Live streaming Heartland Conference in Paris and new film Climate Hustle

In the years to come historians will note the remarkable role played by the Heartland Institute in the global scientific debate. Heartland didn’t start out to be a scientific group, but the NIPCC report is more comprehensive, balanced and will stand the test of time while the IPCC reports have already failed…  And all done with a tiny budget compared to the billions squandered on mainstream universities.

Likewise Marc Morano, CFACT and Climate Depot. I never fail to be impressed with Marc’s professionalism and relentless good humour as he fends off the propaganda. Watch the schedule below for the World Premier of the Climate Hustle movie. I’m very much looking forward to seeing that!

See also Willie Soon, Bob Carter, James Taylor, Fred Singer, Christopher Essex, Jim Inhofe, Patrick Moore, Christopher Monckton, Tom Harris…

Kinda amazing to be in the room from so far. The playback can be replayed.

The Schedule

Monday, Dec. 7, 09:00 GMT+1 

PARIS (December 6) — The Heartland Institute, the Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change (NIPCC), and members of the “Cooler Heads Coalition” are hosting a one-day event in Paris that will do something the UN’s COP-21 conference is not doing: examining the science behind the hypothesis of a human-caused global warming crisis.

The program begins at 09:00 GMT+1, Monday, December 7 with a press conference featuring several representatives of “skeptic” organizations in the United States, Canada, and Europe. It will be followed by panel presentations by some of the world’s leading climate scientists and policy experts, and a keynote luncheon address — featuring recorded remarks by Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-OK). Tune in and ask questions of the presenters in the chat room!

Presenters at the one-day conference will make the compelling case that an objective examination of the latest climate science shows humans are not causing a global warming crisis, and that the United Nations’ “solutions” will cause more misery to the world’s poor while enriching corrupt governments.

For background on these arguments, watch presentations by some 200 scientists and policy experts at Heartland’s 10 International Conferences on Climate Change. Those who prefer to read can review the four volumes in the Climate Change Reconsidered series, produced by the Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change (NIPCC) and published by The Heartland Institute.

See you on the Heartland live-stream!

P.S.: Feel free to embed the live-stream onto your website.

Monday, December 7, 2015
Hotel California (San Francisco Room)
16 Rue de Berri, 75008 Paris
(All times GMT+1)
09:00: Press Conference
Members of the “Cooler Heads Coalition” from the United States, Canada, and Europe
10:00 – 11:30 PANEL 1: The Latest Science and the Errors of the UN’s IPCC
James Taylor, USA (Moderator)
Robert M. Carter, Ph.D., Australia
Willie Soon, Ph.D., USA
S. Fred Singer, Ph.D., USA
Christopher Essex, Ph.D., Canada
11:45 – 12:45 Keynote luncheon speech
Speakers: U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-OK), via video; TBA
13:00 – 14:30 PANEL 2: Sensible Energy Policy for the Poor vs. UN Energy Policies
Tom Harris, Canada (Moderator)
Patrick Moore, Ph.D., Canada
Nick Loris, USA
Wolfgang Müller, Germany
Christopher Monckton, United Kingdom

The Heartland Institute
3939 North Wilke Road, Arlington Heights, IL 60004

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92 comments to Live streaming Heartland Conference in Paris and new film Climate Hustle

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    Heartland are applying the scientific method to CAGW where the overlord candidates are using the Keynesian.


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    an objective examination of the latest climate science shows humans are not causing a global warming crisis, and that the United Nations’ “solutions” will cause more misery to the world’s poor while enriching corrupt governments.

    But that is its not so covert goal. It is an attempt to cover up their actual goal of destroying the good because it is good. As John Galt said,

    They do not want to own your fortune, they want you to lose it; they do not want to succeed, they want you to fail; they do not want to live, they want you to die; they desire nothing, they hate existence, and they keep running, each trying not to learn that the object of his hatred is himself . . . .

    At their core, they despise the responsibility of being human and are intent on destroying anything and everything human. Anything that is the result of a reasoning mind, is to be eliminated. They don’t want you to know that and especially, they desperately don’t want to know it themselves.


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      Ted O'Brien

      What we are looking at is World War 3, with the Quislings hard at work.


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        Greg Cavanagh

        The term was widely introduced to an English-speaking audience by the British newspaper The Times. It published an editorial on 19 April 1940 titled “Quislings everywhere”, after the Norwegian Vidkun Quisling, who assisted Nazi Germany as it conquered his own country so that he could rule the collaborationist Norwegian government himself.


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      From a Christian persective, what the highlighhted text above describes is the Devils hatred for mankind, because Jesus had a human existance and was a Jew.

      Its easy to create a hatred of everything, if you dont have to endure it. teh Devil is removed from the fray as he is a spiritual being, so not prone to death ( until much later at Gods had directly ).

      So the Devils plan is to corrupt humanity and take as many with him as he can. He care snot for anything of love or beauty or goodness, only hate, misery, war, corruption, sin and deviance.

      If you frame whats happening with this view, you will see how well it fits and explains the previously un-graspable “why” the world is spirally downward.

      From a Biblical Christian perspective, we are counting down to the literal mother of all confrontations, what is termed “Armageddon”. I think WW3 will be the opening compoent of that. As Einstein said, WW4 would be fought with sticks and stones, but also talks to the enormity of the conflict.

      Faith is not incomaptible with science, although I find science is good to expalin the mechanisms behinds Gods clealry brilliant design of all things.


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        Ted O'Brien.

        I had forgotten about Einstein’s WW4 comment, but it might not need a world war total us back towards sticks and stones. A pandemic could do it.

        They tell me that there are more than a billion components in an iPhone. This is mind boggling, from a number of perspectives. But for the maintenance, let alone the development of this technology we depend on a very small number of people, a very small part of our population.

        What if something happened to them? How long would it take to get back to where we are?


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          Greg Cavanagh

          It is said that no one person could make a pencil.

          What the utopian ideologists and eugenicists fail to understand, is the more people in society, the more/better/cheaper are the products of society.

          If society was to revert to the population of the 50’s, the technology would also revert to that of the 50’s because that’s all society could afford to farm/mine/construct/purchase.


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    What has happened to Timmy Flummery? Did nobody offer to pay for his ticket?


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      Rod Stuart

      Nice to see you are still around, Farmer. Long time no see.
      As for Flummery; he has been preaching the Gospel of Gaia in Canada.


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        Ah right!
        Because a prophet’s words always fall on deaf ears in his own land, no doubt.


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          farmer, the word is prophet Profit.Tim the flim flam man would not be doing it unless there was a gravey train in it.


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            RobertBobbert GDQ

            Justin Trudeau and TimTam Flannery at the same time.
            The Canadians musta done somethng wrong Big Time.

            I wonder if you have any news on the Gravy Train and its next destination.
            I am hoping it to be London as I have a Big In with one of their finest citizens and I reckon he and Tim Tam would hit it off nicely.

            Mr Arthur Daley and I can assure you that Arthur is an expert and a devotee of Gravy Trains and could,surprisingly, teach Tim a thing or two about such a subject.

            However it would be best to wait till early next week to visit.

            Naturally a man of Arthur’s talents and social morality would be fully engaged in ensuring that, for just a teeny eeny weeny commission all The Wonderfulness, goodness and fabulous endeavors created at The COP 21 could be sensibly and justly administered by The Arthur Daley Social Justice Warriors Climate Financial Fund.

