Anti Forced-Vaccine protest in Perth WA Friday 11am

Friday 11am, Anti Mandatory Vaccination Protest

Parliament House Western Australia 


Western Australia, WA. Map.Coercion is not consent. 60% of the state is double vaccinated, and the deadline to comply with these new appalling rules announced yesterday will be Jan 31, 2022.  People who don’t obey will be fined an extraordinary $20,000 and their employers $100,000. This effectively gives people a “choice” (not) of Jab or Job and thus, I assume, legally they won’t be able to sue for wrongful dismissal. They will have to quit or get injected. New rules will prohibit the unvaccinated from travelling interstate, even though there are antivirals, and monoclonal antibodies that would make travel safer and be much more effective against transmission of SARS-2 than the current first generation leaky-vaccinations which will probably bring in the virus on the first week flights are allowed with no quarantine. (UPDATE: McGowan said it was an error that this was put on the website, but implies “it’s coming”).

There is Zero Covid in WA, the freedom has been extraordinary and fantastic. There are no chicomm bioweapons, no masks, no distancing, pubs are packed, we can dance and sing and visit our old folks, and there has only been a tiny 12 days of lockdowns in the last 15 months, for which we feel incredibly lucky and very grateful. We wish all our friends could live like this too — like Covid doesn’t exist. The lack of the virus, though, probably means vaccination rates have slowed and hence these new draconian rules are seen as the only way to raise the rates further. The ABC has a story with a headline saying “Around Five Percent” won’t get vaxxed, but the URL and text tells us the real number is 15%. More lies from the ABC.

Apparently that success has to end, not because the voters want that, because they don’t, but because Gladys infected the nation and other corporates, like Qantas, and other state and Federal governments are clamouring to open WA, and presumably NT, SA, QLD and Tasmanian borders too.

Most West Australians are happy to keep the border closed for a bit longer to see how well the experiments work out in other states. Recent opinion polls of West Australians showed that 67% felt States with no virus should be allowed to stay closed as long as they think is necessary. Only 1 in 6 felt that the state should open its border when the rest of the nation reached 80% vaccinated.

Does democracy mean anything anymore?

If these draconian rules start in WA they will surely spread to other states.


*Best wishes to long suffering Victorians who will finally exit lockdown tonight. 

*Mandatory vaccination to be introduced for most WA workers, Mark McGowan says

Vaccination will become mandatory across a range of new industries covering about 75 per cent of WA’s workforce, with employers and employees facing fines if they do not comply.

This includes:

    • cross-border freight workers (high and extreme risk locations only)
    • public and private hospitals and public healthcare facilities
    • primary and community health
    • onsite resources sector workers
    • border and air transport
    • staff working in or entering remote Aboriginal communities
    • community care services
    • corrective services staff,
    • police
    • Fire and Emergency Services (excluding volunteers)
    • abattoirs and meat processing workers

It followed an announcement yesterday that the WA government would mandate the vaccine for 75 per cent of the state’s workforce.

Soon the unvaccinated will not be allowed to even drive across state borders:

WA’s move to mandate vaccine ahead of most other states

The WA Health Department appears to have let slip plans to prevent unvaccinated travellers from entering the state.

On Thursday morning, the state government’s mandatory vaccinations Frequently Asked Questions page stated that “from Monday 15 November all travellers from very low risk jurisdictions will be required to be fully vaccinated”.

“WA is the first jurisdiction to introduce this type of measure,” it stated.

Very low risk jurisdictions don’t have Covid. There is no medical reason to force those travellers to get vaccinated. Give travellers the choice of treatments to prevent the spread. Let them ask their doctors and let the doctors offer the best therapies they can.

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    Was anything learned from the Nuremberg trials?


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    This is a public health issue, personal freedom is secondary.
    Your not free to drive on the wrong side of the road because you want to.
    Comparisons to the Nazis is lazy thinking.
    How do you think polio was eradicated ?.


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      In one sense, you’re quite right, but in another, quite wrong.
      Yes for the public health issue.
      No for the personal freedom is secondary.
      That is a judgement call and plenty would disagree with you.
      Government should either (a) bite the bullet and make it clear that 100% must be vaccinated, then hunt them down, hold them on the ground and jab them; or (b) admit that their utopian dream of a compliant and subservient population ain’t gonna happen and work on providing some legitimate, non-coercive alternatives.
      So many things in this pandemic make no sense at all. Illogical thinking is everywhere. Don’t let the stupidity infect you.
      (a) 100% must be vaccinated or the public health is at risk; or
      (b) something less than 100% is acceptable (in which case, name the number and when we reach it government can stop bullying people


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      So we have a medical treatment, not a vaccine, being forced on people. It will not actually stop many people from getting infected enough to transmit the virus. It’s benefit, the efficacy of seems to dropping dramatically, is stopping serious illness.

      So why isn’t it optional? Why the paranoia that the unvaccinated will m asked the vaccinated ill?

      And why did a CDC official say last year that even after being vaccinated that your best defense is a mask when it was already established that they were imposed to stop an infected person infecting others?

