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Mt Barker — How not to measure the temperature

Thanks to Bill in Oz who sent in this photo of the Mt Barker site in South Australia.

Ken Stewart at Ken’s Kingdom writes: The Wacky World of Weather Stations: No. 1- Mount Barker

Mt Barker, Photo, Bureau of Meteorology site.

Photo: Bill in Oz.

Count the ways this site breaches the Bureau of Meteorology own rules:

Ken Stewart finds the relevant BoM guidelines. Clearly this site is on a slope, too close to buildings, too close to tall foliage, too close to heat sinks, it should not be artificially watered, or near asphalt. It should have a 30 meter buffer zone, and not be shielded from the sun, rain or wind. BillinOz points out that it is totally screened from the southerly cold winds, and the cold air will be drained from the spot down the slope.

How much do the Bureau of Meteorology care about climate change? — About 1m out of 30m or 3% of their advertised “care” factor.  That’s a a 97% Junk-Science rate. The future of life on Earth is supposedly at stake and the “experts” can’t even be bothered accurately measuring the climate change they tell us we need to pay billions of dollars to solve.

Mt Barker, Bureau of Meteorology site, 2015.

Could it be worse? Sure — in 2015, the Mt Barker thermometer was on the other side of the block next to the driveway and the van.  | Imagery  ©2019 Google

Obviously every record claimed at this site is scientifically meaningless. This sort of error can’t be homogenized or adjusted away, but taxpaying Australians might think that installing a proper site would be possible when we pay them over a million dollars a day.

Mt Barker’s temperatures are published at their Latest Weather Observations page. As Stewart points out this flawed site is used to adjust temperatures at official superstar ACORN-SAT sites at Adelaide, Cape Borda, Nuriootpa, Robe, and Snowtown. And thus does bad data pollute Australia’s temperature records and the press releases that are used to scare the public into paying more money to fix a climate problem no one can be bothered to even measure properly.

The bottom line? Ask our M.P.’s to audit the Bureau of Met. If the environment matters, there must be an independent audit. Skeptics have asked, and the Bureau threw out the whole dataset to avoid the audit. They admit they won’t describe their methods. If the Greens or Australian Conservation Foundation cared about the environment, they would demand an audit like we do.

In 2015 this site was on the other side of the block next to the driveway and car. “Lucky” the BoM realized, and … moved it to another inadequate spot.

Those fantasy bureau guidelines:

Specifications for meteorological stations are set out in the BOM Observation Specification 2013.1 “GUIDELINES FOR THE SITING AND EXPOSURE OF METEOROLOGICAL INSTRUMENTS AND OBSERVING FACILITIES”.

3.4.1  “… the Instrument enclosure is a 17 metres by 17 metres square enclosure in the middle of a 30 metre by 30 metre square buffer zone aligned in the true North – South direction.”

3.4.2  The enclosure area is to be “level, clearly defined and covered with as much of the natural vegetation of the area that can kept cut to a height of a few centimetres…  should not be artificially watered.”  Concrete or asphalt walkways no wider than 0.5 metres should be minimal and only installed if the ground will be impassable or unsafe in wet conditions.

3.4.3  The buffer zone must also be covered with natural vegetation maintained below 0.5 metres.

3.4.4  An isolated obstruction up to 15 metres high should be 4 times its height in distance from the enclosure.

3.6.4  “If a shelter is required at locations where no instrument enclosure is to be provided, it must be installed in an area that is level and covered with either the natural vegetation of the area or unwatered grass, which needs to be kept trimmed to a few centimetres in height.  The site should not be in a hollow or on a steep slope.  The shelter should be freely exposed to the sun and wind, and not shielded by or close to trees, buildings, fences, walls or other obstructions.  It should also not be close to extensive areas of concrete, asphalt, rock or other surfaces which may locally alter the air temperature of the site.  In areas where these surfaces are unavoidable, a minimum clearance of 5 times the width of the unrepresentative surface is recommended.”

Thanks to BillinOz who sent in this photo. If readers want to send in more photos of their local sites, please comment or email me joanne AT this site domain. Cheers! Jo

PS: As Ken points out, the people in the house are not to blame. Target your responses to the BoM!

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Mt Barker -- How not to measure the temperature, 9.6 out of 10 based on 101 ratings

133 comments to Mt Barker — How not to measure the temperature

  • #
    Peter C

    Well Done, Bill in OZ.

    The Bureau maintains that the Mt Barker site has been open since 1861. The Meterologists house looks much younger than that!

    The station details here show that there have been multiple site moves, not just moving the Stephenson screen from one place in the garden to another but also across town from another house entirely.

    As far as I can see there has been no attempt at keeping overlapping records to see if the site changes require adjustments to the long term record.


    • #
      Bill in Oz

      Peter the first weather station was in the backyard of the (old ) Mt Barker police station in Gawler st Mt Barker
      (If you Google it is the old cottage type building right next door to the modern 2 storey large police station )
      Gawler st. is by the way the center of Mt Barker’s shopping precinct.
      There were UJI issues I suspect so it was moved In the early 1990′s 1.2 kilomters to Hill St Mt Barker.
      Hill St runs Westwards up a hill off Adelaide Rd.
      So the weather station there was at a significantly higher elevation than Gawler St.
      And of course it was now on the outskirts of town.
      The Third move was to the Bowyer Crescent Mt Barker, behind my home ~ 2007.
      This Street is even more on the edge of Mt Barker.
      It is also much higher elevation than Hill St.
      But in an urban area.
      It is on the same hill as my own home as I said earlier 150 meters away as the crow flies.


      • #
        Peter Fitzroy

        There is no room in the back yard, and property changed hands in 2014, and you can buy Stevenson screens on eBay, lat and long are inaccurate. There is no record of site changes for BOM – still a mystery


        • #

          “lat and long are inaccurate”

          WRONG.. They are almost EXACT on Google Earth

          But nobody can account for your incompetence, can they !!


        • #

          There is a record of the site change from Hill St to Bowyer St a

          There are several updates with the station next to the driveway,

          then a change from the driveway t the first picture sometime in 2017

          Come on PF, I know its REALLY HARD for you…

          … but at least TRY to keep up with the basic information given.

          You are coming across as a complete dullard.. YET AGAIN !!


        • #
          Bill in Oz

          I just found it on Google Earth
          You can at maximum magnification see the BOM weather station in the Stevenson Screen.


        • #

          Pft says”you can buy Stevenson screens on eBay,” Yes but all Stevenson screens have open slat floors that let warm air convection flow up inside and out through the louvers. That pole underneath is grey and will obviously get hot in the sun to preheat this air. Only government could be this stupid. It must be a BoM one because no one with any common sense would do that.


        • #
          Sceptical Sam

          What the devil Mr Fitzroy is your point?


      • #
        Bill in Oz

        I went & took photos and checked the Bowyer street BOM weather station here at Mt Barker this morning

        There is one of the BOM labels on the Stevenson screen there. It is definitely a BOM weather station,

        I also took a photo of a Kelvinator R/C heating unit close by the weather station. It is about 4 meters away from the Stevenson screen.

        And some photos of the entire house frontage from the street looking up hill with the weather station on the LHS of the photos.

        This house was sold in 2014.All the real estate advertising mentions solar heated pool in the backyard. I estimate that this pool is 6-7 meters away from the Stevenson screen.

        I am sending copies of these photos to Jo for inclusion in the post

        Also I will go find the other two former BOM weather station sites on Gawler St & Hill St Mt Barker & take photos if I can. That will build up the long term picture of what has been happening


        • #
          Bill in Oz

          I have just re-read the BOM’s pdf about the Mt Barker weather station. Here is a summary..It’s long and slightly confusing as there are no changes of longitude & latitude for the different sites. Only the changed sketch map shows the changes of sites. Bugger !
          Here is what I think has happened :
          1: Opened in 1861 at Police Station on Gawler St Mt barker
          2: Moved to an unknown location in 1997 ( no identifying features either ! ) which was not compliant with BOM guidelines.
          3 : Moved to another unknown location Mt Barker in 1997.
          4 : Moved to Hill St. Mt Barker in 2011. No street number given. So I walked Hill street from one to another. I think it was at a house at the end of the street up on the highest point. But the screen of trees /shrubs on the sketch is indicative. Need to Google it
          5 : Moved to Bowyer Crs Mt Barker in 2014. Currently still at Bowyer Crs,

          I wonder about the street numbers for three of the Mt Barker weather station locations, not being on this BOM document. How did their staff know how to find them for re-callibration ?


