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Anti Forced-Vaccine protest in Perth WA Friday 11am

Friday 11am, Anti Mandatory Vaccination Protest

Parliament House Western Australia 


Western Australia, WA. Map.Coercion is not consent. 60% of the state is double vaccinated, and the deadline to comply with these new appalling rules announced yesterday will be Jan 31, 2022.  People who don’t obey will be fined an extraordinary $20,000 and their employers $100,000. This effectively gives people a “choice” (not) of Jab or Job and thus, I assume, legally they won’t be able to sue for wrongful dismissal. They will have to quit or get injected. New rules will prohibit the unvaccinated from travelling interstate, even though there are antivirals, and monoclonal antibodies that would make travel safer and be much more effective against transmission of SARS-2 than the current first generation leaky-vaccinations which will probably bring in the virus on the first week flights are allowed with no quarantine. (UPDATE: McGowan said it was an error that this was put on the website, but implies “it’s coming”).

There is Zero Covid in WA, the freedom has been extraordinary and fantastic. There are no chicomm bioweapons, no masks, no distancing, pubs are packed, we can dance and sing and visit our old folks, and there has only been a tiny 12 days of lockdowns in the last 15 months, for which we feel incredibly lucky and very grateful. We wish all our friends could live like this too — like Covid doesn’t exist. The lack of the virus, though, probably means vaccination rates have slowed and hence these new draconian rules are seen as the only way to raise the rates further. The ABC has a story with a headline saying “Around Five Percent” won’t get vaxxed, but the URL and text tells us the real number is 15%. More lies from the ABC.

Apparently that success has to end, not because the voters want that, because they don’t, but because Gladys infected the nation and other corporates, like Qantas, and other state and Federal governments are clamouring to open WA, and presumably NT, SA, QLD and Tasmanian borders too.

Most West Australians are happy to keep the border closed for a bit longer to see how well the experiments work out in other states. Recent opinion polls of West Australians showed that 67% felt States with no virus should be allowed to stay closed as long as they think is necessary. Only 1 in 6 felt that the state should open its border when the rest of the nation reached 80% vaccinated.

Does democracy mean anything anymore?

If these draconian rules start in WA they will surely spread to other states.


*Best wishes to long suffering Victorians who will finally exit lockdown tonight. 

*Mandatory vaccination to be introduced for most WA workers, Mark McGowan says

Vaccination will become mandatory across a range of new industries covering about 75 per cent of WA’s workforce, with employers and employees facing fines if they do not comply.

This includes:

It followed an announcement yesterday that the WA government would mandate the vaccine for 75 per cent of the state’s workforce.

Soon the unvaccinated will not be allowed to even drive across state borders:

WA’s move to mandate vaccine ahead of most other states

The WA Health Department appears to have let slip plans to prevent unvaccinated travellers from entering the state.

On Thursday morning, the state government’s mandatory vaccinations Frequently Asked Questions page stated that “from Monday 15 November all travellers from very low risk jurisdictions will be required to be fully vaccinated”.

“WA is the first jurisdiction to introduce this type of measure,” it stated.

Very low risk jurisdictions don’t have Covid. There is no medical reason to force those travellers to get vaccinated. Give travellers the choice of treatments to prevent the spread. Let them ask their doctors and let the doctors offer the best therapies they can.

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