can bear the heat. Lesser men would simply not be prepared to expose themselves to such proceedings. It is not a matter of something to hide but you are exposed to the worst sort of mischief.

    Hard not to carry a grudge on the other side!

    With these proceedings in the recent past during the senate elections it will provide an interesting test of where the US electorate stand. I have seen a few comments recently that non Trump supporters like what he is doing although they do not like his style – each to his own. Kavanaugh’s hearing should be even more polarising, really showing the ugly side of the democrats.


    • #
      Binny Pegler

      The US is descending into a vicious political civil war. We all know staying neutral in civil war is almost impossible.


  • #

    a must-read, just posted online:

    28 Sept: Fox News: Gregg Jarrett: In Kavanaugh battle, are Ford’s lawyers representing her, or the Democrats?
    Professor Christine Blasey Ford – who has accused Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her some 36 years ago – may well have been betrayed and victimized by her own attorneys, who are Democratic activists with a record of fierce opposition to President Trump…


  • #

    This tactic of “Lawfare” is a deliberate, and successful, one to isolate the President. Who, in their right mind, would offer their services to this administration knowing that they will be doxed, abused and refused service, attacked in the press to ruin their reputation and be persecuted by Muller so badly that you must sell your home to pay lawyers or confess to trumped up charges?

    Trump is the bravest man I know: He is risking everything. The dems aim not simply to oust him from office but to destroy him AND his family both financially and reputationally and if that fails, remove him or a loved one with “extreme prejudice”. That final option will not be accepted as it was in ’66, Trump supporters are well armed.

    The crazy left is taking over the world and I fear they can’t be stopped now. I hope I’m wrong.


  • #

    comment in moderation.

    important to remember, if the Republicans had the numbers, the vote would have been taken days ago.

    28 Sept: Yahoo: Jon Ward: Kavanaugh’s fate now rests with three GOP senators — Flake, Murkowski and Collins
    Gov. John Kasich of Ohio, a state with a more mixed electorate, on Wednesday called on Republicans to slow down the process to gather more information…
    Only Flake sits on the Senate Judiciary Committee, and he did not tip his hand when he spoke at the end of the day-long hearing to briefly praise both Ford and Kavanaugh for their testimony. The senator, who is not seeking reelection and has long been an antagonist of President Trump, also said expressed regret that Kavanaugh and Ford and their families had had to endure the acrimony of the process…

    VIDEO: 28 Sept: Fox News: Tucker Carlson: Jeff Flake Is ‘Ringmaster of the Partisan Circus’ After Calling for Kavanaugh FBI Probe
    Flake (R-Ariz.) had voted to send Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination to the full Senate.
    He said before the vote, in agreement with Democrats, that he’d be calling for a one-week delay to allow the FBI to investigate the sexual misconduct claims against the nominee…
    “Jeff Flake crumbled,” Carlson said, noting that Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) commended Flake for rising above “the partisan circus on display.”…

    “In Washington, when they congratulate you on leaving the partisan circus, chances are you are now the ringmaster of the partisan circus. And of course Jeff Flake is exactly that,” Carlson added…

    14 Sept: CNBC: Veteran GOP operative Bill Kristol is building a political war machine and seeking a Republican candidate to take on President Donald Trump in 2020
    •He’s engaged with three potential Republican primary candidates who are outspoken critics of the president: Sen. Ben Sasse of Nebraska, outgoing Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona and Ohio Gov. John Kasich
    by Brian Schwartz
    Sasse, Flake and Kasich have shown interest, according to Kristol…


    • #

      Flake, Kasich, John Kerry, all for Forbes event. the Deep State never sleeps. read the nasty tweets:

      28 Sept: Boston Globe: Flake’s planned talk in Boston moved amid safety concerns
      By Steve Annear and Alejandro Serrano; James Pindell of the Globe Staff contributed to this report
      A Boston event featuring a Republican senator who became a focus of controversy regarding Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination on Friday is being relocated because of safety concerns amid a planned protest, officials said Friday evening.

      Arizona Senator Jeff Flake, who was confronted by protesters Friday after he said he would vote to advance Kavanaugh’s nomination, is slated to take the stage Monday at the Forbes Under 30 Summit alongside Republican Ohio Governor John Kasich…

      “The College just found out about Senator Jeff Flake’s appearance in Boston on Monday. ATG, the Colonial tenant, rented the space to Forbes,” Pelton said. “We are seeking to exercise our right as the owners of the Colonial to have the panel canceled for safety reasons.”
      In a second statement posted at 6:56 p.m. on a school website, Pelton said the event had been canceled…
      Event organizers were trying to relocate the panel discussion to City Hall Plaza, according to a statement from Forbes.
      “Pending ongoing scheduling, we are in the process of moving the discussion with Sen. Flake to a larger and more secure location, the Under 30 Village at City Hall Plaza,” the publisher said…

      According to an agenda on Forbes’s website, Flake and Kasich are scheduled to discuss “the future of the Republican Party.”
      ***“In the age of Trump, a few national GOP leaders have stepped forward to offer a competing vision,” according to a description of the event. “In consecutive interviews, we’ll hear their views of [where] the Republican Party needs to go.”