          • #

            Check out which is the basic site summary.

            The latest site map is dated 28/11/2017 and the previous site map, dated 06/03/2017 shows the house, labelled “Observer’s Residence”, of quite a different shape. The 6/3/2017 site map is absolutely identical to the maps dated 22/3/2016, 12/5/2015 and 27/2/2014. It looks like when it came time to create a new map someone has photocopied the old map and submitted it. Apparently every tree shown on the map failed to grow during the three years.

            Similarly maps dated 16/3/2010 and 26/3/2009 are identical but of different sizes. Both show some small changes to the map of 19/3/2008, those changes being in a different font to the rest of the map.

            NB. I hope everyone knows that just copying the latitude and longitude into the search box for Google maps, with a space or tab separator between the two, will return the exact location.


            • #
              Bill in Oz

              Thanks John
              I think I have found the Hill St. site. It is only about 300 meters long and dead ends.
              So only 30 odd houses on the South side of the street.
              Only one house matches the sketch map on page 9 of the BOM pdf
              Why ?
              Because 1 : the sketch map shows a drive way entering at a slight angle to the road- not at a right angle.
              2: The sketch shows the BOM weather station at the back of a garden on the East side of the house. There is only one house with such a wide side garden.
              This former site is clearly not compliant with the BOM’s own guidelines

              I also just went & tried to get a photo of the back yard of the former police station in Gawler st. But it has been turned into a tarred carpark for the new 2 story police building built in 2004-6. I suspect that it was this proposed building program which lead to the BOM weather station being moved.


  • #
    Michael Hammer

    In case some might wonder how much difference it really makes, two personal observations. We have 2 cars parked side by side over night next to an unheated garage. The car closer to the garage (about 1.5 meters away and open to the sky)had no frost on it, the car next to it and about 4 meters further away from the garage was covered in a thick layer of frost. Second example, one car parked in the open about 4 meters from that garage was again covered in frost while the other car, this time parked under a beech tree which had no leaves (deciduous, winter), just a few bare branches above the car was completely free of frost.

    Seemingly minor changes in local environment can make a huge difference to the data recorded. It’s probably only 1C or so but then the entire warming being claimed so far is only 1C or so. ie: the impact of the siting is equal to or greater than the entire warming effect being claimed.


  • #
    Peter Fitzroy

    If you go the BOM’s MT Barker page and copy the lat and long into google maps you end up somewhere else entirely, nearest town is Balhannah. Also the BOM states that Mt Barker is an automatic station, and the one pictured is not. There is nowhere in the nearby towns which correlates to the photos, which are in the link. Something is not as it seems here.


    • #
      Peter Fitzroy

      IF you use Peter C’s link you can Google the location mentioned, and it does indeed match the images as posted (using the lat and long) Going to Streetview, you can see the weather station in the 2015 image (near the driveway) but it’s not there in 2013 or 2010. The mystery deepens


      • #
        Peter C

        The mystery deepens

        Not sure what Mystery you are thinking of Peter Fitz.

        The BOM co-ordinates as given on their observations page are not detailed enough to find the exact site, using Google Earth. I have tried that for quite a few sites.

        The site summary that I posted is found by going to the Weather and Climate data tab (left hand side of the BOM home page), then finding a station, opening up some data eg rainfall and looking for the “details” tab on the right side of that page. The site summary gives the location to 4 decimal places of a degree, which is good to a few feet of the actual location.

        The BOM gives a lot of detailed and useful information on their website. My only complaint is that they have a devotion to Catastrophic Climate Change caused by CO2. Fortunately we can use their information to have some fun at their expense. Unfortunately it is not a laughing matter.


        • #
          Peter Fitzroy

          It is as I said, the station turns up in 2015, but not before, it is not in the automatic stations list – which are the ones which are used for ACORN.

          Site Mount Barker , SA
          Coordinates 138.8E / 35.1S , 359 m ASL
          Type Manual Station
          Operator Bureau of Meteorology


          • #
            Peter C

            Read the whole site summary Peter,

            The station did not “turn up” in 2015. Some time between 21 March 2013 and 27 Feb 2014 there was a site change from Hill St, Mt Barker to Bowyer Av, Mt Barker.

            The site summary details some minor changes at the current site. The Stephenson screen was apparently next to the concrete driveway on 6 Mar 2017. The site summary but has not yet been updated to show that the screen has been moved onto the sloping front lawn.

            No mystery, just inadequate record keeping by the Bureau.


          • #

            WRONG AGAIN, PF

            The Mt Barker station is listed as 023733 on this page


            click Mt Barker to go to


            The plan in the pdf linked by Bill inOz

            gives the site as in the lower picture.

            Your IGNORANCE, (or is it DECEIT , LIES and attempted distraction) flows from you like a wet cowpat.

            You can’t help yourself, can you.


          • #

            The change in site from next to the driveway to the other side of the yard happened some time in mid 2017.

            Its all in the plans on the BOM site description

            Do learn to do something for yourself, twerp. !!


            The Hill St site was equally as bad. !

            As I have said before, the surface station data is a MANIFEST JOKE. !!!


          • #

            What? Check the ACORN-SAT station catalogue and you’ll find a few stations where no mention is made of changing to AWS.

            Perhaps make the effort to read several stations carefully and see how many times they’ve been relocated or the data adjusted for some other reason. (Check the “site info” PDF’s for more information.) I looked about 30 of those stations and I can’t recall any that hadn’t been subjected at least twice to the kinds of changes that require data to be adjusted.


    • #

      Where is the BOM link stating it is an Automatic station Peter?


    • #
      Bill in Oz

      Peter Fitzroy open the link below and scroll down about 6 pages.
      This is the BOM description of the entire site with the houses, trees, garden, slopes all shown.
      There is also further on the photo from 2017 which shows the weather station at the first location on the other side of the garden also next to boundary fence and shed.
      The actual address is also given if you look.
      It 150 meters away from my home over the back fence..
      Or a 300 meter walk via the streets.



    • #
      Bill in Oz

      Balhannah is miles away literally miles away Peter.
      BOM can keep longitude & latitude records correct either !
      More BOM misinformation !
      Hah !


      • #
        Ken Stewart

        Thanks Bill, there’s no doubt about this site. It’s exactly at the co-ordinates you give, and I use the site information page to find every site then put the co-ordinates into Google. Magic.



    • #

      Simple question, PF

      Do you or do you not, accept the Mt Barker site as a proper way to measure temperatures?

      Yes or No,

      No prattling on, and no headless chook routines like you use when asked to present empirical evidence of warming by increased atmospheric CO2.


      • #
        Peter Fitzroy

        No, but I don’t think that this is the real site


        • #

          go to #

          follow the link above from the BOM site, same number, same house plan, same lat/long

          SAME PLACE

          yes.. we all know that YOU DON’T THINK !!!

          You seem to be totally INCAPABLE. !!


        • #
          Bill in Oz

          If you loo at the BOM documentation for the Mt Barker site
          You will also find a photo of the house.: a brown brick veneer single story house.
          Or do you need more photos.
          I supplied Jo with more
          Or I can go & take more in the morning..

          By the way, I’m curious what evidence would satisfy your doubts ?
          I’m not trying to deceive you or trick you.
          These are the facts for a BOM weather station just 150 meters away.
          Is your faith in BOM so strong that even the facts don’t count ?


          • #
            Peter Fitzroy

            Bill it’s now clear that it is as you say. Next question, I can find no link which Ken Stewart says affects the aws stations


            • #

              go to ADELAIDE

              Now scroll down to the sections that says “All Comparison Station”

              Second column second from the bottom.

              Then stop being a goose !

