The mysterious vanishing of the We Love Trump rally in the UK

While everyone saw the flying baby Trump balloon, did your local Fake News Media show you footage of the “We Love Trump” rally?


The ABC includes three videos of the anti-Trump events, but only a couple of still shots of the pro-Trump counter protestors which were described as a “small group”.

The ABC description on July 14th

Huge police numbers were on hand to manage the crowds in London, with only small flare-ups occurring when the demonstrators clashed with pro-Trump counter-protesters outside a pub on Whitehall. Wearing Make America Great Again hats, the small group chanted “USA” and also voiced their support for English far-right activist Tommy Robinson.

There’s no mention that the original Welcome Trump rally was banned from gathering at the US embassy and marching on Whitehall even though the large anti-Trump rally was permitted.

But our ABC did feature an interview with a guy wearing a MAGA hat that was there because he “happened across the March”. Obviously the ABC needs more money so it can train staff to use Youtube and teach the Arts grads how to interview leaders of protests instead of anonymous random uninvolved bystanders.

Tommy Robinson seems also to have vanished from mainstream news.

The Media IS The Problem.

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    More and more “normal” people I talk to are seeing through the fake media propaganda
    They just need a political party or leader to take on the Lonnie left.


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      James Poulos

      Many years ago I had a discussion with a lady who feared the emergence of the internet as a ‘Big Brother’.

      I disagreed and explained the ability for the entire world to be able to share information would prevent a ‘Big Brother’ scenerio.

      I believe we are in the midst of that battle with more than enough critical thinking people in the world to win.


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        Greg Cavanagh

        True for the moment. But governments around the world, including Australia, want to censor the internet for that very reason. There is a battle happening for the hearts and minds. Schools and Universities we know about, Google we know about, the battles in the court system we know about. It is real and it is happening.


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          Minister for Communications Conroy and Prime Minister Gillard (Labor) were revealed to be planning internet censorship for Australia but when exposed the outcry even within the Parliament stopped them from proceeding.

          I have long suspected that part of the Conroy proposal to Rudd for an NBN included censorship planning.


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            Greg Cavanagh

            NBN is all about monitoring all emails and phone calls through all of Australia.

            Every email gets recorded in Canberra. And every phone call gets goes through a speech-to-text and gets stored. They use the terrorism excuse, but it goes far deeper than that.

            That’s why NBN was compulsory and for all of Australia. It’s a full digital network.


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              In theory the NBN isn’t compulsory. It competes with a number of wireless networks. In practice most internet touches the NBN somewhere. Optus wireless doesn’t touch the NBN, Optus seem to offload it via their own circuit to parent singtel in Singapore.


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              I console myself that they will have to scan through a lot of real idiocy and photos of preening and pouting beings, or maybe not, just those they want to send to the goolag.


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              Try getting a decent rate for phones; can’t be done unless you agree to NBN. It would seem to work well for those just down the road in our village but is no real improvement at our place, despite line-of-sight to the tower on the hill nearby.


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      Komrade Kuma

      This goes to the very essence of ‘fake news’. It is not so much the leftard ‘elite’ making crap up as them fighting tooth and nail to shut down, shut out, silence or just ignore the ‘other voices’ especially those who at first glance would appear credible.

      If a picture is worth a thousand words then a distorted or unbalanced picture is the most efficient form of lying ever devised by the species.


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    23 Jul: Daily Caller: POLL: Trump’s Current Approval Rating Highest Ever, Stuns MSNBC
    by Mike Brest
    President Trump’s approval rating jumped up to 45 percent, the highest it has been throughout his presidency, according to a new poll released by the Wall Street Journal and NBC. The poll left an MSNBC panel shocked Sunday night by the improvement.
    “President Trump has shown throughout his campaign and polling what I took away from the 2016 election is the American people authenticity,” said Kevin McLaughlin of Cogent Strategies Principle. “May not like what authenticity is, what he’s saying or how he’s doing it, but he doesn’t back down from it. When he goes out and does these events, I will call them, it actually helps him in fly over country.”
    “He defies political gravity,” he continued…
    88 percent of the Republicans surveyed approved of the job the president is doing…

    “President Donald Trump’s approval rating edged higher during a week in which he faced withering criticism following a summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin, signaling that he is positioned to weather the latest controversy sparked by his unusual brand of politics,” the Journal said…


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      I understand the #walkaway campaign in gaining momentum in the US right now


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        It is – and as you might suspect, the DNC and pals are all saying it’s a “nothing burger”, a “fringe group”, “russian bots” etc


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      Komrade Kuma

      Here is my punt on what Trump is up to.

      He has sent a message not just to Syria but Russia, Iran and North Korea that the US can put x,000 precision munitions of target within a window of minutes and take out 20%, 50%, 75% or even 100% of a set of assets. He also showed the Russians that he can kill 500 of their mercenaries in such a strike and still look Putin in the eye. The US recently put a precison guided MOAB on a tunnel complex entrance in Afghanistan so they have precision ordnance from 50 to 10,000 kG on tap.

      You reckon the others mentioned don’t understand the implications? Why do you reckon Putin is running video’s of Russian ‘advanced weapons’?

      He has made an overture to NK and you reckon he has not said to Putin, look, lets sort NK out and then we can pull military assets back, NE asia can be much less on edge and everyone is in abetter place. That said he then has a carrot to offer for then dealing with Iran. ‘Let me deal with the kleptocrats in Tehran and we will settle the whole middle east’. You can keep your bases in Syria and we can go from there.

      Just thinking folks but someone’s gotta do it cos the leftards are simply incapable.

      That said, it seems the realists in America are cottoning on and if he starts to haul in some wins a lot more will be convinced of his crazy-brave approach.


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    If ever the public was told just the facts and all the facts of any topic you can name the MSM would have to just close up shop. No one would buy their lies or misinformation. I do think more people are waking up but there are many who are just not interested or who believe what they are being told. A lot of voters vote blind and that is dangerous for the well being of the country. Far better if only those who really cared cast a vote and the others stay home. Voluntary voting is preferable to dumb voting.


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      Its said in a true free society voluntary voting is a mandatory right to reflect the liberties of such a system, the only issue is if the numbers of voter turnout is reduced the results would be easier to control if subversive Marxist or counter republic ideals get a foothold in the infrastructure of said society, as what was occurring in the USA until Trumps win which could be described as a miracle and a very near miss.

      There again with compulsory voting (Australia) the similar problems arise with manipulation of numbers being adjusted possible regardless of the preferences counted either by stealth, corruption or force the common enemy is left/far left idealism with the exception of some public services it just doesn’t belong as a governing body.

      Joseph Stalin said some version of “It’s not the people who vote that count, it’s the people who count the votes.”


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        True… voluntary voting can also produce huge voter turnout…enough to swamp the busloads of organised leftie voters…which is what I suspect happened in the US vote for Trump.


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      Book: The Electronic Wh*rehouse written by journalist Paul Sheehan explains the situation including “paid advertising presented as news”.

      All the dirty tricks used by the media to mislead us.


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        Note how the comments section has been removed from most ‘news’ sites. I don’t think that would have happened if the bulk of the feed back was ‘on message’


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          Sceptical Sam

          Their ABC was very quick to get rid of the comments section when the numbers of people correcting
          their propaganda and unscientific assertions that man made CO2 causes global warming became over-whelming.

          No debate on the ABC today.

          Shut it down. It’s the green-left fascist’s mouthpiece.


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          Actually, it is not limited to the usual suspects.
          I subscribe to “The Australian” online edition, and frequently post comments to their articles.
          Most of my comments last less than a couple of minutes before the moderators delete them.
          It should be no surprise when I say that most of my postings are not PC, and do not conform to the leftist narrative.
          Consequently, now most of my postings are me deliberately baiting the moderators. Not as much fun as it could be, but it does provide some entertainment for me and ulcers for the PC moderators.


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            Sceptical Sam

            I don’t take the Online version.

            Your experience is a bit of an eye-opener. Thanks for the heads-up.

            I agree the Oz’s entertainment section is a bit light on. Your innovative solution shows again how humans find ways around so called insurmountable challenges. 🙂


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      I dont buy any MSM publications or subscriptions anymore. I read the headlines from several sources around the world every day. If there is an article I want more detail on, I can usually find it in full somewhere. Occasionally I will buy a paper on the weekend to read in at my leisure.


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        Sceptical Sam

        Nothing wrong with “The Australian” Dave.

        The best paper in the country. The best journalists in the country. And it ranges over most of the political spectrum. As any responsible media outlet should.


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      Latus Dextro

      If ever the public was told just the facts and all the facts of any topic you can name the MSM would have to just close up shop.

      On the other hand, were the MSM to adhere to the Canons of Journalism, all seven of them, the charade of climatism would implode in weeks. Moreover, the dystopian hallucination of a rainbow, of dividing a single united beam of light through the twisted ideological prism of globalism would perish more quickly than it is doing so at present, which it is.

      The Sadiq Khan approved march with the effigy balloon was pitiful and small, and massively over blown. Most know that a counter-march and balloon of Khan was proposed for August, and raised more cash in support in a clutch of days than the Khan effort did in entirety. On the other hand, the support POTUS march was substantial and concealed, except on the net. But you had to know where to go.

      It is incomprehensible that anyone would not want to stick a periscope up above the one sided red flag corporatist-globalist narrative to see for themselves what the counter narrative might be, if only out of vague curiosity. Such comfortable, inert, indifferent people, easily manipulated, removed and insulated as they are from the polemic by virtue of income, status, armchair attitudes, institutional adherence or a requirement to comply are diminishing by the day. Eventually, the cost of one’s soul is reached, and the price demanded is too high.
      Hundreds of thousands have # Walk Away. (Brandon Straka – the Unsilent Minority – YouTube)

      The Left have their Alinsky tool kit, insult, isolation and demonisation. They desire no dialogue, instead preferring black hoods, shouting down, smashing people and things, oppressing, victimising. Whether unwittingly or intentionally, they reap what they sow, silence. In so doing they drive their purported enemies, the vast body of the rational, practical middle minded to blend. And then they act out their stunned disbelief and surprise at the electoral result or the increasing numbers who repair to the net to seek the reassurance of like minded individuals, refusing to blend, or sell their souls, any longer.
      Hundreds of thousands have # Walk Away. (Brandon Straka – the Unsilent Minority – YouTube)

      The Leftist MSM play into DJT POTUS hands. POTUS intentionally polarises and triggers them. It is laughable. They can’t help themselves. They fall for it every time, unfailingly taking opposition, which looks increasingly silly against the massive evidence of success, or they helplessly manifest the symptoms of mental pathology, Trump Derangement Syndrome. They’re now opposed to tax cuts, ICE, border integrity, and enhancing relations with Russia, even though Obama/Clinton played at “reset” and Obama derided candidate Trump for suggesting external manipulation of the election. The DNC server was hacked by Russians or Chinese, but the DNC refused to turn the server over to the authorities for examination … what a delicious paradox. Now, the FISA warrant fiasco, Russia collusion narrative unravels under the incremental stranglehold of those in Congress mining for the truth regarding an Obama administration gone globalist rogue while Obama stays on point, pouring adulatory rhetoric on the globalist rainbow of delusion presiding over the ruination and collapse of South Africa.

