Dump Paris says former BHP Chief Jerry Ellis

Retired chiefs are an asset — they can say what they think without worrying that they will offend a politician.

Jerry Ellis is a truly independent opinion. Just the kind of guy the very dependent ABC won’t put on the 7:30 report this week.

Ex-BHP Chief: Scrap Paris Now

by Tony Thomas

jerry ellisEx-chairman of BHP (1997-99), Jerry Ellis  (left) ex-chancellor of Monash University, and an ex-director of ANZ Bank, has called for Australia to dump the 2015 Paris climate agreement. Ellis’s intervention puts cat among climate pigeons. 

The alarmists like to lie that sceptics are a fringe group. Ellis is hardly fringe. His former BHP continues to promote the story about human-caused catastrophic CO2 warming, as does Monash University. Ellis is an awkwardness for both.

By coming out against climate alarmism, Ellis, 81,  is giving added respectability to scepticism, much as ex-PM Tony Abbott did with his London sceptic speech of last October.[i] The credibility of the sceptic case, of course, rests not on authority figures but data such as the  more than two-fold exaggeration of warming since 1980 by the climate models on which the CO2 scare is based.

Here is Ellis’s statement on Paris.

Why Australia should Clexit Paris Treaty

It is clear that the push to meet the Paris carbon dioxide emission targets is leading to higher power costs, and hence prices, and unreliable supply.

It is also a fact that the predictions of the warmists have not happened.

The IPCC scientific reports are stated in possibilities, yet the guidance for policy makers is written as certainty. A farce.

I hope the new leadership of the Australian Government has the courage to guide our country in a rational manner on this subject. as Angus Taylor seems keen to do, and abandons the Paris Treaty.

Jerry Ellis AO

Read it all at Quadrant

Ellis’ statement is published on the website of the Clexit [Climate Exit] Coalition.

Fringe players everywhere….  😉

Ellis is now in the same camp as Hugh Morgan, CEO of Western Mining 1990-2003 and a Reserve Bank director 1996-2007. Morgan said today, “Ellis is absolutely right. People think the Paris Accord is just about commitments to lower CO2. It is really about transferring wealth through the UN to the so-called Less Developed Countries. It’s about advancing centralised control of people’s lives on a global scale.”

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    The tide is turning. A couple of blackouts in Sydney and Melbourne and the mob will turn.


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    Latus Dextro

    New Zealand, currently being green rinsed and relentlessly indoctrinated by a minority constellation of globalist Leftists aided and abetted by the MSM Party and the university academic acolytes, the CPI for a basket of groceries climbed some 30% since 2006. Power on the other hand climbed 100% (2016) … It has escalated further since then.
    All of NZ domestic generation is met by renewable hydro and geothermal. It renders solar and windmills utterly pointless. Yet uncritical, unthinking rational folk are brainwashed to into pointless virtue signalling to spend thousands on useless rooftop arrays that will be removed as junk within 15 yrs. They would have done better to buy power company shares and used the dividends to off-set or pay for their power bill.
    Politicians that know literally nothing, obsess over bovine methane, CO2 and being seen to be wedded to the insanity of the Paris Discord. Meanwhile, a country that can least afford it, sends millions of $ to overseas accounts at the UN and “feels” good. Charity it is said, begins at home. How about those millions staying in NZ and not being spent on the precious All Blacks, but on people who would benefit from help and use it to get on.
    As always, New Zealand, heavily engaged as it is in developing an apartheid nation centred on elitist tribal rule, will be the last UNdependable person standing when the wider world has surrendered its madness to rationality.

    Thank God for men like Jerry Ellis, and women like Jo.
    It is beyond time the scourge of the Left was expunged from rational discourse. The Marx Engels experiment of 1848 has been a murderous failure. The World shut down the Nazis for far less. Time to shut out the Leftist dogma from political discourse and rationality. It has no merit whatsoever. There is no place for identity politics, cultural Marxism or political correctness in a rational, free and prosperous future. There is no place for division, inequity and exclusion, and the Rainbow Cult. None.
    There is always a place for humanity, care, compassion and reason.

