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Unthreaded – September

And a small operational note: I’ve set up an email address support AT joannenova.com.au which goes direct to the fabulous helpful volunteers who moderate. If you see a comment that needs reporting, that’s the email to use. Likewise, if your comment disappears into the spam autofile,  you can email the moderators who can set it free. If you email me I may not be able to help for hours.

Please bear in mind that your email will go to several busy people who have other real jobs and commitments. Please respect that.

Otherwise, this thread is for all those topics that I haven’t written about lately, or for news.

Latest comments

The latest comments (at this moment) come from 6 different threads, one of which is from a post last December. I think it’s a great thing if people can post on-topic and revive old threads. Thanks to the latest comments page, it means that people have more chance of getting an answer or an audience on old posts.

Notes on finding “that post”

If you are not familiar with them, my INDEX, ARCHIVES and LATEST 30 COMMENTS pages are all working well. I’m quite proud of them.  🙂

If you are looking for a particular post, sometimes the monthly archives are the winner (as opposed to my complete ARCHIVES page which lists every single post just by dates and headlines). The monthly archive lists posts month by month, but unlike my complete archives page, it also gives a few lines of information about the post. (Look for those monthly archives on the far bottom left column.)

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