Monckton in Australia (Brisbane on Tuesday)

Christopher Monckton

The wonderful Christopher Monckton is quietly venturing around Australia once again, this time at a more relaxed pace.

Hear Alan Jones interview Lord Monckton recently on 2GB.

As Alan Jones points out, Monckton has been thoroughly demonized, but as the evidence accrues, it’s clear he’s been on the right side the whole time.

Keep track of the Monckton Foundation page for other up and coming events that may occur.

For South East Queenslanders:–
Christopher will be in the IRISH CLUB, Brisbane (again) next Tuesday 30th September.
Details from Michael Darby; the Event Organiser:–

“HUMAN PROGRESS”: Renowned defender of Christian Civilisation and splendidly effective opponent of the global warming cult, Lord Christopher Monckton, Third Viscount Monckton of Brenchley, will address a public meeting at the Irish Club, 175 Elizabeth Street Brisbane, at 7.30pm on Tuesday 30 September 2014.  Tea, coffee and biscuits will be served. Suggested donation $20.  Drinks available at club prices and the Irish Club serves excellent, inexpensive meals.  Please join us.  If you live too far away (and in any event) please pass this invitation to your friends.

We apologise in advance for the possiblity that once the venue is full, we may need to turn people away, so please arrive with time to spare.

Your booking to darby AT will of course be welcome, and my telephone number is 0402 558 947.

Good wishes,

Michael Darby

H/t to Tony

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    Andrew McRae

    I doubt there will be much new climate science material since last time. Well there shouldn’t be as it takes 30 years to make one measurement of the climate. (Though you might get an anti-abortion sermon included in your ticket price if its anything like his last appearance in Brisbane.)

    Perhaps the astute Lord can instead attempt to explain to the audience what was going on in Obama’s head when he announced this:
    Barack Obama to announce world’s largest marine sanctuary in Pacific Ocean
    United States president Barack Obama will create the world’s largest marine sanctuary in the Pacific Ocean in a bid to protect sea life from climate change. ….
    Such areas are under threat from climate change because carbon pollution is causing the oceans to acidify, which can damage marine life including corals and harm ocean ecosystems, the statement added.


    Sooo basically that one patch of ocean will decide to not acidify, even though it’s still in contact with the air, just out of respect for this new American law. It’s not quite King Knut forbidding the tide from coming in but it’s pretty darn close.
    It’s like Obama’s speechwriter is giving Monckton free stand-up comedy material right on schedule.


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      James Murphy

      Unfortunately the Aussie press do seem to have done a number on Monckton, but then, it’s not like there is any real media diversity in Australia, which is a travesty of the highest order.

      I often wonder what it would take for the role of US president to go from being (laughably) ‘the leader of the free world’, to someone who is worshipped as an infallible divine ruler with a hotline to . You’d think that in a country which prides itself on being democratic, that, on top of having to be a multi-millionaire to be able to run for office, there would be widespread condemnation when the ‘1st lady’ takes over a radio spot booked for the president, but no, she too, has been elevated to the god-like status, despite not having been elected, and having absolutely no authority over the running of the country. This is not directed at Obama per se, but at the position itself.

      I’d be pretty annoyed if Margie Abbott turned up in place of Tony, or indeed, if any politician sent their wife/husband to replace them, just because they wanted to address the nation about their own fleeting pet peeve of the day/week.


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        James Murphy

        That should have read “…infallible divine ruler with a hotline to “insert name of favourite deity here…”


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      “Sooo basically that one patch of ocean will decide to not acidify, even though it’s still in contact with the air, just out of respect for this new American law.”

      Good call Andrew.

      In the same way as by having a carbon tax Australia was going to act like a filter for global pollution. All that dirty air would eventually work its way through our clean patch and be magically renewed via money.

      Hooray for fantasy! Its so much more entertaining than mundane old facts.


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      Rick Bradford

      Perhaps the astute Lord can instead attempt to explain to the audience what was going on in Obama’s head when he announced this …

      In the Alan Jones chat, he does explain it.

      He believes that most politicians with an ounce more sense than a billiard ball, privately know that climate change is not a danger and that current policies are worse than useless, but are too embarrassed to admit they were wrong, especially after all their grandiose moralistic rhetoric about future generations and the planet.