              You STILL haven’t put forward any empirical evidence for warming by increased atmospheric CO2

              Don’t you BELIEVE any more? Is you blind faith failing you ????

              Plenty of evidence of pseudo-warming by bad urban station siting .. wouldn’t you agree, PF!


            • #
              Ken Stewart

              Peter, go to

              These are ACORN stations where the stations used for adjustments are listed. Is that what you mean?


              • #
                Bill in Oz

                Ken the Lensood BOM station is interesting. It was based at the SA government research at Lenswood on Swamp Rs. But it was shut down in 1999 for unknown reasons. I lived at Lenswood for 2 years 2000-2002 about a kilometer from the research station. It was always freezing in Winter.
                So closing it down removed it from the comparison stations available. And of course by the ‘law of homogenisation’ ( Ha, ha, ha ! ) would tend to move Adelaide’s temps upwards…


        • #

          To be a proficient liar, you need to have a very good memory.
          Australia’s BoM and NASA do NOT have good memories.


    • #

      “lat and long into google maps you end up somewhere else entirely”

      I suspect that is just your INNATE INCOMPETENCE

      Google Earth is pretty much spot on the lat/long given for the site as shown


  • #

    The site’s poor compliance is easy to fix. The record can simply be adjusted up to compensate. (/sarcasm, but sadly I would bet $$$ that is what is happening).


  • #
    Ken Stewart

    Thanks Jo. For other readers, I’m doing a series of posts, one per day, on poor sites, at kenskingdom. See you there for future updates.



    • #

      Should look at other sites like in Germany or France or UK where ever they are having ‘record heatwaves’ Im suspicios of the LOT!


  • #

    Just as well temp statistics without interpretation and context are meaningless anyway. (Because CLOUD, duh.)


  • #

    I often travel to Mt Barker. On cold mornings my car temperature readout is often 2 to 3 degrees lower than the BOM temperature at that time.


    • #
      Peter C

      . On cold mornings my car temperature readout is often 2 to 3 degrees lower than the BOM temperature at that time.

      Most likely because the BOM thermometer is located very close (about 12ft by my estimation) to the “observers house” which keeps the thermometer warm on cold mornings!


      • #

        You can see the brick wall of the house, which according to thermodynamics radiates a nice warm IR directly to the thermometer in question. Only an ignoramus installer would put a national temperature station there. Just stand next to brick or concrete block walls after they have been heated in the sun all day.


  • #

    It’s about time the BOM is exposed for presiding over [snip..."misleading"] data.
    This weather station is probably one of very many that do not comply and it should be possible to create a list of them all.
    Your blog could be instrumental in this as follows:
    1. Post a full list of all Australian weather stations by location on your blog. Include the specifications for a compliant station.
    2. Appeal to all your readers to seek out a weather station nearby, identify it’s exact location and surrounding conditions, buildings, etc. including photos and any other relevant issues that could distort the accuracy of the data.
    3. Provide an email address so that readers could use to send this information to you.
    4. When returns are complete, produce a summary report and publish this on your blog.
    5. Ensure that the Federal government minister is copied with all the report details needed to challenge the BOM.



  • #
    Paul wilkie

    Is that a heat pump/AC unit peeking around the corner of the house ???


  • #
    Travis T. Jones

    “Children had become so concerned about greenhouse theories it was almost child abuse”

    An amazing article from 1989 featuring the head of the SA BoM denying climate change …

    Scaremongering’ on greenhouse effect

    “ADELAIDE: A leading weather expert warned people yesterday not to believe everything they heard about the greenhouse effect.

    South Australia Bureau of Meteorology director Graeme Furler said the greenhouse effect might not cause the environmental havoc many scientists predicted and the public debate had been blown out of proportion.”


    • #

      Yes 1989 was about when the rot started. I saw articles in New Scientist about the warnings about excess CO2 causing warming. I think thats about when there was a start ‘push’ for the ‘agenda’ few years just prior to the Earth Summit 1992. You might say the ‘warm up’ get even scientists convinced who hadnt the time to actually analyse it properly.
      That BOM guy must have seen the light even then.


      • #
        Latus Dextro

        The falsifiable global warming terminology ran until 1997. Magically, by 2000 it was gone. Once the unpredicted inconvenient flatline of ‘The Pause’ began in 1997 the UN IPCC, UNFCCC and UNEP scrambled to come up with an unfalsifiable catch-all definition they could run with FOREVER, irrespective of any state of the weather or the climate only SO LONG AS there was still a single human being alive on Earth.
        ‘Climate change’ is predicated solely on human activity. ‘Climate variability’ on the other hand is the natural unadulterated phenomenon. So long as there are people present it can never be ‘zeroed’ out.
        The UN totalitarian bureaucratic justification, like its control, is intended to be enduring.


        • #

          Yes it was pretty obvious back then that the ‘warming’ was not happening, and so the term change.


          • #
            Greg in NZ

            One of our ‘missing in action’ disappeared weather stations was/is based at The Chateau Hotel on the lower western flank of Mt Ruapehu (2,797 m or 9,177 ft) a live stratovolcano with 3 ski areas on its slopes. The station was/is at the same altitude as the Tongariro National Park Visitor Centre (1160 metres).

            Over the next few days, wind chill at the top of Far West T-bar (*Experts Only*) is expected to drop to -20˚C while max/min temps hover between -7 and -10˚C. Along with gale force winds another metre (3 feet) of new snow is forecast to fall on the already accumulated 1 metre snow base. Click on Maps & Radar then select ’3 day rain forecast’ to see how gobull norming whoops! crimate cringe whoops! winter weather drops snow, and temperatures, from way down south (Rakiura/Stewart Island) right up the Southern Alps, across the Strait, all the way north to Ruapheu and the East Cape hills including Mt Hikurangi:


            Headlines of other links: Snow to 200m in South, but worst to miss Dunedin (ODT)
            July ends with a wintry cold snap bringing with it heavy snow and rain (TVNZ)

            Thanks to a blocking high parked over Oz, the storm(s) which clipped South Africa last week are being squeezed south before warping and reforming in the Tassie to slam into us all week long – huzzah! Take that, grovelling greenhouse groupies!


  • #
    Krishna Gans

    Since 2014 it’s told to change the location, because of irregular measurments (3k higher than surrounding stations) , but the record has been accepted by DWD, German Weather Orgnisation.
    Oner reason:

    The questionable peak in Lingen had put the DWD in an awkward situation. “The DWD has a long history of problems there, but if they did not recognize the measured value, climate change deniers would have used it to sow skepticism against all science.”

    Source (german)


  • #

    People who spend too much time watching computer screens have a tendency to not be very good at ‘field stuff’.

    If u think this hasn’t always been a big issue with science, some people even think the whole demise of Ancient Greek science occurred because of similar reasons; what started with free-spirited Greek seafarers who interacted on a daily basis with their physical world, became more and more bureaucratic and concentrated in a class of people who disdained ‘manual work’ with their hands, and also the use of the senses in general, and eventually turned away from thinking based on physical interaction with the world, and more and more towards thinking based on ideology, ‘forms’, class-based entitlement, and various forms of religiosity. For example, early Greek scientists believed ‘man became wise through his hands’ , whilst later Greek thinkers (eg Plato) thought ‘man had hands because he was wise’. (There is a good summary of this in Farrington’s books ‘Greek Science’ , and ‘Head and Hand in Ancient Greece’)

    In modern terms: science should be based on the best physical evidence, which tends in the overly bureaucratic-minded to become: ‘models tell us the physical evidence’, and therefore the integrity of weather stations is also not seen as all that important.


  • #

    It used not to matter so much. It was not an end of all species thing. What’s a degree either way?

    Now that the hottest year is decided on 0.001C and Australia represents half the planet, this one station could cost the world hundreds of billions. In fact they should be protected and surrounded by armed security guards. When Al Gore and James Hansen can defeat the airconditioning in the Congress building in 1988 to make their case for Global Warming, who is to say these meters are safe? Say from someone with a flamethrower. Like a former Climate Commissioner.


    • #
      David Maddison

      Good point TdeF.