    As Marcus Aurelius said so eloquently,
    “The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane.”


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    Latus Dextro

    Latus Dextro #2
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    September 29, 2018 at 6:24 pm


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    24 Sept: Bloomberg: Germany’s Economic Backbone Suffers From Soaring Power Prices
    Mittelstand companies weighed down by higher electricity costs are struggling against competition from U.S. and China
    By William Wilkes and Brian Parkin
    Bosses at a steelmaker in northwest Germany have ripped out old-style lighting in favor of LEDs, tinkered to make machinery more efficient and even locked staff into classrooms to teach them how to save energy.
    Across the nation, thousands of companies are doing the same to mitigate the hit from electricity costs that have doubled since 2016. These smaller, often family-run firms are collectively known as the Mittelstand and form crucial links in the supply chains for Germany’s biggest firms, employing almost 20 million people and producing more in sales than Spain’s economy.

    When the Mittelstand suffers, Germany takes a knock. And yet it’s those smaller companies along with households that have borne the brunt of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s energy policy, which has imposed higher electric bills to pay for cutting pollution. While 2,000 corporate giants like Volkswagen AG and chemicals maker BASF SE have their own power plants and get exemptions from environmental tariffs, smaller companies pay more to absorb those costs.

    Wholesale power rates on a tear across Europe, and apart from consuming less, there’s little that companies can do about it. The surge can be traced back to jumping demand for generation fuels from coal in China to natural gas in Japan. And that globalization of the energy market is eating away at support for Merkel’s transition away from coal and toward clean energy…

    The companies, together households, had to cough up hundreds of billions of euros to pay for Merkel’s transition to an economy based on mainly solar and wind. That put them at a disadvantage against competitors from China to the U.S., as well as other European nations.

    The subsidies for solar and wind projects as well as a raft of environmental taxes aimed at cutting emissions have made German electricity prices for residential and business consumers the highest in the European Union together with Denmark…

    A study of the Mittelstand by DZ Bank found a third of their company leaders thought power prices were a threat to their business…
    And if power prices continue to rise, many companies could be forced to close down, said Utz Tillmann, a spokesman for Energy Intensive Industries Germany, which represents the nation’s energy-intensive industries.
    “That would destroy the tightly-bound supply chains for German industry,” he said…


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      Too late for Germany. There only chance in the short term is to buy power from others, if they can.
      If Germany crumbles, Europe crumbles.
      We are now reaching the tipping point as to whether western civilisation will survive


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    The IPCC have actual atmospheric scientists in that field?


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    Geoffrey Williams

    This is good news. We nned more people like Jerry Ellis on board to strengthen our argument.


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    el gordo

    ‘It is also a fact that the predictions of the warmists have not happened.’

    AGW theory has been falsified, so its about time we had A Royal Commission into climate change, to clear the air and plan the future with due diligence, unencumbered.


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    The irony is the tide was always going in the right direction is countries like China, India, Japan, etc. because they never took the global warming scare seriously and didn’t hesitate building dozens if not hundreds of coal fired power stations. Here in the West we were always going in the wrong direction. Either we (governments and voters alike) are stupid or we are stupid. Take your pick. I still would like to see a serious debate on public TV over this very topic. It would be impossible for the left to defend and would lose the debate hands down. Then the people can demand the government not only scrap Paris but also scrap the renewables subsidies immediately (not in years to come) and start building new coal fired power stations if and when required give our plentiful supply of excellent quality cheap coal.


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      “never took the global warming scare seriously”

      They took the global warming scare very seriously and recognized the advantage they would gain if the West succumbed to climate stupidity. They recognize that the world economy is moving from one where the primary value added to raw materials was labor to one where it’s become energy. Going forward, whoever has the cheapest and most reliable source of energy will win.