      After recent POTUS comments re. Iran, the consistent MSM will reflexively veer toward comforting the atomic mullahs or at the least suggesting that DJT POTUS is no better. Manufacturing the narrative as they have, the evidence suggests they will continue to cement the future:

      From 2010 to 2016, Democrats saw a significant decline in their power in state legislatures, losing control of 30 chambers and nearly 1,000 seats. Democrats also saw their number of trifectas decline from 17 prior to the 2010 elections to six following the 2016 elections.

      Echoing faux-novel permutations of the same failed 1848 Marx & Engel mantra is not a new idea, and neither is continuing to lose. November will be telling.

      In November 2018, 87 of 99 state legislative chambers are holding general elections for 6,070 seats—roughly 82 percent of the 7,383 state legislative seats in the country. As of December 2017, 67 chambers were under GOP control, while Democrats held majorities in 32 chambers.


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        Richard Baguley


        Even the most pessimistic estimate of the anti Trump march number was >100,000.

        OTOH, the pro Trump group was very small. It joined a far bigger Tommy Robinson March and US conservatives misreported the entire march as if for Trump.

        Khan’s balloon should have been shot down and don’t get me started on his ban of the Welcome Trump rally!


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        Dyspeptic Curmudgeon

        “The DNC server was hacked by Russians or Chinese, but the DNC refused to turn the server over to the authorities for examination … what a delicious paradox. ”

        One has to wonder *why* the DNC would not do that. We have now learned that Felonia von Pantsuit’s homebrew server was hacked so that every email was forwarded to a “third party”. (Well, apparently, all but *4* emails… I wonder if those were the first 4 ever sent, or the last 4 as someone attempted a cleanup.). The DNC quite possibly has TWO problems: 1) that the Awan clan/gang did the same thing to the DNC’s server as they apparently did to many congress-critters, and 2) more dangerous to the DNC, they knew that the server also had illegal copies of Top Secret emails from Felonia with responses rom Obummer, using a fake and insecure account, proving that he knew about the home-brew.
        Even with the Fully Biased Incompetents fully on board, they could not be sure that something would not leak, leaking having become a sport of Olympic proportions in DC.
        Ergo, that server was never to be seen by anyone outside the top ranks of the DNC.


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    It’s yet more proof the MSM is on the side of the extreme left.


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      King Geo

      News Corp MSM outlets being a notable exception.


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      el gordo

      Fairfax and Guardian have made a decision on their political orientation, fair enough, but the ABC and SBS have no right to be centre left.

      My argument remains the same, rid the ABC news room of green slime and our world will turn upside down.


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        Kinky Keith

        Yes yes and yes.

        I channel surf my car’s radio while driving.

        Occasionally it stops on the local version of tripple J J J.

        The smarmy, self righteous cool dudes sitting in front of the microphone are projecting cool and inclusive speech and inquiry.

        They must be the role models for our society, they’re Government Approved!



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          feeling left behind Keith?


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            el gordo

            Gee Aye this is the latest from Judith Curry, I would appreciate your critique. Its on topic.



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              On topic? It doesn’t mention Trump, babies or ridiculous backflips involving the word “would”


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                el gordo


                In a nutshell, the peer review system has become corrupted by enlightened self interest and the MSM takes their inexact science to another level.

                ‘Some of these papers would not pass peer-review in the more conventional professional journals, but lend themselves to headlines and simplistic stories written by non-scientist media people. In the long-term, this tabloid-like publication cannot be good for the science–which developed peer review in specialized journals over many decades beginning in the 17th Century–for very good reasons.’


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                so the good journals have good papers and the crap press can’t distinguish these from fluff papers?

                How revelatory.


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        el gordo,

        SACK every second person at aunty, DUMP justin milne and put Peta Credlin in as Chairman and let her rebuild a Service to SERVE ALL AUSTRALIAN!


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          el gordo

          Easier said than done, its the Australian Brainwashing Corporation.

          The organisation needs to be humiliated over their support for AGW, they are responsible for the propaganda, so its only a matter of time before your dreams are realised.

          The Murdocracy holds the key to our eventual success, traditional journalists seeking the truth will triumph over misinformation.


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        FYI: is available for registration, as is (the .com is easier to get, btw)


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      87% of the MSM is owned by the NWO. Propaganda, lies, deceit and fake news. The masses follow like sheep. Bring on the last days!


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    Andrew McRae

    A survey of 1648 people in Great Britain found that 77% had an unfavourable view of Donald Trump.
    The “full results” PDF does not say how the polling was carried out by ITV and YouGov, so take it as you may.

    This is not to say that the pro Trumpers are wrong, just that the difference in treatment between the two rallies might be due to the difference in popularity of the two attitudes, and a minority view can be fobbed off more easily than a majority view.

    At least they didn’t send a bill for 68 grand to the Trumpers – something old England could still teach VicPol.


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      Greg Cavanagh

      It’s odd isn’t it. A minority view of 30% can be safely ignored. But a minority group of 3% or less becomes mandatory inclusionist.


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    impossible to detail all the facts behind the DOJ finally being forced to release the FBI documents behind the FISA application relating to Carter Page, but a quick summary.

    Tom Fitton/Judicial Watch announced Friday on Fox News that they’d been notified they would finally be getting the documents, but were told they’d be FedEx’d and arrive Monday (US time), not emailed as they preferred.

    the documents, it was hoped, would clear up whether or not the FBI primarily relied on the fake, unverified Steele Dossier – funded by Hillary Clinton and the DNC – in the application. (they did.)

    suddenly, Saturday (US time), NYT announces they have the documents in response to their own FOI lawsuit, and so get to create the official narrative, which is that the FBI “believed” Carter Page (a brief and insignificant member of the Trump campaign) was an agent of Russia! huh? this was not NEWS:

    9 Feb: Bloomberg: We Should Care About What Happened to Carter Page
    The former Trump aide’s reputation has been ruined — not by a conviction, not by any charges, but by a warrant that was supposed to be secret.
    By Eli Lake
    The current debate over Page is whether the FBI overreached by seeking a warrant to spy on him from the secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court at the end of 2016. Republicans claim the FBI improperly relied on the opposition research dossier. Democrats say the Republican memo omits information that would discredit the GOP’s case…

    It’s a scandal that the public has known for more than a year that the FBI suspected Page of being a foreign agent in the first place. He has yet to be charged with a crime, but his reputation is in tatters because an element of the bureau’s investigation into Russia’s influence over the 2016 election has been publicly reported…

    This started when Yahoo’s Michael Isikoff broke the first big story on Page’s meetings in Moscow with Putin aides in September 2016, allegedly to discuss the lifting of U.S. sanctions on Russia. Isikoff was tipped off by Steele, who was commissioned through an opposition research firm, Fusion GPS, to dig up dirt on Trump’s ties to Russia on behalf of the Clinton campaign. In a podcast this week, Isikoff confirmed that Steele told him he had “taken this information to the FBI and the bureau is very interested.”…

    In an interview Thursday, Page told me, “It’s been the most challenging things that I’ve ever dealt with in my life.” And one can see why. Since Yahoo’s first big story on his meetings in Moscow, Page has publicly proclaimed his innocence. No charges have been brought against him. And yet the fact that the FBI has taken an interest in him has made it nearly impossible for him to clear his name…

    the documents were 70% redacted, but some lawmakers, Republican and Democrat, have seen a far less-redacted version.

    31 Jan: The Hill: Several lawmakers have seen intelligence behind Nunes memo
    by Olivia Beavers and Katie Bo Williams
    The precise contents of the memo remain unknown. However, it’s believed to contain allegations that the FBI did not adequately explain to a clandestine court that some of the information it used in a surveillance warrant application for Trump adviser Carter Page came from opposition research partially funded by Hillary Clinton’s campaign, now known as the “Steele dossier.”…

    ABC Australia – and the entire MSM worldwide, especially BBC – reported the story as a simple variation of the following, often without even including the bit about the Dems funding of the Steele dossier. it was all Carter Page/Trump campaign/Russia:

    22 Jul: ABC: Reuters/AP: FBI documents show Trump campaign aide Carter Page was ‘collaborating’ with Russia
    Republicans have claimed that the FBI used in part a dossier compiled by former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele to justify the warrant, and failed to disclose to the court that Steele was employed by a firm funded by Democrats to do opposition research on Mr Trump’s business dealings…

    more to come.


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      NYT mentioned other media orgs also received the documents, but no-one seemed curious who they were:

      Yesterday 6:29pm: Splinter News: Here Are the Secret Documents About the Surveillance of Ex-Trump Adviser Carter Page
      by Dell Cameron and Jack Mirkinson; Additional reporting by Susie Banikarim, Aleksander Chan, and Bryan Menegus.
      The records were obtained by Gizmodo Media Group (GMG), Splinter’s parent company, via a Freedom of Information Act request filed in April 2017. Other media and political organizations, including the New York Times, USA Today, and Judicial Watch, also filed FOIA requests.

      Splinter/Gizmodo & USA Today went along with the official narrative, which has already been explained, so nothing to add on that score.

      NYT, apparently, received the documents first, with the others receiving them “late Saturday” or, in the case of Fitton/JW, late afternoon by email following complaints about waiting on the FedEx delivery!

      22 Jul: Reuters: FBI releases documents on former Trump adviser surveillance
      by David Shepardson
      The 412 pages, mostly heavily redacted and made public by the Federal Bureau of Investigation late Saturday…
      Earlier Saturday, The New York Times reported it had received a copy from the Justice Department after it and other news organizations had filed suit…

      USA Today: FBI releases FISA records on Carter Page surveillance
      by Brad Heath, USA TODAYPublished 7:49 p.m. ET July 21, 2018 | Updated 9:13 a.m. ET July 22, 2018
      The FBI told a secret federal surveillance court in 2016 that it believed Carter Page, a onetime foreign policy aide to President Donald Trump’s campaign, “has been collaborating and conspiring with the Russian government” in its efforts to interfere in the presidential election, according to a trove of documents made public ***LATE SATURDAY.

      21 Jul: Judicial Watch: Judicial Watch Obtains Carter Page FISA Court Documents
      The documents were due to Judicial Watch yesterday but were emailed around 5:30 pm today…

      FedEx evidence (there is more but this will do):

      Miasria‏ @miasria · Jul 21
      Replying to @TomFitton @realDonaldTrump
      I thought they told you yesterday? Then that they said they were fedX overnighting them? I’m sorry they are continuing to conduct themselves like this. I will believe it when I see it.

      one of the first decent reports:

      21 Jul: GatewayPundit: Newly Released FISA Docs Contradict Strzok’s Sworn Claims He Had Nothing to Do With Carter Page FISA Warrant
      by Cristina Laila
      On Saturday, Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton announced documents related to the FISA warrants on Trump’s former campaign advisor, Carter Page were released by the FBI — and arrived at JW headquarters.
      Obama’s Deep State FBI and DOJ obtained a FISA warrant on Carter Page in October of 2016 and three subsequent renewals in order to spy on Trump’s campaign and transition team.
      Comey, Rosenstein, McCabe and Sally Yates all signed the FISA applications even though Hillary’s fraudulent Russia dossier was used as a pretext to obtain the warrants.