      Each one of these low cost, improperly placed and unguarded weather stations could easily be responsible for huge numbers of lives lost due to energy poverty and revised low productivity “low carbon” agricultural practices and billions or trillions of dollars of economic damage.

      These almost invisible weather stations sit silently and unnoticed and cause vast human and economic damage.


    • #

      “and surrounded by armed security guards”

      All that body heat.. jut what the alarmists need ;-)


    • #

      I think land based temperature stations are a waste of time. In a modern world full of large urban areas and modified countryside. For any large scale trends you really need (unfiddled) satellite data, which of course measures that over the ocean as well, something that is impossible otherwise.


      • #
        Gee aye

        I know. If only we could invent some sort of vehicle that can move across water then we’d be able to put thermometers on it.


  • #
    Lionell Griffith

    When reality obeys your every wish, why bother about measuring and recording data + metadata correctly? Especially when you have sold the idea that a mere tabulation of numbers represents scientific data.

    “The data” can be anything they want and still be called “proof”. It doesn’t have to be in accord to what actually is because the only actuality that matters is what they want.

    Reality becomes irrelevant to them. In other regimes, this attitude would be called insanity and they would have been put away to protect themselves and others.

    In what passes for reality today, they are rewarded for ignoring reality by being given huge sums of tax (stolen) money so they can ignore reality all the more. Especially and exactly because it allows the politicians to have unlimited top down power and control over the helpless/ignorant/deplorable millions who merely create the wealth the politicians redistribute.

    This is still one more reason we must stop stop feeding them.


  • #

    Fred Hollows kept a chain saw in the boot for taking down cigarette advertising hoardings so I see nothing untoward in a Climate Commissioner keeping a flamethrower there.


  • #

    Greens councillor hosting climate protest meetings in office
    Courier Mail – 1 hour ago
    A PROMINENT Greens politician (Jonathan Sri) is using his ratepayer-funded office to host strategy meetings for the law-breaking “Extinction Rebellion” and …

    Extinction Rebellion meetings hosted in Greens ratepayer funded office
    Courier Mail – 5min ago
    The Courier-Mail can reveal weekly meetings by the group are hosted in Greens councillor Jonathan Sri’s ratepayer-funded office at Woolloongabba, as well as …


    • #

      29 Jul: BrisbaneTimes: Brisbane City Council to consider climate emergency motion
      By Lucy Stone
      Brisbane City Council will consider a motion to declare a climate emergency in Tuesday’s meeting, the first meeting after the winter recess.
      The notified motion was submitted by Greens councillor Jonathan Sri (The Gabba) and urges the council to declare a climate emergency and develop a climate action plan for the city…

      Cr Sri said the council needed to commit to shifting from fossil fuels to fully renewable energies.
      “Extreme global heating is likely to displace hundreds of millions of people and trigger a mass migration of climate refugees,” he said.
      “Some of our island neighbours in the Pacific are already making plans to relocate their entire national populations.

      “If we are going to meaningfully mitigate and adapt to an increasingly volatile climate, we need to completely rethink the way our cities are designed, and shift our economic system to focus more on providing people with a high quality of life, and less on economic growth for its own sake.”
      Cr Sri said Brisbane needed to take steps to develop sustainable food resources for its residents in the face of increasingly frequent weather events that were impacting food chains…

      Climate activists and groups have welcomed the motion, with a rally planned for 12.45pm outside City Hall on Tuesday…


      • #

        Sky “Front Page” just had Australian Financial Review front page story -

        “Solar surge hits limits”

        can’t find it online as yet but, from what was said, it seems there’s concern investment in solar will be badly impacted.


      • #

        ‘BrisbaneTimes: Brisbane City Council to consider climate emergency motion’ Sounds like time to write a letter to my local (gov) idiot,,,


  • #
    Roy Hogue

    Funny isn’t it? Way back in about 2008 my introduction to the subject of global warming happened because I got a booklet from Heartland Institute exposing the placement of thermometers in violation of what seemed to me to be very clear rules. At that time I also got the URL,

    Here it is 2019 and nothing seems to have changed. I did take a look at the Jo Nova site and it’s turned out to be second to none as the place to keep up with the continuing joke called climate change. That’s known as title creep — they couldn’t make the weather behave so they had to allow for both warming and cooling (yea, way to go you scientists).

    Now, as opposed to back then, I’m convinced that the objective is not to record temperatures accurately but just to record temperatures as a pretense so they can publish doctored up numbers PROVING (ha ha) that humanity is ruining the planet. They do not care about those words honesty or truth.

    Say or think what you will but I’ll argue that there never was any intent to be honest, not ever. Remember CRU and climategate just for one example. Or go back and look at James Hansen testifying in front of a Senate committee that for certain oil company executives the First Amendment should be tossed aside and they be tried for crimes against humanity. I doubt that he could define a real crime against humanity since he was an early instigator of what I would call an actual crime against humanity, lying to the public when he clearly knew better.

    If the public around the globe would remember how all, down to the very last one of the dire predictions have failed to materialize, the jig would be up, we would tell the piper to take his music and the bill for it elsewhere and this would all be over. Unfortunately very early in the game someone smelled money to be made and those dollar signs are the death of honesty every time.

    Wake up, you on Earth going about your daily lives before it’s too late.

    I’ve gotten old watching this stuff go on and someday I’ll die watching it continue on unabated. The prospect for the world my grandson will live in does not look good.


    • #
      Graeme No.3

      Cheer up Roy, you may see the end of the scam yet.
      I think of the current frantic thrashing about as the death spasms of the monster.
      The Australian newspaper used to hide the sceptical commentator Graham Lloyd in the depths of it menus; you had to know where to go, which few of the gullible believers could find, and their words of outrage were reduced in numbers. Not that they limited themselves, ‘sillyfilly’ (not a filly) could be counted on for a dozen comments or more on an article.
      Gradually he made it back into the main part of the paper. The gullibles still trolled but they were outnumbered in the comments department. More and more readers would put in a supporting comment. Graham Lloyd now makes the front page, indeed a week (or two) ago he had 3 articles all prominently displayed there. The comments against the scam are overwhelming in numbers and in the numbers commenting.
      It’s been a slow process but the tide has definitely turned. The gullible believers will soon be detritus left behind by the receding tide. Smelly, ugly and best not good for your pet dog to eat.


      • #
        Roy Hogue

        I see all that too, Graeme. But what I don’t see is action that changes anything. If not for Donald Trump we would still be in that Paris agreement. Now Donald Trump is a one of a kind guy. He’s frankly a pompous ass but he has the unique characteristic that most like him don’t have. He thinks it’s a bad deal to be cheated and robbed blind by our neighbors all around the world. And he’s used to taking action to change what he doesn’t like. But he is the only one. Maybe new attorney general Bob Barr is one as well.

        So in what, 5 years, Trump is out and who replaces him? It will be business as usual, will it not?

        I hope you’re right but it’s awfully hard to see it in actions that change something. You need people who not only become respectable in the pages of the newspaper but who rock the boat and keep rocking it nonstop.


    • #

      “Funny isn’t it.”
      I get your point but, as Peter noted a few posts up, it’s not.


  • #
    John F. Hultquist

    At “no tricks zone” – Pierre posted about such an issue.
    July 28

    My response was the following:

    There are issues:
    1. A temperature measurement can be valid, if it means a good instrument recorded this temp at this time in this place.
    Let’s assume the Lingen report(s) is(are) doing just that.
    A person there, at that time, would experience that temperature.

    So far – so good.

    This does not mean the readings are appropriate for monitoring global warming. The phrase “not fit for purpose” comes to mind.

    2. In our little piece of Earth, there seems to be an Automated Surface Observing System (ASOS) sensor problem. It may be related to air flow or shielding or fans.
    The issue is that on hot days, say above 80°F, the ASOS at a small airport reports higher temps than nearby units. Some days it reads 7 or 8 F degrees too hot. Today, I went by the airport just 7/10ths of a mile from the location. My car, a 2016 Subaru reported 82°F. The airport claims it was 86 degrees. On Friday, a nearby home installed weather station was 7 degrees below the official National Weather Service report [98° versus 91°].