      And it’s forbidden for MSM to ask this?


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      Travis T. Jones

      “Comparisons to Nazis is lazy thinking.”

      Those who choose to ignore or forget history are bound to repeat it …

      “On October 5, 1938, the Reich. Ministry of the Interior invalidates all German passports , which will only become valid after the letter “J” has been stamped on them.

      The government required Jews to identify themselves in ways that would permanently seperate them from the rest of the German population.”

      The Nazis thought the Jews were a public health issue as well.

      Just take your clothes off and step into this shower with all these other people.


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      Love to see you make a U-turn, overtake or cross an intersection without crossing to the wrong side of the road. There are a whole series of rules that are to aid the populace without being policed as mandatory.

      I will give you a choice. If an approaching semi-trailer (lets imagine for the purposes of this analogy that it has a stone guard with ‘Clot Shotter’ written on it in blood red) blows a front tyre and swerves across into your lane and towards the verge.

      What will you do?

      (A) plummet, obey the rules and take the ‘Clot Shotter’ head on?

      (B) cross into the oncoming lane and take time to assess your options?

      OMG!!! You have already chosen (A)! I hope for your sake the Semi was a new marsh mellow technology and loaded with nothing more than salt water.


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      the ACT is doing fine without this pointless bureaucracy


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      “How do you think polio was eradicated”. With a STERILISING vaccine, not administered during a pandemic.


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        Part of the personal freedom is the ability to do somenthing better than the government wants or somehting better than the masses do. Sometimes these align, perhaps in the case of polio. But in case of Covid, government way is the wrong way, a no-solution, thing that doesn’t work, and are harmful. Masses are confused.
        So in order do something that works you need to be able to do something else than the government wants or masses do. In order to be able to do this you need freedom.


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      “This is a public health issue, personal freedom is secondary.”

      1. If public health > personal rights then people who get infected should be killed to prevent spread of the diesease. This is exactly what was done with animals – if there’s an outbreak of infection then even entire herds are killed off. Eg. during Mad Cow Diesease governement mandated killing all the cows, now Danish government mandated killing all the minks.

      2. Personal rights of everybody is also a public issue, rights for entire population, entire humanity. Vaccine damages for like 70% percent people vaccinated or even the entire population as totalitarians dream of – this is a public issue.

      So a 1 personal issue multiplied by millions or billions of cases > more than just a personal issue, including public issue.

      3. If you think personal rights of few entities should be suspended in the name of public good – then right now these are personal rights of legal persons like governments or corporations that mandate vaccines. Suspend rights of these few entities for good of billions, for the public good.


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      Polio. Was it eradicated ? You can find tales of how the diagnosis was changed. These days we have fibromyalgia. But polio is also the story of how the first vaccine disease eradication campaign was completely botched in the U.S.A.
      Lately things don’t sound much better. Our beloved Bill Gates was alleged to be responsible for 47,500 deaths and dire side effects in Pakistan as a result of polio ‘inoculations.’
      Fibromyalgia – Symptoms and causes – Mayo Clinic
      [Search domain] › diseases-conditions › fibromyalgia › symptoms-causes › syc-20354780
      Fibromyalgia is a disorder characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain accompanied by fatigue, sleep, memory and mood issues. Researchers believe that fibromyalgia amplifies painful sensations by affecting the way your brain and spinal cord process painful and nonpainful signals. Symptoms often begin after an event, such as physical trauma …


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    Mandatory vaccination is most circumstances is supposed to be illegal. PM Morrison promised there will be no large scale forced vaccinations. Liars the lot of them. Unlike our PM Morrison, at least Biden is honest and open about it as he is encouraging people to be vaccinated across the board. As far as I’m concerned PM Morrison is a fake and a pretend Christian.


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    robert rosicka

    He doesn’t have the power to mandate Commonwealth employees get vaccinated and I’m sure there will be some entering Aboriginal lands . But wow those fines make Gunners seem lame .


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    The politicians of this country have effectively declared war on the people they were elected to represent. The breathtaking arrogance of people like McGowan can only be challenged by civil disorder whilst these restrictions remain in place. Unfortunately the electorate of WA gave him the mandate to enact these policies – remember the single issue election in March and the catch cry “strong and safe”? As the Liberal party have effectively deserted the field of battle (not that they would have behaved any differently) it is left to the reliably informed minority to lead the response. It’s a numbers game with opposition voices likely to be heard only when the northern hemisphere winter takes its usual flu toll in addition to the possible ADE effect thrown in for good measure. Hopefully the media will realise they cannot remain complicit in the deception forever and at least lobby for the cheap repurposed drug treatments which have been used so effectively in other countries. Both sides have much to lose.


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    When you are threatened with being shot if you don’t hand over your wallet, you still ‘voluntarily’ hand it over. And if the robber offered that analysis up in court as a defense I think the judge would take it into consideration, and add a couple of years to his sentence!


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    It’s quite cunning to allow only double jabbed inmates of other low risk states. They can then proudly say “look how successful it is.”


