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It’s a bad moment in Civilization but it’s a great day in parody and satire

I wish we all could leave California now

The Wikipedia page “California Exodus“shows that  in the last decade there has been a net loss of 1.2 million people domestically. That’s from a state with about 39m people.

In related news — the latest tweet of the LAPD

Best wishes to our friends in California.

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    U-Haul moving truck rental from Los Angeles California to Dallas Texas, one way, is USD 5,700.
    Rental from Dallas Texas to Los Angeles is USD 1,600. That says a lot, there.


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    America…the land of the free.
    The dumbocrats and the lamestream media have largely ignore and/or condoned looting and riots..ahem, sorry… “peaceful demonstrations.”
    Until somebody in power is affected badly by these events nothing will change.
    They don’t live in the real world. We know it, they know it.
    As for the cops? You have to wonder why they would even bother attempting to arrest anyone from the store looting video. The looters would be released on bail immediately and suffer 7/8ths of bugger-all consequences.
    You have to wonder whether store owners will resort to shooting in order to protect their businesses.
    Unfortunately the DA Gascon would not look favourably at that.


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    WE must fear that that is what it will come to. And soon!


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    Until the [snip] inner city community takes control of their feral culture the WORD will persist. It isn’t poverty, many others suffer in poverty but do not act like animals. It isn’t race as [people] outside the democrat cities act civilized. It is a culture of anger and entitlement stoked by their democrat and brother and sister “community organizers”.

    In 1963 Malcolm X said the worst enemy of the black man is the white liberal

    [Chechlist – email sent to you. – Jo]


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    This is only the start. And the people leaving California know that this is only the start.

    The next thing will be the ‘Big One’ with California ending up in the Pacific Ocean.

    In the meantime, this US Commie State is in big trouble and it serves them right.

    With all migration, people Vote with their feet.

    Bye bye, American Pie ………………………


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    John Hultquist

    The Late Great Golden State
    by the original writer


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    Gerry, England

    The worry is that the incoming Californians will pollute other states with their wokery as well as corruption and election rigging.


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    The Ukraine girls really knock me out ….