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Joanne has given keynote addresses and dinner speeches at national conferences and launches, for groups like CPA’s (Certified Practicing Accountants), Transplant Nurses Association, Aged Care Australia, BDS Accounting, The Australian Science Teachers Association, The Australian Science Festival, ACTEW (ACT Electricity and Water), and Amnesty International.

She’s a specialist on anti-aging, genetics and the future of medicine, as well as on the science of using humour and images to get a message across. Joanne has also performed for over 50,000 students around Australia. The science shows got rave reviews.

On Radio

For two years Joanne talked each week on 2CN in Canberra as well as other stations in country WA, Geelong, Brisbane. In the five minute prime-time spot she discussed the news and science of things like sperm, cooking, health and sleep. Joanne once filled in for the ever popular Dr Karl Kruszelnicki on ABC stations around Australia.

“I always dread any of our regulars going away… If you’re keen to come back it means we can now rest a bit easier next time Karl takes the family back of Bourke. You really excelled at a tough gig.”
Jen Oldershaw, Triple J
“Should the big fella ever fall under a bus, we’ll be knockin’ at your door….”
Craig, Jen’s producer

On Television

Joanne hosted the first series of Y?, a children’s science program. The 65 episodes of ‘Y?’ screened on Channel 9 at 4 p.m. each day from Nov 1999 to Feb 2000. In the studio Joanne did everything from popping lids off tins, to making slime with laundry cleaners, as well as research and scripting. Joanne has also been a guest on Good News Week, and worked for a while on TV1′s Space Cadets — Foxtel’s sci-fi lovers show. She has been a guest on Midday and 11AM.


Joanne Nova finished her Bachelor of Science degree with first class honours, A+ grades and both the FH Faulding, and The Swan Brewery Prizes, at the University of Western Australia. She majored in Microbiology, Molecular Biology and doing honours research into DNA markers for use in Muscular Dystrophy trials. She also has a Graduate Certificate in Science Communication from the ANU, and worked for three years as an Associate Lecturer for the Graduate Diploma in Science Communication program at the Australian National University.

If you want to get a message to Jo it’s best to email joanne “AT”

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    Would you be able to do a follow-up story on the Thompsons Story? It turns out that the judge that made the ruling in the Federal Court of WA, and dismissed our request for leave to file our case against DEC was the founder of the group EDO in Western Australia. This group campaigned against them, and has very very close ties with regulators in DEC.

    In making his ruling Justice Barker referred to a decision in the Federal Court in Spencer v. Commonwealth in which the lower court ruled that Peter had no arguable case. This is remarkable because it ignores the fact that the High Court later overturned this ruling. There are several other points in Justice Barker’s ruling in which we believe Justice Barker ignored important evidence in making his decision.

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    Hello Jo

    My names is Vanese Mc Neill.
    I am in the preliminary stages of working on a proposal for a documentary series for SBS / ABC and in my research I kept ending up on your pages. Finally I stopped to see who you were and it occurred to me that you might be my dream come true. You have done all the research, you are attractive and eloquent. You seem to be passionate about the same issues that I am.

    SO i have to at least ask….would you have the time or the inclination to investigate the possibility of playing on at least a proposal for a series, or stand alone doco?

    Would love to chat with you if there is

    Regardless…your work is amazing, and do not stop at any cost!

    With much respect


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    Hi, Joanne.

    Hope you are well. In any case, you are doing the fantastic job and I admire you.

    “val majkus” asked me to allow you to sent him my e-mail address. I do not see any problems, unless you have some suspicions or reservations. One would think he could communicate through Fog of Chaos.

    You probably do not have the time to check F/Chaos, but I would very much like to draw your attention to the following items, in English, all by Antishenes-

    Advertisement indicator / 04-10
    Travails of Bolt / 29-09
    Taxpayers of no consequence / 19-09
    Julia forever! / 09-09
    Quo usque tandem abutere Julia patientia nostra? / 31-08

    Well, we are doing all we can in our amateurish ways. Any suggestion more than welcome.

