UPDATE on Pennsylvania: Judge predicts Trump will win the lawsuit on unconstitutional mail-in ballots

US Flag, Flying.

UPDATE: It appears a near simultaneous ruling by a higher court has overturned this overturning. Expect it to be appealed further up the chain. That the legal battle ensues proves the TV Gods called the election too soon.

In Pennsylvania two days ago Judge McCulloch issued a court order to stop the certification of votes but has now written up the reasons why in a Memorandum Opinion. In extraordinarily clear language the Judge declares that the amended absentee and mail-in provisions in Pennsylvania were unconstitutional and void ad initio because it contravenes the requirements of the Pennsylvania Constitution.

The reason for the injunction are the “compelling exigencies raised in this case which are of statewide and national concern”.

Petitioners raise matters that go to the core of the electoral process and involve the constitutionality of how the citizens of this commonwealth may cast their votes, not only for the offices sought by petitioners, but also, for the office of president and vice president of the United States of America as well as statewide, regional, and local offices.

“Without the emergency relief ordered by this Court, there would be the likelihood of irreparable harm to Petitioners.

Judge: Republicans Will Likely Win Pennsylvania Election Lawsuit

Icvan Pentchoukov, The Epoch Times

“Petitioners appear to have established a likelihood to succeed on the merits because petitioners have asserted the Constitution does not provide a mechanism for the legislature to allow for expansion of absentee voting without a constitutional amendment,” McCullough wrote.

When ruling on an emergency injunction, judges have to consider whether the party which requested the injunction is likely to win the case or “succeed on the merits.” McCullough opined that the “petitioners appear to have a viable claim that the mail-in ballot procedures set forth in Act 77 contravene” the plain language of the provision of the Pennsylvania Constitution which deals with absentee voting.

The Plantiffs pointed out that the State did not have to act so  fast to certify the results and appear to have rushed it to try to avoid an injunction.

The Judge points out that the certification process is not finalized.

The emergency request underlined that while Pennsylvania completed vote-counting and submitted the signed certification to the U.S. archivist, a number of steps still remain for the formal certification process to be completed.

“While Respondents may have proactively attempted to avoid potential injunctive relief granted by this Court, Respondents duties with regard to finalization of the full election results are far from complete,” the filing states.

It’s not clear how many votes this applies to (though readers here may know that answer). This is not a Judgement, just a memorandum explaining the reasons for the court order. The evidence still needs to be presented in full. The Judge carefully explains at the end that harm would be done in tossing out 7 million votes of the people of Pennsylvania, but no harm is done in holding off until Dec 8th (the safe harbour date) to consider the evidence.

There are many hurdles to go, but this will help make it possible for other Judges to feel more confident in making similar decisions. There is a momentum effect with a gregarious species, and should that momentum hint that Trump has a reasonable chance, that could change so much. Suddenly a lot more players will want to be seen helping a “likely” winner.

Biden has been enjoying all that momentum so far thanks to the media’s rush to anoint him. The media cartel waited 34 days in 2000 for Al Gore to pursue the legal process, but declared it all  over after 10 days despite (or  rather because of) the massive legal battle coming.

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    I’m confused, all the UK media reports is the crash and burn Trump lawsuits. The UK media has been reporting Trump lost a lawsuit on appeal in Penn. yesterday, is that a different one?


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      Last i heard Trump has only filed 3 with another 3 or 4 to come. There are many other organisations filing as well some of them have been rejected


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      Yes I was confused for the same reason but from a different source, an Australian TV news program, which I never watch but happen to be at another house where they were watching it. It goes to show the MSM is painting a completely different picture of Trump on the verge of admitting defeat yet here we see the exact opposite. Many people will have a lot of explaining to do after they have wiped off the egg on their face.


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      The easiest way to understand all the election lawsuits wandering through US courts is to not believe anything you hear through the MSM. From what I can tell, it looks like team Trump is trying to get to the US Supreme Court as quickly as possible, with maybe winning a major suite such as the Pennsylvania absentee issue along the way. There appears more than enough evidence to throw a bunch of the votes from at least four states into question and the current SCOTUS judge mix is about as favorable as Trump will see for this. There’s also the major voter tally clock ticking that could throw the entire election into the hands of the Congressional delegations (which you don’t see every day), which favors the Republicans.


