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AusExit: Petition to remove Australia from the Paris Climate Agreement

Petition EN1116 – The case for leaving the Paris Climate Agreement

We the undersigned petitioners request the House reconsiders Australia’s commitment to the PARIS CLIMATE AGREEMENT that was ratified on 9 November 2016 and declared ‘entry into force’ on 9 December 2016. Australia is meeting its emission targets. We contribute approx. 1.5% of global emissions and many eminent scientists advise any changes this nation makes will have little or no effect on the overall global climate. America, the world’s 2nd largest greenhouse gas emitter, has given formal notice to withdraw from the Paris Agreement. China- the world’s largest emitter of greenhouse gases will SIGNIFICANTLY INCREASE their emissions to 2030, and other developing nations have been given a ‘free pass’ under the same agreement. The estimated cost to our nation is $52 billion between 2018 and 2030. This will severely impact Australia economically and socially, with taxpayers funding ‘developing, but fast-growing economic-powerhouses’ such as China and India. The Paris Agreement is not operating as intended, and there is more risk than reward for Australia to remain. We must consider an AUSExit of Paris.

We therefore ask the House to formally advise the UNFCCC of Australia’s intention to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement. The first date representation can be made is 3 years from the date of the ‘entry-into-force’ of the agreement. This date is 9 December 2019. Formal removal becomes effective 12 months later.

Sign it. :- )


Please read and confirm you agree with the Terms and Conditions. You must be a resident or citizen of Australia to sign a petition. Current Members of the House of Representatives cannot sign a petition.

Check your email after signing to confirm!

h/t Jim Simpson, Delory, ColA.

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AusExit: Petition to remove Australia from the Paris Climate Agreement, 9.5 out of 10 based on 75 ratings

85 comments to AusExit: Petition to remove Australia from the Paris Climate Agreement

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    Remove Australia from Paris

    good idea, this place would be worth a fortune,2.2903973,15z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x3c57edd7786bfac1!8m2!3d48.8550579!4d2.2903973

    Imagine all the coal ports we could build with that money


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      Glad to see you signed the petition saying Australia should withdrawn from the Paris non-agreement, GA.


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      James Murphy

      I’m sure Harry Seidler did alright out of it. I’ve been to a few embassies around the place, but the Aussie one in Paris is far from the prettiest, looking dour, even for 70′s modernist architecture, though they do sometimes have interesting exhibitions in the foyer.


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      I see we intend making it impossible to keep our Aluminium smelters up. Asa each one goes, so goes the load needed to keep the 500MW gennies at our major coal fired power stations up. So goes the 50Hz synch inertia that keeps the grid up. The stupidity of this is unbelievable.

      Is there nobody left in AEMO that can read and understand a Heaviside’s circuit. Is our government out to lunch? Have all the electrical engineers retired? Is the grid now run by lawyers?

      No load, no grid, no Eastern sea board, no Australia!


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    Signed, but I doubt the politicians will take any notice.


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    David Wood

    Something to think about while deciding whether to sign the petition.
    A: The climate change alarmists claim that unless we stop burning fossil fuels and putting CO2 into the atmosphere (and we know that with China and India, among others, building so many coal-fired power station that that is not going to happen) then the temperature will keep on rising.

    B: On the other hand many, probably most, solar physicists would agree that a weaker sun (as we now seem to be encountering) will lead to a new LIA or Maunder minimum with falling temperatures.

    Which seems most likely, because they cannot both happen? If scenario B happens, and I for one think it will, the GHG hypothesis is proven to be wrong with unquestionable empirical evidence.

    As always, only time will tell.


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      your scenario B is the same as A ie Correlation of global temperature with something. Both have empirical data for each factor that is being correlated.


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        David Wood

        GA I’m surprised you think they are the same. It seems to me that your comment suffers from
        a logical fallacy, I think it was called the undistributed middle.
        Whatever, I really intended to demonstrate that if the climate gets colder in the coming years
        while burning of fossil fuels is increasing, this is good empirical data on a worldwide basis, showing that CO2 is not the control knob of the climate, the way the alarmists would have us believe.


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          true it would, but it wouldn’t show that the waning sun is the cause of the cooling as correlation does not equal causation.

          It wasn’t a fallacy btw, it was just a point that we didn’t agree on.


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            GA leafy, so you agree that the sun is leaning towards a GSM? yes no? Then if it isnt the sun that causes either cooling or warming, what is it? Not your itsy bitsy little wee bit of life gas you lefties hate so much? Please explain how using actual data..


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            As CO2 continues to climb, and the temperature cools (or does nothing, like in 33 of the last 40 years)

            That destroys the idea of CO2 causing warming. (which only exists in models)


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            Lionell Griffith

            Stop dropping context. You will break it if you are not careful.

            If the source of radiant energy reduces its output, the temperature of a body free to lose radiant energy that is so radiated will eventually go down.

            The sun is the earth’s (a very particular free body to us) source of externally supplied radiant energy and its output IS going down. This reduces the energy available to be absorbed by the earth. The inevitable consequence of that will be less heat retained which equals reduced temperature.

            Correlation does not necessarily equal causation but causation necessarily equals correlation.

            In the vernacular: you can’t have your cake and eat it too!


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              Fortunately, the oceans are a HUGE buffer to these solar forced temperature changes.

              Big lags in both directions.

              How long the oceans can hold the solar energy from the Grand Solar Maximum of last century is the real question.

              We have already seen one quite large release of that energy during the 2015-2018 El Nino/Big Blob event


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        “Both have empirical data for each factor that is being correlated.”

        You mean like this? GA


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      Peter Fitzroy

      Why, the result will be/is the sum of all the forcings. Your question is not A or B, but A and B.


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      DW states:
      “A: The climate change alarmists claim that unless we stop burning fossil fuels and putting CO2 into the atmosphere (and we know that with China and India, among others, building so many coal-fired power station that that is not going to happen) then the temperature will keep on rising.”

      There is now solid empirical data analysis to falsify this alarmists claim. See ( for an introduction to this work. The project included data analysis on 20 million radiosondes and shows that the atmosphere obeys the ideal gas law and there is no greenhouse effect going on in it.
      All the dithering about controlling the temperature of the atmosphere by controlling greenhouse gasses is wasted effort and when the solar forcing allows the earth to cool it will be consistent with already established facts. The models that attempt to demonstrate the greenhouse effect are fundamentally flawed because they do not accept the atmospheric thermodynamic equilibrium that is proven by this analysis.


