Pandemic of incompetence? Vitamin D reduced intensive care by 80%. Ministers don’t care?

If a new drug reduced deaths by 10% it would almost get a Nobel Prize — that is, as long as it made someone rich.

Sunshine Vitamin.

A free antiviral shining down on you?

At the Hospital del Mar in Barcelona 930 people who turned up with Covid were randomly asked to take a vitamin D3 (calcifediol) treatment or a placebo. Of them, 551 were given four doses of Vitamin D3 over the next four weeks. The other 379 luckless people got the chance to be randomized controls..

The lucky ones got 20,000IU (or 20 normal vitamin D3 tablets) on day one, then 10,000 IU (ten normal tablets) on four other days in the next month. (Technically, the big dose was given was given on day one followed up with half doses on day 3, 7, 15, and 30.)

In the hapless control group as many as 80 people (21%) would go on to need Intensive Care (ICU). And 57 people of the original 379 would end up dying, or about 15%.

Of the 551 people given five dollars worth* of Vitamin D (that’s the cost online) only 30 (5%)  would go on to need the ICU, and all up 36 people died (6.5%).

So, proportionately, more than twice as many people died in the group that missed out on Vitamin D3. Which loosely suggests that of the 57 deaths in the placebo group, possibly 34 of them could have been saved by a cheap vitamin available at chemists around the corner from their home. People can get D3 from the sun too, though not so much in northern Europe in winter.

If you are a normal sane person, this could make you very angry. Lives could have been saved and many hospital beds emptied at almost no cost. Even before Covid arrived –  we already knew a lot about Vitamin D3 .. As I said in April, deficiency in D3 is a pandemic we need to solve.

D3 is used to activate or influence about 200 different genes, Vitamin D levels also correlate with lower rates of cancer, diabetes, high blood pressureasthma, heart disease, dental caries, preeclampsia, autoimmune diseasedepressionanxiety, and sleep disorders. It’s so crucial, it was likely the reason northern Europeans evolved whiter skin. The lack of sunlight and the introduction of grains in diets (as opposed to eating liver and whales) meant that Europeans weren’t getting enough D from either food or sun. The selective pressure was so strong that lighter skin rapidly took over all the northern communities. 

For months now we’ve know that in at least one study, 40% of older people who die from respiratory infections seem to be dying because they are deficient in this vitamin. The study also showed that people who were deficient in Vitamin D were also more likely to die.

And here’s another kicker — this study was done way back in March April and May last year. It’s a Spanish study and it’s only just been published. And the thing that will make you grind your teeth was that nearly a year after this started there are still no good big studies. It’s almost like this one slipped under the radar in the early days and forever after, despite the billions in costs and the millions of patients, no one wants to do a larger follow up? This was an idea so obvious it was organised within weeks of the outbreak, yet one year later, … crickets?

There are caveats

In most studies the people that benefit the most are the ones who are deficient. This study didn’t even measure those levels. CORRECTED: (Sorry, this study did measure D levels at the start, and found the most deficient people were the most likely to get a bad outcome.)

All the patients in both groups were also given HCQ and AZ. Perhaps this improved all the outcomes?  On the other hand, doctors didn’t know a lot about Covid back then, and that undoubtedly meant higher death rates.

The standard treatment for everyone at the time:

All hospitalized patients received the same standard therapy, consisting in hydroxychloroquine 400 mg/24h
first day and 200 mg/24h 4 days with azithromycin 500 mg/24h 3 days, plus ceftriaxone 1 or 2 g/24h 7
days when there was bacterial superinfection. Patients with severe or critical conditions of pulmonary
inflammation or clinical suspicion of cytokine storm were additionally treated with dexamethasone bolus
(20 mg/day x 4 days) according to hospital guidelines.

What we desperately need are bigger better studies, though who would want to be in the placebo group?

The billion dollar question is why they haven’t been done.

Cholecaliferol, Vitamin D3

There are plenty of reasons for human incompetence, but there are serious financial incentives that needs to be addressed. There are huge profits in finding new drugs and almost none in solving the problem with known cheap and unpatentable molecules.

Follow the money. This is exactly the kind of research that our government funded universities and hospitals ought be doing. Yet where are they?  Trapped in some public-private agreement?  Worried that if they speak up they might be cancelled? Think of Craig Kelly MP — he’s under attack for talking about Ivermectin.

The Covid pandemic is a virological bomb, but a lot of the damage is due to a pandemic of corruption and government incompetence.

