Election Now! National Rally Canberra + Tamworth event

My intray is full of motivated people with ideas on how to stop this train-wreck. Some are proposing leaflet drops in city malls, letter drops in suburbs, large banners and or sandwich boards beside city streets, debates, conference seminars, and the list goes on. Everyone wants to do something.

This notice just came in for a large rally in Canberra. The rally that was in Tamworth has been moved to Canberra. In it’s place in Tamworth is a new event.

PLUS FREE PUBLIC FORUM – Climate Change Debate! Tamworth, July 21

Tamworth: Thursday 21st July 2011 at 6pm at West Diggers Grand Ball Room, Kable Avenue.

Professor Bob Carter is the Guest Speaker, you can ask questions as receive real answers rather than that of the politicians who seem to be ignoring what is a vitally important part of this debate! You can also support their petition. RSVP to [email protected]



Tuesday 16th August 2011
Parliament House


Join Young Australians, Working Families, Students, Workers, Small Business Owners and Senior Citizens who will take the NO Carbon Tax message up with the Government by attending a rally in Canberra on 16th August 2011. The rally is a gathering of Australian citizens with a peaceful demonstration message ‘ELECTION NOW’.


Tuesday 16th August 2011,

12pm noon

Parliament House, Canberra, ACT.
Rally area is on the lawns in front of Parliament House on the Lake Burley Griffin side. The area is bounded by Federation Mall.

Book Buses with CATA here .
Coaches will leave from Penrith, Hornsby, Central, Parramatta, Campbelltown, Liverpool and the Central Coast.
We expect to put on more coaches from other cities in NSW, Victoria, Queensland and other states.

Travel by car.
Travel by Public Trains or Buslines.



* Welcome
* MC Welcome
* Key Note Speaker
* Invited Speakers
* Industry Speakers
* Rally Participants
* MC Close


Arrival Time
Participants should arrive 20 – 30mins before start.

Approximately 130pm



What to bring

* Sunscreen,
* hat,
* water bottle,
* fold up chair,
* placard,
* casual or more formal attire is fine.
* Aussie Flags are another great symbol.

Placards and Props **http://www.cataa.bigpixie.com/l/images/070120a0217.jpg
Placards and Props

Placards should be soft materials like cardboard or corflute and should not be attached to large stakes or poles. You cannot put anything into the ground on the lawn, gardens and walkways as required by the authority. No structures are permitted. If in doubt please contact CATA for clarification.

Aussie Spirit
Lastly, bring your Aussie spirit, integrity and pride. Its an uplifting experience and you will meet a lot of people as we put the Government on notice that Australians take democracy seriously and expect their representatives to act with integrity and seek a mandate for major issues.


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26 comments to Election Now! National Rally Canberra + Tamworth event

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    Rereke Whakaaro

    And so it begins …

    The pollies, from the safety of their bubble, and with the support of their PR stormtroopers, and synchronised grovellers, will of course dismiss it as “a pathetic noise from a bunch of loonies”. But the real people, who ultimately represent the “real politick” will notice, and they will think, and they will talk, either over their chardonnays or down at the pub, and they will realise.

    It is the beginning of the end.

    The question really is whether the current Australian government falls before or after the US Dollar takes a kamikaze nose dive with Ben Bernank at the controls.


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    Professor Bob Carter is the Guest Speaker, you can ask questions as receive real answers

    Could he start by answering these earlier ones? He went AWOL.


    Or can he respond to this?



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    Why oh why have the rallies during the week.
    We are not unwashed, unemployed GetUp! members and have to work for our keep!

    Please organise a Saturday and I for one will fly up from Melbourne.


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    Given there is a conflict of interest with the current govenor general, can we send a petition directly to the queen requesting she call an election for the good of this nation? We might as well make the most of still being part of the commonwealth while we still are. This march might be a great place to get lots of signatures, but an online one would get a greater number of signatures.


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    Mervyn Sullivan

    For Gillard to salvage whatever little respect voters may still have for her after she declared “There will be no carbon tax under the government I lead” and then changed her mind, there is now only one action she can take.

    Gillard changed her mind about the carbon tax in record breaking time. Well… she can now bloody well change her mind again… and let Australians vote on the carbon tax.

    Winner takes all!


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    Billy. Good point about the Tuesday. I think it’s the first day back in PArliament, but I’m with you. Weekends make more sense.


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    Good luck with your rally! We have to hold politicians accountable somehow.


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    I just listened to an ABC radio report about the Murdoch Press and the Australian. It sounded like the pollies loosing this fight are starting to cry foul and are blaming ‘The Australian’ for all their woes by accusing the Murdoch press of being biased. This has the possibility of boiling over if the warmists get a wiff of any ill goings-on at ‘The Australian’ in light of the current Murdoch mobile phone hacking incidents.

    John Hartigan had a rather frank discussion with an ABC reporter who seemed to be a little biased herself (IMO) see here News chief denies papers biased

    Slightly O/T Fatal flaw in case for a carbon tax


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    If the ABC Was Relevant (Part 43)</span/
    (Amateur year at the Lodge.)