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    Germany’s DWD national weather service has even confirmed that the station’s siting is no longer adequate and that a move to a new site had been already long planned. But despite the acknowledged poor siting, the DWD went ahead and confirmed the reading as valid.

    The reasons for being “invalid” for global warming study are different.
    Still, they accept the readings, publish them, and they get used.

    And they wonder why there are skeptics. Uff da!


    • #

      ‘Still, they accept the readings, publish them, and they get used.’ I think now ALL heatwaves, cyclones, tornadoes, and especially floods regardless are due to ‘climate change’ and must be ‘proof’ of warming due to nasty coal and hydrocarbon fuels. Record cold, which funnily the bad thermometers are more likely to get approx right, are stiing on the fance re ‘warming’ I feel as no science institute o(fake) study has come up with a good excuse for why unseasonal snow and cold can come from warming. So preferred to place them on the ignore list for now.


  • #
    David Maddison

    BoM probably deliberately maintain a number of inadequate sites like this so they have an excuse to later alter (“homogenise”) the data to suit the “scientific” claim they are being asked to “prove”, i.e. anthropogenic global warming.


    • #

      I remember one of Jo’s blogs from late last year or earlier this year about how the temperature increased in Darwin. In the 50′s I think, the BOM moved the equipment from one site to the current site. There was a graph which showed temperatures at the old site and the new site and it looked as though the temperatures at the old site stopped and the new site started. I remember commenting that there was probably no testing by running equipment at both sites to see whether there was any variation.


  • #
    Ken Stewart

    I have just posted site number 3 at

    Plenty more to come. How can the BOM have so many poor sites- they get inspected every year, it’s not as if they don’t know.



    • #
      David Maddison

      See my post #19 above. That is likely the answer. They have been asked to demonstrate a specific result, anthropogenic global warming, and need to generate the data to “prove” it.


      • #
        Ken Stewart

        You could be right. But over the years I’ve found the BOM is a bit dysfunctional, too big to know what each part is doing. The sites are inspected, but no one checks the inspection reports?


        • #

          There should be a big tick or a cross as to weather the site is appropriate for climate studies.

          If not, they should be removed completely from the climate calculation.

          In both cases, and in fact many cases, they most definitely are not.

          I wonder how many they would have left if they were honest about station quality.! ;-)


    • #
      David Maddison

      The public serpents themselves don’t care that they are involved in deliberately generating false data because, sadly, they are not personally held liable for the untruths they produce. If we ever get a rational government, that needs to change and we need to have a climate “Nuremberg trials” where “just following orders” is not considered an excuse for the huge economic and human damage false claims of “global warming” are causing.

      Note to public serpents: You are hereby placed on notice that one day you will be held personally liable for any involvement you have in generating false data. This will include substantial financial penalties and possible jail time if you are found guilty.


    • #
      Bill in Oz

      Good grief Ken, that ‘BOM site’ is even more wacky than the Mt Barker site.
      It’s right in the middle of an asphalted back yard.
      In the middle of the town of Maitland
      On the Yorke peninsular.

      Maitland is about 1200 people.
      So town UHI is present
      As well as heating due to the asphalt back yard.

      If we looked at the BOM record for Maitland
      I’m sure we would find that the average
      Minimum temperature has been increasing just like at Mt Barker


  • #
    David Maddison

    Let us remember that the claim of glo-bull warming is not only due to poor quality raw data but the ruthless “revision” and massaging of collected data to “prove” the desired result of AGW.

    Not only is freshly collected raw data revised but so is data from centuries ago such as the disappearance of the Medieval Climate Optimum (as it used to be called) and the Little Ice Age.

    It is not science.


    • #
      Greg in NZ

      Also from the “It is not science” department, yet somehow AccuNot let this one slip through:

      “It was 85 years ago this summer when oppressive heat, drought conditions, dust storms and damage to crops and cattle – all on top of the years-long Great Depression – caused unfathomable damage for millions of Americans, particularly those in areas of the United States that came to be known as the Dust Bowl…

      “Indeed, as bad as 1934 was, 1936 may have been worse. High temperature records that still stand to this day were set in 13 states, including 121 degrees in Kansas and North Dakota, and 120 degrees in Oklahoma, Texas and South Dakota”.

      Best sarc reader’s comment: There must have been a lot of Model Ts around then to cause that much CO2 pollution.


  • #

    AUDIO: 7min40sec: 30 Jul: 2GB: Steve Price confronts Greens Councillor lending his office to illegal protesters
    Steve Price has confronted a Greens Councillor who is allowing illegal protestors to plan from his taxpayer-funded office and has compared their actions to Anzac Day marches.
    Johnathan Sri has been supporting the Extinction Rebellion group which has repeatedly shut down Brisbane streets, protesting against climate change.
    Their actions have caused significant delays for commuters and taken up an enormous amount of police resources.

    In a post on Facebook, Councillor Sri says “it’s a legitimate and effective strategy” and likened it to “a whole range of parades and events (eg Anzac Day marches) [that] block Brisbane streets all the time and inconvenience motorists.”

    Facebook: Jonathan Sri, Councillor for the Gabba
    11 Jul: I don’t know who the subeditor is who decided to refer to non-violent protesters as a ‘feral species’, but I think it is extremely concerning and reprehensible that people who are peacefully standing up against corrupt politicians and self-serving billionaires are getting vilified and dehumanised using such inflammatory language.
    The group’s core demands are perfectly reasonable, and in fact essential if we are to prevent catastrophic weather events, sea level rise and mass displacement of climate refugees.
    This isn’t about ‘jobs vs the environment.’ There are way more jobs in tourism and renewable energy industries…

    Protesters have been peacefully blocking roads for decades, whether they were marching against Joh Bjelke-Petersen’s corrupt government, police brutality, uranium mining etc…

    A whole range of parades and events (e.g. Anzac Day marches) block Brisbane streets all the time and inconvenience motorists…
    (As a side note, it’s actually cars, not protesters, who are clogging our roads, but I guess that’s another conversation)


    • #

      I listened to the Steve Price interview with the Green councillor.
      It was hard to listen to as Price obviously has little knowledge about the RE debacle and failed to follow up with obvious questions to make his point. He was intent on badgering and hectoring the councillor rather than debating him.
      I remember the days when we had Greg Carey on Brisbane talkback 4BC. I thought he was a very thorough unbiased interviewer. Those days appear to be long gone.


      • #

        Steve Price is a weak link in the Macquarie radio network.
        It was a bad mistake to get rid of Chris Smith.
        Jonathon Sri is one nasty piece of work. Great buddies with Jackie Trad (who has trouble distinguishing between Green and ALP).


  • #

    Jo, I’ll email through pictures of the Norah Head station.


  • #

    Nice lawn too, for South Australia. 30″ average at Mt. Barker. Green and trimmed regularly with a motor mower? So how does the sprinkler affect the hydrometer and dew measurements? Or the motor mower?

    To be fair, the cities have probably grown up around these instruments which have been used since the 1880s. As in China though, we can be measuring the heat in the cities, moderated by lawns and sprinklers and in the shade of houses and tall buildings as well as trees and shrubs. Using such instruments to create a world temperature is silly in today’s world. Satellites are the only way.


    • #
      David Maddison

      Yes, it is difficult to understand how this isolated stations can be of any relevance to measuring supposed global warming, even if they were honest with the treatment of data.

      Tony Heller looked at this in his video:

      “Is The Global Temperature Record Credible?”


    • #
      Bill in Oz

      TdeF, to be fair I doubt that the lawn has been watered.
      We’ve had above average rain since the end of April here.
      No need to water at all.
      I’m certainly not 150 meters away.


  • #
    Keith Woollard

    “30m buffer zone” The Sydney site (one of the oldest continuously recording sites in Australia) has a 16 lane highway built 25m away.


  • #

    surprise surprise…not. includes pic of the record-breaking contraption:

    29 Jul: BBC: UK heatwave: Met Office confirms record temperature in Cambridge
    The UK’s highest-ever temperature has been officially recorded in Cambridge, the Met Office has confirmed.
    Cambridge University Botanic Garden measured 38.7C (101.7F) on Thursday beating the previous UK record of 38.5C (101.3F), set in Kent in 2003.
    A Met Office official was sent to check the equipment before verifying the new record on Monday.
    Staff working at the garden on Thursday tweeted: “No wonder we all felt as if we’d melted.”
    Daily temperatures have been measured by the weather station at the site in the south of the city since 1904.