    With best wishes,

    p a u l / friday morning

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    Dear Joanne,
    as a frequent reader of your bloog and your amazing handbook I have a question:

    Can yout give me information about the financial sources Greenpeace (an other global players) are using or can you give me advice, where I can get those information from!
    It would be interesting for me if thoese people receive money from big companies or government institutions in the US, Europa, Australia/New Zealand or elsewhere.

    Best wishes Ulrich

    —-REPLY: I wish I could. I don’t think those groups give out that information. I trawled annual reports and google searched to get the numbers I got. I noticed for example that the Sierra Club had $1m donors who remained anonymous. I also noticed that Greenpeace were giving out less and less info in recent reports. Good luck. Let me know what you find.

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    Hi Joanne
    For the last 20y, Warmist are wining with lies; Skeptics are constantly using most of the Warmist’ data as factual – then ridiculing the Warmist… Leading Warmist should be in jail, for the damages they have done so-far; instead, most of the Skeptics are dignifying them. (half of the visitors to your website are ‘’pretend Skeptics’’ – imbedded by the Warmist camp. Would you be prepared to have two articles, with real Skeptic’s proofs?

    If you want to use the text on my homepage, and the article on methane. Every text on my website is related to the others, but the methane text I am suggesting for few reasons: 1] I believe, you have background in medicine. 2] on your website occasionally methane is misrepresented. 3] in New Zealand they already passed the legislation on methane tax. If my text is on your, well read website – methane tax will be dropped in NZ like hot potato. 4] Because is promoted as 21 times more potent greenhouse gas, by misleading = Julia will never sell one dollar ‘’carbon credit’’ 5] before published my book, I have coined the ‘’permission to fart tax’’ now just got in my email that Moreno in the states is talking about it – here in Australia + NZ, discussion is avoided… 6] lots of millions are squandered in research; to badmouth methane. the real truth is completely opposite.

    My proofs are real, that nobody can disprove, it’s ALL proven now. When is proven that the truth is completely opposite – then the Skeptics will be on the front foot. Eminent Warmist that are not benefiting yet from the misleading, will instantly jump ship = that will make the debate much more interesting. People will start talking about bringing the leading Warmist to court of justice, not just looking how to ridicule them. Nobody can find any mistake in what I have – they resort in pointing that English is not my first language. You polish the text in perfect English = the pretend Skeptics will have to face the proofs I have. Please Joanne, you own it to the nation: homepage, then page on methane; please, please Joanne. If you read it, you will see the importance and urgency.

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    Simon Greener

    Just recommended that you be invited to appear on The Bolt Report.
    I reckon you wold make a great panellist on AGW.

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    Hello Jo,

    I’m not sure if this is the best place to get a message to you but I have just come across something that I think needs some follow up and I couldn’t think of any other way of drawing attention to it.

    Over the weekend there was a story on the Cartaret Islands on the SBS Thalassa programme. The item was the usual discussion of how the west needs to save the islanders from the evils of global warming etc. This show wasn’t the thing that disturbed me, that came later when I was amusing myself and doing a little research on the islands and ended up at Wikipedia. I was most disturbed to read the Cartaret Island entry, it appears to have been completely, and somewhat crudely rewritten to virtually eliminate any discussion of the islands sinking and attempting to attribute all the problems to rising sea levels alone. I’m fairly certain there used to be a reasonable article in Wikipedia before. The current article has some very poor statements with no attribution at all.
    It really needs someone with the appropriate skills to edit it. Although I am a geologist this is out of my field of expertise.



    Grahame: Best to pick an active thread so your comment email will go out to many… Look for William Connolly in the edits of the page. Jo

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    Hi Grahame

    Good find.

    Unfortunately it’s not only wikiP it’s the whole nett.

    I have trawled the nett as an experiment and assessed the material found and tried to imagine how the man in the street would view reliability.

    I became very depressed.

    It is so convincing.