    Bryan: Heard any good ones lately?

    John: Lemme think. How about this – What would Julia Gillard be if she were wise, honest and popular?

    Bryan: I don’t know – what would Julia Gillard be if she were wise, honest and popular?

    John: Dreaming, Bryan. Dreaming.

    [Drums, offstage] Da-bum, Kaaa-tish!

    John: Why does Julia Gillard’s plane always fly around in circles Bryan?

    Bryan: Only got a left wing!

    [Drums, offstage] Da-bum, Kaaa-tish!

    John: How many Green Senators does it take to change a light globe?

    Bryan: What’s a light globe?

    [Drums, offstage] Da-bum, Kaaa-tish!

    John: Why is the Carbon Tax called the MENSA policy?

    Bryan: I don’t know, why is the Carbon Tax called the MENSA policy?

    John: Many Enquiries, No Suitable Answers!

    [Drums, offstage] Da-bum, Kaaa-tish!

    John: What would it take to make the Australian government trustworthy, efficient and credible?

    Bryan: I don’t know, what would it take to make the Australian government trustworthy, efficient and credible?

    John: An election!

    [Drums, offstage] Da-bum, Kaaa-tish!

    John; [Standing]. Thankyou – you’ve been a great audience – goodniiiight!


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    How about using Common Law jurisdiction? Letters, Brochures, banners are all good and help to get the message across to others, but this is all considered mere opinion by the corrupt officials. These folks are operating under UN jurisdiction and not the law of the land – Common Law.

    For me, standing under Common Law, I am in the process of sending lawful Notices (some text based on Jo’s letters) to the top scientists, politicians and others involved in this scam. The reason is simple: if they cannot respond to my simple questions on “Climate Change” under oath, under their full commercial liability and penalty of perjury then they will default and have created a legal fact. I am not prepared to pay a corrupt tax, hence will use these legal facts later 🙂

    It’s not difficult to understand common law once the basics are understood and how the legal system and politicians are using their “law” to drive these corrupt schemes.

    Happy to start posting my notices once they are sent out. Study up folks – it is law that is being used by the corrupt in the hope to push thru this tax. Plenty of videos on common law jurisdiction on the net.


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    Damian Allen

    Now gillard is turning on the fake CROCODILE TEARS to try and get some “sympathy”.

    What a Pathetic excuse for a human being she is !

    Nobody is fooled by her Lies and Propaganda!



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    National Strike. Even for an hour. Travelling to Canberra on a Tuesday can be a bit hard for most workers. (me included).

    I can report however that the average Joe at my work is very angry with Julia and some even yell at the TV at lunch time. So the message is getting out there.

    Good work!


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    John Watt

    What is needed in situations like this is someone who can clearly present the fundamentals of the case. An expert witness with a sufficient grasp of the fundamentals to be able to present them in a form understandable by the lay public. The problem is not climate (it is always changing) , not a “pollution” tax but it is about how this “pollution” impacts on climate.
    Fundamentally it is about the role of CO2 in climate and is therefore most efficiently addressed by physicists with a knowledge of CO2’s behaviour at the molecular level. Without this knowledge the rest of us (politicians ,economists,journalists, placard-wavers, climate modellers etc.etc.) are just playing in an unfamiliar space.

    JN perhaps you can persuade the other JN to share his knowledge?


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    It would seem that more would turn up on a weekend, or does it mean Canberra’s asleep then?


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    Bush bunny

    Re Bob Clark’s forum in Armidale. Tony Windsor’s office has been informed and I hope he or one of his staff will attend.
    I’ve also given his office the Google for The Great Global Warming Swindle to look at that Bob endorses. Also Bobs videos on U Tube also. If Tony doesn’t attend then it looks weak really. He has been informed of the real science and the politics that urge the lies on. But he closes his mind and when it is made up it is made up. He doesn’t frighten me but when he looks at you with those icy
    blue eyes they seem to say ‘I’m the boss?’ He knows I don’t agree with him too on the carbon science issue and tax. Let’s face it who trusts a politician that doesn’t examine both sides of the argument before making an important decision on the behalf of his constituents. There were pollies in UK Halifax for one who believed that
    Hitler was a honest bloke? Thank goodness for Churchill.

    I’m going down to it and staying with a friend in Tamworth
    it is being held at the old RSL Club in Kable Avenue. Plenty of parking. RSVP to [email protected]


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    If you are into the law (as inferred by your comment above), I would like to put in a query on the Oaths of Office that the GG receives when swearing in the MPs. I have made a halfhearted & unsuccessful attempt to get hold of the exact text of the oaths. I believe there is an “Oaths Commission”.

    For mine, it is not a long bow to draw in arguing any move from a domestic carbon tax to an ETS would be a move to surrender economic sovereignty to a foreign (global), unelected & unanswerable body.

    Would such a move be lawful without the full awareness &expressed consent of the people?