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        Yes. Simply recall, “Why aren’t I 50 points ahead?” Hillary asked. And the MSM had Biden up 10 points or more in most places.


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      Phillip Bratby

      Yes, this is what the BBC says:
      “US election: Appeal court dismisses Trump camp’s lawsuit in Pennsylvania”


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      Patrick healy

      Mr Grim,
      As John McInroe was wont to say “You can not be serious”
      The British media is even more crook than the U.S. Australian or Irish bunch of presstitutes.
      Next time they tell you the Sun is shining you better go outside to verify.


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      Yes, two different cases. This is about mail-in ballots being allowed from voters who have no valid excuse. Constitution apparently does not allow this but supreme court allowed this in their late 2019 judgement. Apparently only legislature can amend the constitution and not the supreme court but even plaintiffs (Republicans) had no real issues with it in earlier elections but are raising it now after Trump’s loss. My Opinion: Voters did what they were told so they cannot be punished by disenfranchising their votes. Plaintiffs approached court too late (after going along with it for two elections in the past one year) so accept the result this time and make sure there is no disparity between the constitution and court judgements in future.


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        Latest update from MSN News: “The Pennsylvania Supreme Court allowed the state to complete its certification of the presidential vote won by Democrat Joe Biden, reversing a temporary delay ordered by a lower-court judge and throwing out a challenge filed by state Republicans. The high court on Saturday rejected an attack on the state’s mail-voting law, saying Republicans waited too long to sue after the law was enacted last year. In a sharply worded order, the Supreme Court turned aside the “extraordinary proposition that the court disenfranchise all 6.9 million Pennsylvanians who voted in the General Election” and throw the decision to the state legislature.” Pleased to note that the court’s reasoning is consistent with mine above, though I am not a legal person at all.


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          robert rosicka

          Had no idea there would be a time limit on such a law? And more for the argument to take this to SCOTUS.


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    John R Smith

    clicked on this article and saw the waving Spangled Banner.
    A little pride and hope to start my day.
    Sometimes it’s the little things.
    Thank you.
    Thanks for the support of freedom lovers in OZ.
    I hope we both prevail.


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    I can’t wait for the fake news media explanations, and how those media organisations expect to retain their customers.

    Once upon a time reporters rushed to be first to report the facts before their colleagues did, it was professional and honourable.


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    This judge is a judge of the “Commonwealth of Pennsylvania”
    That is she is a state court judge.
    But Trump and his his lawyers have already taken this suit to the US Federal Court
    And the three ( conservative ) Federal USA Judges threw the suit out.
    So Trump’s been trumped already
    And the actions of Judge McCulloch are ‘moot’
    To use the accurate legal term
    Meaning irrelevant.

    Is Epoch Times using Chinese to write their reports with no understanding of USA legal complexities ?

    Link to the Federal judges determination :


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      News source … read his comments history;



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        i would say that with a lot of hostile federal judges, you just appeal until you get some not so hostile. i would also guess that they were always going to have to do this. I guess that it is a good thing for trump that it happened quickly.


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          Seedy. Perhaps you could read your own link?

          The President’s legal team, led by former prosecutor and New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani, was appealing a federal court ruling by Judge Matthew Brann, which threw out the campaign’s attempt to stop Pennsylvania from certifying Joe Biden’s victory there.

          This is clearly a different case.


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            Ummmm ?
            So Jo you think a magistrate in a state court case
            Can overrule a Federal court judge ?

            All I see is a whole lot of minor, irrelevant, attempts and lower court levels
            to delay the certification of the Pennsylvania vote count.
            Meanwhile the Federal Court judges – three of them
            Have said unanimously, the vote count stands.
            That’s the real world !
            of course you want things to go differently
            But that a fantasy.


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              a happy little debunker

              So Jo you think a magistrate in a state court case
              Can overrule a Federal court judge ?

              Let’s see – a Federal court judge ruled on an (singular) issue of voter fraud.
              Whereas, a State court judge ruled on the legality of changing state voting laws.

              Now, the latter may well be appealed to the federal courts – but the processes they apply will come from state laws.