    Horticultural team member Katie Martyr, who took the reading on Friday morning, said: “I thought straight away it was incredibly high but not in my wildest dreams did I think it would be the highest ever moment.
    “It felt like an out-of-body experience.”
    Sally Petitt, head of horticulture, said: “To have recorded… the highest UK temperature ever serves as a further reminder that we all need to be taking climate change and its impacts seriously.”

    The high temperature means the UK joins Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands in breaking national records as exceptionally high temperatures gripped large parts of central and western Europe last week.

    Cambridge University Botanic Garden director, Beverley Glover, said: “We are really pleased that our careful recording of the weather, something that we’ve been doing every day for over 100 years at the Botanic Garden, has been useful to the Met Office in defining the scale of this latest heatwave.
    “Our long history of weather recording is very important to researchers analysing climate change.
    “However, we can’t help but feel dismay at the high temperature recorded and the implication that our local climate is getting hotter, with inevitable consequences for the plants and animals around us.”…


    • #

      naturally all the MSM are jumping on this story, so won’t bother posting.
      check the replies in the following:

      TWEET: Met Office
      ❗ Breaking news ❗
      A new UK temperature record of 38.7C has been confirmed
      The reading at Cambridge Botanic Garden has been quality controlled and is officially the highest temperature on record in the UK
      Read more here LINK MET OFFICE
      29 Jul 2019

      from 190 replies at time of posting:
      Liam Ball
      Seems funny all the global warming folks come out when the temperature is high but when it barely gets above 14c in some places on Sunday, nothing is mentioned…
      A new ice age is coming folks ❄️❄️❄️

      29 Jul: Met Office: New official highest temperature in UK confirmed
      Author: Press Office
      This figure exceeds the previous record of 38.5°C recorded in Faversham, Kent, in August 2003…
      The recording was taken at the University of Cambridge Botanic Garden – which houses a Met Office climate observation site reporting every 24 hours – prompting Friday’s initial release. Some observation sites report monthly, so there is still a chance of even higher values being recorded. Any that challenge records would also be subject to quality control and analysis before verification…READ ON


  • #

    this is the article which was headlined -

    “Solar surge hits limits” on AFR’s front page as seen on Sky last night. only found it by first finding the Motley Fool piece – second link. AFR piece is behind a paywall:

    30 Jul: AFR: Is this the end of the renewables boom?
    by Angela Macdonald-Smith and Mark Ludlow
    Soaring solar generation has meant that renewables provided 30 per cent of Australia’s midday power supply most days last month, depressing wholesale power prices and piling pressure on coal-fired generators unable to ramp down their operations,

    But the price impact of the massive influx of renewables into the National Electricity Market has also triggered warnings that the end of the …

    30 Jul: Motley Fool: ASX energy stocks on watch as Aussie renewables supply ramps up
    by Kenneth Hall
    It’s worth watching some of the top ASX renewables stocks this morning after an Australian Financial Review (AFR) article was published this morning (LINK), questioning the end of the Aussie renewables boom.
    What was in the AFR article this morning?
    …However, underlying this trend is also the potential that increased generation of energy from renewable sources could mean a scaling back of investment in wind and solar that has been booming in both the public and private sector of late.
    According to the AFR, new figures to be released on Wednesday by the Green Energy Markets analytics group will show that total solar power generation doubled in June compared with 2 years prior…

    The AFR article also said that the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) will announce $1.5 billion of committed capital to new clean energy investments in the 2019 financial year across 30 transactions worth $6.3 billion…

    The article also noted that Federal Energy Minister Angus Taylor has expressed concerns about the sudden influx of renewables projects, particularly given his goal of bringing wholesale power down below $70 per megawatt-hour…

    What does this all mean for the ASX renewables stocks?
    While many of the ASX energy companies have seen their share prices soar so far this year, the looming threat of oversupply and potential regulatory intervention could see some share price volatility this morning.;;;


  • #

    29 Jul: BrisbaneTimes: Schrinner dismisses ‘alarmist’ climate emergency motion
    By Lucy Stone
    Brisbane City Council is unlikely to follow in the footsteps of other councils across the country by declaring a climate emergency, with lord mayor Adrian Schrinner dismissing a planned motion as “alarmist”.
    Greens councillor Jonathan Sri will move the notified motion at Tuesday’s council meeting…
    The motion will be seconded by independent councillor Nicole Johnston (Tennyson), and will be prefaced by a rally outside City Hall on Tuesday afternoon attended by Brisbane climate activists…

    But Cr Schrinner said the LNP administration would “absolutely not” be supporting the motion, citing the council’s long history of practical climate change measures.
    “It’s alarmist grandstanding and it’s a classic case of ‘talk is cheap’, and actions speak louder than words,” Cr Schrinner said.
    “We believe in climate change, but we believe in taking practical action and we’ve been doing so for the past decade or more.
    “We believe our record on climate change is absolutely clear for everyone to see.”…blah blah

    30 Jul: Facebook: Jonathan Sri, Councillor for The Gabba
    Today in council I’m bringing a motion calling on Brisbane City Council to declare a climate emergency.
    The motion acknowledges that climate change will negatively impact Brisbane, including by:
    – Exposing parts of our city to coastal inundation as sea levels rise
    – Exposing residents to more frequent extreme weather events like heat waves, cyclones and floods
    – Significantly increasing daytime temperatures so that being outside becomes unbearable during the summer months
    – Increasing the risk of food and water shortages

    The motion then goes on to recommend various steps including calling for a Climate Emergency Action Plan and transitioning our economy away from industries that exacerbate climate change…
    Climate chaos is going to have a significant negative impact on our quality of life here in Brisbane, but we are also already seeing severe impacts on Pasifika and Indigenous communities around our region, and on coastal communities throughout Asia, Africa and the Americas…

    Some of our island neighbours in the Pacific are already making plans to relocate their entire national populations…
    Shifting to a fossil fuel-free society requires all levels of government to create a clear transition plan where we provide free housing, healthcare and education for workers in fossil fuel-intensive industries to transition to new careers.
    As a priority, Brisbane City Council needs to commit to using 100% renewable energy by 2025 rather than just buying offsets from overseas…

    We need a mass movement of people on the streets, and we need to vote out LNP and Labor politicians who stand in the way of meaningful action.


    • #

      haven’t listened to the following as yet. also, I haven’t had time to listen to the Steve Price/Sri interview I posted earlier but, judging by the comments, I might not bother listening to that one:

      30 Jul: 2GB: Karl Stefanovic: Rita Panahi slams ‘fool’ who compared superglue protesters to Anzac veterans
      AUDIO: 13min11sec: “These absolute climate crazies supergluing themselves to the roads… to compare that idiocy to Anzac Day vets marching. I just cannot believe his mind would even think that, let alone voice it out loud to a newspaper.
      “We’ve got so many of these fools on local councils.
      “All they care about is grandstanding on big national and international issues that have got nothing to do with rates and rubbish and roads – regular council business.”

      AUDIO: 6min28sec: The Lord Mayor of Brisbane Adrian Schrinner has weighed in on the issue, telling Karl Stefanovic the Greens councillor is exercising “poor judgement”.
      “It is just the kind of extremist behaviour that isn’t helping anyone.
      “I think the ultimate source of power here is the people in his electorate who will have a chance to vote next year.”…


  • #

    why bother to have elections when CAGW activists rule?