      Fitton said Saturday evening Judicial Watch received the requested documents and even though they are heavily redacted, they confirm the FBI and DOJ misled the courts.
      Obama’s Deep State DOJ and FBI withheld information about Hillary Clinton and the DNC being behind the information used to obtain the FISA warrant.
      The newly released docs also reveal Peter Strzok did indeed provide information which was used to obtain a FISA warrant on Carter Page, directly contradicting his sworn claims to GOP lawmakers…

      Now this…
      The docs reveal Peter Strzok used Carter Page’s September 2016 letter to Comey as a “pretext” to open investigation on him…READ ALL

      more to come.


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      Richard Ilfeld

      The release was heavily redacted. Reading, it seems likely that the redactions cast more doubt on the FBI’s motives and methods that the unredacted version. Expect heavy pressure to see the whole document; irresistible pressure if any fruits of the investigation are actually brought to jury trial.


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    as for Murdoch media, Sky UK, Sky Australia with a couple of exceptions, and even half of Fox News, have pretty much gone along with the official narrative, none worse than the following which was published in Murdoch media across Australia yesterday:

    22 Jul: Herald Sun: The man who protected Donald Trump for years is now his biggest threat
    by Sam Clench
    DONALD Trump is acting like a worried man.
    Reeling from the news that his longtime fixer and personal lawyer Michael Cohen secretly recorded him — and now seems prepared to co-operate with investigators — Mr Trump lashed out at the Russia investigation with renewed fury this morning…

    Shortly before Mr Trump’s tweets this morning, the FBI released redacted documents from its application to surveil Carter Page, a foreign policy adviser on Mr Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign whom American law enforcement believed was acting as a Russian agent.
    Several months ago, Mr Trump’s Republican allies alleged a surveillance warrant against Mr Page had been granted improperly…
    The documents released today clearly show the Republicans were wrong, and Mr Steele’s motive was included in the application…

    22 Jul: The Hill: Carter Page warrant reflects attack on our civil liberties
    By Mark Penn (chief strategist and pollster to Hillary Clinton in her unsuccessful campaign for the Democratic nomination for the 2008 presidential election; pollster to President Clinton for 6 years. during which time, he became one of the president’s most prominent and influential advisers – Wikipedia)

    If the information in the FBI’s Carter Page warrant constituted probable cause for wiretapping an American political campaign, then the process and the officials involved in it carried out one of the most significant known violations of American civil liberties in recent history. The documents released over the weekend reveal quite clearly that the only information that even remotely connected Page and the 2016 campaign to Russia came solely from Fusion GPS dossier and a Yahoo News report that was based on the same information from the same source…

    Former British spy and dossier compiler Christopher Steele, it turns out, managed to be on the payroll of the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) while also being “compensated” by the FBI, the warrant reveals…
    Clearly, they left the Steele material in the renewals because they needed it.

    But, have no fear. Yahoo had a corroborating story that is detailed in a section of the warrant laughably titled “Page’s Denial of Cooperation.” This section is written in a deliberately misleading way since, despite the title, it simply details all of the material in the Yahoo story as corroborating information, sticking Page’s denial at the end. It is a distortion to suggest, as some Democratic congressmen have maintained, that the Yahoo story was not used in a substantive way. It sure was. Even the prior case years in which the Russians did try to recruit Page were used against him, despite the fact that Page was not then an agent for the Russians and had cooperated with U.S. officials in outing the Russian approach…

    The evidence here is that there was no real evidence. The special counsel investigation by Robert Mueller, then, is the progeny of Obama administration abuses and the creation of a state within a state by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein that has little accountability to Congress or the president…

    We need to abolish or reform the FISA process, to put clear and severe restraints on government surveillance of political campaigns…

    Special counsels have now been reborn with even more unchecked power than ever. The potential abuses of all this when used in politics have once again metastasized within our government. These actions pose real and substantial threats to our elections and our constitutional order unless they are reformed.

    am not a Kissinger fan, but his dodging of FT’s attempt to get him to be negative about Trump is a classic:

    20 Jul: Financial Times: Henry Kissinger: ‘We are in a very, very grave period’
    The grand consigliere of American diplomacy talks about Putin, the new world order – and the meaning of Trump
    by Edward Luce
    I sense that I am losing my battle to get him on to Trump – or failing to detect his hidden message. Is he saying we are underestimating Trump – that, in fact, Trump mmay be doing us the unacknowledged service of calming the Russian bear? Again, there is a pause before Kissinger answers.

    “I don’t want to talk too much about Trump because at some point I should do it in a more coherent way than this,” Kissinger replies… “I think Trump may be one of those figures in history who appears from time to time to mark the end of an era and to force it to give up its old pretences. I doesn’t necessarily mean that he knows this, or that he is considering any great alternative. It could just be an accident.”…

    brilliant, as usual, from Cohen, who has been persona non grata with FakeNewsMSM & “Progressive Left” – which used to love him – ever since he began defending Trump on Russia a while back.

    22 Jul: The Hill: The Nation contributor: Trump critics would rather impeach than avoid war with Russia
    By John Bowden
    A contributing editor for The Nation says that Democrats and Republican critics of the president are letting their dislike of President Trump cloud their judgement on relations with Russia.

    Stephen Cohen, who is also a professor emeritus of Russian studies at Princeton University and New York University, accused Trump’s critics, particularly Democrats, of preferring the possibility of impeaching the president to avoiding war.
    “I put it like this: The people that are doing this would prefer to impeach Trump over avoiding war with Russia,” he told host John Catsimatidis on New York’s AM 970 in an interview airing Sunday. “And [Trump’s critics] have become our No. 1 national security threat. They themselves, these ‘Russia-gate’ people.”…

    Well both sides need a little history, they seem to have amnesia,” Cohen said. “Since [former President Franklin Delano Roosevelt], every American president without exception has met with the Kremlin leader. More than once sometimes.”
    ***AUDIO: 12mins42secs

    “And by the way, for the record, every major detente, that is, improvement in relations with Russia, has been led by a Republican president,” he said. “So he is squarely within that tradition.”…
    So in my judgement, because the relationship with Russia is so dangerous today, more dangerous than any time in my lifetime … Trump had no choice. It was the duty of the American president to go meet with Putin, and try and walk back some of these conflicts.”…

    Cohen previously criticized media coverage of the joint press conference, calling it “mob violence.”


    • #

      22 Jul: Newsbusters: Tinfoil Hats: ABC Becomes a Home for Trump/Russia Conspiracies
      By Nicholas Fondacaro
      Following President Trump’s meeting with Russia President Vladimir Putin last Monday, ABC was the first broadcast network to boost hysterical cries of “treason” from loony leftists. During Sunday’s This Week, the network appeared to be getting their employees fitted for their tinfoil hats as they kicked up the lunacy with incessant suggestions that the President was under the direct control of Russia.
      It wasn’t just guests bringing up the topic either, host and Clinton lackey George Stephanopoulos was beckoning them to opine about how Russia had compromising information on the President and was blackmailing him with it…

      The most off the wall pontifications about Trump’s ties to the Russian government came from New York Times columnist Michelle Goldberg during the so-called “powerhouse roundtable”. Following Stephanopoulos boasting about Democrats calling Trump a traitor, she declared that it was a “leap of faith” to believe Trump’s wasn’t a Russian puppet…
      ABC was not acting like a news organization discussing the politics of the day. They’re acting like political operatives discussing a messaging strategy.
      The transcript is below, click “expand” to read…

      22 Jul: ZeroHedge: John Brennan: Melting Down & Covering Up
      by Tyler Durden

      22 Jul: Washington Examiner: FISA warrant application supports Nunes memo
      by Byron York
      (York’s response to fifth paragraph excerpt)
      Democrats argue that the FISA Court judges should have been able to figure out, from that obscure description, that the DNC and Clinton campaign paid for the dossier. That seems a pretty weak argument, but in any case, the Nunes memo’s statement that the FISA application did not disclose or reference the role of the DNC and the Clinton campaign is undeniably true…

      Tweet: Paul Sperry: BREAKING: FBI’s FISA warrant actually cites as “evidence” to spy on Carter Page/Trump campaign “Senate Minority Leader” Harry Reid’s 2016 letter to Comey citing information he got from John Brennan who got it from the Clinton dossier — talk about circular evidence!
      6:33 PM – 21 Jul 2018

      lots more on Sperry’s Twitter page

      22 Jul: Powerline: Saturday night document dump
      by Scott Johnson
      We are familiar with the Friday afternoon document dump. It’s a standard tool of political scandal management. What are we to make of the Saturday night document dump by which the Department of Justice delivered the heavily redacted documents comprising the Carter Page FISA warrant application to the New York Times and other news organizations that had sought them under the Freedom of Information Act? Charlie Savage’s New York Times article draws no inferences from the timing. I say the Saturday night document dump resets best scandal management practices. These documents were not released on Saturday night because the FBI and the Department of Justice are proud of themselves for what they reveal.

      Andrew McCarthy commented this morning on FOX News: “I’m really embarrassed because I told people for months that this could never, ever happen….It’s astonishing. It’s as if they took the dossier and slapped a caption on it to give it to the judge. They ought to be looking at the judges who signed this stuff.”

      Byron York has a set of useful observations via Twitter that can be accessed via the Tweet below…

      Professor Randy Barnett highlights the rot that is visible in the interstices of the redactions…

      22 Jul: Powerline: The Associated Press Lies About the FISA Application
      by John Hinderaker
      The Associated Press carries on a daily vendetta against the Trump administration, systematically misleading the American people in articles that appear in hundreds or thousands of newspapers. Thus, it is no surprise that the AP’s story on DOJ’s FISA application dump is nothing but Democratic Party spin. The AP’s headline: “Without evidence, Trump claims documents confirm misconduct.”…
      Actually, the president had a lot more to say about the FISA application than the AP acknowledges. These tweets all were issued this morning…

      from the comments:
      Ambrose Rankin: Did AP take the “without evidence” wording from ***NYT or did NYT take it from the AP?
      Thomas L. Heller: The AP headline could have easily read “Without Evidence Democrats and Their Media Hacks Charge Trump with Collusion.”