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    John in NZ

    If I was Australian I would sign it.

    NZ is working on a Zero Carbon Bill that in its current form would result in livestock farming being wiped out because of the requirement to reduce methane emissions by between 24 percent to 47 percent the aim by 2050.


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      Greg in NZ

      But first, John, these snakes-in-suits aim to grind to a halt all non-public transport options, clog cities to gridlock (more than they already are) and/or tax the living daylights out of workers as per Maurice Strong’s buccaneer/adventurer mates’ Rio/2030/UN bs Agenda/coup Plan.

      “Most of Auckland’s city centre will have a speed limit of 30km/h… Fourteen town centres, such as Orewa, Te Atatu South and Westgate, will also have 30km/h speed limits… 700kms of rural roads across the Auckland region will have new lower speed limits. The board decided to leave existing speed limits on 20 roads, mostly in rural areas in the south”:

      “But transport firm Freightways chief executive Mark Troughear [said] ‘that if you implement a 30 km/h speed limit you’ll cause a considerable [increase] in transit time, and that leads to a pretty chunky loss in productivity’”. Bingo!

      Photo of the [not elected but chosen] Chairman of Auckland Transport, Lester Levy, with fellow tribesman, ex-PM Shonkey [Lazar], back in 2015. First they came for our cars, then they came for our cows…


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        More insanity. Auckland needs an INCREASE in speed on its arterial routes not a DECREASE!


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        Greg and John in NZ:

        You can bet this inconvenient research by an eminent New Zealander and an Australian and others.. …will have met with nothing but sneers and dismissal by the CAGW Cult since it’s not geo-politically useful for the only real purpose of CAGW…herding the world into Global Socialism…..yet it sounds infinitely more plausible and compelling than the dodgy case the Cult demands we religiously believe and act on… according to their diktat…ie the case that says the most monumental and existential global climate impacts imaginable are all the work of the ubiquitous and so-o politically-handy tool-the little old CO2 molecule.

        [ Climate Forcing: Our Future is Cold ]

        [ The Role of the Global Electric Circuit in Solar and Internal Forcing of Clouds and Climate ]

        Brian A. Tinsley a,*, G.B. Burns b , Limin Zhou a,c a University of Texas at Dallas


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      For God’s sake get rid of that idiotic Labour party (and Jacindabell) over there, esp before I get back over sometime! Im sick of them. Total idiots.
      you know it was their policies that drove hundreds of NZ trades people over here in the 80s.


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        Greg in NZ

        Piggy Muldoon (National/Conservative/Right/Team Blue), the little man who thought he could Think Big, was the P.M. when I bailed to Queensland in 1981. Labour / Team Red (Lange/Douglas) were voted in 3 years later, in 1984. Nineteen Eighty-Four

        When I returned ten years later, the Nats were back, with (now Dame) Jenny Shipley to soon knife Bumbling Bolger in the back (he was promoted to Ambassador in Washington DC or some swamp, while Shipley is now Chair of a Chinese investment bank). I voted for the McGillicuddy Serious Party that year in disgust, as snakes-in-suits and I have very little in common – in fact nought. Six of one, half-a-dozen of the other.


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    Kalm Keith

    Only large numbers will cause politicians to stir.


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      Roy Hogue

      So do your best to hand them a blizzard of petitions.


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        Greg in NZ

        Did somebody say ‘blizzard’?

        Issued 6:48am Tuesday 22 Oct 2019. “We currently have a gale force North Westerly and blizzard conditions on the upper field, due to this all facilities will be CLOSED for the day. Freezing level is forecast to drop throughout the day with snow flurries to the top of the road. Alpine driving conditions may exist, please be prepared”.

        Three feet (one metre) of new, spring snow this week with -18˚C wind chill on the tops. “MetService has issued road snowfall warnings and heavy snow watches for parts of the island tonight as a front moves north. The Avalanche Advisory has issued alerts for dangerous conditions for Aoraki/Mt Cook down to 1200 metres and for high alpine areas in Arthur’s Pass, Wanaka and Fiordland… Warnings for heightened conditions are place [sic] for Tongariro, Craigieburn Range, Queenstown, and Nelson Lakes”. Thank you carbon dioxide!


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    Done and I wish It’d make a difference but i’m not deluding myself, 1778 signatures is only from the interested and informed there should be millions but those people still read newspapers and watch the MSM while giving some credit to its validity to reality.

    Until the skeptical argument can launch its own 5th column effectively nation wide the self styled elites will do as they wish.
    Either this or some serious public action taken after mass blackouts and loss of income, the seeds have been sown.


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    Tony Heller’s latest video puts the basics out there, very clearly. Might persuade a few more to sign the petition.


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    A glimpse in The Australian newspaper of where Australia would be heading if Labor had succeeded in forming government last May 2019, and PM Shorten was implementing his climate change plans that he refused to say how much the cost would be …

    “It is a plan that could forever change Queensland’s economy — possibly putting Australian-first environmental hurdles in the way of new projects, particularly in mining — but until now its existence was a secret. And the Palaszczuk government wants to keep it that way. Commissioned last year by the Labor government, Australia’s top environmental lawyers were asked to “explore the issue of climate risk litigation’’ as part of its “Advancing Queensland Priority Action: Protecting the Great Barrier Reef’’ policy. At the time, the Left-dominated cabinet was talking down the coal industry and putting up 11th-hour roadblocks to Adani’s Carmichael mine that ultimately cost Labor seats in regional Queensland at the May federal election. An application under state Freedom of Information laws for internal emails canvassing the Adani project by veteran anti-coal activist Tim Seelig — controversially appointed last year as the Department of Environment’s top policy adviser — unearthed the existence of “the proposal for Queensland’’. The Palaszczuk government is, however, refusing to answer questions or release the document, ­attached to one of the emails, ­arguing that its contents are “commercial in confidence’’…………… continues”


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    I looked for a box to type: “And furthermore, strangle the climatariat with its own gizzards, cut its olive trees, burn its villages, salt its ground, damn its memory and lay a curse upon its next twelve generations (inclusive).”

    Couldn’t find anything, so I just signed. Oh well. One does what one can.


