Trump wins ‘Most Admired Man’ in America but days later Google still finds Obamas win

Ponder that the most popular man in America allegedly just lost an election to a man who polled one third his score in a popularity contest. It’s just a poll but Trump ranked first with 18% of Americans in the Gallup poll. This occurred while almost all the media were describing him as a delusional sore loser trying to overthrow democracy. Joe Biden, on the other hand, won just 6% while he is riding high in the honeymoon glow. It’s as good as it can get.

Meanwhile 4 days later and Google still shows Obama in a tie with Trump:

Google Search Trump, Man in America

Google Search: Most admired man in America

Even Google’s carrier pigeons have TDS

In the latest news: Republicans vote to protect the TechGiants against being sued as publishers. Section 230 protection continues.  Is this the slow suicide of the Republican Party?

Our Republican Senate just missed the opportunity to get rid of Section 230, which gives unlimited power to Big Tech companies. Pathetic!!! Now they want to give people ravaged by the China Virus $600, rather than the $2000 which they so desperately need. Not fair, or smart!
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    The Republicans missed a golden opportunity to repeal section 230, and now Big Tech has the green light to interfere in every federal and state election going forward. Nice work Republicans.

    I’ve never been a legislator, but it seems that once they are elected they completely forget where they came from and what is currently going on around them. Its like they lose their marbles. Why is that?


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      They move into a bubble. It is really evident in the USA, Australia and the EU with Washington DC, Canberra and Brussels respectively. The politicians move into the swamp where it is impossible for their individual cultural values from outside the swamp to survive. They get homogenised.

      Politicians can be thrown out each election cycle but the swamp creatures exist for generations. They become completely detached from reality. They create their own coddled environment that is immune to external influence. They are the ruling class. They have carved a role no different to the CCP. They crave central planning and control.

      Trump tried!


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        In Australia the once opposite to the centre-left Labor Party and even more apart from the far-left Greens, the Australian Liberal Party, has split into L.I.N.O. (liberals In Name Only who side most often with the Labor-Greens and other Globalists.

        Unfortunately most Australians have been blissfully unaware, politics don’t interest them because they are blissfully unaware people, of the creeping leftist agenda based on signing of United Nations treaties and agreements by our Federal Government which is legislated by State Governments and regulated by Local Government as well as Federal and State governments.

        Not long after the UN was established treaties were recommended to the UN by Australian Labor (Communist) Attorney General Evatt as a way to get around constitutional law in member nations. Gradually (the inevitability of gradualness) treaties have been imposed supported by the majority of politicians and political parties majority. And for those who do not understand why I referred to “Labor (Communist)”, the Australian Labor Party was riddled with them and during the 1950s a split took place when the centre-left ALP members formed their Democratic Labor Party to get away from the influence of communism. But it lingered on and today leftism is globalism socialism. “new world order” and “one world government”. During the 1990s ABC National Radio broadcast a series about NWO.

        For example, it is explained that Agenda 21 (now 30 – 2030) – Sustainability included locking up state owned lands as National Parks & Wildlife reserves, “for future generations” (what about the present?), environment protected, who could argue against that? But locking up natural resources: no logging, no mining, no dams, etc. One of many examples of stealth takeover of the people’s assets, Commonwealth of Australia, a sovereign nation. A Macedonian friend says that if you introduce a worm into an apple you quickly end up with a ruined apple. National prosperity? The Lucky Country? We live in a wealthy country but our prospects are limited by treaty/agreement/regulation by foreign influence.

        POTUS Trump is well aware of the dangers presented from inside the UN, check his two addresses to them in New York and his warnings and recommendations that included not interfering in the affairs of member nations.


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          For the swamp creatures you refer to and their facilitators…there’s more than one way of mounting a coup and the US is only the fourth of the Five Eyes nations to have a conservative leader dispatched in a virtual veto of the people’s vote.

          Boris will no doubt soon follow….despite his vapid appeasement.

          Klem said earlier that Australians and others might be next…but it’s already happened!

          In Australia the Left in the form of the WetLeft posing as conservatives didn’t wait for the next election.

          Here…in Australia…. paper ballots and stronger controls [ but weakening at every election] on postal and absentee voting…and scrutineering fairly strongly enforced….make it a bit harder …but not impossible ….to steal an election by conventional methods.

          The Left went straight for the coup option as soon as the 2013 election was over….planned it before IMO.

          Not one day of ‘honeymoon’ period was there, for the conservative PM Tony Abbott….. who had just won the 2013 election in an unprecedented landslide .