    28 Jul: UK Telegraph: Supermarkets told to shut the door as it emerges open fridges use one per cent of Britain’s electricity
    By Helena Horton
    Most shops use open fridges, which use far more energy to stay cool than alternatives with doors. These are favoured by supermarkets because it means customers are able to grab products quickly.
    However, they have been criticised by campaigners and MPs as a “massive waste of energy and money” which are contributing to global warming.
    A study carried out with the support of the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs found that “retail food outlets are responsible for around three per cent of total electrical energy consumption”.
    It added that “refrigeration systems account for between 30 per cent and 60 per cent of energy used.”
    Mary Creagh MP, who is the chair of the Environmental Audit Committee, told The Telegraph: “It’s a terrible waste of money and some stores have introduced closing doors.
    “However, there is the same problem with the High Street when doors are left open in the middle of winter and the [central heating] escapes out.
    “From next April all companies of a certain size have to declare their greenhouse gas footprint, so this should spur them into measuring their gas bills and trying to work out ways to reduce them.”…

    A Friends of the Earth spokesperson added: “With the world in the midst of a climate emergency our shops and stores should make it a top priority to save energy and slash the emissions that are roasting the planet.
    “Supermarkets must ensure that their fridges and appliances operate to the highest energy efficient standards – and if they won’t, the government should make them.”…
    Now, almost 25,000 people have signed a Parliament petition urging MPs to force supermarkets to use fridge doors…
    The campaign was started by brother and sister Jonathan and Gem Golding, from Brighton…


  • #

    This has been a great find and worth investigating further. However…

    We need to avoid buying into the climatariat’s agenda. Before discussing any warming/cooling/stasis we need to settle on the absurdity of:

    1) expecting global temp to stay stable rather than changing markedly in all kinds of lines and cycles

    2) expecting a global temp to be measurable, not quite an absurdity, but almost

    3) expecting cloud to stay out of the way so “cool” and “warm” can be objective pronouncements based on precise numbers…just ludicrous

    4) expecting a marked global warming to be associated with drought, which flies in the face of what we know of the Optimum and of such cooling episodes as the Bronze Age collapse and the Old Kingdom’s fall

    5) expecting any amount of general cooling to any previous level, imagined or real, to be in any way beneficial to humans

    6) expecting an indefinite Holocene when it is clear that interglacials are only good for a short trot…

    And I could go on.

    Once the absurdity of these expectations is stated, we can then proceed to discussing the fiddling and corruption of data. It matters that data is fiddled (thanks to Bill for his observations), but it matters far more that we are being conditioned to regard inevitable climatic variations as disease symptoms to be accepted or denied.

    My main point: it is of absolutely no importance that the world is presently warming, if it is indeed warming. Nothing could be more trivial, nothing could be less worthy of debate.


    • #
      Bill in Oz

      While I accept the correctness of your points. You are missing something important.
      Most of us in Oz rely on the BOM to give us accurate weather forecasts and accurate measurements of the temperature and rainfall
      This is a basic function of the BOM
      And the reason why we fund it as an organisation.

      But clearly the BOM weather station does not record Mt Barker’s temperatures or rainfall accurately at all now OR in the past.
      Making sure the general public knows that the BOM is propagating misinformation at this basic level is important & crucial to helping people understand the scam of Global Warming.


      • #

        Not disagreeing with any of this, Bill. I hope I was clear in saying that if data is fiddled or corrupted it’s right to investigate the matter, as you have done. I love it when the shabbiness of statistics is shown up, and I’ve particularly enjoyed your close, practical investigation of Mt Barker.

        My point is, should honest data show evidence of general warming, either globally or locally, it means nothing anyway. Global Warming, if it is not a scam, is a triviality, and for reasons which should be screamingly obvious to anyone claiming to be a scientist. At present, the manipulators would vastly prefer us to talk of the scam element rather than the triviality…though they’d prefer we did neither.

        So I’m going to say it again, just because those manipulators hate it so much: Global Warming, if real, is a triviality, for the very obvious reason that there are only wobbly lines in nature and there is nothing unusual about the latest suspected wobble in global climate.

        But please continue your feet-on-ground investigation. It’s gold. I’m loving it.


        • #
          Bill in Oz

          It is the general public’s trust in the BOM
          Which must be destroyed.
          Then the BOM will be faced with a choice
          Reform and start doing
          Proper accurate honest data collection & recording again
          Or Die !


  • #
    Greg in NZ

    27 July: After flying by steenky gas-guzzling dirty-carbo-lluting aeroplane, birthday girl “Jacinda Ardern met with local leaders in Samoa today, and first thing tomorrow she will board the HMNZS Otago patrol ship for the trip to Tokelau, which has no airport”. Steenky diesel navy patrol ship too?

    “Ms Ardern said she wanted to continue working with Tokelau to improve the territory’s quality of life and combat the threat of climate change“. CCCrap!

    Vot zee state broadcaster deed not say vos her daddy ees zee Administrator of Tokelau, ya, and eets herr birthday! Funny isn’t it… NO! It steenks!

    From the But She’s A Celebrity So It’s OK files: Slippery Cinders “is one of 14 women who will appear in a special edition of British Vogue magazine, which is being guest edited by the Duchess of Sussex… The Meghan Markle-edited edition will also feature what’s described as a ‘candid conversation’ between the Duchess and Michelle Obama, the former First Lady, whom she has long admired, as well as an interview between her husband, the Duke of Sussex and Dr Jane Goodall, a primatologist whom she has idolised since childhood”. Jane Fonda and Greta Grotesque are on the list too:

    Won’t somebody think of young girls’ impressionable minds? Barbie? Wonder Woman? Bond, Jane Bond? Dr Who?


    • #

      Greg in NZ -

      Piers Morgan has a great piece on Jacinda et al:

      30 Jul: DailyMail: Me-Me-Meghan Markle’s shamelessly hypocritical super-woke Vogue stunt proves she cares more about promoting herself than the Royal Family or Britain
      by Piers Morgan
      She’s chosen 15 female ‘trailblazers’ and ‘changemakers’ for the special ‘Forces for Change’ issue, all picked because they promote ‘equality, kindness and open-mindedness’.
      The women she’s selected represent the greatest hits of virtue-signalling – with a nod to everything from ‘body positivity’, female empowerment, mental health, disability and race to transgender rights, climate change, diversity, and privilege.
      The last one made me laugh out loud.
      I’m sure the one thing we all need most in the world right now is a fabulously rich and entitled Princess lecturing us on privilege from her servant-laden royal quarters…

      (Pictured: ***Jacinda Ardern, Salma Hayek Pinault, Laverne Cox, Jameela Jamil, Yara Shahidi and Gemma Chan, Christy Turlington Burns, Adwoa Aboah, Adut Akech, Ramla Ali, Sinead Burke, Francesca Hayward, Jane Fonda, Greta Thunberg and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie)…

      She also chooses five American women, and opted for former First Lady Michelle Obama as the subject of her own big interview…


      • #

        Piers is wrong, tho, to write being royal means you must stay out of politics. has he forgotten Prince Charles? or this?

        17 Jul: Guardian: Offshore wind auction could raise millions for Queen
        Crown Estate holds rights to seabeds around British Isles for wind and wave power
        by Juliette Garside and Jillian Ambrose
        The Queen’s seabeds generate 8% of the country’s electricity generation, but that could increase to a third by 2030 under government targets…
        The Crown Estate charges royalties equal to 2% of revenues for use of its seabeds, and collected £41m from existing leases last year. With many more plots already leased and under construction, these amounts will balloon.
        The Crown Estate does not make its forecasts public. However, if the government’s 2030 target is met, the Queen could be collecting more than £100m a year within a decade…

        and all the family needs to do?

        29 Jul: BBC: Scotland’s largest offshore wind farm officially opened
        Scotland’s largest offshore wind farm has been officially opened by Prince Charles.
        The Beatrice Offshore Wind Farm, located about eight miles (13km) off the coast of Wick in the far north, can generate enough energy to power 450,000 homes.
        The £2.65bn project, which involves 84 huge turbines, came fully online in May and achieved 588MW of electricity…
        WWF Scotland described the trend as a “wind energy revolution”.


        29 Jul: WUWT: Collapse of Wind Power Threatens Germany’s Green Energy Transition
        by charles the moderator
        From Die Welt Via The GWPF
        The expansion of wind power in the first half of this year collapsed to its lowest level since the introduction of the Renewable Energy Act (EEG) in 2000. All in all, just 35 wind turbines were build with an output of 231 megawatts. “This corresponds to a decline of 82 percent compared to the already weak period of the previous year”, according to the German Wind Energy Association (BWE) in Berlin.

