Australian mass rallies where rich and poor unite: 30% were high income

Far from being the wild fringe, this was middle Australia speaking.

JP Morgan and Ubermedia traced the phones of people at the enormous rally in Melbourne on November 20 and discovered that they came from everywhere and every class.

Half the people at the rally were the richest, most educated or the average homeowner and the other half were the strugglers, the truckies and cleaners, but also the the young professionals and libertarians, and fitness junkies.

All sides of the political spectrum were in the streets. Something that ought to shake any  politician in an election year.

Melbourne Protestors Not Extremists, Fringe Elements: Survey

Daniel Y. Teng, The Epoch Times

Tens of thousands of protestors who took to the streets of Melbourne in some of the largest protests so far against government-mandated COVID-19 health regulations hailed from a broad cross-section of society—including the wealthiest segment of the state—and were not extremist or fringe elements portrayed by some media outlets.

The heat map shows the origin of the protestors

Some people drove from miles away:

JP Morgan polls of Melbourne Rally Protest

People came from all over Victoria. (Roy Morgan and UberMedia, data was anonymised).

As many as 30% were from the highest income and most educated brackets (earning $133,000pa). These include the “Blue Chip” the progressives, humanitarians and career achievers and entrepeneurs.

Another 23% were what is called Home & Hearth, “closest to the average Australian”. 15% were the young professionals, and another 15% were lower socioeconomic groups the “Fair Go” crowd. The black lines represent the proportion these groups normally have in the population.

This is a microcosm of the whole nation. Victoria may have had the largest protests, but the crowds in other capitals were the same kinds of people.  The most over-represented groups were the “average” homeowners and the struggling low socioeconomic groups. But the richest most educated group was nearly a third of the crowd, exactly in proportion to it’s population.

Melbourne Protesters, socioeconomic groups.

UPDATE: And yes, they can do that? Track people and personality-type them. Time to buy a Faraday Cage or ditch the phone.

The Herald Sun still tried to tag on a fringe allegation:

Suburbs where ‘freedom’ protesters are from; probe into far-right influence

The headline melded the protest origins story with news of how “The state government will support the Victorian Greens’ bid to launch a parliamentary inquiry into the rise of far-right extremism. “

See how it’s done?

Helix Personas:

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40 comments to Australian mass rallies where rich and poor unite: 30% were high income

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    You would think that this would be the end of Andrews and the Labor government in Victoria. Why do I get the feeling that millions of previously disenfranchised voters will get him over the line?


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    Well, the phone tracking and the heat map are a bit spooky.
    “traced the phones of people at the enormous rally”
    Unfortunately, this will not inform the government that its’ policies have broad disapproval.
    It will inform the government about dissenters that may have dealt with.


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      I would suggest leaving the phone at home next time.
      (Presuming a next time.)
      At least having to compile the list from facial recognition might slow them down a little.


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        Greg in NZ

        Note to editor: JP Morgan is the bankster outfit, Roy Morgan is the pollster (unless they’re related?). Also, “proportion to its population” requires no apostrophe (no missing letter and no possessive) – thought I’d beat Serp to it first 🙂

        Apartheid Aotearoa – or Two-state New Zealand – commences today: Thou shalt not pass if ye have not The Pass©… yet vee shall spy on your phone anyvays! Funny – the previous government would accuse ‘lefty’ protesters of being merely ‘rent-a-crowd’ rabble; now the ‘lefties’ are in, they’re calling anyone who disagrees with their draconian measures ‘far-right f@sc!st Trumpian rent-a-crowd rabble’.

        The more it changes, the more it stays the same.


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      JOhn spooky indeed … need a Faraday bag for the phone.
      Big brother is watching and watching everything … not just ur phone.


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      Rupert Ashford

      First thing that went through my mind as well. Need to get a dumb phone…


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        Maybe leave the SIM card at home, but take the phone for the value of the images.

        Protesters need a phalanx of big guys at the front who lead the push, with people behind them filming everything they can. There’s one thing the State hates, its exposure of its crimes.