          Abbott won while under relentless defamation and denigration worldwide from a malevolent cabal overseen and enabled by the almost 100% Left Wing journalists plus China-dependent corporations plus all the usual Left Wing suspects parked in the Institutions……many of them also China-dependent…plus the Global Socialists’ NGO activist army posing as environmentalists….plus interference from Obama and Gore.

          Abbott won despite the fifth Column within the winning party.……the Quislings purporting for electoral purposes to be on Abbott’s side, but only using him as their Trojan Horse to get the power they could never win themselves with their own secret policies and their own narcissist CAGW ‘born-to-be-king’ candidate.

          So …thumbing their collective noses at the Australian people they despise….the plotters had at the ready their preferred ‘leader’ who couldn’t win an election as leader himself if his life depended on it.

          The Left’s impatient leader-in-waiting was daily groomed and tarted up largely at taxpayers’ expense for his coming coup by the LW Australian MSM throughout the 2013 election campaign and its aftermath….then lionized and endorsed by American LW MSM as he did his US tour, so his Australian LW MSM facilitators could report on the US Left Wing MSM sychophants’ promotion of the Australian Left’s pick as Australia’s next PM …to wow and woo gullible groupthinkers on the Australian voting scene.

          All the while the Australian people’s pick of just 15 months before, was relentlessly sneered at…smeared and undermined by the CAGW Socialist camp at every turn.

          And so…in September of 2015….the first conservative leader of the Five Eyes group of allies was politically assassinated by the Australian Left supported by the global Left in its collective iterations… order to obey the diktat…to fall in line with and suck up to the gnomes of Europe who are even now …with COVID raging…cuddling up to Xi and his CCP…..for their Global Socialism ends and their CAGW hoax.

          So Trump is the fourth out of the five to go down…all of them for the same Left Wing cause and all orchestrated and overseen by the Left Wing MSM and their camp of disparate Fabian Socialist internationalists ….all for the massive benefit and triumph of the Chinese Communist dictatorship and its plan to control the world.

          All is going according to their plan…and only ordinary citizens can disrupt it.


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      I don’t think it needs to be repealed, just enforced as written. The indemnity clause is limited to actions done in good faith whose legal definition is to not harm either party. While what was done to suppress Biden Inc’s influence peddling operation could conform only to the ‘otherwise objectionable’ clause, the decision that it fit that criteria was certainly not done in good faith.

      In addition, these acts did not support paragraph 1 section 5) but instead did the opposite by encouraging and reinforcing treasonous acts by others.

      From section 230:

      (2) Civil liability

      No provider or user of an interactive computer service shall be held liable on account of-

      (A) any action voluntarily taken in good faith to restrict access to or availability of material that the provider or user considers to be obscene, lewd, lascivious, filthy, excessively violent, harassing, or otherwise objectionable, whether or not such material is constitutionally protected; or

      (B) any action taken to enable or make available to information content providers or others the technical means to restrict access to material described in paragraph (1).

      The relevant sections of paragraph 1:

      (4) to remove disincentives for the development and utilization of blocking and filtering technologies that empower parents to restrict their children’s access to objectionable or inappropriate online material; and

      (5) to ensure vigorous enforcement of Federal criminal laws to deter and punish trafficking in obscenity, stalking, and harassment by means of computer.


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    Trump is the most admired but big Joe has a bigger printing press. The latter is the key to election success in the USA. Free enterprise at work. You can buy anything including elections. And no shortage of funds when your sponsor has a lazy USD1tr looking for a home.

    I am a little surprised that China bought the election with just USD106bn. Relatively small change. I guess they have a lot of support network behind that money that that amplifies its effectiveness.


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    If they absolutely HAVE to admit Trump is popular among the people, they will of course draw parallels with Hitler and show images of the Nuremberg Rallies with mass Nazi salutes and have Trump’s face superimposed over them.


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    This guy might make a difference on January 6th:

    He is not going to change the vote of Democrat senators but he will get a lot of attention. Great speaker who appears ready for the battle. He needs to start with Arizona or at least support an Arizona objection.

    I cannot see Trump winning through the joint session. The democrats would need to be quaking in their boots about fraud to not support Biden.

    It appears the Trump card is wishful thinking.


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      This is very clear evidence of election irregularities in Arizona:

      Will both Reps and Senate carry an objection – extremely unlikely.