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    Jim Arnold

    worth a look (if not more)?:

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    Hi Jo, saw you on TV last night.
    I don’t care to much about the climate debate, it is not the subject that concerns me, but that which underlies the argument that has prompt me to write this email.

    I have always been part of the “Silent Majority”.
    I now feel it is about time to speak up, because I believe we are coming to an impasse.

    Mass Hysteria & Social Upheaval.

    There was a book published around 80 years ago, a best seller in its country of origin, it adorned the coffee table of every “en-lighted progressive thinker” of the time. If you removed its name, the author and a small amount of its content, the “en-lighted progressive thinkers”, the “Social revolutionists”, the “Environmental activists”, the “World government proponents”, the “Liberal Media” or any other group that wants to control other people for what ever reason they decide, they would say “yes this is what we are saying”. Because what these very people are saying today, is the manifestation of the very idealogical premise of this book. It was taken in and believed by the country of its birth on mass. It was taken on and advocated by the intellectuals (Philosophically, anti-intellectuals) of the western world of the time.

    A few drowned out voices of the time, saw the book for what it was worth, but it was too little, too late. The books ideology had infested the masses. It had done its job. It had intellectually lobotomized the free thinking individuals and turned them on to themselves. And the few brave ones who spoke out against this ideal where either ostracize, jailed or killed.

    The author, when he was in a position to manifest this ideology into reality, was responsible for some of the greatest and most hideous evil crimes against humanity in modern history and the death of over 350 millions humans. The base premise of this book (doctrine) was for the individual to sacrifice there views, ideas, values, lifestyle, life for the greater good (what ever the group decided that may be), and the individuals that disagreed with such a sacrifice where actually labeled the evil ones. How elegantly expert this person was at turning the table, he was a master with the masses. Not unlike some we have around today.

    You may well have worked it out by now, the book is Mein Kampf (My Struggle), the author was Hitler.

    Time life magazines 1938 Man of the Year. He mesmerized and conned an intelligent nation. When all along his evil doctrine was there in black and white.
    The subjects have changed today, but it underlying philosophical overtones are the same. These are the deep down true motivator of humans. This is why there is such a polarization of opinions on many subjects these days. They are not arguing the subject, they are arguing for a deeper philosophical stand point that they are not even aware of. Any wonder that there is more time spent arguing than finding solutions, if in fact a solution is required. And this underlying philosophical polarization; Control Vs Freedom.

    Control Mentality- Humans are evil and immoral and (ironically) need to be controlled by another small group of people who for some deluded reason think they are their moral superiors. See Fascism, Communism, Socialism, Dictatorships, radical groups & movements, and to a fair extent most governments in power today. Self sacrifice is there war cry, Altruism there banner, and anti-intellectualism there sword.

    Freedom Mentality- Humans are basically good (moral) and left to there own devices will do what is right for themselves and their fellow human beings. Free systems work best when they are not manipulated by people in a position to do so, such as in governments controlling economies.
    There is a caveat here: Freedom is not the freedom to usurp another’s freedoms, as is done in the Control Mentality, which is part of its very nature.

    80 years has past since Mein Kampf was the mass doctrine of the times, almost a human life time, four generations have been born and grown to there various stages. Only the diminishing remains of one of those generations has direct experience of the hell created by a philosophical ideology that has proven itself as pure evil.

    Is it intellectual naivety or anti-intellectual malevolence that leads to this situation? I think it is ignorance rather than evil that entice people into this viewpoint, but there are some who know exactly what there doing.

    We are at a crisis point. You worried about global warming? Its effects are nothing to what is just around the corner. Worried about the future of your children? Well take the blindfold off and stand up against this evil that dominated the world 80 years ago and is again raising its ugly head. The world right now needs people to think for themselves. Because once this philosophical ideology of anti-intellectualism gains its momentum, it is a force beyond control, and the human race will be plunged into a hell previously unseen in modern history. With this ideal & our present technology, around 2017 could be a very ugly place on planet earth.