      They would prefer to keep on with their ruinous policies rather than come clean that they got it wrong.


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    If you are an ignorant sock-puppet president whose every blurted word is given him by his mates in the Chicago machine, you can end up saying some very cretinous stuff whilst exhibiting no shame or embarrassment. He was just blurting his lines. What was going through his head you ask? Nothing.


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    Well, that’s short notice!

    The Irish Club is a good venue…saw Monckton there last time. I’m in.


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    Robert O

    Viscount Monckton has a good grasp of mathematics and has presented many data supporting the status quo; that there hasn’t been any global warming now for a considerable time, so long, in fact, that the predictions of the “warmistas” are blatantly false. As to carbon dioxide, there is no mathematical correlation between its atmospheric concentration and global temperature.

    Politically, the inertia of the AGW industry continues fueled by bankers, economists, media, et. al. simply because they have so much money and status invested that they cannot admit they are wrong. Both Ms. Milne and Mr. Shorten have publicly stated their belief in climate change. So do I as it does change and has changed historically.

    So we are going to save the planet from impending doom according to the New York attendees. How? Carbon dioxide control will not do do anything as there is no correlation to base anything on. And to more interesting scientific hypotheses, such as that of Svensmark, we cannot control cosmic input since it is dependent on solar flux and magnetic fields.

    The answer is we adapt to what comes rather than this King Canute stance believing in our own stupidity.


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    Monckton is quite simply extraordinary and tenacious, truly a man for this time. along with the array of scientists, journalists, academics, engineers, and all men and women of similar persuasion who like him it would seem, are now beginning to be heard (and listened to) more clearly.

    The unpredicted inconvenience of the euphemistically described ’19 year pause’ numbers among the greatest ironies to beset those that would peddle ‘inconvenient facts’ solely for political and financial gain. Indeed, ‘inconvenience’ besets them at every turn, the present-day manifestation of the evil and wanton meandering of ISIS fatefully and inconveniently eclipsing their climasong fest in NY.

    Truncated abstract:

    The IPCC has drawn attention to an apparent leveling-off of globally-averaged temperatures over the past 15 years or so. HAC-robust trend variance estimator which is valid as long as the underlying series is trend stationary, which is the case for the data used herein. Application of the method shows that there is now a trendless interval of 19 years duration at the end of the HadCRUT4 surface temperature series, and of 16 – 26 years in the lower troposphere.

    HAC-Robust Measurement of the Duration of a Trendless Subsample in a Global Climate Time Series
    Ross R. McKitrick. (2014) Dept Economics, U.Guelph, Canada.


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    Glen Michel

    All these references to some old Danish king whose vassals believed him to be immortal. Correctly,it was his wish to be taken down to the sea in order to demonstrate his inability to turn back the incoming tide.therefore the tides of men?


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      James Murphy

      There are, supposedly, 2 versions, one where he claims to be able to halt the tides (and fails, looking foolish), and another where he demonstrates the futility of such an action (and thus, coming across as pretty smart chap).


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    Spread that interview wide and far it’s one of the best summaries I’ve heard, anyone who cannot find one element of truth in the information given does not deserve to live in a country with so much potential still intact despite a calculated attack on it’s sovereignty.


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    If he comes to Melbourne, please publish any details. He gave a splendid talk last time but while he was clearly right and knew his subject so well, the seminal public talk was Murry Selby’s in Germany. I would love to hear his comments on Selby’s work and the core conclusion that while CO2 shows no correlation with temperature, it does show a perfect correlation with the integral of temperature. This has a simple explanation that CO2 growth is the product of warming, not the reverse.

    Lord Monckton says he has published on the increased frequency of cloudless days ( of water vapour of course) producing direct warming of the planet surface in the second half of the 20th century. This is almost too simple an explanation, but credible. I have been looking for a reference. Perhaps someone can ask? Cloud formation is a puzzle in itself. Just ask the CSIRO.


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    will spread the word.