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    I signed it, but it is the least of the problems. In fact thanks to Tony Abbott and direct action, we are miles ahead of Paris and it keeps the Greens stymied. We are meeting our obligations, one of the few countries to do so. We could still withdraw, but to those people who think man made Global Warming is real, it would look bad. There are millions of Gretas out there, all victims of the BOM, CSIRO, Universities, Councils and the Parliament. These li*rs know better, so it is legalalized robbery, but I would not fight hard for withdrawing from Paris, as it might be an own goal.

    I would much rather petition for the repeal of the monster, the RET, Renewable Energy (Electricity) Act which is against every democratic tradition, legalized stealing from our electricity bills and the SOLE reason we are now paying the world’s highest rates for what is 90% the same coal power from the same power stations on the same distribution lines. So ask yourself where the billions are going.

    And it is crippling both coal and gas because they cannot be paid fairly without the renewable side getting many times more for less. Of course AGL wants to close their coal power stations, if the public cannot work out they are being robbed! The gas stations are sitting there waiting for a crisis and getting massive profits as the windmills fail. Who can blame them? They are treated badly, like Pelican Point which was closed and then quietly reopened to keep South Australia going, while the public servants have their own giant diesel systems so they don’t suffer and hospitals have giant batteries and diesel. From cheap and sercure to disaster, in one term under the ultimate dunce Weatherill.

    By the way, the UK copied our creative accounting laws exactly. How to steal from the public, government guaranteed. People are being paid millions just to own windmills and not even for the electricity. The total amount scales with the %, so everyone wants that to go to 50%. It is robbery. It is illegal. Not since before Magna Carta have the people been treated so badly while the government of the day balances their pretend budget. While the NBN is off budget and the Giant Turnbull Battery is off budget and the entire RET is in your power bills. Plus paying our cash for lunchtime solar power no one wants or can use.

    As in the last post, you can watch the new Yes Minister on Global Warming. The only thing they lack is a way to get the public to pay for it while they pretend is it is all free. Australia invented that and the UK copied it. Brilliant highway robbery by parliament and the public blames everyone but the government with the world’ highest Carbon Tax (except carbon is not mentioned and it is not a tax as the government doesn’t touch the cash)


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      Kalm Keith

      Thanks for the reminder on the true problem, the RET.

      Unfortunately most people, me included have little real idea about it apart from the fact that it’s costing us and is given authority by the AGW meme.

      Some years ago Geoff W. and I met at a public meeting in Singleton to draw attention to the misuse of the AGW meme and its consequent effect on the coal industry and towns like singleton.

      What hit me most was that very few locals came and they didn’t seem to connect the decline of their home base with politics.

      Since then the Hunter has shown greater awareness as Joel Fitzgibbons discovered at a recent election.

      Our country has suffered serious damage and insult from politicians and we need an awareness and action that matches overseas activity if we are to turn it around.

      Politicians won’t do it on their own, just see Brexit, Hong Kong, Yellow Vests and Dutch tractor protests.

      We need greater public awareness and a new cause, maybe RETEXIT or RetExit or RETexit.

      Any one of the three would do but before anything can happen the public needs to become aware of the link between prosperity and decent government.

      We lack both at the moment.



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      I signed the petition because I couldn’t NOT do it…but I know that so long as Morrison is PM with his Cabinet of Turnbull/Photios footsoldiers…and the LW ‘public right to know’[enough to make you puke] journalists are in the ascendant…all committed to the Turnbull/Labor transition to extinction…to 3rd world energy insecurity and poverty…nothing will be done.

      All we can hope for is that more scientists in the field will grow a spine ….exhibit the courage and moral fibre of Peter Ridd…Murry Salby and the late Bob Carter….and finally form a truth cabal of scientists large enough so that it’s too big for the gutless LW MPs…including Morrison and his Leftywets ….to it’s harder to use the pious mantra ‘I believe the science’ as their excuse for forcing Australia to suicide as a 1st world nation.

      The scientists are the ones who’ll have to answer for this atrocity in the end.

      The politicians and LW journalists will always feloniously cite ‘the scientists’ as their defence …but who will those scientists themselves cite…will they blame Mann et al who started it all.. .although IMO the hockey stick mob were very happy to be used by the usual suspects ie Club of Rome and all the poohbahs and motheaten self-styled intellectuals of old Europe whose Fabian mission to ‘mould the world’ for Global Socialism is a neverending story…or will they blame NASA…NOAA…Hadley Centre etc?

      Although all those international orgs are ultimately culpable…citing them as their defence won’t cut it IMO for Australian scientists eg CSIRO…BoM…Australian universities…Australian Chief Scientists…all of whom have gone along with the pre-requisite for this hoax of the millennium—ie that the basic tenets of science had to be flouted and corrupted …and the dodgy anti-science ‘consensus’ declared in order to shut down dissenting views/science …shut down long before most of the most vital science like cloud research was even done.

      In failing to speak up for SCIENCE and against hocus pocus back then and since..…scientists set in concrete their own culpability.

      It all comes back to gutless morally-bankrupt ‘scientists’ given a pass and the moral high ground by our disgusting ‘public right to know’ LW journalists…to go to unprecedented lengths…corruption of temperature records…corruption of peer review…graph & data-fiddling….sacking and suing of dissenting scientists…..whatever it takes …for power, global kudos & access to funds…to facilitate the Global Socialism ends that CAGW officials admit their racket’s all about.

      Scientists should start to bail out right now….because Australia’s the canary in the coal mine….and the canary will soon be dead….with them the known perpetrators.

      No other country rivals Australia’s suicide juggernaut for CAGW ..or will end up as crippled by it.

      The RE Cult claims that with what’s now in the construction pipeline the NEM will have 80% RE by 2030…at which point coal…and probably gas would be forced to exit….unless we’re prepared to pay stratospheric prices.
      Chaos will ensue.

      Thanks to the ‘scientists’..Australia will be destined to wing it on the weather forever…insecure…unstable… while all of our competitors will have the security of multiple sources of baseload electricity forever…with plenty of coal…gas…nuclear…hydro and interconnectors to neighbors …forever.

      So scientists will have to take the blame when Australia goes belly-up…and THEY should exit now.


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    Roy Hogue

    WOW !!!!

    Just doing the petition will rock some boats. And with conditions worsening in Oz people start to want to know what’s hurting them. It shouldn’t be too hard to explain. I wish I could get in the fight to make it work.