      Forbes announced that Flake was part of the lineup of speakers Thursday, the same day that the Senate Judiciary Committee heard explosive and emotional testimony from Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford…
      The Forbes event with Flake is scheduled to be moderated by Randall Lane, chief content officer of Forbes Media…
      More than 7,000 young entrepreneurs and innovators are expected to attend the four-day event hosted by Forbes, including…former secretary of state and former senator John Kerry…


  • #
  • #
    robert rosicka

    As far as the ABC goes I notice in their promo self advertising they show major events that happened around the world but won’t show the Trump and North Korea meeting , I would have thought that this would have been a major world event .


  • #

    28 Sept: Baltimore Sun: PDF: Police and State’s Attorney response to Montgomery County House Delegation’s request to open criminal investigation against Judge Brett Kavanaugh
    (PDF EXCERPT) To date, there have been no criminal reports filed with the Montgomery County Department of Police that would lead to the initiation of any criminal investigation related to Judge Kavanaugh. Furthermore, the law at the time the offense occurred is the law that must be applied to any charges that might be brought. For example, in 1982, assault and attempted rape were both misdemeanors and subject to a one-year statute of limitations


  • #

    Sorry Jo, I tend to agree with the majority of polls in the USA.

    Whilst I deplore the Democrats motives and I thought Senator Lindsay Graham’s defence was brilliant I was totally unfazed by Kavanaugh. Yeah I know he has been through hell but judges are supposed to be measured, controlled and clear thinking, Kavanaugh came across as very defensive and in-articulate when answering specific questions. And his body language was awful.

    He never really disputed the fact that he may have drank alcohol to excess and we know how that can affect memory and why did his buddy not front up to the hearing to support him? Sure the way this investigation has been run is grossly unjust and there is no precise evidence to support the accuser but don’t be surprised if the FBI find some.


    • #

      Was it Beria who said, “Show me the man, and I’ll show you the crime.

      In other words,you’re done like a dog’s dinner if those in powerful positions take a dislike to you – just look at Tommy Robinson….


    • #
      robert rosicka

      Didn’t see it that way myself but that’s the crux of the matter isn’t it ? It’s he said she said and in no way should someone be guilty before being proven innocent , throw enough mud and something sticks .


  • #

    Prof. Ford’s presentation reminded me of a case in WA where 2 daughters later in life accused their father, a teacher, of molestation in their younger years. The
    man’s career was destroyed via the Court case and media exposure and it took years for him to have the verdict reversed, which did him little good in those things like reputation and employment. That’s from memory how it all rolled out, but I stand to be corrected. The point: the daughters had had regression therapy or whatever it is called where a psychologist hypnotises them and then supposedly gives an interpretation of revealed events which becomes ‘the truth’ in the mind of the patient.

    Prof. Ford I understand has had problems and has her own ‘therapist’. As genuine as she presented her story, I simply wonder, without accusation, whether she has
    had the same ‘treatment’ which could explain her acceptance of her story as ‘the truth’ while at the same time none of her own named witnesses have, under oath and threat of 5 years imprisonment for lying, any memory of any such event and she herself has no knowledge of time, date and place where her ‘attack’ occured.
    She says her memory of the event is clear and Kavanaugh was the man that
    molested her. She doesn’t remember how she got to the house nor how she got home. Her total ‘knowledge’ seems to be limited to the ‘attack’. Her memory for things happening over the months leading up to her appearance before the Commission also seems very poor, or maybe just a lawyers’ cover for how she has been manipulated to get her to do what she didn’t want to do – be revealed and appear.


  • #

    26 Sept: Newsbusters: Study: TV News Is Rigged Against Brett Kavanaugh
    By Rich Noyes
    During the twelve days since Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein publicly announced the existence of an unspecified allegation against Brett Kavanaugh, the ABC, CBS and NBC morning and evening news shows have spent nearly six hours (344 minutes) regurgitating various unproved allegations against the Supreme Court nominee.
    But only a tiny percentage of that coverage — a measly eight percent — has been devoted to Kavanaugh’s denials and the lack of corroboration for his accusers’ accounts.