    Don’t believe me, a bit over the top? This did happen. I am asking people to test for themselves, use that gray matter that you have been blessed with. Read Mein Kampf, listen to the the mainstream voices of today, use your own brain, and prepared to be shocked.
    Regards Jon

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    The 43rd Parliament of Australia disempowered the democracy of the Australian Electorate until the next Election not due until 30 November 2013. Prior to the 2010 Election 96% of the present members of the House of Representatives either promised, pledged or said ‘no carbon tax’. When the PM tabled the bills for a Carbon Tax the Opposition should have walked out of the Parliament because the Parliament has no authority from the Electorate for a Carbon Tax. The Members and Senators of the Parliament of Australia are the servants of the Electorate, elected to legislate the MANDATES of the electorate. NO MANDATE from the Electorate NO LEGISLATION by the Parliament. The PM and her Minority Government, Greens and Independents disempowered the Democracy of the Electorate with the passing of legislation for a carbon tax. The Opposition became complicit in this disempowerment by continuing to sit in the Parliament.
    The Australian Constitution Section 59 gives The Queen the power to disallow the legislation for a carbon tax. The people’s call on The Queen to use her Section 59 power at is the only means of returning democracy to the 43rd Parliament of Australia. Think of the damage being done by this Minority Government, Greens and Independents to the Democracy (now disempowered), Society (loss of freedom of speech, same sex marriage) and Economy (the carbon tax and other taxation). The Queens use of this power will give notice to this and future Parliaments to only legislate the mandates of the Electorate. Please see the Aussies versus Brits DEMOCRACY OLYMPICS (see the Video on the carbontaxaustralia channel on YouTube.) C’mon Aussies call on The Queen to give us back our Democracy.
    Yours sincerely
    Derek Smith

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    Brain damage to save the planet, mercury in light globes.

    Why are we filling our homes with mercury light globes? Every single Compact Fluorescent Light Globe contains 5mg of elemental mercury. 5mg loose in your home makes your home a toxic waste dump.

    The ABC has been running a scare on lead over the last few days, well mercury is many times worse than lead.

    This is an insanity and is the single largest public policy failure in our lifetimes. Where is the outrage?

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    Always love your work! Did you see this one about Big Money and faux global warming? In Obama’s prison nation (the US has more prisoners, total and as a percentage than any other country in the world), as points out, ““The Obama administration is using prison labor to advance its green energy agenda, enriching foreign companies and some of the president’s largest campaign donors in the process. Federal Prison Industries, most commonly known by the trade name UNICOR, is a wholly owned subsidiary of the U.S. Department of Justice. Established by Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1934, UNICOR was intended as a voluntary work-training program for federal inmates. It has recently gone into business supplying federal agencies with green energy technology such as solar panels. Hundreds of federal inmates earn between $0.23 and $1.15 per hour manufacturing solar panels at UNICOR facilities in New York and Oregon. The panels are then sold to a variety of government agencies, which are obligated by law to purchase them…..”

    And you thought China was bad!

    Rgds, Jim

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    Lindsay Brown

    Have been eagerly awaiting Murry Salby’s paper, which was said (at The Sydney Institute August 2011 meeting) to be out in six months. Do you know anything about this?

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    A popular putdown of negative reports is “they aren’t climatologists”, as though that settled it.
    While not going as far a Rutherford’s ‘all science is physics, everything else is stamp collecting.” it would be a good idea to turn the heat up on the ‘not climatologist’s’ claim.
    The root of the AGW is the ‘greenhouse’ theory, and the ‘forcing’ theory.
    All climate models are based on accepting this.
    Both theories have little or no physics in support.
    If the theories are contradicted by physics, that is the end of it. Climatologists will admit this.