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      Ask Iceland

      Going into winter with a double hump already!

      I would be picking up the phone to Indonesia or India and asking them for advice though, the Iceland Vaccination trial may have the chickens coming home to roost or at least their experience with leaky vaccines and so the advice may be a little too late for the susceptible with suppressed natural immunity.


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    Forrest Gardener

    The idea that crossing a border depends on whether you have had an injection is so bizarre it borders on insanity.

    But the current push is to eliminate quarantine periods and testing. And that is pure insanity.

    Sooner or later the question will move to detecting infections and sanctioning effective anti-virals. And the “pandemic” will come to an end.


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      Dunno, Forest. It isn’t as if there were a test for Covid-19 ( novel coronavirus ) that was known to actually work. i.e. Has this supposed virus that can be transmitted by unspecified means as if it had a body ( it does not ) been identified ? Asking that question has actually been mocked as being ridiculous.The ignoring of anti-viral protocols proceeds apace.


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    Global Cooling

    A study related to the efficacy of vaccinations:

    Title: Increases in COVID-19 are unrelated to levels of vaccination <across 68 countries and 2947 counties in the United States.

    Interpretation : The sole reliance on vaccination as a primary strategy to mitigate COVID-19 and its adverse consequences needs to be re-examined, especially considering the Delta (B.1.617.2) variant and the likelihood of future variants. Other pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions may need to be put in place alongside increasing vaccination rates. Such course correction, especially with regards to the policy narrative, becomes paramount with emerging scientific evidence on real world effectiveness of the vaccines.

    Source: European Journal of Epidemiology (2021) – Sept 30 2021.


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    John Galt

    In just a few years, Australia’s cities will be nearly empty for the expansion of China.


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    Kalm Keith



    Sick Insane Society.

    When this all started in March 2020 it was accepted that the Virus would eventually touch All 25 Million Australians.

    The only consideration was control of Australia’s borders and internal mobility to moderate the rate of spread to a level where hospitals could cope.

    Excessive lockdowns have been like a drug for Egotistical Politicians and have caused immense damage to our nation and people.

    Many citizens will not recover and this is so wrong.

    Deliberate political damage is a crime against humanity and there Must be a day of reckoning and Punishment.


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      By the time people wake up to what is happening it could be too late to reclaim any semblance of what once was.

      The Covid is the Regime and the vaccine is the tool to maintain it, with the facts being painfully clear the vaccines don’t work medically then why are they being pushed so hard upon the population?

      Answer is to track and control all movements of everyone in the country, it will only be when you have the latest booster on your covid passport linked to your QR code on your device or imprint that you will be allowed to engage with others in society that also obey the rules.

      There are many other factors to consider in the possible plans of tyrants and minions but going down too many rabbit holes can confuse and waste time, so the focus is on what we can see and too make others awake to what is right in front of them.

      “Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster… for when you gaze long into the abyss. The abyss gazes also into you.”

      ― Friedrich W. Nietzsche


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      “Excessive lockdowns have been like a drug for Egotistical Politicians and have caused immense damage to our nation and people.”

      Mark McGowan has frequntly been condemned by commenters here as being egotistical yet so far there has been only 12 lockdown days in WA in 2021. How do you reconcile the two?


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    John Hultquist

    Does any one remember the time long ago when they said “flatten the curve”?

    How long was that supposed to take?


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    Kevin T Kilty

    Victorians will leave lockdown only to have it reimposed for the next variant. The vaccines are a double edged sword. They probably have made life safer for those who developed a strong response, but roughly a sixth to a third of people being vaccinated do not produce a strong response and remain just about as vulnerable to infection afterward as they were before. These are the “breakthrough” cases. There is nothing too mysterious about these. Broad vaccination therefore had the following bad effect. It cleared the field of the current dominant variant for what was then a minor one. Then the minor one proceeds to dominate the scene. Possibly this will go on and on because the potential number of variants is unlimited. Possibly the successive variants will tend to become less troublesome if for no other reason that those who are extremely vulerable by virtue of age, comorbidities, or genetic make up will have been removed in an earlier wave and the surviving population gains broader immunity.

    The 1918 pandemic started out in the northern spring/summer, returned as another wave in autumn/winter of 1918/1919. It then began to show a stronger seasonal pattern that lasted through winter of 1922 at least, but then disappered into the background as an endemic disease hiding out in isolated populations or animal reservoirs. Allegedly we got a sequence of whatever strain dominated the 1918/1919 wave. I don’t know about any of the other successive waves. There was no vaccine back then. Possibly the present vaccines really accomplish selected safety but help promote one wave after another of further variants. Time will tell.


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    Is it not noteworthy to look a various governments’ response to George Floyd/BLM rio … I mean protests, small in comparison, and the response to anti vax protest?
    Governments seem to enjoy a new found immunity from public outcry.
    Dan doesn’t seem bothered in the least.
    BLM – police bad … anti vax – police good.
    Let’s go Brandon.
    The most votes ever.