    MRC analysts pored over all of the coverage from September 13 through September 24. Most of the airtime (305 minutes) was spent on the allegations made by Christine Blasey Ford, which were the only known charges for most of this period…ETC


  • #
    Rod Stuart

    The recent performance before the Senate Judicial committee was an act.


  • #

    just saw a minute or two of Simon Jackman, US Studies Centre, Sydney Uni (where Turnbull’s son-in-law James Brown used to be) on some Sky channel, speaking at an Australian Business Economists (ABE) function at NSW State Library on 25 Sept on the topic “USA mid-term elections: Prospects and implications”.

    first thing I heard, he was answering a journo or someone in the audience, saying “It’s too early to talk of President Pence”. can’t find anything online, much less a transcript, but this might give a clue or two:

    AUDIO: 26 Sept: ABC The World Today: Could the Kavanaugh saga mean the beginning of the end for Trump?
    By Eleanor Hall
    But now that Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination has become mired in sexual assault allegations, could it instead see President Donald Trump’s party lose control of the Congress?…
    Professor Simon Jackman, CEO of the US Studies Centre at Sydney University, says a Democrat-controlled House of Representatives would be likely to start impeachment proceedings against President Trump.
    Duration: 5min 36sec
    Professor Simon Jackman, CEO, US Studies Centre at Sydney University

    that segment was followed by the following, with two Labour/anti-Brexit guests!

    26 Sept: ABC The World Today: Push for second Brexit referendum growing in the UK
    By Samantha Hawley
    Two and a half years after the British people voted to leave the European Union, talk of a second referendum is increasing.
    At its annual conference, the opposition Labour party voted overwhelmingly in favour of supporting a second people’s vote, including the option to remain in the EU.
    Labour has also indicated it’s likely to vote against the Governments Brexit plans in the Parliament.
    Sir Keir Starmer, Labour MP
    John Mills, chair, Labour Leave


  • #

    another ABC piece of nonsense I saved during the week, put together (badly) by 3 members of the ABC Digital Storytelling team, no less. they don’t even say the Centre (Center)for Social Media Responsibility is at Michigan University:

    27 Sept: ABC: Can you tell a fake video from a real one?
    Artificial intelligence is emerging as the next frontier in fake news — and it just might make you second-guess everything you see.
    By Tim Leslie, Nathan Hoad and Ben Spraggon
    Which of these videos is fake?
    Obama or Trump

    Now, remember that footage of Barack Obama we showed you at the top of the story, alongside the fake Donald Trump?…
    Here’s the test they did on Mr Obama:

    Why does this matter?
    Picture this: a story emerges about a US president getting up to no good in a Russian hotel. Then, some footage of the incident follows. It’s poor quality, shaky, pixelated.
    The president declares it’s fake news and the footage itself is a hoax, made by machine learning…

    ‘We are careening toward an infocalypse’
    If all this sounds scary to you, then you’re not alone. Aviv Ovadya is a technologist who sounded an early warning about the rise of fake news, well before the phrase became a White House favourite…
    But for Ovadya, who is chief technologist at the Centre for Social Media Responsibility, the crisis gripping social media organisations pales in comparison to the threat machine learning and deepfakes could pose…

    A world without truth?
    Think back to the scenario with the president in the Russian hotel room. What’s scarier? A world where that tape actually exists, or a world where it exists but the president is able to write it off as fake?…

    Where does this leave us?
    Aviv Ovadya suggests part of the answer might lie in one final head-scratching question: Why are you trusting what I’m telling you now?

    “I wouldn’t say this foretells the end of mass media, because as long as you know that when you’re reading an article from ABC, or watching their broadcast that it really is coming from them, if you can establish a provenance of the information you’re taking in, and you know that you can trust them to have done thorough vetting then you can still trust that mass media environment.”…
    “We need to ensure that we can build these trust networks, and we need to ensure that ABC can efficiently vet what’s real and what’s not…

    they made another page:

    28 Sept: ABC: How hard is it to make a believable deepfake?
    We set out to see if we could fake Malcolm Turnbull.
    By Tim Leslie, Nathan Hoad and Ben Spraggon
    Take this footage, for example. A team of academics working out of leading US and European universities created a fake version of Barack Obama from publicly available footage, controlled by the footage of the man against the green background…

    And what about sound?
    A company called Lyrebird AI uses machine learning to offer a way to create your own digital voice, but has made the decision not to release a version that would allow you to copy anyone’s voice.
    It released audio of Barack Obama and Donald Trump to show what is possible, but in a statement explained why it is keeping this capability back…
    And after rumours emerged that a tape recording of Donald Trump saying the ‘N-word’ existed, alt-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones started suggesting that such a tape could be made using VoCo…