            To ensure all the benefits go to the Poor, The Unfortunate and all the Climate Downtrodden as is the intent, and the only intent, at the current COP21 (Haloes For All) Conference in Paris.

            Cos Arthur Daley and folk of similar ilk are just the type we need to administer in the area of Climate Funds Distribution.

            And I reckon Tim would wholeheartedly agree to that.


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            Robert R

            or a desalination plant


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          It’s a timeless prophecy though- “we’ll all be rooned” has been popular since long before Flanraham was a concept.


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          Leonard Lane

          Please do not give Flannery the honor of calling him a prophet. Prophets predict the future. Flannery wanted to be a prophet, but he never made any prediction that was not wrong. He is not a prophet, he simply is a bad guy and cannot tell the truth. To do so would make his whole life a sham and he would realize that he has accomplished nothing truthful, nothing good, nothing of value, and then the next question would be to question his own worth.


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      He’s still around.
      I heard a rumor Faine and his ABC are giving him air time on the radio to flog the coming catostrophic anthropological global armegedon…..unless we can buy our way out of it. (sarc)
      His mug hasn’t popped up on the box since the Paris fund raiser started as far as I know. I could be wrong.


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    doubting dave

    I’m looking forward to watching the action inside and outside the conference, especially if the professional ” Monkey hangers ” turn out in force , it will be interesting to see how the local Gendamerie deal with them in light of recent events


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      doubting dave

      Its occurred to me that many of you good folk down under will not be familiar with the term ” monkey hanger ” so i’d better explain myself , its a term of endearment aimed at the people of the town of Hartlepool , a North Sea port on the North eastern coast of England that refers to an incident that took place during the Napoleonic wars . Like the modern day dumbed – down green rent a mob, they were experts at circular reasoning, and really could make 2+2= well anything they wanted it to ( read all )


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    The US is still leading Science debates as always and against the forces of the eternally dangerous economic and political mess which is Europe. It is also great to see Australians on the panel, representing our 33% of the planet despite the fact that our sub Capricorn population is only 2% of the world total. Actually we could do with another 2C on this side. The very idea that the world temperature is dramatically and critically controlled by tiny CO2 is a nonsense creation. The truth is inconvenient and the panel impressive. As for Big Oil halving their prices to compete with fracking, the logic of Big Oil funding anything escapes me. Perversely, there is no competition, especially from nuclear or hydro. The Greens have seen to that.


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      There is great significance in having Dr Patrick Moore, one of the brave founders of Greenpeace against the communist Global Warming brigade which has stolen the Green movement. Without Global Warming, there would be no giant Paris meeting. The Global Warming myth has self propagated for 30 years and is now the biggest danger to the advancement of quality of life around the world. The film is a great idea because the media are so hungry for content. Will it be denounced by the Pope as heresy though?


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      The NZ Met is currently experiencing severe cognitive dissonance, with “the Spectre of Severe Drought” constantly looming, at least in every farming paper.

      It is hard to recall when this farm has been so green as we approach the longest day . . . . evaporation is almost non-existent, and the story most everywhere is of pasture production below normal because of cool temperatures. Forget about maize.

      Here is what the MetService has to say :-

      “Temperatures were well below average for most of November, until northwesterlies delivered a run (sic) of hot days to eastern areas (see what they did there) during the last week.
      The first Tropical Cyclone of this season (TC Tuni) formed late in the month, tracking between Samoa and Niue before weakening. The 2015/16 Tropical Cyclone season is expected to be an active one in the tropics north of New Zealand.

      The Ocean:
      Over the last few months, the strength of the 2015 El Nino has been comparable to the 1997/98 and the 1982/83 events. The latest sea temperatures in the central tropical Pacific (the NINO3.4 region) have maintained at 3.0C above normal. The event may well be approaching its peak.

      During the last two weeks the Southern Oscillation Index (SOI) has risen sharply, crossing into neutral territory for the first time since July. This shouldn’t affect New Zealand weather, as the index can and does bounce around at this time of year.

      The positive Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD), which had previously reinforced the El Nino pattern since August, has also recently broken down. This is typical at this time of year.

      Climate models predict El Nino will weaken in the first quarter of 2016, and should transition to ENSO-neutral status by winter. Seas around New Zealand continue cooler than usual.

      The December outlook:
      December starts very warm , (whoops . . . didn’t happen) notably so for the South Island. However, the second week turns unusually cold [ yep-got that right :-)] for the time of the year right across New Zealand.
      Temperatures for the second half of the month look likely to continue a touch cooler over the southern South Island, but return to near average for the rest of the country.


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    It is a shame Dr David Evans is not one of the speakers giving a summary of his new work.


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    I’m not sure how live streaming time stamps work..

    However, Bob Carter’s presentation from about 1:52 is superb. Should be shown in schools. Yeah, I’m dreamin’.


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    kevin king

    This has everything to do with the dumbing down and feminisation of society…you will notice that the protesting voices are predominantly female…the rational middle class white male is being drowned out by the luddite,irrational, feminist econutjob…and we are in serious danger of losing the gains of the enlightenment.


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      I’ve met a few irrational white, middle class male econuts actually; econuttery is definitely not confined to the female of the species. Unfortunately the female version is pretty repellant!


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      And the same is happening in the Aussie education system at all levels.


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    looking forward to watching some of it, but this is the big story today, best headlined at Bloomberg (RogueElement451 posted UK Sunday Times link in jo’s previous “Green-Blob” thread).

    8 Dec: Bloomberg: Alex Morales: Greenhouse Gases Seen Falling in 2015 in Boost for Climate Talks

    Global Carbon Project: Who is Who
    The GCP offices are supported by the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency (DCCEE) and The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) in Australia and the National Institute for Environmental Studies (NIES) and the Ministry of the Environment in Japan. ETC ETC


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    7 Dec: Nature: Global greenhouse-gas emissions set to fall in 2015
    China’s reduced appetite for coal drives a surprising departure from a long-term trend.
    Researchers at the University of East Anglia, UK, and the Global Carbon Project found that carbon emissions could decline by 0.6% in 2015, a departure from a decade of growing 2.4% per year…
    A final accounting of this year’s emissions could differ from these projections; the preliminary analysis suggests that emissions might drop by as much as 1.6% this year, but could actually rise by as much as 0.5%.
    “To me, the biggest uncertainty is the Chinese data,” says Gregg Marland, a geologist at Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina, who was not part of the analysis…
    The report does not fully reflect the carbon emissions associated with deforestation and other land-use changes, such as this year’s burning of Indonesia’s drought-stricken tropical forests to clear the land for agriculture.

    “modelled” of course. fran’s breakfast at “their ABC” seems to have had it first!

