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Worldwide Rally for Freedom 5.0 — Protest this Saturday

Freedom to choose our own medical treatments with our doctors without corcercion

Freedom for doctors to prescribe the best treatments they can without fear of being sacked

 Worldwidedemonstration.com   #FreeAustralia   AustraliaFreedomRally.com

Commenters please add links to your local events or national information pages.  France: #Liberte 

Rallies start at 12:00 at the following Australian locations:

Adelaide: Rundle Park |Brisbane: Brisbane City Botanic Gardens | Bundaberg: Lions Park | Cairns: Muddys Northside  | Darwin: The Esplanade (15:00 ACST)  | Gympie: Lake Alford Park  |  Hobart: Parliament Lawns  | Mackay: Bluewater Quay?    |  Melbourne: Parliament House | Mt Gambier: Vansittart Park  | Perth: Forrest Place | Sydney: Hyde Park   | Townsville: Strand Rockpool |  Warrnambool: Civic Green

I suggest people subscribe on Telegram for information and to find a local protest. More info here.

Protest, Pro-choice, anti-mandate, 20th November, 2021.



UPDATE: Obviously, all protests need to be peaceful. Not only is violence bad in and of itself, but it works against everything the protest aims to achieve. It only serves those who want to create division, paint the protesters as dangerous, and distract the world from the polite and civil pleas for simple medical freedom. In fact the real problem with all these street protests now, is that false flag incidents are so easy to stage.

Be ready to call out suspicious acts.

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