Worldwide Rally for Freedom 5.0 — Protest this Saturday

Freedom to choose our own medical treatments with our doctors without corcercion

Freedom for doctors to prescribe the best treatments they can without fear of being sacked   #FreeAustralia

Commenters please add links to your local events or national information pages.  France: #Liberte 

Rallies start at 12:00 at the following Australian locations:

Adelaide: Rundle Park |Brisbane: Brisbane City Botanic Gardens | Bundaberg: Lions Park | Cairns: Muddys Northside  | Darwin: The Esplanade (15:00 ACST)  | Gympie: Lake Alford Park  |  Hobart: Parliament Lawns  | Mackay: Bluewater Quay?    |  Melbourne: Parliament House | Mt Gambier: Vansittart Park  | Perth: Forrest Place | Sydney: Hyde Park   | Townsville: Strand Rockpool |  Warrnambool: Civic Green

I suggest people subscribe on Telegram for information and to find a local protest. More info here.

Protest, Pro-choice, anti-mandate, 20th November, 2021.



UPDATE: Obviously, all protests need to be peaceful. Not only is violence bad in and of itself, but it works against everything the protest aims to achieve. It only serves those who want to create division, paint the protesters as dangerous, and distract the world from the polite and civil pleas for simple medical freedom. In fact the real problem with all these street protests now, is that false flag incidents are so easy to stage.

Be ready to call out suspicious acts.

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    How the mRNA vaccines work – translation of an article by a German physician – Not for the Faint Hearted


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      Thanks for the usefull link !


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      Your article explains why I rely on natural immunity since I’ve already gotten and recovered from the China virus. The mRNA vaccine is basically a virus itself, as it must infect a cell to be useful. BTW, the China virus was no worse than any other flu I’ve had, so my recommendation is that if you are healthy, skip the poke and take your chances with the virus, even if like me, you’re in the ‘vulnerable’ age group. Your immune system will thank you for the exercise. Like your muscles and brain, it’s a use it or loose it capability.

      One concern I have is that if a specific cell type in the body can coexist with the mRNA virus where spike proteins are created and released, rather than attaching to the surface of the cell. Many cells already produce other proteins that are released into the system and many cells already have accoutrements on their surface that could interfere with spike protein binding. An effect like this could result in a perpetual inflammation overload.

      If as the article said, the mRNA infection can also get into ovaries and testicles, we may see a generation of children who become infertile as adults. I wonder if any animal studies have been done on fertility effects related to mRNA injections.


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        I agree. Given the stats I rather take my chances with the virus than the so called vaccines, especially given they are still not fully tested as traditional vaccines are. I still will consider taking Novavax once it’s released but only if the pandemic becomes really serious. At the moment it’s nothing like serious pandemics in the past, and is far more akin to a bad flu season, yet I never have taken a flu shot.


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        @CO2 …. “I wonder if any animal studies have been done on fertility effects related to mRNA injections.

        Latest UK stats show that post-vax there have been some spontaneous abortions, some still births and some unexplained deaths in babies 2-3 days after birth.

        On top of that are the young, fit and healthy athletes dying from heart attacks post-vax.


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          Latest UK stats show that post-vax there have been some spontaneous abortions, some stillbirths and some unexplained deaths in babies 2-3 days after birth

          A study from New Zealand on pregnant women receiving mRNA vaccines:

          ‘The study indicates that at least 81.9% (≥104/127) experienced spontaneous abortion following mRNA exposure before 20 weeks, and 92.3% (96/104) of spontaneous abortions occurred before 13 weeks’ gestation’


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        Forrest Gardener

        I don’t think I’ve had the virus but my reasoning is similar to yours.

        The worrying aspect of the virus is the very short period many victims experience between showing symptoms and death. I think my balance of probabilities keeps my mind open to preventative treatments. Much moreso than the annual flu injection which I have never taken.

        Happy isn’t quite the word but my plan is to wait for early results of Novavax. That is if it is ever released from regulatory detention. Or maybe a genuine antiviral.