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    Kinky Keith

    The truth is easy and rewarding when you are 91.

    Progress but we mustn’t lose sight of the reality.

    Most voters form their opinion after being bombarded by the media.

    Truth doesn’t really count: only blackouts and cost are useful factors.



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    robert rosicka

    The current board at BHP seem to be doing all they can to placate the greentards .


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    ” It is really about transferring wealth through the UN to the so-called Less Developed Countries…” read also stopping these countries using cheap hydrocarbon fuels.


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    Serge Wright

    As Morgan states, this is all about wealth transfer. The fact that the UN and alarmists only discuss CO2 emissions in terms of “per-capita” is confirmation of this reality.

    To demonstrate this point, if you assume that the UN believes in AGW along with its own propaganda indicating that AGW is a major threat. To target human emissions in a manner that represents their actual impact to the atmosphere, you would need to use a per square km emissions measurement, rather than per-capita and then fine countries based on how much they exceeded their land-area based limit determined to achieve the wanted atmospheric CO2 level. From a scientific / mathematical perspective there is no other way to properly control atmospheric CO2. However, this method would show countries such as India emitting 13x more CO2 than Australia or Canada and even 40% more than the USA. Even Indonesia emits 4.5x more CO2 than Australia using this method.

    Of course the people that run the UN are not stupid and they realise that their policy is not even remotely designed to control atmospheric CO2, because it punishes the small emitters such as ourselves and rewards the biggest emitters such as China and India, effectively making them even bigger emitters. The only logical conclusion you can draw is that the UN considers that CO2 is actually benefitial to the planet and that AGW is a scam to deliver wealth transfer.


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    The trick is to say these things before one is an “ex”. Let’s have a current corporate/academic authority call for Australian independence from Lobbyland. Don’t wait for seven or eight figures engraved on a gold parachute or a ninetieth birthday.

    Echoing St Augustine, the prayer of the modern tycoon or political leader seems to be “Lord, make me skeptical, but not yet.”


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    somehow don’t think this is much of a freeze.
    behind paywall:

    Australia puts brakes on millions for global climate fund ‘in crisis’
    The Australian-21 hours ago
    Australia will freeze its level of funding for a Green Climate Fund that stalled after giving millions of dollars to replace cooking stoves in …
    The GCF was a critical part of the Paris Agreement but was suffering a “crisis of confidence” and unable to function. The US has already pulled $US2 billion…

    28 Sept: BusinessGreen: Ed King: No more BS: All the headlines from Climate Week New York
    Ed King is a consultant with the European Climate Foundation
    So far no-one significant has stepped up. Antonio Guterres’ speech two weeks ago was an effort to spark leadership, but that will take time…
    With no clear offer for 2020 the EU is in no position to pretend it’s a leader.

    China is working on its 2020 offer, and ***despite reports of a coal expansion, ***it’s still within the envelope of its 2030 pledge and could conceivably offer a more ambitious package…

    There were also signs this week business engagement is shiftingup a gear. Larry Fink, the legendary CEO of world’s top fund manager Blackrock, announced a new climate finance investment vehicle run by his company.
    Fink predicted climate-directed investments will hit the “trillions” of dollars provided there’s enough data out there for investors to feel confident. “We’re seeing a real change – it’s just beginning,” he said…

    NYC is a flop:

    27 Sept: Deutsche Welle: Nations backslide on climate protection promises
    Governments are not keeping their promises when it comes to funding climate protection and everyone will suffer for it. The problem comes down to a lack of “strong leadership,” UN chief Antonio Guterres has said.
    law/sms (AFP, AP, Reuters)
    Speaking at the second One Planet Summit — launched by the French president last year to hasten the implementation of the 2015 Paris global climate accord — Macron said leaders had to be accountable for climate change action…
    About 30 presidents, prime ministers and ministers were attended the summit, which coincides with the 73rd session of the United Nations General Assembly, including representatives from Spain, Denmark, Norway, China, as well as from small Pacific island nations…

    But despite fewer leaders participating in the 2018 summit compared to last year, some businesses and governments used the summit to announce initiatives to battle climate change.

    BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager, said it would help structure a climate fund for investment in green sectors such as renewable energy and low-carbon transportation across Latin America, Asia, and Africa.
    The French and German governments and large philanthropic organizations, including The Hewlett Foundation, pledged initial funds to the Climate Finance Partnership, which organizers said would be set up next year…


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    Sky Australia is covering tomorrow’s papers. this is apparently a Peta Credlin piece on the Rocky Bowls club hit with huge electricity bills.
    behind paywall:

    Morrison must tear up Paris Agreement
    Daily Telegraph-40 minutes ago
    On Monday, the North Rockhampton Bowls Club shut its doors, the latest … Since 2012, when the club’s annual bill was $67,793, electricity…

    Sky’s Peter Gleeson asked one of the journos on the program – Dana is all I heard – about why Australia should be paying millions into the GCF or whatever. Dana said well we’ve already developed, other countries haven’t, so we should pay up.
    Gleeson meekly agreed. this is so Sky News Australia.

    btw Fox News channel has been breaking up during Hannity/Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham programs ONLY for about a week. can barely watch it, there’s so much interference. no other channels I’ve checked are affected. even the local ads/promos now being shown during the Fox News breaks (it used to be Fox Extra segments) are fine; only those 3 programs are affected.

    also, the menu for repeats of their shows has been out of whack for some weeks, which means viewers wouldn’t even know who’s on when. they were correctly listed for a couple of days last week, then were out of whack again.

    these three shows are the ONLY shows available on Foxtel which are on top of Spygate and the truth behind the Kavanaugh farce.
    what is going on? especially given Murdoch pulled Fox News from British cable. all very odd.


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    The warmists would all get the hump,
    If Australia decided to dump,
    The bad Paris joke,
    Before they go broke,
    And copy the U.S.A.’s Trump.


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    “Ellis is absolutely right. People think the Paris Accord is just about commitments to lower CO2. It is really about transferring wealth through the UN to the so-called Less Developed Countries. It’s about advancing centralised control of people’s lives on a global scale.”

    This has been apparent for decades and the IPCC/UNFCCC doesn’t even try to hide their agenda, so how can anyone in their right mind think Paris was a good idea? Let me offer a few suggestions.

    1) More UN members are on the receiving side of reparations than those who are being shaken down.

    2) Politics choose sides and far too many believe what their political leaders say without applying due diligence.

    3) Guilt of success by those on the left.

    4) Pseudo science in defiance of the laws of physics has been canonized in IPCC reports for decades.

    5) Few people actually understand uncertainty.

    6) A politically biased and scientifically ignorant media has been promoting the lies.

    7) Few can accept that ostensibly intelligent scientists can be so absolutely wrong about something so important.

    8) When you repeat the same lie over and over and it becomes true.

    9) Smearing skeptics is the primary defense of the broken science.

    10) Trump Derangement Syndrome is feeding back into the Climate Derangement Syndrome.


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      Yes, but it is part of a much larger plan.

      See Strong, Soros, Gore and partners.


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          AZ it has been published a few times here before, read it please.

          The information it contains is extremely relevant to Paris Agreement, man-made global warming by carbon dioxide and all the other new world order hoax agendas.

          It explains the hijacking of the UN in the 1950s and is a story all citizens of developed UN member nations should read.

          It angers me when truth is blocked.


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            Section 18C blocks the truth. We have no free speech in Australia.


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              I understand your concern Jo.

              Anti-Discrimination Law amendment Section 18C was a Labor Government addition their earlier legislation that was UNHCR policy and one of many examples of how we have been out manoeuvred by the globalists.

              And even when the Abbott Government prepared a repeal bill the Senate opposition made it very clear that they would not let it pass.


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