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    Four Drs against the shot.

    A group of experts, some who have treated thousands of COVID and COVID-shot patients, weighing in against it and for prophylaxis and early treatment.


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    This is utterly insane. The vaccines DO NOT PREVENT INFECTION. The Pfizer vaccine goes into negative effectiveness after 5 months – that is, the vaccinated become more likely to be infected than the unvaccinated. The wuflu vaccines belt the vaxxed people’s immunity so that once the antibodies wear off they are more likely to be infected by wuflu and infect others. All of this mandatory vaccine bullshite is based on lies.


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      that is factually incorrect although you will find it claimed within some criminally misleading news sources.


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        Figure 2 page 17, you can see that for anyone 30 years and above the chance of infection as rate per 100,000 is higher for vaccinated individuals in UK than unvaccinated.

        In the age range 30-39 it’s almost even, older than 40 years it becomes more significant. Part (b) on the same page shows lower hospital rated for vaccinated individuals, which is now the only advantage of being vaccinated … but that has nothing to do with the statement above, I quote “DO NOT PREVENT INFECTION”. For children the statistic is the other way around, although hardly any UK children have been vaccinated and those who have got it only very recently, meaning we won’t know for some time what happens there.

        This is measuring mostly the AZ vaccine, but there’s plenty of similar data for Pfizer such as the CDC charts for the state of Maine, or Vermont where they are highly vaccinated and clearly in the middle of a major wave of infections. The UK data is simply a lot easier to read and neatly broken into age categories, while the CDC data is inconvenient to work with because you must infer based on state vaccination levels and comparing recent waves to earlier waves.

        If you have better data, feel free to link. If you don’t then perhaps an apology to Greggg might be the decent thing to do.


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          Followup to myself, week 41 of the same series is now available.

          Again, on page 17 you see a similar chart, but the infection stats are getting somewhat worse for the vaccinated. The trend is reasonably clear I think.


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            what is to be gained from the new rate reporting? lets presume the vaccine has NO influence on becoming infected and you see that there were 10% of the 40-49s (largest group) that were unvaccinated, which I presume is probably below the rate of actual vaccination. so what is it? the breakthrough rate is 100%? the chance rate needs to be adjusted for the claimed efficacy which in the same document they claim is 65%. the hospitalisation rate is a circuit breaker for those figures. there are about double the amount vaccinated v unvaccinated, and this is where it sits, but not in that document. obviously they added rate to obfuscate.


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              I’m not sure how they calculate that 65% efficacy claim.

              Regarding hospitalization and death, based on those UK reports the vaccination still provides a benefit in that regard. Check Table 4(a), and for example the 40-49 age group … they rate the chance of COVID death in a fully vaccinated individual to be about 4 in a million, while they list an unvaccinated individual from the same age group as about 20 in a million. That’s during the four week period, and with the proviso that they have a very broad interpretation of a COVID death.

              That said, neither group is dying in droves, and there’s a small but non-trivial risk of vaccine injury (of varying degrees of severity, some only temporary). I’m sure arguments over the extent of vaccine injuries will continue for some time, but clearly this year is worse than normal. You will note that the broad criteria that applies to a COVID death is completely different to the criteria applied to consequences of vaccination … funny about that.


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    The “death-vax” has more tha one way to harm us. Here’s an article about some aspect of ADE, Antibody Dependent Enhancement.

    The shot results in an inappropriate immune response which, when the inoculated individual contracts COVID, his chances of survival are reduced.

    Long article. I’ll summarize: COVID = bad, “VAX” = worse.


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    Fuel Filter

    You guys in OZ think you got it bad?

    Believe it or not, our Pretender-in Chief has completely screwed us over and made America a laughing stock. And not just because of the completely botched “withdrawal” from Afghanistan.

    There are SO many links I could provide, but suffice it to say we now have an open border with Mexico and the entire world is now coming to America. Haitians, musloids from every Stan in the Middle East, Chinese, every country in Central America, ad nauseam. The Cartels are making a fortune charging up to $15-20,000 for the Chinese to hire the coyotes to take them across. Almost as much for the musloids.
    (Anyone here know how to spell Terrorism? Yeah. Biden’s doing that too.)

    Biden has even screwed up our supply chain. Stores on our West coast are now reporting that even toilet paper is running out. (Glad I stocked up during the initial phase of the ChinkFlu. Paper towels as well.) Container ships staked up like cars in a horrible traffic jam.

    Our truckers are refusing to take the Vaxxx and police are being fired for not taking the Vaxxx.

    Even our elite Seal Teams are being forced and they are quitting by the dozens. And that’s not to mention our regular forces as well.

    So, ya think you’ve got it bad? Not so much. Although, you may be next in line.


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      Forrest Gardener

      A sorry tail but I doubt that Biden himself even has the intellectual capacity to order dinner let alone direct any of the misadventures your government is inflicting.


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      Only some of ours have resigned in protest.

      The others have bent over.


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    Fuel Filter

    A message from one of the few Bishops in the RCC that’s willing to speak the truth.