It doesn’t have to be this way. It’s time to start protesting for real government funded research on vitamins and antivirals. Raise awareness that people need to check their Vitamin D levels, and we need to make sure those with darker skin know about their higher risk for being deficient.

Do Black Lives really Matter? Does your Health Minister even care less? Just ask…

Other posts on Vitamin D

*That’s the USD price of 60 tablets of 1,000 IU — enough to treat one person. People taking Vitamin D would be wise to also look up Vitamin K levels.


Nogués, Xavier and Ovejero, Diana and Quesada-Gomez, J. M. and Bouillon, Roger and Arenas, Dolores and Pascual, Julio and Villar-Garcia, Judith and Rial, Abora and Gimenez-Argente, Carme and Cos, ML. and Rodriguez-Morera, Jaime and Campodarve, Isabel and Guerri-Fernandez, Robert and Pineda-Moncusí, Marta and García-Giralt, Natalia, Calcifediol Treatment and COVID-19-Related Outcomes. SSRN: or

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    Henning Nielsen

    Thanks a lot for this very important article!

    “It’s so crucial, it was likely the reason northern Europeans evolved whiter skin. The lack of sunlight and the introduction of grains in diets (as opposed to eating liver and whales) meant that Europeans weren’t getting enough D from either food or sun.”

    In Norway we still eat whales and we are very healthy 🙂


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      Those people who turned up in Barcelona were already sick. They were admitted to hospital. We know that late treatment, when admitted to hospital, reduces success rate with HCQ and Ivermectin. And it appears NO Zinc was administered. A big mistake.


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        Sceptical Sam

        Invermectin shows its worth in a double blind Israeli study

        The double-blind, placebo-controlled study included 100 people with mild to moderate cases of the disease who were not hospitalized for the virus. It tested whether ivermectin could shorten the viral shedding period, allowing them to test negative for coronavirus and leave isolation in only a few days.

        According to his still unpublished data, Schwartz said the drug was shown to help “cure” people of the virus within just six days. Moreover, the chances of testing negative for coronavirus were three times higher for the group who received ivermectin than the placebo, he told The Jerusalem Post.


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        A C Osborn

        Yes, no Zinc is a major oversight.


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        Henning Nielsen

        Yes, indeed. The big thing about HCQ, Ivermectin and Zinc is to use them as early as possible.


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    Contemptible Blackguard

    T Plibersek – Alleged MP will have egg all over her face in due course for her put down of C Kelly real MP and he will be the one laughing.


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      Expert at twisting budget Forward Estimate figures to claim a government failed to meet spending targets (budgeted expenditure).


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    In Canada, our politicians are spinning in confusion of different areas locked down and yet let’s open the schools.
    They need thousands of Healthcare workers and that is difficult to teach by online computers.

    The real question is how did they do a fast, instantaneous cure for covid-19 when so many other diseases including the common cold and cancer, not cured and taken years to research…


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    The elite are concerned with overpopulation. The “cool” thing among them nowadays is tricking people into self destruction.

    That’s why we had Fauci and Biden installed.


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    Kalm Keith

    Thanks for looking at the “whole picture” in relation to this CV19 Event Jo.

    Diet can be a decisive factor in health and we need reminding regularly.

    On of the most important books I read many years ago described what happened to the Eskimos who left their regular diet when they moved down south to warmer locations.

    The new diet was deficient in fish oil And there were consequences.

    The book’s name was: The Queen of Fats.



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    When a “normal” person makes a mistake he/she will say “I am sorry, I made a mistake”.
    With the knowledge now, one year on, that HCQ, Ivermectin, Vitamin D3, and other cheap cures already available why is it that governments around the western world cannot come clean and stop this nonsense.
    Does all these government really want NWO, Great Reset, global government whatever it is called?
    I am sure the people is not interested, but interested in getting back to what life was one year ago.


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    I recently had my D3 levels checked and it was 151 nmol/l. I don’t post to boast but to help settle the controversy on the appropriate levels.

    I did not get that high figure with supplements but wholly by sun exposure. I do not believe the body would synthesise more calcifediol than is good for you so I accept this figure, although high, to still be in the “correct” range. My slim wife was not far over 100 while supplementing on 5,000 IU/day so it would seem that that level of supplementation, although considered high by some, is still well within the safe range.