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          More Detailed assessment

          Senator Ted Cruz Leads Group of Republican Senators to Join Josh Hawley in Opposition to Electoral Certification

          Before going deep into the motives surrounding this announcement from Senator Ted Cruz, let’s first just focus on the statement.

          The approach is in general alignment with a request to congress made by President Donald Trump and weakly, politically, initiated by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. However, it is worth noting the change in position amid the GOP(e) only comes after Senator Josh Hawley formerly announced he would challenge the certification; and, as a consequence, there is going to be a recorded roll-call vote in the Senate.

          Let us not be obtuse in our honest discussion of what the actual background of these participants -and their connection to the developments- actually means.

          As a result of Senator Hawley the republican senate is in an uncomfortable position. None of the aforementioned senators would participate in an electoral challenge without the authorization of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, the ultimate DeceptiCon.

          McConnell knows that Hawley’s action is going to initiate a roll-call vote. In order for McConnell to survive the backlash of We The People showing up en masse at the same time as the Senate certification is taking place, Mitch is positioning his upper chamber to give the impression of support. The action by Ted Cruz et al is politically motivated; consider it bandwaggoning as an outcome of what Hawley is forcing upon the chamber.

          If Hawley never announced his intent, this effort by Ted Cruz et al would never have been initiated. However, that said, once you accept the politics and motives involved – it becomes possible to use the DeceptiCon weakness, strategically, against them.


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            Dave in the States

            All Americans who know of this need to be hounding their senators to stand with Hawley. I am and am encouraging all my family and friends to do so, too. emails and phone calls, un-relentless, to your senators people. Don’t put it off. Don’t let them off easy. Let them know there will be consequences for selling out their country and freedom across the globe.


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          Tilba Tilba

          A paragraph from the Ted Cruz letter:

          “The most direct precedent on this question arose in 1877, following serious allegations of fraud and illegal conduct in the Hayes-Tilden presidential race. Specifically, the elections in three states—Florida, Louisiana, and South Carolina—were alleged to have been conducted illegally.”

          It fails to mention that that as a result of the Hayes-Tilden dispute, the Electoral Count Act 1887 was passed, and has been followed ever since. The 1877 events are not a genuinely relevant precedent … the procedures for dealing with objections to electoral slates in 2021 are laboriously laid out in the 1887 Act.

          Also worth noting that there are no competing or dueling electoral slates … in all states the governor has certified just one electoral slate, and this one must be counted. And in all states but Wisconsin, the states met the safe harbor deadline – and that matters I think.

          You would expect 6 January to go smoothly enough. And while the Ted Cruz letter might have eleven signatories, I expect many more Republicans will vote against any objections.


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        If all else fails…Republicans will need to be relentless and undeterred in demanding and in some way enforcing a forensic audit of this election fraud and the players who perpetrated, facilitated and enabled it…and into those participants’ own business dealings …if conservatives and the democratic world are to have any chance of having fair elections and democracy in the future.

        Anything less than total ongoing scrutiny will just embolden the lawless Democrats and their RINO facilitators eg the Lincoln Project vested interests.

        The scrutiny required will uncover and damage some Republicans no doubt…as revealed in the Peter Schweitzer and Clive Hamilton books…but the whole evil anti-democracy web of Chinese espionage will have to be disrupted and torn down for America and the world to have any chance of fighting off Socialism.

        This is Socialism’s fight to the death…and nothing will be a bridge too far for them in this last ditch effort….if they get America we’re all gone.

        An ideology that has on its resume the slaughter of more than 100 million innocent citizens in its name and was even then unsuccessful in silencing reason and reversing the enlightenment….has nothing left to lose.

        There’ll be some of the Trump ‘supporters’ in Congress who will want to ‘go-along-to-get-along’ and ‘’put-it-all-behind-us’…all the gutless clichés will be rolled out…but their local supporters…the ones whose votes they must actually win ….will need to be constantly on their case….keeping them insecure and afraid of irrelevance….afraid of losing their lucrative sinecures…making it electorally dangerous for them to make any moves against the interests of democracy and the people.

        Americans are better at that than Australians IMO.

        If State authorities are unable to produce the 2020 ballot papers that they counted ….and used to declare wins for Biden ….documents that they must by law preserve….then the people of those states need to demand accountability in the form of resignations and …where necessary ….indictments.

        With the Supreme Court justices having failed in their duty to uphold the Constitution, the American people can in that way at the very least keep the Justices’ virtual announcement of their own towering irrelevance and their abrogation of their entire raison d’etre …on the national radar.