    Avoiding the ‘info-pocalypse’
    It’s called TensorFlow, a product of Google’s Brain team. It’s used to work out how to make your computers go faster, your search results more accurate, and in a range of scientific breakthroughs…

    So if we can’t stop the rise of deepfakes, what can we do?
    Ovadya: “Making it just a little harder to create a fake won’t stop the Kremlin.”…

    re the Center for Social Media Responsibility at UMich:

    28 Aug: The CollegeFix: Greg Piper: UMich pays Democratic politician six figures to ‘tackle fake news’
    Except they don’t have a definition of ‘fake news’
    When you learn how much the University of Michigan spends on diversity bureaucrats, every subsequently exposed spending item is less surprising.

    Our former writer Derek Draplin found an interesting one: This taxpayer-funded institution is paying a guy running for lieutenant governor $134,000 to “tackle fake news.”
    The scoop’s at the Mackinac Center’s Michigan Capitol Confidential, where Draplin reports that UMich hired Garlin Gilchrist to lead its Center for Social Media Responsibility (nothing Orwellian about that name) in March.

    He was a social media manager for President Barack Obama’s campaign, Detroit’s head of “innovation and emerging technology” and even primary media spokesperson for progressive juggernaut

    Gilchrist was selected last week to run for office with Democratic gubernatorial nominee Gretchen Whitmer. When he was hired by UMich, his salary swallowed up a third of the center’s $400,000 budget, which comes from the university’s general fund, according to Draplin…READ ALL


  • #

    the stinking ABC. never seen worse than the following. it matters not what the tweets or the text say – this is all you need to know:

    29 Sept: ABC: If Brett Kavanaugh is caught out in even one lie, it’s over
    By North America bureau chief Zoe Daniel and Emily Olson

    TWEET: Sahil Kapur, National political reporter for Bloomberg News

    TWEET: Manu Raju, Senior Congressional Correspondent, CNN.

    TWEET: Aaron Rupar, Think Progress

    TWEET: Mark Berman, Washington Post

    TWEET: Melissa Block, NPR

    TWEET: Jessica Taylor, NPR political reporter

    TWEET: Kate Irby, CA Congressional reporter for @McClatchyDC

    TWEET: Heidi Przybyla, NBC News

    TWEET: Emma Brown, Reporter for The Washington Post

    TWEET: Anne Helen Petersen, Senior Culture Writer / Western Correspondent, @BuzzFeedNews

    TWEET: Brooke Gladstone, Co-Host, Editor of (public radio) WNYC’s On the Media

    TWEET: Hunter Schwarz, CNN

    TWEET: Bill Grueskin, Journalist @Columbia, via WSJ, Bloomberg, Miami Herald

    TWEET: MJ Lee, CNN, New Yorker

    TWEET: Amanda Aroncyzyk, (public radio) WNYC

    TWEET: Robert Costa, Washington Post, political analyst NBC, MSNBC

    TWEET: Blake Hounshell, Politico


    What’s next?
    Back to Senator Flake, the Republican from Arizona, who told the judiciary committee he’d vote no on the Senate floor unless there was a one-week FBI investigation into the matter.
    Almost immediately, others said they’d vote with Senator Flake, threatening Mr Kavanaugh’s confirmation…

    It’s a lifetime appointment, meaning the judges get to influence the direction of US policy for a generation.
    Chances like this are rare, and with a set of very competitive mid-term elections ahead they may lose the opportunity if the Democrats pull out a blinder and take control of the Senate, which confirms nominees.
    However, if they rush it, they risk alienating Republican women at a time when attitudes to sexual assault are fast evolving. And those women vote.

    But will it change anything?
    It’s tough to say, but expect every statement Mr Kavanaugh has made on the record in his own defence to now to be scrutinised…
    If he’s caught out in even one lie, it’s over…

    TWEET: Donald J. Trump

    TWEET: Robert Costa, Washington Post, political analyst NBC, MSNBC

    After years of legal proceedings and a failed trial last year, Bill Cosby, America’s Dad, went to jail on Tuesday for drugging and molesting a woman in 2004…

    TWEET: Jared Max, Fox News
    Bill Cosby headlines

    Around 60 other women have come forward with similar allegations, and after several testified at the trial, he was jailed for 10 years with a non-parole period of three.
    Times are changing.


    • #

      meant to add: the cynical use of a Fox News Tweet at the end has nothing to do with the story, but is just being used by the ABC hacks to segue into the Cosby narrative. hideous stuff.

      oh, and perhaps they think including a Fox News tweet shows they aren’t biased? lol.