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          Trumps case has been dismissed in Pennsylvania
          By the Federal Court bench there.
          If Trump wants to appeal that he needs to appeal it to the Supreme Court.
          That’s standard legal process.
          And if he doesn’t ?
          Then Pennsylvania’s Electoral College 20 votes will be voted for Biden.
          GAME OVER !


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    Some commenters have said “where’s the evidence …
    Richard C (NZ) posted a link earlier to evidence given by the intelligence analyst in Sidney Powell’s Michigan Complaint – King v. Whitmer:
    It is extraordinary: US electoral systems wide open to numerous enemies, familiar names popping out. Not surprising that Dominion employees are jumping off LinkedIn.
    You don’t have to be an expert in internet security or constitutional law to realise that there are a large number of people who are in serious trouble.


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      That is the same declaration included in the Georgia filing.

      A point to note with the interconnection scan is that it is dated 8 Nov. It was not done on Election Day. Although counting may have still been occurring on 8 Nov.


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      Richard C (NZ)

      Martin C >”It is extraordinary: US electoral systems wide open to numerous enemies, familiar names popping out. Not surprising that Dominion employees are jumping off LinkedIn.”

      Yes, but they don’t have to defend anything (except their ongoing lucrative cash flow). The King v. Whitmer Defendants are:

      BRIAN KEMP, in his official capacity as Governor of Georgia,

      BRAD RAFFENSPERGER, in his official capacity as Secretary of State and Chair of the Georgia State Election Board,

      DAVID J. WORLEY, in his official capacity as a member of the Georgia State Election Board,

      REBECCA N.SULLIVAN, in her official capacity as a member of the Georgia State Election Board,

      MATTHEW MASHBURN, in his official capacity as a member of the Georgia State Election Board, and

      ANH LE, in her official capacity as a member of the Georgia State Election Board

      There’s an article at American Thinker on the Georgia complaint that is worth a read:

      The ‘smartest man in the room’ has joined Sidney Powell’s team
      By Andrea Widburg

      “Smartest man” Navid Keshavarz-Nia is a NYT assessment – not Andrea’s.


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      Richard C (NZ)

      Keshavarz-Nia’s conclusions:

      1. The counts in the disputed states (Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona, Nevada, and Georgia) show electronic manipulation.

      2. The simultaneous decision in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Arizona, Nevada, and Georgia to pretend to halt counting votes was unprecedented and demonstrated a coordinated effort to collude toward desired results.

      3. One to two percent of votes were forged in Biden’s favor.

      4. Optical scanners were set to accept unverified, un-validated ballots.

      5. The scanners failed to keep records for audits, an outcome that must have been deliberately programmed.

      6. The stolen cryptographic key, which applied to all voting systems, was used to alter vote counts.

      7. The favorable votes pouring in after hours for Biden could not be accounted for by a Democrat preference for mailed in ballots. They demonstrated manipulation. For example, in Pennsylvania, it was physically impossible to feed 400,000 ballots into the machines within 2–3 hours.

      8. Dominion used Chinese parts, and there’s reason to believe that China, Venezuela, Cuba interfered in the election.

      9. There was a Hammer and Scorecard cyber-attack that altered votes in the battleground states, and then forwarded the results to Scytl servers in Frankfurt, Germany, to avoid detection.

      10. The systems failed to produce any auditable results.

      King v. Whitmer:

      These violations of federal and state laws impacted the election of November 3, 2020 and set the predicate for the evidence of deliberate fraudulent conduct, manipulation, and lack of mistake that follows. The commonality and statewide nature of these legal violations renders certification of the legal vote untenable and warrants immediate impoundment of voting machines and software used throughout Georgia for expert inspection and retrieval of the software.

      Dr Jill Stein’s Green Party in October won access to the DVS software (source code).


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      Richard C (NZ)

      King v. Whitmer re auditable records:

      50 U.S.C. § 20701 requires the retention and preservation of records and papers by officers of elections under penalty of fine and imprisonment:

      § 20701. Retention and preservation of records and papers by officers of elections; deposit with custodian; penalty for violation

      Every officer of election shall retain and preserve, for a period of twenty-two months from the date of any general, special, or primary election of which candidates for the office of President, Vice President, presidential elector, Member of the Senate, Member of the House of Representatives, or Resident Commissioner from the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico are voted for, all records and papers which come into his possession relating to any application, registration, payment of poll tax, or other act requisite to voting in such election, except that, when required by law, such records and papers may be delivered to another officer of election and except that, if a State or the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico designates a custodian to retain and preserve these records and papers at a specified place, then such records and papers may be deposited with such custodian, and the duty to retain and preserve any record or paper so deposited shall devolve upon such custodian. Any officer of election or custodian who willfully fails to comply with this section shall be fined not more than $1,000 or imprisoned not more than one year, or both.