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      Brenda Spence

      Exactly my thoughts! If they can do this already, what will they use this for in the future? To identify dissidents a la commhnist china?


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        Brenda Spence

        Found this on the American Thinker this morning. They are already doing a lot more than tracking movement. It applies to the US but no doubt it can and will happen here. Big Brother is watching.

        The federal government spies on every email, text, and call you make.  It uses your phone’s location services to pinpoint where you are at all times.  It knows which I.P. addresses are associated with online comments that have been deemed “politically incorrect.”  Its partnerships with Amazon and Walmart let it know what you’re reading and buying.  Its partnerships with Google and Facebook let it know what you’re thinking.  Its partnerships with Twitter and Hollywood allow it to censor unapproved messages before too many brains have the opportunity to consider new thoughts.  Its alliance with credit card companies allows it to track all your financial transactions and thereby understand your habits, preferences, choices, and addictions.  Its alliance with cellular companies allows it to monitor all your movements, contacts, and associations.  And all of these consumer comforts that are used by the “national security” surveillance state to watch everyone in real time constantly measure every American’s potential for subversiveness, even when that American is engaged in the most mundane things during the course of an ordinary day.  


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      Not a bit spooky, a real lot spooky including that those blurry splotches look like debris from say missile explosions?


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    Pretty much what I saw at the Hyde Park in Sydney. From all walks of life. All peaceful, friendly and very very committed. No shouting, no outbursts. Actually it was very moving. I became a bit teary when they played “when you walk through the storm hold your head up high……”


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    JP Morgan are into banking and tracking people’s income and spending.

    Roy Morgan are the ones into tracking phones and political protests.

    Different Morgan, but easy mistake to make.


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    The issue is there are still a lot of people who are clueless, ignorant and/or on the side of our evil egomaniac leaders. The next elections will demonstrate whether there are enough of such voters to keep them in power or not. I’m hoping enough people have woken up by then to prevent them from remaining in power, and give more power to the more down to earth minor parties, such UAP and ON, rather than the mainstream parties that have lost their receptive ways, which by the way were mostly reasonable and acceptable in the long distant past but now both have morphed into something far more sinister. Those who keep voting for the two mainstream really need to wake up as they are allowing this nation to self-destruct. The people still have the power to make the necessary change. They just need to wake up.


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      Steve of Cornubia

      My antennae tell me that we vaccine sceptics and anti-lockdown protesters are, though of a considerable number, ‘on our own’ as far as the majority (vaccinated) are concerned, and we deserve to be punished. A large proportion of the vaccinated belong to the Big Government Left and so instinctively dislike and oppose us, plus another big chunk, having been coerced into having the vaccine themselves, now resent those who didn’t give in.

      The combined size of these cohorts is probably sufficient to get our dictators over the line in future elections. Our best hope, I think, is that none of the major parties secure a majority and parties like Hanson’s, UAP and the Lib Dems secure enough power to rein them in. That is, of course assuming that, as we have seen before, the newly-elected reps from these smaller parties don’t reveal themselves as turncoats once in power, as has happened before.


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        Yes I understand the risk of voting for the minor parties what else can we do in a peaceful manner? If we keep giving the major parties full power then we have only ourselves to blame, not the politicians. “Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me”, fool me more than twice a curse on all of us.


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          Voting for Manly Ward, Northern Beaches Council tomorrow 4 Dec 21

          Manly Residents were screwed by Liberals (Mike Baird local member) on Council Mergers

          Manly Residents Rates up by 26% this year because in theory we were paying less than Pittwater and Warringah Residents, and now unable to park on Many Beachfront – before Standardised Parking Stickers came into use, 85% of parking stickers along Manly Beachfront were Warringah and Pittwater Parking Stickers.

          Given Council Rates are based on NSW Govt UCV (Unimproved Capital Value of Land), no one has been able to explain to me as to how
          Manly Residents were paying less than Warringah and Pittwater Residents & where the 26% rise came from.