    • #
      Lionell Griffith

      We are in the fight to make it work. Haven’t we been posting on this website for many years in favor of Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness – the what, why, and how of them? Australia’s battle is our battle too. We are fighting the same enemy: those who would silence and enslave us to meet their goals at the expense of our lives. Human Sacrifice is the name of their game.


  • #

    video works, note correct dates ***”1910 to 2015″ which is what Roberts states:

    VIDEO: 3min57sec: 21 Oct: AAP: BoM defends data to One Nation Senator
    Supplied video…of One Nation Senator Malcolm Roberts questioning Dr Andrew Johnson, from the Bureau of Meteorology, over data that can no longer be accessed on the Bureau of Meteorology’s website. The data outlined the average number of “very hot days” from ***1910 to 2015. “Was it removed because it goes against the narrative or was it removed because there was an error?” Mr Roberts asks. Mr Johnson says he has not seen the graph the senator is referring to. “Firstly, I reject the premise of your question senator, which goes to the integrity of the Bureau’s data,” he says. “The integrity of our data is of the highest order, and I stand absolutely 100 percent behind it.” (AAP VIDEO/Supplied/parlview)

    video of Roberts doesn’t work but video of Hanson-Young in a tweet from an ABC staffer, Jack Snape, does work; SBS & AAP ORIGINAL BOTH HAVE “1920 TO 2015″:

    21 Oct: SBS: One Nation senator takes aim at BoM over climate change data
    by Tom Stayner, with AAP

    (NOT IN AAP PIECE; STAYNER/SBS APPEAR TO INSERT): The senator has long pushed back at scientific evidence promoting the role of fossil fuel emissions in causing climate change and alarmism over its impact…

    He said this had outlined the number of “very hot days” from ***1920 to 2015, suggesting the bureau had removed the graph because it didn’t fit a climate change narrative…

    LINK: Labor’s attempt to declare a climate emergency rejected by the Morrison government

    LINK: Even if Australia raises a climate tax, it won’t meet Paris targets: IMF


    TWEET: Jack Snape, ABC – 20 Oct 2019
    Australia’s department of environment: the climate is not getting
    “worse” because it depends on where you are on the globe and some parts of the globe will find changes to their advantage #estimates #
    VIDEO: 1min04sec Is the climate situation getting worse?
    Jo Evans from the Environment Department
    Vote for Transparency:
    Crikey. This from the department of the environment is a sure sign it’s the end of frank and fearless advice. Muzzling of departmental officials is becoming the stuff of pantomime.

    the AAP piece for comparison, no video:

    21 Oct: Canberra Times: BOM defends data to One Nation senator
    by Rebecca Gredley, AAP
    The Bureau of Meteorology has again been accused by a One Nation senator of changing its data so it fits in with the narrative of climate change extremists…
    Senator Roberts has taken issue with a graph which he says can no longer be accessed on the Bureau of Meteorology’s website, which had outlined the number of “very hot days” from ***1920 to 2015.
    “This graph goes against the narrative of the climate extremists and it was removed,” the Queenslander said.
    “Was it removed because it goes against the narrative or was it removed because there was an error?”

    BOM’s CEO Andrew Johnson said he had not seen the graph the senator was referencing.
    “Firstly, I reject the premise of your overarching question,” he said.
    “The Bureau of Meteorology simply reports on the data which it observes.
    “Integrity of our data is of the highest order and I stand absolutely, 100 per cent behind it.”


    • #

      Well the BOM crew will be comfortable and confident in championing their data integrity now that Tony Heller has shown satellite records are being homogenised upwards; it seems there is unlimited funding for the rectification of data which does not accord with the warming dogma.


    • #

      re the SBS writer, Tom Stayner. he covered this from Turnbull’s interview in The Australian:

      8 Oct: SBS: TOM STAYNER: Malcolm Turnbull blasts Liberal party for being ‘incapable’ of climate change action
      He said climate change scepticism from a group of denialists had influenced his party and led to Australians paying higher power bills and more emissions…

      another recent Stayner piece:

      17 Oct: SBS: Labor’s Ed Husic warns Australia isn’t taking rise of far-right extremism seriously
      By Tom Stayner
      Mr Husic made the assertion in a powerful speech in Parliament’s Federation Chamber on Tuesday night, calling for a tougher stance on extremism.
      “We have got to take seriously white supremacists and far-right extremism,” he said in his speech.
      “We need to take this seriously. We need to deal with it now.”…
      His comments have been backed by counter-terrorism experts calling for increased vigilance to tackle the extremist threat…
      Australian National University counter-terrorism analyst Clive Williams told SBS News right-wing extremism has increasingly shown itself around the world.
      “It is probably a link on from what is happening in Europe and in the United States where right-wing related attacks have been more common,” he said…

      presumably, the same Stayner:

      3 Aug 2018: NITV: TOM STAYNER: Traditional Owners appeal to UN over Adani mine
      Traditional Owners opposed to the Adani Carmichael coal mine in Queensland are now appealing to the United Nations to help stop the project.
      The Wangan and Jagalingou Family Council have written to the UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination saying Australia’s actions breach the racial discrimination convention…

      google images show the “Yes Divest” protester in the Demos piece below as identical to a Stayner/SBS image for Twitter, which states he is based in Canberra.


      14 Feb 2018: Demos Journal: How to Make Trouble*: Three Climate Activists in Conversation
      by Judy Kuo and Tom Swann in interview with Odette Shenfield
      When Fossil Free ANU began in 2011, it was one of the first fossil fuel divestment campaigns in the world…
      Later, with the Fossil Free movement taking off across the USA, the group realised they needed to go beyond Metgasco and start pushing for a Fossil Free ANU.
      After the initial win, Tom (Swann) describes how the students’ research skills again proved useful.