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    Jo- I really hope this gets to you (seems to be a common theme here) I wanted to thank you for your “Skeptics Handbook” when I started my film project it was a hugely valuable resource for information, I hope you aprove of my project and get a chance to check out the results:

    Producers “The Boy Who Cried Warming”

    The producers of “The Boy Who Cried Warming” would like to personally invite you to check out the newest documentary on Global Warming at We are pleased to currently have over 10,000 views due solely to a grassroots campaign of bloggers and other climate skeptic concerned citizens spreading the word about the film! We invite you to join our campaign and check out the site and please feel free to post a review of the film and tell us what you think. The film is released in its entirety for free, though donations are accepted and will be used to promote the film, it is our desire to reach as large an audience as possible and spread the message that the science is not settled. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns, and as always…

    Enjoy the show!

    Jesse Jones
    Pete Garcia II

    Producers “The Boy Who Cried Warming”

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    Hi Jo (if I may call you that)

    Can I ask you to catch this broadcast. When people accuse us of being in the pay of big oil, here’s some info that you might want to investigate.

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    Hi Jo (again), I don’t know if you read these comments but I thought I’d advise you of this.

    MichaelJRoberts FRAS

    12 minutes ago

    Just to correct grumpydenier publicly, he claimed that the 0.2 degree warming per decade has not occurred. From 1980 to 2010, the global anomalous temperature has gone from -0.24 to 0.21. That’s pretty much 0.2 per decade, if you hadn’t noticed. ;) []

    The lack of facts make your arguments laughable, I feel sorry for all of you in a way. Why can’t any of you present evidence that is from reputable sources? (i.e. not Watts, not Jo Nova and not any other politically funded blogsite)

    Can you please read around the debate, other than these scientifically illiterate Heartland institute funded sites.

    (Edited by author 10 minutes ago)

    He has been ask to provide evidence or risk being accused of libel. Any thoughts? I contacted Piers Corbin a couple of days ago after another troll tried similar tactics.

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    Hi Jo,

    Do scan your Website from time to time. You expose scams well BUT as a geological scientist I believe that mankind cannot keep polluting in all forms (Poisons, aerosols, waste water, carbon dioxide etc. etc.). What we have to do intelligently is solve problems as they arise (but it seems CFC’s being replaced with something even more dangerous). In the case of carbon dioxide we as a society do not really understand the impact but we cannot continue to burn the three biggest carbon sinks in the world , the Carboniferous, Permian and Tertiary coal measures. But intermittent, unreliable and expensive solar and wind is not the way to go. Natural Gas is at least 50% of coal and often that does not include the CO2 originally found with the gas. Mankind may well invent a new base-load alternative to coal but it’s out there and at least 50 years away from helping. We have to go Nuclear and fast. The Westinghouse AP1000 Nuclear Plant can be in modular form with passive safety system. I believe enough talk has been done that I am prepared to put my money where my mouth is and stand in the next Federal Election. Your support would be welcomed.


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    Dear Jo

    Are you aware of the site Global Warming Petition Project at

    Where 31,487 American scientists have signed this petition, including 9,029 with PhDs standing against Global Warming.

    Cheers Steven Camilleri

    (It has been posted here in this blog a number of times,and hotly attacked by warmists who comment here) CTS

    [Thanks Steven, it is indeed an excellent survey. Done by volunteers and done twice. The supporters of AGW found reasons to mock the first one, they found a few fake names. But no one really has any criticism of the second version. Art Robinson did an amazing job to produce it. - Jo]

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    Dear Mr. Pollution,

    Global Warming is caused by people like you! Everyday living is destructive to the Environment. One of the most important ways people can help save the environment is to STOP HAVING BABIES. Another very important thing you can do is to euthanize your pet. Our company sells Carbon Credits which are the only hope of saving the planet.

    For the sake of the planet, we need to act before it’s too late.

    Please visit our company’s website for more information.

    Daphne Tremayne
    Vice President, Public Relations

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    This website is confusing and propaganda to say the least. You could at least provide a balanced, scientific discussion on the issues you raise rather than your adopted, ‘this is how it is’ approach.

    Also why are you posting so much about Climate Change and politics? Don’t you specialize in genetics? Can you please show me some papers you publish in regards to climate science or politics? If not then your science expertise counts for nothing in these fields. Sounds like your on the same side as climate change deniers, perhaps they fund your research….oh anti-ageing, yeah sounds about right.