        Democrats are accustomed to getting away with anything and everything …Clinton Inc, Biden Inc and Obama Inc amassment of fortunes at America’s expense….collusion with Russians and rogue FBI and CIA actors…illegal dirty dossiers…Benghazi massacre…Libya…Uranium One…Seth Rich…interference in politics around the world for their CAGW-for-Socialism strategy….graft and corruption with the CCP etc….and their all-powerful Big Tech facilitators and enablers will do whatever it takes to resist disruption of their cosy cabal and will try to protect them from attempts by law-abiding Americans to bring them to justice.

        But the people’s demand that State authorities ‘produce the 2020 ballot papers for audit’ should be the start…right now…before they have time to ‘lose’ them.


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    Frank from NoVA

    Jo, short answer to your question is “yes”. Thank you for all your efforts re. defending science and now electoral integrity. We are poorer now that they have become linked.

    [Thanks Frank. – Jo]


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    This is testimomy…IMO…to the power of Mitch McConnell and the other RINOS who are more interested in protecting that which they have in common with Big Tech…Wall Street… the Bidens and Kerrys , Clintons et al …the money funnel from China and Russia and the building of their own family dynasties on it…than in protecting the future of America’s children in general….or protecting freedom in the world.

    They love the fact that the election was stolen from Trump …they know America and the rational world knows it …..and they simply don’t care…their families will be forever rich from their sell-out …and families that believe in freedom will be poorer.

    They place themselves amongst the 21st century’s new monsters of history …IMO.

    Not until the American people find a way to systematically remove them from their positions of power and some of them into prison …will the world be safe from their greed.


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      The real multi-threat is China, not COVID or Russia. Politics is no longer Democrat vs. Republican it’s Globalist vs. Nationalist.

      The real China virus spreading through the West is not COVID-19 or whatever the PC name of the Wuhan Virus is. The real threat to the current system is a virus of the mind, or memetic field. This is the clash of civilizations (as a metaphor) that intellectuals have discussed for decades. How deeply are the Chinese embedded into the American consciousness? In a recent leak, communist party members of the Chinese government were found working at corporations such as IBM, Microsoft, and others. They have made high level political alliances (financed by bribery and blackmail) in the US with powerful families like the Biden’s, Rockefeller’s and many others. In an article titled “Rockefeller family’s connection with China:”

      The Rockefeller family’s connection with China date back to 1863, when John D. Rockefeller sold his first kerosene to China and presented his first gift to China missions. The Rockefeller Foundation entered China in early 20th century when the West was moving toward modern ideals of evidence-based medicine. The foundation bought the Union Medical School and renamed it the “Peking Union Medical College.”

      Recently it has been divulged that major news outlets like CNN, Fox and others have taken ‘private dinners’ and ‘special trips’ paid for by the Communist Chinese Government. Places where it’s easy to exchange a piece of paper with a BTC address on it, or slip a hard wallet and the key into someone’s pocket. One thing is clear – you don’t see these facts being presented in the media, you see the opposite. Hiding the truth with false threats, leaving out critical points.

      According to the FBI, there are 2,000 investigations ongoing into China:

      Why it matters: He told the Senate Judiciary Committee last July that China is the top counterintelligence threat to the United States, with Russia coming in as the second greatest concern.

      The FBI director noted on Wednesday that “there’s no country that presents a broader, more comprehensive threat to America’s innovation, to our economic security and to our Democratic ideas than China does.”
      So why is nothing done about it? Perhaps it’s because there are thousands of high level officials such as Joe Biden being blackmailed, bribed, or bullied by the Chinese. US House Rep Eric Swalwell was found to be compromised by Chinese spy “Fang Fang” but it’s not what you think, they say:

      As paraphrased by a leading think tank of the new world order, the World Economic Forum, “You will own nothing, have no privacy, and be much happier.”

      To be clear, the Elite are using China to erode the US from within. The cartel themselves simply doesn’t have the resources. They needed to make a deal with China and it was a very synergistic partnership because China want’s the same thing.

      Long but Interesting Article


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        China has a domestic law that any technology or trade secrets must be shared with the military. The ‘Chinese’ joint venture company idea is for the explicit goal of IP theft. They are a hardworking, wise, intelligent people, but not innovative, creative group. All this talk about how China is taking over the world, is mostly marketing by Chinese propagandists.