    Of note: At a typical daily intake of vitamin D3, its full conversion to calcifediol takes approximately 7 days.[Wiki] so if unfortunate enough to catch the WuFlu it is then too late to take D3 orally [possibly a problem with this trial] but a high dose injection of calcitriol (1,25-(OH)2D3), the active form, is what I would ask for if I were deficient.


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      Nadia bin Du Natan

      “Of note: At a typical daily intake of vitamin D3, its full conversion to calcifediol takes approximately 7 days.[Wiki] so if unfortunate enough to catch the WuFlu it is then too late to take D3 orally [possibly a problem with this trial] but a high dose injection of calcitriol (1,25-(OH)2D3), the active form, is what I would ask for if I were deficient.”

      This is really important. This is why I said you can’t take the vitamin A before you are sure your vitamin D is already very high. And also you can’t wait until you actually get sick to bring your vitamin D up. Someone I know got a relapse because she took the vitamin A too early. The vitamin A presumably gets your body doing great things in concert with vitamin D but unfortunately this seems to burn up the vitamin D and leave you vulnerable. So called “vitamin A poisoning” may be wholly or in part to do with vitamin D deficiency.

      Don’t wait people. Send for the hard core vitamin D as soon as possible. You won’t regret it. You feel a lot better once your fat soluble vitamin levels are high.


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      Hanrahan said:

      I do not believe the body would synthesise more calcifediol than is good for you so I accept this figure, although high, to still be in the “correct” range.

      The ideal range is 120nm/L to 200nm/L. Your level at 150nm/L is just below the centre of that range.
      It’s NOT a high value — it’s a right value. If your body thought it was too high, it would be dumping the “surplus” out through your kidneys. Your body regulates D3 very well. Trust your body.

      My last measurement (August 2020) was 218nm/L. That’s okay, my body will sort it out. I’m going to be doing another measurement before the end of this month.

      Well done. Keep it there (or Keep it up.) See
      That level “armours” your immune system.

      There’s another up-side to solar exposure: increased nitric/nitrous oxides which are very good for the cardiac system.


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    I hope Jo doesn’t mind me posting an ad. There must be increased demand because this is a few $s dearer than I recall and they are out of stock.

    The bottom line for a year’s supply:
    360 Count


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      Hanrahan (and Jo for allowing)

      Thanks for that will purchase.

      With blood tests every 3 weeks, will ask if they can add Vitamin D levels (for the next 6, I got the nurse to add Cholesterol).

      Like you, I aim to try and get at least 30 mins sun when the sun is shining (although in theory with SCC, I should not)


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      Up here in sunny FNQ the problem is getting too much sun, ergo lots of VitD3 and skin cancers. However when I’m “allowed” to travel overseas my pre-move prep will include VitD3, zinc and likely QUERCETIN a readily available substitute for HCQ.


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    Nadia bin Du Natan

    I don’t think you want the 5000 IU’s Hanrahan. Thats for the small children. To push your blood vitamin D up over 100 nano-moles per litre, in a hurry, its the 50,000 you want for big fat adults. I didn’t realise we had such excellent blood test services. So I was taking these 50 000 for a long time. When I finally tested for vitamin D the lab got a shock. I was over 400 nano-moles per litre. Ha ha ha. Too high to measure.

    Well you’d expect that I’d be clogged up with calcium and be risking some calcium on my aorta to send me to a better world. But I had done the right thing and started taking vitamin K2 and vitamin A as well. So my calcium was fine. But I would advise other people to not be so lazy and get the blood test often enough to just keep it over 100 until the pandemic is over. But don’t forget your strong vitamin K2 as well. Phase in the strong vitamin A only when you are absolutely sure your vitamin D is very high.


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    Nadia bin Du Natan

    “Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action” I thought that was Napoleon who said that. But the search engine is putting it down to Ian Fleming.


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    All the patients in both groups were also given HCQ and AZ

    I hope FaceBook, Twitter and our ABC all condemn the Spanish hospital for “spreading misinformation”.


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    William Astley

    Excellent summary. Vitamin D is a Super hot, explosive topic. (Hey I am working a Vitamin D summary of the deeper issues.) I want to go to San Diego to talk to the Vitamin D researchers/Grassroots founders to get more dirt/facts/insider knowledge about this scandal, super opportunity.

    The Public and does not understand what ‘Vitamin D’ does in the body. The Medical Industry is not on our side because there is an obvious conflict of interest. The Medical Industry logically produces manmade chemicals most of which are used to treat long term chronic issues such as diabetes, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, common cancers, and so on which ‘Vitamin D’ can prevent.

