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Unthreaded – I’m back (just)

I’ve returned from two weeks away around some old haunts in Canberra. It’s been fascinating.

Thanks to David T for dedicatedly migrating my whole blog to a new more secure and less expensive location (PS David, I have that visual editor again. Ta!). I have 1846 emails (and that’s after several days worth were lost). Apologies for the delays in replying and apologies to those whose messages bounced.

Keep sending in the news as the meme collapses…

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    Now I’ve got 5 green and one red tick 30ms after posting comment #1????



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    Hi everyone, 100,000 comments have gone awol,60 from this thread. We are working on getting them back. Hopefully by next week, it will all be fixed. – Jo


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    Kevin Moore

    I thought it a bit odd when a couple of comments disappeared from here after the relocation, now they have all gone?


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    Kevin Moore

    The Framework For Suppressing Information -

    Public opinion—defined by 19th century English political thinker William MacKinnon as “that sentiment on any given subject which is entertained by the best informed, most intelligent, and most moral persons in the community”—is fundamentally at odds with police state prerogatives also exemplified in recent US Department of Homeland Security documents…….

    ………Moreover, individuals capable of possessing, articulating, and acting upon meaningful ideas and information—of exercising an informed and self-determined opinion in furtherance of their shared security and welfare—have no need for a police state to “protect” them, which in all likelihood is why critical thought and public opinion are the New World Order’s greatest enemies.


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    I too just presumed AGW was real until I read that Rupert Murdoch and David Rockefeller now believed this too, and were terribly concerned that we save the environment… and for me this was when the needle shrieked across the record. Once alerted, just a glance at the real evidence had my hackles up. That was in 2007 and a quick chat to Bob Carter, Chris Monckton, US meteorologists and several other evidently intelligent human beings, was enough to get me campaigning. But I quickly realised that a carbon tax rather than logic, would cause the community to become elienated by the AGW believers; that plus the patent elitism and anti-democracy of the AGW’s scientist’s political imposition.

    It also became clear that the real issue was the marginalisation and pauperisation of the national electorate, which had become utterly voiceless. So I turned my attention to restoring this voice. I may be right or I may be wrong in my choice of strategies and only time will tell. Meanwhile you and your readers might care to glance at our website and draw your own conclusions. Our strategies are not limited to those presented therein.

    And congratulations on your magnificant work, Jo.


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