    24 Nov: ABC Radio National Breakfast: Why the ‘carbon budget’ matters
    Associate Professor Malte Meinshausen, a member of The Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK)is a key advisor to the German government and the United Nations on carbon emissions and a lead author of what has been described as the most influential climate science paper in history.
    Published six years ago in the journal Nature, his research introduced the ‘carbon budget’, as well as the concept of ‘unburnable carbon’…
    The popularisation of the carbon budget concept was a precursor to setting up the Carbon Tracker Initiative. It’s a not-for-profit financial think tank aiming to change the way financial markets understand the risks of climate change….
    In good news, global emissions grew by just half a per cent last year. This was seen as the first tantalising sign that economic growth could be de-coupled from the continuing blowout in emissions, which had previously been growing at 2 to 3 per cent every year. The 2015 global carbon budget will be released in two weeks. It’s expected that this year’s figures will be better than last year’s, with emissions essentially flatlining.
    ‘Clearly, 2014 was a watershed moment,’ says CSIRO research scientist and executive director of the Global Carbon Project Pep Canadell…
    ***Like Meinshausen, Canadell has modelled emissions growth out to 2030…'carbon-budget'-matters/6964188


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      Total CO2 is growing steadily but the rate of growth in CO2 output is decreasing? “the first tantalising sign that economic growth could be de-coupled from the continuing blowout in emissions”? Are Warmists saying they have so successfully stifled economic growth that it has stopped? How is that good news for anyone? So the people who care only about themselves and their part of the planet have stopped other people from improving their lives. What selfish Green heroes.


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    For CFACT and Heartland a feat,
    To make Paris and boldly compete,
    With the U.N. bandwagon,
    Like St. George fought the dragon,
    Is for skeptics worldwide such a treat.


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    Peter Lusby Taylor

    Thanks so much, just a great tribute to hard work and tough science and common sense. Would love to get a dvd of Climate Hustle, please let me know when it is available..


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    7 Dec: ScienceDaily: Global fossil-fuel emissions predicted to decline for 2015
    Source: Stanford University
    Summary:An international research team reports that the rapid increase in global carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels has slowed in the past two years, underlining the need for action to permanently lower emissions…
    The new report, titled “Reaching Peak Emissions,” was published on Dec. 7 in the journal Nature Climate Change, with detailed data published simultaneously in Earth System Science Data.


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    TdeF –

    they are claiming the reduction in CO2 emissions occurred despite GROWTH!

    from Sunday Times: “The significance of the figures, produced by The Global Carbon Project (GCP), is that they show, for the first time in
    the modern era, that greenhouse gas emissions could be falling even as the world economy is growing. Global economic growth is projected at 3.3% for 2015 by the International Monetary Fund.”

    GROWTH in what, we may ask? the stock market???

    7 Dec: Zerohedge: Tyler Durden: Bloomberg Commodity Index Crashes To 16-Year Low – 22% Below 2009 Trough
    The last time commodities were collapsing like this as stocks were soaring like this… it did not end well…(GRAPH)

    7 Dec: Reuters: Baltic index continues to fall on poor vessel demand
    The Baltic Exchange’s main sea freight index tracking rates for ships carrying dry bulk commodities fell on Monday on sliding demand across nearly all vessel segments.
    The overall index, which gauges the cost of shipping cargoes including iron ore, cement, grain, coal and fertiliser, fell 12 points, or 2.13 percent, to 551 points.
    The dry cargo shipping industry has been hurt this year by the global commodities meltdown and a wave of ship deliveries, and more vessels are expected to become operational in the coming months.
    The Baltic index is seen by investors as an indicator of global industrial activity…


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      Pat, thanks. Yes, it is what they are saying. To me growth is a made up word. (like Shawshank Redemption). China comes up with amazing growth figures which are increasingly suspicious and were just caught misreporting a mere 15% in total CO2 (which means a sudden 7.5% growth in the world’s CO2 output this yeaer) and the world population is growing but CO2 output is not growing even by 2%? Really? The extra 2,000,000,000 population in India and China alone since the 60s output more CO2 by breathing out than most individual countries by industry, even Australia but CO2 is not growing? This is leg pulling stuff.

      Even so if CO2 output is really dropping, perhaps the real champion is the hated fracking which has made the US a nett energy exporter? Or is this just another half baked, untested computer model, which is presumed infallible until the facts appear. Of course it may be testament to the incredible effectiveness of even a few failed carbon taxes, as in Australia and New Zealand. What is really amusing is that poor developing China instead of paying carbon taxes for its world leading CO2 output now want massive compensation for ‘historic’ CO2. After all, Hong Kong and Shanghai are at sea level like most major ports. Now that’s playing the game.


      • #
        el gordo

        The whole thing is dodgy but on the other hand more CO2 might be falling into the abyss, caused by the cooling trend over the past couple of decades.


      • #
        metro 70

        It’s lower Chinese growth.

        Cambridge Econometrics reported to the UK government that UK could have lower CO2 emissions OR good economic growth—never both.


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    Transcript of (Ban Ki-moon) Secretary-General’s press conference at COP21 Tuesday, 8 December 2015, 10:51 am
    Press Release: United Nations
    Secretary-General: A political moment like this may not come again…
    Secretary-General: They have been working very hard since the Peru summit meeting. I really applaud their commitment and hard work. Now there are still many brackets. It is a matter of choice now. I am asking them to expedite their negotiations. They should have a global vision. I believe they have been expressing their views based on a global vision, but in some cases there were a lot of national perspectives. Now we have to go beyond national perspectives. We have to agree on global visions…
    Secretary-General: Second, in September, as a successor but much a broader, much more comprehensive development vision, Member States have agreed [on] the sustainable development agenda with 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Now, what is very important is that climate change is one of the 17 goals – number 13, this is climate change.
    But without addressing the climate change phenomenon properly, immediately, we will have a lot of difficulties in implementing the remaining 16 development goals. There is not a single goal which is not related, tightly connected with climate change.
    Therefore, if we really want to put an end to global poverty, if we really want to make this world healthier and also planet Earth environmentally sustainable, we have to first address this climate change issue. Then we will be able to much better and effectively address global poverty, agriculture, safe drinking water, disease controls, the marine environment.
    Therefore, we must have this climate change agreement…
    Christiana Figueres: Thank you, Secretary-General. The draft agreement that is on the table and that will be finalized throughout this week will point toward the process of decarbonizing the global economy, which, by definition, means moving certainly the energy sector but also the deforestation sector toward, the energy sector toward less carbon content and the deforestation sector actually to protecting the forest cover. So together, and those are the two major causes of climate change together, they will be moving us over time, not immediately, but there will be an orderly transition and the ambition of the agreement is actually going to be judged on whether we can move toward that decarbonization in time to still stay below the 2-degree window and that remains to be seen…


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    Claim on ABC news this morning that half of China’s energy produced in the last 12 months came from non fossil fuel sources. The claim was made by a spokesman from these guys


    • #
      • #

        Oh dear! That’s a porkie, flat out! (my bolding here)

        Claim on ABC news this morning that half of China’s energy produced in the last 12 months came from non fossil fuel sources.

        Let’s actually Fact Check what the ABC can’t quite do itself.

        Go to this link.

        China Electricity Council Monthly Reports (click on the top link, and when the next screen comes up, rest your mouse on the link in the top box and when the ‘quote’ comes up click on that top link in that ‘quote’)

        This details the total electricity data for this year, January through to the end of October, ten Months worth.

        Compare Line 6 (All Thermal Power, 95% of it coal fired power) with Line 4 (Total Power Generation)

        That looks suspiciously like 75% to me, which is, umm, more than half.

        I know this is only electrical power generation and not the overall ENERGY total, but hey I wonder how many of China’s 155 Million cars are not fossil fuelled, and I wonder how much of its Industry is not fossil fuelled.

        If you listen carefully, he did say ….. more than half of the ….. NEW energy, and also over the last two years.