          So Voting Group A-1, B-2, C-3 then Group E Labor -4, Group F Greens -5 and Group A Liberals -6 – LAST


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        I’m not so sure the majority of the vaccinated want to punish the non vaccinated. Many are very cranky at being forced to get vaccinated to keep their jobs and be able to support loved ones. There are of course some that do, but my feeling is that they are the minority.

        It is worth remembering that at the start the governments came after farmers and land clearing, and no one cared(it didnt affect me) Then they came after …. , and no one cared (it didnt affect me) now they are coming after the unvaccinated and anyone that questions the secret health orders, and some didnt care (it didnt affect me) So when they come after you and no one cares. How does it feel. Karma

        All Australians need to think before they vote. Always remembering that actions are what counts not words. On that basis it has only been Craig Kelly Senators Canavan Mcmahon Rennick Antic and 1 other senator and the two One Nation senators Hanson and Roberts that have been fighting for Freedom and some balance. The rest have been missing in action or worse still fighting against freedom.

        It is also worth remembering that Pauline Hanson was jailed falsely for her political views, so she more than anyone knows how this rubbish can come after you. She will not jump ship on this, no matter what the bribe.

        Words are cheap Actions matter


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        Steve R

        Hi S of C. The majority of vaccinated people including myself were coerced, forced, manipulated into taking the jab under penalty of losing our jobs. I work in the health industry and the Non-madatory vaccinations are definately mandatory or lose all you have worked for in your life. Nurses asking people why they had the jab found an almost overwhelming majority said they were coerced for this reason. Hardly any admitted they wanted it because they were afraid of covid.

        The polls that suggest Dan is loved in Victoria are probably fixed with leading questions to make it seem that way, we will see. I for one will not be visiting Victoria if he is still in power (or WA probably).


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          Steve of Cornubia

          I do hope you’re right. I just don’t get that feeling based on what I’m seeing and hearing. Like just about everything these days, Covid and vaccination has been heavily politicised and we unvaccinated types, rightly or wrongly, have been deemed to be largely conservative/right wing. As such, and given that Australia’s putative conservative party (Liberals) is actually centre-left and spineless, the vaccine mandates and penalties are seen as mostly punishing the Left’s opponents, therefore OK.


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      Absolutely, I couldnt have said it better myself

      There is a good video on michael smith news That young lady restores my faith in the younger generation. It is well worth a listen

      That said I am ready and waiting with my vote and time to help centre right minor parties at the next election/s. My only wish is that they would try and do a deal to support each other as well.


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      Destroyer D69

      In all fairness to those who have been “vaccinated”.In the beginning, they felt that they were doing the”Right”thing.It is very hard for them to admit that they now see that they have been conned,It reflects on the Asian concept of “Losing Face”The greater embarrassment in admitting the mistake.the more robust the reaction opposing any evidence of the deception they fell into.


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        there are those that like being in a nanny state and will not look at anything that they dont believe because of the irrational fear of a virus that 99.7% will survive and l think its more than 80% will not know they have

        one thing the “l stand with Dans” have said to me is, what would be done differently if the other side were in power?
        my response is not taken well when l say “if the Libs were in the contract tracing would have been done the same as NSW so the state would not have had over eight hundred dead in aged care facilities, in fact the contract tracing is still done partly on paper so the contact tracing is still not up to par

        what l have seen is that its not till the draconian rules/laws affect you that you open your eyes,
        the reason the governments pick and choose who they push to see how far they can
        propaganda is rife


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    Steve of Cornubia

    So even a research/polling company has access to my movements? Not just that my phone was there, but that it was MY phone? AND they know my income? All this without even contacting me?

    THIS is my takeaway from the story.


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      Yes, it’s interesting that a story about the demographics of anti-totalitarians who attend public rallies has touched a nerve about how well-tracked and accurately identified those freedom fighters are.
      And you can see how a deep distrust of politicians from all the major parties is also featuring strongly among contributors here.