    Short and sweet a per…

    Vox summed it up quite well…

    “The spiritual war has gone hot. It’s vital to understand that you are engulfed by it, and neither innocence nor naivete will prevent you from de facto choosing a side, even if you don’t truly understand what you are doing. This isn’t a court of law or a game, and there isn’t anything fair about it.”


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    Fuel Filter

    Now, THIS is how you make Lefties howl! One thing they despise is dark humor.

    Not that “F— Joe Biden” is even Virginia Tech’s greatest gift to the country. Via the MSM, “F— Joe Biden” has undergone an unexpected but glorious apotheosis. After an Nascar race won by Brandon Brown, a crowd clearly chanting “FJB!” was reinterpreted in an act of spontaneous disinformation by NBC as “Let’s Go Brandon!”

    Viral upon viral, the hilarity of this moment rings a high note in this darkest year. 
    Thus, in admiration of what Virginia Tech fans hath wrought, in awe of what Americans have exhuberantly and instantly capitalized on, and in protest of Virginia Tech administration’s Stalinism, I just bought two “Let’s Go Brandon!” flags, Made in USA, here.

    Bookmark Diana’s site. Well worth your time.


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    Travis T. Jones

    The AMA president (Australia) should be suspended immediately for his comments.

    To suggest that people who choose not to take the ‘vaccine’ be taken out of the public health system and left to die is sick and horrific.

    Where is Scott Morrison the Christian to condemn such evil?

    Oh wait, ScoMo has a road map that segregates!

    Victoria AMA says Covid-deniers and anti-vaxxers should opt out of the public health system and ‘let nature run its course’

    If I believed in hell, I’d hope they have a special corner for ScoMo.


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      I’m happy to opt out of the public health system … I would sign up tomorrow:
      * No more Medicare tax.
      * No more needing to pay into worker’s comp.
      * No more being told by the TGA what medicine I can and cannot use.
      * No more stupid chief health officer experimenting on me.
      * Pay cash for a private doctor or medical services.

      If that’s all I have to do then great!

      Here’s an example … I remember getting a scan done and they asked how I was going to pay and I just said “cash” then they insisted that I would sign an agreement to pay extra if that scan ever led to a worker’s comp claim. Logically enough, I asked how much money was involved and the secretary at the desk was really surprised. I said I’m not signing anything until I know what I’m on the hook for, so please show me your price list.

      Would you know that the same scan costs almost three times as much when it gets charged to insurance? No kidding, I asked how they justified that and was told, “Oh there’s more paperwork to do”. Really? Looks like a freaking rort to me. The average person has no idea how dirty the medical industry is … no other business would get away with having the same service sold at massively different prices. Yes the mechanics have been accused of overcharging on insurance jobs, but the insurance companies sure keep an eye on that, the average mechanic might get away with perhaps a 10% overcharge.


      • #
        Brenda Spence

        Even the emergency depts in public hospitals want to know if a patient is eligible for workers comp because they charge the insurance company inflated rates too.

        The other thing they are doing is asking a public patient in the emergency dept staying overnight, if they have private insurance so that they can put in a claim. They say it is to “help the hospital”. I refused because I figured I would have immediately had to pay the excess!


      • #
        Binny Pegler

        40 plus year ago I made the decision to carry my own ‘insurance’ by paying the money that would have gone to private medical cover, into an investment fund.
        I can still remember the look on the face of the receptionist at the private hospital when my eldest was born.
        That fund is now 7 figures and self-sustaining I haven’t paid into for a decade.


      • #

        I’m with you! I’ll give up any hospitalization for Covid in exchange to access to any drugs I want.

        Either I’mectin solves it or I die blissfullly unaware…


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      Travis T. Jones

      May 17, 1934:

      German jews are no longer entitled to health insurance.

      The Time Warp: It’s just a jump to the left, and a step to the right.


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      Forrest Gardener

      Ok, so it is all about the pressure on the hospital system.

      Last time I watched a telecast telling the world about pressure on hospitals I counted the number of staff who were engaged in what could only be described as non-nursing duties – typing away at computers being the most common. One was engaged in an interview with the media. Another was plainly in view shooing other staff away from the eye of the camera.

      That matches my last experience in an emergency department. Hot and cold running administrators and a conspicuous absence of actual nursing of patients.

      So just a hint to the AMA. If you want to take pressure off hospitals get the nurses to do more nursing and less administration.


    • #
      Kalm Keith

      They’re showing their true colours.

      The previous AMA President was a vocal advocate of Climate change obedience.

      Very medical and relevant, I don’t think.


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    When the 80% or so triple or quadrupled “vaxxed” have ADE they will be in danger when the CCP release their next virus. Their immune systems will have been completely destroyed. The CCP will be able to take over Australia and have all the coal and iron ore to themselves with any surviving people enslaved.


    • #

      yeah. That will happen.


    • #

      My 80yr old Uncle had wuhan. No big deal, breezed through it.
      Lives in assisted living facility.