        So then, now compare Line 44 (New Thermal Power this year, virtually all of it coal fired) with Line 42 (Total New Power this year) That comes in at 53%, and when combined with last year it is 55%, so it, umm, sort of gives some level of credence to what he says.

        BUT BUT BUT!

        Now note that this New Power Total is for NAMEPLATE.

        When the ACTUAL power being generated is worked out, again, that total comes in closer to 75% and even as high as 80%.

        Loose with the truth.



        • #
          Another Graeme

          Thanks for that Tony. Maybe you should let the good people down at the ABC know about this, err…..never mind


  • #

    I just heard a story on the abc that we are already past the point of uncontrollable global warming.


    • #

      No, that’s uncontrollable hot air from the ABC.


    • #

      They have been saying that a few times over the past couple of decades or so. In any case if we have gone past the point of uncontrollable global warming that would mean we can stop wasting time, money and energy on tackling climate change, and focus them on other things. Just goes to prove they are fools with the intelligence of a small rodent.


    • #

      At least they got the “uncontrollable” part right. However the “global warming” part is not such a sure thing.

      What is a sure thing is that, given warming, cooling or staying the same, one has much better prospects of staying alive and thriving if the society in which you live is essentially free, productive, and wealthy high technology one.

      Without having the knowledge, wisdom, wealth, and freedom to change his environment to be more suitable to his survival and wellbeing, man’s prospects are minimal at best. This even if the man is a warlord thug living off the meager productions of hundreds of serfs. All it takes is a bad year or some random plague and he rapidly becomes a rotting corpse.

      It is the freedom to use ones mind to think, choose, and act to serve your own ends that makes the difference. To live by permission, is to be a slave who is and owns nothing. You are only the means to others ends and even if you are physiologically alive, that life is not your own and cannot be used to serve your own ends.


  • #

    Twitter: Climate Depot
    lots on ‘Climate Hustle’ Red Carpet Premiere …
    Tweet: Liberal Guilt Trip: I trust @ClimateDepot will be thanking all the climate activists who provided such valuable publicity…
    Tweet: Andy Revkin (NYT) Marc @climatedepot doesn’t look worried. Indeed, @avaaz campaign helps promote him…
    #ClimateHustle premiere was a huge success! #AllHail @ClimateDepot #FTW!…
    The paparazzi at the @CFACT Climate Hustle premiere in Paris tonight.

    7 Dec: NYT: A Stunt by Environmental Activists Targets Climate Doubters
    Those who made the group’s list are: ETC
    All seven were asked by The New York Times to respond to the stunt and allegations; four responded to the emails…


  • #

    ClimateHome aka ClimateChangeNews aka RTCC has a video up with Alex Pashley:

    Youtube: 3mins09secs: : Meet the ‘climate realists’: The Heartland Institute comes to Paris

    Morano challenges the woman sitting near Alex Pashley of ClimateChangeNews re HBO docu with Bill Maher on Greenland, presumably he knows her and her media connections (lol):

    March 2014: Forbes: John Tamny: Are Global Warming Alarmists Shane Smith And Bill Maher Moving To Texas?
    Shane Smith is the founder of Brooklyn, NY-based Vice, which last year added HBO to its repertoire with a documentary series produced by Real Time host Bill Maher…
    In the most recent episode of the HBO docu-series, Smith traveled to Greenland to investigate the glaciers there. The scenery was staggeringly beautiful, and the water a luminous blue. A nation three times the size of Texas, and long defined by thick layers of ice, Smith contends that the rapidly melting ice in Greenland represents catastrophe for the more developed parts of the world. As he put it, the melting glaciers “scare the piss out of me,” and to hear him say it, sea level is set to rise substantially in the coming decades due to ice erosion in Greenland such that “80 of the world’s largest cities” will eventually be “under water.”
    Interviewing NASA’s Gavin Schmidt about the implications of Greenland’s apparent “greening,” Schmidt asserted to Smith that the climate crisis is “manmade,” that “climate change” is “well ahead of the worst case scenario” predicted by some of the world’s top scientists, and if global carbon emissions aren’t cut by 80 percent, we face a scenario whereby Shanghai, New York and Calcutta will disappear if their city fathers don’t build high barriers to protect the citizenry from the onrush of melted Greenland ice…


  • #

    private sector be warned:

    7 Dec: The Hill: Timothy Cama: Kerry says he’s looking to the private sector to solve climate change
    Secretary of State John Kerry downplayed the importance Monday of a climate change agreement with legally binding emissions reduction targets…
    “I don’t frankly look to government to solve this problem over the course of the next few years. It’s not going to happen,” Kerry said. “I look to the private sector.”…
    And while Kerry and other world leaders want the agreement to legally mandate certain reporting and transparency measures for countries to say how they’re meeting their targets, they do not want the emissions targets themselves to be binding.
    “Paris’s importance is that even without the fixed number and the legal shell, we are going to see an enormous amount of movement without creating political obstacles that prevent us from being able to send that signal,” Kerry said.
    “I have absolute confidence in the ability of capital to move where the signal of the marketplace says ‘go’ after Paris.”…

    public be warned:

    AUDIO: first 13 mins: 7 Dec: BBC Business Daily: Paris Climate Summit: A Carbon Tax?
    Is a tax on carbon dioxide emissions the solution to climate change? Presenter Andrew Walker hears IMF economist Ian Parry put the argument that he hopes will win out at the summit in Paris. Andrew also speaks to Patrick Graichen of German green energy thinktank Agora about his country’s experience with electricity from renewables such as wind and solar…

    BBC to IMF’s Parry: what level of taxes?
    PARRY: it could go thru a tax or trading system. carbon tax a little easier, provides more certainty. revenues would go directly to the Treasuries, which we think is important.
    BBC: what level of prices?
    PARRY: 30, 50, 70 dollars/tonne of CO2.
    BBC: who will be paying it?
    PARRY: we would expect higher prices of electricity, diesel fuel, heating fuel, so mostly these prices would be paid by households. revenues should then allow cuts to other taxes households pay.
    BBC: if the full cost is passed on to the consumer, why would that give the energy suppliers an incentive to invest in something else?
    PARRY: would provide strong incentive to move from COAL…etc


  • #

    3 Dec: WSJ blog: Ian Talley: The IMF Is Pushing for Carbon Taxes, But at What Price?
    With anemic global growth and higher energy efficiency, there is a yawning gap between demand and supply.
    The IMF worries that glut may derail expansion of low-emission energy. Creating a carbon tax, therefore, would fuel markets that valued low-carbon technology or other ways of cutting emissions.
    And unlike the way the U.S. is currently trying to regulate emissions, a tax on the carbon content in fossil fuels would raise revenues that could be used to fund the low-emission energy sector, or any other national budget priority, the IMF argues.
    Ian Parry, the IMF’s principal environmental economist, estimates a tax of $30 a ton of carbon dioxide could raise revenues in the U.S. by nearly 1% of gross domestic product. (The flip side of that coin is the damping effect such a tax would likely have on consumer spending and corporate investment.)…
    The U.S. Interagency Working Group on the Social Cost of Carbon in 2013 suggested a range of $12 a ton to $129 by 2020. Based on one IMF economist’s calculations, that could add on the high end more than $40 to every barrel of oil.
    The IMF doesn’t make an official recommendation for an appropriate carbon cost. (Nor has it published estimates for the potential net impact of assessing carbon taxes on global growth.) But a paper published last year by the fund’s fiscal affairs department said an average of $57 a ton for the top 20 largest emitting countries would cut global emissions by around 11%.
    That’s roughly the amount needed to meet the level the United Nations Environmental Program has targeted by 2020…
    The IMF says policy makers should take advantage of cheaper oil prices to levy new taxes, but global growth is at its weakest level since the financial crisis…
    Signaling the challenges to such an effort, they direct readers to a paper that says trade sanctions (LINK) may be the only way to spur international action.