      # # #

      Hardly a deterrent but the point is: it is not the DVS employees that are facing this but officers of election or custodians. Those are from previously (#5.2):

      ANH LE


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      Richard C (NZ)


      Please read Pearson v Kemp instead of “King v Whitmer” in #5.2, #5.3, and #5.4 above.

      Pearson v Kemp is the Georgia complaint.

      King v Whitmer is the Michigan complaint.

      My bad and apologies, especially to all Michiganders in view of Whitmer’s shenanigans.


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    There were 2.8M mail in votes according to Rudy JulianI although that information was removed from the State web site. Apparently there were only 1.5M registered mail-in voters. That suggests something odd.

    There will be constitutional mail-in votes but they may be difficult to separate. If all 2.6M are ruled unconstitutional then Trump will win for sure. However it was stated at the senate hearing that 678k should be ruled unconstitutional. I guess they are the unregistered ones.

    It becomes a mess to untangle now and I expect time is running out to actually arrive at a method of untangling.


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    The people behind the fraudulent voting also want to create the impression that democracy itself is beyond repair and should be replaced with something else. You’d never guess what that might be.


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    If this all ends up successful it’s gonna be fun watching the exploding heads. Censorship in their news means they won’t know how it happened.


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    Looking a lot better now than a week ago and that is clearly worrying the Dems. This was all meant to roll and it has hit a snag or multiple snags. It appears also that a lot of Judges have to make their beds in a hurry. Nailing trump was irresistible thought fashion but the rubber meets the road somewhere.

    Do they sign off on total shame??

    Regarding the msm…..the harder they ignore the more they signal that something is cooking.


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      The Democrats screwed up big time in that this massive fraud should never have been exposed if their plans had worked out.
      Having this much evidence does bring doubt onto the elections having been tampered with which is huge in bringing it as Constitutionally as they need to fix it rather quickly and every State needs to be fixed and these illegal computers trashed.


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        “massive fraud” & “Having this much evidence”

        So Giuliani & Co in court kept telling the judges in all the cases they have been in, no judge this is not about fraud. And yet he keeps saying it is about fraud.

        Giuliani says, “You’d have to be a fool to think this was an accident”. So I say, if you claim fraud, please present the evidence so I can see the fraud. So … show me the money …. where’s the beef?

        The problem with all the claims made in court is they did not present evidence. They had a lot of affidavits, but that is not evidence. They had the maths, but that is not evidence. What they did not present was a single case of a fraudulent vote … not one. Let me repeat, if you want me to believe there was fraud, you have to show me the fraudulent votes.

        The real basis for all of Giuliani’s & Co’s claims is there is no way Mr Trump could have lost … which is … not evidence. Why is it so hard to believe Mr Trump lost? barring of course the possibility you can show me the fraudulent votes, at which time I will agree with you … until then …. no evidence ergo no fraud.

        [Have you read what this thread is all about Ray ?]AD


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    Fuel Filter

    I’m SO glad that all these issues are getting (and, BTW, educating) the international attention they deserve.

    This blog has been the instrument in not only in achieving that, but (and this is most important) fighting back against the likes of the Guardian, CNN International, the AP, Reuters and so many others.

    And thanks to all you guys in OZ (and you Kiwis too) who now “Grok” so many of the intricacies and foibles of (or what passes for, in this season of our discontents) our electoral process.

    There are at least 74-78+ million voters here in America that know, if either left unspoken or even unconsciously, this is a fight between good and evil, between collectivism and individual freedom for the West.


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      Fuel Filter

      A call to arms by a Patriotic American; three excerpts;
      “The 2020 American election was rigged from the get go to achieve the ultimate coup. The greatest nation was confronted with an open plan for communism through the election of Joe Biden and they rejected it soundly, repudiated it. Looking at the construction of the cabinet he is putting together, we see that it is designed almost specifically to carry out massive oppression of the people.”