      The “experts” required he get the jab…after having wuhan!!!
      Surprise, heart issues and in the hosptial.
      Survives, now you would think he would be allowed to be a anti booster.
      Wrong!! The same “experts” required the boost.

      Yep, in the hospital again. Severe reaction AGAIN!!
      Doctor told his family this is not unusual!! All is well.
      I’m sure they reported the reaction directly to the f*cki hotline.


      • #
        Kalm Keith

        It’s important that we are made aware of these events.

        The behaviour of the system contradicts medical concepts behind vaccines, puts patients in danger and mocks common sense and tells us that the massive government superstructure supposedly looking after us is no more than a sad shadow of what it once was.

        When government advisors instruct doctors to vaccinate people who have recovered from a disease, we know we are at rock bottom; but No we aren’t, there are the adverse effects of the experimental “Vaxxines” to take us down even further.

        Do you get the feeling that governments are abusing us?


  • #

    After 20 months of pushing fear porn, terrifying the populace into total compliance for the criminal health officers directives and supporting the same. Gloating about how great your premier is. They are all in this together, every state is different but are on the same script and kicking for the same goal. We have and are being divided, we will self destruct.

    Hope the reward was worth it. You reap what you sow.

    In 2015 the quarantine act was amended to allow for medical marshal law, 2016 WA amended their act to allow forced medical procedures not just vaccination but any deemed by the CHO, to the point of stripping you naked, medical rape is now a lawful act. These are not coincidental happenings, this is a plan, the destruction of our society by us willingly. You are now a living experiment. And we cheered.

    30 years of pushing back against the climate fraud and they have not slowed, as a matter of fact they are picking up speed and COP26 will see the full destruction of our society by a thousand cuts, no meat by 2024, social credit score. The crowd will cheer.
    Smirko Morrison is the new Judas, he has washed his hands of us and allowed the state tyrants to run amok while holding out his hand of universal basic income for those who hold the line, he will show himself to turn eventually and the line will fall, we have complied our way into this on the pretence that we were complying our way out. The crowd cheered.

    No quarantine required in Australia yet we are still spending billions of dollars building quarantine camps in every state, as they are in every country, we are willingly building our own prisons. Dan the dick repeated exactly what you have stated as the reason, for the next virus. There is another coming, the camps are not for that.
    Have a look at where your camp was relocated to, you will need to look up your railway system, they are refurbishing that “station”. The crowd will cheer.

    We are no longer governed by laws, it is now directives, corporate directives. We have entered the new order of technocracy, we are enslaved and the crowd they cheered.

    The technocrats do not like unproductive persons, old people are the enemy of the new order, you have knowledge gained from experience not indoctrination, you consume not create, worthless eaters. History is 90 years old.

    We have gone from climate data showing its always worse somewhere else, to COVID data showing its always worse somewhere else, mayhem over there but never over here, dropping in the streets over there but never over here.
    20 months of directives that made no sense, illogical, but we bought every one and complied.

    One commenter put CFMEU career criminal Setka up as a reliable source of information, all criminals are lairs, no exception.
    People who willingly gave up their rights believe they have the right to give up yours.

    Then there was no crowd to cheer.

    You should have an absolute party in there Serp.


  • #
    Milo Pearse

    I’ve been struggling to find any concerted opposition to this recent mandate and have been buoyed to find this page. While I have time before my deadline in December I want to take all lawful measures to reverse this ‘law’. Because I am 4 hours away I wouldn’t be able to attend this historically necessary protes but If there are subsequent protests at parliament while McGowan is there I’d make the needed plans to attend.
    These are drastic times!


  • #

    “Pfizer said last month…. that a Phase 2/3 trial showed its Covid-19 vaccine was safe and generated a “robust” antibody response in children ages 5 to 11. The trial included…. 2,268 participants ages 5 to 11 and two doses of the vaccine administered 21 days apart. This trial used a 10-microgram dose — smaller than the 30-microgram dose that has been used for those 12 and older.

    Immune responses were measured by looking at neutralizing antibody levels in their blood and comparing those levels to a control group of 16- to 25-year-olds who were given a two-dose regimen with the larger 30-microgram dose. Pfizer said the levels compared well with older people who received the larger dose, demonstrating a “strong immune response in this cohort of children one month after the second dose.”

    Fauci is… calling for transparency…hmmm… :

    “It’s up to us to be very transparent with them(the parents), and to give them the correct answers to the questions they ask,” he continued. “….
    “What happens next
    Dr. Scott Gottlieb, a former FDA commissioner and current Pfizer board member, has said a vaccine for children ages 5 to 11 could be available by Halloween.
    “Pfizer could be in a position to file very quickly,” Gottlieb said Monday on CNBC. “The data came a little earlier than some were expecting, and depending on how long the FDA takes to review the application, whether it’s a four week review or a six week review, you could have a vaccine available to children as early as probably by the end of October, perhaps it slips a little bit into November.”
    Acting FDA Commissioner Dr. Janet Woodcock and Dr. Peter Marks, director of FDA’s Center for Biologics Research and Evaluation, said in a statement this month that the agency would review data for a vaccine for younger children “as quickly as possible, likely in a matter of weeks rather than months,” once it was submitted for authorization.
    “However, the agency’s ability to review these submissions rapidly will depend in part on the quality and timeliness of the submissions by manufacturers,” they wrote.”….