    above links to paper by economic modeller of climate change, Nordhaus:

    PDF: 32 pages: American Economic Review 2015: Climate Clubs: Overcoming Free-riding in International Climate Policy
    By William Nordhaus (Sterling Professor of Economics at Yale University)


  • #

    TdeF up at post @ #5.1-
    makes reference to the communist and hard left, the Marxists stealing and taking over the environmental movement and by implications the entire global warming movement and turning those organisations into a “Hard left Front” as communist ideology would put it, to continue to promote the communistic ideology after the collapse of communism in the Soviet Union and other generally un-developed nations in 1991 and 1992.

    [ Venezuela has just thrown out by a big majority, the 16 year long extremist socialist government which was originally headed by the late dictator Hugo Chaves.
    Venezuela is reportedly now near bankruptcy as its great socialist revolution of the last 16 years has destroyed the nation’s oil reliant economy ]

    This was a proposition put forward, I’m not sure by whom but possibly ex Greenpeace’s Patrick Moore a few years ago.

    After the collapse of the Soviet Union , the communists and hard left Marxists had lost their centre and being of the centralist psychology that is fundamental to their ideology , that of a highly centralised and over arching power centre, they had to find a new ideological home that fitted that centralist role.
    The burgeoning environmental movement along with its NGO organisations and their increasingly fundamentalistic and rigid hierarchical structures and ideologies were a very acceptable alternative to Soviet Russia as the new spiritual home that provided societal approved and well camouflaged political cover for the hard left and former communists and Marxists.

    The environmental movement also had the enormous advantage from the Marxists aspect that it had been accepted into the psyche of the western nations and even had legislation enacted in many fields that gave it legitimacy and influence and very considerable political influence.

    The environmental movement and organisations such as Greenpeace, the Sierra Club, FOE and etc were as Patrick Moore has described, already moving away from environmental matters into a highly leftist political, power seeking and societal manipulating organisations.

    In short the hard left and the and communistic Marxists following the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 found a new spiritual home in the environmental movement, a home that politically was already well along the hard leftist, political and temporal power seeking and power accumulating road.

    So much so that the now politically homeless communists and hard left Marxists merely had to move in and take over the major environmental organisations and the environmental memes that society had accepted.
    They could and did so without so much as ripple at the time or for more than a decade during which they steadily took over the entire environmental movement to use as a major political force that on the face of it had the full imprimatur of western society and western governments.

    It was the classic Fifth Column situation that communists were so fond of creating in any area they wanted to create chaos and breakdown in a society or organisation particularly those societies that were democratically ruled and therefore power was not concentrated but distributed in a thin layer across the whole of that democratic society.

    The leftists and Marxists who were well organised behind the scenes were therefore quite capable of and moved into power using brutal thug enforced force if needed, to fill the role of the ruling government sometimes with well known lapdog personages used as a shop front facade of importance to seemingly give the communists and hard left a facade of political respectability amongst the populace as the democratic functions broke down under the deliberate assassinations and chaos created by the hard left and communists.

    The whole Catastrophic Anthropogenic global warming / Catastrophic Climate Change meme arrived about the same time as the hard Left and its Marxists were moving into and taking over the environmental movement organizations and its NGO’s.
    It was an absolute gift from heaven for the hard Left, giving them a undisputed and near unchallengable platform or so it seemed at the time, on which to promote their power seeking and power acquiring and power accumulation ideology.

    After all what could be worse for Mankind and for all life on Earth than a total collapse of the entire Global Climate leading to an extinction event unlike any other in the history of the Planet.

    And it was after all now a “scientifically proven fact” beyond all doubt that it was ALL Mankind’s fault, again a superb platform with all its “guilt” connotations on which to base an all out attempt to take over the running of the planet and its peoples and therefore with the full backing of the climate science alarmist cabal, it was a near impossibility for anything or anyone, individual or governmental at any level to dispute and to doubt and to challenge and to try to prevent the imposing of the hard lefts Marxists doctrine and ideology onto the entire planet so as to “Save the Planet”.

    And there was only one way of stopping this scientifically predicted and therefore firmly “proven ” catastrophe and that was to hand ALL power over the entire planet to the “experts”, those “expert” in their understanding of the very fragile global environment.
    Those experts of course were to be found almost entirely within the environmental organisations, the same environmental organisations that the hard left Marxists now so firmly dominated and controlled

    Of course the fact that all power over all the nations of the Earth was to reside exclusively in the hands of those who controlled the overarching global governing body overseeing the limiting of the factors, that scientific chimera , that nefarious “Carbon” that was the root cause of the predicted “catastrophic climate change” possibly an extinction event, was merely incidental wasn’t it?

    Well Nature in all her perversity along with a goodly percentage as in most of mankind, has refused to co-operate with the Marxists dominate environmental and closeted leftist climate science cabal.

    And as Nature just rolled on as usual in her interminable fashion and the years of no visible or publicly perceivable signs of catastrophic changes in their own, the local’s surrounding weather and climate , the doubts began.
    And the hard left marxist climate catastrophe propaganda became ever more extreme.

    As Nature refused to co-operate and the propaganda and viciousness of the personal attacks on anybody or any organisation of a skeptic stance intensified and became ever more extreme on an almost daily basis, the revulsion created by these radical marxists dominated environmentalist NGO driven extremes deterred an ever higher percentage of the population from just accepting the claims of the hard left environmental NGO’s on the two decades long, never seen or experienced, climate catastrophe in waiting.

    The great Climate Catastrophe Cause is on the point of being lost forever to the hard left and marxist dominated “environmental” NGO’s.

    There is almost nowhere else left to go for these hard left , marxist dominated environmental organisations and all their running dogs in science and politics and in the media and the bureacracy as something as all pervading and so critical to life on Earth as the global climate can not be indelibly harnessed to their cause, what else is left?
    [ NTZ ; German media is fast changing towards very severe critiscm of the whole global warming/ environmental and alarmist science / renewable energy cause ]

    Where too now for the environmental NGOS and the fanatical global warming ideologists and believers?

    I fear somewhat!

    A fringe group of hard left and marxists catastrophic climate change believers are starting to align themselves with DAESH or at least some of the techniques of DAESH terror application .

    The posting of “Wanted Skeptic Criminal” posters in Paris [ WUWT today ] along with past demands for the beheading [ a DAESH death cult brand of the ultimate depravity of the human soul, ] is an example of how the frustrations and break down in the realities of the environmental and political and scientific and academic marxists beliefs in their grasp for power is failing and is near death itself has and is driving some small band of the most fanatical of the climate catastrophe believers towards DAESH techniques to promote their cause.

    I fear that it is only a matter of time given the radical fringe extremes of the climate change ideologist that an assassination of a prominent climate skeptic or a group of prominent skeptics is not long into the future.