    Correcting the US population Vitamin D deficiency, would based on the data reduce health care costs by 50 to 70%. How is that possible?

    What I have written below is explained in Heaney’s lecture which is linked to.

    Our cells need/use Vitamin D to get the ‘blueprints’ to build cellular apparatus. The blueprints, to build cellular apparatus, is found in a copy of our DNA that every cell has in it.

    One system that Vitamin D is responsible is calcium control. Calcium control is, however, only one of hundreds of systems that Vitamin D is responsible for. The new cellular apparatus which Vitamin D is required to build, produces specialized biochemicals which evolution has developed to protect the body, from long term damage such as the common cancers, arthritis, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, depression, obesity, and so on.

    The majority of Medical ‘research’ has been to find man-made chemicals to treat chronic diseases which Vitamin D would stop from occurring. This is the reason why the public has not been told that breast cancer for example can almost be eliminating by correct women’s vitamin d deficiency. Same for prostate cancer.

    How could one chemical, Vitamin D, produce hundreds of chemicals for hundreds of different body systems? The Vitamin D that enters the cell is used once to build new cellular apparatus and then is destroyed. When Vitamin D is low (less than around 150 nmol/l or 60 ng/ml)…. The cells conserve Vitamin D and cannot produce sufficient evolutionary developed chemicals to protect the body from long term dangers such as cancer and type 2 diabetes.

    Vitamin D Overview Lecture Robert Heaney

    Comment: The label on the graph, in Heaney’s presentation, ‘toxicity’ is not correct. The person that took Vitamin D, supplements 30,000 UI per day, had mild high calcium which was treated. The person did not die. The mild high calcium, was likely caused by that person’s magnesium deficiency, not Vitamin D, rather than the 30,000 UI/day.

    Based on science, the maximum daily tolerable level for Vitamin D should 15,000 UI/day. And the maximum level to safely take daily, would be 10,000 UI/day.

    Roughly of the minerals in the soils (worldwide) have been lost due to long term farming where the plants remove the minerals, we eat the plants, and our solid waste caries the minerals out to the sea. Due to this long-term problem there is now zinc deficiency and magnesium deficient.

    Humans are also deficient in calcium, however, that problem is due to a change in the historic diet.


    There has been zero cases of any, I repeat any, adverse effect for people taking Vitamin D supplements, of 10,000 UI/day or less per day.

    Vitamin D Supplement Paper that notes Medical ‘scientists’ are making strange calculation mistakes concerning the recommended daily Vitamin D levels.

    Letter to Veugelers, P.J. and Ekwaru, J.P., A Statistical Error in the Estimation of the Recommended Dietary Allowance for Vitamin D. Nutrients 2014, 6, 4472–4475; doi:10.3390/nu6104472

    Recently Veugelers and Ekwaru published data [1] indicating that, in its dietary reference intakes for calcium and vitamin D, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) had made a serious calculation error [2].

    Using the same data set as had the IOM panel, these investigators showed that the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for vitamin D had been underestimated by an order of magnitude. Veugelers and Ekwaru, using the IOM’s data, calculated an RDA of 8895 IU per day.

    Patterns of COVID-19 Mortality and Vitamin D: An Indonesian Study

    Vitamin D Insufficient Patients 12.55 times more likely to die, blood serum 25(OH)D level from 21 to 29 ng/ml

    Vitamin D Deficient Patients 19.12 times more likely to die, Vitamin D blood serum level less than 20 ng/ml

    Vitamin D ‘normal’ for this study is 25(0H)D above 30 ng/ml.


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      Never underestimate the power of the Big Pharma lobby. There’s no profit for them in Vit-D, yet it may still be our best defence against Covid.

      Note: Vitamin D is not a cure for Covid. A good level of vit-D, though, is a good prophelactic. If you don’t want to catch Covid, then prevention is better than any cure.


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      1 ng/ml converts to 2.5 nmol/l so 30 ng/ml equals 75 nmol/l an “adequate” level that I like to keep higher.


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    All of this nonsense is about keeping the population scared so they take the Vaccine. I would love to know whats in that snake oil to make so important to them that we take it?

    However, no way I’m taking it to find out. I’ll leave that to the lab rats!


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      Put simply, it is impossible to be in good health if deficient in Vit D.


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        William Astley

        Good health…. Or a miracle.

        It depends on a person’s perspective. Or life experiences.