      ***Without Evidence, Trump Claims Vindication From Release of Carter Page Documents
      New York Times · 12 hours ago

      22 Jul: ZeroHedge: “Agent Of A Foreign Power”: In Historic First, DOJ Releases Carter Page FISA Application
      by Tyler Durden
      Of note, in the nearly two years since the application was filed, Page hasn’t been charged with any of the allegations contained within it…
      Among those who signed the FISA applicaition were: James Comey, John Kerry, Andrew McCabe, John Brennan, James Clapper and Susan Rice…
      The FISA application also says that Steele did not directly provide information to Isikoff, which he in fact did…

      22 Jul: Redstate: FISA Applications Omitted Game-Changing Fact that Steele Dossier was Bankrolled by Clinton Campaign and the DNC
      by Elizabeth Vaughn
      The document states: “The FBI speculates to the FISA court that the U.S. person was likely looking for information that could be used to discredit candidate 1’s campaign.”
      It omits the single, most significant fact about the dossier, which is who exactly was behind it. The FBI, the nation’s top law enforcement agency, left out the game-changing information that the Dossier was bank-rolled by the Hillary Clinton Campaign and the DNC, which Hillary had bailed out financially and essentially controlled…ETC


      • #

        pt4 is also in moderation. this is final part 5:

        22 Jul: FreedomsLighthouse: Former U.S. Attorney Andrew McCarthy: “Astonishing” FBI used Discredited Dossier as Source No. 1 to get FISA Warrant for Spying – Video 7/22/18
        Here is former U.S. Attorney Andrew McCarthy today analyzing the redacted FISA documents released by the Justice Department last night. He is very strong in saying he is “shocked” to find that, indeed, the FBI used the unverified and discredited Steele Dossier to justify their need for a FISA Warrant to spy on Carter Page. McCarthy said he really didn’t think they would do that – that he didn’t think something like this could happen here. But it has.
        McCarthy even says he doesn’t know why they don’t go after the Judges for approving the FISA Warrant on this basis…

        22 Jul: Twitchy: Gregg Jarrett explains how new DOJ docs show Comey has ‘NOT been telling the truth’
        Tweet: Gregg Jarrett: Newly released documents prove that Comey’s FBI and the DOJ relied almost entirely on the phony and unverified anti-Trump “dossier” to gain warrants to wiretap Trump campaign associate. The “dossier”, paid for by Clinton & Democrats, was about 95% of the application to spy!…

        22 Jul: VIDEO: ZeroHedge: Clapper: Obama Was Behind The Whole Thing
        by Tyler Durden
        Former Director of National Intelligence (DNI) James Clapper admitted in a CNN interview Saturday that former President Obama instigated the ongoing investigations into Donald Trump and those in his orbit.
        Speaking with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, Clapper let slip:

        “If it weren’t for President Obama we might not have done the intelligence community assessment that we did that set up a whole sequence of events which are still unfolding today including Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation. President Obama is responsible for that. It was he who tasked us to do that intelligence community assessment in the first place.”

        Tweet: Tom Fitton: FISA docs are heavily redacted but seem to confirm the FBI and DOJ misled the courts about their collusion with Clinton-DNC. Given this corruption, @RealDonaldTrump should intervene and declassify the heavily redacted material.
        reply: Sara A. Carter: Yes absolutely @realDonaldTrump should declassify and the American people can see and eventually overhaul and clean up abuse that allowed it to take place.

        it helps to know all those tweeting on Fitton’s Twitter page, but check the last 2 days of tweets/retweets even if you don’t:

        Twitter: Tom Fitton, Judicial Watch



        • #
          Dave in the States

          If Mueller and the FISA judges had 1/2 the integrity many assume, or they claim, they would of pulled the plug on this whole witch hunt long, long, ago.


          • #
            James Murphy

            If the TDS sufferers are right, and Mueller + his flunkies have even half the “damning” evidence claimed to exist, then I would have expected there to have been some action a very long time ago.


          • #

            Thus far, all that could be considered relevant coming out of the Mueller probe is evidence that Russia tried to influence the election and the left’s rationalization for continuing to probe is that uncovering this evidence is not a witch hunt. It’s not, but certainly isn’t something that a special council is needed for. They’re just hoping that by uncovering Russian attempts at influence, they’ll uncover a connection to Trump and this is the witch hunt. Meanwhile, Obama’s knowledge of these attempts at influence and his lack of action against them could be interpreted as evidence of collusion and if it was Trump that did this, it would be front page news ‘settling’ collusion.


          • #

            I seriously doubt Mueller has any integrity. After all he and many others have provided more than enough hints as to their intentions before and after Trump was elected. Before the election many colluded to prevent Trump from becoming President. When that failed they have ever since tried to find ways to have him impeached, and will continue to do so. Under their system and style of government Trump can do precious little to stop them. Under the very same system it’s an extremely hard task to have a President impeached. This creates a stalemate situation, until they either give it up or escalate to the next level, which is violence.


            • #

              “I seriously doubt Mueller has any integrity.”

              Well, he testified before Congress that Iraq had WMDs just prior to the Gulf War.
              I wonder if this would be being shouted from the rooftops by Dems if he was on PDT’s “side”.


              • #

                Funny how so many derided Trump for implying he didn’t trust the intelligence organisations yet the very same ones told lots of fibs about the WNDs prior to the Gulf War. I thought it was a common belief at the time as it is now that Central Intelligence is an oxym0ron.


    • #

      With reference to Pat’s write up on “20 Jul: Financial Times: Henry Kissinger: ‘We are in a very, very grave period’
      The grand consigliere of American diplomacy talks about Putin, the new world order ” …

      Maybe the Democrats need to ask themselves who Armand Hammer was, and why this man was so close to Democratic leaders and wannabe leaders (like Al Gore and his father) and a pdf document (265kB) at

      While Wikipedia does a clean-up on Armand Hammer

      Gone is Hammer, now they have Soros — same moves different characters but still it’s the US Democrats being influenced.


  • #

    Sadiq Khan and his puppeteers are going to keep this up for the full eight years of a two term Trump presidency apparently; let’s wait and see then.


  • #
    Richard Ilfeld

    If you are watching the US midterm elections as a horse race, especially from outside the US, or as a casual
    observer from inside the US, much of what happens may be mystifying.
    As a one-time political science minor, I feel free to pontificate.

    These elections have historically been “base elections”. The majority of turnout, which is much lower than that of presidential years, is composed of the party bases; thoughtless party voters. By thoughtless, I don’t mean non-thinking…I mean voters who not only can’t think of voting for the opposing party, but generally can’t think of not voting. Here are two examples.

    When democrats lose, they don’t eat as well. Far more Democrats then republicans work for the government or depend on government largess or cozy rent-seeking arrangements. They vote their ‘rice bowl’ almost regardless of policy.

    On the right, there is a block of ‘pro-choice’ voters, who have a moral opposition to abortion on demand to the point where they consider it murder. They vote their conscience, regardless of a candidates other views.

    There are perhaps a dozen similar constituencies on each side. Both parties will get about a 20% of the population turnout from these bases, in by-elections. 40% compares to a turnout of MOL 50%. A small percentage of the voters are persuadable. Observation will
    tell you that the nature of persuasion both parties believe in is negative, as the bulk of highly visible resources are spent savaging one’s opponent. This is an iceberg. TV is expensive. But the bulk of the human effort is spent getting your voters to the polls.

    The are some “rules’, which have statistically significant histories and may or may not be true this time.
    Senior citizens vote more reliably that Millenials, who are louder.
    Bad weather hurts Democrats, especially in competitive districts. If Minoritt-majority districts of an 80% plurality, it doesn’t matter.
    Nationalizing the election hurts Democrats. We have elections in 50 states. The Democrat national majority is concentrated in a half dozen of them. A perception that New York and California are dominating policy supposedly energizes Republicans in the rest of the country.
    Prosperity favors the party in power. Economics is sually the number one issue in exit polls.
    (We can’t be sure people are telling the truth in exit polls, or that possle ask questions intelligently)

    Trigger issues are more motivating to Democrats that Republicans, who are usually closer to being maxed out on their trigger issues.
    Abortion, Guns, Supreme Court Justices, ‘racial justice’.

    !My only relevant point here! Issues large in the press are often ignored by voters; in our current Gallup survey of the 36 most important election issues, CLIMATE CHANGE IS NOT EVEN MENTIONED. The Professionals and the Press have totally different views, the press being a tool to be manipulated by the pros as they have lost their integrity.

    About 1/3 of our elections fall within the polling margin of error. The other 2/3 are foregone conlusions with a 95% reliability rate.
    Half of the third are really competitive. But this can account for the margin in both our houses.

    About 500,000 to 2,000,000 voters, out of a 100 million, are known to be ‘swing votes’ in these few competitive districts. We will spend thousand of Dollars per voter trying to convince these folks to got one way for the other, without really knowing how and why they vote…political science being totally non-scientific, like public climate science. Sometimes, several million other voters change sides. We aren’t sure why. The party they leave attributes the change to low, evil motives, while the party they join touts their high minded philosophy. When this happens. we have a “wave”. More than 5% turnover is a wave.

    Many Democrats expect a wave this time. Their Way. A few Conservatives expect one their way. Climate policy is unlikely to change….the US should continue to becoming the world’s preeminent energy producer. The economics seem to be compelling, witness Canada’s recent understanding that you can’t fund even a partial welfare state without significant [energy] revenues.

    Random events often capture the public’s imagination shortly before an election and have an influence on results. Both parties have noticed this, and save (usually negative) “bombshells” for late release. The ‘October Surprise’. Expect this to happen. The Mueller investigation and Kavanaugh confirmation may also bleed into election politics.

    Both parties will accuse the other of stealing results. Nothing will come of it; most of our thousands of local precincts are run by little old ladies who are very tough and care very much about the process. Scrutiny will be high, but as both parties are permitted to watch the polls, hanky panky usually occurs in one party districts, or absentee balloting, outside the purview of your local precinct.

    When the time comes, start the night with popcorn, and finish with Scotch, good for both winners and losers. P.S. Mr Trump will not be on the ballot, in spite of his pre-eminence in electioneering.

    It should be quite a spectacle. The elephant in the room is that a Blue Wave might lead to an impeachment of Donald Trump. Two Presidents have been impeached. Neither have been convicted. One was re-elected. One resigned against the threat of impeachment.


  • #

    My ABC, heil Stalin.


  • #

    Previously unsuspected volcanic activity confirmed under West Antarctic Ice Sheet at Pine Island Glacier
    Potential effects of volcanic warming on ice-sheet melting and sea level rise still to be determined

    Glacier and ocean water.
    The Pine Island Glacier meets the ocean.
    Credit and Larger Version

    June 27, 2018

    Tracing a chemical signature of helium in seawater, an international team of scientists funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the United Kingdom’s (U.K.) Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) has discovered a previously unknown volcanic hotspot beneath the massive West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS).

    Researchers say the newly discovered heat source could contribute in ways yet unknown to the potential collapse of the ice sheet.

    The scientific consensus is that the rapidly melting Pine Island Glacier, the focal point of the study, would be a significant source of global sea level rise should the melting there continue or accelerate. Glaciers such as Pine Island act as plugs that regulate the speed at which the ice sheet flows into the sea.

    The new research was published by an international team, led by Brice Loose of the Graduate School of Oceanography at the University of Rhode Island. His research was supported by an award from NSF’s Office of Polar Programs, which manages the U.S. Antarctic Program.

    Researchers from East Anglia and Southampton universities in the U.K., Arizona State University, the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, and the British Antarctic Survey contributed to the study.

    Their findings were published in the June 22 edition of the journal Nature Communications.

    Peter Milne, program director for ocean and atmospheric science in NSF’s Division of Polar Programs, noted that the discovery adds significant information about what controls the stability of the Antarctic ice sheets.