    If as we see the majority of the voters are against even a carbon tax (& that without a full & frank debate on the science), how can the Governor General, as the Queen’s representative, not act if there has indeed been a clear & broad breech ?


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    Bush bunny

    rjm385 @ 8. Good cartoon. Actually folks I read Peter Costello’s report (On Andrew Bolt’s page today, from overseas trips to US etc. He also states that in Europe particularly they thought Australia was mad going ahead with a carbon tax when it is failing to cut emissions and investments are almost valueless.

    O/T got a postcard from my friend who went to Greece, Ireland and Scotland for a holiday. She said of Greece ‘Oh Wonderful, with strikes, riots and tear gas. Good thing Max’steam won the Bronze Medal. But the bar keeper gave us a bottle of Ouzo. Got robbed on a train (pick pocket) and it is freezing here in Ireland. And its their


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    Bush bunny

    pattoh at 16. GG cannot interfer unless she uses special ‘powers’ which is open, but the Queen can not do anything even in UK. Kerr could act because of a double dissolution
    in the Senate refusing to supply. And that mad man Bob Brown
    now having the power in the senate threatens if the Opposition scrap the carbon tax if elected he will bring on
    a double dissolution. That’s if this legislation is passed
    you know. But that idea is crazy. You can change legislation without axing it. What about capital punishment
    didn’t they change that? You can write to the GG via your
    MP or the Queen? I did.


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    As I remember it, Supply was not actually voted down. Rather, Malcolm Fraser had the vote on Supply deferred. Nevertheless, the effect was the same, no money for Supply so Kerr acted and gave the people the decisive say.


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    @16, Pattoh, I really can’t answer your question on GG, but what has occurred in Australia over the last few years is the Oath of Allegiance has been removed by stealth from the legal system via State ACTs (eg “Acts Amendment and Repeal Courts and Legal Practice Act 2003 (WA)”). Hence, lawyers, Judges, magistrates are no longer operating under their oath of commission. Simply ask a magistrate if they are under their oath of commission when in court – and see what happens. They are all operating under a different jurisdiction and detest Common Law.

    Hence, it’s a done deal – Nobody consented to these legal changes as they were simply written into “law” by an ACT to benefit the system. The entire legal system, I suspect in every state has now changed, therefore the assertion that the people need to vote on such issues has been hand waved away. We are mere “employees” of the company called the Commonwealth of Australia – Company Number: 122104616 with NRGD reporting requirements, unless you say you’re not 🙂


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    “We are mere “employees” of the company called the Commonwealth of Australia – Company Number: 122104616 with NRGD reporting requirements, unless you say you’re not”.

    So if we are “employees”, who rates as shareholders? The directors are ultimately responsible to act specifically in the interests of shareholders in public companies.

    It is high time for an extrordinary general meeting to call the motives of the directors to book!


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    Happy Birthday Bush Bunny!




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    If you are still out there or drop by again, is this what you were referring to:-

    “Western Australia
    On 1st January 2004 the Attorney General of Western Australia Mr J McGinty in agreement with the then Governor Mr Sanderson enacted an Act titled “Acts Amendment and Repeal Courts and Legal Practice Act 2003 (WA)”.
    The purpose of the Bill/Act was to remove the Crown and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth ll Her Heirs and Successors and Subjects from specific law within Western Australia in full breach of the 1999 Commonwealth referendum result The Bill/Act did not have any referendum authorizing this legislation”

    The question is:- to whom or what are we responsible? What entity is the figurehead for national sovereignty?


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    Bob Parker

    For all you people who want to know where you stand with the law check out this site


    Although it is a UK site it could be of interest to you.


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    @23 Pattoh, yes, this is correct.

    You’re question re: “The question is:- to whom or what are we responsible? What entity is the figurehead for national sovereignty?”

    The answer is simple: You, me, we are the authority and nobody else.

    Contract Law is what’s being used by councils, local governments, federal gov etc. Nothing else matters, it is contracts that make the law, and unwittingly, everyone is contracting with these corporations whether they know it or not. Folks talk about the NWO/elite takeover etc – it’s already here via contract law, and it’s a brilliant scheme.

    If you can accurately answer this question: “Who are you?” , then you’ll be on your way to understanding how the system contracts with you.

    Here’s a very good start to understanding who you are, can be very heavy going in understanding the concepts but it hits the mark – http://www.hackcanada.com/canadian/freedom/mary_croft.pdf


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    “Contract Law is what’s being used by councils, local governments, federal gov etc. Nothing else matters, it is contracts that make”.

    Ok, if it’s the contracts we make which are structure of our rights & responsibilities, again (in a similar vein to marriage vow being perceived[?] as a contract – to love, honour & obey etc.) , I ask what is the specific wording of the Oath of Office sworn by our pollies & specifically our PM when she is invested by the GG?

    Do our pollies get the chance for emplacing the equivalent of a pre-nuptial?

    e.g:-. “I swear to love, honour & serve the Australian people as long as the UN does not need me to screw them before they hand over a Fabian Merit Badge & a free ticket to the gravy train.