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        Well, I will never have any of these experimental gene therapy emergency approved drugs. And I feel quite cool with that as after 20 months of this so called pandemic or false demic or scamdemic, I for some reason feel OK. Now, I wonder why that is? Cos’ Natural Immunity Rules OK !!!!!!!!!!!!………..QED


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        Re animal studies regarding the mRNA vaccines & fertility – Japanese studies in vaccinated mice have detected the spike protein in mice ovaries.

        This study was,of course, not done in preliminary studies by the pharmaceutical companies!


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      A pretty good article but I do wish it mentioned that the adenovirus vector DNA vaccines (eg AstraZeneca & Sputnik V) function in much the same way although the extent of spread beyond the injection site may be less (or may be more)..


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    Brenda Spence

    See you there!


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    Brenda Spence

    Great article!

    Just as I expected…

    An essential feature of the immune system is the strict differentiation between one’s own cells and foreign cells. Only in this way is a healthy life possible at all. It is precisely this fundamental distinction and basis of life that is being challenged with what is currently known as the
    jab, and being propagated as a corona “vaccination”.


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    I think they mispelled that last word, it’s not spelled Madness, it’s spelled Marxists.


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    Though utterly ignored by establishment media, from what I see, these protests are widespread.
    Diverse and heavily middle class. (Meaning the people that make things go.)
    Unlike corporate and government genuflecting to BLM and rainbow protests, (smaller and consisting of people incapable of making anything go) …
    governments are UNFAZED.
    Here in America, the mandates are failing in court, and government is UNFAZED.
    They are like a dog with a favorite toy.
    They must have some new found immunity from political consequences.
    A vaccine that actually works.
    Or knowledge of alternative realties.
    Something is sideways with this picture.
    For fun, search ‘2016 ritual at CERN’ … just for fun. 🙂

    BTW, Ozzies, that Dan fellow is truly a piece of work.


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      And not a very nice piece of work either.


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      Gary S

      WOW. Speaking of Dan, as I said previously – you can run but you can’t hide, especially in the cyber world we inhabit. Thanks to Matthew Wong at Discernable Media, this staggering example of hypocrisy;
      Dan Andrews, 21st. of March 2016 – “56 years ago today, a group of South Africans gathered in the township of Sharpeville to protest a law which required black residents to carry an extremely detailed ID card at all times – a grotesque kind of ‘internal passport’ that kept the population split in two. Eventually, the police turned up to this demonstration and opened fire on the unarmed crowd, shooting people in the back as they fled.
      69 civilians died.
      Over the next few months, the South African government rounded up 18,000 activists and detained them without charge.
      This is what happens to a country that completely loses its moral compass.
      But South Africa’s story can teach us another lesson too, of what can happen when hope prevails.
      A few years after the apartheid regime fell, President Nelson Mandela returned to that very spot in Sharpeville to sign his country’s new, fair and equal constitution into law.
      The world now knows March 21st. as the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.
      In Australia, we know it as Harmony Day. We’re proud to observe it. Diversity is our greatest asset.
      Sound familiar?


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    James Murphy

    whoever created the poster should have added that the protests should be peaceful (I mean genuinely peaceful, not BLM “mostly peaceful”). On top of the MSM misreporting the types of people who attend, they will also grab hold of anything resembling violence, and it will end up harming the movement more than helping.

    also, not really fan of the term “grass roots activism” on the Australia Freedom Rally website, because this is a term that GetUp frequently abuse… if you have to use this term, then, maybe you’re not what you claim to be (in my opinion anyway)

    however, I’m all for protesting, it’s basically all we have left…


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    Brisbane Protest – City Botanic Gardens at 12pm Novemeber 20th.


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    Don B

    Even though I just started Robert Kennedy Jr.’s book “The Real Anthony Fauci,” I recommend it highly.

    The irrational COVID policies of the Western world make sense once one understands the close financial connections between the drug industry and Fauci and the alphabet health agencies. The evil people are interested in the financial health of Big Pharma, and they are uninterested in the health of the people they are supposed to serve.

    Reread Jo’s article:


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      Greg in NZ

      mRNA: a ‘safe and effective’ way of earning $billions in profits/payoffs for a small, select, ‘in’ crowd who ‘breathe together’.

      Just say know!