      “I remember my friend ***TOM STAYNER pestered me to put in a Freedom of Information request to find out what was happening with the Metgasco investment and what else the ANU owned. I did that and the ANU blocked access. They said there was no public interest in disclosure, which was pretty outrageous because we were the public and we were very, very interested.”…

      Wikipedia: Fossil fuel divestment
      The divestment campaign at the Australian National University is one of the longest running in the world and, while it has not yet achieved full fossil fuel divestment, it has had substantial wins, most notably in 2011 and 2014.
      ***TOM STAYNER, an activist from the (ANU Environment Collective) EC, stated in the ANU student paper Woroni that: “He took some convincing, but the Vice Chancellor is showing leadership on this urgent issue.”…

      May 2010: Climatewhistleblowers’s Blog: Climate Whistleblowers in the Canberra Times!
      The delivery of our Postcards from the Future caught the attention of the Canberra Times on Thursday!…
      The article reads…
      Climate Whistleblowers’ spokesman ***TOM STAYNER said the message was important…

      Oct 2011: ABC: ANU to sell coal seam gas shares after student pressure
      By Bec Taylor
      Pressure from a student group has forced the ANU’s Vice Chancellor Ian Young to dump its shares in coal seam gas company, Metgasco.
      ANU Environment Collective’s ***TOM STAYNER says his group of student activists was surprised to learn that ANU had the twelfth largest share in the company, around a million dollars worth of shares.
      “We looked into whether Australian Ethical Investments approved of Metgasco and found that this was not the case.”…
      The ANU Environment Collective set up an event called “ANU Gets Fracked!” to draw attention to the issue, says Tom Stayner…


    • #
      Peter C

      VIDEO: 3min57sec: 21 Oct: AAP: BoM defends data to One Nation Senator
      Supplied video…of One Nation Senator Malcolm Roberts questioning Dr Andrew Johnson, from the Bureau of Meteorology, over data that can no longer be accessed on the Bureau of Meteorology’s website. The data outlined the average number of “very hot days” from ***1910 to 2015. “Was it removed because it goes against the narrative or was it removed because there was an error?” Mr Roberts asks. Mr Johnson says he has not seen the graph the senator is referring to. “Firstly, I reject the premise of your question senator, which goes to the integrity of the Bureau’s data,” he says. “The integrity of our data is of the highest order, and I stand absolutely 100 percent behind it.” (AAP VIDEO/Supplied/parlview)

      Malcolm Roberts probably should have put his questions on notice. It was too easy for Andrew Johnson to sidestep the questions.


      • #
        robert rosicka

        Way back machine has found the deleted graph Roberts was talking about so for BOM the question is why get rid of it in the first place .


      • #

        Peter C -

        all the questions to Johnson were put on notice, and he was given this particular graph – but will he respond promptly or will it just drag on.

        Craig Kelly was on Bolt/Sky tonite – and they discussed it, showed the graph, etc. hoping to find the clip online.


        • #
          Peter C

          Malcolm Roberts put his questions on notice after he had asked them. Consequently Andrew Johnson could plead ignorance.

          That seemed like an opportunity wasted. Perhaps he has a plan to get Anderw Johnson back and grill him again.


  • #

    came across this today from Sept. unattributed; some bits made me smile:

    22 Sept: Yahoo: The tricky business of weather prediction: Why forecasters sometimes get it wrong
    No matter what the TV weatherman says, it’s probably always worth packing an extra jumper or maybe even that umbrella you don’t think you’ll need.
    It’s less common than it used to be, but the weather forecast isn’t always right.
    Just ask anyone living in Melbourne. In 2017, in one of the more famous recent cases of the Bureau of Meteorology getting it a bit wrong, Victorians were told to brace for a biblical storm with severe weather warnings issued and 7.4 million text messages sent out warning residents of flooding.
    In the end it passed Melbourne and surrounding areas with little excitement but later drenched the north of the state. Many were left wondering what all the fuss was about, forcing the Bureau of Meteorology to defend its forecasting.

    The physics and technology of weather forecasting have advanced significantly in recent years but perfect accuracy remains a quixotic notion.
    In the age of satellites and super computers we’ve got more observational data and more power to crunch it than ever before.
    As a result we can now predict seven days ahead with about the same accuracy as we could to three days at the turn of the century…

    The collection process is an international effort, with Australia working closely with Japan to provide a patchwork of data. But it’s still that: a patchwork of data and algorithms which are interpreted by human experts. To be perfectly accurate every time, scientists would need near constant data from every single point on the planet…

    It might sound like a steep cost, but it makes sense to pump money into weather forecasting because it plays an important role in agriculture, energy management, aviation, and disaster resilience.
    A 2017 study found “for every dollar spent on delivering Bureau [of Meteorology] services, these services return a benefit of $11.60 to the Australian economy.”…

    Why the forecast can sometimes get it wrong
    Despite forecasting techniques coming along in leaps and bounds, the chaotic and mercurial nature of weather means sometimes things don’t pan out exactly as predicted.
    And sometimes, the BoM’s models even spit out contradicting information.
    “One may suggest the cold front will come early, another may say it’ll be in the afternoon. In that scenario, we look at it and consider which model has been performing better lately, and weight our forecast towards that model,” Mr McGibbony told Fairfax.

    ***On the rare occasions they do get it wrong, it tends to be extreme weather events like thunderstorms, and often in summer…
    “In summer you’ve got more energy in the atmosphere with the sun producing more heat,” (senior bureau forecaster Steven McGibbony) explained.
    “For example, with a cold front, being slightly inaccurate makes a big difference. If you’ve got 40 degrees on one side of the front and 20 degrees on the other, a slight disagreement in the models may mean you’re not sure if the heaviest rainfall will be in the late morning or early afternoon.”…

    According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), a seven-day forecast can accurately predict the weather about 80 per cent of the time and a five-day forecast can accurately predict the weather about 90 per cent of the time.
    The further you look into the future, the less accurate it will be with studies suggesting a two-week limit to weather forecasting.
    A 10-day forecast or longer, the NOAA says, will only be right about half the time.


    • #
      Greg in NZ

      Smiley bit #1:
      “the chaotic and mercurial nature of weather means sometimes things don’t pan out exactly as predicted. And sometimes, the BoM’s models even spit out contradicting information”. :-)

      Smiley bit #2: “The further you look into the future, the less accurate it will be with studies suggesting a two-week limit to weather forecasting. A 10-day forecast or longer, the NOAA says, will only be right about half the time”. Yet 10 or 50 or 100 years “into the future” is – let me get this right – ‘settled science’? :-)


    • #

      ““In summer you’ve got more energy in the atmosphere with the sun producing more heat”

      So the SUN , not CO2.. Well I never woulda thunk that !!