        In reality, their high IQ engineers have a problem of building their own jet engine:

        China faces urgent ‘unprecedented challenge’ to develop jet engine as foreign hostility grows

        A senior Chinese aviation engineer says it is an ‘urgent political task’ for China to speed up development of its own jet engine

        Access to crucial technology is no longer guaranteed due to external hostilities and China must become more self reliant


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          China must be able to produce its own jet engine for commercial use as the world’s second biggest economy can no longer “leverage market access in exchange for technology” due to increasing foreign hostility, a senior engineer from state-owned Aviation Industry Corporation of China (Avic) says.

          Liu Daxiang, deputy director of the science and technology committee at Avic, said aviation technology had accelerated this century and competition was getting “more fierce”.

          “The established countries in aviation have become more strict with us when it comes to technology access,” he said in a video seminar organised by the Chinese Society of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

          “Recently we have seen the US utilising national power to suppress Huawei Technologies Co, and this tells us that crucial technology cannot be bought, even if you spend big.

          “In the past, we have leveraged market access in exchange for technology – I don’t think it works [for aviation].”


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    Alice Thermopolis

    Atlanta media today suggests the judiciary is continuing to dismiss all cases related to mail-in and fake ballots. No mention of Pulitzer’s concerns That I could find in a quick search, or the Monday 4th meeting.
    It is going to take something BIG to upset the Biden “President-elect” narrative at this late stage. I thought Pulitzer could do it. Perhaps he still can on Monday.


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      In 2020, Vote Fraud Claims Were Not ‘Baseless’

      Each time a member of the big media reports on someone referring to acts of fraud or even irregularities in the Nov. 3 presidential election, they describe them as “baseless claims” or “unproven.”

      Such words are included in almost every wire story since election day published by the Associated Press, Reuters, Bloomberg, and others.

      Actually, there are many examples of vote fraud that took place during the 2020 election, and serious evidence of voting irregularities relating to the main-in ballots.

      Here is what we do know:


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      I recall having read that a court order needed to be obtained before any ballots could be handed to Pulitzer’s team; I wonder how that’s going in this highly obstructive legal apparatus…


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    Google has also downgraded your website Jo. Up till 2 days ago a simple jo no search got your main page in the first 2 searches. Now I can’t find your main page at all even when I put in Jo Nova blog. You now have to backdoor though one of your old articles and then hit home on your site page. Google have you in its crosshairs!


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      When I Google search “jo nova” her blog site still comes up first up.


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      Mike Jonas

      DuckDuckGo search “jo nova” (and “jo no”) puts first. Second is Wikipedia and its “She is prominent for promoting climate change denial.”. Expect Wikipedia to change its entry soon – we can’t have someone like that being prominent, can we?

      Keep up the good work, Jo.

      I’m intrigued by Donald Trump’s strategy over this election fraud. He seems to work off the idea that the people are his strength, and that although he has to take his case to the courts in order to give due process its chance, his main strategy is to use people power, ie. the court of public opinion. With half the Republican party wanting to get rid of him, it may actually be his only viable strategy. One could say that Donald Trump is a true democrat. I suspect also that after the electoral college ignores his objections (hope I’m wrong on that!) the prosecutions for fraud will start. Prosecutions presumably don’t make sense until the fraud is cemented into the electoral college vote. It’s still likely that the courts will refuse to hear the cases (or hear the cases but refuse to hear the evidence), and support from president Harris-Biden will help them to do nothing, but if Donald Trump wins in the court of public opinion then Joe Biden is a lame duck. The really sad thing about that is that the one person most able to take advantage of that is Xi Jinping.


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        el gordo

        Premier Xi is hopeful that under Biden the West will return to some kind of normality in this new world order. Donald is setting himself up to return in four years, meanwhile we have twitter madness from Wood.


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        Mike. I am surprised that Trump appears to be taking the obvious election fraud so calmly. He either has something up his sleeve, a report from DNI for example, or is resigned to a Biden victory. Some weeks past there was speculation that should China Joe slither into office Trump would start a media campaign to deligitimise him and continue until 2024. I do believe the GOP is finished if it does not support Trump 100% because those 74 ? million were voting for Trump not the GOP, they are Trumpists first and foremost. Who in their right mind would donate to a Republican candidate’s election if it were known the Democrat will win by fraud anyway? Cruz is asking for an audit but the Democrats have had two months to destroy the evidence so what will it find? Confirmation that all was above board?

        I have lost confidence in the US system of justice as it seems just as corrupt as the electoral system. Just how many judges did Zuckerberg buy?


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      I’m now using DDG on my tablet. At present, if I type in ‘joannenova’, the suggestion completes with ‘’ which then brings up a direct link to the current home page.