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    It’s a question of power. In Australia, the Chief Medical Officers and the Health Departments of each State/Territory do not want to give up their control of people’s lives. Just look at that Adolf Hitler follower, Brad Hazzard in NSW, wanting to control everything until October 2023. George Orwell must be spinning in his grave.


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    This is essential for the rest of the nation to see the sheer weight of numbers that are willing to stand up to the corruption that’s infested the land and lives of its people.

    False flags are everywhere so keep it civil and have some fun, see you there in Melbourne tomorrow, rise without fear.


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    I came across this great video yesterday on bitchute about Australia and COVID, apologies if its old news:


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    Obviously, all protests need to be peaceful. Not only is violence bad in and of itself, but it works against everything the protest aims to achieve. It only serves those who want to create division, paint the protesters as dangerous, and distract the world from the polite and civil pleas for simple medical freedom. In fact the real problem with all these street protests now, is that false flag incidents are so easy to stage.

    history is full of examples that once you are out protesting on the street violence is unavoidable.

    in the west people have right to vote and if they believe in change they should show it by voting idiots out.


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      ‘The best laid plans of mice and men’.

      May be time to get out and about max.

      Please indicate which candidate is not a useful idiot beholden to some back room deal.
      Anyone brave enough to stand needs to be made of teflon if they are going to stand for their community and your democratic ideals.

      Craig Kelly appears to have had his medical records removed from a Doctors office and Pauline Hanson had a stay at the pleasure of the prison system courtesy of Tony Abbott and the complexities of registering a Political Party.

      So yes, we have the right to vote for an approved candidate and as Trump found out the system has the right to count the vote. In Sicktoria they even appear to have helpers paid for by the Taxpayer to assist your choice. Whereas Queensland is full of shadowy chaps who turn up to help with pre-selection and ballot stuffing even within their internal elections.

      The system isn’t perfect and will only work once the centralized control is relinquished and the elections and representation returned to the wham, bam & crash of a community controlled and voluntary service. The system can then wander along its corrupting little ways until the community has to act to reign it back in.


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      Peter C

      history is full of examples that once you are out protesting on the street violence is unavoidable.

      History may be full of such examples, but has not happened at the Melbourne protests.

      That has not stopped the media trying to invent something.. false flag ops according to Jo.
      Most recent was a report that the daughter of a cross bench MP was assaulted and taken to hospital.

      I have heard that she had a can of spray paint and was trying to deface the protesters signs.
      Someone apparently grabbed her spray can and through it at her, causing a minor injury


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    All the best with the protest(s).


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    May I recommend Gene Sharp and his book “From dictatorship to democracy”? He made an academic study of all nonviolent resistance movements that actually succeeded in their aims, and distilled from them a practical how-to manual. Never did I dream that it would be needed in Western civilisation, where it was written. Here it is:

    A lot has been written about this work but it is best simply to read it as it is not long. Violence is the State’s strongest suit, so nonviolence is actually optimal.

    It was written before social media, which ought to make it even easier.

    Read it, download it, print it, tell your friends about it…


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    Good Luck with your protests. I have been on Strike since Day One. Just go on Strike everyone……..Ghandi showed the way and it works…………………….


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    Peter C


    I dropped in briefly to the Melbourne protest at 1 pm. The main crowd had just marched off to do a lap of the city, leaving about 1000 people at Parliament. I spoke to some people and was told that the numbers were even greater than last weekend. I also observed a lot of people converging on Parliament, so the numbers were clearly growing every minute.

    I watched the Channel 7 news a few moments ago. They reported tens of thousands of protesters (ie more than 20,000). They showed several interviews with protesters who were articulate and reasonable. They expressed their reasons for protesting clearly.
    Then Channel 7 switched to report a counter protest, which occurred at the same time by a group called AntiFascist. Channel 7 gave then equal time and also featured a few interviews with the AntiFa protesters. The interviews speak for them selves. The AntiFa protesters could say little except that the main protesters (anti lockdown/vaxx/mandates/legislation) must be RACIST and FASCIST/NAZI!

    Given that Channel 7 claims to report the news I give then 8 out of 10. The AntiFascists were given quite a bit of time but both sides had a say.

    I am looking forward to yonnie’s report, but he is probably still there and won’t get home to Ballarat until late.