        Or nazi like torture of let’s say breast cancer patients. Based on the research, breast cancer can almost completely be prevented by correcting the Vitamin deficiency problem. Breast cancer treatment shortens lives and causes brain damage and other health issues. It is sad to watch all of the woman coming for their bi-weekly chemo treatment. Same group sitting in their chairs, with the tubes, for 90 minutes, and watching them losing their hair, losing the cells in the mouth, nose, and so forth. Starting to get chemical brain from breast cancer ‘drugs’. Scared ladies. Some young women, many who will die.

        Prostate cancer treatment results in no change in survival and has a super high risk of a long list of life changing health problems.

        The problem is the lie is too big and too basic. Vitamin D is not a miracle drug. It is a miracle enabler.

        Vitamin D enables our cells to produce miracle chemicals and to run miracle systems. Our body, when it is Vitamin D optimum, is a ‘miracle’ that evolution has developed to keep people happy, healthy, and not fighting with each other until they die peacefully in their sleep. And the lie continues to this day.

        $17 billion has been spent on breast cancer ‘research’ in the US and life expectancy for breast cancer patients has been extended by 0.19 years. There are a dozen studies that show Vitamin D deficiency is the primary factor to determine whether almost any person, will or will not get breast cancer. Same for prostate cancer.

        Vitamin D deficient has been linked to long term brain damage and difficulty in concentrating and making good decisions… 80% of the US black population are severely Vitamin D deficient.

        The left wing say that IQ tests do not work for black people. The problem is not the brains of dark skin people. Dark skin people are even more Vitamin D deficient that white people. This feels evil to know that this is happening.

        Being Vitamin D deficient is having a life long disadvantage that will absolutely result in chronic diseases and severe pain later in life.

        Why are blacks failing to get ahead in the US? Throwing money at the problem has not change anything.

        By 2017, 10,000 human genomes, have identified that are activated by Vitamin D. It is estimated that up to 10% of the human gene could be Vitamin D activated.

        How can you explain a medical miracle which a handful of people know about? What about the implication for black people in the US? 80% of the US black population have Vitamin D levels less than 20 ng/ml (50 nmol/l).

        Vitamin D optimum people are different a microbiological level than Vitamin D deficient people.

        Vitamin D optimum people have evolutionary developed biological protection for all viruses that must connect to the ACE-2 connector in our cells to replicate. When we are Vitamin D optimum, every cell that can be attacked by a virus will have a produce a zinc ionophore that will let a tiny amount of zinc into the cell in question. The Zn++2 ion that gets into the cell, makes the ACE-2 connector in the cell, slightly positive which stops the covid virus from attached and replicating.

        Raising Vitamin D blood level to say 60 ng/ml (150 nmol/l) has been shown to reduce cancer incidence by roughly 70%, for most common cancers (breast, prostate, colon, and so on) and the same for type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and so on.

        What it also means, is the Medical Industry runs/controls the Medical decisions in our countries. We have seen that for covid. And the fake news for some reason is hiding covid cures. Hiding a life saving cure for covid, is nazi evil

        “Only around 3% of Black men born into the bottom quintile make it into the top income quintile, compared to around 10% of white men,” wrote Hatzius. “ If left unchecked, this perpetuates the income disadvantage of Black men across generations.”

        Put another way, according to a McKinsey report, almost 70% of Black middle-class children are likely to fall out of the middle class as adults.

        82% of the US ‘black’ population, 68% of the US Hispanic population, and 42% of the US general population and (roughly 30% of the US white population) is deficient in ‘Vitamin’ D which in this study is defined as a Blood serum level of active ‘Vitamin D’ of less than 20 ng/ml.

        Prevalence and correlates of vitamin D deficiency in US adults.

        For example. Mice and humans have receptors all over our fat cells. When the Mice receptors on their fat cells are stimulated, the mice burn up their fat cells and produce new muscle cells.
        The mice lose weight and gain muscle mass.
        The same effect occurs in humans when their Vit D level is raised from 26 ng/ml to above 40 ng/ml. A 50% reduction in type 2 diabetes and the patients lost 20 to 40 lbs without dieting.
        Incidence rate of type 2 diabetes is >50% lower in Grassroots Health cohort with median serum 25–hydroxyvitamin D of 41 ng/ml than in NHANES cohort with median of 22 ng/ml.
        Type 2 diabetes affects 29 million Americans.
        Type 2 diabetes accounts for 90–95% of adult diabetes cases.
        The CDC expects the number of cases to double or triple in the next 40 years.
        Diabetes is the leading cause of kidney failure, non-traumatic lower limb amputations, and new cases of blindness among adults and is the seventh leading cause of death in the United States. The estimated total yearly cost of diabetes in the United States is $245 billion [1].