    “A total of 4,012 participants aged 18 years and older were recruited at 26 sites in the UK as part of the pivotal Phase 3 trial. The vaccine candidate was”generally well tolerated,”Valneva says:”The safety profile of VLA2001 was statistically significantly more favorable compared to the other vaccine used in the trial.”

    «This is a much more traditional approach to vaccine manufacturing than the vaccines that have been deployed so far in the UK, Europe and the US, and these results suggest that this vaccine candidate is well on its way to playing an important role in the fight against the pandemic,”said Adam Finn, principal investigator of the trial and professor of paediatrics at the University of Bristol.”


    a good read:

    – “Some Thoughts About Courage
    We are living through an epidemic of cowardice. The antidote is courage.”
    It has become fashionable in some circles to claim that “cancel culture is just holding people accountable.”
    I challenge you to read the material that led to the attacks against me and find anything that would require me being held “accountable.” What you will find instead is the writing of a man who takes his moral duty seriously and is trying to express his concerns strongly, but respectfully. You may agree with some of my positions and disagree with others, but in a free society they cannot be considered beyond the pale.

    I view this episode as an example as well as a striking illustration of the threat woke ideology poses to our culture, our institutions and to our freedoms. I have consistently maintained that woke ideology is essentially totalitarian in nature: it attempts to corral the entirety of human existence into one narrow ideological viewpoint and to silence anyone who disagrees. I believe that these features ultimately derive from the ideology’s abandonment of the principle of the inherent dignity of each human being. It is only possible to instrumentalize the individual in order to engineer group-based outcomes within a philosophical framework that has rejected this principle. Similarly, it is easy to justify silencing a dissenter if your ideology denies her individual dignity. Clearly, wokeism has not reached a terrible nadir of destruction yet, but the lesson of history is that we need to name and confront totalitarianisms before they cause disaster, while it is still possible to do so.

    This issue is especially important to me because my wife and I are expecting our first child in January. We all need to decide what type of country we want our children to grow up in. Do we want a culture of fear and repression in which a small number of ideologues exert their power and cultural dominance to silence anyone who disagrees with them? Or do we want our children to enjoy truth-seeking discourse consisting of good-natured exchanges that are ultimately grounded in a spirit of epistemic humility?

    If you want the latter, it’s time to stand up and so say. It’s time to say no to the mob, no to the cancellations. And it’s time to be forthright about your true opinions.

    This is not a partisan issue. Anyone who is interested in the pursuit of truth and in promoting a healthy and functioning society has a stake in this debate. Speaking out now may seem risky. But the cost of remaining silent is far steeper.


  • #
    Brenda Spence

    This topic of mandatory vaccines, more than anything else, makes so angry!

    To have to choose between an unsafe, unproven injection and your job is immoral! What is a person to do if he has a hefty mortgage, a couple of kids and has spent years doing a job they love? It is outrageous! I hope there is a huge protest.

    And all because the medical advisors won’t approve safe and proven antivirals.

    Where is the Novavax? At least that one has a chance of being safe.


    • #

      Yes, I’m waiting for Novavax, it seems to take forever.


      • #

        I cannot understand the attraction of being injected with already synthesized spike proteins rather than the code to make them. Not only that, the “natural” spike protein will have been “modified” to make it more stable. The spike proteins are TOXIC.


  • #

    I’d be there but had no notice. If I had seen this 2 hours earlier I’d be there.


    • #

      It is hard finding info, if notice is given the swine attack.
      You need to check here or a stand in the park
      Reignite democracy Australia
      Though nether of the above mentioned Perth.

      In Cairns there is an informed citizens network, Facebook so no good to most, need to be in their face in big numbers and get loud.

      An open letter to the government: Why are Australia’s quarantine camps going to be staffed by prison officers? (And other important questions)
      Reignite Democracy Australia
      October 22, 2021
      4:26 pm
      No Comments
      Dear Prime Minister Morrison,

      I know it isn’t fair to jump straight to conspiracy-like conclusions about these quarantine camps. Maybe your motives are not sinister at all. Maybe this really is about ‘health and safety’ and ‘stopping the spread’.

      Yet, there are several red flags that must be addressed.

      Firstly, the name. If you don’t want us to think that you are constructing an Orwellian reality, please don’t call it a ‘Centre for National Resilience’. Maybe this isn’t quite at the ‘Ministry of Love’ level, but let’s just say if I was ever unlucky enough to be a ‘guest’ in these facilities, I would studiously avoid Cabin 101.

      Secondly, the staffing. Prison officers are great and all, but really? It isn’t exactly reassuring to be told in a recent community briefing Zoom that this is because they bring ‘a really strong understanding of command and control and also what a rule means and how a rule should be applied. Also, after the recent show of brute force by police in Melbourne, finding out that ‘VicPol provides the support around the security elements for all of our operations and will continue to do so’, is just a tad concerning.