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    No to unlawful mandates. Stop the madness
    Perth. Forrest Place. Sat 20 Nov 2021. noon.

    I was there. It was exhilarating!

    I arrived before 11:25am and there were many already there. I found a place to stand, did not get a good view of the center and not much shade. I counted people, there were a thousand on the Myer Building balcony side alone. In total I estimated at least 5,000, maybe double. People kept coming, ten thousand, twenty thousand, and more I could not see at all in the Murray St mall.
    Good behavior by all, sound system could not cope. Big mix of people, women with children, men with babies, young, middle, elderly, a range of colors. Many signs covering the range of opinions well, I thought up-to-date and informed generally, few were printed, they looked home made, genuine. Two chaps stood on a box next to me, I shouted up to them, “Do see you any cameras from ABC”, answer “No”.
    “From channel 9? 7? 10? Newscorp? SBS?” Answer, “No”.

    (Walking in I passed a wokist demo of about 20 persons aged 19 and 20, “The vaccines are safe. Stop killing our indigenous people”. I expect the media gave them a good hearing.)

    I stayed till about 3:30pm, could not get out earlier as crowd was too dense.
    To the organizers of the ‘Rally- No to unlawful mandates’, well done!


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      So, what’s new? Some of it is, but…

      We attended the Farmers’ Rally in Canberra in 1986? The leading issue was 14% interest rates.

      The NFF organisers claimed 50,000 were there. After the rally we started “marching” through the city. We were near the lead, but my wife didn’t want t do the march, so we pulled out. I ducked to the front to count the crowd marching. Using the same technique I use for counting large mobs of livestock, I counted 37,500 marchers give or take 10%. It was a bit harder to estimate the crowd who didn’t walk, but I settled for 5,000, making 42,500 altogether.

      That night all the TV news reported 20,000. Richard Carleton did day; “How many were there? They say 20,000. What I can tell you is that it was the biggest demonstration Canberra has ever seen.”

      In recent days I saw that rally reported as 45,000 people, near what I counted myself.

      Why did it take 35 years for the truth to get out?

      By the way. Interest rates later went to 20%.


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    Michael Cunningham aka Faustino aka Genghis Cunn

    Well, I’m out of step here. It seems clear to me that mass vaccination is the best response to the pandemic. The evidence in Australia is that deaths are almost entirely of the non-vaccinated, with an average age of 86 (against average life expectancy of about 84) and of people with four or more co-morbidities, so that Covid-19 is not necessarily the cause. As it happens, my thoracic physician son has run Covid clinics since the outset, both in Australia and overseas, and has convincingly answered any concerns I’ve raised with him.

    (Where is your evidence to support your claim?) CTS


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      Yes you are out of step- with the data for UK, Scotland, Germany, Iceland, Israel and most just anywhere with records that show death numbers follows vaccination activity.


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      Kalm Keith

      “my thoracic physician son has run Covid clinics since the outset, both in Australia and overseas, and has convincingly answered any concerns I’ve raised with him.”

      Maybe you should talk to Rick about Stockholm Syndrome.

      Undoubtedly CV19 is real, but the response by Government has been weird, and possibly evil.

      Businesses have been smashed; a life’s work, gone. Lockdowns have, in Victoria, accelerated the spread in high rise CV19 incubators.

      Then, looking outside CV19 there’s the absolutely massive death toll and incapacitating illness known as Diabetes.
      Simply put diabetes takes far, far more people than CV19 ever will but seems to be completely ignored by Government.
      Diabetes a.k.a. gluttony, overeating, underworking..

      Please, go to your local shopping centre and count the number of people in motorised wheel chairs, or those moving along slowly who will be in a wheelie next month.

      Twenty years ago my wife and I holliday’d in Hawaii.
      The size and appetites of U.S. mainlanders was incredible and it seemed that many simply lived to eat at the “all you can eat” restaurants.

      Back to CV19.

      I know of no-one in my group of contacts who has had CV19.

      By contrast, there have been six reports of CV19 Vaxxination adverse effects that ranged from life threatening, through terrifying to exhausting.

      Out here in the real world the CV19 response is possibly more damaging than the disease itself: why is this?


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