    “To model the complex processes of how the ice sheets move is a difficult, but essential thing to do if we are to understand their role in the global climate and their potential for contributing to sea level rise,” he said. “This research may add a critical piece of information as we try to assemble that ‘big picture.'”

    The researchers first noted the volcanic activity in 2007 and verified its existence again in 2014.

    It remains unclear how the newly discovered activity affects knowledge about the glacier, because researchers don’t yet know how volcanic heat is distributed along the bottom of the ice sheet. However, researchers do know that the heat from the volcano is producing melting beneath the ice sheet. This meltwater is leaking across the grounding line where the ice shelf meets the ocean.

    The heat source, Loose and team note, is about half that of the active volcano Grímsvötn, in Iceland.

    While the effects of volcanic heat on the Antarctic ice sheets is an active topic of research, this study provides the first geochemical evidence of a contemporary volcanic heat source, emphasizing the need to detect and understand volcanism, including in models of ice-sheet behavior. The greater understanding of volcanism could alter scientists’ perception of the mechanics of ice-sheet loss, including in the areas where the glaciers meet the sea.

    “Our finding of a substantial heat source beneath a major WAIS glacier highlights the need to understand subglacial volcanism, its interaction with the marine margins and its potential role in the future stability of the WAIS,” they write in the Nature Communications article.

    They also note that volcanic activity could be increasing the rate of collapse of the Thwaites Glacier, which is adjacent to the Pine Island Glacier.

    A complete collapse of the Thwaites Glacier could significantly affect global sea levels, according to scientists. The Thwaites already drains an area roughly the size of the state of Florida, accounting for about 4 percent of global sea level rise — an amount that has doubled since the mid-1990s.

    NSF and NERC announced in April that they would jointly spend $25 million in grants to researchers, and a comparable amount in logistical support, to deploy teams of scientists from U.S. and U.K. institutions to Antarctica to gather the data needed to understand whether the Thwaites glacier could begin to collapse in the next few decades or centuries from now.

    The research collaboration, called the International Thwaites Glacier Collaboration (ITGC), was announced at the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) headquarters in Cambridge, England in April. The collaboration’s scientists will begin their first research season in Antarctica in October, establishing a logistical support structure for future work. The collaboration will continue until 2021.



  • #

    It is unbelievable that the communists of the Left in the UK and Australia manage to call conservatives Fascists. The NAZIs were National Socialists, hated especially by the Communists. Both Stalin’s Communists and Hitler’s Fascists hated conservatives, who were the majority.

    So from shutting down free speech, intimidating and assaulting people and with backing of very left officals, people who dare speak are now called Fascists? This is a lie.

    Sadiq Khan, the racist ‘progressive’ London Mayor who insists that knife carrying people are not stopped as it is racial profiling, the mayor who railed against the Trump visit, who permitted the very insulting display against the US President is also the person who banned any march supporting Trump has also brought real fear to the streets of London.

    We are getting the same in Australia where politicians defend the mass migration of dangerous people from dangerous areas are blocking the reporting of the massive damage being done. To even report the problem is labelled racism. It isn’t.

    So with issues from mass uncontrolled immigration to climate change to carbon taxes are being pushed as progressive, the results are devastating Western societies. That seems to be the idea. Meanwhile the attacks on Cecil Rhodes, Christopher Columbus, Lord Nelson and even in Melbourne John Batman and Captain James Cook are organized and unrelenting.

    Behind all this are the compliant media and politicians and public officials conspiring with extremists to push a sanitized view and edited facts by leaving out anything which contradicts their manipulative views. So much for the ABC charter. Turnbull will never enforce the charter. He is as unbalanced as the ABC.

    It’s really hard to talk climate and real science when the very idea that man made Global Warming exists is an untouchable fundamental belief of Progressive politicians. These are the people who gave us WW2, fought rearmament and defended the villains of the world, as did Turnbull’s Great Uncle as head of the UK Labor party in 1932. He would be proud of his great nephew, more Labor than Labor.

    Can we please have our real government back, not this pretend one seat farce, a one seat progressive Malcolm Turnbull and one seat communist Julia Gillard. Incompetent and manipulative people who each in turn removed very popular elected leaders. Conservatives were not fascists in Germany or Italy. It is Progressives like Turnbull’s Black Hand who are the fascists and seized control from a popular elected government in a coup. I mean, how much more like a Fascist organization can you be with a name like the Black Hand?

    How can you vote when it is a choice between Labor’s communists and Turnbull’s fascists? How can you even have a polite conversation without being howled down by brownshirts or union thugs? All supported by your ABC.


    • #

      It is unbelievable that the communists of the Left in the UK and Australia manage to call conservatives Fascists.

      “As Fascism sprang from Communism, so Nazism developed from Fascism.”


      “Thus were set on foot those kindred movements which were destined soon to plunge the world into even more hideous strife, which none can say has ended with their destruction.”

      —–Winston S Churchill
      The Second World War – Volume 1 – The Gathering Storm, Pg 14

      On reading this book, it frightening the parallels one can see today, and the media’s filthy footprints all over it.

      Page 66 of the same book reveals:

      “Yet when in 1932 the German delegation to the Disarmament Conference categorically demanded the removal of all restrictions upon their right to rearm they found much support from the British Press. The Times spoke of “the redress of inequality”, and the New Statesman of “the unqualified principle of the equality of States”.”



    • #

      This article is important and explains how both sides of our political system run protection for their own kind …


  • #
    Lionell Griffith

    Once we were limited by only being able to talk with each other over the back fence or social gatherings. Today, we talk to the world over the internet and eventually discover the truth. That is why the government thugs of the world are desperate to take over the internet and control with whom we communicate and what we can say. The glorious anarchy of the internet may yet save us from such things.


    • #
      Greg Cavanagh

      I do believe the internet will eventually be tamed. One day, and I wouldn’t dare guess when, it will be moderated and controlled. It seems inevitable to me.


  • #

    Much M.S.M. Far-Leftist views,
    Dished out to the public as news,
    Such as biased appeal,
    To the anti-Trump zeal,
    Is arranged by their activist crews.


  • #

    Sea Level Rise; A Major Non-Existent Threat Exploited by Alarmists and Politicians

    By Dr. Tim Ball
    Watts Up With That ?
    July 23, 2018

    I know there are many articles on this website about sea level, none better than the recent one by David Middleton that speaks about “More nonsense about sea level rise.” I thought his article would make the continuance of this article unnecessary. It doesn’t because it is written for the WUWT readers. Unfortunately, too many of them like most of the public, scientists, and media don’t know what is involved in creating the net result that is sea level. I think because they don’t know, that it is time for something more basic as a citizen’s template for fighting city hall. Citizens of Honolulu are the most recent victims of this as the Mayor of Honolulu directs the City to prepare for a 3-foot sea level rise in some undetermined time period. It was reinforced during a recent radio interview when a caller asked about it because his city was planning to spend millions on structures to anticipate sea level rise. I provided a few facts about changes in sea level, scientifically called eustasy, and all the other mechanisms that could explain that change.

    Let’s start with the automatic assumption by the public and the media that any major environmental issue, like global warming, glaciers melting, or sea level rising, is due to human activity. It reflects that bias, but also how little they know about all the natural causes of change. The simple assumption is that sea level rise is due to anthropogenic global warming (AGW) causing increased melting of glaciers adding more water to the oceans. In reality, just as with climate change, there is a multitude of causes, and few people know very little about any of them, and even those that do know have a quite limited understanding. As one group of scientists explained;

    “a wide range of explanations for the current observed rise in sea level is possible.”

    In 1997, before it sold out to sensationalism to survive as a science journal for the public, Scientific American, took a reasoned look at the issue. Figure 1 shows the cover story.

    Figure 1

    The conclusion they reached was illustrated in the story accompanying a picture of Holland because it was considered at greatest risk (Figure 2). Remember, this was before the UN exploited the South Pacific Islands by offering money in return for their collective votes in support of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change agenda.

    Figure 2

    The caption is a good starting point toward understanding how this issue was distorted, misrepresented, and exploited. The extent to which this was an ideal vehicle for scaring the public about AGW is reflected in how it dominates Al Gore’s propaganda movie An Inconvenient Truth. A central, dramatic, feature included computer simulations of water inundating Florida and other areas.

    Like everything related to the AGW deception the sea level issue began with a grossly simplistic position. It was based on the changes in sea level reconstructed since the zenith of the last glaciation that showed sea level rose approximately 120 meters with most of the increase occurring between 14,000 and 8000 years ago (Figure 3).

    Figure 3

    It is important to note that the last 8000 years covered most of the Holocene Optimum when temperatures were warmer than today for over 90% of the time. A recent study indicates temperatures as high as 6°C warmer than today 9000 years ago at Svalbard, Arctic North Atlantic. The question is why didn’t the rate of melt of the previous 6000 years continue? Regardless, early estimates of sea level rise and those made for future change, take the entire volume of ice, melt it down and add the volume of water to the existing sea level.

    In the week before Gore received a Nobel Prize for his propaganda movie, a UK court ruled there were nine scientific errors some of which were created to enhance “the context of alarmism and exaggeration”. One of these was his claim of sea level rise of up to 20 feet “in the near future”. The Judge wrote, “This is distinctly alarmist and part of Mr. Gore’s “wake up call”. He noted that even if Greenland melted the water would be released, “but only after, and over millennia.” The judge also spoke to the claim of the threat to low-lying inhabited Pacific islands. Gore claimed they are, “being inundated because of anthropogenic global warming” and evacuations are occurring. The Court said there was no evidence of any evacuations. Gore exaggerates future levels well beyond his fellow Nobel Prize winners at the IPCC. Why haven’t they challenged his claims?

    Unfortunately, few people know of the Court ruling, but even if they did, the debate is so ill-informed that sea level rise continues as a major concern? But what are the facts? What do we know? The facts, as usual, show what is happening is perfectly normal with no evidence of a human influence. Some of the following information is known to a few specialist scientists but the majority, like almost all the public, including most scientists, have little or no knowledge.

    Sea level is not level. Most people can’t get their minds around this idea because water is frequently used as a measure of ‘level.’ Water on one side of the bowl will be at the same level as water on the other side. The belief is that if the water is all in one body, then it will be level in all areas. Confusingly, that is nowhere near the case with the Oceans. For example, sea level is different at each end of the Panama Canal, yet the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans are connected at both ends of the Americas. This is an important point because you might think the difference is due to the proximity of the land. It isn’t, as sea level varies considerably in the open ocean.

    One cause is changes in atmospheric pressure. The weight of the atmosphere pressing down on the surface pushes the water down and causes it to flow out to other areas. Since air pressure varies considerably all the time, then the sea level varies accordingly. We see and can measure, this effect when the bulge caused in the region of very low pressure associated with hurricanes comes ashore and creates what is called a tidal surge. Sea level can rise several meters over very large areas under large low-pressure systems. As the system moves the sea level changes, and in low lying areas, causes flooding.

    The water level will vary with wind speed. It is called a set-up and occurs measurably even in lakes. For example, lake levels in the south end of Lake Winnipeg (Figure 4) can be 2 meters higher in the south end with a steady northwest wind over a couple of days.