        Receptor makes mice strong and slim

        Molecule that regulates two side effects of aging identified
        Finally: Missing link between vitamin D, prostate cancer


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      John F Hultquist

      There are now millions of folks that have had vaccines for this virus, and thousands more every day. The bad outcomes are few, and those are being studied.
      My wife and I have had various shots, and a flu shot every year for many years. Neither of us has any reaction, other than a slight sore spot where the needle went in. In a week or so, we will get the vaccine – without worry.
      However, if you have had reactions to other vaccines, then, yes, delay and let others like us participate in this experiment. Become informed, and in another month – reconsider.


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    I am 80. I had a blood test as part of a general health checkup. The doctor was amazed at my high vitamin D level & wondered why. I have never taken a supplement in my life, but I could tell him why.

    I have 1.5 acres of house paddock, with about 75 trees & a couple of hundred shrubs, along with some flowers. This still leaves an acre of grass to mow. Thus I spend at least a couple of hours every day outside, wearing just a pair of shorts, & heavy boots, we also have a lot of snakes around here.

    My hobbies are driving my 2 convertible classic cars, & flying remote control planes, again out in the sum. Not easy for those still earning a living at indoor activities, but if oldies got away from the TV & computer a bit more, & spent time in the sun, they would be a lot healthier in more than just their vitamin D levels.


  • #
    John F Hultquist

    I’ve been told Vit D3 is not given the awareness it deserves with regard to flu and such because it hasn’t been properly tested (USA info) and shown to be significant with respect to specific issues. Meanwhile there seems to be overwhelming evidence that it is beneficial in many respects.
    Last March or April such ideas were discussed on several sites, likely this one, but I’m not going to search.

    In any case, because it has not been properly studied and shown to be effective, our medical insurers will not pay for a person’s test of Vit D3 in her or his blood. I ask my “doc” (an 8 year out of Physician Assistant training) for her opinion. She said – – skip the test and just start taking D3 (I get almost no sun); stay under 5,000 units per day, or, going higher, test. Zinc is easily gotten in diet or supplements, and red onions have the ionophore.

    I live in the Great State of Washington (the left coast one) and the governor (Jay Inslee) is a “climate cult” member who has caused more harm with his Panic2020 decisions than most people can cause in a lifetime.


  • #

    Did you really think the useless and clueless could admit they are both?
    The public health response to The dread Covid has been a glorious gong show of incompetence,stupidity and lust for power.

    Protecting the health of the public,protecting our natural rights and providing accurate data ,so the citizen can make informed choices to about their risk?..
    Nope,contradiction,confusion,lies and buck passing..
    “Just two weeks to save public healthcare”..
    Those are the longest two weeks I have seen in 6 decades.

    Government failed on every front.
    They have openly attacked the citizenry,denied our rights and responsibilities..”To Protect us”.

    The silver lining of the dread Covid Panic is this revelation.
    We do not need them.
    We cannot afford them.
    And they are the greater danger to us.
    Fire them all..
    Then ,just for a final irony,here in Canada they tell us ;
    “Those restrictions don’t apply to any level of government”.
    That just moved the needle for me.
    It is no longer “Fire them all”
    It has become “Off with their heads”.

    Our Parasitic Overload,has convinced themselves that they are our overlords..Completely failing to comprehend they need us,we do not need them..
    Entitled Parasites are quite the creatures.


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    My GP has been prescribing Vitamin D 50,000 IU monthly for several years.

    Since the pandemic I have increased my intake and Zinc.


  • #
    Kevin a

    NOTE: When you start taking vitamin D your body stops producing it.
    Half hour chest exposure at about 30 degrees your body will produce about 40,000 micro units.


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    I consider this whole COVID-19 “panic” a big, sick joke. Yes, we have a new strain of lethal virus (not nearly so lethal as the Spanish Flu strain). SO WHAT? This has been going on for hundreds of thousands of years…it is called…EVOLUTION, of macro- and micro- life forms. It’s about time that the human race wake up to the inevitable…WE ARE NOT INVINCIBLE! In the billions of years to follow (until the Sun dies), humans and mammals will have had their time (notwithstanding the ELEs that will occur).