    29 Sept: Australian: AAP: Protesters shut down mine sites in NSW
    ABOUT 150 people are protesting at six mine sites in the Gunnedah basin on Monday.The Leard Forest Alliance says every open-cut mine owned by Whitehaven Coal in the area has been shut down by protesters, including Maules Creek.
    Protesters have locked themselves to gates, scaled a coal loader to hang a large banner and climbed tall structures…
    Leard Forest Alliance spokeswoman Helen War said she questioned the developmental process the Maules Creek mine was put through.
    “Protesters are calling for a immediate stop to work at the Maules Creek mine,” she told ABC radio…
    ***A Whitehaven Coal spokesman says claims the six sites have been shut down are false.
    “There have been some minor disruptions, but works are proceedings as normal,” he told AAP.
    It’s understood workers are being directed onto the site through access points that are not blocked by protest activity.

    27 Sept: Houston Chronicle: Matthew Tresaugue: State says federal pollution limits impossible to meet
    Texas is building a case that the Environmental Protection Agency’s state-specific targets for curbing climate-a..ltering emissions from power plants can’t be achieved, if at all, without affecting electric service reliability and driving up prices.
    The state will make its technical argument by Dec. 1, the deadline for public comments on the EPA’s plan…
    Texas’ response also is likely a precursor to a lawsuit if the EPA finalizes the plan as scheduled next year without changes the state wants…
    The EPA’s plan calls for Texas to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide from its power plants 39 percent by 2030. The mandate likely will force the retirements of most of the state’s older and dirtiest coal-fired plants, the largest source of carbon pollution…
    Meanwhile, Texas is the nation’s leading state for producing power from wind, which accounts for about 10 percent of its portfolio. If the state could grow wind and solar sources into 30 percent of the mix over the next decade, then it shouldn’t have a problem meeting the federal targets for carbon emissions, said Al Armendariz, a former EPA official who now leads the Sierra Club’s anti-coal campaign in Texas…


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    for me lord chris is the most interesting person in the climate debate.I visit jo’s site every day plus the Bish and anthony’s sites,have done for several years.The only thing that irritates me about most of you is how you try to make the climate debate into a left virsus right thing.well im a sceptic and very much a left wing labour voter born and bred in a nottinghamshire mining village and yet have nothing but respect for the good lord even though politically we are miles apart,why ?? despite the fact he stands for most things i hate about british society he is a honest and honourable conviction politician that has nothing to gain by siding with us sceptics,he does it because he see’s it as an injustice against all the ordenary people of this world unlke his former friends like yao or gummer.So forget your political differances you aussies and stand along side the man when he pays you a visit and remember your enemies enemy is your friend


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    Chris Edwards

    Doubting Dave, having visiyed your home county in scargills strike (I nearly got filled in by a miner for calling it the miners strike) the false class war you labour party re invented is long gone, no socialist has ever dome anything for the working man once in power, its a sham and Mrs Thatcher did more for honest workers that the labour prty ever has or will!Hapless Harold killed employment with his jobs tax the uniond bankrupted the UK at least once! Lord Moncton is a great Englishman, lots of conservativer are and were and its mainly the left who support this masty scam!


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    thanks for your opinion chris sorry about my english didnt have a great education im just a ordinary railway engineer thats just come home after a 12 hr sunday shift.have to work overtime to pay my energy bills and put my kids through uni.unlike the engineer that runs the IPCC who’s english is good enough to wright novels but at least i can fink 4 me sen [sarc]


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    Caught the good Lord on Richo and Jones the other night. He really let rip in no uncertain terms, if you havnt seen it, you should watch it.

    To a certain extent AJ needs to brush up his language. He kept saying “climate change” was a hoax, which doesn’t help and he often muddled up topics, but I think it was mainly due to enthusiasm and having LCM in the studio seemed to hype him up quite a bit.


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    Also I guess it would be too much to hope that he might visit the “heart of darkness” here in Tassy?


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    Didn’t know he was in the country. I suppose our media are too busy looking for apologists for Islamic terrorists to interview, who can tell us how evil we are, to be bothered with Lord Monkton.

    I will make a wild guess and say that we will not be seeing the good Lord on any of OUR ABC science or panel programs. He’s probably more interested in talking to real people anyway.


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    What I find hard to understand is that Alan Jones, who clearly saw through the Catastrophic Global Warming BS, has fallen for the other great fraud about gas extraction through hydraulic fracturing. Why has he become so blind on this great green fraud?