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    M Seward

    18%? Thats about 50% of the republican vote which is what I have heard/read elsewhere. So what? Given the amount of cverage he gets as POTUS and the hoo haa over the election process it does not surprise me at all but its nothing to write home about (nor is Obama’s 18%).


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    OT Jo. I think you have tapped into a Dominion machine. I tapped a yes vote and it went up nine. Now I realise my approval is worthy but 9?


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      That is easy to explain- the approval number you see is what it was at the instant when the page loaded on your pc. Clicking ‘yes’ will update the page, the approval number will now show the movement since the moment you first loaded.
      Start to worry when green ticks (or red ticks) go down. If you need that, see Dominion!


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    Tarquin Wombat-Carruthers

    Apparently, US law imposes a requirement that election ballots are retained for 22 months.

    How about the Supreme Court demonstrate its relevance by ordering the six states involved in alleged electoral fraud be given five days to produce all of their ballots? If they fail to comply, their votes are declared invalid as there is no evidence of their existence. If they do comply, all votes are subjected to bipartisan scrutiny with checks for: the voter’s valid signature; that, at the date the vote was cast, the vote was submitted by a living person; that, at the date the vote was cast, the voter was a legal state resident; and that no living legal resident voted more than once. Then let’s then see who won!


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      Here is what we do know:


      The Silver State rushed a universal vote-by-mail measure through the legislature in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The bill, known as AB 4, lacked safeguards to assure voter identity and was implemented without cleaning voter rolls of deceased voters, those who had moved, or who had become ineligible to vote.

      Attorney Jesse Binnall testified before the Senate Homeland Security Committee on Dec. 16 as to what resulted.

      He had proof of nearly 90,000 fraudulent or improper votes that were cast, including instances where:

      . More than 42,000 people voted multiple times.
      . At least 1,500 people listed as “dead” voted.
      . More than 19,000 non-residents voted.
      . In excess of 8,000 people cast mail-in votes from non-existent addresses.
      . Over 15,000 votes were cast from commercial or vacant addresses.
      . Nearly 4,000 non-citizens voted.

      Considering Biden took Nevada by 33,596 votes, these allegations are serious.


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    The divide is between those purloined by the CCP in GOP and those not yet … the Dems both pro-CCP and owned by CCP are also against those GOP members yet to join the ‘party’
    Mitch McConnell is listed on the 1.9M CCP ‘party helpers’ drop

    In Australia which politicians and public servants have connections or have been secretly co-opted
    The clue is said to be a trip to China followed by posed photos with CCP operatives

    We should push for closer scrutiny of those with access to levers of power here


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      Since Labor PM Gough Whitlam visited China and returned claiming that a new relationship had been achieved many Australians have conducted business in China, some successful and others failed because of the impositions and restrictions imposed as conditions of being permitted to conduct business activities. And noting the lack of reciprocal restrictions for Chinese doing business here in Australia.

      Former Labor PM Rudd has many “China Associates” spanning back long before he became PM, one example. Former Labor Minister for Defence Fitzgibbon was caught or exposed travelling to China during a Christmas holiday period with his Chinese-Australian friend and the Canberra flat that he rented owner while his wife and children stayed at home, and he resigned from Cabinet. Former Coalition PM who was head of the “Turnbull Party” Turnbull is another with China Associates, and both he and Rudd have sons in law who are Chinese Australians married to their daughters. The list is long.

      Politicians from all sides have been involved with China since the 1970s. And most Australians are now well aware of the exposure of various politicians who were well rewarded from China sources, donations.

      I agree, there must be closer scrutiny of those with access to levers of power here. On the other hand very recent legislation in the Federal Parliament targets these areas of concern to us.


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    With the US now so totally compromised by internal political corruption and intimidition, that they are now on the brink of appointing a knowingly compromised and corrupt president, and an illegitimate administration, with a judicial system that is equally compromised, that country is going to spiral into chaos. When they can not trust or believe in the institutions that govern them, their is nothing left but anarchy. Australia has relied on the US to protect it but if they will not even protect their own populations sovereignty or democracy, they will certainly not protect ours. With Australia unable to protect ourselves, all is lost.


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      Let’s at least hold off with the wailing and gnashing of teeth until inauguration; Hell wasn’t paved in a day.


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    Serge Wright

    Jo – I think you have accidentally referred to an old story from December 2019, when Obama and Trump did tie in the poll. You can see the date in the header.


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    Gary Simpson

    Serge, check the date on the second last search result. Cheers.