      “As Donald Trump so famously understood, the forces of communism aren’t after him, they are after the US and he stands in the way. But now it is time for the 80 million to stand as one and deny the coup.”


      “They are being asked to accept a fraud, to acquiesce to communism, but they cannot. No matter what the flawed election returns, it cannot be allowed to stand. We know the outcome already and anything less is unacceptable.”
      Do NOT forget the 30,000 ft view.

      as usual, RTWT and pass it along…



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      John R Smith

      There seems to be an ‘apparatus’ at odds with my own personal observations and I think those of most here.
      An Authority that can’t be questioned.
      We noticed it with Climate BS.
      Is that ‘apparatus’ identifiable?
      Is there a brain?
      The unspoken question of large segments of half the public and the Free Cyber Community?
      Don’t the bread crumbs have to lead somewhere?
      Or is there a war between the two hemispheres of the collective human mind?
      “The Origin of Consciousness and Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind”
      Is something like that happening?


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        John R Smith

        … are we just raging against a unified hive mind that doesn’t require centralized control … and we are the un-evolving hunter gathers refusing to settle down and submit to cooperative living?

        But I kinda like Ted Nugent.


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    That the U.S. elections be free,
    In the future, from sea to sea,
    Any probing inspection,
    Of the recent election,
    Needs support from the G.O.P..


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    The Pedant-General

    Page 7 of the memo to the judgement:

    “However, the very next morning after the status conference, on November 24, 2020, the Executive Respondents filed a brief with an appended PressRelease dated 11/24/20 from the Department of State (Executive Respondents’Br.in Op. to Motion for Emergency Injunction, Exhibit A.) The Press Release stated
    that “Following certification of the presidential vote submitted by all 67 count
    ieslate Monday, [the Secretary] today certified the results of the November 3 election
    in Pennsylvania for president and vice president of the United States.”

    The Press Release as well as Respondents’ briefs, assert that certification only occurred regarding the results for president and vice president.Based on this information in the Press Release, Respondents argue the entire disputeis moot. ”

    Basically, looked like Trump had a case, the Dems got worried so they did the thing the court was just about to tell them not to, so that then they could say “the case is telling us not to do something we’ve already done so it has to be thrown out”.

    And there are seriously people out there who think these are the actions of people who are confident that they are on the side of the angels? F*ck off.


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    The Pedant-General



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    Justin Valentino

    Judge McCullouch’s order was stayed the moment the Sec. of State appealed to the PA Supreme.Court. And regardless of any legal merit (or lack thereof) to the case; it will get quickly overturned by the PA Supreme Court; because the Commonwealth Court lacked original jurisdiction to hear the case in the first place. Don’t take it from me; take it from the republican plaintiffs who wrote in their brief that went to the PA Supreme Court prior to the election:

    “In addition, the Commonwealth Court, just this morning, denied a preliminary injunction in the Crossey case on the ground that this Court has exclusive jurisdiction over constitutional challenges to the received- by deadline pursuant to Act 77. Order, Crossey v. Boockvar, No. 266 MD 2020 (Pa. Commw. Ct. May 28, 2020).“

    >”For good reason. The plain text of Act 77 unambiguously establishes that this Court [ie, the PA Supreme Court, not the Commonwealth Court] maintains original jurisdiction over this action. Act 77 gives this Court “exclusive jurisdiction to hear a challenge to or to render a declaratory judgment concerning the constitutionality of” certain provisions, including the provisions setting forth the received-by-election-day deadline for absentee and mail-in ballots. Act of Oct. 31, 2019 (“Act 77”) § 13(2), P.L. 552, No. 77.