    And that of course will put the seal for generations to come on the utter viciousness and evilness of the extrem ist wing of the harld left marxist dominated and controlled environmental movement and its aligned NGO’s

    In effect the extreme hard line climate ideologists are coming around to “The end justifies the Means” mentality where an application of terror will bring back the attention on the cause they so have invested so much of their personal beliefs and extremist ideological under pinnings into.

    Only to see it all turn to dust as the world wanders away and casually dismisses the whole two decades long disruption of science and politics and media and society as due to our unfortunate believing of a bunch of incompetent shyster climate scientists and a bunch of hard line leftist, stop at nothing, moral and ethically deprived marxist and fascists fanatics who once again wanted to dominate and rule the world and its peoples.


    • #

      ROM, thanks. All sadly true, but I am not sure about the Greens aligning with Daesh. I hope not. Besides, most are having too much fun as politicians flying to Paris and living well without working, the aim of most communist leaders. Very much like a lot of leaders of other successful fringe religions.

      The other points Patrick Moore made in his “Confessions of a Greenpeace dropout” is that hot on the heels of the failed marxists were the lawyers and the money men, who just loved getting generous millions in donations and bequests for nothing at all. The Greens are rich in their own right and the battle over the name Greens and Greenpeace cost countless millions, a battle over the money and then the politics. Now we have Greens in the Senate in Australia like Lee Rhiannon who was trained at the Lomonosov Institute in Moscow and boasts an ASIO file at seven years old and opportunist Adam Bandt in the lower house whose PhD is on communism. Even Dr Bob Brown railed at the end that despite his handsome indexed retirement plan, business leaders earned much more. It was always about the trees, wasn’t it.


      • #

        It only takes a very small handful from the fanatical wing of the climate alarmists and they exist as we see from so many comments / demands that the skeptics be behead and / or executed, to reach the radical extremes until they are so mentally enmeshed with their own ideology that they can only see one solution to the imposing of their beliefs onto a much greater mass of people.

        And that is to destroy, eliminate a person or a group that they perceive in their fanatical extremism as central to their implementing of their beliefs on society.

        The 1970’s European marxist terror group the Red Brigades is such an example when even the Italian Prime Minister of the day, Aldo Moro was kidnapped and then executed.

        [ quoted from Wiki ]

        The Red Brigades (Italian: Brigate Rosse [briˈɡate ˈrosse], often abbreviated BR) was a left-wing [1] paramilitary organization, based in Italy, responsible for numerous violent incidents, including assassinations, kidnapping and robberies during the so-called “Years of Lead”. Formed in 1970, the organization sought to create a “revolutionary” state through armed struggle, and to remove Italy from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. The Red Brigades attained notoriety in the 1970s and early 1980s with their violent attempts to destabilise Italy by acts of sabotage, bank robberies, kidnappings [2] and murders.[3]

        See how easy it has been for DAESH to convert what appears to be quite normal everyday men and women into DAESH controlled killers and suicide bombers who kill without any apparent compunction or any semblance of empathy towards their intended victims.
        And it is all in the name of a fantatical ideological cause, a conversion that seems to take only weeks to occur with most of the DAESH converts from western nations.

        These are the very usual terror techniques used almost universally when an ideologically based terror group wants to impose their rule and ideology onto a nation and its society along with all the other terror techniques used to stamp out any open opposition to a radical ideology.

        I really think that when one looks at the history of terror organisations just how easy it is for a fanatically driven believer in a hard left or hard right political ideology to tip over the edge into a full blown terror regime reinforced and aided by sympathizers who don’t directly participate in the terror itself but aid and supplement it by giving shelter and aid to the actual perpetrators of the terror.

        And there are one hell of a lot of climate alarmist sympathizers out there who would and could sustain and hide a climate change terrorist killer cell for quite a long time.


    • #

      “the Greens aligning with Daesh”

      It could be good, as they would spend all their time throwing each other off tall buildings, setting fire to each other, or panicking about sea level rise in the Congo.


      • #
        • #

          The 1970’s German terror group the “Baader Meinhoff gang” / “Red Army Faction” was supported by the East German Stasi, the GDR’s secret police.

          The IRA at one time had quite close links to the Gadaffi’s Libyan Intelligence Agency.

          The Americans towards the end of WW2 used the Mafia which Mussolini had almost destroyed before the War to sow big troubles for the occupying German forces amongst the populace in southern Italy
          You won’t find that in the books as history is written by the winners.

          The Taliban and other similar such groups in that humanity destroying centre of west Asia have both fought one another at times and have closely co-operated at other times that mutually benefit both parties.

          Co-operation between some terror based organisations is quite common, acquisition of guns and gun running being one such activity, [ IRA and Libya ] with outsourcing of terrorist activities to another better placed terrorist organisation also known to have taken place on a few occassions in the 20 th century when it has been advantageous to both organisations to do so.


    • #
      Dave in the states

      ROM, This is something former Czech President Vaclav Klaus has been warning about since at least 08 and probably before:

      Pretty sobering coming from somebody that grew up the boot of socialism. He wrote a book about the link and goes back as far as National Socialist Germany exposing the roots of the Green Movement.


  • #

    7 Dec: NYT: CELESTINE BOHLEN: For French Greens, Dashed Hopes
    The weeks leading up to the United Nations global climate conference here could have been one of the finest hours for France’s ecology movement, which is one of the oldest in Europe and was, for one brief, shining moment, one of the Continent’s most politically successful.
    That moment came in 2009, when the country’s main green party, Les Verts, scored 16.28 percent of the vote in French elections to the European Parliament, the highest total ever for a French environmental party in any election.
    Since then, the party, now known as Europe Écologie Les Verts, or E.E.L.V., has imploded. Some of its leading members have split to found a new group, and others are casting about for a political future before French regional elections this month and a presidential vote in 2017.
    This tumult pushed the E.E.L.V. party off the stage as France was preparing to host the ambitious COP21 climate conference…
    For Daniel Cohn-Bendit, who headed the French ecologists’ list in 2009, the collapse of E.E.L.V. is a painful memory. “We created an incredible hope and then that hope was destroyed,” he recalled in a recent telephone interview…

    CARTOON: Junk Science: NYTimes cartoonist gets COP-21 right


  • #

    Turnbull’s Innovation Idea For Australia

    Some one should ask PM Malcolm Turnbull does he still stand by this innovation & why:

    Lights out for standard bulbs: Turnbull (SMH)
    “He also said household electricity bills could be cut by nearly two-thirds.”
    ~ ~ ~
    Climate aid gone wrong: A case study (Bjorn Lomborg ,dailynewsegypt)

    Today, power from the solar system costs up to three times as much as power from the central power grid, and it also requires the use of energy-efficient light bulbs, which cost 66 times more than normal light bulbs.


    • #
      David Maddison

      I have never been convinced of the overall economic case for the supposed energy efficiency of CFL’s plus many people don’t like the spectrum of the light. I would like to see an honest accounting life-cycle accounting of these devices. BTW, fid you know incandescent globes are “prohibited imports” into Australia, just like illicet drugs etc.. Also, the heat from them is not wasted in winter because they contribute to heating.