  • #

    quit the UN, not just Paris:

    20 Oct: FoundationForEconomicEducation: Gas Prices Expected to Rise in 2020 — Thanks to an Obscure UN Regulator
    The International Maritime Organization’s 2016 decision to ratchet down sulfur content in shipping fuels could result in global fuel shortages
    by Ross Marchand, director of policy for the Taxpayers Protection Alliance.
    Starting in 2020, the IMO will require (LINK) the phasing out of sulfur from ship fuels despite documented difficulties in refiners’ ability to meet strict new standards. Unless the IMO changes course, consumers across America, and all around the world, will foot the bill for higher gasoline prices as the result of global fuel shortages. If America and her allies fail to act soon to stymie the efforts of this global bureaucracy, affordable gas will soon be a thing of the past.

    Like many unaccountable international governmental organizations (IGOs), the IMO is hardly noticed by the media. But the agency’s 2016 decision to ratchet down sulfur content in shipping fuels from 3.5 percent to 0.5 percent has received plenty of press and attention from analysts around the world. Environmentalists have lauded the IMO’s decision and called for eliminating scrubbers used to wash out sulfur and comply with the new standards. But the IMO and cheerleader groups fail to properly acknowledge or address the fuel shortages that will likely result from the phasing-out of sulfur.

    In moving away from sulfur, shippers will likely switch en masse to alternatives such as gasoil or diesel. That’s not good news for refineries, which will face significant pressures to ramp up production of these stand-ins. Currently, there simply isn’t enough low-sulfur fuel to go around, and refineries will need to sharply increase capacity and operations in order to keep up.

    Economist Philip K. Verleger notes (LINK), “As many as half of world refineries cannot produce fuel that meets the new regulation…They cannot reprocess a high-sulfur diesel fuel to a low-sulfur diesel because their facilities are inflexible.”

    Worldwide regulations holding the industry back make it even more difficult for refineries to keep up with this niche, surging demand. In the US, federal fuel regulations have significantly contributed (LINK) to the closure of 70 refineries since 1990. And since then, refineries have spent more than $100 billion complying with ultra-specific federal standards about which blends of fuel they are required to produce. In Europe, refinery regulation is often even stricter (LINK) than in the US…

    And if ships can’t get the diesel and gasoil they need to maneuver between continents, global trade may suffer to the detriment of everybody. IMO Secretary-General Kitack Lim admitted as much (LINK) on October 7, claiming “there might be some challenges” for shipping companies on particular routes.

    As Edmund Hughes, the organization’s head of air pollution and energy efficiency issues, recently admitted (LINK), “Yes there will potentially be an increase in the price of fuel oil used by shipping,” but he justified IMO policy by claiming “you pay for quality in the world.”…


    • #

      The UN is a blight on Western developed nations all of which should leave it and withdraw from all its treaty obligations and unlink legislative measures which proceed from such treaties. I’d go further but foam is dripping from my mouth onto the keyboard.


  • #

    20 Oct: WSJ editorial: Cuomo’s Carbon Contradiction
    After blocking pipelines, he bullies a firm to deploy natural gas this winter
    New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has a habit of bullying others to cover for and fix his policy blunders. In another display of political grace, Mr. Cuomo has ordered the utility National Grid to resume natural-gas hookups that were suspended after his senseless pipeline veto this spring.
    Mr. Cuomo wants to make New York ground zero in the left’s plan to purge fossil fuels. First he banned shale fracking in southern New York despite its huge potential to boost local economies. Then he blocked a natural-gas pipeline from Pennsylvania that would have reduced energy bills and reliance on heating oil.

    As a coup de grâce, in May he vetoed another pipeline to bring natural gas to Long Island from New Jersey. National Grid, which provides natural gas on Long Island, responded rationally by imposing a moratorium on natural-gas hookups to prevent supply disruptions when demand spikes in the winter.
    This essentially stranded tens of thousands of folks waiting for gas hookups, including more than a thousand who had deactivated their service after moving or renovating. Apparently Mr. Cuomo didn’t understand that the result of his pipeline blockade was to force residents to use more expensive and less-efficient electric appliances for space and water heating.

    After folks on Long Island protested — one homeless shelter estimated that electrification would cost an additional $200,000 — Mr. Cuomo last week ordered National Grid to reconnect over a thousand customers. He also directed state regulators to investigate National Grid’s decision to disrupt natural gas service and threatened to yank its monopoly.

    National Grid now says it plans to truck in compressed natural gas to meet peak demand. Exactly how will this reduce CO2 emissions?…

    21 Oct: Exxon’s Climate-Change Accounting Goes on Trial
    New York’s attorney general says the oil giant misled investors about its calculations of future climate-change regulation
    By Corinne Ramey
    Exxon Mobil Corp. and New York’s attorney general are headed for a showdown this week over accusations the company deceived investors, a rare trial over how the oil industry accounts for the impact of climate change.
    The trial, which begins Tuesday in state court in Manhattan, is the culmination of a sprawling investigation into Exxon and its accounting practices that spanned four years and three New York attorneys general. It is expected to include as a witness former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who was Exxon’s chief executive from 2006 to 2016.

    The attorney general’s office said the company told investors that it was taking into account the future costs of regulations it expected governments to adopt in response to climate change. But Exxon’s internal calculations didn’t match its public representations, the office said.
    The attorney general’s office said the company’s misrepresentations caused investors to overvalue its stock. It estimated the damage to shareholders to be between $476 million and $1.6 billion.
    “Exxon in effect erected a Potemkin village to create the illusion that it had fully considered the risks of future climate-change regulation,” the complaint says.

    Exxon has denied wrongdoing and said a reasonable investor wouldn’t expect to know such internal details. The company has also accused the attorneys general involved, all Democrats, of being motivated by politics in bringing the case, which the office has denied.
    The oil industry has said that it is difficult to estimate the future costs of climate-change regulation, which is uncertain politically and varies across national boundaries…


  • #

    more reasons to quit Paris:

    21 Oct: New Scientist: Stressed about climate change? Eight tips for managing eco-anxiety
    By Penny Sarchet
    The phenomenon is significant enough that psychotherapists met in London on Saturday to discuss how best to manage the dread and fear people are experiencing over our impact on the planet.
    “Eco-anxiety is a term that’s used a lot, but it’s misguided if it’s not used in the right way,” said Sarah Niblock of the UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) in her opening speech. “This is not an illness or disorder, it’s a perfectly normal and healthy reaction.”…