        “This makes one nearly speechless,” said Matthias Zelinger at the presentation of the data. The managing director of the Power Systems division of the German Engineering Federation (VDMA) spoke of a “blow to the guts of the energy turnaround”. This actual development doesn’t match “at all to the current climate protection debate”…

        The most important cause lies in the legal resistance of wildlife and forest conservationists fighting new wind farms. The BWE President referred to an industry survey of the onshore wind agency. According to its findings, more than 70 percent of the legal objections are based on species conservation, especially the threat to endangered bird species and bats. Wind power president Albers called many complaints unfounded. He claims that the population of the red kite raptors has actually increased in parallel with the expansion of wind power. However, the nature conservation federation of Germany would not support this claim when asked by Die WELT…


  • #
    Bill in Oz

    Off Topic : The world is facing catastrophic global warming – supposedly !
    But in the real world
    Stage 19 of the Tour De France
    Was cancelled because of snow & hail
    A completely unprecedented event.

    Ice age Now has whole lot of other links to this ‘Cool’ event in France.

    Oddly I have not seen this reported by the media here in Oz.
    Not even by SBS which is a sponsor of the event here in Oz and carries live coverage of it when it is on.


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    the AP piece is way over the top, with two writers:

    29 Jul: ABC13: AP: Popular European teen climate activist bringing message to America
    Sweden’s Greta Thunberg has inspired tens of thousands of students in Europe to skip classes and protest for faster action against climate change.
    STOCKHOLM: Greta Thunberg, the Swedish teenager whose social media-savvy brand of eco-activism has inspired tens of thousands of students in Europe to skip classes and protest for faster action against climate change, said Monday that she plans to take her message to America the old-fashioned way: by boat.
    The 16-year-old tweeted that she’ll sail across the Atlantic aboard a high-tech racing yacht, leaving Britain next month to attend U.N. climate summits in New York in September and Santiago, Chile, in December…

    TWEET: Greta Thunberg
    Good news!
    I’ll be joining the UN Climate Action Summit in New York, COP25 in Santiago and other events along the way.
    I’ve been offered a ride on the 60ft racing boat Malizia II. We’ll be sailing across the Atlantic Ocean from the UK to NYC in mid August.#UniteBehindTheScience
    29 Jul 2019…

    Her visibility has made Thunberg a target for those who reject the overwhelming consensus among scientists that climate change is being driven by man-made emissions of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, released by the burning of fossil fuels.
    “I don’t care about hate and threats from climate crisis deniers,” she said. “I just ignore them.”…

    The yacht she’ll be crossing the Atlantic with is a far cry from the Viking ships that first brought Scandinavians to America. Captained by yachtsman Boris Herrmann, the 60-foot (18-meter) Malizia II is fitted with solar panels and underwater turbines to generate zero-carbon electricity on board.
    Thunberg will also be accompanied on the two-week journey by a filmmaker, her father Svante and Pierre Casiraghi, the grandson of Monaco’s late Prince Rainier III and American actress Grace Kelly…
    Thunberg will be setting a very high bar for the activists and leaders from outside the Americas who are attending the U.N. climate conferences, almost all of whom will likely be coming by plane…

    BBC is a joke the way they approach their Greta stories:

    30 Jul: BBC: Greta Thunberg to sail Atlantic for climate conferences
    The teenager will make the journey aboard the Malizia II, a high-speed 18-metre (60ft) yacht built to race around the globe…
    The high-tech vessel generates electricity through solar panels and underwater turbines…
    Thunberg and her father will make the crossing with captain Boris Herrmann, Monaco royal family member Pierre Casiraghi and a Swedish documentary maker, Nathan Grossman. The journey is expected to take about two weeks.

    A spokeswoman for Team Malizia told the BBC they approached Thunberg to offer to take her, and had no previous plan to sail the yacht across the Atlantic.
    It is not known how the activist will return to Europe. She is staying in the Americas for nine months, so as yet Team Malizia has no plan to take her back to Europe.
    The team has not yet calculated the cost of the trip.

    Pierre’s carbon footprint is rather large:

    2015: SMH: How this royal wedding trumped Will and Kate’s
    Monacan royal Pierre Casiraghi​ has married Beatrice Borromeo​ in a two-weekend, two-country wedding extravaganza…

    1 Apr: Boat International: Royal wave: On board with blue-blooded sailor Pierre Casiraghi
    by Stewart Campbell
    Pierre Casiraghi, son of Princess Caroline, talks to Stewart Campbell about his family, life in Monaco – and all that is wrong with modern superyachting…
    Until 2017 Casiraghi skippered a successful GC32 racing team, Team Malizia…
    He works more behind the scenes now, in close collaboration with friend and famed ocean sailor Boris Herrmann…
    In 2020 Herrmann, competing as Team Malizia, will take part in the Vendée Globe, the single-handed, non-stop race around the world. Casiraghi and team are working with 15 schools across Europe on an educational programme that will allow children to follow the yacht and learn about the different ecosystems encountered along the way, wrapping in ocean conservation and biodiversity…

    After school he studied law in Paris and then international economics in Milan…
    Today sees him playing a key role in various family businesses, as majority shareholder in helicopter firm Monacair and construction company Engeco, both founded by his father…
    Sport is a thread that runs right through Monaco life, from motor racing to show jumping, and it’s one of the reasons so many sports stars choose to live here…–39829


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      24 May: Daily Mail: Swedish schoolgirl who refused to take part in one of campaigner Greta Thunberg’s ‘climate strikes’ is ‘bullied by her own teacher’ and labelled a ‘climate denier’
      •Pupils and teacher bullied a classmate for not participating in a ‘climate protest’
      •The teacher was agitated with the girl and told her to reconsider her decisions
      •The schoolgirl’s mother called the situation a ‘witch hunt’ with ‘mass hysteria’
      By Melissa Van Brunnersum
      The young girl has been refusing to go back to school because of concerns that the other students and teacher might continue to bully her.
      While her mother does not forgive the school for how they treated her daughter, she feels that there is a more appropriate way to go about it.
      ‘They should at least be neutral and respect the students who do not want to skip school. There must be different ways we can relate to political issues’, she explained.

      ***The schoolgirl’s mother believes that it is pressure from the media and politicians that have caused the school to act in the way it did.
      ‘You must panic for climate threats. Everything else is wrong. It doesn’t take much to be a climate denier. It is pure witch hunt’, she said.


      • #
        Bill in Oz

        Ahhh the Blessed Greta Thunberg’s
        Supporters are getting on the case
        Of all who disagree with her !
        And with Blessed Greta’s Blessing !
        Greenie Fascists !


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    Back in the good old days when two rival organisations took measurements there.
    “Mon 2 Aug 1886 The following correspondence between Mr.
    C. Todd, C.M.G., and Mr. Clement L.
    “you will see by -our
    rules and regulations, which will soon be out
    of the printer’s hands, that the Society is
    pledged to the adoption of Stevenson’s double
    louvred thermometer screen at all its stations,
    following the plan of the Royal Meteoro
    logical Society. Therefore it ‘is impossible
    that our projects can lead to a duplication of
    work in a scientific sense. On the other
    hand, our observations in localities where
    your Government also has stations, as at
    Mount Barker, will afford most valuable
    comparisons between the two methods of
    exposure, and as a meteorologist yon of
    course will entirely concur.”


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    Hello! New reader here. Enjoying the blog immensely! The weather station siting posts are truly amazing, but here in America,
    the situation is much worse. Our weather service has chosen to site weather stations at large airports, probably for economic reasons, many years ago. Long before jet engines, long before the explosive growth of air travel. Today we have hundreds of multi-engine jet airliners taxiing short distances from weather sites, certainly causing upward biasin temperatures. Of course, all the concrete and asphalt doesn’t help either.

    I’m absolutely shocked and amazed at the climate debacle we find ourselves in, and thank God for Jo and her courage to stand up to these scoundrels. I’m donating $100 bucks as we speak.

    Phoenix, Az

    [Welcome John!]ED