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      James Murphy

      I wondered the same thing… Hydraulic fracturing isn’t without risks, obviously, but it is far from the automatic environmental catastrophe portrayed by those with little, to no knowledge on the subject.

      As I’ve said elsewhere, as far as I am concerned, with 10 years in the oil industry in geological/engineering roles, I think there are larger concerns with CSM and other unconventional gas/oil in Australia, and they relate to the rapid promotion of poorly trained and inexperienced rig personnel to positions of authority and influence. I refuse to work in that side of the industry for my own safety, not for environmental reasons.

      Poor quality cement jobs, resulting in poor zonal isolation will cause more problems than hydraulic fracturing by itself ever will… but yes, this is way OT, sorry.


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      Greenies may be ideologically opposed to fracturing, but it isn’t hard to imagine how a few cowboy operators could do real damage. Jones is quite right to be concerned.


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    Kirby Schlaht

    The 100% Consensus?

    The scientific opinion on climate change is that the Earth’s climate system is unequivocally warming,
    and it is extremely likely (at least 95% probability) that humans are causing most of it through activities
    that increase concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere …Wikipedia (

    Excerpt from the original post by Christopher Monckton of Benchley on 11 July 2014 on Wattsupwiththat

    http: //

    Shock news from the Heartland Institute’s Ninth International Climate Change Conference: among the
    600 delegates, the consensus that Man contributes to global warming was not 97%. It was 100%.

    These were the six questions posed to the audience of “skeptics”

    – Does climate change?
    – Has the atmospheric concentration of CO2 increased since the late 1950s?
    – Is Man likely to have contributed to the measured increase in CO2 concentration since the late 1950s?
    – Other things being equal, is it likely that adding CO2 to the atmosphere will cause some global warming?
    – Is it likely that there has been some global warming since the late 1950s?
    – Is it likely that Man’s emissions of CO2 and other greenhouse gases have contributed to the measured global warming since 1950?”

    I think that all scientists (skeptics and non-skeptics alike) would answer “yes” to all the above questions.
    After all, they are trivially true. The real questions which have not been asked are: “how much has it actually
    warmed” and “how much more will it warm in response to further increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide.”
    Further, is climate sensitivity to increases in CO2 really driven by CO2 (temperature follows increases in CO2) or
    is global temperature driven by other emergent phenomena ( )
    like cloud formation or El Nino? Do cosmic rays, ocean cycles, or solar activity drive global temperatures? The answers to these questions
    are essentially unknown to climate science today. The “real ” questions are the hard ones. Rather than conflating
    the answers of the trivially true with that of the hard and branding those that disagree with this tactic as “heretics”
    we as scientists should embrace the scientific method and question all conclusions. The data, the “real world”
    data, not computer simulations should be used to confirm or falsify the AGW (Anthropogenic Global Warming) hypothesis. If the data
    falsify the hypothesis then one must throw out (or modify) that hypothesis.The global warming hypothesis is not written in stone, handed
    down as gospel to be taken literally. It must be questioned, tested, and retested.We cannot take the opinions of zealots on either side of the
    argument as truth. After all, a scientific question is never really resolved for all time. It has just not been falsified yet. Perhaps the IPCC
    (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) has exaggerated (for political and monetary reasons) the amount of warming they predict to
    occur in response to future increases in atmospheric CO2. Any warming that may occur might likely be modest and cause no net harm to the
    global environment or to human well-being. Perhaps we are all dead men walking. I guess only time will tell.


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      the Griss

      I would query 4 and 6.

      4. All things are “being equal”.. that’s what the atmosphere aims for.
      Therefore adding CO2 will not warm the atmosphere.

      6. See above.


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    You know, it takes a lot of guts to endure the constant abuse and ill-will thrown at Monckton over the last several years, by the alarmists.

    He is one thick-skinned dude. I would have crumbled by now, had I been in his shoes. This guy has backbone.


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      Eliza Doodle

      Most scientists either couldn’t or couldn’t be bothered taking it but water of a ducks back to him. Not one to follow the herd Christopher. He seems to revel in it but it must be taking a toll.
      Thoroughly nice chap of the old school. Did you see him personally walking the queues waiting to get into his first sold out Australian tour. Seeing that noone was is discomfort while


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