90% vaccine magically appears two days after Biden declares win

Trump was right, but Biden gets the glory

Pfizer held off the discovery in what appears to be a petty political gamble

All along we were told a vaccine “by October” was unlikely and that 50-60% efficacy would be OK. On Sept 16, Trump said “a vaccine for COVID-19 could be ready in three or four weeks.” Presumably because he was expecting these results or others like them. On Sept 18th, Biden said he was irrational: ““The idea that there’s going to be a vaccine and everything’s gonna be fine tomorrow – it’s just not rational, not reasonable,” and the Medical Swamp supported Biden.

But Dr. Moncef Slaoui, the chief scientific adviser to Operation Warp Speed, said a vaccine by October was unlikely. So did Dr. Anthony Fauci, the most prominent and popular member of the White House coronavirus task force. Instead, the vaccine announcement came six days after the election as votes are still being counted in some parts of the country.

Come Nov 10,  Markets rocketed with the Pfizer vaccine news.

Truth was, Pfizer was never going to announce potentially game changing vaccine news until after the election. That’s because they changed the original deadline for the interim analysis in October, and hid all the results from themselves until November 4. And we believe them when they say they didn’t peek?

One WhiteHouse official told RealClear Politics: “It is a scandal.” “They intentionally didn’t look at the data when originally planned,” the source told RCP. “And it likely would have been announced in October if they did look at it as originally planned.”

The statement was in reference to the pharmaceutical company’s decision in late October to forgo an initial interim analysis. Instead, as industry journal STAT first reported, Pfizer began the analysis of the trial vaccine the Wednesday after Election Day.

Pfizer takes the cake for petty politicing

Pfizer even went out of their way to say they were not part of Operation Warp Speed, which News outlets reported with satisfaction. But actually, they and their German partner have an agreement to collect $2b from Operation Warp Speed when they deliver, which they admitted the next day. So this is a Trump success (assuming it really does pan out). How many news agencies will tell the world that?

Pfizer has distanced itself from Mr. Trump and Operation Warp Speed. In an interview on Sunday, Kathrin Jansen, a senior vice president and the head of vaccine research and development at Pfizer, said, “We were never part of the Warp Speed,” adding, “we have never taken any money from the U.S. government, or from anyone.”

On Monday, a spokeswoman for Pfizer clarified that the company is part of Operation Warp Speed as a supplier of a potential coronavirus vaccine.

Although it’s true that Pfizer and BioNTech had been working on a vaccine all year before the companies struck their deal with the U.S. government in July, a $1.95 billion deal is nevertheless a significant incentive to keep going.

–Carl Zimmer and Katie Thomas, NY Times

To be even more petty, unverified President-Elect Biden was given the news before the US President.

Pfizers Political Bet may come undone

Pfizer wants the public to trust their health on it, yet it’s willing to play partisan games. Covid was a big issue for many USA voters and clearly if the news had been released before the election it would have helped Trump and hurt Biden. Yet again — the Swamp do everything except put forward good policies, in order to swing the odds.

But right now there are ten other vaccines already in late-stage trials around the world, and with only a few months of data behind the Pfizer one, it’s possible the Pfizer vaccine won’t protect people for long, and may not work well in people over 65 or in young children. These are still only interim results based on 94 infections. There’s a lot of competition out there and other choices may be just as good. If, as Mike Pompeo says, “it will be a smooth transition to a second Trump term” then Pfizer’s behaviour  may cost it.

Why did Pfizer take that risk? Perhaps someone whispered in the CEO’s ear in October that they “knew” what the election result would be and Pfizer wanted to curry favour. Or perhaps the CEO of a large multinational high tech firm was dumb enough to believe all the polls?

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    Graham Richards

    The pharma companies hate Trump. He was right in the middle of breaking up their stranglehold on the American market. Now the American people will pay dearly if Biden cheats his way into power. Biden will undoubtedly reverse Trumps attempt to break the Pharmaceutical industry’s hold on the USA market.

    That’s the reason for hem holding off releasing their vaccines!!


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      Sceptical Sam

      Spot on Graham.

      And, anybody who believes that Pfizer has a 90%er, ain’t black.

      It reminds me of the Swine Flu vaccine that was developed in a rush in 1976.


      “And then more problems emerged. There were reports of sporadic deaths possibly connected to the vaccine. Cases of Guillain-Barre syndrome also emerged, and are still cited today by the anti-vaccine movement. Panic emerged, with dozens of states pausing vaccinations.”


      I’ll be looking to be in the last quartile of recipients.

      Meanwhile, I’ll rely on my Hydroxychloroquine.


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    The vaccine must be stored at -70 as well. Government workers…hmmm. You have no idea if it has spoiled if put in a regular refrigerator with always cost cutting. Really makes you think twice 9n a shot.


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      I use things from -70 storage all the time and dry ice is used for transport. There are -70 portable containers that can store it for weeks without power.


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        Every micro lab in the country has a -70C Freezer. Common as dirt.