    On the oceans, most people know waves and their size are a function of winds blowing over a stretch of water called a reach, but few think about the ‘piling up’ of water. Of course, if it increases the sea level in one area, it is decreasing the level in another. Some know the general pattern of surface winds also create surface ocean currents. Few know those currents, due to the frictional effect of the wind only extends down about 1000 meters, below that the circulation is very different, primarily being a function of cold water sinking at the Poles and rising at the Equator.

    Figure 4.

    Some scientists show that gravity differences cause variations in sea level. Figure 5 shows an image produced from satellite data. As the author notes,

    It is clear from this image, sea ‘level’ actually changes in height with spatial variations of 100m over the oceans.

    Figure 5

    A discussion of the interaction between sea level and gravity are provided in a 2002 paper that notes,

    Sea level rise is often accounted for by summarising mass budgets. In fact, however, the problem of sea level rise is complicated because a number of contributions interact with one another. For example, at the centre of concerns about sea level are the ice sheets. Changes in their mass not only effect (sic) eustatic sea level directly; they effect (sic) it too through viscous flows in the Earth’s mantle that change the shape and gravity field of the Earth, and they effect the ocean dynamical circulation because freshwater fluxes affect the buoyancy of the ocean water masses. Thus a comprehensive understanding of sea level needs not only to identify causes of sea level changes, but also ways in which they may interact.

    There is another factor related to tidal conditions. Tides, which is the rise and fall of the oceans due to the gravitational attraction of the Sun and the Moon varies with the positions of the Sun and Moon relative to earth. However, those change over time. For example, we know from work on the Milankovitch Effect that the distances between the Sun and the earth change over relatively short time periods. The orbital change is given as 95,000 years, which seems too long to be of significance, but this is the complete cycle from extreme ellipse to almost circular (as it is now) and back. So, the actual change is one-half the time.

    Sea level varies when water temperatures change. Warmer temperatures expand the volume of water and sea level rises; cooler temperatures shrink the volume and water levels lower. This can result in a global or a regional change or both. But even this is not simple because the water temperature varies with depth and different layers change temperature differently. There is one important temperature range, 0° to 4°C, that results in a different volume reaction. This is very important because it means that large areas of polar water and water at depth, even in the tropics, does not to respond to temperature change in the same way. We don’t know how much water that entails in the total ocean volume, but it is clearly a large amount and precludes any study assuming a simple volume change with water temperature change.

    This idea of volume change as a function of temperature is even more problematic than the assumption that it is uniform in space and time. Two parts of my career taught me the error of that assumption. When I was involved in chasing Soviet submarines around the North Atlantic, we used instruments to detect the noises they make. Because of the way sound travels through water it required an accurate temperature profile of the water called a bathythermograph. We had instruments called Sonobuoys that could lower microphones or thermometers to preset depths to measure temperature as they descended. It was astonishing to see the temperature variance with depth that could occur. This means the volume of each layer varies thus affecting the net sea level value.

    Similarly, we installed weather instruments every 200 ft on a 1000 ft radio tower outside of Winnipeg. Again, the variance in temperature with height at any given time was quite remarkable. We were especially surprised by the number of inversions that occurred. This is why the global temperature measured at weather stations located between 1 and 1.25 meters above the surface is that and only that. It is the temperature of the atmosphere between 1 and 1.25 meters.

    The salt content of the oceans, known as salinity, varies considerably from region to region and that creates an imbalance. Different salinity creates different water density, and that can create different water levels and density currents. Perhaps one of the best known is between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic through the Straits of Gibraltar.

    So far, we have examined sea level changes under the general category of eustasy. Now we need to examine sea level changes caused by changes in land levels under the general category of isostasy.


  • #

    To Europeans, politics is a horizontal line running from Stalin to Hitler (or Molotov to Ribbentrop). All Europeans strive to shoehorn themselves into Lineland between those two bookends and struggle to ignore anything as complicated as a flat plane or Nolan diagram. When they say “left” they mean international socialism and by “right” they invariably mean national socialism, following the example of American media reciters.


  • #

    Betcha Stalin would be proud.


    • #
      Greg Cavanagh

      Jo’s masthead says:-

      “A perfectly good civilization is going to waste…”

      So it covers everything that is civilisation destroying.


  • #

    Is this still a science blog?


    • #

      My thinking is that this blog is what Jo sez it is, and I’m quite OK with that.


    • #
      el gordo

      ‘Is this still a science blog?’

      Not so much these days (Cool Futures and all that) but I’m more than happy tp discuss the northern hemisphere heatwave and why it doesn’t mean what you might think it means.


    • #

      Of course it is. It is also about the suppression of real science by the media, the promotion of fake science by the media and the omission of real news by the media.

      There has never been a debate about man made Global warming, immigration, Donald Trump, China, Russia, Climate Change. The Science is not ‘in’, whatever that means. We are told what to think.

      These are all connected issues related to the assault on Western democracies by the 75% of countries in the UN who are military dictatorships greedy for cash. That does not include the EU as it is not a democracy but another dictatorship run by unelected bureaucrats for their own benefit and the money flow like a river.

      In the meantime we try to talk about science and if it was not for the internet and blogs like Jo’s. I am struggling to find any Climate Science which even makes sense. As Tony Abbott said, socialism masquerading as environmentalism.

      The media which stopped reporting the news in a balanced way long ago, so this is today’s topic. Consider the taxpayer funded ABC which was setup up specifically to provide politics free news and SBS to provide ethnic media. Total cost $1.6Billion per year, $30million a week. They are so poor SBS is running commercial advertising and the ABC is groaning that they are not keeping pace with other public servants.

      Science? I wish it was as simple as science. According to the ABC, we are already 10 metres underwater according to the predictions of their former science expert, Robyn Williams. You can only hope he is a better Tom Jones impersonator than he is scientist. It wouldn’t take much.

      However as Jo points out, their unbalanced reporting of Donald Trump is identical to their unbalanced reporting of science facts. There is no Global Warming. Even if there was, it is not man made. All Australians are paying for the enrichment of carbon opportunists, carpetbaggers and fr*uds and cr**ked politicians. No surprise there, but we are really suffering in Australia. The parasites are k*lling the victim. Again, common enough.


    • #
      Kinky Keith

      The answer is blowin in the wind.

      Ian, if you could see and read your comments the way they are seen and assessed here, you might be embarrassed.

      But then, maybe not. It’s hard to know what you would think when from week to week you claim that you are 40 years old and then 80.

      Do you ever check your own posts to at least try to give an impression of consistency.

      Even the ABC manages that.



    • #

      Of course it is. It is also about the suppression of real science by the media, the promotion of fake science by the media and the omission of real news by the media.

      There has never been a debate about man made Global warming, immigration, Donald Trump, China, Russia, Climate Change. The Science is not ‘in’, whatever that means. We are told what to think.

      These are all connected issues related to the assault on Western democracies by the 75% of countries in the UN who are military dictatorships greedy for cash. That does not include the EU as it is not a democracy but another dictatorship run by unelected bureaucrats for their own benefit and the money flow like a river.

      In the meantime we try to talk about science and if it was not for the internet and blogs like Jo’s. I am struggling to find any Climate Science which even makes sense. As Tony Abbott said, socialism masquerading as environmentalism.

      The media which stopped reporting the news in a balanced way long ago, so this is today’s topic. Consider the taxpayer funded ABC which was setup up specifically to provide politics free news and SBS to provide ethnic media. Total cost $1.6Billion per year, $30million a week. They are so poor SBS is running commercial advertising and the ABC is groaning that they are not keeping pace with other public servants.

      Science? I wish it was as simple as science. According to the ABC, we are already 10 metres underwater according to the predictions of their former science expert, Robyn Williams. You can only hope he is a better Tom Jones impersonator than he is scientist. It wouldn’t take much.

      However as Jo points out, their unbalanced reporting of Donald Trump is identical to their unbalanced reporting of science facts. There is no Global Warming. Even if there was, it is not man made. All Australians are paying for the enrichment of carbon opportunists, carpetbaggers and fr*uds and cr**ked politicians. No surprise there, but we are really suffering in Australia. The parasites are k*lling the victim. Again, common enough.


      • #

        My great interest is science and its applications. I comment here to give my views on science but find I have become a political commentator because it is almost never about real science. Ecology has morphed into a monster.

        Is the ecology of South Australia better for all the windmills and shutting down manufacturing and coal power stations? Is their CO2 slightly lower? Don’t they understand that every bit of business just goes overseas and that their cash flows from Canberra which in turn comes from everybody else? Do they really think the $60Billion submarine contract went to the most capable state? Do they really think a crippled French diesel submarine is state of the art or in fact any use at all?

        No, the NIMBYs just want everything closed and live the good life as public servants, teachers and mendicants demanding more from the rest of Australia. No wonder their houses are now the cheapest in Australia. Hardly matters though. They have sent all their CO2 to China who now refuses to take their rubbish and the one plastics recycler has closed because they cannot afford the electricity.

        This is Science used to destroy jobs, rip apart society and turn Australia into an open cut mine and tourist destination, a side show. We have even sold the port of Darwin to China. Soon our submarines may not be welcome.


        • #

          The commercial destruction of South Australia is only symptomatic of the malaise afflicting Western democracies. Similarly with Canberra. Short sightedness, all excused by made up science. Interconnectors, giant batteries, windmills, transmissions lines which crumple in a moderate wind. Why?


    • #

      Well compared to most scientific publications and journals on climate change this blog is light years ahead in terms of discussing the scientific truth.


    • #

      This electricity metering phuck-up by the UK government is a direct result of fault thinking.
      Faulty thinking that is based in a large measure in assuming that UN-IPPC scientific stupidity of making CO2 to be some villainous pollutant has any merit.


      • #

        Yes and no. Drax epitomizes the faulty thinking until you look at the subsidy harvesting which motivated the switch from coal. Indeed, the top execs are coining it bigtime leading to last year’s AGM shareholder revolt.

        Troughers will always position themselves next to subsidies; over the last decade check the world itinerary of our chief scientist or look at the provenance of the people atop our sudden outcrop of energy regulatory bodies. There’s money in emissions alright, if you’re in the gang.

        That big pool of money sloshing around in tax havens the world over is crying out for investment opportunities and none is more lucrative than the carefully engineered emissions vehicles and until the next scam comes along the pressure of that money will be proponderant in Australian energy policy; our Beloved Windbag and Kevin saw this coming twenty years ago and their parties are de facto signed up irrespective of what the populace would like.

        Love to all.


    • #

      If your lot hadn’t politicised science more science would be discussed, then again your lot hasn’t grasped the scientific basics presented over the years here so stick to trolling youtube just to be safe.


  • #
    James Murphy

    Maybe it’s just me, but I find it extremely odd that there are pro-, and anti-Trump rallies anywhere outside the United States, especially when he isn’t in the country. It’d be nice to see such vitriol and anger directed towards, oh, I don’t know, genuinely despicable, regressive, and undemocratic regimes… but I guess that’s not popular, is it?

    Here in France there were a bunch of deranged old lefties from the US protesting about Trump. When interviewed, more than one happily admitted that they had not been back to the US in many years, considered France as their real home, and didn’t vote in any US elections… but, I guess, on paper at least, they are Americans.