    But psychotherapists at the UKCP meeting had plenty of anecdotal evidence. “I had ten organisations contact me last week alone saying our staff are struggling, can you help?” said Caroline Hickman of the Climate Psychology Alliance, a group set up in response to climate anxiety.
    She has been contacted by museums, science institutes and civil servants, as well as counsellors, with one asking her how to help a 19-year-old student who was sobbing and said: “I can never have children because of the climate emergency”.
    Hickman also spoke of the distress experienced by school-strikers for the climate. “Some of these young people are really struggling when they go back to school and they’re met with a kind of antipathy or shaming by the school.”
    But the conference, which also included talks from climate scientists and environmental activists, wasn’t short of tips for managing eco-anxiety…

    1. Live more in alignment with your values
    There was disagreement at the meeting over the value of lifestyle changes. The impact of individual actions can be very small, but psychotherapist Mary-Jayne Rust suggested that changing your lifestyle to be more compatible with your values can help with eco-anxiety.
    Researchers from Imperial College London’s Grantham Institute offered several ways to do this: eat less meat and dairy, drive less and stop buying and disposing of so many items. “We live in a throwaway society,” said the institute’s Neil Jennings. “We consume much more than we need and it’s not making us happy.”…

    (from #2)
    The Grantham Institute advises letting your MP, local councillors and mayor know that you think action on climate change is important, and writing to your bank or pension provider to ask if you can opt out of funds that invest in fossil fuels…


  • #

    The greens have a ‘Climate Emergency’ petition with 404,000+ names on it. Withdraw from Paris Agreement needs to eclipse that one. Let’s get it moving.


  • #

    altho ABC Breakfast gave this protest a load of publicity (and ABC Brisbane’s Rebecca Levingston did likewise with a lengthy interview with Greens MP Michael Berkman on her Mornings program) -

    AUDIO: 8min07sec: 22 Oct: ABC Breakfast: Cathy Van Extel: Echoes of the past in Queensland protesters bill
    Demonstrations will be held in Brisbane today as the Queensland Government moves forward with tough new laws targeting environmental protesters…

    the best the organisers – Action Ready plus XR, CFMMEU, other unions and Greens could do is, I would say, less than 200 protesters (from the pics available online).

    22 Oct: BrisbaneTimes: Hundreds rally against Queensland anti-protester laws at Parliament
    by Stuart Layt
    About 200 people gathered outside Queensland Parliament on Tuesday to rail against the Palaszczuk government’s planned changes to protest laws…
    The protesters were made up of people flying Extinction Rebellion flags, as well as a strong contingent from the CFMEU and other unions, who oppose the laws on ideological grounds.
    The demonstration on Tuesday morning was organised by climate justice movement Action Ready.
    Speaking after the protest, Greens MP Michael Berkman said the government’s laws were badly drafted and had been rushed through the committee process…

    what NineNetwork (formerly Fairfax) Brisbane Times missed:

    22 Oct: 7News: AAP: Protest against laws to limit Qld protests
    by Sonia Kohlbacher
    But some of the lock-on devices and protest manoeuvres being used were criticised during a protest outside state parliament on Tuesday.
    In her Welcome to Country, Yuggera woman Deborah Sandy criticised some of devices protesters are using to lock themselves to train tracks and public infrastructure, like metal drums filled with concrete

    She also criticised Extinction Rebellion protester Paul Jukes for dangling off Brisbane’s Story Bridge in a hammock earlier this month.
    “We don’t need that stuff going down in our town,” Ms Sandy said.
    “If you’re going to have a rally, keep it civil, if you’re going to have a march or a protest, keep it civil.
    “Don’t going doing extreme things that’s going to encourage and teach our children, our next generation, to do those things.
    “I agree with everything, just not the stupid, extreme things people do.”

    Protester Anna Reynolds said lock-on devices were a tool for peaceful protest.
    “They are so far from dangerous, only if they’re removed incorrectly, which we have seen in the past,” she told he crowd…

    Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk says she has seen evidence “of locking devices laced with booby traps” like glass and and butane gas containers.
    She and Police Minister Mark Ryan say the laws are needed to prevent harm to protesters using the devices and the emergency services personnel removing them…

    Brendan Smith/Sky is the worst – “large crowd”, never shows more than about 20 protesters – in fact, he stays well clear of the protest for most of the following:

    VIDEO: 2min57sec: Sky: Protestors rally against ‘dangerous devices’ bill at Qld parliament
    A large crowd has gathered outside Queensland State Parliament protesting against a “dangerous devices” bill set to be fast-tracked through parliament… The controversial bill blah blah…


  • #

    excerpt from Ian Plimer on Sky’s Ousiders:

    VIDEO: 1min10sec: 20 Oct: Climatism: GENESIS Of The Great Global Warming Hoax In One Minute And Ten Seconds
    WONDERFUL analysis of the business case to attack carbon dioxide, by geologist Ian Plimer who featured, today, on the ‘wonderful’ Outsiders – the most watched, daily, Sky News program in Australia.

    meanwhile, the alarmists at WaPo double down – novel length:

    16 Oct: WaPo: Facing unbearable heat, Qatar has begun to air-condition the outdoors
    By Steven Mufson; Chris Mooney and John Muyskens contributed to this report
    DOHA — It was 116 degrees Fahrenheit in the shade outside the new Al Janoub soccer stadium, and the air felt to air-conditioning expert Saud Ghani as if God had pointed “a giant hair dryer” at Qatar.
    Yet inside the open-air stadium, a cool breeze was blowing. Beneath each of the 40,000 seats, small grates adorned with Arabic-style patterns were pushing out cool air at ankle level. And since cool air sinks, waves of it rolled gently down to the grassy playing field. Vents the size of soccer balls fed more cold air onto the field…

    Qatar, the world’s leading exporter of liquefied natural gas, may be able to cool its stadiums, but it cannot cool the entire country. Fears that the hundreds of thousands of soccer fans might wilt or even die while shuttling between stadiums and metros and hotels in the unforgiving summer heat prompted the decision to delay the World Cup by five months. It is now scheduled for November, during Qatar’s milder winter.