        Portable insulated dewars of Liquid N2 and even dry ice can do it. No biggie.

        Standard in any research lab, probably in Pathology labs, hospitals, and scores of other industrial locations.

        We used to carry 50L vats of Liquid Nitrogen in the back of the car around the country and pour it on the floor, drop banana’s into it, then hammer nails in with frozen banana’s. Just fun for the kids at school shows with the Science Circus.


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    And another life supporting role for carbon dioxide – eskies with dry ice will store the vaccine for up to two weeks! According to the ALPBC – just the dry ice angle. Their heads will explode when they realise how carbon intensive the rollout of this vaccine will be.


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    H emay have got the glory but it doesn’t look like he’s going to get the whitehouse.



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      Just watched Paul Murray reporting on another ‘glitch’ and 2000 votes returned to Trump. Is that 3 now?

      By my count that’s 8,000 votes approx that were stolen off Trump, and they’ve only just begun. 47 counties in Michigan. Same machine used in 30 states. Rudy did say this was big! Trump also hinted at something big by next week.


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    Hmmm, he whole issue over Pfizer makes me Phizzzz. It stinks. Thinking back to German connections …. and when a Company cannot be trusted to be straightforward, can you trust heir results or products ? In a word, NO.


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      I remember the poor ferrets on whom the SARS1 vaccine was tested. They all developped immunity abd on reexposure to the virus mounted a hyperimmune response which killed them. This time they’ve skipped the ferret stage….


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    Yes, eskies with dry ice. Our pollies are pretty smart, they know they can’t rely on our power grid.


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    Just Thinkin'

    What’s with the vaccine?

    There are medicines that protect, and cure, this china virus.

    We are being conned.


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      You are thinkin too much.
      My understanding is a placebo will guarantee you a 99% chance of being asymptomatic if you are tested positive to the presence of the SARS 2 virus by the hypersensitive PCR test.
      Time to get back to work and let the Celebs and decadent elite reset themselves to another planet.
      Read Ben Elton’s Stark! The Karens can lock themselves in their Biospheres (‘This Other Eden’) and make the world a better place by their absence.


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    Don’t you just love the way the media are heralding a vaccine now? This is the same media who sneered at Trump for saying he’d have one by end of year. Same arrogant and ungrateful media who have conveniently forgotten that it was Trump’s Operation Warp Speed that saw the development in record time, with fast tracking through testing and approval.

    I can see what they’re doing. Not even mentioning Trump as if he no longer exists and somehow the arrival of a vaccine in record time was dementia Joe’s doing.

    So transparent. Can the MSM get any more dishonest?


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      Actually, I think revolting is good word to describe the MSM.


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        Pzifer say they think they have developed a successful vaccine (with no federal assistance). If true, this is wonderful news for the whole world. Rejoice!
        Or sulk.


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      Hey Louise, have you noticed how the media are complaining that Trump hasn’t done any public appearances in the last 6 days? Biden did 1 or 2 a month and that was ok, he’s done one press conference since the election where the reporters were told by his handlers what questions to ask and that was ok too.

      They are going to miss Trump when/if he goes but I suspect they follow him around in private life and keep kicking him and his family. They have become so addicted to their hate Trump syndrome that they will still need to get a regular fix for years to come.


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    John R Walker

    IMHO a vaccine isn’t 90% effective until it has prevented infection in 90% of the cohort in a challenge trial against a realistic amount of virus in a cohort which realistically represents the age and health status of the population.

    On the face of it, we’re being set up to accept the same low effectiveness from SARS-CoV-2 vaccines that we have been conned into paying for with flu vaccines. If I was a politician I wouldn’t be too keen on taking credit for that!


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    There is no way I would touch anything the NWO thugs have made…*especially not* if its been cobbled together in a rush.

    And if its RNA based, chances are it will modify your DNA. You gotta be joking….

    And I believe the pharma companies are 100% indemnified from any legal retribution if youre injured or die from the vaccine.

    For something that is not much worse than a bad cold…nothing makes any sense except as a social compliance/engineering exercise….

    No way.


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      Also! nanoprobes galore. Maybe not, but I don’t trust this scheme – this stunt. 90 percent efficacy is too convenient.


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    Pardon me if I wait for another few vaccine “candidates” to pass the likely equivalent of VW emissions tests.
    You’d have to be desperately in need to trust this sort of political science.


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    When reviewing these results and vaccine trials, I immediately thought of the movie “I am Legend”. There are that many parameters to consider about the effectiveness of these 4 vaccines, that who knows what will happen? Will the COVID19 virus mutate? Will any of the vaccines be really effective? Anyway, I wouldn’t mind being turned into a murderous zombie


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    Thanks to Jo for pointing out that Pfizer indeed WAS involved with Operation Warp Speed. Nine Radio and ABC news reported that Pfizer hadn’t received money as part of Trumps vaccine program – implying they were independent of any Trump incentives.

    Trump has helped so many yet is being disrespected by quite despicable people.