  • #

    […] Something for Steve. Share this:TwitterFacebookGoogleRedditLinkedIn This entry was posted in Media, Rafe. Bookmark the permalink. ← Q&A Forum: July 23, 2018 […]


  • #

    Just our Atheist Bolshevik Corrupters conducting business as usual.


  • #
    el gordo

    ‘News Corp Australia has called on the government to review the charters of the ABC and SBS and to restrict the public broadcasters from unfairly competing with its newspapers, websites and Sky News.

    ‘Rupert Murdoch’s Australian arm has told a government inquiry the internet has transformed the ABC and SBS into “news publishers” who have the advantage of being taxpayer-funded, while denying commercial competitors revenue.’



  • #

    In The Australian this morning

    Crime statistics showing Sudanese-born people are 57 times more likely to be charged with aggravated robbery in Victoria

    After reading the above the I saw the ABCs Trioli and Rowland interviewing a guest who declared there was no gang problem in Victoria on the basis that he lived there and hadn’t seen any. This item was between segments on record heat in England and unprecedented drought in parts of NSW.


    • #

      We had this with the former Police Commissioner Christine Nixon, the one who went to the pub for dinner when people were dying in the bushfires and she was in charge. The same Christine Nixon contradicted statements that crime from Sudanese was a problem. She assured the public that with her exclusive access to police records she could state categorically Sudanese crime figures were not above average. When she left we saw the figures. They were 10x bigger.

      At what point do the Police work for policitians? At what point do the ABC/SBS people do what they want to distort the truth to their political agenda? At what point are councils allowed to distort town planning to please their friends?

      The Herald Sun is talking about infrastructure which is producing major bottlenecks in our cities. In my experience it is the inner City cliques shutting down their streets with concrete and turning every street in the city of Melbourne into a bicycle dominated single lane road. They are killing our cities, all in the name of Progressive politics. The most damaging move is to shut down electricity because the Greens do not want evil CO2 in their backyard.

      That is not science. It is not knowledge. It is ins*ne and selfish, thoughtless.
      Sell the ABC/SBS monolith. It has long outlived its purpose.
      Get rid of the RET and electricity prices will rapidly return to normal.

      If people had the real information on Donald Trump, they would be impressed. The left do not want him talking to Putin. He might do a deal. Personally I thought that was his job.


  • #
    el gordo

    ‘The nation’s independent energy market operator has called for Australia’s fleet of coal-fired power plants to be operated for as long as possible to prevent a future price shock in the transition to renewables, claiming the ageing plants will still deliver the cheapest electricity for the next 20 years.’

    GWPF via Oz


  • #

    My last regular and sustained contact with the media was listening to the Andrew Bolt/Price show at eight weekdays. It was a habit and rather soothing to connect with people solidly anti-Turnbull and anti-Blob.

    I turned it off and left it off on realising that Murdoch will allow alternatives and mavericks as long as they have pull and can add to the perception of diversity which is lacking in ABC and Fairfax. In fact, Bolt was as solidly behind war as Hillary (who’s boosted every colour revolution/bombing and/or invasion since Bosnia, even when Bill might have baulked at fostering, arming and employing the fanatics who have never gone away).

    The eclipse of the peace movement and the normalisation of war for the left thanks to Obama have given Murdoch and his leftist competitors much the same goals: promoting war, debt, the pagan cult of Green and demographic shock. (Abbott was good on war but weak on some other agendas.) Murdoch titillates with material knocking PC and anti-plastic fusspots…but he brings you the Malcolm show. And who are the leaders in waiting with an excellent long-term relationship with Bolt? Yep, Josh and Albanese. When Green Blob dies…long live Green Blob.

    Murdoch and the ABC want much the same things: a greater market share in advancing globalism through constant manipulation of the public mind. There is a sliver (just) of Trump which doesn’t quite conform to globalist aims, which is why he has to go. Hey, the guy may be no Bismarck, but he seems to realise about dividing and counter-balancing his opposition. Maybe, unlike Hillary and his two predecessors, he’s just not thick enough for a true globalist champion.


  • #

    22 Jul: Paul Homewood: BBC’s Fake Heat Record Claims
    Last week, the BBC seriously misled the public about so-called “heat records”, as I noted in this post here (LINK)…READ ON

    from COMMENTS:
    rockyspears: (Radio) 4 this morning, I noticed they used the term “in modern times” to justify their record temps etc etc

    23 Jul: Daily Mail: Guy Walters: So what is behind this astonishing heatwave?
    As we face yet another sweltering week, there’s one question on everybody’s lips: just why is it so hot?
    As with everything to do with the weather, the answer is a little complicated, and there are a variety of reasons why the mercury is likely to be hitting 34c by the middle of this week.

    The primary reason is because the jet stream — the ‘river’ of fast-flowing winds that blows from west to east between five and seven miles above the Earth’s surface — is not currently flowing across the country. Instead, it is somewhere between Scotland and Iceland…
    Since we are currently experiencing a high pressure system, the UK is, therefore, simply baking, with the air just getting hotter and hotter, as if we were in an oven.

    However, meteorologists do not know exactly why the effect is so strong this summer.
    ‘The causes haven’t yet been looked at it in depth,’ says Becky Mitchell, a meteorologist at the Met Office. ‘The answer will lie in global weather patterns and what we call “teleconnections”.’…

    One of Mitchell’s colleagues at the Met Office said: ‘The situation is very like the one we had in 1976, when we had similar ocean temperatures in the Atlantic and an unchanging jet stream that left great areas of high pressure over many areas for long periods.’…

    So just how long will the heatwave last? ‘There’s no cooler weather in sight,’ says Becky Mitchell, ‘and it looks fairly dry and hot all the way into August. After that, it’s too early to say.’

    ***Although it feels relentless, this heatwave has not yet broken any records. The current record high for the UK was set on August 10, 2003, when the temperature hit 38.5c at Brogdale, Kent.

    23 Jul: UK Telegraph: The 2018 heatwave mid-term survival guide
    At 9am on Monday the Met Office issued an ‘amber heatwave action alert’ (LINK) – the meteorological equivalent of Defcon 2 – meaning temperatures are predicted to hit 30 degrees during the day, and 15 degrees at night, for at least two consecutive days…

    Britain could see its hottest day of the year so far on Wednesday, beating the 33C (91.4F) recorded at Porthmadog in North Wales on June 28. Looking further ahead there is a 90 per cent probability of heatwave conditions in parts of England, mainly in the south and east, until 9am on Friday…
    Consider this your mid-term heatwave survival guide…ETC


    • #
      el gordo

      ‘However, meteorologists do not know exactly why the effect is so strong this summer.

      ‘The causes haven’t yet been looked at it in depth,’ says Becky Mitchell …’

      The cause is a positive North Atlantic Oscillation, it’ll do it every time.

      A blank sun should have a negative effect on the NAO, but I haven’t had a close look to confirm my assumption.


    • #

      (…) ‘The causes haven’t yet been looked at it in depth,’ says Becky Mitchell, a meteorologist at the Met Office. ‘The answer will lie in global weather patterns and what we call “teleconnections”.’…

      One of Mitchell’s colleagues at the Met Office said: ‘The situation is very like the one we had in 1976, when we had similar ocean temperatures in the Atlantic and an unchanging jet stream that left great areas of high pressure over many areas for long periods.’… (…)

      Indeed, a DEPTH study would be necessary! Hahaha! Because this magmatic heat from the bottom of the seas & oceans DOES NOT KNOW SEASONS! When it adds to the winter we say “It’s good”, when it adds to the summer we say “There is too much!” Hahahaha!


      • #
        el gordo

        Then how do you explain this?

        Arctic Circle on Fire

        ‘From Japan to Sweden, and Oman to Texas, a global heat wave is setting records, igniting wildfires, and killing dozens all across the world this week.’

        New York Mag


      • #
        el gordo

        ‘The situation is very like the one we had in 1976 ….’

        The Great Climate Shift of 1976 is significant.


    • #
      Richard Baguley

      1959 was a long, hot, summer in the U.K.

      1947 was hot.

      2018 is only “unusual” and “unprecedented” to young idiots who weren’t around to witness similar conditions and are too stupid to check the historical records (unhomogenised, of course).

      This year is close to what those of a certain age used to expect!


  • #

    23 Jul: Daily Caller: Tim Pearce: The GOP’s Carbon Tax Bill Is Based On The Paris Climate Agreement’s Emissions Goals
    GOP Rep. Carlos Curbelo of Florida outlined the goals of his carbon tax proposal Monday at Columbia University’s Center on Global Energy Policy.
    Curbelo summarized (LINK) his bill’s goals of establishing regulatory certainty, raising funds to repair the U.S. highway system and set emissions standards in line with the Paris Climate Accords:

    “While there are still some deniers out there, most Americans understand that climate change caused by human activity is a reality that must be addressed,” Curbelo said. “I remind my conservative colleagues who often decry our nation’s growing debt, saddling young Americans with a crushing environmental debt — meaning an unhealthy planet where life is less viable — is at least as immoral as leaving behind an unsustainable fiscal debt.”…

    Curbelo’s bill will set the United States on track to exceed the emissions-cutting goals laid out in the Paris Climate Accords…
    The legislation places a $24-per-ton price on carbon with an annual increase of 2 percent…

    The funds raised by Curbelo’s carbon tax will be put toward rebuilding the United States’ transportation system. The bill raises $285 billion for the Highway Trust Fund over the next 10 years and another $18 billion for the Airways Trust Fund, according to Curbelo.
    “The bill would eliminate regressive, inefficient and discriminatory taxes like the gasoline tax and the aviation fuel tax to capture the entire economy,” Curbelo said, adding that the gasoline tax disproportionately affects low- and middle-class families that cannot afford hybrid or electric vehicles.

    The bill also blocks the EPA from finalizing any more regulations under the Clean Air Act, which regulates emissions, to give regulatory certainty to businesses and industries, Curbelo said.


  • #

    Trump vs the ***people:

    24 Jul: Bloomberg: Trump to Seek Repeal of California’s Smog-Fighting Power
    By Ryan Beene, Jennifer A Dlouhy, John Lippert, and Ari Natter
    The Trump administration will seek to revoke California’s authority to regulate automobile greenhouse gas emissions — including its mandate for electric-car sales — in a proposed revision of Obama-era standards, according to three ***people familiar with the plan.

    The proposal, expected to be released this week, amounts to a frontal assault on one of former President Barack Obama’s signature regulatory programs to curb emissions that contribute to climate change. It also sets up a high-stakes battle over California’s unique ability to combat air pollution and, if finalized, is sure to set off a protracted courtroom battle.

