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It’s not a job interview, This is hell — and other stuff the ABC left out of our news.

One of the fieriest and most apt speeches in Washington was surely from Senator Graham. Since ABC viewers have missed this, I thought I would help out.

If the Democrats get away with this (so they can do it again) only a kevlar-coated-narcissist would want to run for public office.

Question for the #Metoo movement. When the mob rules and evidence is irrelevant, which gender will be less likely to want to play the game?

Weapons grade bullying is a good way to keep good men out of politics but it’s even better at keeping good women out. Good one gals.

Americans may wonder why other nations don’t understand them:

Exhibit A:   ABC National News, IView 14:08  (sorry if people overseas can’t see this)

Today tens of thousands of Australians will feel certain that they saw the key moments of the hearing and they will know that Kavanaugh is an abuser because the ABC told them so, right in the first line. Ford was there to warn Senators, Kavanaugh was an abuser. (The ABC actually said that).  Her claims were portrayed in graphic detail, and she was painted as a victim from the second line. In contrast, Kavanaugh’s words were only “what he sees”. He is a guy who said she was mistaken, but then (by implication) was proved totally wrong, the doofus, because she was “100% sure” and the ABC  played that twice. Case closed.

Sure enough they showed Kavanaugh emphatically denying the claims. But if Ford was asked any hard questions about her 36 year old uncorroborated allegations, the ABC left them on the cutting room floor.

Those same Australians who get their news from the ABC will be baffled by US Republicans or convinced they must be spawn of the devil to vote for this terrible man.

Such is how a national propaganda outlet creates polarization and misunderstanding.

Selected transcripts from the Australian ABC correspondent Phillip Williams:

Dr Blasey Ford came to Washington to warn senators Brett Kavenaugh was an abuser.

She was terrified but determined to tell a story that’s already taken its toll. “My family and I have already been the target of constant harassment and death threats. I have been called the most vile and hateful names imaginable…”

“I believed he was going to rape me, … he put his hand over my mouth… I thought he was accidentally going to kill me…”

Before this hearing President Trump and Brett Kavanaugh had suggested Dr Ford might have been confused about the identity of the attacker. Question to Ford: With what degree of certainty do you believe Brett K assaulted you? Ford: “One hundred percent.”

Brett Kavanaugh arrived seething with what he sees as a Democrat character assassination…

Despite the accusation it appears the Rep senators are determined to push ahead… blah blah.

It’s symbolic of a nation divided.

Or a symbol of a politicized media determined to divide people.

The ABC just had to pick a few smart Republicans and ask them…

UPDATE: The Australian ABC version. Thanks to Peter R

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