      ABC’s anti-Trump Zoe Daniels’ partner for this ugly piece:

      22 May 2018: TWEET: Emily Olson: Excited to share I’m starting an internship with the North American Bureau for @ABCaustralia!
      (followup) “What’s this?” you say. “Another internship for you?” Of course! There’s still so much to learn. Thanks to the @NPR folks for being flexible, open to collaboration and willing to let me work at both places simultaneously.


  • #

    o/t but this makes me so angry, especially when it comes from Bloomberg:

    24 Sept: Bloomberg: Germany’s Economic Backbone Suffers From Soaring Power Prices
    Mittelstand companies weighed down by higher electricity costs are struggling against competition from U.S. and China
    By William Wilkes and Brian Parkin
    Bosses at a steelmaker in northwest Germany have ripped out old-style lighting in favor of LEDs, tinkered to make machinery more efficient and even locked staff into classrooms to teach them how to save energy.
    Across the nation, thousands of companies are doing the same to mitigate the hit from electricity costs that have doubled since 2016. These smaller, often family-run firms are collectively known as the Mittelstand and form crucial links in the supply chains for Germany’s biggest firms, employing almost 20 million people and producing more in sales than Spain’s economy.

    When the Mittelstand suffers, Germany takes a knock. And yet it’s those smaller companies along with households that have borne the brunt of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s energy policy, which has imposed higher electric bills to pay for cutting pollution. While 2,000 corporate giants like Volkswagen AG and chemicals maker BASF SE have their own power plants and get exemptions from environmental tariffs, smaller companies pay more to absorb those costs.

    Wholesale power rates on a tear across Europe, and apart from consuming less, there’s little that companies can do about it. The surge can be traced back to jumping demand for generation fuels from coal in China to natural gas in Japan. And that globalization of the energy market is eating away at support for Merkel’s transition away from coal and toward clean energy…

    The companies, together households, had to cough up hundreds of billions of euros to pay for Merkel’s transition to an economy based on mainly solar and wind. That put them at a disadvantage against competitors from China to the U.S., as well as other European nations.

    The subsidies for solar and wind projects as well as a raft of environmental taxes aimed at cutting emissions have made German electricity prices for residential and business consumers the highest in the European Union together with Denmark…

    A study of the Mittelstand by DZ Bank found a third of their company leaders thought power prices were a threat to their business…
    And if power prices continue to rise, many companies could be forced to close down, said Utz Tillmann, a spokesman for Energy Intensive Industries Germany, which represents the nation’s energy-intensive industries.
    “That would destroy the tightly-bound supply chains for German industry,” he said…


  • #


    18 Sept: Youtube: 4:06 – Fox News: Alex Wilkes Discusses America Rising Research on Anti Judge Kavanaugh Groups with Laura Ingraham


  • #

    the Deep State at work:

    28 Sept: CBS: Behind the scenes of Jeff Flake’s decision to call for an FBI probe into Kavanaugh allegations
    Flake’s decision came after he spoke to senators of both parties and withstood pressure from some Republicans not to take such a step. As he considered his course of action, Flake also had a conversation with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who is in charge of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation…

    Coons said Flake asked to speak to (Dem Senator Dianne) Feinstein. Eventually, it became a scrum where “virtually every member of the committee” gathered in the anteroom…

    After talking with several senators for awhile, Flake “sort of kicked everyone out,” and he and Coons (Sen. Chris Coons, D-Delaware, a close friend of Flake’s in the Senate) talked individually in the phone booth for around 15 minutes.

    Soon afterward, Flake said he wanted to speak to FBI Director Christopher Wray. He ended up talking with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein for what Coons estimated was about 10 minutes. Coons had left him alone for the conversation, but when he returned, Flake was no longer by himself…

    Flake, who has often been a vocal opponent of Mr. Trump, is set to retire at the end of this year.


  • #
    a happy little debunker

    ABC NEWS 24 – the only 24 hour news service that offers around 18 hours of news each day.


  • #

    I am in Aust.
    I watched the inquiry and testimony.
    I made a point of it.

    later, last night I saw the gibber that the ABC and Ch7 spun.

    Its rare that I can even stomach the tv and the missus wants me to be all couch-bound and lovey with her watching re-runs of Vera.
    Cant do it.
    beset with lies and exaggerations.
    all of them demeaning and damning.

    respect!! demands the govt produced propaganda like ‘respect’ is a bloody commodity.

    It’s respectfulness that’s in short supply


  • #

    ‘In answer to questions about the suit, Avenatti said: “This is all hearsay. … None of this is relevant, not one bit.”‘

    You don’t say?


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    Her babyish voice is surely a put on?