  • #

    hmmm! MSM not picking up the Caldeira story, or not naming him when they do:

    7 Dec: AP: Seth Borenstein: Study sees possible dip in world carbon dioxide emissions
    Global carbon dioxide emissions may be dropping ever so slightly this year, spurred by a dramatic plunge in Chinese pollution, according to a surprising new study released Monday.
    The unexpected dip could either be a temporary blip or true hope that the world is about to turn the corner on carbon pollution as climate talks continue in Paris, said the study’s authors, a scientific team that regularly tracks heat-trapping pollution.
    One skeptical scientist offered a $10,000 bet that world emissions will keep rising despite the findings, which were published on the same day that Beijing issued its first ever red alert for smog, urging schools to close and invoking restrictions on factories and traffic…
    Still, the change is so small — 0.6 percent — that it may not be a decrease at all because of the margin of error. As a result, the change could range from a slight increase of 0.5 percent to a decrease of as much as 1.6 percent…
    ***Stanford University’s Ken Caldeira expressed even deeper caution: He offered to bet the authors $10,000 that emissions haven’t peaked yet, a bet the authors weren’t quite willing to take…
    One factor may be issues concerning emissions reporting accuracy with China — and the monitoring and verification of emissions is a major hurdle in climate talks. Peters is confident that his figures based on industrial activity are good. But when asked if he trusts Chinese official emissions reporting figures, Peters paused for a long time and said, “You certainly have your doubts.”…
    Princeton’s Michael Oppenheimer, who wasn’t part of the paper, said we need to wait a few years to see if this is a trend. But if it is, “we may be in the early stages of revolutionary change” mostly thanks to renewable energy.
    He said it shows emissions can stop increasing even as the economy continues to grow

    where I have seen reference to the Caldeira bet, Caldeira is not named. it is simply “Some are skeptical of the results — notably one scientist who offered a $10,000 bet that world emissions will keep rising” from a later Borensstein/AP report.

    check other comments on Caldeira’s Twitter page, easy to find online. also linked there is:

    7 Dec: The Energy Collective: Policy Brief: China’s Emissions Trading Scheme and Targets
    By Sieren Ernst and Dr. Nicholas Linacre


  • #

    Monckton says Abbott shafted becasue he wouldnt buy into UN drive CAGW drivel…..

    Yep…we knew that….


  • #

    no scepticism at “their ABC”:

    8 Dec: ABC AM: First signs of a carbon emission pause while economic growth continues
    PEP CANADELL: What’s extraordinary of these past two years is that the slow-down has happened along with a robust growth of the global economy, with the GDP growing well over 3 per cent.
    SARA PHILLIPS: So were you surprised by what you found?
    PEP CANADELL: Absolutely. What we found these past two years have not really been observed before. Nor we were expecting so suddenly to see this plateauing…
    PEP CANADELL: I think that we will see emissions resuming in the very near future.
    What I think it that is that we may be moving away from the very fast growth in emissions that we’ve seen over the past 15 years to a more slower growth in global emissions, and perhaps a few plateaus here and there over the next while before we ultimately we peak emissions.
    SARA PHILLIPS: John Connor from the Climate Institute says the research confirms what their own work has found.
    JOHN CONNOR: All the studies show that we can have continued economic prosperity and declining and ultimately zero emissions.
    That’s work that we at the Climate Institute have done, that the ANU and Climate Works have done, that by 2050 we can be at zero emissions and still have grown our GDP some 150 per cent…

    btw BBC has removed Quentin Letts’ What’s the Point of…The Met Office? from their iPlayer. the rest of the series remains online:

    BBC: What’s the Point of…The Met Office? with Quentin Letts
    NOTE: This programme is no longer available following the outcome of a finding by the BBC Trust. Follow the link at the bottom of this page to read the full report.


  • #

    Here’s me being perhaps cynical and a little sarcastic.

    You gotta just love how the ABC gives employment opportunities to young journalists eh, and how they send them off to far flung places at Oz taxpayer expense.

    I just listened to a report about how Beijing has just issued a red alert for smog.

    STUDIO ANNOUNCER (here in Oz) So, is it clear why there’s this high level of pollution at the moment?

    REPORTER (on the 6th level of his hotel) Blah blah blah …… typical Winter weather like in the North East of China because it is so cold here. So to warm up their homes, the people are pumping up their central heating systems and these are mostly coal fired boilers and also people are using these, umm, coal brick thingies to burn inside their homes, because they are such a cheap form of heating, causing all this soot and smoke …… blah blah blah!

    Hmm! Briquettes. Brown coal brick thingies. Brown coal, the dirtiest of coals.

    A mammoth industry in Victoria in the 50’s and 60’s. Everybody used them because they were so damned cheap. Buy ’em by the sack load.

    You know what (virtually) killed off that industry?

    Loy Yang etc. The availability of plentiful huge scale electrical power, where the brown coal was burned much more efficiently, and in a central place.

    How quickly we forget things young reporters have probably never even heard of, let alone that they were so prevalent once here in Oz.



    • #

      So, I’ve just quizzed my good lady wife about this.

      A long time resident of Mexico Victoria in the mid/late 60’s and into the 70’s, and she would use them, burning them in an open fireplace, using a fire starter and the Briquettes would burn slowly, just glowing red and put out a goodly amount of heat. They were a little smaller than house bricks and she’d go through around half a dozen a night, and clean out the ash the following morning in readiness for the next night.

      She’d buy a sack of them and they were delivered. The hessian sack was around 6 foot tall, and a sack load would last around two and a half to three weeks, so there was a lot in the sack. At the start, the cost was around two shillings a sack. When the money changed to decimal in ’66, she remembers paying 50 cents a sack and they went up to a dollar a sack just before she moved Interstate.

      Cheap heating really.



      • #

        Tony growing up here in Victoriastan 1970’s I remember briquettes being available in smaller bags at supermarkets and some milk bars, they were very popular here in Ballarat as many old homes still had functioning open fireplaces in them, often multiple ones for different rooms we had 4 going after reopening and cleaning them all done by Dad and us kids, I recall Mum freaking out when I emerged looking like “a sweeps boy labourer”.

        It was cheap heating compared to electric or gas and I have fond memories of tending my own little fireplace and screen in the bedroom going to sleep with a nice red glow in the room, today some frightbat would call the authorities for child neglect or some crap.

        I found a picture of Bernie Briquette for old times sake, what a warm smile. 🙂


      • #

        An important point Tony.
        People all over the world are watching Beijing’s smog and thinking the solution to that is to stop burning coal.

        Whereas, the immediate and obvious solution to that smog and smoke is to burn the coal properly in highly efficient centralized power stations and then distribute the power.
        As the developed countries have all done decades ago.

        Whether that is still damaging to the planet, or not, is another issue.


    • #

      … young reporters have probably never even heard of …

      Nor have any wish to know about. It’s all palaeohistory for them, of no consequence

      BTW, the “old” CSIRO had a very big hand in the development of those coal brick thingies, essentially helping to sort out dewatering of fines from tailings dams and clay binders to hold the brick shape after compression of dewatered fines


  • #

    UN Agenda:

    ‘Mission Innovation’ (Accelerating the Clean Energy Revolution), led by Obama and Bill Gates is the brain child of the United Nations to provide the elite with yet another slushie on the side. World leaders have signed onto this apart from ratifying the second part of Kyoto and that is why we have Turnbull repeating the word innovation.

    It is too easy to see where the instructions come from.