    Another so called humanitarian who overlooks and doesn’t understand our dependence on the natural systems of Earth….symptomatic of arrogant human behavior. You post a picture of a rock pool so that means you must like nature right? That might be your ‘nice spot’ but many other peoples ‘nice spots’ are disappearing all around the world.
    [Do you want to discuss propaganda? Or do you want to discuss empirical science - science based on measurement, experiment, and observation - rather than opinion based on man-made computer models? We have a couple of people here who have worked in the field of Government propaganda, and we have lots of real scientists and real engineers. We also have a few reformed modellers. Where would you like to start?] -Fly

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      You could at least provide a balanced, scientific discussion on the issues you raise rather than your adopted, ‘this is how it is’ approach.

      John, I do — on speculative scientific papers see eg here. But after 1200 articles here, we have covered some ground to death, and after their findings are replicated and coherent (or egregiously, obviously bad), it would be artificial, even dishonest to not tell it like it is.

      You are welcome (like thousands of others) to post evidence that disagrees with anything I write.

      As for “genetics training” — the news is that science is science — the principles, the practice, laws of logic and reason and statistical analysis are the same — no matter the field.

      Please show me where you have demanded Al Gore post papers on politics and climate?

      If you think that people who question the feedbacks in climate models are not allowed to “like” the environment you are in a very strange place indeed. I put it to you, that some people wear their fake concern as a meaningless badge to prove their social “virtue”. Are you one? If you are truly concerned about the environment and the poor, you would be concerned about the evidence for assumptions about upper tropospheric water vapor in climate models. You would be concerned the “best” scientists talk about using tricks to hide declines. You would be aghast, that the same scientists will not reveal their data.

      As far as I can tell, only skeptical souls care enough about the environment to question their own assumptions and demand the best evidence.

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    Doug Scott

    Jo, what’s with this story in today’s West Australian (250214)?

    Allegedly we will have to take a ferry instead of driving down the freeway due to the “rising sea levels”

    I guess stupidity is not just confined to politicians.

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    Today I released the 7th edition of A Chronological Listing of Early Weather Events. It is available at

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    Hi Jo,
    You might be interested in my modest contribution to the debate.

    Has The UK Had Exceptional Winter Rainfall Or Is It Just Weather As Normal?
    By oldgifford on March 13, 2014 |

    The BBC Horizon programme on ‘Global Weirding’
    Horizon say: “Something weird seems to be happening to our weather – it appears to be getting more extreme.

    The BBC reports:
    Dame Julia Slingo, Met Office Chief Scientist, said the variable UK climate meant there was “no definitive answer” to what caused the storms. “But all the evidence suggests there is a link to climate change,” she added. “There is no evidence to counter the basic premise that a warmer world will lead to more intense daily and hourly rain events.”

    “We have records going back to 1766 and we have nothing like this,” she said. “We have seen some exceptional weather. We can’t say it is unprecedented but it is exceptional.”

    So what constitutes exceptional weather?

    Paul Homewood has analysed the figures extensively and those suggest that for the UK, the weather is doing pretty much what it has always done. His blog is available at

    As a manufacturing engineer I was introduced to the wonderful world of control charts so I have constructed these to see if our current winter UK rainfall was exceptional.

    The ASQ (American Society for Quality) suggests these criteria for an out of control process:

    A single point outside the control limits.
    Two out of three successive points are on the same side of the centreline and farther than 2s
    Four out of five successive points are on the same side of the centreline and farther than 1s
    A run of eight in a row are on the same side of the centreline.
    Obvious consistent or persistent patterns that suggest something unusual about your data and your process.

    When we look at the graphs below we see that in 2014 we have one point outside the Upper Control Limit, but looking at the previous years we see that the system was very much in control, the rainfall figures bouncing around the average, so is the Met Office basing its comments on a single data point? The figures also suggest that the period 1909 to 1930 was one of the most consistently wettest periods.

    [Snipped inadvertent duplication. - Mod]

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