      Thirdly, if ‘universal vaccination’ is our path out of the pandemic, why do we need these camps at all? Surely it isn’t for all those unruly ones holding out against being vaccinated…is it? The reference to ‘future emergencies’ sounds just a tad ominous. Let’s hope we don’t need to employ ‘strike teams’ as a recent Washington State government attempted to do (and then quietly edited the job ad to hide the reference).

      Finally, you realise that the world is laughing at us, don’t you? There are the constant memes describing Australia as ‘the world’s largest prison camp’, a New York Times inside scoop describing people being confined in these camps ‘like animals in a zoo’, and a viral tweet from James Melville showing drone and news footage with the caption: ‘Meanwhile in Australia. Quarantine camps. They are so far down the rabbit hole now.’

      I’m trying hard not to don a tin-foil hat, but it’s getting just a little difficult now. I guess as long as you don’t promise to be our ‘single source of truth’, we’ll be okay?

      Won’t we?


      A Concerned Citizen


      Victorian quarantine hub – Community information session

      Arrest footage and teargas raise concerns about Victoria police’s use of force to quell protests

      Creating additional quarantine capacity and enhancing Australia’s ability to respond to future emergencies

      Washington state hires ‘Isolation & Quarantine Strike Team Consultants’

      Australia Is Betting on Remote Quarantine. Here’s What I Learned on the Inside.

      We are opposed to the Biosecurity Amendment (Enhanced Risk Management) Bill 2021, specifically in relation to broadening the scope of the current Biosecurity Act 2015 to include biosecurity enforcement orders upon “classes of individuals”, specifically requiring them to wear specified clothing or equipment (108M), to be relocated and detained (108L), for an indefinite time (108 (2) ) and to provide body samples to the World Health Organization (108P). While we understand that these changes are meant to be imposed upon groups arriving into the country by plane or vessels, it does not expressly exclude the possibility of it also being applied to other “classes” of people such as the unvaccinated, or to certain ethnic, religious or politicosocial groups residing within Australia.

      Petition Request

      We therefore ask the House to reject this bill. In its present form it does not offer adequate protections or limitations of overreaching use against certain classes of people, such as the unvaccinated.

      Visit the petition and sign it


  • #

    If you have to be persuaded, lied to, incentivized, coerced, bullied, socially shamed, guilt-tripped, threatened, punished and criminalized.

    If all of this is considered necessary to gain your compliance.

    You can be absolutely certain that what is being promoted is not in your best interest.

    (From some bloke called Ian Watson).


  • #
    apathy boy

    I feel so hopeless over this whole thing. 2 kids, a wife and a mortgage to support. Not going to lie, but I feel like death would be better than living in this forsaken place.


  • #

    I check Jo’s page every day except those days I know have become ‘open thread days.” Or, if I check it, and it says open thread, I don’t go back to it until the next day. Ergo, I missed the item on the demonstration today, damn it!
    I would have loved to have been there for it, and I’m sure there are many more like me.


  • #
    Major. Distraction

    Please read and inform yourself! Go to there you will find just enough evidence to see who created and how by design this is a Plannedemic.


  • #
    Major. Distraction

    To conspire: to act together towards some end as if by design.
    It is not a conspiracy, that under the guise of Covid – 19. Which now we all have been instructed we have to live with. Has enabled unlimited, at discretion, untapped powers to the government by use of pandemic emergency consent. Unwillingly, we have given away all human rights and freedoms for a beer on the weekend. Well, that was a cheap round!
    Ridiculous right? Read section 170 of the Public Health Act 2016 (WA).
    Carefully read these documents. They are bound by law. Understand that Western Australia is under duress due to an unending pandemic.
    Duress by definition:
    Unlawful pressure exerted upon a person to coerce that person to perform an act that he or she ordinarily would not perform.
    Duress also encompasses the same harm, threats, or restraint exercised upon the affected individual’s spouse, child, or parent.
    Duress is distinguishable from Undue Influence, a concept employed in the law of wills, in that the latter term involves a wrongdoer who is a fiduciary, one who occupies a position of trust and confidence in regard to the testator, the creator of the will.
    Duress also exists where a person is coerced by the wrongful conduct or threat of another to enter into a contract under circumstances that deprive the individual of his or her volition.
    Are you not sure what you have given up? Will this be all over soon? The pandemic! Is there nothing conspiring here that will affect you, your children, and your grandchildren? If not, then you clearly are not reading the facts correctly.
    Read the public health act from section 170 through to 187.
    They are your living standards from now on.
    How far will this go. Well, you haven’t seen nothing yet. Where is the return to normalcy?
    Western Australia is currently under two Acts. Either/Or Emergency Management Act 2005, Public Health Act 2016. Each having only fourteen days of executive power. Before expiration.
    As long, as Covid – 19 exists. Your, freedoms do not.