  • #

    forget the slackness of ABC journos, the mighty Reuters credits 4 staff with the following hit piece, and get Morano’s name wrong three times (Murano) and calls the movie, “Climate Heist”:

    7 Dec: Reuters: Richard Valdmanis: Once a fixture, climate skeptics say they are being stifled in Paris
    (Editing by Bruce Wallace, Jonathan Leff and Kevin Liffey)
    To diplomats and officials at the real summit, the skeptics are yesterday’s men.
    “Now you don’t hear much about skeptics,” U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said on Monday as he opened the second week of talks to bind both rich and poor nations to cuts in greenhouse gas emissions…

    whether it was intentional or not, Reuters has now corrected not only Morano’s name in multiple paras, but they have corrected the film title “Climate Hustle”. the rest of the propaganda remains as it was:

    8 Dec: Reuters: Richard Valdmanis: CORRECTED – Once a fixture, climate sceptics say they are being stifled in Paris
    (Corrects spelling of name Morano from paragraph 20)
    Meanwhile, Morano was planning to show his new film, “Climate Hustle”, featuring climate-sceptic scientists, in a Paris cinema on Monday night…


  • #

    Bulldust –

    note,once again, at the bottom of Peter Hannam’s SMH Monckton article:

    – Fairfax Media is a global partner of the UN Foundation. –

    doesn’t do much for their credibility.

    below: beginning at 8mins30secs, mild-mannerered Benny Peiser very effective on Aljazeera’s Counting the Cost (aired again today), despite having to follow Jennifer Morgan and deal with the host, Kamahl Santamaria’s misunderstanding of what “binding” means at COP21:

    5 Dec: Aljazeera Counting the Cost: COP21: Constructive conference or a waste of time?
    We explore whether the world will finally agree to a meaningful and binding agreement on carbon emissions.
    On this week’s Counting the Cost we show you the effects of climate change around the world, and hear all sides of the argument.
    Jennifer Morgan, the director of the Climate Program at the World Resources Institute, joins Counting the Cost to discuss whether a deal can be reached.
    ***Benny Peiser, the director of the Global Warming Policy Forum and a critic of the conventional view on global warming, addresses the relevance of such a summit.
    Finally, we speak to Atiq Rahman, an environmentalist at the Bangladesh Centre for Advanced Studies…


  • #

    TonyfromOz –

    you might want to comment on the following – very interesting:

    8 Dec: TheBeijingerBlog: Kyle Mullin: Sizing Up Beijing’s Air Pollution Against Other Cities
    (This post is sponsored by MayAir)
    Beijing is internationally notorious for its air pollution – surely it ranks among the top five smoggiest cities in the world, right? Wrong. In fact, our fair city doesn’t even rank among the top 20, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). This is but one of a number of surprising revelations about Beijing’s air quality in relation to other pollution hotspots. Below, we’ve outlined a few others:


  • #

    Lord Monckton said Mr Abbott was a “Mahatma – or great soul” who should rise above Australian politics and even climate change issues and devote himself to eradicating world poverty.

    From the SMH today.

    A shining testament to all for Lord Monkton’s credibility end eloquence. The other good news today is that our true PM in exile is not going to leave parliament but is staying on until at least April to provide the benefit of his experience and judgement which will be especially helpful in the lead up to the Budget 2016 in keeping a lid on MalContent’s lefty leanings.


  • #

    8 Dec: AP: The Latest: Kerry mocks climate change doubters
    U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is mocking climate change doubters who downplay the effect of rising sea levels.
    Speaking to a U.N. Foundation meeting in Paris on the health of the world’s oceans, Kerry took his criticism a step further Tuesday, saying the refusal to recognize the threat is “insane” and “insulting to everything we learned in high school about science.”
    “We have people who still deny this: Members of the flat earth society who seem to believe that the ocean rise won’t be a problem because the water will just spill over the edge,” Kerry said to appreciative laughter from the audience that included U.N. Foundation founder Ted Turner…


  • #
    George McFly......I'm your density

    Bob Carter’s presentation is magnificent. He speaks remarkably clearly with simplicity and authority, supported by excellent data.


  • #
    Egor TheOne

    Instead of Luigi the Unbelievable ( Paul Hogen’s character )…We Have Malcom the TurnTrueB’lverBull ….except his ‘rabbit out of the hat trick’ , comes in the guise of a Billion dollar handout to the Unelected Nutters Fund .
    A billion dollars we have to pay for plus whatever the going interest rate is on ‘a Billion’, because we had to borrow it , probably at ripoff rates from his Goldman And Sachs Superiors !

    Abbott lost his PM status for a harmless and costless ‘KnightHood’ ! As stupid as what it was ,it cost nothing .

    But TurnTrueB’lverBull gets a pat on the back for a Billion dollar handout to international Shysters of borrowed money with interest bill attached

    So we move further into debt for this global shyster movement .

    Is this our new ‘Agile and Innovative’ road to perdition ?…..the price for complacency . The wolves are coming , yet still we appease .


  • #

    I loved most of the presentations. Willie Soon was on fire.


    8 Dec: ABC: Jane Norman: Dwindling fuel supplies putting Australia’s security at risk, Liberal senator Bill Heffernan warns
    Liberal senator Bill Heffernan has warned Australia’s security is being put at risk because of its dwindling fuel supplies and is urging the Government to address the problem.
    According to an International Energy Agency agreement, Australia is obliged to have at least 90 days of fuel in storage, but its reserves have fallen below 50 days in recent years following a wave of refinery closures…
    Senator Heffernan was on that committee and said he had recently had further discussions with senior Defence Force officials who have described it as the “greatest military threat” facing the nation…


  • #

    8 Dec: Brisbane Times: New kids’ book explains climate change through Christmas story
    by Amy Mitchell-Whittington
    An Australian scientist has written a new children’s book, just in time for Christmas, that weaves the impacts of climate change into a story about Santa Claus, his reindeers and an evil billionaire.
    Author Dr Ian Irvine, who has been a scientist for over three decades, first came up with the idea of marrying Christmas and climate change together for his eBook The Last Christmas, The North Pole is melting! two years ago.
    “I have always been interested in environmental issues and it just sort of seemed to me that a great idea for a Christmas story for young kids would be about what it would actually be like for Santa Claus, the elves and the reindeer if the North Pole is melting,” Dr Irvine said.
    “The ice at the North Pole isn’t very thick and over the last 30 years or so it has been getting a lot thinner, it is shrinking.
    “It used to cover millions of square kilometres but now there is much less than that because of climate change.”…
    “The stories make the problems of climate change real for the kids, they can see the characters in the story are really affected by climate change,” Dr Irvine said…
    “Parents can ask their children, ‘What can we do about it? What can our family do for climate change?’.”
    Dr Irvine said the book, targeted for five to ten-year-olds, helps break down information on climate change that can sometimes be too difficult for children in primary school to understand…
    The eBook’s release comes as world leaders sit down in Paris.

    AUDIO: 4 Dec: BBC: “The future was coming faster than I could write about it”
    There’s a new genre of science fiction known as “cli-fi”, which looks specifically at life in a future ravaged by climate change. One of its authors is Paolo Bacigalupi, whose most recent novel, “The Water Knife”, imagines a world where water is increasingly scarce and sparks conflict between states. He tells Owen Bennett Jones about how he thinks humanity can adapt to this future, and what he’s hoping to inspire in his readers.
    This clip is from Newshour Extra “Adapting to a Warmer World”.


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