    The change in the World Cup date is a symptom of a larger problem — climate change.
    Already one of the hottest places on Earth, Qatar has seen average temperatures rise more than 2 degrees Celsius above preindustrial times, the current international goal for limiting the damage of global warming…
    To survive the summer heat, Qatar not only air-conditions its soccer stadiums, but also the outdoors — in markets, along sidewalks, even at outdoor malls so people can window shop with a cool breeze…
    And it’s going to get hotter…

    Qatar is adding natural gas capacity faster than it’s adding solar — and at low prices. The country’s new dairy farm, a natural candidate for solar power, uses 35 megawatts from the natural-gas-fired grid to keep the cows cool enough to survive the heat.
    Moreover, solar power plans will be dwarfed by the government’s plans to expand LNG production by 43 percent by 2024, adding 60 new tankers to its armada…

    Scientists are wrestling with the question of why this small desert country and its rapidly industrializing capital have experienced such extraordinary rates of warming. Over the past five years, a large swath of the country measured more than 2 degrees Celsius warmer than during the preindustrial era, according to data from Berkeley Earth.

    Abdulla al-Mannai, director of the Qatar Meteorology Department, argued in emails to The Washington Post that the fast warming of Doha is being driven largely by urbanization, or what is known as the urban heat island effect, in which the dark surfaces of city streets and rooftops absorb solar radiation…

    Mannai provided data showing that temperatures in the city of Doha have climbed by an astonishing 2.8 degrees Celsius since 1962. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and NASA give lower figures, but ones that still reflect a major warming of 1.9 degrees Celsius in just over 50 years. And that is after an adjustment that is designed to take urbanization into account.
    Mannai said that international experts rely too heavily on temperature readings at the Doha airport, which he said is susceptible to urban warming. The Doha airport temperature records are the nation’s most complete, but other monitoring stations around the country show less warming, he wrote.
    “Even though there is an increase in temperature, it is far less than in industrial countries,” Mannai wrote.

    Urban heat islands can indeed drive temperature increases. Doha is warming faster at night, research shows — one telltale sign of urban-driven factors.
    But there is also evidence that Doha is warming because of climate change. Its temperatures are in sync with other places in the Middle East and Persian Gulf, including nonurban areas, studies (LINK) show…

    ***The region around Doha has experienced warming nearly two times the global average…

    In August, Qatar’s Public Works Authority paved over a 200-meter stretch of road near the souq with layers of bright blue material designed by a Japanese company. Unlike asphalt, the material reflects much of the sun’s radiation. Temperature readings dropped by as much as 12 degrees to a mere 136.4 degrees Fahrenheit…


    • #

      As to Qatar… The principles of heat exchange absolutely mandate that you cannot have a cool stadium without having massively heated up its exterior vicinity. HVAC has heated up central business districts everywhere; it’s ignorantly fallacious to attribute a perceived unusual increase in Doha to global warming, the very epitome of a tendentious argument.


  • #

    Good one pat. I hadn’t been aware of the existence of climatism dot blog; maybe Jo could add it to the links sidebar.


  • #
  • #

    Ian Macfarlane, Queensland Resources Council, was just on Paul Kelly/Sky talking about the following. it’s behind paywall, but Macfarlane was suggesting it is about accounting for scope 3 emissions – the emissions where our coal ends up etc, which he said is not required under Paris:

    Classified Queensland plan to close down coalmining
    The Australian – 23 hours ago
    Classified Queensland plan to close down coalmining …It is a plan that could forever change Queensland’s economy — possibly putting Australian-first environmental hurdles in the way of new projects, particularly in mining — but until now its existence was a secret…

    22 Oct: Hitz939: LNP Demands Labor Release ‘Secret Coal Report’
    By Michelle Price
    Local politicians have joined forces to demand the Queensland Labor Government release its ‘Secret Coal Report’.
    Member for Capricornia Michelle Landry said the coal industry is very important to Capricornia, all of Queensland and the nation.
    She said the only reason we even found out about this report is because a Journalist had a Freedom Of Information request and this [coal report] was attached to one of the reports he received.
    “We see that the Queensland State Labor Government have had a report hidden in the bottom draw in the Premier’s office, trying to disband the whole coal sector.
    “Now this has put billions of dollars of royalties into the Queensland coffers, this is tens of thousands of jobs right across Queensland and here are the Labor party, once again, trying to stop the coal sector.

    Ms Landry went on, “Have they not learnt their lesson after the Federal Election”?
    “People in Queensland, particularly in Central and North Queensland, were just livid of what the State Government was going to do.”..

    Minister for Resources and Northern Australia Matt Canavan said “Well I think for all of us in Central and North Queensland, Labor’s plan to shut down the coal mining sector has been an ‘open secret’ for the last year”.
    “These revelations just confirm what we all heard [Deputy Premier] Jackie Trad say six months ago, that she wants everybody in the coal mining sector to retrain.”..

    btw Bolt/Sky ended his segment with Craig Kelly tonite by saying an audit of BoM is needed.


  • #

    Signed and confirmed EN1116 – The case for leaving the Paris Climate Agreement.
    Currently has a whole 2048 signatures. (But it’s a nice round number for those who can code.)

    Then this evening another email exhorts me to sign this: EN1041 – petition to declare a climate emergency.

    “… this petition has currently 3 times the highest number of signatures ever received in the past. This petition’s currently 336,000 signatures are three times the 104 thousand signatures received for the tampon tax which was axed 4 months after the petition date.”

    There’s all the usual lies and disinformation. “vast majority of scientists”, “record droughts and fires” and so on. Why does no one EVER understand that it’s cooling that brings major droughts, not warming? Never heard of the Hunger Stones of Europe apparently. Where do they think atmospheric moisture comes from?

    Really depressing. I’d like to declare an ‘idiots taking over the world’ emergency.
    Oh well. I hope to live long enough to see all these ignorant useful idiots up to their backsides in snowdrifts, as the coming (mini or not) ice age really sets its teeth in.


  • #

    glanced at Sky’s “Front Page” and caught a headline on tomorrow’s Daily Telegraph about –

    day care centre(s) teaching pre-schoolers how to be “climate activists”


  • #

    Petition NOT SCIENTIFIC because, if it were, it would have titled that ALL THE GAS RECYCLENT and that there is NO greenhouse gas and that the carbon gas is NOT a poison !


  • #

    How do you link to the petition – I get a “refused to connect” response ??


  • #
    George Cross

    Hmmm… can’t reach this refused to connect.

    Checking the connection
    Checking the proxy and the firewall


  • #

    We are now being blocked from the petitions site. Why is this so? Does anyone know?


  • #

    The petition site is now working again.


  • #
    Chas Holmes

    Time to exit to the real world


  • #

    I did sign but the no of signatures is v low at this stage.


  • #

    Hi Jo

    Can you contact SKY NEWS AUSTRALIA to make this a news Item??? (the petition)


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