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    Robert Racy

    Basically, Dems opening the door to all kinds of fraud by mass mailing tens of millions of ballots, using outdated mailing lists no less, to people who didn’t request them. Then, to hid the fraud, they didn’t properly screen and reject bad ballots as they counted them in a handful of swing state urban counties as there rejection rate are almost nil (normally should be about 3 percent), and they obstructed gop observers from being present to see this. Also, mall mailing ballots to people who didnt request them is against some states constitutions (see WI and PA). In typical fashion, dems,r realizing they couldnt win, cheated. Down ballot it was a gop landslide…historically the president always wins wins when that happens. Also, the percentage for Biden in these swing state urban counteis doesnt even come close to matching the margins in counties in the rest of the country. In some cases, there are more mail in ballots turned in than were issued. LoL…dems have been busted, and the courts and legislatures will give Trump the electors needed to stay in office. Dems…you suck…you are anti-American, cheating scumbags. The fake Russia Collusion coup attempt wasnt enough for you eh? No blue wave, Trump wins again! Suck on it! Four more years of libtard tears incoming.


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    mmm. Reps try to undermine democracy, despite writing PA constitution on their own 😀 Rumpchi with marine boot on his hiney will be a site to behold… Glorious. 😀


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    William Astley

    Trump said “But I think that there will be a lot of things happening between now and the 20th of January, a lot of things.”

    This is going to get more interesting. I heard US Milt determined covid origin this summer. And there is talk about a second biological agent that was used in the US, discovered October this year. This is more than a simple country wide election fix complete with CIA/FBI plot and mass control of almost all news and internet companies.

    From the big picture, what has happened in the US in the last year… … is going to start looking to the public as a failed, not so sneaky plan to incapacitate the US. What side will the public support? There will be no sides. There will be our team and Trump is part of the new special team.

    Supreme court cases help prepare Supreme court judges for the big ‘case’.

    Newt Gingrich believes the 2020 election may be the “biggest presidential theft” since 1824 and is urging state legislatures to “demand recounts.”

    This is different than 1824. The US and all of the other Western countries were attacked by a manmade virus and were attacked using a propaganda/news control conspiracy to cause the most amount of covid, economic damage.

    The US election fraud was supported by a propaganda/news/internet control ‘conspiracy’ that tried to cover up evidence and attack the President to deflect from the evil.

    Almost all of the idiot Dems used the Frankfurt server, as a secret safe place to discuss election fixing and that server records real time fixing and because the US 2020 election fix was so big and because the FBI/CIA were involved and … And because the virus was man made, Chinese plan has been discovered and Chinese agents/Dems were involved.


    The US now has, a ‘smart’ adaptive plan, in response to the internal attack on the US. The US smart plan is supported by the US Milt’s new sneaky non-violent ‘weapons’ which are being deployed.


    • #
      Peter C

      Thanks William.


      • #

        A bit more on The Marshall Report

        Does Trump’s shuffling of the Defense Policy Board mean something?

        On Friday, news broke that President Trump had removed several members of the Defense Department’s civilian Defense Policy Board. This follows hard on the heels of his decision to fire defense secretary Mark Esper. The question is why now? I’ve heard some interesting, informal theories suggesting that this has to do with those Scytl machines in Germany.

        Trump’s choice for Esper’s replacement — Christopher C. Miller — is also interesting: Miller is a Special Forces guy. Moreover, his appointment coincided with a Pentagon shake-up that has seen Special Forces cease to be subsets of the other branches of the military. As of November 18, they’re now on par with them:

        Having said that, the move may make a lot of sense in light of that alleged “military” raid in Germany, although it’s unclear if it was on Scytl (as Louie Gohmert said) or on the CIA’s headquarters (as other internet rumors allege). For purposes of thinking about Trump’s decision-making, I’m going to assume that something happened in Germany that relates to the election.

        Finally — and this is all speculation — Trump could have a hidden iron in the fire: he might have been using military intelligence, run through Special Forces rather than the porous and disloyal Pentagon, to watch in real time exactly what the Democrats were doing during the election.


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    Nicholas Arena

    The SCOTUS will ultimately take all of this into account. Some justices will be reluctant to overturn the “media president” for fear of violence. But other justices will point out that “the law is the law,” or, as the Romans said, “Dura lex, sed lex.” It will be further shown that violence is not new in American history, vide the Revolution, Civil War et al. In the end, they will do “the right thing.”


    • #
      Fuel Filter

      Don’t count on it.

      CJ Roberts, nominally a Republican, has sided with the radicals on the court more times than I can count.

      Thank God for Amy Coney Barrett. At least she gives the truth a fighting chance.


