Tesla gigafactory attacked in Germany, not by fans of petrol, but left wing Eco extremists

This is what the terrorists have caused.#GigaBerlinBrandenburg#StandbyTesla pic.twitter.com/SzI2UcW21r

— Gigafactory Berlin News (@Gf4Tesla) March 5, 2024

By Jo Nova

The Vulkangruppe (Volcano Group) activists have claimed responsibility for sabotaging a pylon that supplied power to the Tesla Gigafactory in Germany. The factory that makes half a million EVs a year had to close Tuesday and send 12,000 workers home. About 2,000 local homes also lost power.

Electricity may not be restored until March 17th and Pierre Goslin at NoTricksZone reports the bill is now estimated to be “over half a billion euro”.

Apparently the radical-conservationists thought setting fire to a pile of tyres at the base of a high voltage tower was a way to free the forest and the workers from a capitalist tyranny.

Tesla sabotage in Germany

Shortly after, an organization known as the Volcano Group (Vulkangruppe) claimed responsibility for the fire online. “We sabotaged Tesla today,” the far-left environmental group stated in an open letter that also accused Tesla CEO Elon Musk of being a “techno-fascist.”

The letter went on to criticize Tesla’s implications in driving predatory capitalism, worker exploitation, environmental degradation and modern surveillance technology, which is why. […]