      For some years now, I’ve seen the ALP/Greens as totalitarianism in the fast lane and the Lib/Nats as totalitarianism in the slow lane.
      You can switch lanes whenever you like but you can’t change the destination.

      And things have gone too far in my opinion. Standard democratic means of steering the nation no longer work. I think we ALL need to demonstrate – peacefully but powerfully – in order to show the Deep State we’re not asleep any longer.
      Unless we stop talking and start doing, the loss of our liberty is guaranteed … and much sooner than you might imagine too.

      I first heard the following axiom many years ago and I think it’s becoming more and more relevant with every passing day:
      “When the government fears the people, there is freedom.
      When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.”
      Time to stand up before it’s too late.
      Don’t just talk about the rallies; be there!


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    I hope this isn’t true. Fines and prison for those Aussies who won’t get vaccinated?


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      Austria Tony … bad news but happening to our European brothers and sisters, not here yet.

      The clue might have been that the fines being threatened are in Euros and when they mention Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg … you notice that Australia does not have a Chancellor.

      By they way, go search some photos of Chancellor Schallenberg and tell me does he have crazy eyes or what?


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    Forrest Gardener

    I think they have gone beyond reasonable inference but much more concerning to me is the apparent ability of a private organization to track mobile phone movement of private citizens.

    Once upon a time I would have expected the civil liberties organizations to be all over this.


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      The pandemic has smashed down fences and the civil libertarians are caught between a rock and hard place.


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    But not everyone was there protesting against Dictator Dan and his fascist legislation.

    “As many as 30% were from the highest income and most educated brackets (earning $133,000pa). These include the “Blue Chip” the progressives, humanitarians and career achievers and entrepeneurs.”

    Most of these would have been Green voting, anti-vaxer chardonnay socialists who agree with Andrews in principle and were there protesting against Scott Morrison and “his” mandatory vaccine.


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      neil: ‘… protesting against Scott Morrison and “his” mandatory vaccine.’

      Hmmm. I know it’s convenient to use the quick and easy term, ‘vaccine’, but it’s neither accurate nor appropriate.
      As I’ve said before, these COVID injections are not vaccines in any traditional sense. Most importantly, they do not confer immunity and do not prevent transmission. In other words, they’re ‘not fit for purpose’ as vaccines and are thus effectively useless as such.

      Other inconvenient facts:-
      1.) They’re causing hundreds of thousands of deaths and injuries. (Government data, not my opinion.)
      2.) These burgeoning casualties are being kept deliberately quiet. (See if you can find any reports on MSM.)
      3.) Rather than following the standard, time-honoured, medical procedure and withdrawing them from public use, which is what should happen, governments are determined to forcibly administer these injections, under threat of serious repercussions if we resist. (Contrary to the Nuremberg Code of 1947.)

      Anyone who looks at this situation, and fails to see a problem with it, probably shouldn’t be allowed to cross the road on their own.
      [P.S. This comment is definitely NOT directed at you in particular, Neil. I mean no disrespect to you personally. It’s just a general complaint about the misleading use of the word ‘vaccine’ in these circumstances. That’s all.]


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    John R Walker

    That apparently disparate cohorts are out on the streets protesting about ‘vaccine’ mandates, and all the discrimination and other collateral damage which can arise from them, may not be as strange as it may at first appear. There has always been a synergy between rich and poor, highly educated and lower achievers, for whatever reason which is frequently not related to their innate intelligence but to the limitations of formal education. Call it ‘white collar’ and ‘blue collar’ for simplicity but it is about the people who actually get things done. One way or another they have to co-operate and work together. They have more in common than they have with the ruling elites whether those elites are elected or not.

    Imposing their will on the people under duress may turn out to be counter-productive. It may actually bring the apparently disparate cohorts together to challenge the ruling elites and their top-down diktats and stifling bureaucracy so we can keep on making things happen…

    This explains it fairly well in 4 minutes…


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    Tracking phones of people ? That’s the most alarming thing. Your privacy does not exist anymore. Plan on doing a crime ? Leave your phone at home.