  • #


    This appears to be major. Jerome Corsi stating that Trump can win the election re the stats anomalous facts, which is a compelling constitutional argument. He argues this around 34.00 onwards … despite the rather annoying chip ins from Robert Steele.


  • #
    Kris W

    Trump supporters need to stop drinking the red coolaid. Rudy lies every time his mouth is moving. I watched first 30 mins of the Gettysburg Senate Hearing. I heard Rudy claim that only 1.6 million absentee ballots were requested but 2.5 million were returned.

    The truth is on the day of the election it was reported that over 3 million absentee ballots had been requested (by registered voters). In several other news articles weeks before the election it was reported that over 2.5 million mail in ballots were requested.

    The fact that over 2.5 million mail in ballots were returned proves absolutely nothing. Rudy is lying. It took me all of 5 mins to verify his lies. See, November 3, 2020 Politico article. If they lie about a fact that is this obvious, how can you believe anything these people say. Wake up and smell the facts people. Trump lost the election. It’s over!


    • #

      Kris, I’ve seen both sets of numbers too. Given that Senator Doug Mastriano and Rudy Guiliani have repeated the same smaller numbers, and they have 100 other instances of fraud to talk about, why would they waste 1 minute with lies? They don’t need to make up stuff when the truth is so astonishing.

      There must be some definition that separates the two. Knowing Politico they won’t do the research to explain it. Evidently neither with you.

      If anyone else knows, I’m keen to find out.


    • #
      Kawal Maraj

      Your comments reeks of bias and prejudice. Al Gore used up all of the 34 days to rebel legally in 2000, what was your comment then? Listen to yourself and see that the Republicans are fighting for you so that you can at least say what you say. If the Democrats are given the ungodly chance to rule, no one will be free again, to put it mildly.


    • #

      correct. That data can be accessed easily.


    • #

      If you are going to accuse others of lying, it might be a good idea to do a quick check of your own first. Here is what Rudy Giuliani said (quoting from the transcript):

      I’ll give you one other enormously puzzling statistic. You sent out in the State of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, 1,823,148 absentee or mail-in ballots. You received back 1.4 million, approximately. However, in the count for President, you counted 2.5 million. I don’t know what accounts for that 700,000 difference between the number of ballots you sent out and the number of ballots that ended up in the count. That number, 2,589,242 was on your government website until yesterday. And yesterday, it was removed without explanation. I’m going to be very interested in hearing what the explanation is.

      The number 1.6 million is not in there … he never said it. To figure this out I simply searched for the Gettysburg Senate Hearing and checked the transcript.

      There are various “fact checkers” pointing out that the U.S. Elections Project (on github) displays 3,087,524 requested ballots and 2,629,672 returned ballots. Neither of which matches the Giuliani numbers … however these are not official. They may be correct, but they aren’t an official source, neither is Giuliani, but actually official links are not so easy to find … anyone who has one by all means show what you got.

      If they lie about a fact that is this obvious, how can you believe anything these people say

      I guess that applies to you with your misquote of 1.6 million which Rudy Giuliani never said, right?


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    Patriot Lawyer

    The preliminary injunction was entered by Patricia McCullough of the Court of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania she filled the dissenting opinion in Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. v. Phila. Cnty. Bd. of Elections (Pa. Commw. Ct. 2020) That denied the political parties rights to have Paul watchers present at the in person absentee voting at the remote polling places. This is not a lower courts opinion but in order by a single member of Pennsylvania Supreme Court. I find it interesting that the scribed link is no longer good. It is a very good thing that I another’s down loaded this order before scribed took it down.


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    Patriot Lawyer

    I was mistaken Judge McCullough is not a member of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

    Just a short time ago the Pennsylvania Supreme Court unanimously overturn her decision although the two Republican justices believed there was something to the unconstitutionality of at 77 which changed the absentee voting procedures allowing anyone for no reason to vote absentee in person as if they were at a polling place although not on election day. It appears that the court felt that the challenge came too late as the legislation contained a one year challenge. It is hard to understand how unconstitutional legislation can place a time limit upon the courts to rule on its unconstitutionality. For you lawyers out there figure out that renvoi.