    The proposed revamp would also put the brakes on federal rules to boost fuel efficiency into the next decade, said the ***people, who asked to not be identified discussing the proposals before they are public. Instead it would cap federal fuel economy requirements at the 2020 level, which under federal law must be at least a 35-mile-per-gallon fleet average, rather than letting them rise to roughly 50 mpg by 2025 as envisioned in the Obama plan, according to the ***people…

    Messages seeking comment from OMB, NHTSA and the EPA were not returned. California Air Resources Board head Mary Nichols declined to comment, as did a spokesman for California Governor Jerry Brown.
    Although the proposal will outline other options, the administration will put its weight behind the dramatic overhaul, including the revocation of California’s cherished authority, the ***people said…

    If Trump’s plan sticks, it could be his biggest regulatory rollback yet…

    California, for its part, rejects the idea that its 48 years of ability to write its own tailpipe emission rules should end. “We have the law on our side, as well as the ***people of the country and the ***people of the world,” said Dan Sperling, a member of the state’s Air Resources Board…

    California and 16 other states plus the District of Columbia filed a lawsuit on May 2 seeking to block the Trump administration’s effort to unravel the Obama-era emissions targets. Sperling said that number will grow as more ***people come to realize how fundamentally Trump is attacking the idea of states’ rights…

    “Congress didn’t intend for California to set national fuel economy standards,” said Steve Milloy, a policy adviser for the Heartland Institute, a group critical of climate science. “It’s nutty it’s been allowed to develop. National fuel economy standards are set by the federal government so that’s what we are going to do.”


  • #

    22 Jul: WTOP: Associated Press: High-polling rightist candidate joins Brazil president race
    Far-right congressman Jair Bolsonaro formally announced his candidacy for Brazil’s presidential election Sunday, joining a race in which he is currently polling second after jailed ex-President Luis Inacio Lula da Silva, who will likely be barred from running.
    Thousands of supporters wearing Bolsonaro shirts showed up at the rally cheering, honking air horns, waving flags. Many mimicked guns with their fingers – a hand sign that the former military officer has made popular.

    Bolsonaro told the crowd he would change the status quo if he won the election.
    He spoke about helping police to crack down on crime, filling his Cabinet with military officers and ***taking Brazil out of the Paris climate accord…

    23 Jul: Guardian: Rich countries pushing ‘dirty energy’ in Africa, report claims
    ***Study finds that while wealthy nations advocate renewables at home, 60% of aid to African energy projects went on fossil fuels
    by Karen McVeigh
    Oil Change International, a clean energy advocacy group that conducted the study, estimated aid to Africa’s energy sector was $59.5bn (£45.3bn) between 2014 and 2016.
    It found governments that were moving away from fossil fuels at home continued to fund such projects in Africa, where communities are experiencing the worst impact from climate change…

    Of the regional and multilateral development banks and 10 countries examined for the study, China gave the most to the energy sector, providing $5bn a year, 88% of which was spent on fossil fuels. It did not appear to finance any renewable projects on the continent. Nearly three-quarters of the money supported oil and gas extraction, and another 13% supported coal-fired power generation…

    After China came the World Bank Group (WBG), Japan and Germany. The report estimated the Bank financed mostly fossil fuel infrastructure over this period, although such lending is expected to fall after a recent announcement that it would end finance for upstream oil and gas from 2019.
    The WBG disputes the estimates…

    The report showed less than 2% of aid to Africa’s energy sector went to renewables or small-scale de-centralised energy schemes, which experts say are ideally suited to the continent’s scale, development status and sparse population density…

    The Guardian approached the China Development Bank for comment, but did not receive a response before publication…

    ***while wealthy nations advocate renewables at home?

    23 Jul: Japan Times: Op-ed: Fossil fuel doublespeak
    by Lili Fuhr and Hannah Mckinnon
    (Lili Fuhr heads the Ecology and Sustainable Development Department at the Heinrich Boll Foundation. Hannah McKinnon is director of the Energy Futures and Transitions Program at Oil Change International)
    BERLIN – Since the Paris climate agreement was signed in 2015, too many policymakers have fallen for the oil and gas industry’s rhetoric about how it can help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Tall tales about “clean coal,” “oil pipelines to fund clean energy” and “gas as a bridge fuel” have coaxed governments into rubber-stamping new fossil fuel projects, even though current fossil fuel production already threatens to push temperatures well beyond the Paris agreement’s limit of well below 2 degrees above pre-industrial levels.

    The International Energy Agency estimates that in 2016, investment in the oil and gas sector totaled $649 billion, and that fossil fuel subsidies within the Group of 20 countries amounted to $72 billion. And by 2030, investments in new gas projects across G20 countries are expected to surpass $1.6 trillion…

    One would expect the European Union to lead the way toward a decarbonized future. But, if anything, it seems to be doing the opposite. Since 2014, the EU has allocated €1 billion ($1.16 billion) to the natural gas sector. And though the European Commission’s proposed 2020-2027 budget would reduce such funding, it would allow member states to continue spending taxpayers’ money on fossil fuel production…

    Another industry canard is that income from oil and gas expansion is needed to fund the transition to a clean economy. This incoherent claim has underpinned policy in Canada, where the authorities continue to push for major new tar-sands pipelines. Most recently, the government stepped in and paid the Texas-based energy firm Kinder Morgan $3.4 billion for a 65-year-old pipeline in order to ensure its planned expansion, which the company had deemed too risky.
    This use of public funds is particularly objectionable because it threatens to lock in the very energy sources that are driving dangerous climate change…


  • #
    Phillip Bratby

    In the UK the MSM are anti-Trump, anti-Brexit and anti-anything slightly to the right of the far-left.


  • #

    such a shame he is gone:

    23 Jul: WashingtonExaminer: EPA under Pruitt slashed $350 million in regulations, 300,000 hours of red tape
    by Paul Bedard
    The Environmental Protection Agency under former Administrator Scott Pruitt led the administration’s successful war on regulations, slashing enough to produce $350 million in savings and eliminate 300,000 hours of paperwork.
    A new report on the agency’s efforts found that the EPA “was a net deregulatory agency,” and a highlight of President Trump’s effort to eliminate many Obama-era regulations.

    What’s more, the American Action Forum report (LINK) found that Pruitt set in place an anti-regulatory mindset that should keep the EPA at the leading edge of deregulation under Trump…
    During his time at EPA, Pruitt was backed by Trump because of his deregulation efforts…

    •In addition to specific rulemaking actions, Pruitt established the framework for a substantial shift in EPA’s mission and practices. The most notable changes included: narrowing the agency’s regulatory scope, reforming the practice of “sue and settle,” and re-examining the data and analytical processes used to justify rulemakings.
    •While EPA’s leadership will change, the Pruitt-era policy changes will almost certainly continue. The agency is on track to exceed its deregulatory target for this year, and it is only a matter of time before its most high-profile deregulatory measures (e.g. Clean Power Plan Repeal and adjusted fuel efficiency standards) wind their way through the rulemaking process.

    “Pruitt’s tenure at EPA marked a dramatic shift in the agency’s underlying mission and culture – perhaps more so than under any other member of President Trump’s cabinet,” (Dan Goldbeck, a senior research analyst for regulatory policy at the American Action Forum) said.


  • #
    Rod McLaughlin

    Speaking of Robinson, here’s Ireland’s Mary Robinson starting a feminist climate justice movement:

    Sorry, I had to draw Joanne’s attention to this somehow.


    • #

      Climate ‘justice’ lol … what’s that, the Pathetic Fallacy?
      When has the climate ever been ‘just?’ That snow storm wracking
      Saskatchewan, that typhoon in Taiwan, tsk! That hurricane in
      Haiti, that King Lear, Act 3, second scene, … so unfair.


    • #

      Guardian…Mary Robinson…feminist…climate change…

      I’m not clicking. No way those Onion guys are going to catch me out this time.


  • #

    The ABC and today’s MSM and their subtle censoring of view which their owners or editors of reporters and sub editors don’t agree with or bully those in the newsrooms who are skeptically orientated.

    In the end this is just another example of history repeating itself but maybe this time somewhat more subtly and not as blatantly as it has been so often in the past.

    The classic case of extreme bias and bigotry in the press was the so called “Yellow Journalism”, the fake news of the 19th century when William Randolph Hearst’s New York Journal and Joseph Pulitzer’s New York World went head to head in a circulation war.

    Both of these news sheets have been blamed for the fake news and vulgar extremism and consequent public unrest created by their entirely fake news that had a great deal to dso with eecvents that led to the Spanish – American War of 1898.
    Quoted from
    Yellow Journalism; The “Fake News” of the 19th Century with some very good but very vulgar and cartoon examples of the fake news of the 19th century day

    The phenomenon can be seen to reach its most rampant heights, and most exemplary period, in the lead up to the Spanish-American War — a conflict that some dubbed “The Journal‘s War” due to Hearst’s immense influence in stoking the fires of anti-Spanish sentiment in the U.S. Much of the coverage by both The New York World and The New York Journal was tainted by unsubstantiated claims, sensationalist propaganda, and outright factual errors. When the USS Maine exploded and sank in Havana Harbor on the evening of 15 February 1898, huge headlines in the Journal blamed Spain with no evidence at all. The phrase, “remember the Maine, to Hell with Spain”, became a populist rousing call to action. The Spanish–American War began later that year.

    For more on the Yellow Journalisam of the late 119th century which makes the fake news of today look pretty anaemic just go to Wiki’s article on “Yellow Journalism”
    To quote from the Wiki article and it does seem to be a very close description of today’s MSM’s behaviour and its attitudes towards reporting news or not reporting it if the editor or who ever doesn’t agree with the sentiments of the news story.

    Quoted from the Wiki “Yellow Journalism” article ;

    In 1941, Frank Mott said that there were five things that made up yellow journalism: [2]

    headlines in huge print that were meant to scare people, often of news that wasn’t very important

    using many pictures or drawings

    using fake interviews, headlines that didn’t tell the whole truth, pseudoscience (fake science), and false information from people who said they were experts

    full-color parts of the newspaper on Sundays, usually with comic strips (which is now normal in the United States)

    taking the side of the “underdog” against the system.

    There is also some anecdotal evidence that after Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press in 1436 , an invention that spread rapidly throughout the Europe of the times, one of the major outputs of those presses were tracts that in many cases urged the public of the time to take action against the blatant corruption that existed in the religious orders of those times.
    Some, maybe a lot of that urging by the operators of those early printing presses were soundly based but a lot of the reports and claims on those tracts and poster were no better than our fake news of today.
    Our very real and a very dangerous problem re the accurate reporting of events and claims today is the just announced by Google that they will in effect begin to filter their Search results so as to eliminate and reduce Fake News.

    Who decides what is Fake News at Google will be their engineers or as one Google executive put it, it will be what Sergey Brin ,[ one of the two founders of Google along with Larry Page,] who decides what is Fake News.
    And Sergey Brin is a believer in Climate Change so draw your own conclusions as to where Google is going in censoring their searches to eliminate Fake News from their searches .

    And THAT considering Google dominance of the search engine field globally makes all the Fake News and ignoring of alternative views by the ABC and the MSM look like little more than a spoilt brat being allowed to have his / her own way all the time.

    I am now using DuckDuckGo as a search engine although a lot of DuckDuckGo searches are channeled one wayn or another through Google .

    The other and alternative Search engine I have used is the Russian “Yandex” search engine.

    The chinese have their native language “Baidu” search engine as their major search engine where the chinese can create their own Fake News which they do in spades.