Guerilla marketing – Get your sticky notes!

CanDo sticky note campaign Nice. The CanDo team have printed thousands of sticky notes with a message for consumers everywhere. Australian’s can order them and pop them on items that will cost more under The Carbon Tax (ie. that’s everything except subsidized Chinese solar panels, and bird-blending windmills.*)

Take a photo of your most inspiring spots and send it in to CanDo. People are using these sticky notes in restaurants, airports, petrol pumps, at home and in the office.

This is a chance to remind Australians that the Carbon Tax will cost them, and we will never know exactly how much.

Order your sticky notes here

Help them print and send more sticky notes with a donation.

*Actually, no I can’t guarantee that these won’t increase in price too. See Environmental tax threatens green energy research in UK.

“World-class research into future sources of green energy is under threat in Britain from an environmental tax designed to boost energy efficiency and drive down carbon emissions, scientists claim.

Some facilities must find hundreds of thousands of pounds to settle green tax bills, putting jobs and research at risk.

The unexpected impact of the government’s carbon reduction commitment (CRC) scheme is so severe that scientists and research funders have lobbied ministers for an exemption to reduce the bills.”

There is nothing that becomes easier, more efficient, effective or productive when we choose to use an energy form which costs 5 – 10 times as much. “We” as a civilization simply can’t do as much if we can’t use our cheapest energy form.

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    brilliant! Thanks CanDo people.


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    Steve Schapel

    Now that is what I call a very clever idea! Keep the pressure on, Aussies!


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    Rereke Whakaaro

    A stroke of genius!

    I just have a mental picture of thousands of Greens, frothing at the mouth, tearing around like mad-things, trying to find all of these stickers. I just hope they dispose of them responsibly.


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    The quicker J&B can send Australia broke the sooner the United Nations can establish Bob and Kevins utopia – The New World Order.

    We mustn’t let sleeping dogs lie.


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    Can someone please remind me where I can send a pile of unopened propaganda leaflets which I have retrieved from the local post office junkmail bin? I have about 30 and a vague recollection that someone was going to collect them for delivery somewhere in coordination with the convoy of no confidence.

    (There was one person reading the propaganda pack as she walked away after emptying her post box, with a look of fascinated horror on her face- to get the picture, think mouse about to be eaten by snake. There will be more unopened ones tomorrow, but a lot of people are unaware and curious.

    Apparently a no-junk-mail instruction doesn’t work for political junk mail, but our civic minded postmaster doesn’t discriminate about what goes into his bin.)

    I will be ordering a heap of the stickers too. Among other things, there is a noticeboard at the local supermarket entrance door which almost everyone looks at before they go in. A notice on each item for sale would at least get everyone thinking.


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    val majkus

    Hi gnome at 5

    Here’s a copy of an e mail I’ve received from the Galileo Movement with some suggestions on what to do with the carbon tax brochure:



    Please DO NOT simply mark Gillard’s Carbon Tax propaganda brochure (arriving in your letterbox soon) “RETURN TO SENDER” or post it with a stamp to Greg Combet.

    ALP politicans will just bin them and no one will ever know!!!!

    Here’s a better idea!

    Post the brochure with postage stamps to
    Mr Jacques Laxale
    CATA (Consumers and Taxpayers’ Association)
    7 Hunt Street, Schofields NSW 2762.
    CATA is helping to organize the August Canberra rally. The brochures will be delivered back to Paliament on that day – along with a video crew.
    (I have spoken to Mr Laxale and confirmed the above details.)

    Alternatively, consider forwarding your brochure with a brief note to –
    * your nearest federal Liberal/National MP or Senator; or
    * newly elected DLP Senator John Madigan. Electorate Office:
    17 Albert Street, Ballarat Vic 3350

    There have been many suggestions over the past week to Return to Sender the CO2 pamphlet about to arrive from the government.
    However, we’d rather you send your CO2 pamphlet to us! You’re welcome to read it first if you wish; mark it with a protest message if you like and then mail it to us at

    Galileo Movement PO Box 71, Ashgrove West Qld 4060
    (please write “AXE THE TAX” on the envelope)

    My preference is the CATA proposal esp if delivery is accompanied by a video crew


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    Thanx VM- that was the reference I wanted. CATA will have them within days.


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    good luck to anyone who can understand the reasoning in this back-down. the NBN should be another focus for the Coalition, specifically Turnbull, yet it’s allowed to percolate under the radar while Turnbull continues his alarmist mischief:

    9 Aug: Australian: Mitchell Bingemann: NBN to waive ISP usage fees
    NBN Co has backed down from its contentious decision to charge internet service providers for usage of the National Broadband Network and will now waive the fee until take-up hits critical mass…


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    If research produced a truly acceptable clean energy source that worked as efficiently as coal or gas – then their taxes wouldn’t be needed. Water-powered hydrogen-powered or compressed air vehicles – Cold fusion etc; all bypassed for taxpayer- subsidised windmills and little boxes on the roof.

    New energy breakthroughs mean no reason for taxes. And we can’t have that, can we.


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    I cant stand it! The SBS doco I just want to throw a brick at the US Govt stooge from NASA! At least they had Fred Singer on but not for long.


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    Going on current events, I have a feeling that the UK government will not last long & I reckon Gillard et al are done for too.

    The carbon tax is history but alas the real problems are just beginning.


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    And as an added bonus, CanDo is an homonym for CANDU, the name for Canada’s nuclear technology (Canada deuterium uranium reactor). Nothing like nuclear power to cause a green conniption fits.


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    See the sordid history of deceit in space, nuclear [1] and climate [2] science below.

    1. “The Bilderberg Sun, Climategate & Economic Crisis”

    2. “Neutron repulsion” “Neutron repulsion”, The APEIRON Journal, preprint, in press, 19 pages (2011) :

    With kind regards,
    Oliver K. Manuel
    Former NASA Principal
    Investigator for Apollo