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Unthreaded – September

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12 comments to Unthreaded – September

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    I don’t know if gentle readers have watched this yet.

    This makes my skin crawl. Fair dinkum.


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    It’s a shocker; there are many pro-AGW videos involving children or directed at them; it would be interesting to see which is the most exploitative.


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    Rick Bradford

    If they’re more creepy and nauseous than Clive Hamilton’s ‘A Letter To Your Father’ ( )then they should carry a health warning.

    What would be a good name for an award for the Most Revolting Climate Agit-prop of the Year? The Emetic Prize? The Haggis Award?


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    King Katter


    Makes a fella proud to where a big hat it does!! to see the extra efort your doing to makes our tax profits stay!!

    When people say to me about global warmin I say of course its bloody qwarmin cause its right about midday!! ! @

    And being near the eqater that meams where even closer to the sun!! Every children can work that fore themselfs!!

    Come on bob bring it home big guy [email protected] !


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    Rick Bradford:
    September 6th, 2010 at 9:45 pm

    ” What would be a good name for an award for the Most Revolting Climate Agit-prop of the Year? The Emetic Prize? The Haggis Award? ”

    A great idea, but what for the appropriate name / title. ?
    The ScHmIdT awards, or
    The annual Hansen Alarmist Gongs, or
    The Al Gore most inflated / emotional alarmist lie, inconveniently exposed this year award.
    This years most taxing inconvenient climatology / green agenda lies awards.
    or, simply,
    “The Schneiders”…

    I’m sure other ideas / titles will occur to people.


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    Roy Hogue


    Thanks for the support email address. I see spam pop up quite a bit because I’ve kept my notification on every thread so I’ll know if someone contributes. And I have a considerable dislike for these trespassers.



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    Roy Hogue

    ” What would be a good name for an award for the Most Revolting Climate Agit-prop of the Year? The Emetic Prize? The Haggis Award? ”

    I promised myself I’d never say some of the things I’m thinking. But I’ll steal a line from someone you may recognize and offer, Pinhead Prize.


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    Andrew Barnham

    That video was amazing. A crystal clear insight into our extraordinary latent capacity for contempt and violent hatred towards one another. It also concisely demonstrates the genesis of the process of radicalization. That horrible events like Rwanda, Cambodia and child soldiers of Uganda come about has been better illustrated thanks to the efforts of Greenpeace.

    Green(peace)? Hardly.


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    Rereke Whaakaro


    I wish I had known you were doing a revamp …!

    I think it would be really useful if we could search on comment author – not just for vanity, but to see contributors thoughts over time.

    At the moment we just get little snapshots of the person, often in response to you, or others, and although pictures are fun, movies are better.

    Don’t know what others will think of this …


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    Rereke Whaakaro

    Thumbnail: #1

    This kid is a good actor – I could see him playing the Artful Dodger in Oliver Twist.

    But note; his eyes never alter their position – he looks straight ahead. He also stops talking when he blinks – even if he is part way through a sentence.

    I would say that he is probably reading a tele-prompter.

    Also, the way he moves, as soon as he is finished, without waiting for the fade-out (which would be much more threatening) suggests that he recorded this as part of an audition for something else. Speculation? Possibly. But it would not be beyond some of the more radical NGO’s to exploit a kid in this way.

    Y’know, the alarmists are going to have to hire a better class of Propagandist. This is starting to get boring.


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    Joe Veragio

    Rereke Whaakaro:
    September 7th, 2010 at 12:19 pm

    ………………I think it would be really useful if we could search on comment author – not just for vanity, but to see contributors thoughts over time.

    It sounds like the sort of feature you can get with signing in to bulletin boards, but for casual posters doesn’t it seem a little, well Big Brothery. Comments should stand on (or fall) on their own merits rather than on the psychological profile of the commenter (I exagerate of course and appreciate that your own intention was much more innocent that).


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    I agree a search on “comment author” would be neat, and there must be a way to do it through wordpress, though I don’t know what it is. It does serve the idea of growing a “community” and it also holds people to a consistency.

    At the moment, I have 33,732 comments in my “comments” folder in my Thunderbird email. If I want to see what, say, Mattb said, I put his name into the search box “sender” and see all his comments lined up consecutively.

    Eddy Aruda seems able ot pull out comments from people a long time ago, but I’m not sure how he does it. Maybe the same way.

    If you google and find me a hint, or some wordpress code, I’m interested.