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      Pennsylvania Supreme Court Dismisses Challenge to Mail-in Voting on Equitable Doctrine of “Laches”

      Earlier on Saturday the Pennsylvania Supreme Court issued a short decision ordering dismissal of the complaint filed by Congressman Mike Kelly and seven others challenging the legality of “no excuse” mail-in voting adopted by the Pennsylvania Legislature. The complaint alleged that such a system violated express provisions of the Pennsylvania Constitution, which require in-person voting subject only to very limited exceptions for “absent electors” within four very narrow classes.

      The Pennsylvania Supreme Court did not address the merits of the allegations. It dismissed the complaint solely on the equitable doctrine of “laches,” which can be applied when one party to a dispute is seen by the Court as having “sat on its rights” with regard to a legal claim, and the opposing party would be unfairly injured to allow the party asserting its rights to prevail after having failed to act when it was first aware of the claim.

      Here is what the Court wrote:

      There are currently five Democrats and two Republicans on the seven-member Court.

      The vote today was 7-0, but both Republican members dissented from the outright dismissal of the complaint.

      Another way to put this sentiment would be:

      We stole this election fair and square, and we’ll be damned if we are going to sit still while you smarty-pants lawyers call attention to what we did in order to steal it back.

      But here are a couple questions to consider when taking into account of the language used by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court:

      The defendants and allegedly bad actors in the allegations of the Complaint are Pennsylvania state officials. How are they injured here?

      What does the application of the “doctrine of laches” do to vindicate their interest?

      What interests do they have in operating a facially invalid election scheme?

      What interests do the voters of Pennsylvania have in maintaining a facially unconstitutional voting scheme?

      And, as the Chief Justice of the Court made clear in his partial concurrence and partial dissent:

      “laches and prejudice can never be permitted to amend the Constitution.” Sprague v. Casey, 520 Pa. 38, 47, 550 A.2d 184, 188 (1988)

      The Pennsylvania Supreme Court knows with this decision “They have sown the wind, they shall reap the whirlwind.”

      Joe Biden is an illegitimate President, but while the law may not allow him to be recognized as such, history will know.


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    …a new day, a new dawn…
    Another one down,
    Another one down,
    And another one bites the dust….

    As Derek Jakobie’s character remarks in ‘I Claudius ‘
    “Let all the poisons lurking in the mud
    (Of Trump’s self-created White House Cess-Pit).
    Leach out….


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      If only Pennsylvania had a way to identify the real mail in voters they wouldn’t be disenfranchising them would that? Blame the inept state management for a crooked system, not the people who want to clean it up.

      Respecting the right to vote means stopping cheaters from disenfranchising most of the voters in the state.


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    Why should all those who heeded Faucie’s Pandemic advice and did a mail-in ballot be disenfranchised? (Simply because they’re more likely to be a Democrat???). Trump is a buffoon with scant regard for the safety of his fellow Americans! Shame on you Jo, you provided excellent commentary on COVID-19 early on yet allow this Despot’s stupidity to go unremarked! (My wife and I recently did postal votes… by your logic our votes should have been disallowed….patethic!…. sorry, you’re wrong, simply, so sadly, disappointingly wrong….)..


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      Kalm Keith

      I’m sure that you and your wife processed legal ballots and that there’s a legitimate trail to guarantee that you did that.

      Unfortunately what happens to your vote after it is received is a whole ‘nother matter and the verifiable part of the system fails miserably.

      In many counties the postal ballot scheme has not been managed to give a valid tally.

      Your voting choice should never be available to poll officials but there should be batches of votes that have been tallied that match a related batch of envelopes and certified and locked away.

      Unfortunately if envelopes show freudulent details such as name being used multiple times or person being deceased or name not registered then the entire batch, say 500 votes, is contaminated.

      If your valid, legal votes were amongst those you may find your vote to be deemed to be contaminated and voided with the rest of the 500.

      The cheats will have stolen your votes.

      What do you have to say to the cheats?

      Your abuse of Jo is despicable and uninformed.

      In such a situation you be seen as being;




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    This scenario serves the USA right. While it has 50 states going their own way with voting procedures and no consistency, the USA deserves all it gets. As far as I’m concerned, I don’t give a rat’s about the final result (although it’s a pity Biden will prevail). The sooner this “republic” fixes its voting problems, the better…but so long as the states have priority, fat chance of that. The US Constitution is a big fat joke…it is so far out of date, it’s not funny.